Review by Knightmare6

"Insane in the Membrane!"

What the hell were the designers thinking when they created this game?!!! Seriously. This game is so addictively fun, that I still play it. The branching storylines in the game are just hilarious, as are the members from the villains to the heroes. The layers of interaction are great, as you can move from the background to the midground to the background, interacting with different enemies and players. The storylines go from the mundane evil creation to the high-end up-and-up Celestial beings who control the fate of the world, all depending on which path of the braching storyline you choose to take!

The graphics are funny and done in a cartoon-like manner, and despite the amount of action on-screen, the details are great. There is no slowing down or loss of resolution!!! You can see everything as clear as day! the expressions of the characters are hilarious, from when they are scared to when the just walk around. I mean you have everything from the ignorant, but strong muscleman to the whiny lackey to the hamster martial artist! Yes, I said a hamster that uses a martial art. The opening sequence is a short anime video, music video even, and I think this would've been a great cartoon series!

Each chapter of the game does well in utlizing the game's graphics and merging it with the story at hand. From fighting in a burning building to fighting the infernal forces in the underworld, all the backgrounds do a good job of making you feel in the environments, while occasional elements limit your interaction with each layer, from obstacles to burning objects.

Also after playing the game, comes the greatest thing of them all. As you play through the game, you'll encounter a horde of enemies and characters. Each character you encounter becomes a playable character in the versus game, which is separate from the storyline version of the game. In the versus game, it's a straight-up fighting game, capable of supporting up to six simulataneous players!!! As the versus mode continues, you can power-up the characters by playing the regular game, which will give them points to use in the versus game. The versus game will become a game of unbridled chaos once all the characters are powered up to their max by spending all your points to raise everything from hit points to the amount of damage they deal!

It's a shame this title was never brought to Sega Dreamcast or any other systems after the demise of the Sega Saturn. I've thrown parties before with this game as entertainment, and it does not disappoint!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/03, Updated 07/14/03

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