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"The best game available on the Saturn! Treasure rocks your world!"

As the last domestic Saturn game was released this past year, I came to reflect on myexperiences with the Sega Saturn. I have enjoyed it immensely the past two years I have hadit in my possession. Yet the time came for the system to be put to rest, closing the door onthe most dogged and bashed system in recent memory. This is my review of all-time favorite Saturn game.


Ever since I spied this game in GameFan, I knew it would be something special. You see, it just so happens my favorite game for the Genesis was Gunstar Heroes, which justhappened to be developed by the same company....the godly, Treasure. Well, suffice to say I wasn't exactly in the money at the time so I had to wait, and wait, and wait. Finally the daycame when I could buy a Saturn, and I left immediately. I remembered finding GuardianHeroes at a local store for about $17 (only 4 months after release, mind you,) so I pickedthat up first thing, they didn't even sell Saturns there anymore, so in fact I bought this gamebefore I even had the system! Luckily, I was able to go to a local Sears, where they had thesaturns with Sega Rally packed-in, but that racing game wasn't going to get in the way ofexperiencing the ultimate Saturn experience; what the machine was originally made for, theultimate 2D god!


Some have ridiculed the sometimes overly-pixel graphics when characters are closeto the screen, but I feel it gave the game ability to put some major detail in the characters. The game can handle massive amounts of action on the screen, such as a 2 player, bothdoing spells, and about 6 enemies on the screen, with the slightest amount of slowdown(which helped me get my bearings.) All the characters are very well designed, from themighty Randy down to a lowly soldier. The last things to be said about the graphics is that ifyou think the Saturn can't do transparencies, check out Nicole's cape....pretty clear if I dosay so myself!

Sound in this game also puts out a very majestic feel, from the anime intro.'ssoundtrack to the final area's mass orchestration, the sounds puts you in that medieval mood. Sound effects put those multi-50-hit combos through your whole room....from Lasers toRandy's Nando speaking his mind to whomever he's pummeling, the games exudes audioexcellence. Although the one notch I can give this otherwise flawless game is one of thefinal bosses, Super Zur, who let's out this very annoying laugh the whole 15 minutes youbattle him, (but it just makes you kick his butt even harder!)


This game screams replay value, just like it's older brother Gunstar Heroes. Thereare many branching paths, where you choose where you want to go, altering the story everytime. Even 2 years later, I found a level I hadn't played yet, very cool! The only nick in thisdepartment is the text, which can't be skipped, just fast-forwarded through a certain buttoncombination. No need to mention the 6-Player fighter mode (unbalanced, but a riot!)


Not much to say here! Characters are well-designed, and there is a multitude ofenemies to take your frustrations out on, which all work in the afore-mentioned fightingmode. The anime intro gets you in the mood, and just teases you that this game would makea very cool anime. The only nick in this department isn't even Treasure's fault, it's youguessed it.....the ugly domestic box art, but that's just nit-picking.


Well, this wraps up my review of my all-time favorite Saturn game. I'm sorry if itseemed somewhat long-winded, but I finally had to let my feelings about this game out! This one of many of reasons that the saturn will never die in it's owner's hearts, and I hopeall that read this either have the game or will want to start a hunt to go and try and find thisgame, (because I doubt Majesco will rerelease it, wasn't a big seller here...sigh.) Well,thanks for reading the review, now go hug your Saturn, and anxiously await Treasure's nextproject be it on the DreamCast or Naomi. ^_^

Thank You Treasure for your excellent lineage from Gunstar Heroes to Gunbeat....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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