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"Defining game for the Saturn!"

First of all, let me start by saying I don't think words can describe the greatness of this game. I truly believe that this is one of those games that you will truly never forget. The impact and intensiveness will be with you forever!. Guardian heroes is a 2D, action/RPG with many twists and turns and a great story. It is replayable over and over again for the sheer thrill factor it provides. It pushes the saturn to it's limits, and is my favorite game for the system. It has very flexible single and multiplayer modes with a high replay value. When this game first came out, you would have already been able to see that it was unique and special with its originality and high in depth characters. You really get a feel for the characters and sympathize with them as you take them on their journey down the path fate has set for them. You can change the course of destiny with your actions, just make sure you are prepared for all the thrills and chills that you will inevitably enjoy.

Guardian Heroes fighting system will seem similar to all those gamers who have play streets of rage of final fight. It has integrated RPG elements with a solid storyline and many paths of destiny to follow. Every character is unique and refreshing and as there are 45 characters to choose from, each with different magic and abilities, you are spoiled for choice over a favorite. Each are unique as they have a mixed blend of abilities whether it be magical or physical or even less battling characteristics such as cuteness or evil qualities. A great part of this game that it really hooks the player in the way that you can fulfill a different quest with each different decision you make over the course of the game thereby affecting the outcome and story revealed. This makes for many different endings. As an added benefit you can play through the story mode with more than 1 player. 1 reason that makes this game so original and stylish is that once you enter multiplayer, you can choose your character and enemies from a massive majority of different characters whether they be familiar faces or not. You will really want to unlock everything this game has to offer! And trust me, its really worth it!

Picture the quality of a 2d animated movie and you are almost on the same level as the graphics for this game. Absolutely stunning for an animated 2d game. All of the characters are very recognizable and well animated. the ability to have so many things happening at once albeit magic and attacks from multiple characters, the graphics uphold extremely well. It is a sight to behold and you can even notice all the little details as well. The backgrounds are creative and provide a good basis to the story.

Not only is the sound in this game top draw, but you can also listen to it via CD player which is brilliant. Each song is appropriate to the situation and is 1 of the many reasons to love this game even more. One of the reasons to replay this great game may in fact be to be able to listen to the great music again and again, over and over!

Although its a rarity, it is one of those games you should purchase at all costs. It is a magnificent experience and you will always love it. I doubt that any game has been able to follow in the same gameplaying value this game offers. Guardian Heroes is a rare treasure that should be highly valued!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/04/04

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