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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rudyxx

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    Rudyxx presents
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     S I L V E R  S T A R  S T O R Y  C O M P L E T E                                         \___\
    Walkthough version 1.5
    I would like to start off by saying that I would not like anyone to use this without my
    permission.  I would also like to say that no one should take credit for any of this because it
    is something I wrote and no one else.  I have tried not to put any spoilers in this but I just 
    couldn't help my self, so you have been warned.  I missed alot of the tresures and a few other
    stuff in here but hopefully in the next version I will have it all.  I also started getting lazy
    torward the end because of the lack of sleep.  One last thing.  I am really really bad about 
    punctuation and spelling.  I blame it all on the radiation from the tv leaking though my brain.
    I used to be good about it until I really started getting into video games. So you get to sit 
    though that too.  Hopefully next time I will have someone to proffread it.
    1. The Little Town of Burg:
    	As the game begins Alex is standing by Dragonmaster Dyne's momorial.  The first thing you
    should do after talking to Ramus is to go down the hill, take a right past your house (the first 
    house on the right), keep going till you reach the second bridge and go up it.  There is a movie 
    scene on the next area and Luna joins your party.  Go back to town and talk to everyone till they 
    start to repeat themselves.  There is a girl near the bottom of the town that will ask Luna to 
    sing.  If you pick, "Why of course!", then you get to hear Luna's very powerful singing voice.  
    If you choose, "It's a secret until the festival.", then Luna gets mad at Nall and sings anyways, 
    so just choose the first one.  After talking to everyone (and anything!) go back to your house 
    and talk to Alex's father.  Then go downstairs to get an Angel's Tear, Star Light, Herb, and a 
    Dragonfly Wing (also if you are bored go into Luna's room and mess with her stuff.  It is funny.) 
    Proceed to the entrance of the town (down and to the left from your house).  Once there talk to 
    Ramus and he will join your party.  Before leaving town don't forget to equip your characters 
    with the stuff Alex's father gave you.
    2. The White Dragon's Cave:
    Items=	4 Herbs
    	1 Star Light
    	1 Dragon Ring
    	250 Silver
    	1 Dragon Diamond
    	Head to the right of the town until you reach the end of the mountain and then down and
    to the left.  There are no random battles while on the world map so no need to worry.  Once you 
    reach the cave the cave I recommend walking around the front of the cave fighting enemies until 
    you reach level 7.  Just use Luna to heal and when she runs out of magic points go back to town 
    and buy weapons, armor, and Herbs and use the statue to heal.  Once you have your levels ups walk 
    around the cave until you reach a spot with 4 ice pillars and a door.  Go though the door and 
    watch the animation sequence.  After a few more things happen in here leave the area and back 
    into the main cave.  Head left and up into the next room.  There is a baboon/monkey-thing running 
    around in this room. DO NOT KILL IT!! Try to get him to run into the ice pillars on the left so 
    that you can proceed to the next area. In the next room you can just find the exit if you want to 
    or you can try to get the monkey-thing to destroy the ice pillars so you can get the Star Light 
    out of the chest.  In the next room have the monkey-thing destroy the pillars so you can get the 
    Dragon Ring from the chest.  Head back to Quark to get the Dragon Diamond and then go back to 
    3. Back in Burg:
    	Head to the statue in the middle of the town, use it, and then go to the Item's Shop 
    directly below the statue.  Next you will need to head back to your house.  Ramus will stop Alex 
    on the bridge and have a "man-to-man talk" with you on the bridge in front of Alex's house.  When 
    he asks you to go pick, "Of course I'll come with you" to continue (Nall just gets mad at you if 
    pick the other one).  Head to the forest to the left of town and after a short while Ramus will 
    run away scared yelling "BLAARRRGGG".  Go back to town and then to Alex's house where Ramus will 
    leave for a while.  Talk to everyone in his house several times until Alex's dad tells him to go 
    to sleep.  After Alex wakes up and you can move around again go to the front of the village and 
    meet up with Ramus.  Stock up on items or get any new equipment you havn't already gotten and 
    head back to the weird woods.
    4. Weird Woods:
    Items=	6 Antidote
    	4 Herb
    	When you reach the Weird Woods Luna will display here amazing singing ability by singing 
    the fog away (now those are some powerful lungs).  By now you should be on Level 8 or 9.  Just 
    walk around until you reach a big open area where you will get attacked.  A man will come and 
    help you (only if you choose "Please Help us!" when he asks) and will let you stay with him for 
    the night.  The battle shouldn't be to hard because that "great swordsman" can attack 3 times.  
    Leave the area by heading right and then down.  By now you should be on at least Level 10 or 11. 
    Head left across the bridge and then down past the mountain until you reach the town of Saith.
    5. Saith:
    	Talk to everone in town and when you are ready (and have at least 200 silver) head to the 
    dock at the bottom of the town.  Talk to the funny-looking sailor guy then head to the dockhouse 
    right by him and talk to everyone heading back and forth between the captain and the guy at the 
    desk.  Goto the bar and talk to the guy at the at the top and play his silly game.  You will lose 
    no matter what but eventually Ramus will beat up the guy and you will get it all back.  Leave 
    town and head leaft and up to get to the Old Hag's Forest.
    6. Old Hag's Forest:
    Items=	1 Herb
    	400 Silver
    	More stuff there but I forgot to right them down:(
    	Some of the chests here are traps so be careful if you are not on at least Level 10.  You 
    will eventually reach an area with baskets and some guy screaming.  Help him out and then head 
    into the Old Hag's House.  Once there be sure to unequip "Mia's Bromide 1" from Nash's stuff and 
    give it to Nall (you can watch it if you want to).  Then head into the top room and talk to the 
    Old Hag.  Choose "Ask him, Luna." to get the Sea chart (if you choose the other one Ramus just 
    makes Nash madder).  Leave this place when you are on Level 12 or so and head back to Saith.
    7. The Trouble in Saith:
    	Head to the dock house and give the sea chart to the capitain.  It appears the ship is 
    being attacked and you are the only ones who can save it.
    <First off the way Working designs did the bosses is very wierd.  Everything about the boss has to
    do with Alex's level. For instance, the Saline Slimers life is 80 x Alex's level. So if you are on
    Level 12 his life is 960. And some of these I guessed on or could not figure out. Got it. Well I
    won't for awile. Sorry.>
    	Boss: Saline Slimer	
    		The boss heals itself for 90 each round so you will have to pull out your best 
    	attacks.  He also casts something called Mucus that will suround one of you characters 	
    	leaving them helpless for about 5 rounds.
    		Alex= Sword dance until no mp left, attack
    		Luna= Purity song, Herbs, and ocasionally attack
    	       Ramus= attack
    		Nash= Thunder Bomb until out of mp, attack
    Now go talk to Luna and in the morning you leave for the boat ride!
    8. The Boat Ride to Meribia:
    	Well, there is not much to do here except. Talk to everyone <you should always do this
    everywhere you go.  Who knows what they will say.> and mess around will the guy steering the boat.
    Also if you have the cash to buy soap do so. As it will be very usefull later on in the game and
    this is the only place you can buy it. When you are done with everyone go and talk to Luna 2 
    times to continue on. After you wake up <geeze! Nall's alot like my brother in the morning. Only
    he is wity with the comments. That's Nall not my bother.> go to the front of the boat with Luna
    and you approach Meribia.
    9. Meribia:
    	Basically just go around as normal and do whatever you like.  Just at least go to Rose 
    street and talk to Royce in the upper left house.  Then go and talk to Master Mel in his mansion.
    He will ask you to fight him and you should except his offer.  Just sit there and let him kill
    you. I don't think he is beatable but if you want to you can try.  After you've done all that you
    need to go and meet up with Ramus.  The shop he is in is the neat looking one near the upper left
    part of town. When he asks you what you want to do pick the first one and he will run off. Well 
    you probably should go after him but first go tell Master Mel.
    10. Meribian Sewers:
    Items:	2 Starlight
    	2 250s
    	2 Herb
    	Just keep fighting Fatal Hoppers until you get to at least level 15.  Sooner or later you
    will see 3 giant white blobs flying around.  Right pass this is Dross and his pet.
    	Boss: Water Dragon-  80xAl 
    		Alex-Sword Dance, attack, starlight.
    		Luna-Healing, attack
    		Likes to poison your characters
    		Casts Fire Press which is very strong.
    	Dross will hand over the diamond, 500s, and yep you guessed it, THE SHOP! Head back into
    Meribia and Nash will ask you to come with him to Vane.  Except his offer and go on out of town.
    when you get to the spring it seems they won't let you in so you have to go get permission from
    priestess. Go to Althena's shine at the bottom of the mountian and get what you need then go back
    to the spring.
    11. The Cave of No Items..er I mean Trial.
    Items:	4 250s
    	1 Healing Ring.
    	Can't heal!! AHH sounds scary that you can't use items at first but it isn't that bad.
    You still have Luna to rely on!  The enimies here are pretty easy here so it doesn't really matter
    anyways.  Except for the place where the guy who says it gets harder tells you it is harder.  Your
    party members will notice the boss before you have to fight him.
    	Boss- Truffle Troubler  120xAL
    		Just do as normal and he shouldn't be too hard.
    Before you head out don't forget to get the healing ring in the chest up at the top. <I think that
    this is one of the most inportant items in the game. So do not forget it and to equip it. It
    saved me many times from death.>
    12. Vane:
    	Ahh items again. Anyways when you are done walking around the town head to the top of the
    village to the Magic guild of Vane. Eventually you will need to find Mia in her room off to the
    left. Talk with her and then go to Ghaleon's room to the right.  Ghaleon will try to get you to
    change your mind about becoming a Dragonmaster but you should tell him you wish to continue on
    with your quest.  He then tells you to head over to Lann to save them of a wicked man.
    13. Nanza Pass East:
    Items-	2 50s
    	2 herb
    <This is about the point where I started to get lazy and couldn't find everything.>
    	Lann is to the west but you have to pass though Nanza to get there.  You should probabuly
    start this area by gaining some levels. Somewhere around 18 should be fine.  There are some 
    monster-in-a-box boxes around this area and they get very anoying.<now you see why I got lazy>
    14. Nanza:
    	You will will have to walk around and find Kyle over and over again.  Just keep talking 
    to the people who were closest to him and eventually he will end up in jail. Next just head to 
    the west out of town.
    15. Nanza Pass West:
    Item-	1 Star Light
    	A little more straightforward than the last <and shorter> but a little more difficult 
    than before.
    16. Lann:
    	Well you finnally meet Jessica here then you need to go find the man with the boat in
    the bottom left of the town.
    17. Lann Island-
    Items- 	1 Fresh Ring
    	1 300s
    	1 500s
    	WARNING DO NOT TOUCH THE WATER IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!  It hurts your characters.  Well 
    you actually have to go though it in some parts. Just don't doodle around in it.  Also just as
    usuall, there are those wierd boxes again. They make you walk around funny. Also beware the Deep.
    They are extremly strong. When you get to the part with the big open area and a guy with a tent 
    standing in the middle. This is Zoc.
    	Boss- D Master Zoc- 160xAL
    		Alex-Sword Dance, Starlight
    		Nash-Fire Cane, Attack
    		Luna-Healing, attack
    		Jessica-attack, Healing
    Once you're done there go back to Vane. <argg>
    18. Vane:
    	Go into the Magic guild and keep talking to everyone in the Great Hall and eventually
    Lemia will show up.  She thows you in the dungen and they take Luna away.  In jail go to the 
    left side and talk to the wall. <I guess> and Mia and Nall come to save you.
    19. Crystal Tower:
    Items-	1 500s
    	Go to the Crystal Tower on the right side. Unequip your weapons first thing because you 
    can't use them in here for some stupid reason. If you bought or have a lot of Star Lights this is
    a good place to level up.  When you reach the top lots of cool things happen here. <Man Royce looks
    kinda cool. Specially since she is not properly dressed. :O > Including a boss.
    	Boss-Ultragoyle x4
    		I noticed that the boss music wasn't playing so I just casted escape song and they
    20. Ghaleon:
    	Ghaleon asks you to take him to the White Dragon Cave. <I don't trust the guy. And if it
    were my choice would not take him.>  Go back to Meribia and talk with Mel and Ghaleon. Well as 
    Luna says after you talk to Jessica, "Well I guess our adventure is coming to an end!" Doh! Yea
    sure. Don't get your hopes up yet.  You are actually only about 1/3 of the way though the game.
    In the Morning go talk to Ghaleon at the dock on the right side of town and set sail!
    21. Ghaleon vs White Dragon:
    	Go back to Burg and check up with everyone. Then head to the White Dragon Cave.  After you
    talk with Quark <WOW! I don't think my Dual Shock contoler has ever vibrated this fast and that 
    long.> go to Dyne's monument and talk with Laike.  The choice he gives you is yours but I choose 
    to save Luna. <which I think is the right choice anyways.> Then you should transport to Meribia 
    using the White Dragon Wings he gives you.
    22. The Stone Man:
    	When you enter the town you find it filled with monsters.  Jessica seems to be in trouble
    and you get to help her.
    	Boss-Gargoyle- 132hp or less
    	     Shadow lord- 150hp or less
    	I almost didn't count this as a boss battle but it played the music in the background.
    	Now you must go and save Jessica's father. <although this is a great place to gain levels
    because Althena's statue is right there.>  There is sad scene and then you need to go to Vane to 
    check on Mia and Nash.
    23. The Big Bad Crustation:
    	Just as you want in there is a giant crustation <how the heck did it get from the water to
    the air like that.> in the middle of town.
    	Boss- Vile Crustation
    		Just use the strongest stuff you have this guy is very hard.
    		When he closes his eye he is getting ready for a very strong attack that will
    		hit all of your characters.
    Next after getting Mia and Nash to join, you should go to Nanza and get Kyle. <and watch the 
    funniest thing in the world!> Once again Xenobia is there to stand in your way.  Kyle is all by 
    himself in the next battle but don't worry just use power swipe and that should take care of them.
    After Kyle joins head south to the last of the Nanza Passes.
    24. Nanza Pass South:
    Items-	1 Angel's Tear
    	Same old, Same old. Just head south until you reach the exit.
    25. Theiville (aka Reza):
    	This is the first town you see once you leave the Nanza border.  A little after you walk
    in someone will steal something from you.  Head into the bar to the north and find the man at 
    the counter.  He tells you that you must be a member of the Guild to get your item back.  He also
    says the head guy is in Meryod right now. So you better go find him before your item is sold.
    26. Meryod Woods:
    Items-	2 1000s
    	There is the male bathing spring here.<You need soap to bathe, and if you are a guy I 
    don't recomend going here.> Gain levels like crazy here if you want to.  The enimies here give
    pretty good experiance. If you are not around level 24 or 25 you could be in a lot of trouble
    so this is a pretty good place to do so.
    27. Meryod:
    	Walk over to the bridge and let the bridge fall.  Then you get to go find all your 
    	Nash-to theleft of where you landed
    	Jessica-to the left of Nash
    	Mia-to the left of Jessica
    	Kyle- to the north of Mia in the pub
    Next you have to go back though the woods to Damon's Spire. On your way back though the woods
    everyone but Jessica and Kyle turn into stone.
    	Boss- Plaster Mel
    		Have Kyle use Power Slash everytime and make sure he has lots of healling items.
    28. Damon's Spire
    	The first level is pretty easy. Just keep stepping on all the red things <you will have 
    to do this on every floor> until a door opens to the room with the stairs.  Stand in front of 
    the door and Damon will ask a question.  Let Mia answer the question to go upstairs.  This is the
    same as level one only there are enimies here. <you can only hurt the mummies with magic.> Let 
    Nash answer this question. On the Third level have Jessica help the guy who is sick to go on.
    For the forth floor question choose the bottom answer every time because you are not giving 
    anyone up. On floor five pick Alex. On the next floor just go and talk to Damon. Go back to town 
    to get the Theives Crest. Congradulations! You are now a thief.  You can also start picking all 
    those locked chests.  Most of them just contain Silver Lights but in the last battle they are very
    useful since you can't buy them anywhere.  Also Royce will bother you some more on your way to 
    the bazzar and take Lily.
    Locations for locked chests:
    	1 Burg-Ramus's house.
    	1 Saith-House on right side of town
    	1 Sea Hag's house
    	2 Merbia-1 in a house that is linked to 2 other houses and 1 in a secert area back behind
    		 the gym in Master Mel's house
    	1 Cave of Trial-this one is soap so at least get this one
    	1 Lann-behind a house <but pretty easy to see>
    	1 Southern Nanza pass
    	1 behind the top right tree in Meryod Woods that is by itself
    29. Fuzzy Bunnies. Fuzzy Bunnies. Fuzzy Bu...
    	Go to the Village of Izlud over by Reza. <Whatever you do don't push the red switch in 
    the house that the man tells you not to push the switch.>  Talk to the man in the house that is 
    connected to the deck. Next go talk to the man that lives under ground. <south of the gate.>
    Then you get to go and catch fluffy bugs.
    30. Fluffy Bug Place:
    	This place looks really wierd comparied to most places you have been to. I think you can
    get a bugg from the fluffy thing at the very top of the place because that is where mine appeared.
    Otherwise just keep fighting those puffy things until you get one.  Give your bug to the girl 
    <or is it a guy. It is hinted latter to be a guy but she acts like a girl. I think someone even 
    calles he/her a she.> that asked for it and they <^_^> will give you the ballon.
    31. Red Dragon's Cave:
    	Now here the real adventure begins!  Try not to hit anyone here with anything fire because
    it won't do much damage. Eventually you will come to a spot with a really long strand of fire 
    blocking your way. Just be brave <haha> and push on though it. Royce appear again and tries to stop
    	Boss-Bronze Dog x2 - 90xAL each
    		Alex-Vigor 2 times-then Sword Dance
    		Nash-Thunder bomb, Ice Cane
    		Mia-Blizzard, Ice Wall, Ice Cane
    		Kyle-Power Slash, attack
    		Jessica-Healing, attack
    After the Bosses go up to see the Red Dragon and gain his power! Now you can either walk back to 
    your ballon or warp there but just get there. <also don't forget to equip the shield and the wings
    if you already havn't.>
    32. Hey where did my ballon go?
    	AHHHH! Kyle save me! Well I guess the ballon wasn't very properly built.  After the ballon
    gets hyjacked in Reza head back to Myrod.
    33. I guess these guys aren't as lazy as eveyone says they are:
    	You will find the bridge fixed and should head on though the town to find the Blue Dragon
    Cave. <A little warning here. There is a forest to the right of here that contains enemies that
    are harder (for those of you who have played the second one) than the Lion's head cave and the
    Phoenix cave combined. And for those of you who haven't played the second, the first enemy you 
    come to has five bushes that hit twice and each time for 88. The only good part about making it
    though here is that the female spring is on the other side. And it is much better than the male.
    ;) > Just continue north until you reach the town of Lyton.
    34. The Village People:
    	My what wonderful music! Maybe even the best in the game! Talk to the village leader <his
    house is the one with the two things on the top.> and then head to the shrine on the top right of
    the town.
    35. Lyton Shrine:
    Items-	1 Wisdom Robe
    	1 Star Light
    	1 2500
    	This isn't really much of a shrine though.  I guess the bugs messed it up.  You must heed
    the words of the man at the entrance. The floors are weak and you will fall down. This is a good
    thing though because you are trying to make your way down anyways. The enemies are very fast here
    compared to most places.n Eventually you will reach a room with big yellow blobs in the foreground.
    The room after that is the last room. Push the rocks on the first and last holes to change the 
    music to its proper tone.
    36. Lyton:
    	Head to the village leaders house and then go out the north exit.  When it is time to sing
    just walk forward to get Alex to sing. <You might want to pick your other party members just once
    to hear them sing. It is actually kinda funny.>
    37. The Dragon who talks to much Cave:
    Items-	1 Angels Tear
    	1 5000s
    	1 Ruby Tiara
    	1 Dragon Armlet
    	Boooo another cave. <And I was getting hopeful> There are lots of pools of water that 
    sometimes warp you to another part of the cave.  I can not really tell you which ones are the 
    right ones because that would be too confusing. Try not to use ice stuff in here because it does
    not do much damage, but fire magic works very well.  Once you reach the Blue Dragon chamber and 
    get the helmet Phacia appears.  The good part is that there is no boss here for you to fight.
    Now head back to town and then southeast to the Tamur pass.
    38. Tamur Pass:
    Items-	1 Star Light
    	1 Angels Tear
    	1 Healing Nut
    	Don't waste your time reading the signs because most of them are wrong.  Toward the end
    you meet up with Xenobia.
    	Boss one- 4 real easy guys
    	Boss two- 6 real easy guys
    Then two mysterious people show up and come to save you. <Hey! I was having fun. They were easy.>
    39. Tamur:
    	You will meet up with Laike and he will join your party. <To bad everyone else leaves or 
    he could have been useful.> Leave though the north exit and head to Myght's Tower.>
    40. Myght's Tower:
    Items-	1 Silver Light
    	1 Barrier Ring
    	1 500s
    	Am I lost or is it just me? The first part can be very confusing. I am not sure what I did.
    The last thing I remember doing is going up, down, left, right, and up. <Haha I was trying every
    combination of codes from any game I ever played and it just so happened that Sonic helped me.>
    I am not sure if it is the same for every game but that is what worked on mine.  Use the right
    elevator to go up and the left to go down. You can enter and re-enter the elevator to continue to
    go up or down. This is also a good place to try and gain levels for Alex. <But I don't recomend it
    because of the way the boss's stats are calculated.> Also the only way you can hurt the Magic Hat
    is with magic.  When you reach the top talk to Myght. <Seems he sure likes people :) > After Laike
    leaves you head down the down to the left to get to the bottom.
    50. Tamur:
    	When you get back go to the bar to get your members back.  Head to the north of town will
    Tempest will ask to fight you.
    	Boss- Tempest
    	Use Sword Dance. If you have the Healing Ring Equiped it should be really easy. <See I told
    you it would come in handy.>
    51. Lost Woods:
    Items-	1 Healing Nut
    	1 China's Tail
    	1 Holy Hairpin
    	You should next head to the south to the Lost Woods to try to catch up with Tempest.  You
    will eventually come to a clearing in the middle and your party will say they need a break. You
    don't break <I don't get this part. Why say lets take a break and not break?> but continue on 
    south.  Kyle will eventually sense something. Head to the left and back up and sooner or later
    your party will want to take a break again. <but this time you actually do.> During the night
    Alex has this wierd dream about Luna. <Makes you feel better about her doesn't it.> Some people
    come by and help you out of the forest. Follow the people out of the forest and into the Praire
    52. Praire Town:
    	Find Tempest in his tent torwards the bottom of the village. After he runs off go to the 
    entrance to the shrine and then ask the elder in his tent to go to into the shrine.
    53. Black Dragon Cave:
    Items-	1 Dragon Bandana
    	1 Angel Ring
    	1 Silver Light
    	1 Dark Armor
    	There are several chests here that will take away your magic power <mp not actually 
    ability.> but they are avoidable. You will recive the Black Dragon armor before you actually
    meet the black dragon so that you can kill the Evil Songstress.  When you reach the room with
    just a chest and stairs the next room is the final.
    	Boss: Black Dragon
    		He is not too hard. Just do as normal.
    Wow so Alex is finally the Dragonmaster. Who would've thought. Anyways don't rejoice now because
    the game is far from over.
    54. Praire Town:
    	Laike comes in and tells you that the ballon is ready. So make like a dragonboy and warp
    outa there.
    55. Myght:
    	During the night you get up and talk to your own party members. Talk to you friends and 
    listen to what they say. In the morning you get to off off on the ballonride. Since someone 
    desided to blow up the engine you need to head back to Reza to get the engine from the first
    ballon. On your way back up to th bazzar you might notice that Lily is back. <In the original
    the singing girls were scatered around the grindery. Daaa! And I liked trying to find them all.>
    When you talk to the guy with your ballon he asks for 30,000s. If you have the money and fell like
    blowing it it's fine by me but if you go and talk to the man at the bar then you get it for free.
    <Right now you can go to the Praire and get the Master Sword from Tempest. You can also go to 
    Ramus's shop and get the Rememberizer.> Either way when you are done go back and give it to Myght.
    This time no one gets in your way and you get on the ballon.
    56. Talon:
    	Head over to the Village where you are warmfully greeted by one of the Vile tribe. Somewher
    in here you will find the entrance to the mine.
    57. Talon Mine:
    Items-	3 Healing Nut
    	1 Protect Ring
    	1 Refresh Ring
    	1 Holy Robe
    	1 Devil Pendant
    	1 Hell Armlet
    	1 Silver Light
    	1 Star Light
    	1 Angels Tear
    	1 Fire Tiarra
    	I hope you came well supplied because the wings do not work in this world.  And the best
    part about this is that this is the most confusing strand of tunnels any game has to offer. When
    it comes to the part where you can either save the helpless guy or go on, save the guy. It will
    make you <the gamer> and Phacia feel better about your party. Latter on you will come to a room
    filled with graves and an Althena's Statue in it.  In the next room Xenobia will capture Jessica
    and Mia, then force you to fight Kyle.  Just do whatever you want because after 5 rounds she will
    get mad at you for playing around.  She then makes you fight a boss.
    	Boss-Shadow Spectre
    		Just do as normal. He is somwhat hard.
    After fighting it leave to the west and north and then head to the west to the giant blue thing
    instead of heading to the Grindery.
    58. Cadin:
    	You end up in a place that Jessica calls "oddly familier. Then Phacia shows up and helps?!
    you into the Grindry by telling you the password "Green Earth" and you continue on your way.
    59. Ruid:
    Items-	1 Star Light
    	1 Fortune Ring
    	1 Silver Light
    	1 Dark Mace
    	1 Fire Armlet
    	1 Tri Ring
    	This place is pretty straighforward with lots of hard enemies. Eventually you will come 
    to a giant room where you will meet Taben the inventor. He sends a giant chicken I mean Nash
    after you.
    	Boss-Magic Masher
    		This is one of the hardest bosses by far. Just do as you normally do and hope to 
    		stay alive.
    Forgive him for what he did and head on though the north door where you will watch the Grindry 
    leave. <Wow this place made my controller shake worse than the Quark place.> Luckily you get to 
    walk all the way backout of here. <well almost the entrance is open now.> When you get out don't
    walk all the way back though the mine. Just use the place the Grindery left for you.
    60. Vane:
    	It seems that Mia has something up her sleeves and you get to go to the Silver Spire. The 
    best part about this part is that there is no dungen here but sweet animation.
    This is the last place in the entire game that you will get a chance to explore and upgrade your
    armor and weapons. After you are done go to the Grindery where you will face 8 monsters and then
    8 more monsters. Use your best multi-person attacks and they shouldn't be too hard.
    61. Grindry:
    Items-	1 Insane Shield
    	1 Phantom Ribbion
    	You will need to use the pipes to get around to some of the parts here.  As you make your
    way to the top you start to notice some things like claws, feet, and hands.  Nall also notices
    this about the same time you see a giant familiar face. The next room contains a Althena's Statue
    and faries. The next area contains enemies that are harder and faster than before. After about 
    three exits you will enter a room with red carpet. Phacia will save you if you sided with her in
    Cadin. <otherways I think you have to fight here but am not sure.> The next room yo face Ghaleon.
    	Boss: Magic Emporer
    		He is pretty easy. All he does is two attacks which are not too harmful.
    		His worst attack is when his hand is glowing.
    		Just do as normal and have Jessica cast Priest Litany the first round and heal
    		everyone the rest.
    Don't jump up and down yet because as you may have noticed you recived experiance. Which can only
    meen one thing. More battles! Head on into the next room and prepare for some really, really long
    animation. After the animation Ghaleon laughs at you and challenges you to a fight.  After about
    five rounds he will kill your party and leave you there to rot.
    62. Meribia:
    	When you wake up go and find Jessica and Mia in the meeting room.  Then head to the bar in
    the south of town to find Kyle and Nash. Head back to the meeting room to get Jessica and Mia to
    help you to knock some sense <literaly> into Kyle and Nash. Also if you havn't already done so,
    go to Ramus's shop to get the Rememberizer. You may also notice that he is giving items away to
    you. Stock up on just Star Lights and Healing Nuts because this is the last time you will ever
    be able to do so. Laike shows up and gives you one last chance to stock up on items and then 
    tells you to go to Dyne's monument with him.
    63. Dyne:
    	Once there Dyne shows you the truth of the matter. <Animationly. And I guess you can now
    tell why Ghaleon wasn't the Dragonmaster. Wouldn't even risk someone else's life to save the 
    64. Althena's <very long> Tower:
    Items-	1 Holy Cloths
    	1 Silver Light
    	1 Healing Staff
    	1 Dragon Cane
    	1 Insane Armor
    	1 Angels Tear
    	Well I sure hope you came very well prepared because this is the longest tower in all of
    video games. <except that tower in TOD> You will also end up fighting every single enemy in here.
    <I know I did. I think I came in here on level 39 and ended up on level 46 by the time I was 
    done.> The enimies in here are harder <and harder to avoid> than any enemy the likes of which 
    you have never seen, and if you are not on at least level 40 then you are very well doomed.  In
    some of the parts the door will shut behind you and you will have to kill all the enemies in the
    area to continue.  When you reach the third level Luna will approach you and try to convince you
    to go home.  It turns out to be Royce and she then casts a weird spell on you that makes two of
    your party members fall asleep during battle. <Normally Alex and someone else.> On level 6 of the
    tower you meet up with Royce again.
    		She is very hard if Alex or Jessica is put to sleep. <or really hard if she puts them
    		both asleep like what happened with me.> She casts the spell Fire Bird which much
    		like the Saline Slimer keeps you member from moving and draining their life at the 
    		same time.
    There is an Althena's Statue in the next room. The next area is strange at first. The area in 
    the middle moves you to another part of the room. Try to hit the switches in a counter clockwise
    |                 |
    | 3            4  |
    |                 |
    |        5        |
    |                 |
    |                 |
    | 2            1  |
    You will then end up in a room with teleports around.  The order for this room is White, Red, 
    Blue, and Black. <I forgot to make a map in my notes so you don't get one this time.>
    The next is Blue, Black, Red, and White. Then Red, Black, White, and Blue. The next room has
    an Althena's Statue which you should use to gain levels. To clear the force field have one of 
    the big things run into it.  Once you reach the big black room you are greeted by Xenobia. She
    will try to make your character give up but you should keep trying to think possitively.
    		Try to do the same as the Magic Emporer and Royce. She might ocationally try to stone
    		two of your characters.
    After you finish her off you can head back to the statue to help refresh your life but all the
    enimies reappear. <I managed to make it back without getting hit once> When you are ready go into
    the next room where you reach your final destination of the game.
    65. The rebirth of Althena:
    		This guy is very hard no matter how strong you are. It is also a very very long 
    		battle. It took me 45 min. just to beat him. <And with Mia hitting him for 13 as the
    		final blow.> He gets to attack twice and both times with a very strong magic.  White
    		Dragon Protect and Blue Dragon healing helped me alot in this battle. Just use your
    		normal stratagy and after a long time he should be dead. One other that I should say.
    		Be sure to only use Star lights and Silver lights on Jessica and Alex. When everyone
    		else runs out of Mp just have them attack.
    	As you might have noticed at the end of the battle is that you didn't get any experiance.
    That can only mean one thing in an RPG. 
    				CONGRADULATIONS! YOU ARE DONE.......well sorta.
    Use your flute first thing so that you do not get any damage. Then keep walking towards Luna and
    then watch the animation role! If this doesn't get you crying then you must be evil because this
    is the saddess thing in my entire life. 
    66.The ending epologe thing:
    	Once you have control of your character again, walk around, talk to everyone, and do 
    whatever you like. When you are done head over to the dock and talk with Laike for the last time
    and then sit though the credits to watch the out takes.
    These are all the bromides that I know where they are:
    1.Jessica's Bromide: Go to Althena's Shrine. Talk to the girl who thinks Jessica is her sister 
    twice. On the second time, the girl will hand you Jessica's Bromide. 
    2.Jessica's Bromide 4: After Kyle fights off the demons in Nanza Barrier, go to Kyle's bed, but 
    only *before* he joins the actual group. Most people miss this one because you can skip over 
    that part very easily. Search his bed, and you will find the Bromide 
    3.Luna's Bromide 2: Go to Alex's house, in the basement, in the same area you got several chests in the beginning of the game. Search all of the shelves in the room. Once you find the right area, Nall will comment on the pict!
    ure, and Alex will tell him to be quiet. :) You will then pick up Luna's Bromide. 
    4.Mia's Bromide: Mia's Bromide is already equipped on Nash when you first get him in the Old 
    Hag's Forest. :) 
    5.Phacia's Bromide: After the events with Xenobia, Phacia, and Royce in the Crystal Tower, go to 
    Althena's Shrine and talk to the girl in the back end of the shrine. This girl will say that she
    found an strange item, but doesn't have any use for it, so she will give you the item, Phacia's 
    6.Royce's Bromide: Royce's Bromide is found only after Master Mel is turned to stone. After Mel 
    is turned to stone, go back to Black Rose Street, and talk to someone there. A person will give
    you the Bromide. 
    7.Luna's Bromide 1: Ramus gives this to you in the ending.
    Special thanks to Scott K. for helping me find some of the Bromides. 
    visit his home page at:  http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/1462/
    I would also like to thank myself for spending the 9 hours it took to type this.
    Questions or comments? Email me at rudyxx@ignmail.com
    or visit my page at: surf.to/LSSSC

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