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                       Three Dirty Dwarves:  The Inside Story
    I figured since I bought this game I might as well make a walkthrough for it.  
    The game is pretty fun, but there are some extremely hard parts.  Hiope this 
    helps.  In Easy mode you play stages 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 of Normal 
    Mode.  Enjoy!  (Note: This is a walkthrough for Normal mode.  In Easy mode 
    there may be difficulties missing and in Hard mode there may be more dangers 
    not listed)
    The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Bronx.  Four children, Laura, 
    Kyle, Billy, and Gregory, are being held captive in genetics lab at the 
    Weapons Systems Technology.  General Briggs wants these four genius children 
    to create super soldiers, but the children have devised a plan of escape.  
    Using their wits, brains, and the many laws of science, they have created a 
    game.  This game takes place in middle earth.  Three dwarves, Taconic, 
    Corthag, and Greg, are trying get through a blockade of orcs to reach an 
    interdimensional gateway.  Once they go through the gateway, they will travel 
    from their unrealistic game to our world.  Once there they will save these 
    four captive children.  When they get here they land in Al's Sporting Goods 
    shop.  They arm themselves with baseballs, bats, bowling balls, pins, and 
    guns.  Now they must fight their way through hundreds of orcs that followed 
    them through the gateway to save the children.
    Stage 1: Streets of Bronx
    This stage is pretty straightforward.  The biggest danger is the electric 
    wires.  If there are some hanging down and flashing, then retreat into the 
    sewer and look for the main power source.  Hit it to turn the electricity 
    going to the wires off.  After you beat this stage you get to see some 
    animation then go on to the next stage.
    Stage 2: Pit Bully
    In this stage you must fight a monster that wears Terriers as if they were 
    jewelry.  Watch out for the oncoming dogs.  When he throws a dog at you hit 
    it back at him before it touches the ground.  You can also throw one of your 
    own weapons at him after he throws a dog.
    Stage 3: Hills of Bronx
    This stage is kinda difficult.  In some places there are three wrecking balls 
    swinging back and forth.  Just time you run to get past them.  Also, in the 
    background monsters are throwing brick balls.  Throw something at the monster 
    to kill it.  At one point you have to deal with two large rats.  Each takes 
    about 3 hits, but one bowling ball will kill them.  About halfway through the 
    stage you meat up with a lovesick orc woman.  The easiest way to get rid of 
    her is to throw an orc in her arms.  The two will fall in love and 1 hit will 
    destroy them both.  To pick up an orc (uin case you didn't know) you must 
    motion forward to up on the control pad while pressing the B button.  Press 
    the B button again to throw the orc.  At the end of the level you have to 
    deal with a helicopter.  If you have the skulls, then use a Morph Dwarf (Z 
    button).  It'll destroy the helicopter immeaditely.
    Stage 4: Gymhouse
    This is the first single-player stage of the game.  If you have more than one 
    player then the first player will do the single-player levels.  This stage is 
    pretty easy.  Just dodge the bouncing gymhouse and hit it whenever it's on 
    the ground.
    Stage 5: Bronx By Day
    This stage begins in a park type area.  If you destroy the thingys that kids 
    ride on, you can bounce on the springs to reach power skulls.  The bad guys 
    with sheilds are hard.  First you must hit them in front, then hit them from 
    behind to kill them.  The naked ninjas are kinda difficult too.  Just jump 
    attack them a lot.  The boxers are the most difficult part of this stage.  
    You must jump attack them as well.  Watch out for there punches.
    Stage 6: Bouncing Bed
    This is another single-player stage.  It's very easy to beat.  Just keep 
    bouncing on the matress and hit the orc above.  You beat the stage when you 
    kill him.
    Stage 7: Garbage Hills
    This board is kinda hard as well.  Whenever you see an ostrich-looking orc 
    blast it once to kill it, then blast the onions it leaves behind.  Sometimes 
    you'll meet up with an excavation machine.  Blast it once to kill it.  Also, 
    you may find a bigger version of the excavation machine.  Just keep attacking 
    it to get rid of it.  Watch out for the debris that falls from the top.
    Stage 8: The Stadium
    Here's another single-player stage.  What you have to do here is score 3 runs 
    (each dwarf must score at least 1 run).  Use the B button to hit the balls at 
    the orcs on the bases and the diamond.  Press the C button to send a dwarf to 
    the next base.
    Stage 9: House of Fire
    Another single-player stage for your enjoyment.  What you must do is swing 
    the wrecking ball into all 9 windows, then into the foundation of the 
    building.  Once the building is down you must throw weapons at the dragon.  
    If you throw a weapon at the right part of the dragon he will go left and 
    vice versa.  Once he's far enough to the left or right hit the fire hydrant 
    in front of him to cool him off and beat the stage.
    Stage 10: Trolley Ride
    Another single-player stage.  Just manuever the trolley through the course.  
    Shoot anything in your way.  Try and get as many power skulls as possible.  
    Also, jump over any holes in the track.
    Stage 11: Man of a Thousand Swords
    In this stage you must keep throwing things at the monster in the background.  
    Whebn he throws a sword upwards dodge out of its way as it comes down.  
    Sometimes he'll throw the sword and it will continously circle the screen.  
    You can either throw something at it when it's in the background or dodge it 
    continously.  When it's low in the background jump when it's in the 
    foreground.  When it's high in the background stand still when it's in the 
    Stage 12: Riker's Island
    This is one of the harder stages in the game.  Whenever a flashlight shines 
    on you jump continously to avoid the barrage of bullets.  Whenever a truck 
    comes in the background shoot it and dodge it's bullets.  If you don't shoot 
    it it will toss grenades at you.  Shoot it three times to get rid of it.  
    Whenever you meet up with the mop ladies pick the baseball dwarf and hit 
    balls at it continously.  Jump over it when it gets to close.  Whenever you 
    see a nerd don't hit it.  Ignore it and continue on and you'll see a 
    policeman behind a stand.  Jump on the stand and destroy the crate for a red 
    die and walk behind the crate.  Keep hitting the policeman because behind the 
    crate he can't hit you.  And if you're having to much trouble on this stage 
    just sit back and listen to the background music (If Only I Had A Brain, have 
    you heard the song before?)
    Stage 13: Taconic Parkway
    This is the final single-player stage in the game.  If you hit the vehicles 
    a skull will appear on top of them.  The first time you see a WST truck, hit 
    it once.  This will open up a hole in any other WST trucks you see.  Every 
    time you see a WST truck jump into the hole.  Once all 3 dwarves have jumped 
    in a truck you will see some more animation then you will go to the next 
    Stage 14: Laser Research
    This stage is harder than Riker's Island.  Whenever you see a bouncing robot 
    jump attack it.  When you see a boot robot hit it and run away to avoid the 
    swinging boot.  At certain points you'll meet up with some genetically 
    altered axe-swinging babies.  Just hit them once to send them back where 
    they came from.  You'll also meet up with an egg monster and an M-60 auto 
    chainsaw.  To beat the egg monster hit it 3 times (while standing on the 
    ground).  After you hit it once beat it because it will fire at you.  To beat 
    the M-60 stand in front of it and throw something at it.  Then dodge the 
    bullets it shoots and throw something at it a second time to destroy it.  At 
    the end of the level you'll meet up with a bigger version of those mutant 
    babies.  Keep jump attacking him and don't stay in one place for long or 
    he'll squirt acid out of his bottle at you.  If you step on the puddles of 
    acid he leaves behind you'll be stuck unless another dwarf hits you.
    Stage 15: Barney's Machines
    This is the final stage in the game.  Barney will attack you in 4 forms of 
    robots.  In the first form, dodge him as he walks or runs and keep hitting 
    him.  In the second form he's in a cat-tank.  Stay far away from it and it'll 
    shine a guiding laser all over the place.  Hit it then and run away.  Keep 
    repeating this.  In his third form he'll walk around in a silver robot.  
    Dodge the missles and bombs and keep hitting him.  In his final form he'll 
    float around the room and release globe bombs.  Watch out when they go off.  
    Just keep jump attacking him and you got him.  Now sit back and watch the 
    funny ending (wish I had that convertible).

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