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"Good but not great!!!"

Well this is a fairly decent racer on the Saturn and it’s pretty good. Its just like all the other Need for Speeds I’ve every played. Its got the high performance cars the sweet levels and of course the cops. The game is really fun to play with one person and also two people. The games levels are very neat and are very detailed. The graphics on this game look really good and are pretty sharp for the Saturn. The games control is just like in real life and the sounds and music in this game are great sounding. The game is pretty good and I really like it a lot. Need for Speed is a high-speed racer with plenty of fun. The races are cool and the levels are neat. The game is a great game. The replayability of this game is low though. After a while the game will get boring and it just won’t be fun anymore. The two-player mode is a fun thing but also after times and times of play it will get boring and it won’t last up. This game follows right with the series and has the exact same thing that the playstations versions do.


Just like driving in real life. The games control is very smooth flowing and the control is great. The high speeds kind of prevent fast turning and sometimes you can spin out if someone hits you from behind, turn to sharp, or jump wrong your gonna wipe out. Most of the time you should be able to recover but it this happens let of the gas to stop the spinning of the tires to get control back. The Saturns controller works well with this game and theres no problems using it. The controller works fine and I found no problems with it at all.


The sound of the car engine and everything is there, from the sounds of the tires grabbing the road. The sounds in this game are very detailed but when you hit someone theres no sounds at all. The music in this game is really good and I like it a lot. The music is very detailed and sounds great, and goes with the game. The sound and music in this game is great except some of the sounds just aren’t there.


For the Saturn this games graphics are great looking. Sometimes the graphics are a little choppy but that’s just something minor. The cars are very detailed although sometimes when you go to hit them you’ll go about half way through them before you actually hit them. The graphics are pretty good in this game. The levels are all very neat and very detailed. The levels look good and have all kinds or detail. The Las Vegas track is my favorite. Theres nothing wrong with any of the levels there all very cool and look great. All of the cars in this game are very cool to they got the fastest cars available and they look pretty good to.


It doesn’t take very long for this game to get boring. The game is very fun to play but It just won’t last. The 2-player mode is fun to do but doesn’t really help the game out. The game should last a while before it gets boring but it won’t last forever. The game is really cool and all the tracks are sweet and look awesome. The game is fun to play and isn’t to bad.


The game doesn’t have a difficulty setting function. So if your good at racing games this game may be a sinch to beat but it you hardly ever play them this game may be hard to you. To me the game is pretty easy although sometimes it can get pretty tough. The game is very easy from the beginning but towards the end you may be doin good but then all it takes is one little mistake to loose your place and boom your not gonna win this race.


I really like this game but I would spend over $10 bucks for it. The game is good and fun to play. I would suggest to buy it but read the review you decide.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/02/00, Updated 08/14/02

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