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Guardian Heroes is an extremely fun Beat-Em up mixed with some RPG elements.

Gameplay:10 The great thing about this game is that none of the characters in the game really suck. You just need to know how to use them properly.
There is a story mode where one or two players can play through or a battle mode which can have up to SIX people playing at once.
In story mode there are Five different characters that you can choose from. They are:
Han: A former knight. (Probably my least favorite to use.) He is the big brute in the group. All brawn and almost no magic.
Ginjirou: A cool looking Ninja guy. This guy is the fast one in the group. And he is the only one that has the most devastating move in the game. The Thunder Palm. It can get several hundred hits on a guy if done correctly.
Randy: A young mage boy. ( My second favorite character to use.) He is the big spellcaster with spells of mass destruction.
Nicole: Probably THE most underrated character in the game. But if you know how to use her she is the most deadly force to be reckoned with. ( My favorite character to use.) She is a priest. She doesn't really have strong physical attacks or any powerful spells, but she is the only one that can heal. And if you use her barrier spell right you can pin a guy next to a wall and deal massive damage on them.
Serena: A Former knight of the Royal Army. Kind of your all round good character. An excellent mix of magic and physical attack power.

For the multi player battles you can select any of the enemies that you have fought in the game.

The battles in this game can get pretty crazy with up to like 10 guys on the screen at once. You sometimes lose track of yourself amongst the massive hordes of enemies.
Instead of moving up and down, you press a button to put yourself on different levels of the battle field. This can really help out when the enemies are trying to gang up on you.
An important thing in this is that you can block. If you block you can nullify the damage from even the most devastating attacks.
Attacking enemies and using magic will give you experience points to gain levels. For every level you gain you can put a specific stat up at the end of each stage. The stats to put up are: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Mentality, Intelligence, and Luck.
You can regain lost magic points by doing big combos on the enemies. Each of the characters have different moves that you can do with special button presses kind of like in Street Fighter.
In battle you will always have a helper with you as well. This is very good when you are using Randy or Nicole by yourself since they are both spellcasters and can be wide open for an attack. The Golden Warrior you always have with you can be set on different modes. Like Attack or Defend.

At the end of most levels you will have different decisions that you can make. Each of these decisions will take you to a different level. Because of this, the game has massive replay value.

Story:10 The story revolves around A magical sword that four adventurers find. And due to the many paths you can choose, the story can take many different turns.

Graphics:10 The graphics are pretty good. I love all of the anime style drawings they do for the various characters in the game. They all show different facial expressions when they speak too.

Sound:10 There's some great music here. Valgar's theme is probably my favorite. The characters all have different battle cries and say things when they cast spells.

The difficulty in this game varies. You can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. It's all pretty well balanced.

Replay Value:10 Replay value is through the roof. Not just because of the different paths you can take. This game is just so much fun.

Buy or Rent: BUY THIS GAME GAME! There is no question about it. YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 11/16/03

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