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"It's multiple game genres in one game!, How could it not score a perfect 10?"

There's just too many Final Fight or Double Dragon clones these days, some of them are remakes and has already made their transition to 3D graphics. But still 2D graphics is the way to go for street beat'em ups. Some or my favorites are the Streets of Rage series and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games by Konami, I think they're the best ever until I've played Guardian Heroes(by Treasure) on my Sega Saturn. Treasure only makes a few games and most of these games are original and somewhat strange or weird but one thing is for sure, they have fun gameplay just play Gunstar Heroes(another excellent game and one of my favorites) or Alien Soldier on the Sega Genesis or Silhoutte Mirage on the Playstation. In my humble opinion, this it the best 2D beat em up ever and just read my review to find out why.

GRAPHICS (9 out of 10) - The graphics are very good, a testament to the Sega Saturn's excellent 2D graphics capalbilties. The animation is great, the color palette is just right, and there's barely a hint of slowdown when there's too many moving characters on screen at once. And seeing the chaos of the player characters unleashing devastating super attacks to take out multiple enemies is just pure art in motion. The fight scenes with the bosses are even better. This is 2D graphics at its finest, if the game is celshaded it would've been the god of 2D graphics but the game still looks amazing even without celshading. The anime' intro is also worth mentioning, it's well done and the background music is so good and fits the intro. I liked the intro so much that I have downloaded it in my PC to watch it over and over again, it's that good I tell ya.

MUSIC AND SOUND (9 out of 10) - Music is a love or hate thing, there are some background music that I don't like but most of it I like very much and fits the game's environments and fight scenes. Some of the music are composed of techno and rock music and is quite good and can boost your mood as you play through. The character voices are very good, the growls, explosions, clashing swords/weapons and other sound effects are excellent.

CONTROLS - Controls are a breeze, it's like playing street fighter games in a final fight gameplay. The supermoves, attacks, and combos are easy to learn and execute and a tutorial isn't even necessary, anyone can learn and master the controls in minutes. The game is a button masher, combos are performed with different button taps and the specials attacks are executed street fighter style like down, forward + punch/attack button will result to a fireball attack.

GAMEPLAY (10 out of 10) - Unbelievably fun to play, the super attacks, the sheer number of enemies you can beat up on screen at once, and the comedic feel of the game and the characters makes it on of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. The vs mode is also very good though a bit unbalance at times. You can play as any of the characters you've encountered in the game, whether it's a big ass robot, a very powerful entity, or just a small rabbit who knows martial arts. The vs mode also allows six players simultaneous play if you have a 6-player multi tap or you can also make the computer control the other characters, you can make it a 1 on 5 match, 2 on 4, 3 on 3, etc. And playing 4 characters against a gigantic beast and a celestial entity is kewl, there's just too many match options for the players.

REPLAY VALUE (10 out of 10) - The single player story mode is fun to play over and over again and with multiple paths and branching storylines, believe me you'll play it time and time again just to see everything and to unlock and use all the characters. The vs mode is also a nice addition with up to six players playing at the same time. Even if you have played the game more than a dozen times you'll still have the feeling of wanting to play it again just to experience that fun button mashing action. WARNING! Guardian Heroes is extremely highly addictive.

Definitely one of the Best Sega Saturn games ever and one of the best games of all time IMHO. It's a Final Fight clone game, an adventure game, an action game, a party game, and a fighting game all in one package. My only gripes about the game is that even though the story mode has multiple paths, the way to the final battle(depeding on the path you take) can be quite short, I really want the game to have even more longer paths, storylines, and characters but still the game is perfect as it is. The vs game can be quite an eye strain sometimes coz when the characters are too far apart, they all look small and can be quite hard to see when there's too much going on in the screen. Those are my only complains about the game but overall I'd give Guardian Heroes a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Once again Treasure gave us another fun game, they're one of my favorite developers, giving gamers original, fun, and somewhat weird games. Kudos to them for giving us Guardian Heroes, I hope there will be a sequel or another game like this in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/04

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