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Reviewed: 07/25/03 | Updated: 07/25/03

You know, if he were in England, he'd be the Duke of Nukem.

Duke Nukem 3D was a big game in it's heydey in the mid-90s. It revolutionized the First Person Shooter genre, and like most successful computer games then, it was ported to many other platforms. And while it had sequels appear on the PSX, it's planned PC sequel, Duke Nukem Forever, never got off the runway.

This game plays like most other FPSes. Run around a level, shoot all the bad guys, and find the exit button. This game has some different quirkyness to it, though. For one, each level has ''hidden areas'' in them, whether they be hidden in windows, secret doors, and the like. The weapons are also new. You can jetpack in this game, although it runs out rather fast, and there are many unique guns in this game, there are the FPS standards, stuff like shotguns, and then there are weapons like the freeze gun and shrink ray. You can also swim underwater in the game. The game isn't too difficult, but it can get frustrating when the enemies keep coming at you. But they don't come in piles at you like in the later levels in Doom.

The graphics are really cool, but they look kinda grainy compared to the computer version. But the environments look nice, and unlike in Doom, they look like actual places. They take place in cities and buildings and underground, real places. There's a lot of attention to detail too, there's toilets and theaters and doors and bars and subways. The enemies are good and unique too, there are the main enemies, these things that look like human/cat hybrids, there are the pig cops (Actual pic cops, and on their back it says L.A.R.D.) there are octupusses, there are some cool enemies. The game has a sleazy view to it too, there are stuff like strip clubs, but there's no boobies in this version of the game like there were in the computer version.

The music is feh. I liked the opening theme, but that's about it. The sound effects are cool though. The guns sound different, the enemies sound differently, there are sounds when you play pool, when you blow up toilets, when you shoot a bottle of beer, it's all cool. And Duke speaks one liners in this game too, but he sounds almost exactly like Bruce Cambell, from the movie Army of Darkness.

The control is alright. I mainly don't like it because of the Saturn controller, it's hard to get a hang of which buttons do what, but you get used to it once you learn the controls.

Doodleheimer runs down the scores!
- 9/10 - Excellent
Graphics - 9/10 - A little grainy
Sound - 6/10 - The music lacks, but the sound effects and the vocals make up for it somewhat
Control - 6/10 - Good once you get used to it

Overall - 30/40 or 8/10

If you see it, get it, even if you have the PC version, this version won't give you the blue screen of death.

Street Price - $4.99

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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