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    Akuma by DBryant

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/16/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: udjbryant@cc.memphis.edu (DEREK)
    Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2
    Subject: AKUMA FAQ Ver. 2.0 (New!!)
    Date: 19 Feb 96 19:49:24 -0500
                                     The Unofficial 
                      @@                                        @@
                    @@@@                                        @@@@
                  @@  @@                                        @@  @@
                @@    @@   @@@   @@@  @@@   @@@  @@@    @@@@    @@    @@
              @@ @@@@ @@    @@ @@      @@   @@    @@@@ @@@@     @@ @@@@ @@
            @@        @@    @@@        @@   @@    @@ @@@ @@     @@        @@
          @@          @@    @@ @@      @@   @@    @@  @  @@     @@          @@
        @@@@         @@@@  @@@   @@@    @@@@     @@@      @@@  @@@@         @@@@
                                   @@ @@ @@@ @ @@@@ @
                                     @  @@  @@  @ @
                                       @  @  @  @
                                         @    @
                                       Version 2.0
                                Written by:  Derek Bryant    
                                  (February 19, 1996)
    Table of Contents
    1)  HOW DO I CHOOSE AKUMA?      <----IMPORTANT---[
    2)  Who Is This Akuma Anyway?
    3)  Why Should I Even Use Akuma?
    4)  What Do The Abbreviations Mean?
    5)  What Are Akuma's moves?
    6)  What Are His Moves Called In Japanese?
    7)  What Are Akuma's Chains and Interruptables?
    8)  What Combos Can I Perform With Akuma?
    9)  What Are Some Techniques I Can Use With Akuma?
        -Various Other
            a) Corner Trap
            b) Drop and Mob
            c) Fireball Offensive
            d) Hide and Seek
            e) Short Death
            f) Cheap as Sin
            g) Spontaneous and Unpredictable
    10) Last Minute Tips
    11) Akuma's Top 10 Pet Peeves
    12) Acknowledgements
         This was originally intended to be a short moves list for Akuma but
    it is slowly turning into a multi-page faq.  I don't plan on doing any more
    revisions so I'm going to attempt to answer all questions concerning Akuma
    in this version.
    NOTE:  Perform these motions slowly.  I usually perform them while counting
           aloud and I succeed 95% of the time.
    1)  Go down to the random select box "?" and stop.  
    2)  Press and hold START button and tap joystick:
            -If you're on the PLAYER1 side:  down, down, down, left, left, left.
            -If you're on the PLAYER2 side:  down, down, down, right, right, right.
    3)  While still holding START, press:
            -Jab and Fierce simultaneously  (Black Akuma)
            -Short and Roundhouse   "       (Red Akuma)
    Who Is This Akuma Anyway?
    Excerpt from Allen Kim's SFA faq:
    Question:  Who is Akuma/Gouki?  In that case, who are Gouken and Goutetsu?
    They are the masters of Shotokan Karate, the martial arts style that Ryu, Ken, 
    and Dan practice.  Shotokan Karate was once a killing art for assassins.  This
    art lets you concentrate your chi and channel it into one murderous blow. 
    Master Goutetsu took the killing part out of the art and made it the way to
    live better, more freely.
    Gouken and Gouki (also known as Akuma in English) are his students.  Gouken
    grew up and taught Ryu, Ken, and Dan.  Gouki, always craving the power, found
    out about the killing part of Shotokan Karate.  The killing aspect is like the
    Darkside of the force;  It'll give you more power, but the power consumes you. 
    Thus, Gouki (Akuma) ahs changed into a demonic state, craving only blood.  With
    his new power, he killed Goutetsu and Gouken.
    Gouki is called Akuma outside of Japan.  Gou means "great" and Ki means
    "demon".  Akuma means "devil". The symbol on Akuma's back is a Kanji, Japanese
    letter pronounced "Ten".  It means "heaven, "sky", "destiny", and "fate".  In
    Akuma's context, it means "rest in peace".
    Why Should I Even Use Akuma?
    Akuma is undoubtedly the strongest character in SFA.  His Teleport makes him 
    a hard target to catch, and his Air-Fireball makes him a hard target to hit.
    His Shotokan style moves give him a nice balance of offensive and 
    defensive attacks. Throw in his invulnerable Uppercut and you've got a nasty 
    little demon on your hands.  Even though he is a strong character, he is not
    unbeatable.  Your own personal skill determines whether you win or lose.
    If you're using Akuma, you have a "programming related" advantage over your 
    opponent, not a skill advantage.  Speaking truthfully, you will have some
    of your best matches when using someone other than Akuma since fights tend
    to be one-side once you've mastered Akuma's techniques.  If anything, use
    Akuma against those smart-a$$e$ who only know how to throw, and throw,
    and throw, and throw!
    What Do The Abbreviations Mean?                             
           [Joystick]                             [Buttons]
      UB       O       UF        
          O    |    O                       jab    strong    fierce      (punches)
            \     /                          O        O        O
      B   o_   .   _o   F       
            /     \                          O        O        O
          O    |    O                      short   forward   roundhouse   (kicks)
      DB       O       DF
    j.roundhouse.......Jumping Roundhouse Kick
    j.fierce...........Jumping Fierce Punch
    c.jab..............Crouching Jab
    s.jab..............Standing Jab
    c.short............Crouching Short
    What are Akuma's moves?
      Regular Moves
    Regular moves are simply Akuma's basic attacks.  To perform them, simply
    stand, crouch, or jump and press the appropriate button.  
                    | Standing | Crouching| Vertical Jump   | For./Back.  Jump
    P | Jab         | high     | low      |  extends fist forward for entire jump |
    U |             | punch    | punch    |                                       |
    N |-------------.----------.----------.---------------------------------------|
    C |             | punches  | low      |  punches forward and slightly downward|
    H | Strong      | forward  | straight |                                       |
    E |             | & up     | punch    |                                       |
    S |-------------.----------.----------.---------------------------------------|
      | Fierce      | straight | punches  |  punches forward and slightly downward|
      |             | punch    | upward   |                                       |
      | Short       | quick    | low      |  kicks          |  knee attack        |
    K |             | kick     | kick     |  upward         |                     |
    I |-------------.----------.----------.-----------------.---------------------|
    C |             | raises   | low      |  kicks          |  kicks outward and  |
    K | Forward     | leg up & | kick     |  upward         |  slightly down      |
    S |             | drops it | waaay out|                 |                     |
      |             | forward  |          |                 |                     |
      | Roundhouse  | swings   | trips    |  kicks straight |  kicks outward and  |
      |             | foot     | opponent |   ahead         |   slightly down     |
      |             | around   |          |                 |                     |
      |             | high     |          |                 |                     |
    Special Moves
    This is a list of Akuma's special moves.  Each time one is performed, Akuma
    gains more Super energy.
    |     Name                 Motion               Description                   |
    |                                      Throws a blue fireball horizontally    |
    | Fireball            .  -O + any      across the screen.  Three speeds.      |
    |                     | \     punch                                           |
    |                     O  O                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | Flaming         O-  .  -O + any      Throws a red fireball horizontally     |
    | Fireball          / | \     punch    across the screen.  Three speeds.      |
    |                  O  O  O                                                    |
    |                     .  -O + any      Throws a blue fireball at a 45 degree  |
    | Air Fireball        | \     punch    angle downward at opponent. Three      |
    |(perform in air)     O   O            speeds                                 |
    |                                      Jumps vertically with fist extended.   |
    | Dragon Punch     -O | \   + any      Variable height. High priority.        |
    |                     O  O    punch                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | Overhead Chop      -O     + strong   Rushes in and chops opponent over      |
    |                             punch    the head.                              |
    |                                      Hops toward opponent with one leg      |
    | Hop Kick           -O     + forward  extended.                              |
    |                             kick                                            |
    |                                      Spins toward the opponent with one leg |
    | Whirlwind Kick   |  / O-  + any      extended.  Variable distance and hits. |
    |                  O O        kick                                            |
    |                                      Drops from the air sharply toward      |
    | Diving Kick            \  + forward  opponent with foot extended.           |
    |(apex of forward jump)   O   kick                                            |
    |                             all 3    Glides toward opponent with shadows    |
    | Teleport Forward  -O | \  + punches  trailing him.  Invulnerable.           |
    |                      O  O   or kicks Variable distance.                     |
    .---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
    |                             all 3    Glides away from opponent with shadows |
    | Teleport Backward O- |  / + punches  trailing him.  Invulnerable.           |
    |                      O O    or kicks Variable distance.                     |
    |                         O                                                   |
    |                        /                                                    |
    | Leap Attack         .  -O + any      Leaps into the air and does one of     |
    |                     | \     punch    the following:  *                      |
    |                     O  O                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |*Demon Punch                 any      Delivers a punch that knocks opponent  |
    |                             punch    down.                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |*Crazy Kick                  any      Dives into the opponent feet first     |
    |                             kick     and then lays on the ground.           |
    |                                                                             |
    |*Slide                       nothing  Rolls from the air and slides along    |
    |                                      the ground with foot extended.         |
    |                                                                             |
    |*Shoulder Throw      -O    + fierce   Grabs opponent's shoulders, flips them,|
    | (close)                     punch    and slams them.                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |*Powerbomb           -O    + round-   Grabs opponent in the air and power-   |
    | (close)                     house    bombs them to the ground.              |
    |                             kick                                            |
    |                                      Takes a short hop and rolls along the  |
    | Ground Roll       |  / O- + any      ground.  The roll is invulnerable to   |
    |                   O O       punch    fireballs.  The hop is not.            |
    |                                      Performs a roundhouse trip move        |
    | Alpha Counter  -O  \  |   + any      after blocking an attack.              |
    |                     O O     kick                                            |
    |                                      Akuma stomps on the ground while       |
    | Taunt              press start       shaking fiercely.  Shakes the screen.  |
    |                                                                             |
    Super Moves               
    While all the other characters have 3 super combos, Akuma has 4. Super Combos
    have 3 different levels....................
    |      Name                  Motion             Description                   |
    |                                        Throws a fireball that hits the      |
    | Double Vacuum    -O \  |   / -O   x 2  opponent multiple times.             |
    | Fireball             O O O                                                  |
    |                           -O           Throws an air-fireball that hits     |
    | Air Vacuum             | \        x 2  the opponent multiple times.         |
    | Fireball               O   O                                                |
    |                                        Does multiple Dragon Punches which   |
    | Violent Dragon      -O | \        x 2  hit several times.                   |
    |                        O   O                                                |
    |                                        The entire screen flashes white and  |
    | Raging Demon      jab,jab, -O , short  Akuma hits the opponent 15 times.    |
    |                                        Can only be done at level 3.         |
    What Are His Moves Called In Japanese
    For those of you who want to know the Japanese names and translations for these 
    moves, here they are:
    Japanese                   Common Name        Japanese Translation 
    Gou Ha Dou Ken..............Fireball..........Great Wave Motion Punch
    Shaku Netsu Ha Dou Ken......Flaming Fireball..Miracle Fever Wave Motion Punch
    Zan Kuu Ha Dou Ken..........Air Fireball......Slicing Air Wave Motion Punch
    Gou Shou Ryuu Ken...........Dragon Punch......Great Rising Dragon Punch
    TatsuMaki Zan Kuu Kyaku.....Whirlwind Kick....Whirlwind Slicing Air Leg
    AshuRa SenKuu...............Teleport..........Ashura Flash Air
    Hyaku Ki Shuu...............Leap Attack.......Hundred Demon Attack
    Tou Gai Ha Satsu............Overhead Chop.....Head Over Finishing Killer
    Ten Ma Kuu Jin Kyaku........Diving Kick.......Skys Evil Air Blade Kick
    Zen Hou Ten Shin............Ground Roll.......Forward Direction Body Roll
    Metsu Satsu Gou Ha Dou......Double Vacuum.....Annihilating Killer Great Wave
                                Fireball          Motion
    Ten Ma Gou Zan Kuu..........Air Vacuum........Skys Evil Great Slicing Air
    Metsu Satsu Gou ShoRyuu.....Violent Dragon....Annihilate Killer Great Rising
    Shun Goku Satsu.............Raging Demon......Instant Hellish Death
    What Are Akuma's Chains and Interruptables?
    Any of Akuma's regular moves can be interrupted by any special or super move.
    For example:  If you strike your opponent with a crouching strong punch, you
    can interrupt the remaining half of the punch animation with an uppercut.
    Akuma has a few regular moves which can be interrupted by another regular
    move.  They are:
    s.jab > s.strong > c.roundhouse
    c.short > c.forward > c.roundhouse
    These chains and any derivative of them are possible with Akuma.  For example:
    s.jab > c.roundhouse  is a chain.
    What combos can I perform with Akuma?
    The question SHOULD be "What combos CAN'T I perform with Akuma?".  I don't 
    suggest using all of Akuma's combos.  Select a few good ones and practice them
    until you become comfortable with them.  Here are some of the best:
    s.jab, s.strong, c.roundhouse
    c.short, c.forward, c.roundhouse
    J.fierce, s.jab, fireball
    J.roundhouse, s.strong, fireball
    J.roundhouse, c.fierce, hurricane kick
    (you get the picture)
    Meat and Potatoes
    J.roundhouse, c.fierce, uppercut
    J.roundhouse, s.strong, uppercut
    C.Fierce, uppercut (Simple yet effective)
    J.fierce, c.roundhouse, hurricane kick
    J.roundhouse, c.forward, little hurricane, big hurricane
    J.roundhouse, c.roundhouse, red fireball
    J.roundhouse (behind the neck), c.fierce, uppercut
    J.roundhouse, c.short, overhead chop (not a "traditional" combo)
    Elite (The good stuff!)
    J.fierce, c.jab, c.forward, little hurricane, super uppercut
    J.roundhouse, c.jab, c.short, c.forward, little hurricane, super fireball
    J.roundhouse, s.jab, s.strong, c.roundhouse, super fireball
    What Are Some Techniques I Can Use With Akuma?
    An Effective Akuma
    To play an effective Akuma means using several different strategies against 
    your opponent to drain their energy as quickly as possible.  Each of these 
    strategies must make use of one or more of Akuma's "bogard" moves (moves that 
    do maximum damage or are very hard to avoid). Even though the following moves 
    have their downfalls, I find them to be the best at draining precious energy.
    |Move                    | Pros                  | Cons                      |
    |Throws                  | easy and versatile    | open for combo            |
    |Uppercut                | easy and versatile    | punished if blocked       |
    |Overhead Chop           | usually connects      | slow                      |
    |Fireballs               | easy and versatile    | weak                      |
    |Hurricane Kick          | good setup move       | punished if blocked       |
    |Super Fireball (ground) | deadly                | hard to do                |
    |Super Fireball (air)    | deadly                | weak if it hits a jumper  |
    |Super Uppercut          | deadly                | combo'd if blocked        |
    |Raging Demon            | It's Gotta Hurt!      | easily countered,hard todo| 
    A Pretty Akuma
    Playing a "pretty" Akuma basically means showing off.  You are simply
    performing those combos which require MUCH skill and coordination to do.  
    Those combos usually involve a great number of hits and require precise timing.
    I find the following moves to be very useful when playing "pretty";
    | Move                      |           Uses
    | Jabs                        Use these to start BIG combos!  Mix 'em up 
    |                             separately or in chains.
    | Shorts                      Same as jabs except better range.
    | Short Whirlwinds            Use these to juggle your opponent after 
    |                             a chain combo.  Hurricane then uppercut.
    | Air Fireballs               Use these to start GRUESOME combos in the
    |                             corner.
    | Air Shoulder Toss           Use these on sleeping opponents.
    | Air Powerbomb               Trick your opponent into jumping and then
    |                             Bomb 'em!
    | Crazy Kick/Leap             Akuma's funniest move!  Throw an air-fireball
    |                             and follow with one of these. 
    | Double Vacuum               Place either of these at the end of any chain
    | Fireball (level 3)          combo for an additional 8 hits. When playing
    |                             "pretty" do not use these on jumping opponents. 
    | Violent Dragon (Level 3)    Very few of the hits will connect.
    Various Techniques
    There are many different ways to use Akuma.  His air-fireball along with
    his Ken/Ryu type moves make him a nasty foe.  Akuma is extremely hard to
    beat when you incorporate several of the following techniques into each 
    1.  Corner Trap
            -Push your opponent into the corner with ground and air fireballs
             or any other method.
            -Once opponent is cornered, stand about 1/3 screen away and
             mix up air-fireballs, ground-fireballs, low attacks, throws,
             and overhead chops.  I find this to be Akuma's best strategy
             when used carefully.  If used correctly, your opponent's reaction
             time will be put to the test.
    2.  Drop and Mob
            -Knock your opponent down.
            -Jump in at your opponent and have a behind-the-neck kick (using
             Forward kick) waiting for them when they arise.
            -If opponent blocks, do a couple of crouching Short kicks
             and then:     a)overhead chop
                           c)jump back and throw a fierce air fireball         
            -If opponent doesn't block, do the combo of your choice.
    3.  Fireball Offensive
            -Use ground and air fireballs to force your opponent to change their
             position.  Anticipate which way they will dodge, and then punish
             them appropriately.
    4.  Hide and Seek
            -This technique has only one instruction:  Hide behind your
             air fireballs!!  Jump backwards and forward while throwing
             air fireballs like there's no tomorrow.  Anytime your opponent
             closes in, keep executing air fireballs in an attempt to push
             them back.  If your opponent gets around your fireballs, teleport
             across the screen or jump and hurricane kick your way to safety.
             Then start the whole process over again.  Mix in an occasional
             Air Hurricane for good measure.
    5.  Short Death
            -In this technique, concentrate on confusing your opponent with 
             a barrage of short kicks, jabs, short hurricanes, jab uppercuts.
             When an opportunity becomes available, overhead chop, trip, or
    6.  Cheap as Sin
            -This technique revolves around the throw.  Simply throw your opponent
             every chance you get.  Throw a slow air fireball, then throw.
             Strike with a couple of short kicks, then throw.  Jump in with
             a Roundhouse kick, then throw.  Occasionally mix in a couple
             of Overhead Chops and trips to keep them guessing.  In most arcades,
             this is not an honorable technique.  I suggest only using this 
             technique against loud mouths, and overconfident, egotistical
    7.  Spontaneous and Unpredictable
            -The name says it all.  To use this technique, you must know your own 
             limitations and your opponent's style.  Don't use any set patterns.
             Vary your attacks to keep your opponent guessing.
    Experiment with these techniques and use some of Akuma's "bogard" moves 
    to come up with some strategies of your own.
    Here are just a couple of last minute tips to use when playing with Akuma:
    -DO NOT trade blows with anyone.  Capcom obviously gave Akuma a severe
     damage handicap since he's so versatile.  Ryu has been known to take
     80% of Akuma's energy with one level 3 fireball.
    -Use the flaming fireball sparingly.  Akuma's flaming fireball has a HUGE 
     delay which  will get you killed in a hurry.
    -Use the Super Air Fireball!!!!  A couple of these will end a round quickly.
    -Master Akuma's teleport so you can easily escape corner traps, or use it
     to merely confuse your opponent.
    -Use lots of fakes.  When your opponent is expecting a fireball, hit JAB
     and trick them into jumping.  
    -Hit the ground rolling when possible.  I can't count the number of 
     times I've used this move and rolled up behind a sleeping opponent.
    -Overhead chop blockers.  Keep attempting to trip your opponent.  When they 
     finally decide to block low, chop em'.
    -MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Study your opponent.  If you pay attention to their style
     and become accustomed to it, you WILL win more battles.
    Akuma's Top 10 Pet Peeves
    1.  ARGH!
    2.  Rrrr.
    3.  HUA!
    4.  rrRRRrrrr..
    5.  YAH!
    6.  Hrm?
    7.  AAAAAH!
    8.  Hrmph.
    9.  rrryeeeRAAAAGH!!!
    10. <can't speak English>
    FIRST AND FOREMOST I've got to acknowledge all of you out 
    there on alt.games.sf2 and the rest of the Internet community.
    Thanks for everything.
    Andy Eddy..................................vidgames@netcom.com
    Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch.........................a00563@giant.mindlink.net
    Greg Brailsford............................copdnnet@tmok.com  
    UNKNOWN (Thanks for all your help!)........s059625@aix1.uottawa.ca
    Chris Finney (Nice combo!).................Chris.Finney@miratel.uniserve.com
    Shinichi Nakada............................snaka00@mik.uky.edu
    Mei-Ling L. Liu............................mliu@garden.csc.calpoly.edu
    Allen Kim(Thanks alot!)....................ak10@cornell.edu
    GIMME SOME FEEDBACK!!!!  If you would like to link this FAQ to your
    page, go ahead!!!  Just e-mail me and let me know!!
    Send comments to:   UDJBRYANT@CC.MEMPHIS.EDU    

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