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"It spawned Resident Evil......But you wont think it!"

Alone in the Dark was Apparently the game that Spawned Resident Evil. Developed by French infogrames, Alone in the dark for the Saturn is an adventure that charts Edward Carnby, a Gumshoe who is called out after his pals Ted Striker was killed in Hell’s Kitchen (Not NYC, But in fact a mansion owned by a viscous Pirate).He runs around dispatching Evil Captain Hook Wannabes with a sword, a Thompson (Tommy Gun!) or even a paper bag. Ahem. For a start the title is wrong, Most of the game is in broad daylight! (Okay just a nitpick). The gameplay is quite bad even for a saturn game. The foes you face are boring and repetitive, there is no skill in defeating them, they have no method of attack, it’s just point and shoot and 50/50 as to who comes out on top. The graphics leave Carnby looking like a cardboard cut out. Better than the Baddies though, whom I mistook for Zombies at a first glance, only stopping when they quip ‘hey you’.Firing weapons is hard.The moment you tap the c Button, the staurn begins to load, a few seconds later the Pirate themed Weapon (Sometimes Muskets) finally makes the Noise similar to a vacuum cleaner crossed with a cat meowing.
Collision detection is bad, you never know if you’ve hit someone till there is an irritating clack. The camera angles that spawned Resident Evil are there but the loading times between screens and lets not mention doors are shockingly bad. You can go downstairs and fix yourself something to eat before the scene changes. The music is sort of the thing you did when you were 5 and got your first keyboard. It is like a Pirate tune which is repetitive and out of place. Voice acting is also bad, but it thankfully isn’t used much. I think Infogrames really lost the plot. If you want to make a scary game get scary adversaries. They chose Gangsters. Keep the tension. None to speak of. Make it in the dark (Look at the title) They didn’t!
Is there any good stuff in AITD2? Yes. There is quite a challenge actually, as the puzzles are elaborate and take time to figure out and also this makes up for the Terribly easy bosses. If you really want to sample the game which spawned Resident Evil go ahead.There are some neat puzzles and a steep difficulty. But this rugged around the edges and frankly Irritating game should have been given a decent conversion from the PSX At least. Get it’s sister it’s much better.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/31/01, Updated 03/05/02

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