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    FAQ/Move List by Dark Avenger

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/29/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    |    Unofficial Street Fighter Alpha FAQ v0.9   |
                    | by "Dark Avenger" ceet1246@eiger.ceet.niu.edu |
    | Table of Contents |
    Preface                 Information about this FAQ & its author.
    News Flash              The interesting news/rumor about Street Fighter Alpha.
    How to read this FAQ    Explain the content of the format used in this FAQ.
    Control, Syntax, &      Explain the Controls, Syntax, & Shorthands used in this
     Shorthand              FAQ.
    SFA Characters          Explain the known SFA characters in alphabetical order.
    Expert Advice           A few advices to the fellow Street Fighters.
    Misc SFA Code           Interesting SFA codes to improve your enjoyment of SFA.
    Top 10 Wish List        A list of wishes that author would like to see in SFA.
    How to Receive FAQ      A list of various resources on obtain updated USFA FAQ.
    Speical Thanx           Credits given to those in assistance regarding to the
                            construction of this USFA FAQ.
    | Preface |
    *This FAQ is best viewed using Courier New font size 10 with 0.9" margins, or
     simply standard 80 characters per line, 66 lines per page, & 2 pages on the
     same side of paper via utility program & H.P. LaserJet 4L.
    *If you prefer a different notation than the one that I used, please use a word
     processor to replace my notation with the one which you will be comfortable
    *The author is an engineering major, not an English major.  Please excuse the
     errors in spelling & grammar.  Spelling & Grammar checker do not work 4 FAQs.
    *The author actually has a "life" outside the SFA, please do not send useless
     e-mail.  Complements are always ***Welcome***!
    *If you think part or entire content of this FAQ is a fraud, then simply ignore
     it.  Flames will now be politely ignored.  If there are information that you
     believe will help this FAQ, please send e-mail to the address specified.
    *This FAQ is currently 7 pages long (single side) according to the formatting
     method used by the author.  If you wish to obtain this, please send a dollar
     bill and SASE envelope to the address specified below:
                       Not Available in this point of Time
    This FAQ is for personal entertainment use ***ONLY***.  The author is not to be
    responsible in any damage caused by the content of this FAQ.  The author do not
    intend to profit in any way or form in composing this FAQ.  All Rights Reserved.
    "Street Fighter Alpha" & its content is a registered trademark of Capcom, USA.
    I am "Crazy Dan", because there are two type of people who play Dan.
      1.  They are great player who are crazy enough to use Dan against others.
      2.  They are stupid enough to use Dan as suicidal character.
    Mystical Sheng Long "Rising Dragon" says
      1.  "Always expect the unexpected."
      2.  "Do I have to teach you all the basics?"
         Your author has been a faithful Street Fighter Player ever since the first
    Street Fighter ever came out.  The author has played SF series since the 
    release of Street Fighter in August, 1987.
         The author can be reached currently through Internet, American Online,
    and CompuServe.  However, AOL & CS account will be closed sometimes in August,
    So please send any constructive comment & criticism to 
    * Your Author Don't believe in wasting your time, so Let's begin your training
    | News Flash |
    1.  The negotiation with Capcom to set up WWW site is in progress.
    2.  According to newsletter, all SFA will be set to Hard 3 instead of Hard 2.
    3.  According to rumor, there is one Level 3 only super for every character.
        I will try to find some of them.
    4. The author's haunting ground is in Holmes Student Center, DeKalb, 
    5. It is believed that each characters have four quotes.  Please verify this!
    | How to read this FAQ |
    Quotes            Quotes from character in SFA after winning a match & how to
                      perform them.
    Bio Data          Bio Data gathered at various sources.  Some are unavailable.
    Background        Information available on the character at this point of time.
    Alpha Counter     A move designed to interupt the blocking early and retailate
                      against the opponent.
    Taunt             A show off move
    Overhead Strike   A move that is designed to strike opponent in low blocked
    Special Move      Special move are the moves that remove energy if blocked, but
                      do not require energy in the Super Bar.
    Super Move        Super move use the energy in the Super Bar.  You must have 
                      the energy required to do the level desired.  Otherwise, SFA
                      only allows you to perform the level of super move that is 
                      allowed by the Super Bar.  Level 1 is performed via one 
                      button only.  Level 2 is performed via two buttons only.  
                      And, Level 3 is performed by three buttons only.  For 
                      example:  Ryu's SC L1:2xQCT,1P=3 Hits    L2:2xQCT,2Ps=4 Hits
                      L3:2xQCT,3Ps=5 Hits
    Tick              Tick is designed to remove opponent's energy without the fear
                      of retailation from other player.  You must successfully make
                      the first move connect without getting damaged.  Remember,
                      Alpha Counter is an exception!
    Example  Combo    The time-proven combos.  However, they are not absolute.
                      Feel free to devise your own.
    Chain    Combo    Chain Combo are moves that flows into the next.  They are 
                      very smooth.  The only way to find out if they are chain 
                      combo or not is by examine the way animation flows when 
    Surprise Combo    How to surprise your opponent with Overhead Strike & Combos.
                      For some reason, Surprise Combo are slow & easily blocked by
                      veteran players.  Use it sparely to catch opponent off guard.
    Favorite Combo    My favorite Combo of all time!
    Re-Dizzy Combo    Re-Dizzy Combo are rare, but if performed correctly they can
                      re-dizzy opponent every time.
    Best Anti-Air     The preferred moves against air-borne opponent.
    Secret Code       Code to choose the character if they are a hidden character.
    Strategy          Tip & Hint design to improve one's skill
    Ending            Due to popular demand, the character ending is now included.
    | Control, Syntax, & Short Hand |
    +-------------------------------+                           JB=Jump Back
    JB      U         JF                      1=Jab              U=Up
          o o o                   1 2 3       2=Strong          JF=Jump Forward
           \|/                    o o o       3=Fierce           B=Back
    B     o-N-o        F                                         N=Neutral
           /|\                    o o o       4=Short            F=Forward
          o o o                   4 5 6       5=Forward         DB=Down Back
    DB      D         DF                      6=Roundhouse       D=Down
                                                                 DF=Down Forward
      ?   ? Box in Character Select           Move the cursor to ? box
      /   Or                                  Indicates a choice of attack
      +   And                                 Indicates a combination of
    #Ps   # of Punch Button(s)                # of Punch Button(s) needed to press
    #Ks   # of Kick  Button(s)                # of Kick  Button(s) needed to press
    2x?                                       Perform ? motion twice
      A   Air-borne                           While the character is air-borne
     AJ   Air-Juggle                          Indicate Air-Juggle capable move
      c   Charge                              Hold the Joystick in Place to Charge
      I   Interupt Move                       Interupt the move by
     L#   Level #                             Indicate what level of super it is
    N.A.  Not Available                       The information is not available
      P   Punch                               Hit any Punch Button
      K   Kick                                Hit any Kick  Button
     AC   Alpha Counter           B,DB,B      o- / |
                                                o  o
    QCT   Quarter Circle Toward   D,DF,F      | \  -o
                                              o  o
    QCB   Quarter Circle Back     D,DB,B      |  / o-
                                              o o
    HCT   Half Circle Toward      B,DB,D,DF,F o- / | \ -o
                                                o  o  o
    HCB   Half Circle Back        F,DF,D,DB,B -o \  |  / o-
                                                  o o o
     CC   Complete Circle                     Rotate Joystick for 360 degrees
     MH   Multiple Hits                       Button 1/2/3 4/5/6 = 3/4/5 Hits
     SB   Sonic Boom              cB,F        o- c -o
    SSB   Super Sonic Boom        cB,F,B,F    o- c -o o- -o
     FK   Flash Kick              cD,U        | c o
                                              o   |
    SFK   Super Flash Kick        cDB,DF,DB,U  / c \   / o
                                              o     o o  |
     VD   Variable Distance                   Closest/Medium/Longest
     VH   Variable Height                     Lowest /Medium/Highest
     VS   Variable Speed                      Slowest/Medium/Fastest
    | SFA Characters |
    Adon:             "I am a Muay Tai Master, you are sucking gravel" Hold D+3Ps
                      "My legend starts now"                           Hold D+3Ks
                      "Don't worry. It's all over."                    Hold D+1+2+4
                      "Is that the best you can do?"                   Hold D+2+3+6
         The former disciple and bodyguard of Sagat.  After the defeat of Sagat in
    the tournment, Adon decided to challlenge his former master to seize the power
    for himself.
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Adon performs a Jaguar Knee
    Taunt             Start       Adon gives his opponent a thumb's down sign
    Jaguar Knee       F,QCT,K     VH 4/5/6
    Jaguar Kick       B,QCB,K     VH 4/5/6, VD 6/5/4
    Wall Pounce       HCB,K       VD 4/5/6
    Kickboxer Fury    2xQCT,P
    Slice & Dice      2xQCB,K
    Tick              ???
    Example  Combo    JF,5,B,4,DB,3   JF,6,D,1,2,6   JF,6,D,1,2,2xQCT,P
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,6   N,1,2,D,6
    Surprise Combo
    Favorite Combo    ???
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    *You are on your own until I have master him.
    *After Sagat is defeated, Adon exclaimed "I am the greatest fighter!".  Bison
     approach Adon with the condition of "Join me or Die!".  Adon replied "Bison if
     you fight me, you will die.", and with that both fighter ready to fight for
     their life.
    Akuma:            "Now stay down."                                Hold D+3Ps
                      "Weakling.  Is there no one worth fighting?"    Hold D+3Ks
                      "This grows boring"                             Hold D+1+4+5
                      "You are not enough even for warmup"            Hold D+3+5+6
         Akuma is brother to Master Sheng Long.  Akuma is roaming through the world
    seeking opponent worthy of his skill.
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Akuma performs a Crouch Roundhouse
    Taunt             Start       Akuma stomp the ground & focus his ki
    Blue Fireball     QCT,P       VS 1/2/3
    Red  Fireball     HCT,P       VS 1/2/3, MH 1/2/3
    Air  Fireball     A,QCT,P     VS 1/2/3
    Air  Dive Kick    A,D,5       Press 5 when Akuma is at the top of his jump
    Air  Rush         QCT,JF,P
    Air  Rush Kick    QCT,JF,P,6  Press 6 to execute weirdo kick in midair
    Air  Throw        QCT,JF,P,3  Press 3 when Akuma overlap his opponent.
    Ground Roll       QCB,P       VD 4/5/6 #1 Suicidal Move in SFA
    Hurricane Kick    QCB,K       VD 4/5/6, AJ
    Dragon Punch      F,QCT,P     VD 1/2/3, VH 1/2/3, MH 1/2/3, AJ
    Teleport Near     F,QCT,3Ks   B,QCB,3Ks   Akuma Teleports F & B respectively
    Teleport Far      F,QCT,3Ps   B,QCB,3Ps   Akuma Teleports F & B respectively
    Violent Dagon     2xQCT,P     AJ
    Air Suprise       A,2xQCT,P
    Super Fireball    2xHCB,P     Beware this move turn into Ground Roll
    Bison Killer      1,1,F,N,4   *** Only works when level 3 Super is charged ***
    Example Combo     See Ryu's for now
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,D,6   D,4,6   D,4,5   D,4,5,6
    Surprise Combo    JF,3/6,DF,4,4,F,2
                      It is important to use DF instead of DB/D,otherwise Fireball
                      will be performed at close ranged, resulted in retailation.
    Favorite Combo    JF,D,5,4,4,5,QCT,P
    Re-Dizzy Combo    2 available for now
    Best Anti-Air     Far    N/B,6   F,QCT,3
                      Near   N/B,2   F,QCT,1   B,5   D,3
    Regular  Akuma    Hold Start,?,D,D,D,B,B,B,1+3
    Ugly Red Akuma    Hold Start,?,D,D,D,B,B,B,4+6
    *Use Teleport to escape corner trap or confuse your opponent.
    *Use Air Fireball to confuse your opponent.
    *Use Blue Fireball in Fireball fight.  Beware the long delay of Red Fireball.
    *Bison Killer can be stopped by throw, Air-borne, Super, or normal attack.
    *Avoid using Bison Killer unless you absolutely have no better place for 
    *Surprise Ryu using your super fireball against his super fireball.
    *If evil has a name, then it is Akuma.  Akuma felt empty as he has triumph over
     all opponents.  He thought to himself, "Weaklings, Is there no one worth
     fighting?"  Akuma would then recollect his memory about his past.  He thought
     of his brother, Sheng Long, then grined and said "It's the path not the goal."
    Birdie:           "It's good to be back"                          Hold D+3Ps
                      "Still the best"                                Hold D+3Ks
                      "What made you think you could beat me?"        Hold D+2+3+6
                      "Show some respect & maybe you'll keep          Hold D+3+5+6
         Birdie is a gangbanger who loved headbanger & punk rock.  After his defeat
    in the Street Fighter Tournment, Birdie return to the fighting circuit to prove
    his own worth.
    Alpha Counter     AC,P       Birdie performs a Headbutt Rush
    Taunt             F+Start    Birdie yawns in boredom at the challenge he faces.
                      B+Start    Birdie tastes the blood of victims on his chain.
                      D+Start    Birdie combs his hair to stay "cool".
    Headbutt   Rush   SB,P       VD 1/2/3
    Turnaround Rush   Hold 2Ps/Ks,C,Release   *** See Strategy ***
    Chain Grab        DB,QCT,JF,P
    Magic Chain Grab  2xQCT,P/K   1=shortest distance & 6=longest distance
    Rush & Attack     SSB,P
    Magic Throw       Air Block Fireball, CC+3 when Birdie touches the ground
    Best Anti-Air
    *Use Magic Throw or Magic Chain Grab to counter fireballer from far away.
    *Use Block then Headbutt Rush to counter fireballer from close by.
    *Use Chain Grab as primary weapon.  Master it for it does 25% Damage to 
    *Birdie's TAR seems to be have interesting effect.  For example: Hold all 6
     buttons down.  Release them in sequence 1,2,3,4,5, and Birdie will keep doing
     his TAR repeatedly.  Use TAR to pass Fireballs.  Timing Critical!
    *Birdie approach Bison with the request of joining Shadowloo.  Birdie had to
     best Bison to prove he is worthy to enter Shadowloo.  After defeating Bison,
     Birdie exclaimed "Watch the Birdie" (no pun intended!).  Birdie enjoyed 
     himself in the life of "Shadaloo".  But, will he be contend with serving 
     under Bison?
    Bison:            "You are a fool to challenge me."               Hold D+3Ps
    Vega (Japan Name) "You were almost entertaining."                 Hold D+3Ks
                      "You cannnot fight destiny.  The world is       Hold D+1+2+4
                      "Leave my sight"                                Hold D+3+5+6
    Birthday: April 17th, ????   Likes: World Domination   Hates: Cowards
    Height: 182 cm   Weight: 80 KG   Measurement: 129, 85, 91   Blood Type: A
         Surrounded by beautiful women, everything about bison is hiding in the
    cloud of mystery.  His aura is an evil one, whoever pose as an obstacle will be
    send to hell by his Psycho Cruher.  Bison used to appear in some Japanese
    cartoon, therefore, he has always admired by a crowd of older ladies.  Bison is
    seeking world domination.  But, he must eliminate all possible contenders who
    might be an obstacle to his plan.
    Alpha Counter     AC,P       Bison Performs a Standing Strong
    Taunt             F+Start    Bison gives his opponent a "get outta here" sign
                      B+Start    Bison stand up & leviate murmuring something
    Engergy Sphere    SB,P       VS 1/2/3
    Air Stomp         FK,K       Daemon Flight performed by hit P after Air Stomp
    Daemon Flight     FK,P
    Teleport          F,QCT,3Ps/3Ks
    Psycho Crusher    SSB,P
    Knee Nitemare     SSB,K
    Example  Combo    JF,6,DB,1,F,6
    Chain    Combo    ???
    Favorite Combo
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    SSB,P
                      Near   ?
    Regular Bison     Hold Start,?,D,D,B,B,D,B,B,1+3
    Cool    Bison     Hold Start,?,D,D,B,B,D,B,B,4+6
    *Use continuous Teleport to confuse & terrify your opponent.
    *You are on your own for now.
    *Bison has expected Rose for quite some time.  After defeated Rose, Bison said
     "Your Soul Power is so pityful, and you have lost your life".  Bison had the
     match replayed over and over in his mind.  Is there no one can stop Bison?
    Charlie:          "Are you always so slow"                        Hold D+3Ps
    Nash (Japan Name) "One more down, one with the war"               Hold D+3Ks
                      "Be all that you can be, Scumbag"               Hold D+1+4+5
                      "You got talent.  Uncle Sam could use you."     Hold D+3+5+6
         Charlie is currently seeking Bison to arrest him for numerous crimes that
    Bison is involved with.  Charlie & Guile are buddies who have met in services.
    Alpha Counter     AC,P        Charlie performs a Standing Fierce
    Taunt             F+Start     Charlie Adjust his jacket
                      B+Start     Charlie writes your name on his victim list
    Sonic Boom        SB,P        VS 1/2/3
    Air Throw         A,B/F,2/3   Hit 2/3 when sprites overlap in mid-air.
    Flash Kick        FK,K        VD 4/5/6, VH 4/5/6
    Hop Spin Kick     F+5         Great Suicidal Move
    Hop Kick          F/B+6       Charlie rush towards opponent & does a low kick.
    Sonic Beam        SSB,P       L1:2   L2:3   L3:4
    Super Flash Kick  SFK,K       (go thru fireball even at Level 1 if timing is 
    Super Dash Kick   SSB,K
    Example  Combo    JF,6,DB,4,2,F,2/3   JF,6,DB,4,2,U,K   JF,6,DB,4,2,SFK,K
                      JF,6,DB,1,1,4,5,F,2/3 (In Corner)
    Chain    Combo    D,1,4,5   D,1,N,2,3
    Favorite Combo    JF,6,DB,1,1,4,5,SSB,K,SSB,P
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    FK,4
                      Near   FK,4
    *Use Sonic Boom against Fireballers.  Use Sonic Beam to overcome Fireballers.
     avoid fireball fight against Fireballer who can overpower your Sonic Beam.
    *Use lowest Flash Kick only.  Beware of opponent who jump in & air block whose
     intention is to draw your Flash Kick then hit you with a fireball or combo.
    *Use Super Dash Kick at close range against Fireballers.  Timing Critical.
    *Use Crouch Fierce (Uppercut) as your main Anti-Air Weapon.
    *DB is the best position for Charlie.  Good for all his Special & Super Moves.
    *After Bison is defeated, Charlie radioed his base to bring a recon team to
     pick up Bison.  Charlie was amushed by Bison from behind.  Charlie received a
     fatal wound.  This set the story for SF2 where Guile, Charlie's buddy, 
     attempts on taking Bison down for revenge.
    Chun Li:          "I expected better"                             Hold D+3Ps
                      "I don't have time for amateurs"                Hold D+3Ks
                      "You don't have the skill to beat me"           Hold D+1+4+5
                      "If you're going to fight, fight for real"      Hold D+3+4+6
    Birthday: March 1st, 1968   Likes: Fruits   Hates: Peverts (Balrog)
    Height: 170 cm   Weight: Secret Measurement: 88, 58, 90   Blood Type: A
         Chun Li is currently seeking Bison to avenge her father's death.
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Crouch Medium Kick
    Taunt             Start       Makes a funny face & say "I am sorry!"
    Burst Kick        K...        Press any Kick repeatedly
    Air Throw         A,B/F,2/3   Hit 2/3 When sprites overlap in mid-air
    Air Stomp         A,D,5       Air Stomp requires D not DB/DF
    Split Kick        HCB,K
    Spin Kick         FK,K        VH 1/2/3, MH 1/2/3, AJ
    Fireball          SB,P        VS 1/2/3
    Rush Burst Kick   SSB,K
    Super Fireball    2xQCT,P
    Super Spin Kick   SSB,K
    Tick              DB,5,F,2/3
    Example  Combo    JF,3,B,2,F,2   JF,3,B,1,3,F,2   JF,3/6,D,5,U,K
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,3   N,1,2,D,6
    Favorite Combo    SSB,K,2xQCT,P,SFK,K (In Corner)
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    JF,4
                      Near   FK,K   2xQCT,P
    *Split Kick will go thru fireball including Ryu's Super Fireball
    *Rush Burst Kick will go thru fireballs.  Even L1 will work if timed properly.
    *Never use Chun Li as a brute force.  never get into a fireball fight.
    *Chun Li is used best as a "gurella fighter".  Annoy your opponent with D,5
     Push your opponent into corner, then punish them for trying to beat on a girl!
    *Chun Li was amushed by Bison's Psycho Crusher after winning the match.  Chun 
     Li was hospitalized, she burns with the desire to even the score with Bison 
     in SF2
    Dan:              "Don't even try to get up"                      Hold D+3Ps
                      "Keep your day job"                             Hold D+3Ks
                      "My faher can beat you, and he's dead"         Hold D+1+2+4
                      "For a loser, you did pretty well"              Hold D+3+5+6
         Dan is seeking Sagat to avenge his father's death.  Dan's father is the
    man who has taken Sagat's eyesight in his right eye.  Dan is rumored to be
    Robert Garcia's son. ( Art of Fighting )
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Dan performs a crouch roundhouse
    Taunt             Start       Dan show off his bicep to his opponent
    Overhead Strike   N.A.
    Fireball          QCT,P       VS 1/2/3, VD 1/2/3
    Tornado Kick      QCB+K       VD 4/5/6, VH 6/5/4, MH 1/2/3
    Dragon Punch      F,QCT,P     VH 1/2/3
    Super Fireball    2xQCT,P
    Desperation Move  2xQCB,K
    Still  Dragon     2xQCT,K
    Rumored Super     1,1,F,N,4   *** Level 3 Super ***  I sure can't pull it off
    Tick              QCB,6 D,5,QCB,6   D,6,QCB,6   D,5,6,QCB,6 D,1,4,5,QCB,6
    Example  Combo    JF,3/6,D,5,QCB,6   JF,3/6,5,6   JF,3/6,N,1,2,QCT,3
                      JF,3/6,D,2,5,QCB,6   JF,3/6,D,4,4,5,QCB,6
    Chain    Combo
    Surprise Combo
    Favorite Combo    JF,6,D,1,4,4,5,QCB,6,2xQCB,P,2xQCT,P
    Re-Dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far
                      Near   F,QCT,1
    Pink (Fag) Dan    Hold Start,?,1,4,5,6,3,2
    Green      Dan    Hold Start,?,3,6,5,4,1,2
    *Dan's Dragon Punch is vunerable at all times.
    *Dan is the ultimate fighter.  Extremely suicidal in a beginner's hands, but
     deadly in the hands of an expert.  Extremely vunerable character.
    *Use Fireball only to counter fireball close-up.  If you don't have the timing,
     then it's better off you block.  Use Fireball to sneak attack when unexpected.
    *Use Super Fireball to sneak attack those who are careless in their approach
     who underestimate Dan's Fireballs. <evil grin>
    *Use Tornado Kick to continuously tick off energy.  Beware of Alpha Counter!
    *Use short Tornado Kick to travel over certain Fireball.
    *Dan was celebrating his victory over Sagat when Bison approach him.  Bison
     offered Dan a place in Shadowloo in exchange of special technique.  Dan's
     pride has made him turned down Bison's over & Dan further muck Bison.  Bison
     vowed that he will never let such an insult pass by without revenge.
    Guy:             "You can't beat what you can't touch"           Hold D+3Ps
                      "You're so outclassed"                          Hold D+3Ks
                      "Don't worry, everyone loses to me."            Hold D+2+3+6
                      "Shouldn't you be crawling to hospital about    Hold D+3+5+6
         Guy is determined to cleanse the world of all evil.  After his victory in
    destroying Sodom's gang in Final Fight, he is currently seeking Bison to 
    prevent Bison from bringing further harm to the world.  Guy is a warrior of 
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Guy performs a crouch forward.
    Taunt             Start       Guy turns around and flip his opponent off
    Overhead Strike   F+2         Guy performs an overhead elbow
    Tornado Kick      QCB,K       VH 4/5/6
    Bushido Run       QCT,K,K     4=Stop, 5=Slide, & 6=Twist Kick (hits low block)
    Bushido Leap      QCT,P,P     VD 1/2/3, VH 3/2/1, Overlap+2/3=Throw or air drop
    Bushido Fury      2xQCT,P     Good only against air-borne opponent
    Bushido Rage      2xQCT,K
    Example  Combo    D,5,6  D,4,5,6 D,5,QCB,6 N,3,QCT,6,6
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,3,6   D,4,5,6
    Favorite Combo    QCT,3,N,1,2,3,6
    Re-dizzy Combo    JF,6,D,1,N,2,3,QCT,6,6 (In Corner)
    Best Anti-Air     Far
                      Near   QCB,K
    *Use Bushido Leap & Throw to counter Fireballer from far away
    *Guy is the fastest character in SFA.  continuous assault & harrasment of your
    *Use Jab Bushido Leap to counter some projectile.
    *Guy finally has realized his "inner power".  After defeating Bison, he said to
     Bison "You could have been a great man, but you have abused your power for too
     long.  I leave you with your conscious..."  Bison vowed to revenged his 
    Ken:              "Don't tell me, you're actually unconscious"    D+3Ps
                      "Now you can see the difference between us"     D+3Ks
                      "Next time I won't be so easy on you"           D+1+4+5
                      "You're better than you look, try harder"       D+3+5+6
    Birthday: Febuary 14h, 1965  Likes: Gourmet Cooking         Hates: Sour Plum
    Height: 178cm   Weight: 76 KG   Measurement: 114, 82, 86   Blood Type: B
         Ken is a friend and rival of Ryu.  They grew up together and trained
    under Master Sheng Long.  Ken is currently seeking Ryu after hearing the news
    of Ryu's victory in Street Fighter Tournment.  Ken's arrogant personality often
    get him into deep trouble.  Ken's favorite move is using hurrican kick to knock
    his opponent senseless, then finish them off with his fierce Dragon Punch.
    Alpha Counter     AC,P        Ken performs a fierce Dragon Punch
    Taunt             F+Start     Ken grins and gesture the opponent to come closer
                      B+Start     Ken fixes his hair then gives a thumb's up sign
    Overhead Strike   F+5         Ken performs a vertical split kick
    Ground Roll       QCB+P       VD 4/5/6
    Fireball          QCT,P       VS 1/2/3
    High Roundhouse   B+5
    Hurricane Kick    QCB+K       VD 4/5/6
    Dragon Punch      F,QCT,P     VH 1/2/3, VD 1/2/3
    Violent Dragon    2xQCT,P     Only the 1st Dragon Punch is invunerable.
    Still  Dragon     2xQCT,K
    Tick              D,5,QCT,3   D,6,QCT,3   D,5,6,QCT,3 D,1,4,5,QCT,3
    Example Combo     JF,3/6,D,5,QCT,3   JF,3/6,5,6   JF,3/6,N,1,2,QCT,3
                      JF,3/6,D,2,5,QCT,3   JF,3/6,D,4,4,5,QCT,3
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,D,6   D,4,6   D,4,5   D,4,5,6
    Surprise Combo    JF,3/6,F,5   JF,3/6,DF,4,4,F,5
    Best     Combo    JF,3/6,D,1,4,5,QCB,6   Courtesy of Tony Defily
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    B,5       F,QCT,3
                      Near   F/N/B,2   F,QCT,1
    *Use Ground Roll or Violent Dragon Punch to counter fireball to surprise your
     opponent with a combo of your own.
    *No Fireball fight pattern with Super Fireball characters, unless you have a
     death wish.  Use Fireball to cancel normal fireall only.
    *Be on offensive & try to work ground roll into combos at all time.
    *You'll notice the friendly rivalry between Ryu & Ken.  After winning the 
     match, Ryu returned to Japan to retrain himself.  While Ken reply to a 
     challenge from some unknown competition.  Ken met Eliza after obliberate the
     oposition and became lovers.  Ken went head over heel for Eliza and neglect 
     his training.  Ken received a wake-up call, a letter from Ryu challenge him 
     to enter the Street Fighter Tournament.  (SF2)  Due to the lack of training, 
     Ken's fireball has a longer delay & slightly slower speed.  Is this time 
     really the destiny that he should be defeated by Ryu?  Ken's arrogance will 
     never yield to anyone!
    Rose:             "Power is nothing without skill."               Hold D+3Ps
                      "Are you done?"                                 Hold D+3Ks
                      "Forgive me, but my fight is not with you."     Hold D+1+4+5
                      "Today's lesson is over."                       Hold D+3+5+6
         Rose is a former acquaintance of Bison.  Rose is tracking down Bison to
    prevent Bison from abusing his gifted power to achieve his desire in te world
    Alpha Counter     AC,P        Rose does a harmless Soul Catch which stunts
    Taunt             Start       Rose gives her opponent a "no-no" sign & tell'em
                                  that they have been naughty
    Slide             DF,5
    Soul Spark        QCT,P
    Soul Reflect      QCB,P    1=Absorb, 2=Reflect, 3=Reflect Diagnolly
    Soul Catch        F,QCT,P  Anti-Air Move
    Mega Soul Spark   2xQCB,P  L1:3 L2:4 L5:5
    Super Soul Catch  2xQCT,P
    Soul Images       2xQCT,K  L1=Shortest Time, L3=Longest Time
    Tick              Continuous Slide after Soul Images.
    Example  Combo    JF,6,B,4,HCT,3   JF,6,DB,1,4,5,6
    Chain    Combo    D,1,4,5,6
    Favorite Combo
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far
                      Near   F,QCT,P followed by a combo of your choice
    *Use continuous Slide after Soul Images will penetrate opponent's low block.
    *Use Mega Soul Spark to overpower opponent's fireball.
    *Use Soul Reflect to either absorb opponent's Special Move into your Super Bar
     or relect the fireball while they are stunted.
    *Beware of Super Fireballs can not be reflected using Soul Reflect.
    *Rose possess a fireball, but should never be use as a fireballer.  She
     requires finesse rather than brute force.
    *Rose was sent by unknown people to confront Bison about his abuse of his
     special gifed power.  She chew Bison out for his behavior, and Bison told her
     "Shut up and fight!".  Rose defeated Bison's Psycho Power with her own Soul
     Power.  She was near death and exhausted after the match.  Suddenly, a sound 
     of heartbeat is heard, could it be that Bison has survive the encounter after
    Ryu: "Dragon"     "You fought well, I was honored."               Hold D+3Ps
                      "I look forward to our next battle"             Hold D+3Ks
                      "What's wrong?  Why do you hold back?"          Hold D+2+3+6
                      "Now I'll find a better challenge."             Hold D+3+5+6
    Birthday: July 21th, 1964   Like: Martial Art & ?          Hate: Spider
    Height: 175 cm   Weight: 68 KG   Measurement: 112, 81, 85   Blood Type: O
         Ryu has devoted himself to the art of fighting.  He travel only with
    whatever that he carried on him.  Always travel alone no matter what the season
    or weather is like.  Ryu is always seeking worthy opponent to improve his skill
    and to prove his own worth through fighting.  People often think "Who da hell 
    is this guy?!"  After claiming the "King of Hill" title in the Street Fighter
    Tournment, Ryu has received a challenge for a rematch from the former champion
    Alpha Counter     AC,P        Ryu performs a Fierce Dragon Punch
    Taunt             F+Start     Adjust Headband
                      B+Start     Adjust Handguards
    Overhead Strike   F+2         Ryu execute an overhead 2 hit punch
    Spin Kick         F+5         Ryu hops while execute a spin kick
    Blue Fireball     QCT+P       VS 1/2/3
    Red  Fireball     HCT+P       VS 1/2/3, set opponent on fire
    Hurricane Kick    QCB+K       VD 4/5/6
    Dragon Punch      F,QCT,P     VH 1/2/3
    Super Fireball    2xQCT,P     L1:3  L2:4  L3:5   AJ:2
    Super Hurricane   2xQCB,K     L1:4  L2:8  L3:12
    Tick              QCT,3   D,5,QCT,3   D,6,QCT,3   D,5,6,QCT,3   D,1,4,5,QCT,3
    Example  Combo    JF,3/6,D,5,QCT,3   JF,3/6,5,6   JF,3/6,N,1,2,QCT,3
                      JF,3/6,D,2,5,QCT,3   JF,3/6,D,4,4,5,QCT,3
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,D,6   D,4,6   D,4,5   D,4,5,6
    Surprise Combo    JF,3/6,F,2   JF,3/6,DF*,4,4,F,2
                      *It's important to use DF instead of DB/D, otherwise, 
                       Fireball will be performed at close range, resulted in 
    Favorite Combo    JF,3/6,(B,4,DB,5,6,QCT,P)/(F,4,DF,4,F,2)
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    N/B,6   F,QCT,3
                      Near   N/B,2   F,QCT,1   B,5   D,3
    *Use Fireball to draw opponent into a fireball fight then use Super Fireball to
     overpower their fireball.  However, beware of Akuma & Sagat's Super Fireball.
    *Use Super Fireball to punish those who jump towards you the moment before
     landing but too far away from your other attacks.
    *Use Super Fireball to cancel Akuma's Air Fireball & Punish him for annoy you!
    *Use Spin Kick to punish player who missed a nearby low attack (Low 
    *Beware of Sodom player who will use Slide Surprise to counter your Fireball.
    *Always alter the speed of you fireball to confuse your opponent.  Use Jab
     Fireball to punish Sodom for trying to use Slide Surprise to counter Fireball.
    *Use early Overhead Strike to ensure a clear hit + Fireball Combo.
    *Ryu was designed as vs. character right from start.  The author suspect that
     Ryu is the altered ego of the original programmer, who was 16 years of age,
     when he programmed the original Street Fighter.  Ryu had a faster response,
     recovery from fireball in SF series.  Later given invunerability in Hurrincane
     Kick.  Ryu do more damage & faster Ken.  Ryu will always be in SF series.
    *After defeated Sagat.  Sagat kneeled in front of Ryu full of anger & hatred.
     Ryu was upset by the fact that the match brings him no honor. Before 
     departing, Ryu reminded Sagat that "A true warrior fights with heart & skill,
     not with anger & hatred".  And with that Ryu continued his voyage in search 
     of the Warrior's Way, while Sagat vowed to revenged his further dishonor by 
    Sagat:            "Now who's the strongest"                       Hold D+3Ps
                      "It will take more than you to best me"         Hold D+3Ks
                      "Do not challenge what you cannot defeat!"     Hold D+1+4+5?
                      "Accept your weakness & never return here!"     Hold D+3+5+6
    Birthday: July 2nd, 1955   Likes: Worthy Opponent   Hates: Rising Dragon Punch
    Height: 226 cm   Weight: 78 KG   Measurement: 130, 86, 95   Blood Type: B
         After the defeat in Street Fighter Tournament, the former "King of Hill"
    has return to reclaim the title of the world's strongest from the "lucky boy"
    who has taken it from him.  Sagat's chest bares a scare caused by Ryu's Dragon
    Punch which knock him out cold in the last Street Fighter Tournament.  The 
    scare glows from the ki, whenever Sagat remind himself of the defeat at the 
    hands of a mere boy.
    Alpha Counter     AC,K        Sagat performs a stand medium kick
    Taunt             Start      Sagat analysis the opponent for a moment then grin
    Tiger Wave        QCT,P/K     VS 1/2/3 4/5/6, Sagat does High/Low Tiger Wave
    Tiger Uppercut    F,QCT,P     AJ, VH 1/2/3, VD 1/2/3
    Tiger Knee        F,QCT,K     AJ, VD 4/5/6
    Super Tiger Ki    2xQCT,P     AJ:2 Hits
    Tiger Genocide    2xQCT,K     AJ
    Tiger Fury        2xQCB,K
    Example  Combo    JF,6,F,2,QCT,3   JF,6,D,5,QCT,6   JF,6,N,1,2,2xQCB,K
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,6   N,1,2,D,6
    Favorite Combo
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    N,6
                      Near   F/N/B,2
    *Use Tiger Wave to draw opponent into a Fireball fight.  Use Super Tiger Ki to
     overpower their fireball.  Remember L1 STK = Ryu's L2 = Akuma's L1 Fireballs.
    *After Sagat winning the match, Sagat saw the sad look on Ryu's face.  He also
     noticed that Ryu did not use all his skill & full strength during the match.
     Sagat suddenly realized that Ryu was holding back.  Ryu has let him redeem his
     shame by letting him winning the match.  Sagat realized such a victory was an
     empty one.  Sagat vowed to seek Ryu in the next Street Fighter Tournament 
     (SF2) to redeem himself in the honorable fashion.  Until then, Sagat's 
     consumed by his own anger & hatre toward Ryu.  Sagat will join Shadowloo in 
     search for Ryu.
    Sheng Long: (Rising Dragon)
         Master Sheng Long is the mentor of Ryu, Ken, & Akuma.  Master Sheng Long
    is also Akuma's brother.  Master Sheng Long is the keeper of deadly secret of
    Shoruken ( Rising Dragon Punch ).  He did not pass the fatal technique of
    Shoruken to Ryu, Ken, or Akuma.  Sheng Long is currently nickname "the old man"
    in the SFA fans.
    See Akuma's Section
         No Hint will be given, if you receive any hint in prior USFA FAQ, disgard
    it!  The author will not hear about anyone losing their money or mind in 
    attempt to get the Sheng Long Code.  You'll do so in your own risk.
         Sheng Long Code will be released upon USFA FAQ v1.0 ( Full Release )
    If you have Wolverine or Spiral, then I would be more than happy to trade.
         Wanna C Sheng Long, But having a hard time getting the code???  Well,
    finish the game with Akuma, the old man in the background is Sheng Long.
    Sodom:            "You're just too weak"                          Hold D+3Ps
                      "Not bad, you should work for me next time"     Hold D+3Ks
                      "You will not interfere with my plans"          Hold D+1+4+5
                      "I guess I beat you pretty good.  Nothing       Hold D+3+5+6
         Sodom is the head of the yakuza ( Japanese mafia ) that terrorize the 
    Metro City.  Sodom is currently seeking Guy to avenge the destruction of his 
    gang & plan in Final Fight.  His ultimate goal is to remove Guy from being a 
    further obstacle in world domination.
    Alpha Counter     AC,P        Sodom performs a medium Sai Strike.
    Taunt             Start       Sodom bow to his opponent in "respect"
    Slide Suprise     D,6
    Sai Strike        F,QCT,P
    Sai Pounce        CC,P
    Carpet Burn       CC,K
    Sai Rush          2xQCT,P
    Sodom Nitemare    2xCC,P
    Tick              F,QCT,3
    Example  Combo    JF,3/6,F,5,QCT,3   JF,3/6,B,5,DB,3,F,QCT,3
                      JF,3/6,F,5,2xQCT,3   JF,6,F,4,5,QCT,3
                      JF,3/6,F,1,5,6,QCT,P   JF,3/6,B,4,CC,K
    Chain    Combo    N,1,2,D,6
    Favorite Combo    JF,6,F,4,5,6,CC,K (In Corner)   Courtesy of Tony Defily
    Re-dizzy Combo    N.A.
    Best Anti-Air     Far    F,QCT,2
                      Near   D,3
    *Sodom's standing roundhouse is unblockable when the opponent is just getting 
    *Use Slide Surprise against fireballers.  Beware that Slide Surprise do not
     work against certain slowest projectile, such as Charlie's.
    *Use Sai Strike against air-borne opponent, even against Akuma's Air Fireball.
    *Sodom is probably the #1 character against Ryu, Ken, & Akuma.  Keep DB as your
     neutral position as you keep your enemy within your Slide Surprise range.  If
     they jump towards you use D,3 or Sai Rush to keep them back.  If they throw
     fireball, use Slide Surprise.  If you have to block their fireball, perform an
     Alpha Counter immediately to punish them.  Use Unblockable Standing Rounhouse
     after knock down to further your punishment.  Punish those Fireballers for all
     the cheap moves they have tried to pull on you.  Make them Pay for their 
    *Sodom defeated Guy to prevent Guy from interfere with Sodom's plan for the
     world domination ever again.  Sodom gathered his former underlings from "Mad
     Cear" gang & decided to form a new gang named "Daemonic ? ? ?" gang.  Will
     Sodom succeed in his conquest of world domination?  Only the time will tell...
         Spiral is a member of X-Men.  She is in the SFA.  If you know how to use
    her or her move, please forward the information.
         Wolverine is a member of X-Men.  He is in the SFA.  If you know how to use
    him or his move, please forward the information.
    | Expert Advice |
      1.  Analysis your opponent.  Observe their pattern & weakness by watching 
          they play other player.  Use this information obtained against them!
      2.  Always try to be unpredictable.  Once you're predictable, then you are
          good as dead.  Be spontaneous, reactive, & dominative.
      3.  Always try to lure your opponent into a repeatitive pattern.
      4.  Super can be countered by escape, Super, or AC.  If all else fails, 
      5.  Always tick energy off, no matter what you do, always make them bleed a
          little at the time.  (See Tick under Individual Character)
      6.  Psychological Warfare is the most lethal trick of all form of attack.
          This includes trash talk.  However, remember that this is only a game.
          That means don't carry it too far, otherwise, you better have eyes on the
          back of your head when you walked out the arcade, or pray you can fight
          like the characters in SFA.  Psych your opponent out!
      7.  Always be courteous, remember to give those player without a chance an
          extra round or two.  Otherwise, you will be a very lonely player.
      8.  Counter all attack, attack fiercely, and intimidate the opposition with
          crushing combos to instill fear into their mind.  Play with their mind!
    | Misc SFA Codes |
    Vs. Akuma         Hold Start,anywhere,2+5
    Warning:          The game only last one match whether or not you win or lose.
    Vs. Bison         1st P Hold Start,U,U,Release Start,U,U,1
                      2nd P Hold Start,U,U,Release Start,U,U,3
                      Note: 1st Player=Ryu & 2nd Player=Ken
                      1st P move to Ken's Spot Repeat Code Replace 1 with 3.
                      2nd P move to Ryu's Spot Repeat Code Replce 3 with 1.
                      Note: 1st Player=Ken & 2nd Player=Ryu
                      *** Do not overlap the cursors ***
    Vs. Dan           Hold D+3 P/K when the match is over.  Repeat for first 5
                      stages.  On the 6th Stage, Dan will challenge you.  This code
                      will work if you lose rounds, but not sure if it will work if
                      you lose a match.
    Warning:          You will not get your character's regular ending.
    Vs. Sheng Long    ???
    Vs. Spiral        ???
    Vs. Wolverine     ???
    Code Sequence:    Vs. Bison, then duel it out, then Vs. Dan Code will work in
    | Top 10 Wish List |
    1.  Increase Aggressiveness & Artificial Intelligence in AI routine.
    2.  Information on each character will be expanded to exactly to fit on one 
        page for easy reference.
    3.  The stupid flames will stop.  People are entitled to different point of
        views.  My reason for writting this FAQ is not for fame or glory.  My 
        reason is to help fellow Street Fighters in improve themselves and my 
        skills, too.
    4.  If anyone can tell me what the port on the side of SFA machine is for.
    5.  If anyone wants to help me write a C program to test all buttons & joystick
        combination, so I can hook it up to SFA machine to find out more codes.
    6.  Better graphix on SFA.  I liked the game play, but the graphix can use
        improvement for sure.
    7.  New Update chip on SFA, please!
    8.  Repeatable Taunts like Dan for all characters!  It will be better if Taunt
        can be interupted at a given moment of notice.
    9.  More constructive advice, comment, & criticism from fellow SFA players.
    10. More constructive posting on Newsgroup alt.games.sf2.  Not flames or stupid
        posting that insult each other.  If you must do so, do it in e-mail.  Let's
        keep the net traffic flow smoothly, & not wasting the bandwith.
    | How to receive FAQ |
    1.  The current version of USFA FAQ will be posted in Usenet Newsgroup
        Alt.Games.SF2 & Alt.Games.Video.Arcade on an irregular basis by volunteers.
    2.  The current version of USFA FAQ can be obtained through Anonymous FTP at
        brawl.mindlink.net under /pub/sfa/StreetFighterAlpha.faq.Avenger.
    3.  The current version of USFA FAQ can be obtained directly from the author at
        ceet1246@eiger.ceet.niu.edu.  Please indicate if you would like to be 
        placed on the subscription list of all future version of USFA FAQ.
    4.  The current version of USFA FAQ will be accessible through World-Wide-Web 
        at Dark Avenger's Street Fighter Alpha Home Page.  URL will be posted in the
        newsgroups described above as soon as it becomes available.
    5.  Please make this USFA FAQ widely circulated, this will keep the author more
        constructive to bring you further enhanced version of USFA FAQ in future.
    +---------------+                            _\\///_
    | Special Thanx |                           (' O O ')
    Special Thanx to all the people who help me in idea & construction of this FAQ.
    *DarkNyght3 for virtually unlimited access to SFA machine inside & out <grin>
    *Robert Gorniak for some Spelling & Grammar Checking.
    *lanzer@mindlink.net for Chun Li's taunt correction.
    *Tony Defily for some Sodom Combo.
    *Fellow SFA Players for insight & enjoyment of my SFA matches.
    *Finally, my special thanx to those who has give me the time & patience to read
     this FAQ, and e-mail me constructive advice, comment, & criticism.

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