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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99


The Incredible Hulk: the Pantheon saga, is loosely based on the multi-issue comic series. Unfortunaly, I read very little of it, so I can't tell you how faithful the game is to the story. Actually, I don't have to, because the game itself have serious flaws that not even the actual adaptation could save it.

You play the Hulk (not the one with the five year old persona, but the one with Banner's brain and a mean attitude), who is taken by a super team, the Pantheon, in order to teach him on how to become a hero. Along the way, he encounters some of his adversaries, such as, Trauma, Lazarus, and the U-Foes. He faces the final stage, called "Future Imperfect" and meets the Maestro, who is the alternate future version of himself. You must collect parts of a time machine in order to defeat the Maestro. Sounds easy? Yes, but it's not, because certain things make this game difficult to play to the point beyond frustration.

The graphics are not up to par. The background drawings are clear and colorful, but the design looks lousy. It suppose to be 3-D, but it looks more like 2-D. Not anything like Eidos' other game, Tomb Raider. The draw distance is limited and the version relation is confusing, especially on stages where you have to jump from one piller to another. You can't tell whether you jump on a short hill on the top of the screen or a long one at the bottom.

The controls are faulty as well, and have a long delay factor sometimes. Oh sure, there are many destructive moves, such as the sonic clap and the floor smash, but what good are they when you can't actitive them when you really need them the most. More than once, I find myself trapped in a corner with one of the bosses, Piecemeal, wailing at me. I press the buttons and either it comes after two or three hits near my death, or nothing happens and I die.

The only thing out of this game that I really like is the music. There are 13 tracks with a mixture of goth and hard rock that really made my day. The sound effects, however, are lame. It just consists of Hulk's grunts and multi-punch effects. That's it.

The gameplay is very good, IF you're playing a character other than the Hulk. I mean, he's suppose to be "the strongest one there is", but it does not show. He has to open doors, and activate lifts, instead of smashing through walls, and jump really high like in the comics. He even has trouble fighting the minor robots (actually, it's because of the complicated joystick moves). There are no prizes when you beat this game, so there is no long term playability.

I think Eidos is taking advice from another company, Acclaim, because I see the simularaties. I brought this game before Tomb Raider, because I thought the reputation would be the same. Was I wrong. If not for the music, I would really be upset. Why couldn't they make it simple and use the character trademark to it's fullest extent. Like in the cartoon, have the Hulk go from one stage to another, destorying cities and fighting the army. I know it sounds like Rampage or Godzilla Generations, but believe me, it will be a lot better than this game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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