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    Text/Dialogue Guide by ProTect

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    Battle Arena Toshinden Remix Text and Dialogue Guide
    For the Sega Saturn
    Version 0.8 (6 October 2001)
    By ProTect (e-mail: protectiam@yahoo.com)
    Copyright (c) 2001 ProTect
    The game Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (hereafter referred to as BATR) 
    and all BATR characters are copyrights of Takara.
    I do not claim any of the BATR characters as my intellectual property 
    in any way. My contribution is solely the organization of BATR's text 
    and dialogue into one guide.
    This guide is mine, ProTect's. Do not post it to public forums without 
    my permission. Do not in any way claim it as your own.
    DO NOT rewrite it and pass it off as your Text and Dialogue Guide for 
    another game!
    Plagiarism is a very serious crime. It is intellectual theft.
    Guide Disclaimers
    Purpose of This Guide
    Conventions of This Guide
    Character Introductions
    Story Mode Text and Dialogue
    1P Game Endings
    Version History
    ----------PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE-----------
    This guide is a collection of all of BATR's text and dialogue into one 
    ----------CONVENTIONS OF THIS GUIDE------------
    Introduction Text: The biography that appears when the player chooses a
    character in Story Mode.
    Ready Pic: The character portrait that is used most of the time and 
    represents the character calm and prepared for battle, or victorious. 
    It is also the artwork displayed after the player chooses to continue.
    Bad Pic: The character portrait used in contrast to the ready pic, 
    representing the character's changes of mood such as sadness and anger, 
    or having lost a battle. It is also the artwork displayed during the 
    continue countdown, before the player chooses to continue.
    Dialogue and Bosses: In Story Mode, there is dialogue before and after 
    each battle. The dialogue after the battle differs depending on whether 
    the player has won or lost. If the player loses, the player may 
    continue and try again to see the winning dialogue. After four battles, 
    the character will face a boss, Gaia, regardless of how many times the 
    player has continued. If the player continues before or during the 
    battle with Gaia, this will be the last battle and the player will see 
    the vs. Gaia ending dialogue and the credits. If the player has not 
    continued before or during the Gaia battle, there will be a special vs. 
    Gaia winning dialogue and the character will face another boss, Sho. If 
    the player continues during the battle with Sho, this will be the last 
    battle and the player will see the vs. Sho ending dialogue and the 
    credits. If the player does not continue during the Sho battle, there 
    will be a special vs. Sho winning dialogue and the character will face 
    the final boss, Cupido. After the player wins this battle, the player 
    will see the vs. Cupido ending dialogue and the credits.
    ----------CHARACTER INTRODUCTIONS-----------
    These introductions are taken mostly verbatim from the BATR manual, 
    with some information from the Playstation Battle Arena Toshinden 1 and 
    2 manuals. This information may vary from the BATR manual; I let the 
    most commonly repeated data or BAT1 material take precedence when there 
    was disagreement in these sources.
    Name Meaning: Burning Yamato Soul
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Age: 21
    Blood Type: A
    Nationality: Japanese
    Weapon: White Tiger, a magical Bakko Japanese sword
    Ready Pic: Eiji smiles and holds up a fist, with his sword held up in
               his other hand
    Bad Pic: Eiji has one hand on his head and one on his hip
    Eiji is an adventurer from Japan. His older brother, the man who taught 
    him his sword technique and his sole remaining family, disappeared 
    several years ago. Eiji has been looking for him ever since. With his 
    "White Tiger" sword in hand, Eiji searched throughout the world. His 
    fame spread far and wide.
    One day Eiji returned back to his home to discover that an invitation 
    had arrived. The only way he could ever see his brother again would be 
    if Eiji entered the Toshinden tournament. He immediately accepted.
    Name Meaning: Storm
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 141 lbs.
    Age: 22
    Blood Type: AB
    Nationality: English
    Weapon: Cariburn Saber; aka Excalibur; the Legendary Sacred Sword
    Ready Pic: Kayin smiles and faces his opponent
    Bad Pic: Kayin frowns and faces the screen
    Kayin learned swordsmanship alongside Eiji, under the tutelage of 
    Eiji's lost brother Sho. For many years, Kayin and Eiji have been both 
    friends and rivals. But Kayin's personality is totally opposite that of 
    his friend. Despite his intense fighting spirit, Kayin's outward 
    appearance is cool, almost stoic. His demeanor, as well as his prized 
    Cariburn Saber, have been passed from father to son through the 
    generations of Kayin's Scottish Highlander clan, and have served them 
    Known by his reputation as "Storm," Kayin is a bounty hunter for the 
    underworld. Many years ago Kayin's father was murdered. In order to 
    find the killer, Kayin trained to become a bounty hunter and swore to 
    avenge his father's death.
    Kayin has learned that the assassin won the last tournament, and is in 
    the Toshinden Tournament again. He is ready to meet his father's 
    Name Meaning: Slashing Whip
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 110 lbs.
    Age: 24
    Blood Type: A
    Nationality: Russian
    Weapon: Whip
    Ready Pic: Sofia smiles and holds up her whip
    Bad Pic: Sofia frowns and holds one hand one her head and one at her
    Because of her strong will and fighting ability, Sofia was recruited by 
    the KGB and introduced to the field of espionage. She remembers little 
    of her past, only that it was a time of great sadness. Sofia is 
    determined to find out what tragic event happened during her childhood.
    Sofia has learned that a rival organization may be linked to her past. 
    The day she discovered this, an invitation to test her fighting ability 
    in a very unusual tournament arrived from the very people she was 
    Name Meaning: Natural Man
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 204
    Age: 30
    Blood Type: A
    Nationality: American
    Weapon: Huge Iron Club that delivers fierce destructive power
    Ready Pic: Rungo stares sideways
    Bad Pic: Rungo closes his eyes and holds his face downward
    Rungo is a miner from North America. Despite his size and strength, 
    Rungo was a gentle person--until recently. He accidentally discovered a 
    uranium mine, and Rungo posted notice to the unwary of the dangers the 
    mine presented.
    Rungo's wife and son were kidnapped. A syndicate is demanding that 
    Rungo release all the information related to the mine, and that he 
    participate in the Toshinden Tournament. In exchange the organization 
    will release his family. Rungo has accepted the conditions. But the 
    criminals have made a great mistake--it's not good to make this big man 
    FO FAI
    Name Meaning: Superhuman Power of Darkness
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Age: ? (given as 106 in BAT1 manual and BATR dialogue)
    Blood Type: AB
    Nationality: Chinese
    Weapon: Konso Gassa, the Iron Claw, created for assassination in the
            dark mists of the past
    Ready Pic: Fo smiles and holds a claw across his chest
    Bad Pic: Fo frowns and holds his arms at his side
    Fo Fai is a very old magician. No one is quite sure where he is from. 
    The "Dark Magician" wanders the Chinese countryside, appearing as a 
    harmless magician.
    However, Fo Fai is actually a dangerous killer with a thirst for blood. 
    Many unsuspecting spectators have become his victims. Unsurprisingly, 
    his favorite color is red; the more blood he sees, the happier he is. 
    He has been promised the opportunity to shred skilled opponents should 
    he enter the Toshinden Tournament.
    Name Meaning: Heartless Demon
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 146 lbs.
    Age: 42
    Blood Type: AB
    Nationality: Japanese
    Weapon: Seiryu Spear, said to carry the power to control the heavens
    Ready Pic: Mondo holds up one hand
    Bad Pic: Mondo's hands are at his side
    The Yaki (Night Ogre) clan, infamous for its inhumane leaders and 
    destructive, secretive acts, has played a significant role in 
    clandestine operations throughout much of Japan's medieval history. Its 
    warriors have learned to turn their feelings to stone so they can 
    coldly execute barbaric deeds without emotion. A man named Mondo claims 
    to be a descendant of this clan. Because he is a strong and smart 
    fighter, supposedly trained in the traditional ways of the clan, he is 
    often hired by organizations to spy on rivals.
    Like Sofia, he has been offered an invitation to enter the Toshinden 
    Tournament by the very organization he has been monitoring. Immediately 
    Mondo suspected a trap, but accepted. There is no clear reason why he 
    plans to fight. Perhaps the reasons are personal….
    Name Meaning: Proud, Strong Swordsman
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Age: 29*
    Blood Type: A
    Nationality: French
    Weapon: Dernier Vancour (Ventcour), the Two-Handed Sword, with a power
            and sharpness exceeding all legendary weapons
    Ready Pic: Duke smiles, stares at his opponent and rests his hands on
               his sword
    Bad Pic: Duke frowns, stares down, and has his hand on his hip
    Duke Rambert, lord of a French castle, was an excellent ruler who was 
    loved and respected by his subjects and renowned for his skill as a 
    One day a man from the Far East arrived and challenged Duke Rambert to 
    battle. Duke Rambert's sword was destroyed, and he was defeated. In a 
    brief instant, all he held valuable was gone: his pride, his family, 
    his kingdom.
    Unable to bear the shame, Duke Rambert now wanders the countryside, 
    looking for the man from the Far East and the chance to battle once 
    again to regain his lost pride.
    *Duke's age is given as 42(!) in the BATR and Battle Arena Toshinden 
    URA manuals, but is given as 29 in the BAT1 and BAT2 (30 years old a 
    year after BAT1) manuals. I am letting the more canonical games of BAT1 
    and 2 be my guide here.
    Name Meaning: Wind Dancer
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 101 lbs.
    Age: 16
    Blood Type: O
    Nationality: Turkish
    Weapon: Dirk, a kind of dagger most effective at close range
    Ready Pic: Ellis smiles and faces the screen
    Bad Pic: Ellis looks sad and faces her opponent
    When just a baby, Ellis' family was killed in a tragic accident, and 
    she was adopted by a circus owner's wife. Unaware of her own tragic 
    past, Ellis grew up in a safe environment as the star dancer of a 
    traveling theatre troupe. Ellis' reputation as one of the world's best 
    acrobats grew.
    One day she overheard two members of the troupe talking about her 
    father; injured long ago, but still living! His name was linked to a 
    clandestine organization. Ellis thought it strange that an invitation 
    to join a fighting tournament sponsored by the same organization 
    arrived the next day. Though saddened by the thought of leaving the 
    circus, she resolved to search for and meet her father.
    Name Meaning: Devil Warrior
    Height: 12'0" (7'0" without armor)
    Weight: 221 lbs. (201 lbs. without armor)
    Age: 40-something
    Blood Type: O
    Nationality: Japanese
    Weapon: Armor Bastar, the Last Darkness, the most awe-inspiring, 
    technologically superior weapon known to fighting
    Ready Pic: Gaia's armor shines
    Bad Pic: Gaia's armor is dull
    Gaia is a leader and the strongest warrior in the mysterious 
    organization that sponsors Battle Arena Toshinden. He waits… and 
    watches… and then mercilessly attacks any warrior who has won many 
    battles. His additional arms are part of his armor. These appendages 
    have their own intelligence, responding to Gaia's thoughts to totally 
    defeat his opponents.
    Ready Pic: Sho stares at his opponent and holds one hand on his hip
    Bad Pic: Sho closes his eyes, faces downward, and crosses his arms
    Ready Pic: Cupido holds one hand on her hip and one on her weapon
    Bad Pic: Cupido has one eyebrow arched and her hands on her hips
    ----------STORY MODE TEXT AND DIALOGUE-----------
    -----EIJI SHINJO-----
    Frustrated in the search for his long-lost brother, Eiji returned to 
    Aizu, his village. He found a letter waiting for him: an invitation to 
    participate in the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament.
    On his last journey, he'd learned that his brother had been seen at the 
    Battle Arena Tohsinden.
    He crumpled the letter in his hand. His reunion with his girlfriend, 
    Emi, would be cut short.
    His path was now clear: he would enter the tournament, find his 
    brother, or die in the attempt.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Mondo)
    (Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] The White Tiger sword! Where did you get it?
    (Eiji's ready pic appears.)
    [Eiji:] You know its name?
    [Mondo:] That sword was--
             No, never mind. We have other business.
    [Eiji:] You're right.
            We're here to fight, not talk.
    [Mondo:] Raise the White Tiger, chosen one. Let's go.
    (Eiji's bad pic; Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] You've got talent.
             But you need experience.
             I'll let you hang on to the White Tiger for awhile.
    [Eiji:] Ahhh!
    (Eiji's ready pic; Mondo's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] I've never met a better fighter.
            I'm lucky I won.
    [Mondo:] I think you're ready for anything now.
    [Eiji:] You think so? An expert like you?
    [Mondo:] You just need a few more fights.
             Soon you'll be worthy to wield the White Tiger.
    [Eiji:] Why do you keep talking about my sword?
            Do you know something I don't?
    (Eiji disappears.)
    [Mondo:] Sometimes I talk too much.
             I must go.
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Sofia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] Well, aren't you a cute one?
           Are you ready to fight?
    [Eiji:] I didn't come here to fight a woman.
    [Sofia:] No ordinary woman. This rose has thorns.
    [Eiji:] All right. Let's see how sharp you are.
    [Sofia:] Watch your fingers, cutie.
    (Eiji's bad pic; Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] You're down and out, cutie.
             It didn't take much, did it?
    [Eiji:] Aggh!
    (Eiji's ready pic; Sofia's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] Your heart wasn't in that fight.
    [Sofia:] What?
    [Eiji:] I could see it in your eyes:
            You were a thousand miles away.
    [Sofia:] The way you fought--I've seen it before.
             I felt like I was fighting someone I once knew.
             Over and over again...
    [Eiji:] This is not a game.
            You must forget the past. Focus on the here and now.
    [Sofia:] Don't patronize me!
             Still, you're right. What's past is past.
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] Memories don't win battles.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Duke)
    (Eiji's bad pic; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Remember me, Eiji?
    [Eiji:] Yes... We've fought before.
    [Duke:] How I have been waiting for this!
            My sole purpose in life is to fight you again.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Well, then, I won't disappoint you.
    [Duke:] Right! This time I will make no mistakes!
    (Eiji's bad pic; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] I told you I would not make mistakes!
    [Eiji:] Uggh!
    (Eiji's ready pic; Duke's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] You're a better swordsman than before.
    [Duke:] Why? Why can't I win?
    [Eiji:] You fight well enough.
            But you need more than skill and tenacity.
            You also need faith.
    [Duke:] I see.
            I trained mentally. I trained physically.
            But I neglect the soul.
            No wonder you defeated me.
            But we will meet again some day.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] My sword is always ready.
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Kayin)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Eiji:] Kayin! Is that you?
    [Kayin:] Eiji? What are you doing here?
    [Eiji:] I've heard that my brother is here.
            If he's involved with the tournament, I'll find him.
            And you?
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] The man who killed my father won last year's tournament.
             I will find him, and have my revenge.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] So here we are...
    [Kayin:] Two seekers.
             But we can only continue, if we fight each other.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Kayin...
            I don't want to fight you.
    [Kayin:] No. But we must!
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Eiji, sorry.
    (Eijis's bad pic appears.)
    [Eiji:] Kayin…
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Eiji:] Kayin...I'm sorry.
    [Kayin:] Don't worry, Eiji.
             I can't defeat my father's killer, anyway.
             Not if I fight that poorly.
             Cheer up. I hope you can find Sho.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] I will find him. I will find my brother!
    (Kayin's ready pic)
    [Kayin:] And I will have my revenge.
             Somehow. Some day.
             Go now!
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] So young to have come so far.
    (Eiji's ready pic appears.)
    [Eiji:] I'm old enough to get where I need to go.
            Who are you?
    [Gaia:] I watched you fight.
            Your style, your little tricks, are exactly like his.
    [Eiji:] Who? Do you mean my brother?
    [Gaia:] Find out for yourself.
    (Eiji's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] Poor boy! No match for me!
    [Eiji:] Noooo!
    (Eiji's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] You are good.
            Almost as good as Sho himself.
    [Eiji:] Sho? That is my brother!
    [Gaia:] You are not good enough to beat him.
            If you fought him now,
            you would never learn what you wish to know.
    [Eiji:] I cannot give up!
            I cannot end my journey until I find him!
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Eiji:] Tell me how you know my brother!
    [Gaia:] As you wish.
            There was a man at last year's tournament.
            He had everything: strength, skill, mental ability.
            His name was Sho.
    [Eiji:] Sho? That's my brother! Where is he?
    [Gaia:] He defeated me, then vanished.
            There is a rumor, however--
            They say that Sho even fought the master.
            That is all I know.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] That's not enough!
    [Gaia:] Perhaps not. But heed my words:
            Your destiny will come soon enough.
            Be ready.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sho:] Eiji, you look good.
    [Eiji:] Brother, I've found you.
            I don't know what you're doing in this place.
            But let's go home!
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] I cannot go with you.
    [Eiji:] But you must. Everyone misses you!
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] I have a new life. Forget me, Eiji.
           You're a fighter of great skill now. You don't need me.
    [Eiji:] Don't be ridiculous! I need you.
            If I must, I will make you come home.
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Sho:] Eiji…
    [Eiji:] Brother…
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sho:] You've improved.
    [Eiji:] I've been training since you left.
            Emi is worried about you. Come back with me.
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] You and I lead separate lives now.
           I cannot go with you.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] What are you talking about?
            I came here to find you!
    [Sho:] Eiji, no.
           My journey will not end
           until I find the answer I am looking for.
    [Eiji:] Journey? Answer? What is going on?
    [Sho:] I may never see you again.
           Good-bye, Eiji.
    (Sho disappears.)
    [Eiji:] Wait!
            What did he mean? Where is he going?
            I must wander, like him, and find the answer he seeks.
            The journey's not over. It has just begun.
    (Eiji's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] There's no reason for us to fight.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] You're a great fighter. Have you ever wondered why?
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] I only fought to find you.
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] You don't understand, do you?
           Understanding may never come, not even if you search for it.
    [Eiji:] Sho, what happened to you?
    [Sho:] I choose to wander until I find an answer.
           Remember, Eiji,
           if you travel a road alone, you need strength.
    (Sho disappears.)
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] What's this all about? Tell me!
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Eiji's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] A strong mind brings grace.
    [Eiji:] Who are you? Leave me alone!
    [Cupido:] You cannot be his brother.
              You are clumsy and weak.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Get out of my way! I'm looking for Sho.
    [Cupido:] I spin fate and cut it off.
              To be free, you must be strong.
              To be weak is to be at the mercy of fate.
    [Eiji:] Who are you?
            Why do you speak in riddles?
    [Cupido:] Is your weak mind giving you a hard time?
              Come Eiji, time to meet destiny.
    (Eiji's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Poor thing.
              Your weakness sealed your fate.
    [Eiji:] Brother!
    (Eiji's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] You let me win! Why?
    [Cupido:] Your eyes--they remind me of your brother's.
              It is not your time to die. You have much to do.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] What do I have to do?
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] The time will come when you will taste sorrow.
              A sorrow so deep it will consume your every thought.
              Only then, will you find the answer.
    [Eiji:] Wait a minute! Tell me, what is this all about?
    [Cupido:] This is not the end, just a beginning.
    (Cupido disappears.)
    [Eiji:] Don't go now! I have to ask you something!
            She's gone. But I feel better.
            She has the same sad eyes my brother has. Why?
            What is my brother looking for? Where is he going?
            The answers must lie in the words my brother spoke.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Ah, brother! My journey isn't over!
            Now my wandering begins.
    -----KAYIN AMOH-----
    Kayin had become a bounty hunter, immersing himself in the dregs of 
    society, because he burned with the need to find his father's killer.
    One of his lowlife prey had given him a clue: the killer had recently 
    entered the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament, and won.
    Resting at home with his beloved daughter Nal, he received a letter, an
    invitation to fight in the Tohshinden Tournament.
    Here was his chance! He left his daughter at a nearby convent and set 
    Traveling to meet his destiny, the image of his weeping daughter was 
    always in his mind.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Fo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Fo:] Look at this youngster!
    [Kayin:] I know you, Fo Fai. Magician, killer.
    [Fo:] Me? I'm a harmless old man.
          I've heard you are looking to avenge your father's death.
    [Kayin:] What do you know? Did you kill him?
    [Fo:] I don't know much.
          All I know is--I can't help killing a fresh one like you!
    (Kayin's bad pic; Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] You can't win prizes fighting like that!
    [Kayin:] Ahhh!
    (Kayin's ready pic; Fo's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Did you kill my father?
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] I only like young blood.
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Blast! It isn't you. I know it.
    [Fo:] Poor boy.
          The more you love someone, the more pain it causes.
    [Kayin:] Advice from a wise elder?
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Sofia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] Go home before you get hurt, boy.
    [Kayin:] Don't waste my time.
             I've got things to do.
    [Sofia:] Oh, and I don't?
    [Kayin:] We have to keep winning, eh?
             Can't win without the fight.
    [Sofia:] It can't be helped. Come on then.
    (Kayin's bad pic; Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] You're softer than I thought.
             Some advice: watch your opponent when you fight.
    [Kayin:] Blast!
    (Kayin's ready pic; Sofia's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Sorry, but I must go on.
    [Sofia:] I've heard of you.
             The man with the Scottish sword. They call you Storm.
             I've heard you wish to avenge your father's death.
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Yes. This is my purpose in life.
    [Sofia:] I have a purpose too.
             I wish I could understand it.
             Sometimes I hate myself.
    [Kayin:] Believe me, I understand.
             I wouldn't want my daughter to see me doing this.
             But I have no choice. I must go on.
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] I accept my defeat. Go now.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Ellis)
    (Kayin's ready pic; Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I don't want to hurt you.
             But this is the only way to find my father!
    [Kayin:] Little girls shouldn't play with blades.
    [Ellis:] You must fight me! Please!
    [Kayin:] The tournament is no place for you. Go home.
    [Ellis:] I can't. You must fight with me!
    (Kayin's bad pic; Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I am sorry!
    [Kayin:] How could I be so soft?
    (Kayin's ready pic; Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I'm sorry. I, I...
    [Kayin:] You fought bravely.
             I'm just older and more skillful, that's all.
    [Ellis:] You are too kind.
             I picked a fight I couldn't win.
    [Kayin:] Here, don't cry.
             You look better when you smile.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I wanted to find my father.
             I heard that he had something to do with this tournament.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I had to enter!
    [Kayin:] Don't worry, you will find him.
             Have faith and don't give up.
             Your thoughts will reach out to him.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] You're right. I must not lose hope.
    [Kayin:] Never lose hope.
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Eiji)
    (Kayin's bad pic; Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Kayin? I don't want to fight you!
    [Kayin:] You think I do?
             But we've come this far.
             I must avenge my father's death, and you must find Sho.
             But only one of us can go on. Those are the rules.
    (Eiji's bad pic)
    [Eiji:] I know where we stand. We must fight.
    (Kayin's ready pic)
    [Kayin:] Yes. We must fight.
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Eiji:] Sorry, Kayin. But I can't lose.
            Not until I see my brother.
    [Kayin:] Eiji--
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Kayin:] Eiji--
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] No.
            You're better than I am, that's all. I'll be fine.
            Besides, I'll never find my brother if I fight this badly.
            Kayin, you will find what you're looking for.
    [Kayin:] And so will you.
    [Eiji:] A good fight! Just like the old days.
    [Kayin:] The old days...
    (Kayin's ready pic)
    [Kayin:] I must go now, Eiji. Say hello to Emi.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] Well, so it's you, not Eiji.
    (Kayin's ready pic appears.)
    [Kayin:] Aye, it's me.
             Do you run the tournament? I must ask you--
             Who won last year?
    [Gaia:] I must answer you? Such confidence.
            Your name?
    [Kayin:] I am Kayin Amoh.
    [Gaia:] Amoh? I did not know he had a son.
            This could be interesting.
    (Kayin's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] He is not the one. He cannot defeat me.
    [Kayin:] Ahhh.
    (Kayin's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] You're good. You are Amoh's son.
    [Kayin:] Did you know my father?
    [Gaia:] He defeated me, utterly. Years ago.
            He fought like you.
            After our fight, I never saw him again.
    [Kayin:] I learned to fight from a master.
             Sho, the brother of my best friend. Do you know him?
    [Gaia:] You learned from him?
            He won the last tournament.
            He even fought Master. He is called the Stranger.
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Sho? No, that must be a lie.
    [Gaia:] You know it is not.
    [Kayin:] I won't believe it!
    [Gaia:] Come, see with your own eyes.
            Soon you will meet the stranger.
    (Kayin's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Now then, tell me.
    [Gaia:] If I tell you, what will you do?
    [Kayin:] I will gather clues, and find vengeance.
    [Gaia:] Vengeance...
            You will find your father's killer, and then what?
            Kill him?
            If you find him, you lose everything. Can you take that?
    [Kayin:] I've already lost everything.
    [Gaia:] You think so? All right. Here!
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] it's been a long time. You look good.
    (Kayin's ready pic appears.)
    [Kayin:] Sho? It is you! Where have you been?
             Eiji and Emi are worried about you.
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] While you were gone, somone killed my father.
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] I know who killed him.
           The winner of last year's tournament.
    [Kayin:] How do you know?
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] How could I not know? I was the winner.
    [Kayin:] No...
    (Kayin's bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Kayin, stand up and fight.
    [Kayin:] Oh, father….
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Please tell me that you didn't kill my father.
    (Sho's bad pic appears.)
    [Sho:] Have you come to avenge his death, or not?
           Here stands his killer.
           Destroy me. That's what I deserve.
    [Kayin:] I look in your eyes
             and I see nothing but sorrow there.
             But inside, you must be the same.
             The Sho I knew would never kill.
    [Sho:] But I'm not the Sho you knew.
           I'm no longer a man. I am chaos.
           And my sword brings only death.
    [Kayin:] I entered this tournament to find a killer.
             Well, I've found him. But there is no joy in the finding.
             Why you, Sho, my teacher, my guide?
    [Sho:] Kayin, be strong. You don't need me.
           Take up your sword. I am not your friend.
           I am your enemy.
    [Kayin:] I can't do it! Eiji! What should I do?
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] Sho! It isn't true.
             You didn't kill my father.
    (Sho's bad pic appears.)
    [Sho:] it is the truth, Kayin.
    [Kayin:] No, you wouldn't do such a thing.
    [Sho:] Kayin...
           I am no longer the man you once knew.
    [Kayin:] Please tell me you're lying.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] I'm ready to face you.
           Destroy me, Kayin. It's all I deserve.
    [Kayin:] No. No.....
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Look at this one: such lifeless eyes!
    (Kayin's ready pic appears.)
    [Kayin:] Who are you? Go away.
    [Cupido:] Even she who lost everything,
              who lives like a puppet with severed strings,
              even she struggles
              in the darkness of her soul to see a gleam of light.
              Not you. You'd need pain just to live like a lifeless doll.
    [Kayin:] Yes, you're right. I've lost my way.
    [Cupido:] You must learn how to walk alone.
              Otherwise you're at the mercy of fate.
              Then only death can save you.
    (Kayin's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] It won't be long now. You will meet your fate.
    [Kayin:] Nal... my daughter...
    (Kayin's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] You let me win. Why?
    [Cupido:] I saw hope for you in the way you used your sword.
              Even though you have felt sorrow, you will find your way,
              even if you live as a wanderer.
    (Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] I entered this contest to seek vengeance.
             My father's killer turned out to be an old friend.
             He was Sho, the man who first taught me to fight.
             Where's the hope in that?
    [Cupido:] You will find hope again.
              Until then you will bear your sadness.
              You may find light, or stumble in the dark. It's up to you.
              I hope you won't be like her.
    [Kayin:] It's over. It's all over.
    Once a top spy for the KGB.
    Sofia had spent her life concealing truth where she found it, but she 
    didn't know the truth about her own life.
    Her past was a mystery.
    What she'd been told by her mother and what she dimly remembered were 
    two different things.
    When the KGB disintegrated, Sofia received many offers from 
    corporations and secret organizations for the use of her skills, but 
    she decided instead to use them to learn about herself.
    She found that her past was linked somehow to the Tohshinden Grand 
    Martial Arts Tournament.
    As she prepared to pursue this lead, she received an invitation to 
    fight in the tournament.
    Taking only her whip, she set out without saying goodbye.
    Her mother watched quietly from the window, fighting back tears as 
    Sofia ran off into the night.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Rungo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] Big guy, aren't you? Just my type.
             Will you let me win?
    [Rungo:] Sorry, but I can't do that. My family is waiting.
    [Sofia:] I can't back down either.
             I guess we all have our own problems.
    [Rungo:] So neither one of us can let the other win.
             I don't want to fight a woman,
             but my family's in danger.
    [Sofia:] Don't hold back because of me. Ready?
    (Sofia's bad pic; Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Sorry. But my family is waiting.
    [Sofia:] Ugh…
    (Sofia's ready pic; Rungo's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Good fight, big man. Now go ahead.
    [Rungo:] What are you talking about? You won!
             You're the one who gets to go!
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] You fight for others.
             I am fighting only for myself. Now go.
    (Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] No... your quest means as much as mine!
             I'll be all right.
             I'll find another way to get there. Go on.
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] I won't forget your sacrifice!
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Duke)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Duke:] What? You are a woman!
    [Sofia:] You noticed? Don't relax, I warn you.
             You might really get hurt.
    [Duke:] I don't fight women. You had better leave.
    [Sofia:] Don't make demands of me, little boy!
             If you don't have the confidence to fight me, say so.
    [Duke:] You cannot speak like this to a knight!
    (Sofia's bad pic; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] I knew fighting was unladylike!
    [Sofia:] Hm!
    (Sofia's ready pic; Duke's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] You can fight all right, but you need practice.
    [Duke:] I will never defeat him fighting this badly.
    [Sofia:] Oh, you have skill.
             But you have no real power.
    [Duke:] What do you mean?
    [Sofia:] You thought I would be easy to defeat.
             Why? Because I'm a woman. But that doesn't matter!
             Real power is not in your appearance, but in your heart.
             Change your attitude, or you'll never improve.
    [Duke:] I see. I trained myself physically.
            But I ignored the mind! You are right.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] I will remember your words.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Ellis)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Ellis:] Wow! A beautiful lady!
    [Sofia:] Cute girl. Looks like a china doll.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] Thank you, but I don't break easily.
    [Sofia:] You shouldn't be here. This is a battle zone.
    [Ellis:] I know. But I must go on!
    (Sofia's bad pic; Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I can't be defeated! I must see my father!
    [Sofia:] This is no way to spend your childhood.
    (Sofia's ready pic; Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I lost.
    [Sofia:] Good thing I beat you. You didn't get hurt.
    [Ellis:] But now I won't find my father.
    [Sofia:] It's better this way.
             Even if you'd won, and kept on winning, fighting's no life.
             It's a life of pain.
    [Ellis:] Yes?
    [Sofia:] Keep your feet on the path.
             Someday your dreams will come true.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I think you're right.
             Just keep faith.
             My thoughts will reach the one I hope to find.
    [Sofia:] That's right.
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Eiji)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] I've seen eyes like yours before...
    [Eiji:] I'm just an adventurer.
            There's nothing in these eyes.
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] I know that look! I've seen it before.
    [Eiji:] May I interrupt your trip down memory lane?
    [Sofia:] Memory? Maybe. We must fight to be sure.
    (Sofia's bad pic; Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Did my victory jog your memory?
    [Sofia:] I cannot lose.
    (Sofia's ready pic; Eiji's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Your sword tricks are the same as his.
    [Eiji:] My brother taught me everything I know.
            Do you know him?
    [Sofia:] I don't know.
             All I know is someone who fights like you
             once saved my life.
    [Eiji:] What did he look like?
    [Sofia:] I only remember his eyes: gentle, warm, powerful.
             I was surrounded by enemies. He protected me.
    (Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Sounds like my brother.
    [Sofia:] Perhaps, yes!
             Recovering this memory could be important.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Gaia:] You...?
    [Sofia:] You are Gaia, head of the Toh Shin society?
             I have much to ask you.
    (Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] You know who I am? You know much.
            You have real power as well.
            Looks like the project was not a total failure.
    [Sofia:] What project?
             Does this have anything to do with the society?
    (Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] I warn you.
            In this place, it is best to know nothing.
    (Sofia's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] Go on, disappear!
            Vanish! You and your horrible memories!
    [Sofia:] I won't learn anything here…
    (Sofia's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] I wonder…
            Your strong will—-Is that the result of the project?
    [Sofia:] Project? What project?
    [Gaia:] Uranusu's project…
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] What do you know about my past?
    [Gaia:] Your past is prologue. Destiny approaches.
            The time is coming when you must fight again.
            Then, you will find the answers you seek.
    [Sofia:] I must fight again…? Then I'll know?
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] Tell me!
             What do you know about my past?
    (Gaia's ready pic appears.)
    [Gaia:] Better that you do not know.
            Whatever happens to you, you will never change who you are.
    [Sofia:] I came this far for that?
             You've told me nothing. This is my life! Tell me.
    [Gaia:] Very well.
            A project was sponsored by Uranusu.
            Master was also involved.
    [Sofia:] Uranusu? Master? Who are they?
    [Gaia:] The time will soon come.
            The strings of fate are being woven into one tapestry.
            That is all I can say.
    [Sofia:] Wait! I've got more to ask you!
    [Gaia:] Doomsday will come soon. For both of us.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sho:] Get out of my way.
    [Sofia:] It's you!
    [Sho:] I remember you.
           You were surrounded by assassins. A long time ago.
           I came to your rescue. Such a brave hero.
    [Sofia:] I have something to ask you!
    [Sho:] I can't answer. I must go.
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Don't think me rude, but I've got no choice.
    (Sofia's bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Someone is worried.
           Worried about the careless life you lead…
    [Sofia:] Ugh. Mother…
    (Sofia's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] I'm sorry! But why did you stop fighting?
    [Sho:] I see in your eyes
           the desparate thoughts of one who love you.
           Someone who's worried,
           worried about the careless life you lead.
    [Sofia:] Someone's worried about me?
    [Sho:] I see something else in your eyes: the past, only the past.
           Your eyes don't look to the future.
    [Sofia:] What?
    [Sho:] You may try to know your past,
           but time is always here and now.
           Don't die for the past. Live for tomorrow.
           Those who worry about you would be happier.
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Ah, wait! I understand!
             My quest for my past will bring sorrow to my family.
             I must choose the future, no matter what awaits me.
             But tell me,
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] if I look to the future, will I see you again?
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] You let me win. Why?
    [Sho:] There is someone who reminds me of you.
    [Sofia:] Who?
    (Sho's bad pic appears.)
    [Sho:] I'm sorry, but I must continue my journey.
           I'm going now.
    [Sofia:] Ah, wait! It's O.K. I'm sorry.
             This is, after all, something I need to take care of myself.
    [Sho:] You must find your own fate, whatever it is.
           You must search.
           And if you are strong,
           sorrow will never cloud your eyes.
           You will never be like that man, so filled with sadness.
    [Sofia:] What man? Who?
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Cupido:] Why struggle against your fate?
              It may destroy you.
    [Sofia:] You know a lot about me. Who are you?
    [Cupido:] You're looking for the past.
              That may be the most painful thing a human can do.
    [Sofia:] I must know the past.
             Otherwise, it will poison the future.
    [Cupido:] The past can bring pain. Can you accept that?
    (Sofia's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] There is no escape. You have the blood...
    [Sofia:] Mother...
    (Sofia's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Cupido:] You have a strong will.
              No wonder. You have the same blood she does.
    [Sofia:] What is this about?
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] The wheel of unavoidable fate is turning.
              It turns around her.
    [Sofia:] What does this have to do with me?
    [Cupido:] Your destiny may destroy you. Or others.
              When you have the same blood as hers,
              carnage is life itself.
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Carnage?
             I don't want people to suffer.
             For the sake of those who love me, I will stop that fate.
    [Cupido:] There is no escape. We have the blood...
    -----RUNGO IRON-----
    Rungo was a miner in the Appalachian mountains. While drilling one day, 
    he stumbled across a rich deposit of uranium.
    Being a peace-loving man, Rungo feared that this discovery would be 
    used for the purposes of war. So, he concealed it.
    Somehow, the secretive Tohshin Society learned of it. They kidnapped 
    Rungo's wife and child, and told him that he must reveal the location 
    of the uranium in return for his family.
    The desperate Rungo has only one other choice. If he ever hopes to see 
    his family again, he must enter the Tohshinden Tournamet and fight his 
    way to their side.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Kayin)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Rungo:] Say, I didn't know they let kids fight.
    [Kayin:] Age doesn't matter if you've got purpose.
    [Rungo:] That's a good point.
             You remind me of me when I was a kid.
    [Kayin:] We both came here for a reason, right?
    [Rungo:] That's right.
             And I'll bet neither one of us has time to waste.
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Kayin:] Sorry. I know you're on a mission.
             But then again, so am I.
    [Rungo:] This is wasting time.
    (Rungo's ready pic; Kayin's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] Got a family, kid? I do.
             They must be worried sick about you. Why not go home?
    [Kayin:] Family...
             I wonder if my father can see me now.
    [Rungo:] You've gotta watch out for your family.
             That's why we're here, isn't it?
             That's why I came here, anyway.
    [Kayin:] Am I watching out for my father? Or myself?
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Fo)
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] You're quite a muscular man.
          Tell me: Do muscles scream when they're cut?
    (Rungo's ready pic appears.)
    [Rungo:] What is that, like a riddle?
    [Fo:] Yes! Let's find the answer, shall we?
    (Rungo's bad pic; Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] I love to see red.
          It makes me feel so good.
    [Rungo:] Uggh! I can't lose. I can't!
    (Rungo's ready pic; Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Yikes! Too bad! A moment more--
          And my claws would have been red with your blood.
    [Rungo:] Sorry to disappoint you.
             I'm here to survive, you crazy old man.
             I'm gonna save Lila and Christopher.
             And nothing better stand in my way.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Mondo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Mondo:] You're strong, but that won't save you.
             You should leave now.
    [Rungo:] It doesn't matter what you say.
             Maybe you're right. Maybe I am just a joke. But,
             I don't care. You can slice me up, burn me up.
             None of that matters if I can save my family.
    (Rungo's bad pic; Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] You see? You need more than strength.
             I can predict your every move.
             Your strength means nothing.
    [Rungo:] But I don't know any other way to fight!
    (Rungo's ready pic; Mondo's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] I must apologize for my earlier remarks.
             You have more than brute strength on your side.
             You have determination.
    [Rungo:] Yeah, but you're right.
             I won't last long if I keep fighting this way.
    [Mondo:] Some advice then.
             You need to learn how to dodge if you want to win.
             It doesn't matter how you win, only that you do.
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Duke)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Duke:] You are as strong as a dozen men.
            This excites me, my friend! Please, fight me.
    [Rungo:] I will fight you.
             I'll never get where I'm going if I run away.
    (Rungo's bad pic; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Defeating you restores my pride.
    [Rungo:] It doesn't matter.
             I can be beaten a thousand times, I don't care.
             I will return.
    (Rungo's ready pic; Duke's bad pic)
    [Duke:] No wonder I lost!
            Your will is as great as your strength!
    [Rungo:] I'm not fighting for myself.
             If I don't win, I'll never see my family again.
    [Duke:] What do you mean?
            Never mind. It's not chivalrous to pry.
    [Rungo:] You're a good loser, sir knight.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Yes, but losing is bad for my pride.
            You fight for others! Is that your secret?
            I should try that. For now though, I will fight my way,
            and see how far I get.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Rungo:] Do you run this tournament?
             Give my family back to me!
    [Gaia:] Ah, the man with the map,
            the man who knows where the uranium mine is hidden.
            You are the reason Uranusu was--so busy.
    [Rungo:] Give them back or I'll take them!
    (Rungo's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] You are not strong enough.
            You cannot protect them.
    [Rungo:] I almost made it. Almost….
    (Rungo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] Where are Lila and Christopher?
    [Gaia:] Calm yourself. I will let them go.
            Interesting. Uranusu's ways never change.
    [Rungo:] Who is Uranusu?
    [Gaia:] You do not need to know about her.
            Even in our society, few people do.
            Your family is all right. That is all you need to know.
    [Rungo:] All I need to know, huh?
             Why should I believe you?
             If anything happens to them, I'll explode.
             All over you.
    [Gaia:] We wouldn't want that. Now go.
    [Rungo:] Lila, Christopher, are you out there?
    (Rungo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] If my wife and son have been hurt--!
    [Gaia:] Kidnapped, eh?
            Sorry, I didn't do it. That is the way of Uranusu.
    [Rungo:] You didn't take them?
    [Gaia:] Be calm. I will find your family.
            If I were you, I would worry about myself.
            She never loses the prey she seeks. Never.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Who are you?
    (Sho's ready pic appears.)
    [Sho:] A wanderer. Move, please.
           I'm in a hurry.
    [Rungo:] A wanderer, huh? I doubt that.
             I look in your eyes: it's cold in there.
             Something about you makes me want to tread carefully.
             I'm so close to finding Lila and Christopher, so close.
    (Rungo's bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Aren't your loved ones waiting?
           Don't spend your last moments with me.
    [Rungo:] Right. I can't fail now. They're waiting.
             I must see Lila and Christopher again!
    (Rungo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] Hey, you could've beat me easy!
             You have the power, and the skill, but you held back.
             What gives?
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Don't you need to find your family?
    (Rungo's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] Right. Yes. I'll go then.
    (Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] My family's waiting.
    (Rungo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] You're a strange one.
             An awesome fighter, I'll bet, though I'm no professional.
             I should be scared of your sword, but I'm not.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] I don't like to kill senselessly.
           But I will kill, without a second thought.
    [Rungo:] You don't belong to the secret society.
             But you don't seem like the others I've met either.
             You seem like you're from another world. I don't get it.
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] Another world? Maybe so.
           I doubt I'll find what I'm looking for in this world.
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Here I am. Where's my family?
             They should be here. Who are you?
    (Cupido's ready pic appears.)
    [Cupido:] The man who fights for his family?
              Your love for them-—is that the source of your strength?
    [Rungo:] Tell me where they are.
    [Cupido:] Let me test the strength of love.
              You, who knows where the uranium is hidden,
              how strong are you?
    (Rungo's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] You can't protect your family.
              Not if you're going to fight like that.
    [Rungo:] Lila! Christopher! Give me strength!
    (Rungo's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Cupido:] Listen to me—-
              You may be strong enough.
              You might be the one who can defeat Uranusu.
    [Rungo:] I don't care about that. Where are Lila and Christopher?
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Waiting for you. Not far from here.
    [Rungo:] Lila! Christopher! I'm coming!
    (Rungo disappears.)
    [Cupido:] Enjoy your happiness.
              It will be brief. An agonizing fate awaits you.
              Soon, Uranusu will make her move.
    -----FO FAI-----
    It is said that Fo Fai can harness supernatural forces, though he 
    appears to be nothing more than a parlor magician.
    His grandfatherly exterior hides a murderous intent. It is whispered 
    that he is possessed by a red demon, whose color he loves more than 
    anything else.
    Many have met death through his dark powers.
    When he was asked to join the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament, 
    he accepted.
    Why not?
    Fo Fai would never pass up an opportunity to kill.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Rungo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Rungo:] Don't tell me I have to beat up an old man.
    [Fo:] So this is the Toh Shin Den Grand Tournament.
          I can't wait to see the blood gush from your body.
    (Fo's bad pic; Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Weird old man. He only aimed for the heart.
    [Fo:] Yikes! This is no fun!
    (Fo's ready pic; Rungo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Agony? How lovely!
    [Rungo:] Lila, Christopher! I can't lose! I can't!
    [Fo:] Oh, you are looking for your family?
          If I find them, I will hand them to you,
          with these iron claws!
          But first, I'd better send you on your way.
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Kayin)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Kayin:] I know you. Fo Fai: dark magician, killer.
    [Fo:] What a rude thing to say to an old man!
          Someone should teach you to respect your elders.
    [Kayin:] Don't show me that sweet face.
             Your evil shines right through it.
    [Fo:] Come here, little boy.
          Let me show you how sweet I can be.
    (Fo's bad pic; Kayin's ready pic)
    [Kayin:] Your evil ways cannot save you, Fo Fai.
    [Fo:] Ow! It hurts enough without your smart talk.
    (Fo's ready pic; Kayin's bad pic)
    [Fo:] You're no fun at all. You didn't even try!
          One more stab, and it will all be over.
    [Kayin:] Don't taunt me. Just finish me off.
    [Fo:] Finish you? There's no fun in that!
          I'm an artist. My favorite color is red.
    [Kayin:] It can't end like this!
    [Fo:] Oh, you want more pain? I'm happy to oblige.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Ellis)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Ellis:] I can't fight you! You look like my grandpa.
    [Fo:] And you look like a bone china doll.
    [Ellis:] That's a sweet thing to say.
    [Fo:] Oh, I meant it. Come play with me, child.
          The game won't last long, I promise you.
    (Fo's bad pic; Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I'm sorry, grandpa. This is a game to you?
    [Fo:] I wish you didn't play so hard!
    (Fo's ready pic; Ellis' bad pic)
    [Fo:] Poor china doll. It's about to be broken.
    [Ellis:] Why do you do this?
    [Fo:] This is my hobby. I love to see blood flow.
          Sometimes I wonder if something's wrong with me.
    [Ellis:] Noooooooo!
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Mondo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Mondo:] Ah, Fo Fai. It's been a long time.
    [Fo:] I'm supposed to know you?
          You're just a bag of blood to me.
    [Mondo:] Charming as ever, I see.
             You cheated death the last time we met.
             I'm not supposed to kill you here, but if you
             don't get out of my way, believe me, I will.
    [Fo:] Don't scare me. You'll give me nightmares.
          I know what will help. The sight of your blood.
          Once I see it flow, I'll sleep like a baby.
    (Fo's bad pic; Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] Farewell, Fo Fai.
             Now you return to the earth.
             And your iron claws turn to rust.
    [Fo:] Shut up, shut up!
    (Fo's ready pic; Mondo's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] You win, Fo Fai.
             You've learned more tricks since we last fought.
    [Fo:] No, I haven't.
          There's nothing left to learn.
          I'm a hundred and six. Old dogs don't need new tricks.
    [Mondo:] I never thought you could beat me.
    [Fo:] Poor boy. Don't worry. The dead feel no shame.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Gaia:] You have won so far. Well done.
            But now you fight me. Show me your skills.
            I am your last opponent,
            but I know someone who is interested in you.
    [Fo:] What an honor!
          The sponsor of the tournament himself, fighting me!
          Let's have a little fun then, you and I.
          I know I'm going to enjoy this.
    (Fo's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] Your little tricks don't work with me!
    [Fo:] Ah, the fun is over.
    (Fo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] I can see why Uranusu is interested in you.
            You have skills she can use.
    [Fo:] What are you mumbling about now?
    (Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Nobody uses me.
    [Gaia:] Uranusu has made her move.
            I must make mine also. If she's turned against the society,
            I will have to fight her. I do not look forward to it.
    [Fo:] Where are you going? We're not finished yet!
    [Gaia:] We will meet again soon enough.
            Next time we fight, I will destroy you.
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] You say we'll meet again? I can't wait.
          Don't forget to call me when the time comes. But speak up.
          I'm an old man, you know.
    (Fo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Well, what do you think? Was it fun?
    [Gaia:] I see why Uranusu is interested in you.
            You both fight the same way.
    [Fo:] What's that? Speak up! I'm an old man, you know.
          Much too old to change.
          I live only to see blood on my claws.
          It's my art, my hobby, my life. Are we done?
    [Gaia:] You and I are done.
            But Uranusu will have much use for you.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Fo:] Who are you?
          I've won the Tournament. I have nothing to prove.
    [Sho:] I have no business with you.
           Get out of my way.
    (Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Whaaaat?
          I see I must teach you some manners.
    (Fo's bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] A pity, old man.
           Your evil has no hold over me.
    [Fo:] How can it be? Who are you?
    (Fo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Show me respect.
    [Sho:] For the last time, move out of my way.
    [Fo:] So you want to die? Get ready!
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] I'm ready enough.
    (Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Wait—-
    [Sho:] I thought you wanted to fight?
    [Fo:] I can't fight with you!
          There's death in your eyes.
          They don't twinkle like living eyes!
          I'm not ready for that, even old as I am.
          I'll let you go, for now.
    (Sho disappears.)
    [Fo:] Good-bye! Whew! That was a strange one.
          Another strange experience in a long strange life.
    (Fo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Feel that power?
          I was spilling blood before you were born.
    [Sho:] I will tell you one last time: move.
           If I have to ask you again, you will die.
    (Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] All I can say is, you're lucky I have to meet someone.
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] It saved your life!
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] You've been staring at me for a long time.
          Who are you?
    (Cupido's ready pic appears.)
    [Cupido:] If she'd gone crazy, like you,
              she might have been saved.
    [Fo:] Everybody is talking nonsense!
          Listen, I let the last fellow go
          just so I could get to you.
          I must feel your blood with my claws!
    [Cupido:] I don't know what Uranusu is up to.
              But I don't think you're of any use to her.
              So I will cut your string of fate with my own hands.
    (Fo's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Even a crazy man like you can only go so far.
    [Fo:] It's not over yet! I will make you crazy, too!
    (Fo's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Cupido:] I give you your life for now.
              Uranusu may make a move so I'd better let you live.
    (Cupido disappears.)
    [Fo:] Hey, you, getting away?
          Next time I see you,
          I will darken my claws with your blood!
          Well now, that was fun!
          Such a nice feast! Hope they call me again!
          Well, let's go home now.
          Everybody is waiting to see my new tricks.
    The Yaki tribe live in seclusion in the misty forest of Aokigahara, at 
    the foot of Mt.Fuji. For generations, the Yaki have performed secret 
    tasks for those in power, often working outside the law.
    The Yaki have been present at every important point in Japanese 
    history. Mondo is a Yaki.
    He was approached by an anonymous organization to investigate the 
    secret society which runs the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament.
    Soon after, he was invited to fight in that tournament.
    Mondo accepted, even though he was certain it was a trap.
    He has a personal reason for entering, a question he must have 
    answered: why are we here?
    His struggle will continue, until he finds an answer.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Duke)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Duke:] Why do I keep running into you Samurai?
    [Mondo:] I am not a Samurai. Do not waste my time.
             Let's do this.
    [Duke:] You Samurai know how to get on my bad side.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Consider yourself devastated, monsieur.
            You need more practice.
    [Mondo:] Agh! The humiliation--
    (Mondo's ready pic; Duke's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] Victory is mine.
    [Duke:] Your moves--they are hard to counter.
    [Mondo:] Be more cautious next time.
             Remember: A strike leaves you open to attack.
             Strength needs control to guide it.
    [Duke:] Perhaps you are right.
            Alas, now I have two people to beat.
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Rungo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Rungo:] My family is in danger.
             I must ask you to get out of my way.
    [Mondo:] I don't see that happening.
    [Rungo:] Your decision.
             Step aside, or I'll plow right through you!
    [Mondo:] I don't see that happening either.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Nothing can stop me.
    [Mondo:] I never thought brute force could defeat me.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Rungo's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] It's done.
    [Rungo:] Uggh! Lila! Christopher!
    [Mondo:] I don't know your story, but remember this:
             there is always more than one path to your goal.
             If one path is blocked, another is opened.
             You only lose if you stop trying.
    [Rungo:] You're right. I'll find them somehow.
             But I gotta hurry!
    [Mondo:] Keep trying. You'll find a way.
    [Rungo:] Lila! Christopher! I'm coming!
    (Rungo disappears.)
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Fo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Fo:] We meet again, Mondo.
          I haven't forgotten how you escaped me.
    [Mondo:] The monster of the continent.
    [Fo:] You call me a monster?
          I advise you to look in a mirror.
    [Mondo:] I'm looking at you, Fo Fai.
    [Fo:] But you won't see me for long.
          How will I face myself in the morning
          If I don't kill you this time?
    (Mondo's bad pic; Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] Tonight I will sleep well, Mondo.
    [Mondo:] Now you have my blood too. What a shame….
    (Mondo's ready pic; Fo's bad pic)
    [Fo:] Why? Why can't I win?
    [Mondo:] I've written the end to your bloody story.
             Goodbye, Fo Fai.
             No more innocents will fall to your dark magic.
    [Fo:] My blood! My beautiful red blood, vanishing!
    [Mondo:] All the blood you have stolen.
             So much blood from so many--now it returns to the earth.
             This is as it should be.
    [Fo:] I can't die! Not as long as blood remains!
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Eiji)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Eiji:] You're no ordinary man.
            Already, I can feel the strength of your chi.
    [Mondo:] That sword--is it a true White Tiger sword?
    [Eiji:] I call it that, yes. But it's just a sword.
    [Mondo:] Obviously, you don't understand it's power.
             Well, I cannot teach you. We must learn through action.
    [Eiji:] What are you talking about?
    [Mondo:] No time for talk. Defend yourself.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] Ah! I thought you would beat me.
    [Mondo:] Now I see why the sword chose you.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Eiji's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] I see why the sword chose you.
    [Eiji:] The sword didn't help me.
            I have lost my chance.
    [Mondo:] I'll let you keep it. But you must promise me.
             Trust the sword.
             Trust it, and no one can stand against you.
    [Eiji:] It's only a sword. How can it help me?
    [Mondo:] You must discover that for yourself.
             It is your destiny to find the answer.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Gaia:] You have done well to come this far.
            Now I can have some fun.
    [Mondo:] Do you run this tournament?
    [Gaia:] So, you are the spy?
    [Mondo:] You know? Well, knowing won't help you.
             You will tell me what I need to know. Prepare yourself!
    [Gaia:] For you, I am well prepared.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] Here lies Mondo: Big mouth. Little skill.
    [Mondo:] This shameful defeat sickens me.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Gaia:] I did not expect this. So, I lose again.
    [Mondo:] Again? The first—-was he the wanderer?
             The man who won the last tournament?
    [Gaia:] Well, well, you know much.
            Now I know who hired you. Why did they send you here?
    [Mondo:] Don't be a fool. I will tell you nothing.
             You must tell me: where is the wanderer?
    [Gaia:] Is that all you want to know? Very well.
            He is somewhere you would not expect.
            But you will find him, if that is your fate.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] Now tell me, who is in charge of this?
    [Gaia:] They chose you, but you are naive.
            I will tell you nothing.
    [Mondo:] At least tell me about the wanderer.
    [Gaia:] You are interested in him?
            Other than you, he is the only man ever to defeat me.
            He's gone, vanished. I cannot tell you anything more.
    [Mondo:] Then you are useless to me.
             I will find the answer somewhere else.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sho:] What do you want?
    [Mondo:] I have some questions for you.
             You are the wanderer?
    [Sho:] Call me what you like.
           Is that all you wanted to ask?
    [Mondo:] No, I have more to learn from you.
    [Sho:] What is it?
    [Mondo:] Unsheathe your sword.
             It will answer me better than words ever can.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Is this the answer you wanted?
    [Mondo:] I cannot beat you.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] It seems I have found some of my answers.
    [Sho:] I offer no answers. I am a simple wanderer.
    [Mondo:] The life you lead is the answer I search for.
             Your life is question and answer, both.
             In your eyes, I see things beyond imagination.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] How poetic.
           Perhaps you've found what I still search for.
    [Mondo:] No, you have the answer. Not I.
             Your life is one of violence and death.
    (Mondo's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] And mine must be too. Such is the fate of the Yaki tribe.
    (Mondo's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] The sorrow in your eyes tells me everything.
             I have no more questions.
    [Sho:] You think you know all about me?
           There is much more to my story.
    (Mondo's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] I know you must have seen things.
             Things beyond my imagining.
    [Sho:] I doubt I am the man you think I am.
           I was just like you until I met them,
           the one called Master,
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] and the one with red eyes. That's when my journey began.
    (Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] Who are they?
             Who could put a mark like that on you?
             I must meet them.
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Cupido:] Your fate has finally led you here.
              Your fate, which leaves oly death and sorrow.
    [Mondo:] Red eyes...! You are the one he spoke of.
             I have some questions. First, your name.
    [Cupido:] Why would a dead man need to know my name?
              The knot of your fate is about to be cut.
    (Mondo's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Death comes to all wretched spies.
    [Mondo:] Is this the end?
    (Mondo's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Mondo:] Your eyes are as sad as his, and your will as strong.
    [Cupido:] My eyes are the color of blood,
              the blood of those whose destinies were denied by my sword.
    [Mondo:] Maybe so much blood brings knowledge.
             Maybe you know why we're born, why we die.
             I'd have to live a thousand years to find the answer.
    [Cupido:] You don't have a thousand years.
              The next time we meet, you will meet your fate.
              Many must die, so that she may live.
    -----DUKE B. RAMBERT-----
    Duke is a man outside the present world, ruled by a code of chivalry as 
    old as his French castle.
    A proud man, he considered himself skilled in the martial arts, until 
    he fought the wandering Eiji.
    Duke was defeated and his beloved two-handed sword broken.
    His honor wounded, he longed for a rematch.
    When an invitation to join the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament
    arrived, he saw his chance: Eiji was also scheduled to fight.
    Duke entered the tournament.
    He hoped to fight Eiji, erase the one defeat of his life, and win the 
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Ellis)
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] You're fighting in this tournament?
            You're just a girl.
    (Ellis' ready pic appears.)
    [Ellis:] I'll be sixteen this year. I'm not a child.
    [Duke:] Fight a lady? Chivalry forbids it.
            But alas, you won't back down.
            I will try not to hurt you too badly.
    (Duke's bad pic; Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I'm sorry, but I can't lose.
    [Duke:] Beaten, by a girl.
    (Duke's ready pic; Ellis' bad pic)
    [Duke:] Are you all right? Have I hurt you?
    [Ellis:] It's nothing.
    [Duke:] You are as strong as a boy.
            Pity. You would have made a decent knight.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    Ellis: You're awfully nice for a swordsman.
           You could have been fierce.
    (Duke's bad pic)
    Duke: Nice? Not fierce? Oh, I can be fierce.
          There is a man I wish to fight again.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    Duke: And when I do, believe me, I will not be nice at all.
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Fo)
    (Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] You are dressed like a knight.
          Is this a tournament or a costume party?
    (Duke's bad pic appears.)
    [Duke:] You mock me?
    [Fo:] A joke, good knight, that's all.
          One last laugh before you die.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] We will see who dies.
    (Duke's bad pic; Fo's ready pic)
    [Fo:] Ah, that creaking sound!
          My claws shredding armor! What sweet music!
    [Duke:] This old man scurries like a rat.
            Too fast for me. Too bad.
    (Duke's ready pic; Fo's bad pic)
    [Duke:] Never mock a knight, old one.
            We have no sense of humor when it comes to our pride.
    [Fo:] Can't take a joke eh?
          How I wish I could have tasted a knight's blood.
    [Duke:] I hope you have learned your lesson.
            No one sullies the honor of a knight!
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Sofia)
    (Duke's bad pic)
    [Duke:] Another lady?
            And look how you are dressed! It is shameful.
    (Sofia's ready pic appears.)
    [Sofia:] It's easy to move in this.
             Doesn't that armor slow you down?
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] My lady, my armor is a mark of pride.
            When a knight dons his armor, he is ready to fight.
    (Duke's bad pic; Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] Don't feel bad, good knight.
             My whip can even slash the wind.
    [Duke:] Humiliating!
            I must have been taken in by her charms.
    (Duke's ready pic; Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] You move swiftly for a man in armor.
             You have beaten me.
    [Duke:] You fought bravely, and well. Tell me:
            Do you wear trousers all the time, or only when you fight?
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] Trousers? You call these trousers?
    (Duke's bad pic)
    [Duke:] Well no, I mean yes, I mean....
            Forgive me. I am not used to talking with women.
    [Sofia:] Forgiven. Now go.
             Next time we meet, I will beat you. Stay well til then.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    Duke: I give you my word!
          I will never be defeated!
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Eiji)
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] I have been longing for this day.
    (Eiji's ready pic appears.)
    [Eiji:] Didn't we fight once before?
    [Duke:] I live only to fight you once more.
            To regain my pride! To restore the honor of my family!
    [Eiji:] I warn you: I will not fight half-way.
            That is a part of your code of chivalry, is it not?
    [Duke:] It is only proper to fight to win. To arms!
            Watch over me, Vancour!
    (Duke's bad pic; Eiji's ready pic)
    [Eiji:] You fought well, but not well enough.
    [Duke:] What am I missing? Tricks? Power?
    (Duke's bad pic; Eiji's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Have I won?
    [Eiji:] A total victory. Well fought, knight.
            Your skills have much improved since we last met.
    [Duke:] It was a good fight, wasn't it?
            You showed me some techniques I'd never seen before.
    [Eiji:] Perhaps we should fight again?
            Next time, victory will be mine.
    (Eiji disappears; Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] My pleasure!
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Gaia:] Well done. Now meet your final opponent.
    [Duke:] I can see that you are a great fighter.
    [Gaia:] We have a custom here.
            Whoever wins the Toh Shin Den Tournament then fights me.
    [Duke:] Ah, I see.
            As a knight, I must accept this challenge.
            Every fight marks another step in my training!
    (Duke's bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] This is as far as you go, knight.
    [Duke:] I must accept it.
            You are far more powerful than I.
    (Duke's ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Duke:] The victory is mine.
    [Gaia:] Congratulations.
            You have won the tournament.
            But you have yet to learn the meaning of this competition.
    [Duke:] What more is there to know?
    [Gaia:] It is not over.
            All who enter this contest, all who fight, are changed.
            To fight in the Toh Shin Den Tournament is to face doom.
            Your true fight begins now.
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Duke:] I feel strange...
            I feel as though I now have power beyond my dreams.
    [Gaia:] Yes, you are much stronger.
            But strength is not enough. Not against his power.
    [Duke:] What do you mean? Who?
    [Gaia:] This tournament, knight, is not for fun.
            I am looking for a fighter with the power to beat him.
            If I cannot find one, I must fight him myself.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] What kind of power? Who is...he?
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] Hold!
    (Sho's ready pic appears.)
    [Sho:] What do you want from me?
    [Duke:] Someone told me of a fighter--
            A man of great power, one who would test me to my limits.
            I believe you are that man.
    [Sho:] You have been misinformed.
           I am not the one you seek.
    [Duke:] Please don't think me impolite, but--
            Will you fight me? I must find out for myself.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Don't make me draw the sword.
           If I do, a life will vanish.
    (Duke's bad pic appears.)
    [Duke:] For the first time in my proud life,
            I feel the presence of death.
    (Duke's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Duke:] You have not shown me your true power.
            Am I too weak for you to bother with?
    [Sho:] You overestimate me.
           I'm just a warrior on an uncertain journey.
    [Duke:] No, there is something in you.
            You possess a power I may never have, no matter what I do.
    (Duke's bad pic)
    [Duke:] Still, I am glad we met. You make me wish to grow.
    (Duke's ready pic)
    [Duke:] To be better than I am.
            And so, my training begins anew.
    (Duke's ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Duke:] You did not put up a struggle at all!
    [Sho:] I avoid senseless fights, if I can.
           I've grown weary of killing.
    [Duke:] Why speak of killing?
            This is a contest, not a battle to the death.
    [Sho:] Death always waits for the living.
           I became a warrior to find the meaning of death.
    (Duke's bad pic)
    [Duke:] I do not understand.
            What are you seeking?
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] I am wandering in search of an answer.
           The one with red eyes may have what I seek.
           The answer may be found in the depths of those red eyes.
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] Ah, the winner of the tournament.
    (Duke's ready pic appears.)
    [Duke:] Red eyes...! You must be the one.
    [Cupido:] You have won, knight.
              Why do you still fight?
              If you continue you may be tempting fate.
    [Duke:] I must discover what this wanderer meant.
            If I lose all I have in this search, so be it.
    (Duke's bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] You poor fool.
              What did you hope to find with your pitiful skills?
    [Duke:] I am not done yet.
            The battle only ends if you surrender.
    (Duke's ready pic; Cupido's bad pic)
    [Cupido:] I wish I were you.
              You have a feeling she doesn't have: hope for the future.
    [Duke:] To live is to move forward, no?
    [Cupido:] You haven't tasted true sorrow.
              Until you do,
              you'll never have the strength to truly live.
              That strength is what the wanderer seeks.
              Still, it is best to avoid sorrow if you can.
              And remain the happy fool.
    [Duke:] You are right. I do not know sorrow.
            But I know that true strength is not in force of arms.
            There is another strength. I see it in your red eyes.
            I am ready to find it, and to face my human fate.
    Ellis was orphaned when she was very young. Raised by a traveling dance 
    troupe in Turkey, she soon became their star performer.
    Despite her childhood loss, she managed to retain her strength, 
    kindness, and courage, becoming a second mother to the children in the 
    One day she was shocked to hear that her father was still alive.
    She discovered that he had a secret connection to the society that runs 
    the Tohshinden Grand Martial Arts Tournament.
    When she got an invitation to join the tournament, she accepted the 
    challenge, hoping to find out what really happened to her father.
    BATTLE 1 (vs. Mondo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Mondo:] What is a child doing here?
    [Ellis:] Don't underestimate me!
             I know what I need to do.
    [Mondo:] Maybe you do at that.
             I can see you've got courage, all right.
             I warn you though, child or not,
             you're not getting in my way!
    [Ellis:] I'm ready for you. I've got to find my father.
    (Ellis' bad pic; Mondo's ready pic)
    [Mondo:] Go home now.
    [Ellis:] I won't give up. I'll never give up!
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Ellis:] I'm glad it's over. I don't want to hurt you.
    [Mondo:] I knew you had a strong will.
             Are you ready to face whatever happens to you?
    [Ellis:] Yes!
    [Mondo:] Some advice: choose carefully where you stand and fight.
             In this place, there are only two destinies:
             survive or die.
    BATTLE 2 (vs. Rungo)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Rungo:] Girls don't belong here! Go home, kid.
    [Ellis:] I must go on!
    (Rungo's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] I have a son your age.
             How do you think I'd feel if my son were in your place?
    [Ellis:] I came here to find my father. And I will!
    (Ellis' bad pic; Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] That's enough!
    [Ellis:] I must go on, I must!
    (Ellis' ready pic; Rungo's bad pic)
    [Rungo:] You're pretty strong for a kid.
             Plus you've got guts and determination. You'll be all right.
    (Rungo's ready pic)
    [Rungo:] Just choose the right path, and don't give up.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] But what about your path?
             How will you go on?
    [Rungo:] I'll be all right.
             No more fighting kids, I'll tell you that.
             I'm gonna try a short cut,
             take a straight line to my goal.
             Good luck.
    (Ellis' good pic)
    [Ellis:] I will do my best.
    BATTLE 3 (vs. Sofia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] You're gonna fight me? You must be kidding.
    [Ellis:] I may be just a kid, but this is no joke.
    (Sofia's bad pic)
    [Sofia:] Go home before you get hurt.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I'm not afraid to get hurt.
    (Ellis' bad pic; Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] Did I hurt you? I tried to control myself.
    [Ellis:] This is nothing!
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Sofia:] I was a bit careless. You won.
    [Ellis:] You could've won. But you held back.
    (Sofia's ready pic)
    [Sofia:] When I looked in your eyes, I saw hope.
             Hope for the future. Hope is something I don't have.
    BATTLE 4 (vs. Kayin)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Kayin:] You're hurt. What are you doing here anyway?
    [Ellis:] I can take it.
             I don't have much farther to go.
    [Kayin:] Go? Where?
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] To find my father!
    (Ellis' bad pic; Kayin's ready pic)
    [Kayin:] What would your father say if he saw you now?
    [Ellis:] Father…
    (Ellis' ready pic; Kayin's bad pic)
    [Kayin:] I can't raise my sword against you.
    [Ellis:] You're so much faster than me.
    [Kayin:] I see my daughter when I look at you.
    [Ellis:] This is a place for weapons, not love.
    [Kayin:] You know nothing about hurting people.
             What about killing? Could you kill?
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I'm learning.
    [Kayin:] Do you know what fighting is all about?
             To fight is to be tormented for the rest of your life.
             One fight, and another, then another--
             Never forget this. You must always be ready.
    BATTLE 5 (vs. Gaia)
    (Both characters' ready pics are displayed.)
    [Gaia:] You've come this far for a reason. Tell me.
    [Ellis:] My father may be alive.
             I heard he has a connection to this tournament.
             That's why I came here. If I win, maybe I'll find him.
    [Gaia:] That may not happen.
    [Ellis:] Maybe not. But that's why I'm here.
    (Ellis' bad pic; Gaia's ready pic)
    [Gaia:] This is not the place for you. Go home.
    [Ellis:] But I need to find my father!
    (Ellis' ready pic; Gaia's bad pic)
    [Ellis:] Your silver locket—-it's the same as mine!
    [Gaia:] You have won. What more do you want?
    [Ellis:] I only want to find my father! Are you--?
    [Gaia:] Everything revolves around fate.
            You are a dancer. Be happy with that.
            Do not destroy that fate.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] I…
    [Gaia:] You must leave now.
            This is no place for a child.
            Go home.
    [Ellis:] All right.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I can't be with you now. I see that.
             But someday I will. Someday. 
    (Both characters' bad pics are displayed.)
    [Ellis:] Around your neck--
             It's the same silver locket as mine! Are you my father?
    [Gaia:] You won the tournament, and defeated me.
            That is all.
    [Ellis:] But it's the same locket my mother left me.
             They make a pair!
    [Gaia:] Go now. This place will soon be a battlefield.
            Only destruction awaits.
    [Ellis:] You are my father, aren't you?
    [Gaia:] I have no daughter.
            I will send somebody for you.
    [Ellis:] Wait, Father!
    (Ellis disappears.)
    [Gaia:] Is this the script you wrote, Uranusu?
            Perhaps I will change the ending.
    BATTLE 6 (vs. Sho)
    (Ellis' bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Why the sad look?
    [Ellis:] Who are you?
    [Sho:] This place will soon be hit by a storm.
           It will destroy everything.
    [Ellis:] You're saying the same thing my father did.
    (Sho's bad pic)
    [Sho:] You can't possibly stand against it.
           Leave, before it's too late.
    [Ellis:] Wait! What do you know? Please tell me!
             I won't let you go until you tell me.
    (Ellis' bad pic; Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Girl, the answer is yet to be found.
    [Ellis:] But I must know now!
    (Ellis' ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Ellis:] My father said the same thing you said!
    [Sho:] You can change the future.
           You can choose your own path.
           Perhaps your father has chosen to challenge his fate.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] Challenge fate?
             Did my father choose his path? Or did it choose him?
             I believe he has chosen his future. Maybe I can too.
    (Ellis' ready pic; Sho's bad pic)
    [Ellis:] You said the same thing my father di.
             Does this destruction
             have anything to do with my father?
    [Sho:] I am only talking about a possible future.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] It does have something to do with my father.
             I can feel it.
    (Sho's ready pic)
    [Sho:] Destiny approaches.
           And we approach destiny.
           Soon all fates will be one.
    [Ellis:] What's it all about?
    BATTLE 7 (vs. Cupido)
    (Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] It's you?
              Then Uranusu has started her move.
    (Ellis's ready pic appears.)
    [Ellis:] What?
    [Cupido:] The wheels of fate are turning.
    (Ellis' bad pic)
    [Ellis:] You're talking about the same thing Sho did!
             How do we escape this fate?
    [Cupido:] You're involved, if Gaia wants it or not.
    [Ellis:] To see my father again, I will challenge fate.
    [Cupido:] Can you face the future? Can you really?
              Let us test your faith.
    (Ellis' bad pic; Cupido's ready pic)
    [Cupido:] You are not strong enough.
              Your string of fate is severed.
    [Ellis:] Father, I am sorry. I will not be able to...
    (Cupido's bad pic)
    [Cupido:] You're Gaia's daughter all right.
              The strong will I saw in your eyes is real.
              The battle between Gaia and Uranusu is about to end.
              Your destiny will follow.
    (Ellis's bad pic appears.)
    [Ellis:] I only came to find my father!
             I don't want any part of this.
    [Cupido:] But you are Gaia's daughter. And Uranusu is involved.
              You cannot escape your fate.
    (Ellis' ready pic)
    [Ellis:] I will change destiny.
             Nobody else will get hurt, and I will see my father again.
    [Cupido:] I will remember what you said.
              Will you face the storm, or something else?
              I'll be watching.
    ----------1P GAME ENDINGS----------
    GENERIC ENDING (vs. Gaia)
    The battle of the immortals has ended…
    But the struggle is not yet over.
    Mighty warriors have yet to appear…
    This is not the end.
    This is the beginning.
    EIJI (vs. Sho)
    This is not the end of my adventure.
    I'm not going to stop, brother.
    Nothing will change unless I do something!
    Kayin, next time we see each other, I'll be so big you can't get to me!
    KAYIN (vs. Sho)
    Sorry, Father.
    I just can't kill Eiji's brother.
    Revenge is impossible for me.
    It's all over now… Everything…
    Over? No, that's not right.
    This is the beginning of everything!
    Isn't that right Eiji?
    SOFIA (vs. Sho)
    It's over.
    I couldn't get all stolen memories.
    But I'll not look back in the past!
    I'll will [sic] live in the future with all my heart from now on!
    Thanks to so many people who have given me a dream, who have shown me
    how to hope and to have a heart!
    RUNGO (vs. Sho)
    Hah, ha, ha, ha!
    It's all finished!
    I can't be happier to have
    my wife and son back safe!
    Hah, ha, ha, ha!
    Come, my family, let's go home and get some dinner!
    Hah, ha, ha, ha, ha!
    FO (vs. Sho)
    Hee! Hee! Hee!
    I had a lot of fun this time!
    I'd love to invited [sic] next time, too.
    It's great to live a long time, huh!
    Hee! Hee! Hee!
    MONDO (vs. Sho)
    What's life all about? Why are we here?
    And why…
    I can't find any answers here.
    Our clan is not yet able to rest, I see.
    We'll meet again!
    DUKE (vs. Sho)
    There sure are some mighty people in this world, huh!
    I can see I've still got a lot to lean. [sic]
    I'll never.
    ELLIS (vs. Sho)
    Hey, it's finally over now!
    I got to see my dad, and met so many people!
    That was one heck of an experience!
    But that wasn't all I did.
    I'm not really sure, but I feel like I've learned something very 
    Hey, everyone! I'll be home soon!
    GAIA (vs. Sho)
    Is there anybody, I mean anybody, who can defeat me?
    I'm just so tired of fighting with all these weenies!
    Come, come before me, you the mighty who can actually defeat me!
    SHO (vs. Sho)
    Eiji, people need to have the strength to stand alone.
    But sometimes you have to go through hellish experiences to learn to be 
    I must continue onwards.
    My journey cannot stop.
    CUPIDO (vs. Sho)
    Tis my destiny to spin the wheel of fate, and to sever the string.
    Because of love, I must put an end to the life of the beloved one…
    The wheel of fate has already been spun.
    >From this moment, I shall be the fallen angel, with my life set on fire 
    of destiny…
    EIJI (vs. Cupido)
    I can't chase the back of my brother now. I can only watch him go.
    But I shall find the truth behind his words.
    I swear I'll find the reason why his eyes are filled with grief.
    To catch up and go ahead, I have to.
    And to once again meet that person with scarlet eyes, I shall return!
    KAYIN (vs. Cupido)
    For what reason have I come here. [sic]
    For what purpose have I fought. [sic]
    Everything around me starts to shatter…
    I am sorry, Nal.
    I can no longer…
    Everything is over now…
    SOFIA (vs. Cupido)
    I am afraid I would be better off not knowing my past…
    But to live for the future, I shall overcome my past.
    I cannot bear to sadden those whom I hold dearly…
    To do so, I must meet the one called the "master"…
    RUNGO (vs. Cupido)
    Leila [sic], Christopher, I am thinking of sealing the lode of uranium.
    Indeed this is a great fortune for the mankind, but we can right now 
    use it only for the destruction.
    I am going to leave it to the hands of the next generation. 
    Christopher, I believe your generation can make use of it for the 
    peaceful purpose.
    FO (vs. Cupido)
    There are so many strange ones…
    Hey, you there!
    You are saying, "That's you!!"
    You are indeed correct!!
    Kee, hee, hee, hee, hee!!
    The next time we meet, let us fall into the world of madness.
    You, too, shall like the color red.
    Kee, hee, hee, hee, hee!!
    MONDO (vs. Cupido)
    The time passes through.
    One giant star shows itself, against another.
    When the two confront one another, many lives will shatter.
    The answer many failed to seek, what meaning is there for man's life…
    Perhaps 'tis the time to lead the answer…
    DUKE (vs. Cupido)
    >From this moment, it will be a training to seek the strength of my 
    The encounter with that traveler,
    The encounter with the scarlet eyed one,
    They've changed something inside myself.
    Julia will laugh at me,
    for saying something like this.
    But I cannot lie to myself.
    For my battle now begins anew!!
    ELLIS (vs. Cupido)
    I won't give up!
    No matter what fate awaits,
    I won't run away!
    Even my father is risking his life fighting against his fate.
    To meet my father once again,
    To travel with everyone once again,
    I will never give up!!
    GAIA (vs. Cupido)
    The time has come.
    'Tis time to remove this armor.
    Everyone shall be my enemy from now on.
    Even the "Master" is no exception.
    I will not regret,
    even if I must put my life on the line.
    For the tragedy to never again
    fall onto my dear daughter…
    My dear Uranus,
    'Tis 10 years since that day…
    SHO (vs. Cupido)
    I must once again meet that person.
    I must once again touch his grief,
    Deep inside his heart.
    For it is the destination of my journey.
    For it is the answer I have long sought.
    I shall once again draw my sword.
    For the answer lies beyond…
    CUPIDO (vs. Cupido)
    Why have I not received the grief…
    Why has the pain fallen only upon him…
    Never again shall he smile from deep inside, never again shall he drop 
    >From the moment these eyes dyed scarlet, I accepted the destiny to 
    sever his string of fate.
    If his heart shall be set free,
    If I can follow him,
    I shall gladly fall into hell.
    ----------VERSION HISTORY----------
    v. 0.8 (6 October 2001) – Added remaining dialogue and 1P Game endings 
    for all characters.
    v. 0.7 (5 October 2001) – Added character introductions section and 
    additional dialogue and some 1P Game endings for Mondo, Duke, Ellis, 
    Gaia, Sho, and Cupido.
    v. 0.6 (3 October 2001) – Added additional dialogue and some 1P Game 
    endings for Eiji, Kayin, Sofia, Rungo, and Fo.
    v. 0.5 (30 September 2001) - Added text and most dialogue for Rungo and 
    Fo (last Story Mode characters); rearranged sections to select screen 
    v. 0.4 (28 September 2001) - Added text and most dialogue for Sofia.
    v. 0.3 (27 September 2001) - Added text and most dialogue for Kayin.
    v. 0.2 (26 September 2001) - Added text and most dialogue for Duke, 
    Ellis, and Eiji.
    v. 0.1 (24 September 2001) - The first preliminary version, this 
    contained all content not mentioned above.
    I, ProTect, wrote this.
    Takara made the game.
    The BATR characters belong to Takara.

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