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"An interesting strategy game from the folks at Crystal Dynamics..."

Crystal Dynamics ''The Horde'' is an often-overlooked strategy game that mixes sensible planning and humorous story to make a fairly good game strategy fans can enjoy. As Chancey, a former servant turned errand knight, you must manage over villages seeing that they prosper in order to pay the King's taxes as well as protect them from the seasonal ravages of the evil Horde. These devilish creatures have an insatiable hunger for anything they can get their paws on so you must use your sword, the Grimthwacker, hired thugs, traps, and an assortment of other items to ensure your survival.

This game depends heavily on planning ahead, you must help your village grow while balancing the costs of defending it and paying taxes. You don't get much time to prepare for the next horde invasion so it does indeed take a very strategic minded person. Simply putting up fences around your village isn't going to cut it...

The graphics are fairly good for the era; nice landscapes will take you from desert, to swamp, to arctic land. The character, enemies, and effects are well done, and the cinemas are splendid. The sound and music are good; the character voices are well done, although some sound effects get a tad annoying after awhile. The control is where the game falters a bit, clumsy and sometimes confusing in a game where you can't afford such time wasters.

Overall I'd say ''The Horde'' is a good game and lots of fun, worth at the very least a rental. For action/strategy fans I would say that if you can find it for a cheap price I would recommend buying it, but the general populace would probably not find much use for this game.

Gameplay - 8/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound/Music - 7/10
Control - 6/10
Replayability - 5/10

Overall - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/00, Updated 08/02/00

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