Review by JF7X

Reviewed: 07/07/06

Medieval times with lots of weird stuff like robots and crotch beams.

Guardian Heroes is probably the best game I ever played in my entire life. Released in America in the year 1996 by Treasure, this is the first ever Super Smash Bros type of game out there(I think). The game is set in medieval times with knights, soldiers, magicians and etc. However it is also a very random game since it has robots and machinery too. It would have seem that in this game the Renaissance period went a little to well. Anyways on to the review.

Game Play 10/10: You select one of the Guardian Heroes and try to take on Kanon's evil plan. However as the game progress other forces in the game are after the sword as well. You will have to use magic, plain shifting, and your own skills to beat everyone that stands in your way. In the game you can level up and it seems the max level is 999.

Story 7/10: The story is that the Guardian Heroes is a band of people who are searching for a legendary sword. One day Han (one of the members) finds an old sword that has vast amounts of power. He takes it back to the Guardian Heroes head quarters and all the members look at it. While they do that, the Leader of the Red Knights Serena comes by and warns them that the royal knights have come by to take the sword from the orders of Kanon, the king's adviser. This quest to find out why Kanon wants the sword will take them across the land and fight many different sub groups with in the game.

Controls 8/10: The controls are really easy to learn. However they are hard to master. Anyways the controls are: A button is for blocking, B button is fro attacking, C button is for jumping, Z button is for using your magic, th L and R pads at the top of the controller is for switching between plains, the X button is for controlling the undead hero, D-Pad is for moving , and the start button is for starting. The only reason it's hard to master is because every character has a different move set in the game. Have fun mastering them.

Music 9/10: the game has about twenty two different songs throughout the game that all are very different from each other. It has rock, it has childish tunes. However I think each fits appropriately for the stage.

Replay Value 10/10:This is why this game was mad This game has loads of replay value. Allowing up to six players to fight it out at once and having over forty characters available for versus mode. To unlock the extra people in versus mode just kill them in story mode.

Graphics 9/10: While the game is still 2-D looking, it's still a great game. The characters are kind of well drawn for a system who has to make more then five people on the screen at once. Also the plain-shifting mechanic was neat since you could easily get away from danger.

If you are a Sega Saturn owner, this game is must have. It doesn't matter what genre you are in, this game will get you hooked. However sadly this game is also hard to find now in days. I really wish Treasure would remake this game on a newer system. Also the Gameboy Advance version of this game is not really good.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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