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Reviewed: 11/30/00 | Updated: 11/30/00

Now this is the reason I still play the Saturn.

Guardian Heroes is a solid action final fight style rpg. I love this game. There are so many paths to do. You can fight several enemies in the game. The story line is surprisingly good for a Non Linear Story. Here is how it works you choose one of 4 characters and if you have some one who wants to play with you they choose another character. When you beat the second level you are given choices of what to do. The choice you choose affects the story line events, what areas you go to in the story and of course what choices you are given as a result. Enough with the introduction it is now time for the break down of the scores that make up this wonderful game.

Graphics 8: The graphics are pretty nice looking and pleasing to the eye. However to be honest there isn't anything about the graphics that make you go ''Wow now this is the way games should look.'', but when playing the game the graphics are pleasing enough for me to get into the game and play it. In 6 person vs fight it is very hard to keep track of everything which is another reason the graphics only get a score of 8.

Music 9: The music in the game is amazing. All the tunes keep me playing through the entire quest and make me forget I am spending time leveling up in the game and instead just enjoy my experience thanks to the well done music. I love the final boss tune the game has. Really cool. I just love battle tunes that are well done which affects me.

Story Line 8: The story line is great. Each time you play through it can come out much different then the last time. You can side with one group one time and the next time side with the others. Only problem is that certain stories can be confusing and I have trouble deciding which of 2 groups is evil. I also wish that the there were just a few more plot choices in the game and maybe a little more detail

Game Play 8: You choose from 1 of 4 characters to play as I said before. Each character comes with their own set of moves. You can cast spells by selecting a spell or instead you can do a button motion which is harder at first, but once you learn how to do it. The motion is much faster than selecting the spell. You have the Ninja Ginjourii who's name I may have spelled wrong. He use mostly lighting magic and attacks extremely fast, Han has just a fire spells but a lot of strength, Randy who uses a lot of black magic has good combos with his staff attacks to rack up mp and then there is my favorite character of the 4 Nicole. Nicole is first of very pretty. She is a Cleric. She can heal herself and enemies which is done right allows you to use them to level up more. Her healing spell can also damage certain enemies including some of the bosses. Plus her barrier spell if used right can actually damage enemies. Finally a Cleric who can beat the insert your own word out of her enemies instead of only being good for healing. When you level up you gain a skill point and can decide where it goes at the end of the round. You can give it to one of 6 different stats. Strength for more damage with attacks, Vitality for more HP, Agility to increase your combo rate, Intelligence for more spell damage, Mentality for more MP and Luck for well even more luck what else?

Characters 8: Most of the characters in the game are done very well in my opinion. My favorite character of course is
Nicole. She is just so much fun to play. I love her win sayings such as ''You just lost to a girl with a smiley face around her neck. How weak are you?'' Plus hearing her go barrier and smiley constantly as she finishes her enemies off and makes life better. I also think Randy is cool and if I had a clone of myself he would be playing as Randy.

Over All 9: Despite wanting just a little more from this game I have to say I am very pleased with it and love to have Nicole fight enemy after enemy. Just playing a Lovely Cleric or a type of white mage, priest etc who can actually
beat up enemies is a dream come true. That alone makes the game worth my time playing.

To Rent or buy: I say it is worth buying if you like fighting, rpg spells and don't have a bias against the Saturn. Ah time to decide which enemy I want to beat up for my next play through this wonderful game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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