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"Yup, As Close As Perfection Can Be..."

Everyone knows the lore that is Guardian Heroes; its made by Treasure, it goes for a ridiculous price on ebay, you can play six man battle royals on it, and, its one of the best beat-em-ups ever. Guardian Heroes is consistently ranked a perfect, or a nine out of ten on virtually every credible gaming or review site. The game is 100% unique, and no other game has come close since. Like Gunstar Heroes, this Treasure game has a certain thing about it, that attracts you to the game, and it does not let you put the game down. In my Gunstar Heroes review, I called it the Treasure charm, and, I guess, Guardian Heroes has the Treasure charm as well! Game play will tell you just a little bit more.

Game play: 10/10

Super easy to play, super easy pick up and play game, Guardian Heroes' game play is perfect all the way around. The game is not just a beat-em-up. No no. Its an RPG, a fighter, and an action adventure title, it literally spans four different genres. When playing the story mode, you can only pick four characters, however once you hit the versus mode, there are over forty different characters to choose from! (depending on whether or not you face them in the story mode, on either hard or medium difficulty). About the six man versus mode, let me tell you, unless you want to make a tournament out of it, it will not last too long. However, this is some of the most frantic, fun, and ridiculous video gaming you will ever encounter, and it makes for great parties. If you do not want to play with six players, choose to face five computers, and have just as much of a fun time, nothing can go wrong in this game when you play the versus mode. The story is just as engrossing as the game play.

Story: 10/10

Treasure created a marvelous fantasy world, in which the Earth was created by a being who wanted to weed out the best warriors, from the poor warriors, an eternal battlefield. Between kings and kingdoms, knights and wizards, the dead are sent into the ground with the hope of rising again to defeat the evil, and those who won were given royalty. When a sword with magical powers is discovered by Han and his gang, all hell breaks loose, and the heroes start on their adventure through castles, forests, underground lairs, and even heaven itself. Brilliant and engrossing, Guardian Heroes' story is one of the best I have ever had the privilege to follow, and you should feel the same. Will graphics continue perfection?

Graphics: 9/10

Oh no! Guardian Heroes slips a little in the graphics department, however not enough to take away from the experience in the slightest. One thing I can say about the graphics is color. Everything is so bright and colorful, from the magnificent backgrounds, to the gorgeous opening cut-scene, to the large and detailed characters, Guardian Heroes is a nice bright game. The anime style intro has got to be one of the most pleasant, and eye catching videogame introductions ever, as it appears that the drawings jump right off the page. The backgrounds are fantastically colourful, and fairly detailed, while the characters look incredible while duking it out. From Nando to the undead warrior, each character looks as detailed as they can be. Sound will bring the score back in the perfects.

Sounds: 10/10

Let me start off by saying that the voices of each character are brilliant, and each character has a voice unique to themselves. The music is where the sound category really shines though, as each track is brilliantly composed, and is highly in depth. I will add many of these tunes to my ipod, as they are catchy, and remind you of battling those pesky warriors on the battlefield. And if you want, like most Saturn games, you can pop the game into any CD player, and listen to the tunes whenever you please (watch out for the first track though; its the game data, and playing it may corrupt the game). Is this a replay-able game? You betcha!

Replay ability: 10/10

Between the story and versus modes, the six man battle royal, the over forty characters that have to be unlocked (as well as the twelve stages), and the engrossing story, Guardian Heroes will have you playing it for hours upon hours. There is so much to do outside of traversing the world, and nothing is more refreshing than a six man fight!

Buy or rent?

Guardian Heroes may not be everyone's cup of tea, therefore is you have a chance to rent it, I suggest you do so to give it a shot beforehand. Reach prices of upwards of $125.00 on ebay does not help either. If you have the cash though, it would be a mistake to pass up this game...

I have always had a blast playing Guardian Heroes, and if you own a copy (or plan on purchasing a copy), I hope you have a blast as well. Treasure is one of the few master videogame developers, lets hope they can keep it up... "Heh, heh! This is great! I never thought we'd find such a great sword by ourselves! I wonder if anyone else is looking for it..."

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/09

Game Release: Guardian Heroes (EU, 12/31/96)

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