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    FAQ by Strider VM

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Horde FAQ (PC) Version 1.0 by Strider VM [stridervm@pinoymail.com]
    Made by Cyrstal Dynamics
    This FAQ is almost quite the same as the manual but with corrections,
    help, tips and stuff.... But this is a great help if you lost your
    manual or stuff like that......
    A Princely Reward 
       Chauncey always did his best...  be it pouring the wine, handing round the
    turkey, or clearing away the constant mess.  After all, he was serving 
    Nobility, who live on a higher plane than most mortals.
       In fact, so entranced were the courtly eaters, stuffing their faces and 
    regaling the table with raunchy episodes from their noble lives, that no one
    was paying attention.  So when King Winthrop, dazzled by yet another of the
    High Chauncellor's windy war stories, started to huff and hack, it was 
    Chauncey who darted to the rescue.  He pounded the royal shoulders and
    squeezed him around the middle in a Heimlich manoeuver to match the King's
    girth - that is to say, of epic proportions - until the unchewed morsel of
    turkey launched like a bounding boulder from his Majesty's gullet, and the
    King was saved!
       The lofty company was so shocked by the skirmish that the High Chancellor,
    in a burst of loyalty, yelled for Chauncey's arrest.  But the King sputtered 
    a proclamation, punctuated by flying turkey bits:
       "He saved my life.  He is ... a hero."
       And on the spot, King Winthrop The Good knighted the astonished Chauncey 
    and handed over his mighty sword, Grimthwacher.
    A kind of herd of wild cows
       Now Chauncey, who moments before was naught but a skinny serving boy with
    no kin save a kind of herd of wild cows who raised him, found himself Sir
    Chauncey the Brave, holder of vast tracts of land.
       The bad news is ... Kronus Maelor, the Evil High Chauncellor, is a realm-
    snatching throne jumper who wants the King dead.  Now this key-biting royal
    interloper has to get rid of Chauncey, too!
       But the good news is ... with Grimthwacker and several other magical items
    Chauncey may actually thwart the Evil High Chauncellor's nefarious schemes and
    build his lands into a thriving community!
    The Horde 
       But even worse news is ...  Chauncey's lands are overrun with The Horde.  
    These Hulking, galloping mobs of loud, red, ravenous eaters perfume the air 
    with an oudious odor of Eau de Outhouse while insatiably gobbling cow flesh
    and anything else they can shove into their unflossed maws!
       But the hopeful news is ...  Hordlings are pretty dang dumb!
       So there's still a chance that Chauncey can rid the land of the 
    overwhelming, ever-chomping plague and become the most reknowned hero in
    Franzpowanki history!
       That is, if he can stop tripping over his sword...
    Building a Village 
       + SPACEBAR   [Button 2   ] : Switch between MAP and TOOL BOX
    When the MAP is ACTIVE:
       + ARROWS     [Roll Device] : Move about            
       + ENTER      [Button 1   ] : Set an item into place 
    When the TOOL BOX is ACTIVE
         [Move Device Right/Left] : Cycle through items 
       + ENTER      [Button 1   ] : Chose the item displayed and return to the MAP
         [Roll Mouse Up/Down    ] : Switch Map views
       + SPACEBAR   [Button 2   ] : Return to Map without changing the item
    Battling the Horde 
       + SPACEBAR   [Button 2   ] : Switch between MAP and WEAPON BOX
    When the MAP is ACTIVE:
       + ARROWS     [Roll Device] : Move Chauncey
       + ENTER      [Button 1   ] : (While moving Chauncey) Use a Weapon
    When the WEAPON BOX is ACTIVE
         [Move Device Right/Left] : Cycle through items 
       + ENTER      [Button 1   ] : Chose the item displayed and return to the MAP
         [Roll Mouse Up/Down    ] : Switch Map views
    General Controls 
       + ENTER [Button 1] : Start the Game & Skip text screens
       + Switch to Weapon Box or Eagle Eye Map view during Combat
                          : Slow the action 1/2 Speed
       + F1               : Pause
       + F2               : Load a Saved Game
       + F3               : Display Option Menu
       + ESC              : Quit the Game
       + DEVICES          : MOUSE OR JOYSTICK : The controls are indicated 
                            between brackets []
    Building a Village
    + Seasonal Reports : They will inform you of the following:
         - the season
         - the year
         - the population increase
         - the taxes you collect in Crowns
    + Basic goals :
         1- EARN MONEY by making your village prosper.
         2- Protect your investement from THE HORDE.
         3- Save money to face the High Chancellor's Tax Collectors at the 
            end of the year.                          
         4- At the end of the year, upgrade your weapons, and save your game.
    + Build/Protect Phase
          You have 2 minutes of real time to :
               - Cultivate and set up defenses during the first part of the 
                 season : the choices available are listed in the Tool Box:
                    + DIG : Cultivate the tracts so that the farmers may
                            plant corn.  Crops yield revenues.  The effects of
                            the dig vary with the terrain.
                    + PLANT TREE : Increase the value of an inhospitable land
                                   with reforestation.  Woodlands are more 
                                   attractive to would be immigrants.
                    + BUY COW : Cows are expensive to buy, but they return you
                                the most profit, if kept safe from the Hordlings
                                who just happen to favor them in their diet.
               - Protect your Holdings from THE HORDE:     
                    + DIG PIT : Spike-lined pits are a lasting deterent to the
                                Hordlings.  But be wary of staying clear of them
                    + ERECT WALLS/FENCES : Build a barrier to keep your ennemies 
                                           at bay.
                    + EMPLOY KNIGHT/ARCHER : Once deployed, your troops will turn
                                             to face the Hordling rush.  
          The Hourglass Time is your indication of the time you have left to
    complete your transactions.  When the sand runs out, The Horde attacks!
          Once you selected an item in the tool box, move its outline on the
    map until you have found a suitable location, then place it.  
          You can then remove an item by clicking on it again with its own 
          Every time you place an item on the map, its cost is deducted from your
    Crown capital.  If you remove the item, the money is returned to your coffers.
    EXCEPTION:  Water costs money to build AND money to remove.
          Items that you can no longer afford will be greyed out.  At the end
    of the year you will be able to expend the amount of items from which you
    get to chose, and the initial list is quite limited compared to the full
    potential later on.
          If you happen to finish your preparations before the end of the 
    imparted 2 minutes, select, in the Tool Box the RUNNING HORDLING ICON, to end
    the turn and jump to the Battle Phase.
    + Combat Phase
          Just before the onslaught, you'll get a battle order.  It'll announce                      
    the number of Hordlings you must batlle this season.  
          While you may `pop' hordlings, they do not actually die.  A Hordling
    Shaman could bring them back from their gooey state and back on the offensive.
          Pits and Walls will only slow down the Hordlings.  You must inflict
    damage to thwart the offensive waves.
          The Hordlings tend to head directly for the Food.  So place your
    defences and troops accordingly.  Make use of the various Maps (Zoom and
    Eagle Eye) in order to keep accurate track of the lacation of the next wave 
    of the invaders.
          Chauncey's Health:  In the Upper Part of the weapon box you have a 
                              count of Chauncey's health points (the Hearts)
                              If you loose them all, the game is over.
             - Grimthwacker: When you use the King's Blade, you get dizzy from
                             spinning around!  You must recover before you can
                             hit again.
             - Flamethrower: Self explanatory
             - Ring of Teleportation: Useful to chase after the Hordlings to 
                                      prevent them from slaugthering your Cows
                                      and detrying your village, or even 
             - Boots of Boogy: Beat your feet to round up the Hordlings before
                               they eat your village.
             - Haunch of Meat: Make the starving Hordlings smell its short range
                               aroma, then lure them into a spike filled pit.
             - Bomb: Detonate when touched by the Hordlings.  May also be
                     useful in terraforming certain tough terrain types.
             - Healing Rock: It restores some of Chauncey's Health
             - Flute: serenade the Hordling masses and lure them to a watery 
    End of Year 
          At the end of 4 seasons (a full year), you will be allowed to buy     
    more and newer weapons, provided you have the Crowns to afford the individual
    item.  Move the Highlight and press ENTER [Button 1] to select.  After you
    buy an item, it will appear in your weapon box.  NOTICE that you STILL have
    to pay to use an item even after buying it!  To end the shopping spree, select
          You can save your game at the end of each year, while shopping, by
    selecting the SAVE GAME item.  You can save up to 10 different games.
                                  The Cast
    Sir Chauncey
       Raised by cows, gawky and hapless, he's basically kind hearted Dork, a la 
    Ice Virus, and would have rather kept on kissing the King's butt as a servant.  
    The Evil High Chancellor
       Kronus Maelor, the vilain schemer archetype, who unlike TRC, lets his
    henchmen do the dirty work.
    Good King Winthrop
       Once a big and brave warrior from the north, now fat and sleepy, of body  
    and mind, the king is a buffoon.
    Adolescent Hordlings
       Short and Ugly, stupid and voracious, they eat cows.  
    Piranha Hordlings
       The mutts of the Horde, those large mouthed Hordlings tend to be ahead of
    the pack, using their accute sense of smell to locate the tasty morsels.
    Swamp Hordlings
       They are slow on land, but excellent swimmers, so do not count of that
    to stop them.  Quite the other way around.
    Forest Hordlings
       These Hordling-pigmies are found near trees.  They have the distastefull 
    habit to shoot a blowgun at Chauncey, and the regular Hordling appetite for
    Shaman Hordlings
       Keep an eye on these guys!  Beside hurling Fireballs at you, they ressurect
    dead hordlings!
    Desert Horlings
       They have drills on their heads and burrow their way under their victims.
    They are particullarily annoying since they can't be `popped' until they
    Juggernaut Hordlings
       These are slow lumbering brutes, and almost invicible in battle.  They
    are, however as dumb as they are big, and have not yet mastered the 
    concept of changing direction when facing an obstacle.
    Ice Hordlings
       These snowball bopping Hordlings have only one aim, to get something
    (cow, hut, villager) in their mouths as quick as possible.
    Shimto Plains
       This is the breeding ground for Adolescent Hordlings.  Fertile, but
    constantly under the Joug of those annoying pests.
    Fetid Swamps of Buuzal
       Murky territory with extremely fertile.  Exotic and annoying Hordlings
    abound in these dangerous lands.
    Tree Realms of Alburga
       If in the swamps. swamp Hordlings replace the moskitoes, they are replaced
    here by the Forest Hordlings and their ANNOYING Blowguns.
    Kar-Nyar Desert
       This land is hard to tame, and the sand burrowing Desert Hordlings only
    make your job harder.
    Frozen Wastes of Vesh
       This is maybe the summum of difficulty, and try growing crops in actic 
    conditions with the EXTREMELY voracious Ice Hordlings about.
    NOTE:  The Fungus Kudzu CAN invade your land and WILL ruin your crops.  To
         dispose of it, you need to have Chauncey walk on it during battle mode, 
         or build things on top of it during the other phase.
    FAQ 2001 Strider VM

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