Review by downsouth420

Reviewed: 06/05/03 | Updated: 06/05/03

A good PC game. A terrible Saturn game.

Ok. Let me explain this port by taking you step by step through the game. The game loads up, I start a new game. I see my character walking so slow that it is like a 286. The saturns memory picks up and I am walking at a half normal pace. Then a zombie comes up on screen and the game shoots back down to 2 frames per second. With patience and experience with slow games, I attempt to aim my gun at a horrific pace. I shoot him. It misses. After many tries I finally aim it absolutely perfect and I hear a clacking sound. After a 20 minute fight with one zombie, I move on to another. Same slowdown. Same everything. While I am not going to dog the game because of the graphics (it is a port of a PC game released about 3 years before the Saturn), I find it appalling that a system with dual 32-bit processors that can run Virtua Fighter 2 and Nights so smoothly and beautifully can't handle a game that can run decently on a 486. All I have to say is if you want to enjoy the game, dig up a copy for the PC. (You should find one. It was a pretty popular game back then.)

Gameplay- The gameplay is what killed the game for me. The loading time and poor programming makes this game a disaster. Everything is ridiculously slow. It takes multiple attempts just to land a hit on your enemy. And aiming your gun is so slow and awkward that by the time you aim it, the monster just attacks you, throwing you off.

Graphics- I really hate to criticize the graphics. I think it would be unfair to bring the graphics up to 32-bit standards. I would say that the polygons are more like the old PC game FX Fighter, which was released about the same time the arcade version of Virtua Fighter was released. The thing that ticks me off is that the Saturn can handle games that are 3 times as good graphically as this game. Look at Nights, Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Fighter 2, etc. I think that I-Motion didn't really try with this port.

Sound- Also nothing to write home about. Sound effects include glass breaking (for the gun shots), some groans, and a clacking noise. Music isn't too great either.

Replay- Why the hell would anyone want to replay this game? I would...just not on the Saturn. Everything is so frustrating and slow. In fact, I haven't even touched the game since I got it, which was about 2 years ago.

Memorable moments- Having a servant toss you off of a cliff when you die.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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