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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tan Yong Hua

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    Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
    Version 2.5 By Tan Yong Hua
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    G R U M B L E S
    My brother is a ninnypop. Always does not want me to play furthur than 
    him and cry loudly. What an asshole. Now I cannot update this 
    A T T E N T I O N ! ! !
    I will not be updating the walkthrough from Sunday to Wednesday as I 
    will be going on a cruise. Any query can be asked from both of my 
    friend, Ken and Philip through their email, 
    tom18118@mbox2.singnet.com.sg and ophilip@singnet.com.sg respectively.
    N O T I C E
    Well, Hi there, this is the first version of Lunar Silver Star Story 
    FAQ of mine.It would not be not be that great compared to others on the 
    net but it's still worth a try. The objectives of this walkthrough is 
    to provide Lunar players an understanding of the game and to help those 
    stuck in confusing and frustrating places. Lunar will be a big hit in 
    Playstation since the Sega Saturn version. While, this goes on, let me 
    get back to the main topics. Also I will post all the important notices 
    up here in front which is rather a kind of update.
    U P D A T E S
    Lasted updated 6/8/1999
    Fininshed the walkthrough from Burg to the Dragon Cave
    Starting on Weird Woods
    Lasted updated 6/9/1999
    Finished up to sewer and sewer boss
    Starting on Vane,Magic Guild
    Lasted Updated 6/10/1999
    C O N T E N T S
    -The beginning of it all
    -The Dragon Cave
    -Weird Woods
    -The old woman forest
    -Saith again
    -Cave of Trail
    -Nanza Trail
    -Nanza Trail
    -Fake dragon master
    -Magic Guild(Crystal Tower)
    -Nanza Again
    -Reza ( Theives Town )
    -Meyrod's Forest
    -Tower Damon
    4.Secrets in Lunar
    5.Gameshark Codes
    6.Character Profiles
    7.Copyright Notice
    I N T R O D U C T I O N 
    Firstly at the beginning of the walkthrough,let me introduce myself. I 
    am a 13 year old boy not to say boy but a teenager from Singapore and 
    has always loved to play rpg games since Super Mario RPG. This was when 
    I discovered the pleasure of playing these 3D environmental-based 
    games. It really captured my attention.So then I started to play RPG 
    along.Below are some of the list of RPG I had played
    -Super Mario RPG
    -Wild Arms
    -Beyond the Beyond(u)
    -Final Fantasy VII
    -Legend of Legaia
    -Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time
    -Breath of Fire III
    -Lunar silver Star Story
    -Shadow Maddness
    -Tales of Destiny
    -Final Fantasy Tactics
    -Saga Frontier(u)
    -Parasite Eve
    -The Granstream Saga
    -Azure Dreams
    -Tactics Orgre(u)
    -Ogre Battle(u)
    -Brave Fencer Mushashi
    -Legend of Zelda:Link Awakening
    -Star Ocean: The Second Story
    You can contact me and asked me about those games if you like. But I 
    would not be able to answer all of questions as I have not completed 
    some of the games. Symbol for uncompleted games is(u). I will still be 
    able to answer some of the uncompleted games question up to a limit. 
    You can also mailed to Philip at ophilip@singnet.com.sg
    or Ken at tom18118@mbox2.singnet.com.sg
    T H E  S T O R Y
    The story started in a village called Burg where the great Dragon 
    Master Dyne is honured daily by the people living there. In this 
    village, there is a young boy by the name of Alex. He possessed the 
    green eyes of the Dragon Master and is chossen to the next and great 
    one. With that he set off on his quest with Luna and Ramus to find the 
    four dragons,White,Blue, Red and Black.
    In order to fulfil the dragon quest and obtain the equipment of the 
    Dragon Master, Alex must pass the trail of the four dragons so that he 
    can be the next Dragon Master and defeat the evil forces of Vile tribe
    S T A R T I N G  T H E  G A M E
    The game cool! When you switched on your playstation, you will witness 
    the long list of copyrights there, then the logo Lunar Silver Star 
    Story Complete will appear before your very eyes. The main theme of the 
    game will start to play. Cool right and Luna's song is so enchanting 
    and beautiful, truly.Let the title screen rest there for a while and a 
    movie will start to play.
    W A L K T H R O U G H 
    The walkthrough started here. It contains information on the game and 
    may affect your spirit. Read it at your own risk!!!
    T H E  B E G I N N I N G  O F  I T  A L L
    Items found:Spring shot for Luna, Dagger for Alex, Healing Berries
    The destiny behold on the boy Alex. He will be chosen to be the next 
    Dragon Master after Dyne though it is still unconvinced if he will be. 
    It will be your duty to guild him.
    Alex had always dreamed to be a Dragon Master and now his wish is 
    waiting to be fuliled. You will start off at the front of Dyne's 
    Grave.Head Down South into the Village.On the way, you will meet with 
    Ramus, the mayor's son who was always pampered by his parents to seek 
    on an adventure to the dragon cave.Proceed to the east and up to find 
    Luna besides the spring singing away.An animation shit will spring up 
    and you will be able to see how Luna looks like. Yep, quite ugly, huh. 
    Never Mind, you will meet some more babes later on.Oops!,just 
    joking!.Luna will hear on your quest to the cave and asked to tag along 
    with you. Agree with it and then head back to your house on the 
    northwest of the village. Talk to Alex's Dad for a dagger and a spring 
    shot. After that, walk to the basement and rip the chests of all the 
    items there. Activate the menu by pressing the square button. Along the 
    left side will be a kind of side menu, press R1 to switch between 
    system menu and magic menu. Go to item management and click on give 
    item to.Select the springshot and give it to Luna. Go to equipment 
    maanagement menu and equip their weapons accordingly.
    Go to the entrance of the village which is on the west side to meet 
    Ramus. He looks sort of thin,huh.On the world map, there will be no 
    random enemies. Hurrah!. Go up round the mountain range and south into 
    the dragon cave. 
    T H E  D R A G O N  C A V E
    Items founded:Herbs,Dragon Ring, Star Pearl, $250 
    Level Recommended Before:Alex Level 1, Luna Level 1,Ramus Level 1
    Level Recommended After :Alex Level 7, Luna Level 7,Ramus Level 7
    The dragon cave is quite tough for a beginner, but if you keep 
    training,you will be well off, try to avoid the crystal as much as 
    possible since they hold so many enemies. Pick on those slimy things 
    and bees to fight on. Level up to 3. and head deeper in to the cave. 
    The cave is a maze sort of laybrinath but you will be alright. Come On, 
    you will not be so easily defeated,will you? Always save after fighting 
    what you think a great enemies.
    When you reach the dragon cave, an animation will occur leaving you to 
    stare at the gigantic size of it. Time to fight it! Equip your items. 
    And refill all your members hit points. He he, just joking. Luna will 
    be recognised by the dragon though who on earth know who she is. You 
    will be given on a quest to proceed deeper into the cave to look for 
    the dragon ring. In exchange the dragon will give you the dragon 
    diamond. The last to suceed was a man called Dyne. Do you know him, Of 
    course , he is the great dragon master.Proceed west and you will 
    noticed that the icles blocking your way has been eliminated.Perhaps 
    destroyed by the dragon vibration.
    Anyway proceed up the stairs into the cave beyond, you will see a 
    baboon and a crystal. Dstroy the crystal but do not destroy the baboon. 
    You will need the baboon to destroy those ice blocks. Lure the baboon 
    in to the ice blocks which will then break beyond its weight. Anyway, 
    head trough the door into the cave. Wanna get, the chest there. Just 
    lure the baboon there. Proceed west and into the cave where the dragon 
    ring is. Whew,finally. Lure the baboon into the chest to the west and 
    obtain the dragon ring. The chest to the southeast contains $250. If 
    you want it, then waste no time in getting it.Head back to the dragon 
    cave. You will obtain the diamond. Use the dragon wing to escape.But if 
    you wish to fight more enemies to level up. You may do so
    W E I R D  W O O D S  
    Items founded:Antidote,Healing Herbs
    Level Recommended Before: Alex Level 7, Luna Level 7, Ramus Level 7
    Level Recommended After : Alex Level 9, Luna Level 9, Ramus Level 9
    Head back to Burg and then to the Altena's staue for a refresh  of your 
    hps and mps and then to the item store.The store owner will explained 
    that he has no money to buy the precious dragon diamond and the only 
    place to unload it is to go to Meribal. The only way to go to Meribal 
    is by a ship and the only port near Burg is Saith. Head to Alex's 
    house. On the way up the stair, Ramus wish to have a talk with you and 
    ask of Luna to leave them for a while. He will speak of setting off to 
    Saith without Luna. You will have to agree and say yes to him. Go into 
    Alex's house and speak to Luna. She will ask you what secret and 
    mischief you are up to but you refuse to tell her. She will shook her 
    head sadly. Talk to Alex's father and then head into Weird Woods which 
    is t o the west.
    Along the way, you will discover a thick fog coming up. Ramus will then 
    wet his pants after you had headed up for a few steps and ran away from 
    the party. You will then have no choice but to follow him. Talk to Luna 
    to reveal your secret. Then go to Alex's Dad and to Luna. You will 
    spend the night in the house. During midnight, Luna will have a dream, 
    a special dream in fact. probably when she was a baby. She will wake up 
    and discover that Alex has left his bed and seek out to find him at the 
    Dyne's monument.
    In the morning, head to the weapon and items store to buy some habdy 
    weapons for Alex, Luna and Ramus. Also try to stock up as much herbs 
    and antidote as you can.Head to Weird Woods again. This time, the fog 
    is thicker.So what to do now? Just at the last moment, Luna cleared her 
    throat and sings until the fog goes away,huh?But who cares, head 
    through the woods. It's quite easy except for a few tricky enemies and 
    sofore. At the end of the woods, a number of enemies will spring up and 
    a mysterious man will head up to help you. His attacks are cool man and 
    he had three turns per round. After the battle, he will ask you what 
    you are doing in the woods and set off to make a fire.In the morning, 
    you will notice that he is gone. Head west to continue through the 
    woods and finally to Saith.
    S A I T H
    There is a commotion here and you cannot board the ship as the sea 
    chart is gone when the captain gambles with a man in the bar. head to 
    the dock house and speak with the captain. Then speak with the man at 
    the counter. Had to the bar and gambles a bit with the man. You will 
    lost $200 but Ramus noticed that the man had conned you and unrevealed 
    his true face. The con will reply that he had exchanged the sea chart 
    with a woman in the forest. Head back outside, not to the world map but 
    to the stores to buy weapons and items. remember to stock up well. Go 
    to the world map and head north west to the forest
    T H E  O L D  W O M A N ' S  F O R E S T
    Items founded:Healing Herbs, Sea Chart
    Level Recommended Before: Alex Level 9, Luna Level 9,  Ramus Level 9
    Level Recommended After : Alex Level 13,Luna Level 13, Ramus Level 13
    The old woman who had the sea chart resides in this forest. There will 
    be a number of traps,remember. Do not open chests that stand out in the 
    open. Keep heading north and you will soon reach the woman house. There 
    will be a sort of body trap on the path to the house. You will meet 
    Nash who is traped in one of those traps. Save him and proceed to the 
    house. You will need to exchange the water cane with the woman in 
    exchange for the sea chart. Luna will then plead with nash to exchange 
    his cane for the chart. The forest is a good place for you to level up 
    after you had Nash in your party since you can use his Thunder attacks. 
    Level up to Level 13 to learn Vigour for Alex and a number of songs for 
    Luna. You can always go back to Saith and heal yourseld at the statue.
    S A I T H  A G A I N
    A slimy creature has boarded the ship and you will have to fight it. Go 
    to the dock house and speak with the captain in order to agree to fight 
    the creature. Do not forget to give the fortune cane to Nash to 
    equip.It will be useful.
    B O S S: S L I M Y
    Slimy will heal for everu two rounds so you will have to bring up a 
    number of attack for it. Have Alex attack first. Don't use sword dance 
    on the first round. Have Luna fortify Alex and Ramus attack. Have Nash 
    use Thunder on the creature for every round. After Luna had fortify 
    Alex-only once is enough! since you will need the mps to heal others. 
    Have Alex use Sword Dance until his mps are used up. Attack and heal 
    when needed. Also Ramus us a good scapegoat for this battle
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    You will head to the bar for a drink.Luna will leave you and head to 
    the pier to think out on her own. Run after her and speak to her. She 
    will remark that she will not come with you tomorrow and will go back 
    to Burg herself. The next day, at the pier , the ship will leave for 
    Meribal and at the start, Alex will drag Luna into the ship.
    I N  T H E  S H I P
    Talk to all the people and Luna for a night rest. In the night, Alex 
    will discover that Luna has lef her bed. Sleepwalking perhaps. Anyway 
    head to the deck and you will see Luna. A cool animation will occur and 
    you will get to head Luna singing. It's beautiful. Alex will leave Luna 
    to herself and went to sleep. In the morning, you will be awaken by 
    Luna. head to the front of the deck for a cool view of Meribal. You 
    will soon reach Meribal
    M E R I B A L
    Meribal is a great place where a number of good weapons and armours are 
    sold. Head to Black Rose street which is to the west of the town. Go 
    into the last house and you will meet up with Nash and a mystrious 
    fortune teller. The fortune teller will tell your future. Go into the 
    mansion or rather castle to see meribal's hero,Mel. Fight him as a 
    friend. It does not matter whether you win or lose. Head to the Jewel 
    Shop which is on the northwest to the town,not Black Rose Street. Head 
    inside and you will discover Ramus who is bargaining away for all he 
    was worth over the diamond. The deal will be settled but you will find 
    out that the man is a con.Before heading through the door, remember to 
    buy all the neccessary equipment. I recommended that you requiped all 
    the character with new weapons and sofore. With equipment, head through 
    the door and into the sewers.
    T H E  S E W E R S
    The sewers is a damn difficult place to proceed through. There were be 
    a lot of enemies on your way. That why I told you to eqiup yourself 
    properly.Press the button to the north when you enter it and the ladder 
    will be let down. Slay the first two enemies you come across and 
    proceed south.Press the button there to let down the ladder. Head west 
    and down into a series of passages. Not exactly passages but more 
    likely paths.Head to the second from the left and go down.Avoid those 
    fishes as you go and fight the enemy at the end. Press the button and a 
    ladder to the right will be let down. Go to it climb up and press the 
    button to activate another ladder furthur to the right. Head to the 
    third passage from the right and proceed down the stairs. Go east and 
    fight the enemies. Before fighting, you can head up for an easy $250. 
    After that, you can slay the enemies. After the enemy, go into the door 
    to the right and into a new place. Avoid the two enemies there and head 
    up the path. Be prepared to fight three enemies. After that head right 
    and you will meet up with the boss. Don't worry. You can still save 
    after the door except that you don't head down to talk to the man. 
    Collect the two antidotes and star pearl from the chests. Stock up 
    well. Here goes. Talk to the man and he will summon a monster to 
    annihilate you all.
    B O S S : A Q U A  L I Z A R D
    The monster should not be a problem. Have Luna fortify Alex and Alex 
    use Vigour. If you want, you can fortify Ramus instead of Alex. Also 
    the bow weapon for Luna and Ramus is a good weapon to fight the monster 
    since you cannot go into the water with your swords. Keep having Sword 
    Dance on him and have Luna cure and attack when neccessary. Ramus will 
    attack. In this battle, everu party members play a part so choose your 
    attacks and healing magic and items wisely and do not leave any members 
    in vain especially Luna and Alex.
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    The Con will admit his mistake and hand over $600 but Ramus will not 
    hear of it and demand his shop as compensation. He also got back the 
    Dragon Diamond as the shop owner now owns the diamond. If you know what 
    I mean. For now, use the dragon wings to escape the dungeon and proceed 
    to the counter. A mysterious woman will appear and mumbles to herself 
    that Luna is the one that she has been looking for. You will find Nash 
    waiting for you at the shop. He claimed that you had defeat dozens of 
    monsters along the way. Flattery huh? Anyway, go out of the store and 
    heal yourself at the Altena's statue. This should refill all yours hps 
    and mps. Proceed out of town and onto the world map
    V A N E ( M A G I C  C I T Y )
    Head east and down. Go to the spring-like thing on the world map. You 
    will appear at the transmission spring which is a teleporter to Vane. 
    The old woman there said that you will need the application form from 
    Phacia at Altena's Shrine so that you can used the transmission spring 
    to Vane. Go to Altena's shrine and keep going up. Nash will disappear 
    for a while and come back with Phacia. Phacia will persuade you to give 
    up your Dragon Master quest and learns magic instead. She mentioned 
    that a career with magic will be more successful than being a Dragon 
    Alex will not hear of it. Head outside and use the transmission spring. 
    However first timers to Vane must pass the Cave of Trail in order to 
    proceed to the city. Enter the spring and you will appear at the cave
    C A V E  O F  T R A I L
    The cave of trail should not be a problem for people who have trained 
    their characters constanly and level up. Instead it will be difficult 
    for low-level characters. Anyway, proceed up and fight the first 
    monster. One trick for low-level characters is to kill every monster. 
    When you are low on hps, you can always head to the first old woman for 
    refill. Monsters will not appear in their cave for more than once so 
    you can go back with ease. After fighting the first monster. Head to 
    the door to the right. You will appear in a cave. Proceed right then 
    up. Refill your hps with the old woman there. Save. Keep on fighting. 
    It should not be a problem except for the amount of monsters, If you 
    need money, open the chests for it. The chests here holds nothing but 
    money. At the end, you will meet a monster. That is the final trail in 
    order to appear at the city. Save.
    B O S S : ??????
    This boss is a dread. Just two people to fight it. How to win? Don't be 
    afraid. Face the music. That what I always think when I meet a damn 
    difficult boss. Have Alex attack first. You should learn the two time 
    attack hit by now. That means Alex can attack two time in one turns. 
    Pretty useful? You can gain more attacks times as you level up. So 
    level up,level up. Don't use sword dance until Luna had fortify you. 
    Then attack! Use Luna as healer and attack when necessary. Also this 
    monster has an attack that will minus 32 or more hps off each of your 
    characters. Look out. Cure when your hps are around 40 something. The 
    monster should not attack more than not unless your character is really 
    beyond levels and does not have the proper equipment on him or her. Let 
    Alex attack after his mps are used up. One or two star pearl will help 
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    Proceed forward after the battle. There will be no more monsters ahead 
    of you. Bingo! You will appear at magic city, Vane in no time.
    V A N E ( M A G I C  C I T Y ) - P A R T  T W O
    You will see the magic city Vane. Wow, it's indeed beautiful just as 
    blabbermouth Nash had said. He is no liar indeed. The weapons and 
    armours here are pretty useful so...why wait. Hurry
    while stocks last. Also you can heal yourself at the Altena's statue to 
    the north west. After yo are done with, proceed to the magic guild 
    building in the north. You will see Nash waiting for you at the door. 
    He will take Luna to the sitting room while you explored around. Luna 
    will rest her feet when she suddenly heard a tune that Alex had always 
    played. She will go out and meet up a strange man who is playing a kind 
    of instrument. Luna will have a long talk with himHead to the left 
    staircase. Enter the room and to the left room. A animation shot will 
    take up and a beautiful girl named Mia will appear before your very 
    eyes. That is one of the girls and a very useful one too. She will be 
    good with magic. Anyway she will only join you party later on. Nash 
    will suddenly appear and takes you away. He will scold you for invading 
    Mia' bedroom. Anyway, head down and procced the staircase to the east. 
    You will meet Ghaleon, one of the four hero. Wait a minute, isn't he 
    the man Luna had met at the pool. You will be given a quest to seek out 
    the dragon master, fake or real. Exit the magic city. Don't forget to 
    equip Nash with new armours and weapons!
    N A N Z A  T R A I L
    The Nanza trail is a diffult place filled with enemies especially the 
    bees. They are quite irriatating. Always flying here and there. What a 
    dread! Head west and up the slope, up the next slope and then left 
    again. Avoid the enemies there and head down again slope by slope. 
    After these slopes, keeping heading left to reach Nanza
    N A N Z A
    Speak with the man at the front gate to open it. After that heal 
    yourself at the statue and proceed west to another gate. Talk to the 
    man over there. He said that he will not open the door unless Kyle 
    gives permission. Stubborn mule! Head to the second floor, the open 
    space and speak with a man near the north. He will speak of Kyle in the 
    east tower, go and find him. You will be sitting there. Head to the 
    basement and speak with a woman in the bar. She will mention Kyle as 
    his dream boyfriend and was slapped by another girl when Kyle was 
    holding her hand. Speak to all the people there and Talk to the jail 
    keeper. Then talk to the woman again. Kyle will be locked up in the 
    jail as he is drunk. Talk to the jail keeper again. Then to the man in 
    Kyle's room. Search the bed for Jessia's bromide. Talk to the jail 
    keeper again. Then to Kyle. An anime shot will occur. The jail keeper 
    will then grant you access through the west gate. head through there.
    N A N Z A  T R A I L
    Head down and left. Keep left until you reach the world map.
    L A N N 
    Head north to the village of Lann after you has appeared on the world 
    map. At Lann, head into the house where a boy is standing outside. You 
    will meet Jessica, Mel's daughter and Jyle 's girlfriend. A cool anime 
    shot will occur leaving Jessica to join your party. Don't look down on 
    her. Her healing magic are superb. Stock up on star pearl and healing 
    nuts. Also heal at the statue. Then speak with the man at the dock. 
    Jessica will persuades him to lend her his beat. The man finally 
    relent. Jump into his boat.
    T H E  D R A G O N  M A S T E R
    When you are at the swamp, keep left and avoid those blue pools. They 
    will minus your hps
    You will then meet the fake dragon master. Nall will convincingly asked 
    him the colours of the dragons. He will answers wrongly and then called 
    out what he saw as a dragon. 
    B O S S : F R O G  L I Z A R D
    This lizard is a dread. Hopefully, he will not used his attacks of 
    hitting the whole party. Use Jessica as attack for now and Luna as 
    healer. Enable Nash to unleash his Thunder bomb and Alex fortified then 
    use his sword dance.
    V A N E  A G A I N
    After defeating the frog lizard and unvealing the fake dragon master. 
    You must return to Lann village. Here, you will meet Phacia again who 
    will be disappointed at the dragon master. Fake one of course. Jessica 
    will be asked by the other members. Jessica reply cofusingly that she 
    does not know the woman. The party left except Jessica. Return to vane 
    for now. Stock up your items and report the matter to Ghaleon. Go to 
    magic guild and into the hall. There will be a lot of people waiting 
    there for Lemia Ausura. Keep talking to Mia until she said no more and 
    then to Ghaleon then to Mia again. Lemia will come soon after and clap 
    you into jail as she sensed evil. Evil? She probably mean herself. 
    Anyway, Luna will be prevented from following you. While you are in the 
    jail, keep speaking to the chains on the wall. That mean keep pressing 
    X. The prisioner to the left will keep murmuring to herself.
    The Vile Tribe.....
    Star Chamber......
    Yes that's it
    Soon after Mia will come to see you and apologized for her mother 
    ignorant behaviour. She will release you and then the prisioner. 
    Proceed to the crystal palace. You will meet up with Nash along the way 
    who does not want Alex to be the only one to look cool. Jealousy 
    probably? Silly man? Anyway unequip all you weapons and into the 
    crystal palace. 
    T H E  C R Y S T A L  P A L A C E
    The crystal palace is made up of mirrors and crystal. There will be a 
    number of exit that will confuse you but always go up a staircase if 
    you see one. You will hear Lun's singing as you neared her. Heal your 
    hps and mps.You will gonna fight a boss.Look out! As you reach the star 
    chamber. Lemia,Phacia and Royce reveal their trueself. You gonna fight 
    four galoy. Don't know how to spell them. Heck care.
    B O S S : F O U R  ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Cast Thunder Bomb from Nash. If you have Thunder Thrust, use it. Use 
    fortify on Alex from Luna and use vigour. Have Alex use Sword Dance and 
    Luna heal when necessary. Mia will use her Fire Attacks. It will soon 
    be over.
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    Return to the magic guild. Lemia will lost her memory and Ghaleon will 
    persuade you to take him to see the white dragon. Remember to requiped 
    Nash and Mia.
    M E R I B A L  A G A I N
    Head for Meribal and into the mansion. Talk to Mel. Jessica will 
    seemingly forget you but wait and see. Talk to Ghaleon and then to Mel. 
    Jessica will then take you up to her room to rest. In her room, Nall 
    will ask of Jessica 's behaviour to them. Jessica will then explain 
    that Mel had always think that she looks like her mother.She does not 
    want to disappoint Mel and so prevent herself from being boyish in 
    frint of Mel. Spend the night there. You will wake up in the morning. 
    Go to the harbour and speak to Ghaleon. You will set off for Saith
    W H I T E  D R A G O N  C A V E  D O O M E D
    After reaching Saith, head for the white dragon cave through Weird 
    Woods. On meeting the white dragon, Ghaleon will ask him or her if Luna 
    was the one. You may not know what I mean before you reach here. 
    Ghaleon will then revealed himself as the Magic Emperor. He will kill 
    the white dragon and captured Luna for his own evil purposes. You will 
    be knocked unconcious by the magic Emperor 's Magic. When you regained 
    conscious, you will find yourself in Alex' house. Alex's father will 
    mention of a guy named Laike who savd you and is at Dyne's monument. Go 
    to dyne's monument and speak to Dyne for the white dragon's wings. 
    Yipee!!! You can now teleport to and fro to places you have visited 
    before. Teleport to Meribal.
    M E R I B A L  A T T A C K E D ! ! !
    You will find Jessica fighting monster by herself. Help her and fight 
    the monster. The monster here are tough. Mind it. After that head to 
    Mel's castle. Some paths to it will be blocked by crates to prevent 
    you. Head south and then east. From here, keep north , you should reach 
    the castle in no time. Head upstairs to the gym only to see Mel 
    fighting with Xenobia. On seeing Jessica, Xenobia will case a petrify 
    spell on her but Mel will block Jessica in time.he is petrified. 
    Xenobia will then disppear along with her minions. Jessica will greive 
    for her father and vowed to destroy the Vile tribe and help Alex in his 
    dragon master's quest.Head to Vane.
    V A N E  A T T A C K E D  T O O ! ! !
    When you reach vane,you will see helpless Nash and Mia casting their 
    magic spells on the monster but to no avail. Enter the battle with 
    B O S S : ? ? ? ? ? ?
    This monster is a real pain but you should be fine as long as you 
    follow my instructions. Use vigour on Alex. Have Nash and Mia use fire 
    balls from their cane.If you don't know, go to the items section and 
    click on Fire cane to cast it. Have Alex use sword dance after vigour 
    and jessica attack and heal when necessary. You should proceed well.
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    head to the magic guild and talk to Lemia for more information on the 
    dragons. Talk to Mia and then to Nash. Both of them will join you. Next 
    stop Nanza.
    N A N Z A  A G A I N
    Upon reaching Nanza,you will witnessed Xenobia trying to bullying a 
    helpless woman. Jessica will rush forward but is prevented by the 
    others. Xenobia will then order her minions to capture the woman but to 
    no avail. An animation shot will occur revealing the woman's trueseld. 
    It is Kyle! You will then use Kyle to fight the minions. Have Kyle use 
    Sword Riser on his enemies. They should be down in no time. Heh heh.
    R E Z A 
    This is a thieves town. They even formed a guild here. When you proceed 
    to the town square, a high speed stealing man will steal away dragon 
    wings. Head for the bar and speak with the owner there for information 
    on the thieves guild. Laike will be here drinking away. The barowner 
    will speak of joining the theives's guild is the only way to regain 
    back your items. Your next stop will be Meyrod. On the world map, head 
    directly east for the forest.
    M E Y R O D ' S  F O R E S T
    Items Founded
    The forest is quite a short and easy area to get through. It is just a 
    pass between Reza and Meyrod but there will be a great deal of monsters 
    along the way.
    M E Y R O D
    Items found: Notebook
    Meyrod is a town made of bridges. At the beginnning, keep heading east 
    and you will fall down a rotton bridge. You will then awake in town. 
    All your party members are to the left of you. Kyle will be in the bar 
    waiting for you after you have found all of your members. You will find 
    them in this order. Nash, Jessica, Mia. One of the shops here sell an 
    acessory called wrath;s ring which will bring up your attacks by about 
    10. It costs a whooping $12000 but is useful indeed against enemies. 
    You will meet Kyle in a bar. Speak with the man next to him and you 
    will be given a quest to find the thieves guild book. Head south 
    through Meyrod's Forest and to the tower of Danom.
    M E Y R O D ' S  F O R E S T  A G A I N 
    Head down and you will meet Mel.Save !!! and equip Kyle with Star Pearl 
    and Healing Nuts
    B O S S : P L A S T I C  M E L
    An imitation of Mel used to lure the party. When you talk to him, all 
    of your members will be petrified except for Jessica. Mel then asks 
    Jessica to join her friends so that they can live together. Kyle who 
    heard this broke out of the stone in anger. You will then fight Mel.
    Mel is quite a diffult person for one member. Keep using Sonic Riser 
    and Power Slash. Refill your hps and mps with Healing nuts and star 
    pearl respectively. You should be alright.
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    Jessica will realise Kyle's love for her.
    T O W E R  D A N O M
    The tower of Danom will require the notebook. All enemies here should 
    be attacked with magic . you will also need to answer a series of 
    questions in order to proceed to the next level. Step on the red tiles 
    to open gates. and door. The first question will be( let Mia answer ). 
    Second Question will be ( Let Nash answer ). Help the man who is in 
    pain for the third question. Do not ask any members to leave the party 
    for the fourth level Let Alex mould the clay for the last question. You 
    will reach the top and meet with Damon, keeper of knowledge. Read all 
    the books here. Then teleport to Reza.
    R E Z A  A G A I N
    When you reach Reza, head into the bar and speak with the bar owner for 
    access into the thieves bazzar. At the thieves bazzar. Speak with the 
    man in green to the right and you will receive back your white dragon 
    wings. Also stock up your items and buy new weapons and armours here. 
    The bar owner will provides details on the air balloon. Get the blue 
    prints from the man on the left at the thieves bazzar. When finished 
    ,proceed to Iluk town to the south
    I L U K  T O W N 
    This reminds me of an outcast in my class called wong chong luk. Never 
    mind what he did but he truly reminds me of it. Talk to the inventer in 
    the house to the north. Hand him the blue prints that you have obtained 
    at the thieves bazzar. he will speak of a part that he had lost in the 
    iluk field and plead with you to find it. Talk to the botanist in the 
    basement of thetown and he will open the gate to iluk field for you.
    I L U K  F I E L D 
    This area is a good place for punky people and lazy ones who does not 
    bother to train and level up their characters. The experience obtained 
    here are high. Anyway your objective here is to catch a fritty bug. 
    Pink ones not blues. The only way to capture it is to trap it in the 
    northwest where he cannot escapes. Catching this irritaing bug may be 
    tough but keep trying. You will eventually suceed. When captured, take 
    the bug to the inventer and he will install the bug for you into the 
    balloon. In the morning, stock up your star pearl and healing nuts. Be 
    ready to head for the dragon cave.
    R E D  D R A G O N  C A V E
    The Red Dragon Cave is one of the hardest trail to past. I would not 
    put it past you not to defeat the two fire dogs at the end as they are 
    damn difficult. Anyway, you will lend here in the cave. Get off from 
    the balloon and proceed up north into the door. The puzzle will need 
    you to move across Oceans of fire. Don't need to worry, only a smal 
    amount of hps will be deducted. Just make sure to refill them back. The 
    enemies here requires Mia' Ice Attack which will probably incurr a 
    higher damage on these fire-elemental enemies. The items here are handy 
    and useful so be sure to get them from every chest. There is also an 
    angel ring here which revive you once you died but mind. It happened 
    only once in every battle. The enemies here also have high experience 
    points which will level up your characters. After what seem like a very 
    long time, you will have to cross a long chain of fire. Shortly after 
    crossing it, remember to refill your hit points and Magic points. One 
    step more and you will meet two fire dogs. Beware, growl! 
    B O S S : F I R E / B R O N Z E  D O G S
    You don't need to focus on one of them at a time. Have use Flash Cut if 
    you have learnt them. If not. use vigour then sword dance. Have Nash 
    cast thunder bomb. They may seem pretty useless but it still take some 
    of the enemies's hps off. Better than nothing right? Have Mia cast 
    Blizzard on them. If you have the ice staff that can be brought from 
    the thieves' bazzar, it would be great!Have Kyle cast sonic riser if 
    both of the dogs squeezed themselves together. If not use Power Slash. 
    Have Jessica attack and cure when necessary. 
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    Royce will appear and take the red dragon body away. However it's soul 
    remain with the dragon master. You will obtain the Red Dragon Shield. 
    Halfway ro being a dragon master. Congratulation. Good for you
    L Y T O N
    Lyton will experience a seris of weird noise. Actually the music in 
    this music is peaceful but due to some unknown reason, it became 
    unbearable. There will be some new armour on stock here. After that, 
    talk to the mayor and then head east to the small building. Go inside 
    it. Keep right and go up into the cave. There will be a number of traps 
    here. Do not touch statue with light flashing from it. You will 
    activate a trap if you do so. The cave altogther will be easy. At the 
    end, you will see four holes. You will need to push some rocks over two 
    of the holes do that the unpleasant music will go away. Have the first 
    rock push to the left and the second rock push to the right. After that 
    escape from the dungeon.
    B L U E  D R A G O N  S H R I N E
    The mayor will tell you that the blue dragon shrine can only be 
    revealed if two people deeply in love sings. Proceed to the north and 
    sings. Have either, Kyle and Jessica sings first or nash and Mia sings 
    first. Both couples will sing but to no avail. Now have Alex play the 
    ocarina. The blue dragon shrine will rise up and revealed. Go inside 
    and go into the pool. Upon arriving at another cave, enter the pool to 
    your right. This is damn frustrating but try. I cannot possibly tell 
    you which pool to enter. If it is the wrong pool, enemies will appear 
    from it. If it is right, you can go in. After somewhat numerous 
    entering. You will reach a place, a cave I mean. Head into the entrance 
    there and into the blue dragon lair. The blue dragon will joke with you 
    and then open a path for you to retrieve the blue dragon helmet. Upon 
    getting the helmet, the blue dragon will let out a yell meaning that it 
    has been captured. Go outside. Phacia will appear pleading with you not 
    to intefere with thier plans. She then disppear. The soul of the blue 
    dragon appear asking you yop quickly become the dragon master and 
    defeat Ghaleon for good. Escape from the dungeon. Head east for Tamur 
    T A M U R ' S  P A S S
    This is pass to reach Tamur or should I say a maza instead. Anyway, 
    navigate around it. and you will soon reach the exit. During mid way, 
    Xenobia will appear with her minions and attack your party. You will 
    fight two times out of which the third time is saved by a warrior namd 
    Tempest. Keeping heading east to reach the exit and into Tamur
    T A M U R
    The same thing here, stock up on items and find new weapons and 
    armours. After doing so, proceed north and you will meet Laike. Laike 
    will speak of an old inventer who lives in the tower to the north when 
    you mentioned the black dragon to him. Head for Myght's Tower.
    M Y G H T ' S  T O W E R
    Speak with the girl at the entrance. You will then enter a maze of 
    rooms. You need a password in order to enter. The puzzle room will look 
    like this. Unless you have the password, you will keep wandering round 
    and appearing in the same room. Read the notice on th wall after 
    entering the room.
    Stairs    Moon Room
    Star Room             Sun Room
              Cloud Room
    The stairs will lead back to the beginning. As the girl said, the 
    pungency today is red. Just by judgement the symbol besides each door, 
    you can assure that entering each room will mean activating a password. 
    The password is to enter the cloud room first, followed by the star, 
    the sun an lastly the moon room. You will appear in a mechanical sort 
    of room. This room will have two elevator. You are now on the first 
    floor. The elevator to the left leds up while the rights leads down. 
    Proceed up the left elevator and alight at the third floor Keep going 
    entering each tower. There will only be one entrance every time you 
    exit a tower. Eventually, you will reach the top room of the town and 
    there before your very eyes stands Myght, the inventer.  he will drive 
    Alex away but Laike will calm him down. He will promise to make an air 
    ship for you while you are away looking for the black dragon. Teleport 
    back to Tamur or walk back. Fetch the other party members at the bar. 
    You will noticed that Nash is gone. After speaking to all, Nash will 
    appear saying there is a commotion outside. It's up to you to 
    interfere. head outside to witness Tempes the guy who save you at 
    Tamur's Pass punishing a man for his wickedness. Freed the man. Tempest 
    will be angry with you and call you a thief. Yes a thief! Anyway you 
    had to fight him one on one with Alex.
    B O S S : T E M P E S T
    No matter what, you gonna win this fellow. Have Alex use vigour and 
    attack him with sword dance. Three sword dance and he is down. Ha Ha.
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    Tempest will apologize for mistakening you and give you the dragon 
    necklance as a soveniur. The dragon necklance is awarded to the barvest 
    and strongest man in his tribe. You will notive that the necklance look 
    like a dragon. Next stop the forest of illusion. Before heading off, 
    make sure to talk to the weapon store boy and armour shop girl. The 
    forest of illusion lays to the east of Tamur, just a short walk away.
    F O R E S T  O F  I L L U S I O N
    The forest of illusion is just an illusion. It is also the sacred place 
    of the praire tribe, Tepest tribe. Wander around until you come to a 
    large clearing where you can camp for the nightt. Wander around till 
    Kyle said that he sense the exit near but could not find it. head up 
    your nearest path and until Nash said he wanna go back to the campsite. 
    Sleep there for the night and watch some humorous sences with Kyle and 
    Jessica. In the morning to Praire tribe members will find you and ask 
    you why you are in the sacred place of their tribe. You mentioned 
    Tempest name and show him the dragon necklance. Thus, they will show 
    you the way out to the praire tribe. Head south to the cillage of Pao
    P A O
    There will be a queer disease going on in Pao and their singer had been 
    taken captured away. Go to the largest tent to the south and you will 
    meet Tempest. He will tell Alex of the disease. Just then, Mia and 
    Jessica will faint. Fressca will arrive and tell Tempest that she had 
    found the dark songtress at the black dragon fortress. Tempest will 
    immediately head for there after Fresca too had fainted. Head to the 
    mayor's tent to gain aceess into the black dragon fortress.
    B L A C K  D R A G O N  F O R T R E S S
    Remembers to equip some healing nuts and star pearl on your character!
    The dragon entrance is in the east of the village. Head there , and 
    across the bridge and into black dragon fortress. The place here 
    requires you to proceed to the top of the tower. you will find a dream 
    bow for nash on the first floor and dragon armlet to go with. The items 
    here are cool so grab them! The monsters here also have  at lest 1500 
    experience for you so level up away. You will meet up with Tempest 
    somewhat on the third floor.There will be about six or seven levels. On 
    the fifth level, you will meet the black dragon soul. He mentioned that 
    the dark songtress had stolen his body and give you the black dragon 
    armour. Noot yet, you still need to pass the trail. The trail here 
    requires you to find the purity in your heart. Easy man!
    A  N E W  D R A G O N  M A S T E R  B O R N
    Head upstairs to find the dark songtress. Is that Luna. Oh no. The 
    black dragon will be revived and he is evil. Luna will call Ghaleon 
    out. Alex will cry " Luna Luna". Tempest will try to kill Luna but is 
    prevented by the others. Luna will sing and Alex play the ocarina and 
    break the spell but it is only temporaily. The black dragon armour will 
    shine and a new dragon master is born.Witness the cool and great and 
    best animation shit in the game!. Alex will have the aromurs, helmet 
    and shielf equiped on him. Time to rock and roll! The four dragon souls 
    will appear and enter their respective equipment. You are now 
    officially the last and final dragon Master ever. Note that Alex will 
    look different and a cloth will appear behind his back. His face also 
    has the dragon helmet equiped when he talks. Luna will be awaken again 
    and summon the black dragon. The first test to show the power of the 
    dragon master. Hurrah!
    B O S S : B L A C K  D R A G O N
    Have vigour on Alex and keep using sword dance. Let Nash use Thunder 
    thrust. Have Kyle att up and use power slash on the dragon. Power slash 
    incurr a larger and greater damage than sonic riser. Have Tempest use 
    Flash Arrow. Use star Pearl when Alex's mps is low and heal when 
    necessary. This is a long battle so be patient as the black dragon 
    A F T E R  T H E  B A T T L E
    The black dragon will be revived yet again by Luna. Ghaleon will smear 
    at you saying that you are the dragon master and he is the one who 
    controls the dragons. Yes he is the one but the dragon souls are with 
    you. He and Luna will ride on the black dragon and fly away. Escape 
    from the dungeon and head for Myght Tower. One warning here, be prepare 
    to equip your character fully with star pearl and healing nuts. The 
    dungeon is tough! Speak with Tempest to receive the Master Sword and 
    teleport to Myght Tower. Speak with Myght to spenf the night. 
    M Y G H T ' S  T O W E R  A G A I N / B E T R A Y A L
    At night your other party members will be worried. Kyle want to say the 
    three words to Jessica. See the scene that the couples had quarreled. 
    Nash will be worried for Mia and keep persisting her not to go to the 
    frontier. Rest. In the morning, be prepared to head out. Out on the 
    rood, Nash will go by himself. Speak to him and he will say that the 
    froniter is too tough and youall will not defeated Ghaleon, the Magic 
    Emperor. He then destroyed the engine of the airship. Royce will appear 
    and praise Nash for his kind deed. He has betrayed you !. Teleprt to 
    Reza to buy the balloon engine to replace the air ship's. Head to 
    theives bazzar for it. Buy the engine for $30000. Go back to Myght's 
    Tower and the inventer will replace the engine for you. Laike will 
    arrive and ask why you had not headed off for the frontier. After 
    setting off, Laike will murmur to himself
    Laike:"Sorry, Alex you will have to undo what I have done"
    Laike:"I have more style than he has when I was young"
    Myght:"Style indeed, take that rag off your head"
    T H E  F R O N T I E R
    The airship will ride across the Desert of Death.Such barren place is 
    enough to torture an ant. Could the vile tribe be living in such harsh 
    T A L O N  M I N E
    S E C R E T S  A N D  L O C A T I O N S  O F  B R O M I D E S
    Can be gotton after being a dragon master from Ramus in Meribal
    Jessica' s bromide 4
    Gotton before Kyle join you. Found at his bed
    G A M E S H A R K S  C O D E S
    C O N T R O L S
    Usage of Button
    Square Button-open the main menu
    Triangle button-Cancel
    Circle Button-Brings Up Save Menu
    L1/L2-Alternate between characters
    C H A R A C T E R S
    Alex is the next Dragon master to suceed Dyne who was well known for 
    his bravery. He also has green eyes just like Dyne which makes people 
    convinced that he will the next Dragon Master. When young, Alex has 
    always dreamt of being one. He will go to Dyne's mounument which is 
    built in honur of him everyday. It will be up to you to fulfil his 
    Maximum Attacks Per Turn
    Sword Dance
    Explosion Staff
    Flash Cut
    Dragon Protection
    Luna is somewhat a really special person whose voice has magical 
    powers. In the beginning, she will be very useful to your party for 
    healing purposes. After Alex has taken Ghaleon, one of the heros to see 
    the white dragon, Luna was taken captured by Ghaleon who revealed his 
    true colours.She is also the recineration of Altena.
    Ramus's purpose on an adventure is to make money. Yes money. He adore 
    it. He has a shop in Meribal after you had defeated the Aqua lizard in 
    the sewers. His attacks will be helpful in the start as he had high hps 
    compared to Alex's.
    No magic
    Nash is a wonder with Thunder magic. He was originally a spy for Evil 
    Magic emperor, Ghaleon but repent after Mia gives him a hard an 
    resounding slap. He is also a person who does not thank people for 
    their help. What do you call that. Cocky?? He also does not realise his 
    own mistakes.
    Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Bomb
    Thunder Thrust
    Spark Ball
    She is the next in line leader of the magic guild after Lemia Asura. 
    She possess great magic of both element, fire and ice with helps 
    greatly in the red dragon cave and blue dragon shrine. She also has 
    feeling for Nash as Nash has for her.
    Kyle will be a fun member who is always getting into trouble with 
    Jessica.He possessed great attacks and could be called a swordman.He is 
    also cheif of Nanza and adores drinking.
    Power Slash
    Sonic Riser
    Daughter of one of the four heros, Mel who was once a pirate. A good 
    healer with magical abilities. She studies at Altena's Shrine
    The most powerful person in the game. Does not posses any magic 
    abilities. He is also dragon master Dyne.
    Most powerful man in the praire tribe. Also chief there. Helps Alex and 
    his friends a number of times
    S P E L L S
    Alex:                Level of obtaining
    Sword Dance          Start
    Explosion Staff      Level 8
    Flash Cut            Level 23
    Vigour               Level 13
    Dragon Protection    Meet the White Dragon
    Dragon Anger         Meet the Red Dragon
    Dragon Healer        Meet the Blue Dragon
    Dragon Dimenion      Meet the Black Dragon
    Luna                 Level of obtaining
    Healing Song         Start
    Purity Song          Level 8/9
    Fortify              Level 10
    Nash                 Level of obataing
    Thunder Bomb         Start
    Thunder Thrust       Level 23
    Confusion              ?????
    Paralyse             Level 19
    Mia                  Level of obtaining
    Kyle                 Level of obtaining
    Jessica              Level of obtaining
    Laike                Level of obtaining
    Tempest              Level of obtaining
    Flash Arrow          Start
    Flash Wind           Start
    S H O P S  I N  T H E  G A M E
    Burg Item Shop
    Healing Berries
    Weapons store
    Short Sword
    Wooden Shield
    C R E D I T S / A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T
    I would like to thank the following people and orgainsation for their 
    kind corporation 
    Thanks to Working Designs and Game Arts for developing this wonderful 
    series of Lunar.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for giving me a chance to post this faq on the 
    Thanks to Philip Ong for providing the name for Tower Damon
    Thanks to Ken and Philip for answering questions on Lunar while I am 
    away on a cruise
    R A T I N G S 
    Originality: 10/10
    Sound      : 9/10
    Graphics   : 9.5/10
    StoryLine  : 9/10
    C O P Y R I G H T S  N O T I C E
    This faq/walkthrough is copyrights and should not be reproduced in 
    anyway. Publishing of this walkthough at any sites should be approved 
    by the author. 

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