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    Original Japanese Names List by PBeja

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/22/95 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         *                      Street Fighter Zero                      *
         *                                                               *
         *                  ORIGINAL JAPANESE NAMES LIST                 *
         *                                                               *
         *   The more you play it, The better it gets!                   *
                                                    Release 2.0. Nov. 22, 1995.
    Written by Patrick Beja (beja@club-internet.fr).
    Please send all correction or comments to the above adress.
                                * Introduction *
           Most of the people outside of japan don't really care about the
    original names for special moves (the games plays the same anyway... :).
           However, some of us are interested in staying close to the "real"
    ones, and in their meanings (get to Dan's section to see what I mean!).
    As it is difficult to get them, I made this small list for the real
    SF diehards. It includes almost all the move names and there translation.
    I know you will probably not use it everyday, but I hope it will at least
    entertain you a bit, as it took me a LOT to compile...
                                                             Have fun!
    - As my source is mainly Gamest magazine, the names should be the official
    ones (directly from Capcom).
    - The translations are aproximative, as I made them myself.  :)
    - This release should be the final one. It's not 100% complete, but the
      things left will probably stay mysterious for at least one or two years,
      so I guess this is the best I can get for now.
    - Release 1.2 was on my site for a while. It had some major changes in the
      parts I had problems with, thanks to a few Net helpers.
    - Release 1.1 wasn't even posted, as other corrections came just after.
      To know what's new since first release, check the credits part.
      No major changes, just few and nice ones... :)
    Table of contents:
    0.1- List format reading   \
    0.2- Pronounciation        / Skip these if you want the real stuff quick!
    1- Ryu                 |
    2- Ken                 |
    3- Chun Li              \   Characters with japanese move names.
    4- Guy                   |                  --------
    5- Sodom                /    < Cool! I'm not here for nothing! >
    6- Gouki (Akuma)       |         
    7- Dan                 |
    8-  Nash (Charlie)     |
    9-  Birdie             |
    10- Adon                \     Characters with english move names.
    11- Rose                /                     -------
    12- Sagat              |  < Well, I can still give the official ones... >
    13- Vega (M.Bison)     |    
    14- Help needed (?)
    15- Where to reach me
    16- Credits
    0.1- The list is formated like this:
    Character's original name  -  Name translation (if it exists)
    --- moves:
    ** If the name is originaly a japanese name (w/ or w/o chinese characters):
    Japanese name           Word for word translation     Usual translation
    A capital letter for    A capital letter for          Just the most
    each new kanji (chin.   each new corresponding        common
    character), and a       kanji, and a space for        "understandable"
    space for each new      each new word.                translation.
    word (several kanjis
    can form one word).     Even if this looks confuse, you'll get it when
                            you read it...      :)
    ** If the name is just an english name transcription:
    Japanese transcrip.     Normal english name           Usualy used name
    Each kana (japanese     Just the original and         The most usualy
    character) is           hopefully official name.      used name for this
    translated by two                                     move.
    letters, exept the 'n'
    and vowels. There is
    a space between words.
    0.2- Pronounciation:
    As you probably know, the japanese language is not writen with roman
    characters, so their roman transcription is a bit uneasy.
    If you do not know how they should be pronounced, here is a simple table
    to help you:
    NB: The explanations designed to be understandable by a beginer with no
        particular knowledge of language science; I know some of the Net users
        don't perfectly speak english (and I couldn't really do something
        scientific anyway... ^-^ ).
       Transcription     Pronounciation
        a                The  a   of  "fAr".
        i                The  i   of  "Ill".    
        u                The  ou  of  "yOU"     (get the 'y' out).
        aa,ii,uu         The vowel is about twice as long as normaly.
        e                The  e   of  "hEy"     (stop before the 'y').
        ei                             same as obove, but about twice as long.
        o                The  o   of  "hellO".
        ou                             same as obove, but about twice as long.
        ha               The  ha   of  "HArd".
        jya              The  ja   of  "JAm".
        n                The  n   of  "oN".
        r                The 'r' is between an 'r' and a 'l'. Try saying "rude"
                         while putting your tong on the top of your mouth, but
                         do not insist on it; let it go between 'r' and 'l'.
                         The resulting 'r' should be *about* it...
        tt, pp, kk...    stop your tongue brutaly and make a very short pause
                         before letting the sound out.
    Ex: SHOU RYUU REPPA is said:
    -Shou:  SHO O     (Do not separate the first and second 'O'. The 'O'
                       should last about 0.6 sec. Am I not precise ? ^-^)
    -Ryuu:  RYOU +OU  (Same as above, but remember the 'r' thing.)
    -Reppa: REP' <stop speaking at the begining of the p, pause for ~0.2 sec.>
                 your mouth is closed, then--> PA
         Do this a few times, until you get it naturaly, and then look at the
    people around you, and try to explain to them that you are NOT crazy. :-)
    ***************************** List begins here ***************************
    1- Ryu  -    Ryu could mean something, but it does not mean "dragon".
    Normal moves:
    Sen Puu Kyaku           Spining (=Whirl) Wind Kick    Spining Kick
    SaKotsu Wari            CollarBone Breaker            Overhead Punch
    Special moves:
    Ha Dou Ken              Wave Motion Punch             Fireball
    Shou Ryuu Ken           Rising Dragon Punch           Dragon Punch
    TatsuMaki SenPuu Kyaku  Tornado Whirlwind Kick        Whirlwind Kick
    Super combos:
    ShinKuu HadouKen        Vacuum Wave Motion Punch      Vacuum Fireball
    ShinKuu TatsuMakiSenpuuKyaku                          Vacuum Whirlwind Kick
                            Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Kick
    2- Ken Masters  -    Ken is just the american normal name,
    ---------------      and is not the ken that means "sword" in japanese.
    Normal moves:
    Zen Pou Ten Shin        Forward Direction Roll Body   Body Roll
    InaZuma Kakato Wari     Lighting Axe-kick Breaker     Axe Kick
    Special moves:
    Ha Dou Ken              Wave Motion Punch             Fireball
    Shou Ryuu Ken           Rising Dragon Punch           Dragon Punch
    TatsuMaki SenPuu Kyaku  Tornado Whirlwind Kick        Whirlwind Kick
    Super combos:
    Shou Ryuu RepPa       Rising Dragon Violent Mangler   Rising Dragon Breaker
    Shin Ryuu Ken         God Dragon Punch                Spin Dragon Punch
    NB: Allen Kim translates "Shin Ryu Ken" as "God of Dragon Punches"
        in his FAQ. This is a figurative translation meant to be more explicit.
        The word to word translation is "the Dragon God's Punch" (as oposed to
        "the [plain/simple] dragon punch").
    3- Chun Li  -  Chun means "spring" and Li means "beautiful".
    Normal moves:
    You Sou Kyaku           Hawk Claw Kick                Talon Stomp
    KakKyaku Raku           Crane Kick Fall               Knee Flip
    Special moves:
    Hyaku Retsu Kyaku       Hundred Burst Kick            Lighting Kick
    Ten Shou Kyaku          Skys Rising Kick              Rising Kick
    Ki Kou Ken              Energy Realize Punch          Fireball
    Sen En Kyaku            Spining Circle Kick           Split Kick
    Super combos:
    Sen Retsu Kyaku         Thousand Burst Kick           Thousand Burst Kick
    Ki Kou Shou             Energy Realize Palm-of-hand   Power Storm
    Ha San TenShouKyaku                                   Endless Rising Kick
                        Supreme Mountain Skys Rising Kick
    4- Guy
    Normal moves:
    Ren Sukui?              Sickle Scoop?                 Slide
    Chuu Otoshi             Elbow Drop                    Elbow Drop
    Special moves:
    Bu Shin Izuna Otoshi    Army God Izuna Drop           Bushido Leap
    Bu Shin SenPuu Kyaku    Army God Whirlwind Kick       Rising Spin Kick
    Shitsu Kake             Quick Rush                    Bushido Run
    Super combos:
    Bu Shin Gou Rai Kyaku   Army God Hard Thunder Kick    Bushido Rage
    Bu Shin HasSou Ken                                    Bushido Jump
                        Army God Eight Pairs (of) Punches 
    5- Sodom
    Normal moves:
    Kou Ten OkiAgari       Back Roll Get-up               Tengu walk
    Special moves:
    JiGoku Sukureipu       Hell Scrape                    Jitte slice
    ButsuMetsu Basutaa     [Unluckyest day] Buster        Power bomb
    Daikyou Baaningu       [Great misfortune] Burning     Carpet drop
    NB: ButsuMetsu and Daikyouu are Buddhist notions, somehow extended to
        non-religious matters, as the japanese people are (traditionaly)
        very supersticious. There are, theoricaly, good and bad elements
        in every category of things: days, months, years, words, names,
        blood type...
    In shorts:
        Butsumetsu is the unluckyest day in the Buddhist calendar.
        Daikyouu is the worst possible luck in Buddhism.
    Super combos:
    Ten Chuu Satsu         Heaven(ly) Punishment Killer   Mega jitte slice
    Meido No Miyage        Hades' Present                 Mega power bomb
    6- Gouki  -  Gouki is called Akuma outside of Japan.
    ---------    Gou means "great" and Ki means "demon". Akuma means "devil".
    Note: The "Gou" in the names move is the same as the one of GouKi, so they
          can also be interpreted as "Akuma's" move.            ---
          Ex: Gou HaDouKen is Great HaDouKen, or Akuma's HaDouKen.
    Normal moves:
    Zu Gai Ha Satsu          Head Over Finishing Killer      Overhead chop
    Ten Ma Kuu Jin Kyaku     Skys Evil Air Blade Kick        Diving kick
    Zen Pou Ten Shin         Forward Direction Roll Body     Body roll 
    Special moves:
    Gou Ha Dou Ken           Great Wave Motion Punch         Fireball
    ShakuNetsu Ha Dou Ken    Extreme Heat Wave Motion Punch  Flaming Fireball
    Zan Kuu HaDouKen         Slicing Air Wave Motion Punch   Air Fireball
    Gou Shou Ryuu Ken        Great Rising Dragon Punch       Dragon punch
    HyakKi Shuu              Hundred Demon Attack            Rolling hop attack
    TatsuMaki Zan Kuu Kyaku  Whirlwind Slicing Air Leg       Whirlwind kick
    Ashura SenKuu            Ashura Flash Air                Teleport
    Note: An ashura is one of the possible bouddhist re-incarnations, in which
          creatures come back when they died in great frustration.
          They are very powerfull demons, always angry and fighting with
          scaring rage. In short, Akuma.
          So he is a living dead ? His name, his moves names, the Kanji on his
          gi (Ten: Skys, or Heavens), and his story (he disapeared long ago)
          seem to show he has something to do with death...
    Super combos:
    MesSatsu Gou HaDou        Anihilating Killer Great Wave Motion
                                                         Double Vacuum Fireball
    Ten Ma Gou Zan Kuu        Skys Evil Great Slicing Air
                                                         Air Vacuum Fireball
    MesSatsu Gou ShoRyuu      Anihilate Killer Great Rising Dragon
                                                         Rising Dragon Breaker
    Shun Goku Satsu           Instant Hellish Death      Raging Demon
    7- Hibiki Dan  -    Hi means fire, Biki means Minus, and Dan means Bullet,
    --------------      wich should give something like  "small fireball".
    Special moves:
    Ga Dou Ken              Ego Way Punch                 Fireball
    Kou Ryuu Ken            Shining Dragon Punch          Dragon Punch
    Dan Kuu Kyaku           Cutting Air Kick              Gale kick
                         or Judging,
                         or Apologising!...
    Super combos:
    ShinKuu HaDoKen         Shake Skys Wave Motion Punch  Vacuum Fireball
    Kou Ryuu RekKa          Shining Dragon Violent Fire   Rising Dragon Breaker
    Hitsu Shou Mu Rai Ken   Certain Victory Hopeless Request Technique
                                                          Desperation Move
    NB1: RekKa is formed of the kanjis Retsu and Ka, and
         ReTsuKan means "inferiority complex", but writen with other kanjis.
         Coincindence? Probably... But it fits Dan so well! ^-^
    NB2: Dan's move names probably have lots of readings and probably
         double (or triple) meanings. This is very common in the japanese
         language, but I'm afraid this is where my abilities become a bit
         insuficient. Maybe I'll update this list in a few years...  ;-)
    8- Nash  -  Nash is called Charlie outside of Japan.
    Normal moves:
    Supiningu bakku nakkuru   Spining back knuckle        Spining Backfist
    Suteppu kikku             Step kick                   Step Kick
    Jyanpingu sobatto         Jumping sobat               jumping spin kick
    Special moves:
    Samaasoruto sheru       Somersault shell              Somersault kick
    Sonikku buumu           Sonic boom                    Sonic boom
    Super combos:
    Sonikku Bureiku         Sonic break                   Multiple sonic booms
    Kurosu Faia Burittsu    Crossfire blitz               Rushing kicks
    Somaasoruto Jyasutisu   Somersault justice            Multiple somersaults
    9- Birdie
    Normal moves:
    Bodi puresu             Body press                    Angel drop
    Special moves:
    Buru heddo              Bull head                     Headbutt rush
    Buru houn               Bull horn                     Turn around headbutt
    Maadaraa chein          Murderer chain                Chain grab
    Super combos:
    Buru ribenjyaa          Bull revenger                 Leaping chain grab
    Za baadi                The birdie                    Mega headbutt rush
    10- Adon
    Normal moves:
    Jyattingu kikku         Jutting kick                  Upward kick
    Special moves:
    Jyaguaa kikku           Jaguar kick                   Jaguar kick
    Raijingu jyaguaa        Raging jaguar                 Jaguar knee
    Jyaguaa tuusu           Jaguar tooth                  Jaguar tooth
    Super combos:
    Jyaguaa riborubaa         Jaguar revolver             Jaguar revolver
    Jyaguaa bariidu asaruto   Jaguar varied assault       Jaguar assault
    11- Rose
    Normal moves:
    Suraidingu              Sliding                       Slide
    Special moves:
    Souru rifurekuto        Soul reflect                  Soul reflect
    Souru supaaku           Soul spark                    Soul spark
    Souru suruu             Soul throw                    Soul throw
    Super combos:
    Oura souru suruu        Aura Soul throw               Soul throw
    Oura souru supaaku      Aura Soul spark               Soul spark
    Souru iriujyon          Soul illusion                 Soul illusion
    12- Sagat  -  Possibly a coincidence, but Sagat means "protect" in thai.
    Special moves:
    Taigaa shotto           Tiger shot                    Tiger shot
    Taigaa kurasshu         Tiger crush                   Tiger crush
    Taigaa burou            Tiger blow                    Tiger blow (upper)
    Super combos:
    Taigaa kyanon           Tiger cannon                  Tiger cannon
    Taigaa reido            Tiger raid                    Tiger raid (rush)
    Taigaa jyenosaido       Tiger genocide                Tiger genocide
    13- Vega  -  Vega is called M.Bison outside of Japan.
    Special moves:
    Saiko shotto              Psycho shot                 Psycho shot
    Heddo puresu              Head press                  Head stomp
    Samaasoruto sukaru daiba  Somersault skull diver      Demon flight
    Daburu nii puresu         Double knee press           Knee press
    Bega waapu                Vega warp                   Teleport
    Super combos:
    Nii puresu naitomea       Knee press nightmare        Knee press nightmare
    Saiko kurasshaa           Psycho crusher              Psycho crusher
    14- I need help (?)
    This section is more or less useless now, as most of the names are
    probably the exact ones. Translations could certainly be enhanced, though.
    Still, If you see any mistake, please feel free to submit it to me.
    One thing that still needs to be TOTALY confirmed (but is almost shure
    anyway) is Guy's slide second Kanji (Sukui?).
    A nice ASCII title would also be welcome... ^-^
    15- Where you can reach me:
    My E-mail adress:    beja@club-internet.fr
    My SFZero W3 site:
    - http://perso.club-internet.fr/beja/sfz.html
       My own site. Beware if you're in the US, it will probably be slow...
    - http://hannibal.mit.edu/things/people/beja/sfz/sfz.html
       Much better; besides, it is in the US, so all you american
       net surfers can get a clean loading time ^-^
       (Thanks to my friend Julien Beasley who kindly lends my a piece of
       disk space. Try out his site: http://hanibal.mit.edu/ )
    If you live in Paris, or if you're comming for a few days, I'll be glad
    to show you the nicest arcades in the city, and of course to spend a few
    francs with you in a SF machine !
    16- Credits:
    Has grown bigger since 1st ed. Huge thanks to all the ones who helped.
    * Gamest magazine: almost all the move names.
      Gamest is a japanese bi-monthly magazine specialized in arcade games.
    * Allen Kim <ak10@cornell.edu>:
      He is the FAQ's maintainer (I used V2.0 a LOT to correct this revision,
      especialy for Sodom, which was quite a hard one :-)
      He also helped me for a few problems I had with my own translations.
      His FAQ (and a lot of others) can be found at:
         ftp://brawl.mindlink.net  in  /pub/sfa/
         ftp://ftp.netcom.com      in  /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/
      and is regularly posted to the   < alt.games.sf2 >   newsgroup.
    * Brian Matthew Paegel <bmp@acpub.duke.edu>:
      Primary "Shaku" translanslation that makes sense:
      Red (Akuma's red fireball).
    * Acid Junkie <vitz@io.org>:
      Second correction for "Shaku":
      a word is formed "Shaku" and "Netsu" (Extreme Heat--> Flaming!).
      How wonderful playing with words can be... ^-^
    * Nathan Rosen         <klingon730@aol.com>:
      "jyattingu" being jutting (Adon's upward kick).
      "Sagat"'s (probably coincidencial) meaning.
    * And of course, Capcom, for making *the best fighting game* Street Fighter
      again !
    So I think that's all...
    The last word will be:
    Try SFZ, it's great and full of new stuff. Begin with an old character to
    get used to the new features, and then try the new ones; you will then
    realise how inovative they are and how much Capcom worked on the game to
    give new ways of playing and new strategies (especialy for Guy and Rose).

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