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The Duke Nukem game that started it all... at least in 3D format...
Originally a PC title Duke Nukem 3D was a totally revolutionary shooter, it was up against games like Doom and Wolfenstein and it's predecessor (Duke Nukem released in 1991) was widely unknown even to this day, but the 3D duke was very similar to the Dooms and Wolfensteins with the major difference ad biggest selling point being the vulgarity of the game, unlike most games of the time DN3D featured voice acting. Duke was a strong macho testosterone driven male chauvinist stereotype.
The story goes down like this, aliens take control of the worlds female population and thus the worlds as well. So Duke takes up arms against the alien pigs in an attempt to take back the world, women first. Of course if it wasn't for Dukes wit and hilariously strange comments this game wouldn't have risen above sub par.

The Saturn version got minor tone downs from the original PC version but still holds a candle against most 1st person shooters on the Saturn. The game has quite a few secrets in it that are fun to seek out, they usually are perverted in some way. There are also some interesting easter eggs like pressing the action button on strippers and you hand over money and they open their top to reveal a surprise. The Saturn isn't quite a PC so it has custom controls to adapt to your preference.

This game paved the way for many other great Duke Nukem games over the years leading to the possible never releasing Duke Nukem Forever.


1. A 1st person shooter like no other
2. comedy and gore, what could be better
3. with all the hidden stuff and goals, the replay value is high


1. low graphic quality, though the PC graphics were the same, if not worse...
2. no multiplayer, what's an FPS without multiplayer?
3. not really for the ladies, this game is aimed at the male gender.

As for rent or buy, I'd say buy if you can get it at a good price(like under $20). if not, renting is a good option.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/06

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