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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Skychrono

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/04/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         /--\            II\    II\       IIIII  II\         A-AAAAA-A\         R RRRRRRRRR\
         L  L\           III    III       II\ II  II\        A A\  A AI         R R\   R  RI
         L  LI           III    III       III  II III        A AI  A AI         R RI   R  RI
         L  LI           III    III       III   I III        A AAAAA AI         R RI   R RI
         L  LI           III    III       III   I III        A AAAAA AI         R RRRRRRRI
         L  LI           III    III       III   I III        A A\  A AI         R R\   R  RI
         L  L-----L\     III____III       III   I III        A AI  A AI         R RI   R   RI
         L________LI     I_______II       III   I__II        A_AI  A_AI         R_RI   R____RI
         \IIIIIIIIII     \IIIIIIIII       \II   \IIII        \III  \III         \III   \IIIIII
                             S I L V E R   S T A R   S T O R Y 
      --------   --------   ----   ----   -------   ----      -------   --------   ------- 
      CCCC       OOO  OOO   M MMMMMMM M   PPPPPPP   LLLL      EEE          TTT     EEE
      CCCC       OOO  OOO   MM  MMM  MM   PPPPP     LLLL      EEEEE        TTT     EEEEE
      CCCC       OOO  OOO   MM  MMM  MM   PPPP      LLLL      EEE          TTT     EEE
      --------   --------   --   -   --   ----      -------   -------      ---     -------
                            By Skychrono masamune@ix.netcom.com
                         My Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/Skychrono
                        The best RPG webpage, GIA:
    I.    What's New
    II.   Q & A
    III.  Demo CD
           A.Dyne and the Dragon's Den
           B.The Wierd Woods
           D.Old Hag's Forest
           E.Boss! Sailine Slime
           F.The End for now
    IV.    First CD
           A.The boat
           D.Athena's Shrine and the Cave of Trials
           F.Nanza Pass
           H.Return to Vane
    V.     Second CD
    VI.    Music
    VII.   Makings CD and Music CD
    VIII.  Characters
    IX.    Equiptment
    X.     SECRETS
    XI.    Other
    XII.   Stuff the game makes fun of
    XIII.  Anime Sequences/ FMV's (coming next update)
    XIV.   Credits/ Copyright
    This is my first FAQ so don't blame me for mistakes. But all of the demo CD is here now.
    I'll try to make as little spoilers as possible. My FAQ is soely LunarSSSC, so I have 
    no knowldge of the Saturn or Sega CD version, and that means I don't know about the other
    characters or am able to compare it to the other versions, sorry. That doesn't mean that 
    this faq won't be as good as the others, if possible it will be better then the other four. 
    Don't worry, I will put alot of effort into this.
    Any help/comments will be greatly apreciated! Mail to the above address
    The faq should look fine on notepad with 9 font.
    You should not have to scrool left or right at all. These should line up:
    p.s. does anyone know if there are any lunar newsgrous?
    I.What's New/ Revisions
    1.0   June 4, 1999
    The game is finally out! I've added ALOT. The walkthough goes up to when you return to Vane
    (not much, more next update ^.^), a new bromide section in equipment (I found alot!), a 
    "stuff the game makes fun of" list, put in almost all of the new eq, and added Jessica, 
    Kyle, & Mia to the character section. Also, TheFreak gave me demo only info. 
    Thanks! I also changed the old walkthough a bit. Updated music list, help is needed
    with it though. Flipped this list chronologically. Will have a FMV section next time. 
    Added Dragon EQ in EQ section.
    Ramus later tells you this, after Luna turns.... nevermind. I'm the first to have this!
    Info in the new Secrets section
    0.99  May 26, 1999
    *Last* update before release. Song Lyrics are up in the music section. Just Luna's song now
    though, boat song will be up when I hear it. Also added is what items are in each section.
    Updated the Introduction (above), please read.
    0.9   May 16, 1999
    Last update before release. Fixed Fritz's spelling. Added stuff at The End and Other sections.
    Also put up Equipment list. Added to Music. Items next ime but they are self explanatory if you
    look at their descriptions. Only a couple more days now....
    0.6   May 3, 1999
    Fixed a Q&A and added to the character section
    0.5   April 22, 1999
    Updated it with all of the demo CD.
    0.0   March 19, 1999
    Just Started. You really can't expect me to write too much if the game's not out yet huh.
    Just got the basis up.
    II. Questions and Answers
     Q. What's a Grog loaf?
     A. I don't know
    A. Dyne and the Dragon's Den     
    Items: Herbs, Star Light, Dragon's Tear, Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond, Dagger, Sling,
           Flame Ring, dragonfly wing, 250 silver
       The game starts out with you hearing Alex's voice talking about Dyne.
    Soon Nall comes up to you and you see a Anime Sequence talking about Luna.
    Try going down and a sequence of Ramusas comes up. When you finally get control
    go to the top-right to see another sequence with Luna's singing and Alex's'
    Ocarina joining in. She will yell at you for thinking of going to the Dragon's
    cave, then decides to join you. Go to Alex's house to get money, a sling for Luna,
    a dagger for Alex, herbs, the fire ring, and the all important Angel Tear. Keep it
    on Nall so he can revive the others. Anyway, Begin out of the town and Ramuaus will
    join. You're now on the world map. Loop around the mountians on the right and go to
    the cave. The gorilla enemys here are kinda hard, leveling up on slimes would be a 
    good idea. You should be level 6 by the time you get out, because the first few battles
    you'll level up every time. By the way, if you like the game's music you can play it
    all on Alex's Ocarina, which should be in his inventoty. The gorillas in the cave 
    can smash the ice blocks to advance later on. You'll come to Quark's cave sooner
    or later. You've probably been using AI mode in fights, but you shold use command
    because the computer Alex will use Sword Dance every turn. After Quark gives him his
    task head southwest. The gorilla will smash the ice if you stand in front of it, just
    find the Dragon Ring. Bring it back to Quark and teleport out with a dragonfly wing
    if you are low on health.
    B. The Wierd Woods
    Items: 1000 silver, herbs, antidotes
       Alot of things happen back at home. When you finally get to leave head to the
    Wierd Woods with Ramus. He'll chicken out and you'll return to the village. After
    some scenes with Luna you'll get to leave again, but before you do buy everything 
    from the equipment store. Head to the Wierd Woods and Luna will sing the Fog away.
    The battles here are very hard, so you should be at least lvl. 7 be the time you leave.
    Wander far enough and Laike will come to the rescue. He attacks like six times in
    a row at level 99 so you won't have any trouble. Loop around the bush on the left 
    when you wake up.
    New: The strategy guide excerpt in the instruction manual says that if you say no
    there will be 3 fights. Say no the first and second times and except the third.
    You'll get much more xp.
    C. Saith
    Items: Luck Wand
       Go south from the exit of the woods to get to Saike. There is new equipment that
    is important later. Buy it all. Anyway, talk to everyone on the docks twice for info.
    Then go to the bar and play a game of heads-or-tails with the guy in the top right.
    After playing twice Ramusus will bet the dragon diamond. After beating him talk to him
    again to get the luck wand. Equip it on Luna. Head northwest form the town and go to
    the Old Hag's Woods.
    D. Old Hag's Woods
    Items: 400 silver, herbs, Mia's Bromide, Sea Chart
       I hated this part. By the time you get out of here be at least level 9. The enemys
    here are very hard. Don't open any chests until the way back. The route all the way on
    the right seems to be the shortest. When you get near the Hag's Hut you'll find Nash
    trapped under a very primitave trap. Get him out and you'll get your fourth party member.
    Just talk to the witch to get the sea chart. I don't think it matters if you have Luna
    or Ramsus handle it. Go back to Saith afterwards, and level up your characters.
    E. Boss! Sailine Slime
       Go to the dock and talk to the captian twice. You'll then go to the boss. He's 
    actually really easy if you're at least level 9. All you have to do is have Luna
    cast Cascade Song on Alex twice and have him use sword dance. It will do 200+
    damage each time. His mucus attack is very annoying though. It traps a character
    in slime, and unlike Final Fantasy 7, can't be attacked to get him/her out. If he 
    traps Alex or Nash, the only people that will do any damage, it might be trouble
    if you're low leveled.
    New: The boss gets more powerful the stronger Alex is, and so do all the other bosses.
    F. The End for now
       Now you'll see an FMV sequence and the game will end. Anyway, as soon as the game
    comes out you can use your game save still. Also be sure that I'll have the rest of
    this FAQ ready as soon as I get it! Extra: After you get to Saith, return to Burg
    and Laike will be at Daine's Monument. Also search Luna's bed.
    NEW! From TheFreak: Two demo only things were put in. Laike being at Dyne's monument,
    and a typo that someone says in Saith if you bring Nash there after finding him but
    before going into the witches hut.
    A.The Boat
    Items: Soap (1000 silver)
       If you don't have the demo CD or just started playing use the above walkthough to get
    here. Anyway....You are on the boat to Meribia. Talk to everyone on the deck and decend
    inside. It you have the money buy a bar of soap. Later in the game it will show you 
    some almost nude scenes.... there are only 2 other in the game (for free). Anyway,
    go into your bedroom and talk to Luna twice. You'll go to sleep. During the night 
    you'll hear the wonderful Boat Song (lyrics next update). Then you'll wake up. Then
    go to the deck. Talk to a crew member for a titanic joke. Then go to the mast.
    Items: None
        Nash leaves the group and goes to black rose street when you enter the city, and Ramus
    goes to sell the diamond. You and Luna are left to explore. Buy the new eq (and if you have the cash, buy a fire cane for Nash when you get him. It also uses fireball spell during battle if
    used as an item) for everyone and when ready go to see Ramus at the big store. There are
    chests here but you can't open them. Talk to Ramus and then go west of town. Then go to the
    western most building and talk to Nash. There is alot of spoilers I could tell you but I won't.
    Then go to the castle and talk to Hell Mel himself. You'll fight!
    Boss!  Hell Mel
    Not that hard. Use vigor and then keep using Sword Dance. You get 100 xp if you win.
    Item: Star lights
       Go back and talk to Ramus again. He sells the diamond (but you don't get the cash)
    and the salesman runs away. Follow him though the sewers! You have to pess buttons there
    to lower bridges. When you get a choice oh a bunch of paths take the second from the left
    then after pressing both buttons there go back and take the second from the right. When
    you get get to a staircase perpare for another boss!
    Boss! Auqa Lizard
       This time it is a bit harder. You should be at least level 15.
    Use vigor and Cascade Song on Alex, and then have him Sword Dance. Ramus should have
    everyone's items in his inventory. Keep using sword dance until he dies!
    This might take a couple tries. He has a flame attack and a tail whip I
       Ramus takes over the store and leaves your party. You get 500 silver from the guy 
    though. Nash congratulates you and tells you to go to Vane.
    D.Athena's Shrine and the Cave of Trials
    Items: None   
       After talking to Mel again exit the town. Go down-right until Nash talks. Then go to
    the Transmission Spring (the thing south of you). The guy says you need papers. Go to
    Athena's Shire and go to the top room to meet Phacia. She'll give you the papers.
    Return to the spring and give the guy the papers. He'll say you have to go though
    the Cave of Trials, an are where items can't be used.
       It's just you and Luna there. The first guy will heal you and there are more guys to heal
    you on the way. Level up a bit while you have free healing. Just wonder around and take 
    all the stairways. Soon there will be a floor with alot of people. That means you 
    are very close to the boss. Upstairs will lead you to him.
    Boss! Truffle Troubler
       He's really not so hard. As usual, use vigor and cascade song on Alex. Have him keep using
    sword dance and Luna using tranquil song. With that sword dance should do at least 200 damage.
    Items: None
       Welcome to Vane, the floating city of magic. Many people study to become mages
    at the Magic Guild here. There is alot of new eq (equipment) here. The only thing
    that is the same is fire canes. Enter the Magic Guild and Nash takes Luna on a tour.
    Many things happen now. I won't spoil it though. In the end you're asked to go to Lann.
    One more thing. Eariler, when you were controlling only Alex, you have to go to Mia's room.
    F.Nanza Pass
    Items: Herbs and Silver
       Watch out for fake chests. They can confuse your party. Just head left and fight enemies.
    Here as with alot of other places the bees are annoying but give you the most xp.
    Then you'll arrive at Nanza Pass itself. It's not much of a town. Try to exit in the west
    and the guard will stop you. He says you have to talk to Kyle. Go to where he was (top right
    of the catwalk) and a guy will tell you where to go from there.
       After you can go through the gate go left. I think there are the same bad guys. Go left
    and out the gate to get to Lann.
    Items: Silver Light (in locked chest)
       Not so much to do here. Just go to the elder's house and you'll meet Jessica. As usual,
    A anime sequence will play when you meet a new important character. You'll get a mission to
    check out the Fake Dragonmaster. Go to the docks and talk to the eyepatch guy there. He'll
    lend you his boat so you can get to the island.
       When you get there you'll be in a swamp. The blueish patches of water here hurt you when
    you stand in them. There is another Healing Ring here. The enemies here aren't hard, but 
    something new is that the fish monsters grew legs and can now chase you around!
       It won't take too long to find Old Fakeo himself. He summons his err.... dragon,
    and attacks you.
       Boss! Killer Toad?
    A pattern is emerging if you haven't noticed. As usual, cascade song Alex, vigor, sword dance.
    Really not much new yet. Nash can just use his usual lightning. Toadman can use attacks and
    fire. Jessica is a great healer that has the same moves as Luna.
       He'll give up and leave.  Walk back or if Jessica has the exit Litancy use it.
    H. Return to Vane
    Items: None
       See you here next update!
    V. Music
    Alex's Ocarina can play all of the music in the game I belive.
    Song                    When Played                  
    Fighting Sprits         Battles
    Bar                     The bar
    Stand and Fight         Boss Fight
    Mysterious Party        When you meet Laike
    Go Go Go!               Right before you meet Laike
    Fun Traveling           Overworld Theme
    Toward the Horizon      Unknown, but has the intro sound in it
    Burg                    Burg and Saith Music
    Traffic                 Nanza Pass
    Street Corner           ??????
    Song of Blue Dragon     Blue Dragon meeting
    Meribia                 Meribia theme
    The rest of the songs haven't been played yet.
    Song Lyrics
    Opening Song, Sang by Luna
    In your dreams, magical thoughts, all things are real, unless you dream there not!
    In your dreams love is the plot carried on wings of hope...
    Each of our souls, intertwine when we do. Instantly we see it,
    the time to go and be it when everything in pinned on a whole.
    Let rise the dreams of your heart, that innocent youth, careless and kind
    free to roam the breeze in love, only when two brilliantly shine as one!
    VI.Makings and Music CD
    Under Construction
    (The making CD does contain spoilers though -_-)
    Weapons: Swords
    Armor:Shields, Padded Armor
    Summary: The main character.A great character that quickly increases in ability.
    When he becomes lvl. 9 he can do 2 attacks a turn. Plays an Ocarina and worships
    Dyne, the decesed DragonMaster. Practices with Luna to play at festivles in Burg.
    Sword Dance...................Starts with it
       High Damage sword attack. 6 mp
    Exploding Staff...............Level 10
       Multi-enemy attack spell. 9 mp
    Vigor.........................Lvl. 12
       Raises his own attack power
    Dragon Protect................When you get Dragon Wings
       Protects everyone from one magic attack 60 mp.
    Flash Cut.....................Lvl. 18
       Slashes all enemies 18 mp
    Wepons: Staffs, projectile
    Armor: Light Armor
    Summary: Pretty blue-haired girl from the same town as Alex. Bascially a healer,
    also has attacks that raise stats. Try using Cascade Song (level 9) on Alex
    at lvl. 12 His sword dance will do 200+ damage! Luna herself is a great character.
    Healing Song..................Starts with it
       Restores HP. 4 mp
    Purity Song...................Lvl. 6?
       Cures Poison 4 mp
    Cascade Song..................Lvl. 9
       Raises Atk and Def 10 mp
    Tranquil Song.................Lvl. 10
       Heals all allies 15 mp
    Temptation Song...............Lvl. 3
       Hypnotizes enemies. 8 mp
    Escape Song...................Lvl. 12
       Makes enemys run away 10 mp
    Little Dragon thing, resembles a cat. The sarcastic one.
    "People always say I look like a cat. Not true. Cats look like me!"
    "Luna: All of the cats here seem to be female, and they all seem to like you!
     Nall: Errrrrrrr......... Huh?!"
    "Should we take one (a chicken) home? Or are we have having Grog loaf again?"
    "I bet DragonMaster Dyne drank his milk every day, Alex... It did his body good."
    Wepons: Short Swords, Projectiles
    Armor:Shields and Padded armor
    Summary: Alex's money hungry friend. He dreams of going on great adventures to dragon
    caves. He's actually a coward. Always has 0mp and is has more hp than anyone else.
    He won't be in your party forever though.
    Wepons: Same as Luna
    Armor: Robes, Light Armor
    Summary: Overconfident apprentice mage, third level. Has a thing for Luna. His thunderbolt
    spell is the first area spell in the game. Starts with a picture of Mia, a character in the
    game. You can equip it for a 1 point increase in defence.
    Stone..........................Starts with it
            Turns enemy group to stone
    Thunderstorm...................Starts with it
            Thunder elemental group attack. 6mp
    Confusion......................Lvl. 12
            Confuses some enemies  7 mp
    Magic Box......................Lvl. 15
            Slience Enemies 8 mp
    Spark Ball.....................Lvl. 18
            Paralize enemies 10 mp
    Weapons: Flails, Maces
    Armor: Cool Clothes?
    Summary: The daughter of Hell Mel, she has inharated some of of pirate traits.
    She is a slight tomboy and fights with Nash as much as Nall. Girlfriend of Kyle.
    Heal Litany....................Starts with it
            Heals one person like Healing Song 4 mp.
    Escape Litany..................Starts with it
            Brings everyone out of a dungeon like a dragonfly wing
    Calm Litany....................Lvl. 16
            Heals everyone a bit like Luna's Tranquil Song 15 mp
    Weapons: Same as Nash
    Armor: Robes
    Summary: The daughter of Lemia. She is the first person to have real attack spells.
    Most of her moves are multi-person. She is admired ny Nash, even has a fan 
    club(of 2 people...)
    Flame Circle.................Starts with it
       Hits some enmemys with fire 7mp
    Ice Lance....................Starts with it
       Hits one enemy with frost spikes 5mp
    Blizzard.....................Starts with it
       Hits everyone with chilly winds 10 mp
    Ice shell....................Starts with it
       Raises one person's defence 11 mp
    Weapons: Big Swords
    Armor: Same as Alex
    Summary: Drunken, womaning, stealing, thieveing sword-swinger. Yeah, that sums him up.
    He flirts with alot of girls and in the protecter of Nanza Pass. Has fight with Jessica but
    still loves her.
    Abilites  (he starts with them all)
    Power Slash
    Slash one enemy 6 mp
    Power Sweep 
    Hits everyone around him 9 mp
    Sonic Riser
    Hits everyone in a line 14 mp
    Power Up
    Same as vigor spell 8 mp
    Key: A-Alex   L-Luna  J-Jessica  M-Mia
         R-Ramus  N-Nash  K-Kyle
    Name            Atk.Power     Found      Who can equip it    Extra   Used as item
    Short Sword     11            Burg       ALR
    Long Sword      16            Saith      A
    Saber           27            Vane       A
    Silver Sword    33          Ramus's Shop A
    Bastard Sword   50            On Kyle    K
    Samurai Blade   38            In Renz    A
    Name            Atk.Power     Found      Who can equip it    Extra   Used as item
    Fortune Cane    16            Saith      LN                  Luck+10
    Dream Cane      34            ?????      L
    Fire Cane       28            In Merbia  N                          Casts Fireball
    Mace            34            On Jessica J
    Flail           39            In Renz    J
    Ethereal Cane   38            In Ernz    NM
    Name            Defense       Found      Who can equip it    Extra   Used as item
    Kinky Clothes   7             Burg       ALR
    Robe            11            On Nash    LN
    Leather Armor   9             Saith      AR
    Cool Clothes    14            On Jessica J                Magic En+1
    Magic Robe      5             In Vane    LNJ
    Chain Mail      17            In Vane    A                Magic En+1
    Steel Armor     21            On Kyle    AK
    Purity Clothes  18            In Renz    J                Magic En+1
    Sorcerer's Robe 19            In Renz    NM
    Name            Defense       Found      Who can equip it    Extra
    Iron Armlet     1             On Luna    L
    Garbage Can Lid 2             On Ramus   ALR
    Wooden Shield   3             Burg       AR
    Iron Bracelet   4             On Nash    ARN
    Iron Shield     5             In Vane    A
    Steel Armlet    4             In Merbia  LJ
    Silver Shield   7           Ramus's Shop A
    Steel Shield    10            On Kyle    AK
    Name            Defense       Found      Who can equip it    Extra
    Hat             2             On Alex    ARN
    Scarf           1             On Luna    L
    Bandana         1             On Nash    ALRN
    Iron Helmet     5             In Vane    A
    Headband        3             In Merbia  LJ
    Steel Helmet    9             On Alex    AK
    Name            Defense       Found      Anyone can equip    Extra
    Flame Ring      1         Alex's Parents           Defends agninst water and wind, atk+1
    Fresh Ring      1          Lann Island             Works like a ribbon in Final Fantasy 
    Healing Ring    1         Cave of Trials
    Dragon Master
    Name            Atk/Def       Found     Only Alex can equip    Extra
    Athena's Sword                From Dyne's Monument     Golden streak when attacking, # of atks+1
    Dragon Armor                  Black Dragon
    Dragon Shield                 Blue Dragon
    Dragon Wings                  White Dragon
    Dragon Helmet                 Red Dragon
        *LORDS OF LUNAR!*
    During the "Making of Lunar SSS", Press Up,Down,Left,Right,Triangle,Start.
    It will open up a very cool multi-player pong game featuring all the Lunar Characters!
    Does anything think I should make a mini-faq on it? I would.
    Name               Defense                   Who can equip it    Extra       (All Play video)
    Mia's Bromide 1  -   +1                             N                 
                                          *On Nash*
    Phacia's Bromide -   +1                             A            Atk+1
              *From man in Athena's Temple after Phlacia is discovered*
    Luna's Bromide 2 -   +1                             A            Wis+1  
                 *Bookshelf in Alex's Attic after Luna is captured*
    Jessica's Bromide-   +1                             K
            *Talk to everyone in Athena's Temple twice. Someone will give it to you*
    Jessica's Bromide 4- +1				    K
    	*Search Kyle's bed, after the cross-dressing scene but BEFORE he joins* 
    	*your party.*
    Xebonia's Bromide 1- +1                             All?         
            *Talk to a guy twice in the mines after the Grindery leaves*
    XI. Other
    *You can't open the orange chests. You need the Thief's crest.
    *Is it legal to marry an adopted sister/brother?
    XII. List of stuff the game makes fun of
    *Austin Powers
    *Tootsie Roll Pops
    *The Got Milk commercial
    *Titanic the movie
    *The song "Super Freak"
    *Men in Black
    *The song "Whip it"
    *Bevis and Butthead
    XIII. Copyright
    This document Copyright 1999 Skychrono. This is not registered or endorsed by Working 
    Designs or any other company. It can not be altered or reproduced without the author's 
    permission. Lunar: Silver Star Story in copyright 1999 by Working Designs. May be freely
    distrubed for personal use. Any commercial use without the authors permission will be 
    punished in the name of Salior Moon.
    Fritz Fraundorf (fritz@thegia.com)
     -For inspiring my to make my first FAQ (this) and alot of the format.
    TheFreak (THEFREAK@prodigy.net)
     -For adding the demo only info.
    Working Designs
     -For making this classic RPG remake, for all of the vereran RPGers out there who don't have
     (or want) a Sega CD.

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