• US Version Debug Option

    Go to the Options menu from the main menu. While DIP Switch is highlighted, press and hold X, B, and Z. While holding these, enter the DIP Switch menu by pressing A. As soon as you press the A button, immediately hold Down on the D-pad. If the code is done correctly, you will now be able to turn on Debug at the bottom of the DIP Switch menu. With Debug turned on, these cheats are immediately applied:

    Begin Story Mode with characters at level 200.
    Select your beginning stage in Story Mode.
    Have access to all 45 characters in Versus Mode.

    You must activate the following codes by pausing the game and while holding X, Y, and Z, pressing the indicated buttons (simultaneously, if more than one button is noted):
    Restore your life to full - Up.
    Bring your life to zero - Down.
    Skip ahead one level - R and Start.
    Skip ahead two levels - R, A, and Start.
    Skip ahead three levels - R, B, and Start.
    Skip ahead four levels - R, C, and Start.
    Go back one level - L, R, and Start.
    Go back two levels - L, R, A, and Start.
    Go back three levels - L, R, B, and Start.
    Go back four levels - L, R, C, and Start.

    Contributed By: Zopharoth.


  • Unlockable people in the game.

    In order to unlock the boss/special characters you must be playing on hard mode. You can let the Goldern Warrior defeat them but this is not recomended.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sky SpiritYou must be on stage 29. You must defeat the sky warrior first and then after he transforms defeat the sky spirit.
    Super ZurYou must be on stage 25 with any one on hard mode. You must kill Zur after he becomes Super Zur.
    Sword Han You must be on stage 8 nd as Han. Near the end of the stage you must defeat a undead warrior to get his sword for Han and unlocking sword Han.
    ValgarYou must be on stage 28. You must kill valagr in his white armor.

    Contributed By: JF7X.

Easter Eggs

  • Guardian Heroes sound track

    If you put your Guardian Heroes cd in to a cd player, you can listen to all the music from the game as if it were a sound track.

    Contributed By: JF7X.


  • 99 Continues

    Before you begin the game, go to the Option Menu and change the DIP switch to level Easy. Select a player and start the game. When the game starts or during any point in the game, reset the game by pressing A, B, C, and Start buttons simultaneously. Now at the title screen, select options and change the DIP switch to the normal or hard mode. Exit the options and select Load Game where it should read how many continues you have left (99) from easy level. Now, when you start the game, you'll be playing the Normal or Hard Mode with 99 continues.

    Contributed By: ATadeo.

  • Debug mode (Japanese)

    Go to the options menu. Highlight the DIP Switch option. While highlighted, press and hold X + B + Z. Here is the hard part. While holding these, hold the down button. When the cursor goes down the screen, press the C button on the DIP switch menu as the cursor goes to the top of the screen again. If you did the trick correct, there will be another option at the bottom of the DIP switch screen. It is called Debug and you must turn it on.
    Here's what you can do with the code:

    Start at Level 200
    Stage Select
    Max or Zero life
    Pause the game.
    Hold X + Y + Z
    Press Up for max life or Down for zero life
    Forward or go Back to different battle scenes.
    Forward 1 scene - R + Start
    Forward 2 scenes - R + A + Start
    Forward 3 scenes - R + B + Start
    Forward 4 scenes - R + C + Start
    Backwards 1 scene - L + R + Start
    Backwards 2 scenes - L + R + A + Start
    Backwards 3 scenes - L + R + B + Start
    Backwards 4 scenes - L + R + C + Start
    You can play all 45 characters in Vs battle.
    You can max your characters power out.
    You can choose which stage to begin on in story mode.
    You can watch the different endings.

    Contributed By: ID Fei.

  • Free level up

    When you start a new game on Guardian Heroes, before you begin to fight use your strongest magic that your character has. If you did it correctly, when you press start you will notice that you went up not one level but 3 or 4 levels.

    Contributed By: JF7X.

  • Hidden Arena

    In Story Mode, in stages 3,5, or 12, find the wooden sign. When you find it, defeat all of the enemies in the area. Then stand in front of the sign.

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

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