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Reviewed: 08/15/02 | Updated: 08/15/02

Sought after, a classic and unique twist to its genre....we have Guardian Heroes

Where to begin? Guardian Heroes was a revelation for it's time in side scrolling. Although not boasting any true NEW technology it took all the good things about a side scrolling genre, tossed in 2 cups of anime and put them all in a blender. Unfortunately the games success was underestimated and so not only were a small amount of this game produced, but upon the death of the Saturn it has made this game a very rare commodity to own.

The graphics were stellar, even at a time when 3D was just blooming this game shined with it's beautifully bright anime-realistic colors and effects. The characters were also very balanced and designed to suite different play stiles, since there was the big strong swordsman, the agile staff wielding semi mage, and the full out magic user....and there are a plethora of secret and not so secret characters that can also be played.

Sound was also very well done. I've already made a couple reference to this games very anime-like stile and it doesn't stop with sound. The anime has a very upbeat action-like, JPOP feel to it that will have any anime fan keeping the volume dial up.

Gameplay is where this game really shines, as a side scrolling beat em' up this game can really shine, with multiple lines of battle to jump to, magic attacks and an ally that you control through AI options. And let's not forget it has a level up system that allows you to customize your character as you progress through the game. The story was also exceptionally good when compared to some of the more bare ''rescue the kidnapped girl'' or ''take down the evil organization'' plots in these types of games. This game added depth to the characters as well as the world the game took place in, allowing you to choose different paths along your adventure, that in turn, will alter how the game ends. Also, in addition to the regular story mode, there is a combat mode where you can pit all the different enemies you encountered in the game against each other in combat. It isn't nearly as fun as single player, but a good addition anyhow.

Guardian heroes is a classic that, even now, can stand the tests of time (and its ugly American Cover) and reside in the halls of the classics, like Final Fight and Streets Of Rage.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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