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    FAQ/Move List by DRosengard

    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 12/01/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VIRTUA FIGHTER FAQ v3.2 Table of Contents
    December 1, 1994
    Editor: dug@lugaru.com
    Original FAQ by rez@cwis.unomaha.edu
    Copyright c 1994.  All rights reserved.Redistribution of this file, in whole 
    or in part, in both electronic and printed form is permitted provided that 
    it is not edited or modified in any form (without prior permission), no fee 
    is charged (other than direct costs), and that proper credit is given.  If 
    you redistribute this file on another network, please contact the editor so 
    we can keep track of its distribution.  Thanks.
    First-  How to win the match
    Second- How to win a set
    Third-  Terminology
    Fourth- The Buttons
    Fifth-  Jumping
    Sixth-  Running and all that jazz
    Seventh-Crouching, Standing, and Throws
    Eighth- Replays
    As You're getting up
    Kick 'em while you get up
    Roll away as you get up
    Other standard moves
    4) RING OUT
    10) Feints
    11) Fake Out for a Boot to the Head
    Survey #1  (3/25 - 4/1) 46 responses
    1. Which Character are you using right now? (first choice)
    2. Which Character do you think is the most powerful?
    3. On the machine you play most often, how many rounds do you need to win to 
    Survey #2 (4/1 - 4/8)  44 responses
    1. What is your favorite MOVE in the VF?
    2. What is your favorite THROW in the VF?
    3. What is your favorite COMBO in the VF?
    Survey # 3 (4/8 - 4/15/94) 60 responses
    SURVEY #4 QUESTION (4/5 - 4/13) 84 RESPONSES
    1. If there was ONE thing you could add/change on VF, what would it be?
    1. Please rank each character on a scale of ONE to EIGHT in your personal
       opinion of who is the most powerful (with one being high).
    What's New
    This section of the FAQ is exactly what its name says.  It's a summary of 
    some of the changes to this updated version of the FAQ in a quick reference 
    way so you to know what to look for as you peruse the guide.
    Changes from 3.1:
    Names of Fighting Styles added.
    Playing as Dural.
    Jeffry's Body Press corrected (Was Back, Back+Punch; Now Back+Punch only)
    Two player games with the same colored characters.
    Sarah's Knee & Rising Knee combo added.
    Additions from 3.0:
    A strategy section for kicking opponents in the back of the head
    Short Hopping Jab and Karate Chops for all characters
    Akira & Pai -- Repeated Ground Punches
    Kage -- Hopping Jab/Sweep Combo
    Color coding of Difficulty Settings
    A rumor has also surfaced about VF2 being field tested in Japan.  (Always 
    take rumors with a grain of salt, though....)
    Additions from 2.7:
    Jeffry -- Knee/Rushing Uppercuts Combo
    Changes from 2.7:
    Headers revised to be (hopefully) more readable
    Additions from 2.6:
    Jeffry -- Toe-Kick/Piledriver Combo
    Lau/Pai -- 3 Punches & Mid kick combo
    Punching/Throwing combination section
    Changes from 2.6:
    Character move ratings has been replaced by a hopefully more readable table 
    rated SOLELY by the power of the move.  The rating is an approximate 
    percentage of damage done.
    The character strategy guide has been edited and altered to reflect new 
    moves and info.
    The Virtua Fighter complete guide is now the largest FAQ for a single video 
    game on the internet!  Congratulations guys on all the 
    moves/strategies/things to talk about we've gotten started for this great 
    Enjoy the guide.
    vir tu a (ver'chu a), slang for virtual
    vir tu al (ver'chu al), adj. for all practical purposes, actual, real 
    fighter (fi'ter), n. 1) a person or thing that fights 2) a person who 
    participates in a violent struggle; combat or conflict; battle; contest.
    vir tu a  fight er (ver'chu a  fi'ter),n. 1) a person who, for all practical 
    purposes is actually participating in a real battle or contest 2) One of the 
    baddest one on one fighting  games to hit the streets whose breathtaking 
    polygon graphics and genuine martial arts moves are sure to captivate 
    players all across the globe.
    Different is good.
    Lately, gamers have been hit pretty hard by a barrage of fighting games 
    ranging from those whose only draw is blood and guts to those who resemble a
    sick horse that should be humanely shot or at least taken to a hospital for 
    a few years....
    With the release of their first ever fighting game, Sega has broken new 
    ground by designing the only current martial arts game whose draw isn't 
    violence or the ever popular 'magic' moves, but whose draw is realism, 
    fluidity of motion, and genuine martial art techniques.
    The ability to so successfully meet these goals is due to Sega's System 1 
    polygon graphics engine which is much like the system  used in their popular 
    Virtua Racer.  This system can handle over 180,000 flat shaded polygons per 
    second, and since the fighters are three-dimensional figures made of 
    polygons instead of just flat images, be prepared to be dazzled by more than 
    just the backgrounds.
    As for the game itself, Virtua Fighter plays like other recent fighting 
    games in some respects.  There are 8 characters to choose from, and the 
    basic object of the game is to, through the use of punches, kicks, throws, 
    grabs, pounces, and a variety of other techniques, drain your opponent's 
    life meter. The problem is that at this point Virtua Fighter already shows 
    its differences from other fighting games because you can also win by 
    knocking your opponent out of the ring.  Another difference is that Virtua 
    Fighter has many more special moves than any previous fighting game; there 
    are over 100 secret techniques to discover.  Not to mention that it just 
    feels more like a real battle due to the fluid motion and realistic moves.
    Needless to say, Virtua Fighter is destined to be remembered as both a great 
    one on one martial arts game and a spectacular fighting simulator.  If you 
    haven't seen one yet, then go check it out at your local arcade.
    Otherwise, check out the moves and strategies in this FAQ and then use them 
    to help you master this exciting game before someone else gets ahead of you.
    Getting Started
    FIRST - How to win the match
    The winner is the first player to win 3 sets.
    NOTE: Virtua Fighter can be adjusted so that the winner wins after winning 
    2, 3, 4, or 5 sets.  On 2, the winner must win 2 out of 3 sets.  On 3, he 
    must win 3 out of 5, and so on.  Factory setting is two sets, but this goes 
    much too fast.  Four or five is much too long.  Three sets is where the game 
    plays best for the gamer and still earns well for the operator.  If your 
    Virtua Fighter is not put on 3 sets, talk to your local arcade manager about 
    having him do so, for it only takes a few seconds to change over.
    SECOND- How to win a set
    1)      By KO
    2)      By a 'Ring Out'
    3)      By a 'Time Out'
    KO- so thoroughly pulverizing your opponent that you completely drain his 
    life meter.
    Ring Out- somehow or other knocking your opponent out of the 'ring' that you 
    are fighting in.
    Time Out- each round lasts only 30 seconds, so if you are ahead, it might be 
    to your advantage to just let the last few seconds tick away, and win by 
    THIRD- Terminology
    Term     Meaning             As in
    VF       Virtua Fighter      The game this FAQ is about
    For      Forward             Moving the joystick towards your
    Back     Back                Moving the joystick away from your
    Down     Down                Moving the joystick down
    Up       Up                  Moving the joystick up
    Def      Defend              The button that blocks (more
    Punch    Punch               The button that punches (more below)
    Kick     Kick                The button that Kicks (more below)
    All      Press all 3 buttons Press all 3 buttons
    Attack   A punch or a kick   Either one is sufficient
    +        And                 Down+Kick (tap Down & Kick as one)
                                 Punch+Def (press Punch & Def as one)
    Tap      A quick tap         Quickly tap the button; do not hold it.
    Hold     A long press        Continue holding the button or joystick
    /        Diagonal direction  For/Up (a jump forward)
    Jump     A jumping direction Either Up/For, Up or Up/Back
    [ ]      Optional            Will work fine w/o [ ] part, but there
                                 IS more to the move you can do
    {D}      Can do Defending    The move can be done while still holding
                                 the defend button
    {S}      Hits standing foe   This move will hit someone who is
                                 blocking while standing
    {C}      Hits crouching foe  This move will hit someone who is
                                 blocking while crouching
    *        A new move          A move new to this revision
    FOURTH- The buttons
    PUNCH - Steps forward with a punch
            Repeat for multiple punches
    KICK -  A kick to the head
            Not too powerful or effective
    DEFEND- Blocks your opponent's STANDING and JUMPING attacks
            You take no damage from such attacks.
            Crouching attacks do damage.
            You are still pushed backwards
            Some special moves can be done while defending
    PUNCH - Low punch; Hits standing defenders
            Stays in one place; quite weak and ineffective
    KICK -  Low kick to the knee; very weak; Hits standing defenders
            Longer reach than a crouching punch, but slower
    DEFEND - Defends against all crouching attacks, and ducks under many
             standing attacks; some standing attacks and most jumping
             attacks will still hit.
    All moves that can be done while holding the defend button are marked with a 
    All moves that will hit a standing defender are marked with an {S}.
    All moves that will hit a crouching defender are marked with a {C}.
    1) Long distance jump  Hold jump {D}
    Name                 Motion
    Hopping Karate Chop  Tap Jump and Punch {D}
    Hopping Jab          Tap Jump, Tap Up+Punch in air {D}
    Overhead hammer      Hold Jump, For+Pun {D}
    Jumping kick         Hold Jump+Kick {D}
    Hop kick             Tap Jump+Kick {D}
    Drop Kick Forward    Hold Jump,For+Kick {D}
    Drop Kick Behind     Hold Jump,Back+Kick {D}
    Short jumping attacks work OK, but the punches & kicks come out in almost 
    slow motion, and you can easily be knocked down by any attack from your 
    Short jumping attacks are the only jumping attacks which can hit a crouching 
    Kage has two types of drop kicks, depending on distance.
    Will usually just push both players away from each other, & neither one will 
    hit the other.
    all jumping attacks can be done while holding defense
    this can be especially helpful when doing an in close distance jumping kick
    SIXTH- Running and all that Jazz
    Name                       Motion
    Step Forward Quickly       For, Tap For
    Step Backward Quickly      Back, Back
    Run Forward                For, Hold For
    Turning around             Tap or hold towards opponent
    Turn around punch or kick  Attack
    NOTE: defense doesn't work when you are facing backwards
    SEVENTH- Crouching, Standing, and Throws
    NOTE:   There is a real difference between "," and "+" in this FAQ.
    Especially when in conjunction with a downward movement.  For example, "D+K" 
    must be done as a tap to the joystick down and simultaneously pressing the K 
    button.  On the other hand, a "D, K" could be done by tapping the joystick 
    down and pressing K or also by holding the joystick down and then pressing 
    the K button.
    This is only most notably important in the snap kicks, backflips, and 
    kickflips which require a tap of the joystick in conjunction with possibly 
    pressing the button.
    All throws assume that you are standing next to your opponent.  Some throws 
    require that you're opponent be crouching.
    ALL throws can be done to an opponent who is defending
    SOME throws can be done while you are defending
    EIGHTH- Replays
    At the end of every set, the computer will replay the last 3 seconds or so 
    of the fight, and then the winner will do his victory pose.  This is a 
    really cool feature, but may soon get irritating.  
    Sega, realizing the positive/negative aspects of such a feature, was smart 
    enough to add a way to skip past the replay by simply hitting the START 
    button.  This way, you can still watch the replays if you had an especially 
    exciting finish, or you can just hit start and immediately go on 
    to the next set.
    Finally now, the moves...
    Moves standard for all 8 characters
    Name                   Motion
    Heel Kick {C}          Tap Kick; Head not toward opponent
    Foot Sweep {S}         Hold Down, Tap Kick
    Rear Kick {C}          Tap Kick, must have head towards opponent
                           Jacky and Sarah do a Double Footed kick
    Roll Back              Tap Back
    Roll to the Side       Tap Def repeatedly
    Side roll & sweep {S}  Tap Def, Tap Kick during the roll
    Kippup                 Tap Up
    Name                            Motion
    Quick/Light Pounce              Tap Up+Tap Punch (foe on ground)
    Slower, Stronger Pounce         Tap Up+Hold Punch (foe on ground)
    Side Kick (not too close) {C}   Down/For, Kick
    Moves specific to each character
    Name: Akira Yuki
    Job:Kung-Fu Teacher
    Blood Type:O
    Outfit 1 Gray ghi,white headband & borders, red bracers and a 4th degree 
    black belt
    Outfit 2 White ghi, white headband, gray bracers, and a 4th degree black 
    Fighting Style: Hakkyokuken
    Name                          Motion
    Elbow {C}                     For+Punch
    Dashing Elbow {C}{D}          For, For+Punch
    Dashing Palm                  Down, For+Punch
    Dashing Body Check            Back, For, For+Punch+Kick
    Punch on the Ground           Down/For+Punch
    Repeated Punches on Ground    Down/For+Punch,Down/For,Repeat
    Jumping Kick [Double] {C}{D}  For, For+Kick,[Kick]
    Knee                          (?)For,Hold For+Def+Kick,Release Kick/Tap Def
    Akira's Throws
    Trip {S}{D}                   Back+Punch
    Pull in, throw out {S}{D}     Down/Back, For+Punch (don't roll)
    Backwards uppercut {S}{D}     Back, For/Down+Punch+Kick (don't roll)
    Akira's Combos
    Punch and Roundhouse           Punch,Kick
    Double Punch                   Punch,Punch
    2 Punches and a Straight Kick  For, For+Punch+Kick,Punch, Kick
    3 Punches[ and a Spin Kick]    For, For+Punch+Kick, Punch, Punch,[Kick]
    Name:Jacky Bryant
    Job:Indy car racer
    Blood Type:A
    Outfit 1
    Maroon jumpsuit, white taped hands and black belt & fistpads
    Outfit 2
    Gray jumpsuit, white taped hands and gray boots
    Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
    Name                      Motion
    Elbow {C}                 For+Punch
    Backfist [Double]         Back,Punch,[Punch]
    Backfist [Crescent]       Back,Punch,[Kick]
    Backfist [Sweep] {S}      Back,Punch,[Down,Kick]
    Low Backfist [Sweep] {S}  Tap Down/Back+Punch,[Down,Kick]
    Knee {C}                  For+Kick
    Crescent Kick             Def+Kick
    Roundhouse & Heel Kick    Kick,Kick
    Punt Kick {C}{D}          For, For+Kick
    Snap Kick {C}{D}          Tap Down+Kick
    Side Kick {S}             Down, Def+Kick
    Backflip {D}              Tap Back/Up
    Kickflip {D}              Tap Back/Up+Kick
    Jacky's Throws
    Brainbuster {S}             Punch+Def
    Jumping clothesline {S}{D}  For, For+Punch
    Backside Clothesline        Punch+Def (from behind)
    Jacky's Combos
    Single Punch & Sidekick (close)   Punch,Kick
    Single Punch & Crescent (far)     Punch,Kick
    Single Punch & Sweep {S}          Punch, Down+Kick
    Double Punch & Straight Kick      Punch,Punch,Kick
    Double Punch & Backfist [&Sweep]  Punch, Punch, Back+Punch,[Kick]
    Running Punches (w/uppercut)      Punch,[Punch,Punch]
    Running Punches (w/elbow) [& Heel Kick] {C}
                                      Hold For,Punch,Punch,Punch,[Kick]
    Elbow & Heel Kick {C}             For+Punch, Kick
    Name:Jeffry McWild
    Blood Type:A
    Hobby:Reggae Music
    Outfit 1
    Gray pants, black belt, sandals, orange bracers, bare-chested
    Outfit 2
    Dark gray pants (ripped), olive tank-top & bracers, bare-footed
    Fighting Style: Pankration
    Name                              Motion
    Lunging elbow & Hammer {C}{D}     For, Back+Punch
    Dashing low [uppercut] {C}{D}     For, For+PUnch,[Punch]
    Uppercut[s] {C}                   Down/For,Punch,[Punch]
    Knee {C}                          For+Kick
    Toe Kick [&Hammer] {C}{D}         Tap Down+Kick, Punch
    Jeffry's Throws
    Fireman's Carry {S}                   Def+Punch
    Power Slam {S}{D}                     For+Punch
    Body Press {S}{D}                     Back+Punch
    Crucifix Piledriver {S}               Down/For,Down/For+Punch+Kick
    Grab face (vs. crouching) {C}{D}      Down,Punch
    Powerbomb (vs. crouching) {C}         Down/For+All
    Knees to the head (vs crouching) {C}  Down,For+Kick (don't roll)
    Backbreaker (from behind)             Def+Punch
    Jeffry's Combos
    Toe Kick O' Doom (C'fix P.D.)          Down+Kick,Down,For/Down,For+ALL
    Single Punch & Roundhouse              Punch,Kick
    Running Punches (w/uppercut)           Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Knee & Dashing Uppercuts               For+Kick,For,For+Punch,Punch
    Blood Type:B
    Outfit 1
    Blue suit & mask w/ black highlites, red sash
    Outfit 2
    Black suit & mask w/ gray highlites, gold sash
    Fighting Style: Jujutsu
    Name                              Motion
    Elbow {C}                         For+Punch
    Double Footed Sweep {S}{D}        For, For+KIck
    Flying Kick {S}                   For, For+All
    Roll Forwards [Sweep] {S}         Back,Down,For,[Kick]
                                      (Kick during the roll)
    Roll Backwards [Sweep] {S}        For,Down,Back,[Kick]
                                      (Kick during the roll)
    Heel Kick                         Down, Def+Kick
    Hopping Knee                      Down, For+Kick
    Backflip {D}                      Tap Back/Up
    Forward Kickflip {D}              Tap Back/Up+Kick
    Backward flip with a kick {D}     Back, Back+Kick
    Kage's Throws
    Hip throw (Flip over shoulder) {S}  Punch+Def
    Ten Foot Toss{S}{D}                 Back+Punch
    Pull out feet {S}                   All
    Reaping Throw {S}{D}                Back, For+Punch
    Torso take down (from behind)       Punch+Def
    Kage's Combos
    Ten Foot Toss & Jump Kick       Back+Punch, Up/For+Kick
    Ten Foot Toss & Sweep           Back+Punch, Back, For, For+Kick
    Ten Foot Toss & Heel Kick       Back+Punch, Down, Def+Kick
    Ten Foot Toss & Flying Kick     Back+Punch, Back, For,For, All
    Roundhouse & Sweep              Kick, For, For + Kick
    Heel Kick & Sweep               Down, Def+Kick, For, For+Kick
    Single Punch & Roundhouse [&Sweep]     Punch,Kick,[For, For+Kick]
    Double Punch & Straight Kick [&Sweep]  Punch,Punch,Kick [For,For+Kick]
    Triple Punch & Spin Kick        Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Triple Punch & Kickflip         Punch, Punch, Punch,Up/Back+Kick
    Running Punches                 Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Hopping Jab & Sweep             Tap Jump, Tap Up+Punch, For,For+Kick
    Name:Lau Chan
    Blood Type:B
    Hobby:Chinese Poetry
    Outfit 1
    Blue suit, red vest w/gold & green highlites/trim
    Outfit 2
    Black pants, gold vest & sleeves w/ green trim and red buttons
    Fighting Style: Koenken
    Name                             Motion
    Elbow {C}                        For+Punch
    Crescent Kick                    Def+Kick
    Knife Hand {C}                   Down/For+Punch
    Lifting Palm                     Down/For,Punch
    Sweep {S}                        Down, Def+Kick
    Heel Kick                        Down, Neutral+Kick
    Backflip {D}                     Tap Back/Up
    Kickflip {D}                     Tap Back/Up+Kick
    Lau's Throws
    Flip across shoulders {S}        Def+Punch
    Piggyback Drop {S}{D}            Back+Punch
    Face Slam {S}{D}                 Back, For+Punch
    Lau's Combos
    Single Punch & Heel Kick         Punch, Kick
    Double Punch & Heel Kick         Punch,Punch,Kick
    Triple Punch & Spinning Crescent Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Triple Punch & Sweep {S}         Punch, Punch, Punch, Down+Kick
    Triple Punch & Kickflip          Punch, Punch, Punch,Up/Back+Kick
    Triple Punch & Mid-Kick          For,Hold For,Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Running Punches                  Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Knife, Punch & Straight Kick     Down/For+Punch, Punch, Kick
    Knife, 2 Punch & Crescent Kick   Down/For+Punch, Punch, Punch,Kick
    Punch&Kick Mania                 Punch,Kick,Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Hop Kick Flurry                  Tap U/F+Kick,3 or 4 Punches & Kick
                           (Note:3 Punches are more likely to hit than 4)
    Country:Hong Kong
    Job:Action Star
    Blood Type:O
    Outfit 1
    Blue suit w/ gold trim, and red sash & ribbons
    Outfit 2
    Pink suit w/ gold trim, gray sash & red ribbons
    Fighting Style: Enseiken
    Name                           Motion
    Punch on the ground            Down/For+Punch
    Repeated Ground Punches        Down/For+Punch,Down/For,Repeat
    Crescent Kick                  Def+Kick
    Sweep {S}                      Down, Def+Kick
    Heel Kick                      Down, Neutral+Kick
    Backflip {D}                   Tap Back/Up
    Kickflip {D}                   Tap Back/Up+Kick
    Pai's Throws
    Wrist Twist {S}                         Def+Punch
    Pushover {S}{D}                         Back, For+Punch
    Falling DDT {S}{D}                      For, Down+Punch
    Reaping Throw -> Punch {S}{D}           For, For+Punch+Kick
    Grab an attack (vs High punch or kick)  Back+Punch
    Pai's Combos
    Single Punch & Heel Kick           Punch, Kick
    Double Punch & Straight Kick       Punch, Punch, Kick
    Triple Punch & Sweep {S}           Punch,Punch, Punch, Down+Kick
    Triple Punch & Spinning Crescent   Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick
    Triple Punch & Kickflip            Punch, Punch, Punch,Up/Back+Kick
    Triple Punch & Mid-Kick            For,Hold For,Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
    Running Punches                    Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Name:Sarah Bryant
    Job:College Student
    Blood Type:AB
    Outfit 1
    Black cat-suit
    Outfit 2
    Black bikini top, torn blue-jeans
    Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
    Name                                Motion
    Elbow {C}                           For+Punch
    Knee {C}                            For+Kick
    Lunging Knee {C}{D}                 For, For+Kick
    High Snap Kick {C}{D}               Tap Down/For+Kick
    Double [Triple] Kick {C}            Hold Down/For, Kick, Kick,[Kick]
    Crouching Side Kick {S}             Down, Def+Kick
    Backflip {D}                        Tap Back/Up
    Kickflip {D}                        Tap Back/Up+Kick
    Toe Kick [&Side Kick] {C} {D}       Tap Down+Kick,[Kick]
    Sarah's Throws
    Suplex {S}                          Def+Punch
    Jumping Clothesline {S}{D}          For, For+Punch
    Torso takedown (from behind)        Def+Punch
    Sarah's Combos
    Kick & Punch                        Kick, Punch
    Single Punch & Roundhouse           Punch, Kick
    Singel Punch & Side Kick            Punch, Down+Kick
    Double Punch & Straight Kick        Punch, Punch, Kick
    Double Punch & Low Roundhouse       Punch, Punch, Down+Kick
    Triple Punch & Knee                 Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick
    Triple Punch & Kickflip             Punch, Punch, Punch,Up/Back+Kick
    Triple Punch & Hop Kick             Punch, Punch, Punch,Up+Kick
    Running Punches                     Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Elbow & Knee [&Elbow] {C}           For+Punch, kick, [For+Punch]
    Knee & Rising Knee                  For+Kick, Down/For+Kick
    Name:Wolf Hawkfield
    Blood Type:O
    Outfit 1
    Blue shorts w/ red & white trim, matching shoes, and bare chested
    Outfit 2
    Gray shorts w/ white trim, white top w/ gold stripe, gold "Wolf" on shorts
    and boots
    Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling
    Name                               Motion
    Running Clothesline {S}{D}         For, For+Punch
    Dashing Shoulder {D}               Back, For+Punch
    Knee {C}                           For+Kick
    Uppercut {C}                       Down/For,Punch
    Wolf's Throws
    Backfall {S}                          Def+Punch
    Body slam {S}{D}                      For+Punch
    Crucifix Piledriver                   Down/For,Down/For+Punch+Kick
    Twirl & hurl (2 1/2 turns) {S}{D}     Back, Down, For+Punch
    Double Arm Suplex (vs crouching) {C}  Back/Down+All
    German Suplex (from behind)           Def+Punch
    Wolf's Combos
    Single Punch & Roundhouse             Punch,Kick
    Running Punches                       Punch,Punch,[Punch]
    Knee & Uppercut                       For+Kick,Down/For+Punch
    Character Moves' Ratings
    This section rates and lists the best of each character's special moves, 
    throws, and combos.  The rating in parentheses is an approximate percentage 
    of the life bar lost from the move.
    Some of the combinations listed include Pouncing on the downed opponent.  If 
    the Pounce is listed, it means that the Pounce is very likely to hit if done 
    Keep in mind that although the moves below are effective ways of demolishing 
    an opponent, you will need to learn to use the basic punches and kicks as 
    well to become a true champion.  The best strategy in any fighting game is, 
    after all, a flexible one.
    Below the name of the move is how to do it in abbreviated notation.
    Character's Most powerful attacks
               Moves                                   Throw
    Akira      Dashing Body Check(50%)                 Trip&Punch on Ground 
               B,F,F+P+K                               B+P,D/F+P
    Pai        Triple Punch,Crescent&Pounce(55%)       Pushover & Pounce(50%)
               P,P,P,K,U+P                             B,F+P,U+P
    Lau        Hop Kick Flurry 3 & 2x Pounce(85%)      Face Slam & 2x 
               Tap U/F+K,P,P,P,K,Hold U+P              B,F+P,Hold U+P
    Wolf       Shoulder Ram & Pounce(55%)              
               B,F+P,U+P                               B,D,F+P,F,Hold F,U+P
    Jeffry     Toe Kick,Piledriver & Butt Bomb(100%!)  See left (Toe kick o' 
               Tap D+K,D,D/F,F+ALL,Hold U+P (Automatic kill)
    Kage       Triple Punch & Mid Kick(45%)            10' Toss & Head Dive(45%)
               P,P,P,K                                 B+P,wait til thump,U+P
    Sarah      Triple Kick & Pounce (55%)              Suplex(25%)
               Hold D/F,K,K,K,U+P                      P+D
    Jacky      Double Punch, Elbow, Kick&Pounce(55%)   Brain Buster(30%)
               Hold For,P,P,P,K,U+P
    General Fighting Techniques
    This part of the guide will hopefully help you to get a head start on 
    learning some of the basic fighting techniques.  It tells how each style 
    works, advantages & disadvantages, and sometimes a way to counter it if 
    someone is using it against you.  They are listed in the order of their 
    complexity or importance.  Don't use any one of these techniques too much, 
    because a mixed style is the best technique that you can possibly use.
    First off, though, realize that VF is mainly a GROUND game.  In its attempt 
    to be as close to real fighting as possible, Sega chose to make air attacks 
    fairly worthless.  Some arts, like Tae Kwon Do, do deal with a certain 
    amount of air attacking, but generally speaking, most martial arts teach 
    solely ground techniques.  You'll have a hard time trying to find a 
    tournament with as many people jumping around as you do in any of the SF2 
    Therefore, expect to keep a lot of your game on the ground, but by all 
    means, don't expect this fact to limit VF's game playing variety or fun in 
    any way.  It only makes the game more realistic.
    Now then, the techniques...
    By simply tapping the punch button repeatedly, your character, whomever he 
    (or she) may be, will step forward and punch as they go.  They will punch 2-
    3 times and then pause for a second before they can begin to attack again.
    Works good...
    when your enemy has very little life left. 
    When your enemy is close to the edge of the ring (to get a 'ring out')
    sometimes to start the round out with if they are in the air, you can 
    usually hit them with an attack, and follow that up with two or three 
    punches before they hit the ground Jeffry, Lau, and Wolf can tag on their 
    uppercut/knife hand to make a more deadly combo whenever they catch someone 
    in the air with a punch or a kick if you tag on the kick part of their 
    Works bad...
    if you use it too much to start the round out too much with it since your 
    opponent can just start his round out with a jumping kick and hit you before 
    you can start punching.
    Pretty much worthless against any decent opponent.  OK if you can catch them 
    off guard, but they still don't do much damage.  The jumping straight up 
    attacks seem to work the best since they let you jump above a sweep or low 
    punch, and then clobber the sucker on the head.  Short jumping attacks, 
    though, are the only jumping attacks which are able to hit a crouching 
    Jumping and kicking immediately works well if they are really close to you.  
    You can catch them off guard if they are closing in with a fury of jabs.
    This attack also hits a crouching defender.  Therefore it is very valuable 
    to people who don't have many other attacks which can hit a crouching 
    opponent.  For Pai, in particular, she only has the shuffle side kick and 
    this jumping kick.
    If they aren't close, then you have three options.
    Double footed kick:
    Has deceptive range.  Probably the best distance attack.  You must hit the 
    kick button before you reach the peak of your jump.  You can only be hit out 
    of it if your opponent does a close jumping kick before your kick comes 
    out... and that is a very hard move to time.
    Pai will do some sort of foot stomp
    Sarah will do a single legged kick
    Kage will do a flip, turned into a kick
    Mid air kick
    If you hit the kick as you are coming down instead of hitting it early, 
    you'll get a weak sort of 
    kick with no range.
    Overhead hammer:
    You need to hit the punch button before you reach the peak of your jump.  
    Better than the mid air 
    kick, but not as good as the double footed kick.
    Jumping attacks can sometimes connect, but they work best only as a 
    desperation move since you 
    are so vulnerable to being hit.
    Knocking your opponent out of the ring is a perfectly legitimate way to win 
    a set.  The simplest way to accomplish this is, when they are close to the 
    edge, to use a fury of jabs or a sweep since these attacks will push them 
    backwards even if they defend.
    Note that Kage's flying kick pushes people back very far, and that Wolf's 
    spinning throw can throw the person out of the ring if you are lucky :)  for 
    that, try to have your back to the edge since that is the direction that he 
    finally lets them fly.
    One of the more successful defenses can be to simply just crouch and sit 
    below your opponents attacks until they pause in their attack.  You can then 
    counter with one of the following.
    A Power Move
    Like Kage's heel kick, Wolf's Shoulder Ram or Akira's double motion snap 
    A Throw
    Just perform the motion for the throw you would like to do.  Characters are 
    easy targets for 
    throws while they recover from moves such as high kicks and missed pounces 
    and jumps.
    A Combo
    Like Jacky's elbow, heel kick combo or Sarah's elbow, knee combo
    If your opponent knocks you down and then walks up next to you as you lay on 
    the ground, tap kick as you get up and you will immediately do a sweep, a 
    roundhouse, or a double feet first kick to the head region as you stand up, 
    hopefully catching them off guard.  Any of these kicks will hit your 
    opponent if he's not defending, but each one also has a priority over 
    certain defend stances as well.
    A sweep hits a standing person -- Hold Down,Tap Kick
    A roundhouse hits a crouching or jumping person -- Tap Kick
    The kick will appear differently depending on where the opponent is in 
    relation to your head on the ground.  If the opponent is behind you, the 
    fighter will do a rear kick or double footed up-side down kick similar to 
    the roundhouse.
    Or, if you don't want to try for a sweep you can roll backwards, and get 
    yourself away from the action by simply tapping Back before you stand up.
    If you are close to the edge of the ring, or you have some other reason to 
    get to the side of your opponent, hit Defense and you will roll to the side 
    of your attacker.  Tap defense quickly to get up faster.  This may possibly 
    open you up for a good attack since your opponent will not be facing 
    straight on.  You can also do a roll to the side with a sweep by hitting 
    Defend, Kick after you land.  You need to wait a second after you hit, or it 
    may not come out right.
    If you are playing someone who is fairly good, they will not usually stay 
    close to you after they knock you down, so don't expect to get too many 
    kicks in.
    If you have knocked your opponent down, and are expecting him to try to kick 
    you as he gets up, there are some things you can do to counter his kicks if 
    you can outguess him.  If you anticipate...
    A sweep -- you do a short jump straight up with a punch or kick, and hit him 
    as you jump over his sweep.  Beware of a sweep after the opponent rolls to 
    the side....  Elbows also hit.
    A roundhouse -- you do a sweep
    A rear kick -- defend, don't try anything
    NEARLY every time you knock your opponent down you should try for a stomp...
    To do a basic stomp, simply tap Up+Punch.  To do a slower, but more damaging 
    stomp, tap Up and Hold Punch (NOTE: Akira has only the lighter stomp.  Do 
    not hold punch with Akira).
    The pounces in which you hold Up are all slower, but they do inflict more 
    damage.  Make sure you have enough time to land on your opponent if you 
    choose to do a slower stomp.
    Each character has their stomps described below with holding and tapping 
     Note that Akira can do his Jumping Punch only if he taps up, and that 
    Kage's three pounces vary with distance, not with holding or tapping.
    Name       Tap Up+Punch         Hold Up+Punch
    Akira      Jumping Punch        -None-
    Jacky      Low Jumping Hammer   Higher Jumping Hammer
    Jeffry     Splash               Butt Bomb
    Kage       Head Dive(close)     same
               Feet-First (medium)  same
               Knee Dive (far)      same
    Lau        Single Stomp         Double Stomp
    Pai        Low Knees            Higher Knees
    Sarah      Low Jumping Hammer   Higher Jumping Hammer
    Wolf       Low Jumping Elbow    High Jumping Elbow
    Akira and Pai can do their normal stomp, and they can also simply bend over 
    and punch their opponent repeatedly on the ground by alternately pressing 
    Down/For +Punch and Down/For.  Timing is critical to obtain multiple hits on 
    the ground.
    All the characters except for Akira, Jeffry, and Wolf can backflip.  Those 
    who can backflip can do a type of attack called kickflipping, which is a 
    high backwards flip in which the legs can hit the opponent and do major 
    damage besides looking just totally cool.
    To perform a kick flip with these characters, tap Back/Up+Kick.
    Kage can perform a kickflip as well as a back handspring with double foot 
    Kage, Lau, Pai, and Sarah can do kickflip combos by going P,P,P,B/U+K.
    Sarah can also do on with only two punches.
    Some hints for future kickflippers --
    Works best to wait for your opponent to walk towards you, totally unaware of 
    the disaster that awaits them, and then kickflip them at the last second
    it also works well when your opponent is jumping in at you.
    If your opponent jumps over you, or somehow get turned around, run at them 
    as soon as you can (if you have a known back side throw).  As you are still 
    running, execute the move for your throw, and you'll grab them before they 
    even have a chance to turn around :)
    Note, though, that you can not run at a person and grab them on the front as 
    easily as you can on the back side.
    This can be a dangerous attack since your opponent can do a turn around 
    attack by simply pressing either punch or kick... but if you're quick 
    enough, you can get to them before they can do a turn around attack.
    There are many type of feints in VF.  Below are summarized a few that you 
    can use to take your opponent off guard.
    Pulling back a kick
    To pull back a kick, press the kick button, and then press the DEF button 
    before your kick has been raised above your knee.  What you do after that is 
    up to you, but your opponent will probablly block.  This will give you an 
    opportunity to strike w/ a {C} or {S} attack depending on how they defend.
    Don't finish out a double/triple motion move
    That is to say, do only a double kick for Sarah's triple kick, or only do 
    one Backfist for Jacky.  If you've been doing a lot of double/triple motion 
    moves in prior rounds, this can be a very effective tactic.  As they are 
    defending, expecting the next move, hit them w/ a {C} or {S} again.
    Do a different combo/double motion move that looks simmilar Switch from 
    using Lau's 3 punch sweep to his crescent to his kickflip.  Start doing 
    Sarah's triple kick instead of just a double kick.  
    Do Jacky's double roundhouse.  The key is to keep mixing things up, and if a 
    move looks a lot like anothermove that you have, then mix those two up 
    Punch and Throw Techniques
    If an opponent tends to try to close distance with you by move forward, try 
    punch and throwing him.  Do a single punch, crouching or standing, followed 
    QUICKLY by the motion for the throw you want to do.  If the punch connects, 
    there is a good chance they will still be in range for a throw.  "Heavy" 
    fighters, such as Jeffry and Wolf, are particularly vulnerable, since the 
    punch will hardly move them at all.
    The punch is fast enough to interrupt any attack the opponent may be 
    attempting, and the throw if done correctly will come out while they are 
    still reeling from the punch.  Even if the opponent blocks, the throw will 
    connect so long as you are close enough.
    Typical Punch & Throw techniques are Kage's Punch&Toss (P,B+P), Wolf's Punch 
    & Twirl (P,B,D,F+P) and Lau's Punch&Face Slam (P,B,F+P).
    As a final note, try doing Jeffry's ultimate combo: the Toe Kick&Piledriver 
    combination (D+K,D,F/D,F+ALL).  With a follow-up pounce it automatically 
    kills any opponent in three nasty moves.
    Hit 'em in the air
    Sometimes characters play a little hand-ball with their opponents by 
    repeatedly punching, uppercutting and otherwise bouncing them along in the 
    air.  Lau is the true master of this technique, able to bounce opponents up 
    to eight times in a single combination of moves.  But everyone can do it to 
    some degree.
    If you manage to catch the opponent in the air, make them pay.  Experiment 
    tacking on different moves after your favorite combos.  Knees are 
    particularly good at knocking opponents skyward, and their exist many 
    pseudo-combinations involving a knee attack (For+Kick) followed immediately 
    by something else.  Jeffry's Knee&Dashing Uppercut combo is a perfect 
    example. (For+Kick,For,For+Punch,Punch).
    Fake Out for a Boot to the Head
    One of the more artistic methods of beating computer opponents is to jump 
    over the computer's head and do a heavy kick to the head.  There are two 
    sure-fire methods of doing this attack versus any computer opponent.
    The first is to jump over the opponent's head.  After you land, immediately 
    jump backwards back over the opponent.  DO NOT TURN AROUND BEFORE JUMPING.  
    You should be flying backwards through the air.  As you pass over the 
    opponent, press For+Kick.  You will do a heavy kick into the back of the 
    opponent's head.
    A second more mystifying method starts by jumping over the opponent's head.  
    After landing, press For and press and hold forward to begin running toward 
    the edge, away from the opponent.  The computer will run after you.  Just as 
    you are about to run off the edge, jump straight up into the air.  The 
    computer will run underneath you, and skid to a halt on the edge.  It's 
    momentum will take it underneath and in front of you.  Press For+Kick, and 
    you will do a heavy kick to the head before the computer has a chance to 
    recover, kicking it out of the ring!!  This will work on 
    every opponent, including Dural.
    Here is a general character playing guide which will help you with some 
    strategies for specific players.  Each character's guide is divided into 3 
    sections: Strengths, Weaknesses and Beating the Computer.
    Jacky -- "Ballet of the Fighter"
    Jacky's Strengths:
    Jacky is a favorite among advanced players because of his wide variety of 
    attacks and combinations.  Jacky is perhaps the most flexible of the 
    characters, able to easily attack standing opponents, crouching opponents, 
    jumping opponents, opponents behind him and opponents who just knocked him 
    down.  Many of his combinations attack both high AND low, such as his 
    Punch&Foot sweep or his Double Punch, Elbow & Kick.  His Punt Kick is deadly 
    versus crouching opponents, and opponents who are not cautious getting off 
    the ground.  Finally, his pounce is quick and deadly.
    Jacky's Weaknesses:
    It's tough to find weaknesses in Jacky because of his flexible arsenal of 
    moves.  But when compared to the other characters, his weakness is that he 
    is not the "best" in any one thing.  He is good all around, but he does not 
    have the best range, best speed, best power, best throws, or best combos.  
    He is good all around, but if your playing style is geared to specializing 
    in a particular type of attack, other characters would be better.  For 
    instance, if you love making throws, Jeffry or Wolf are better.  If you are 
    good with quick, light attacks, Lau or Pai or Sarah are better.  If you play 
    a positional game of hitting and running, Kage is better.  Jacky is good at 
    all these things, but he is not a specialist.
    Beating the computer Jacky:
    It is extrememly difficult to lose to the computer Jacky.  In fact, it is SO 
    hard to lose you may want to take the opportunity to practice some difficult 
    throws or moves on him while you have the chance.  Show off for the crowd a 
    little, they'll appreciate it.
    Jeffry -- "A Pillar of Strength"
    Jeffry's Stregnths:
    Power and throws are Jeffry's strengths.  He and Wolf do the most damage 
    with basic punches and kick, and Jeffry has EIGHT (!!) throws to smash 
    opponents flat on the mat.  If an opponent pauses or kicks over Jeffry's 
    head, a good Jeffry player can do a throw & Body Splash pounce for an easy 
    50% of their life bar.  Scariest of all is Jeffry's Toe Kick o' Doom combo, 
    the most powerful combination in the game.  This toe kick followed by a LONG 
    range Cruicifix Piledriver and a Butt Bomb will always, ALWAYS, KO the poor 
    opponent in three devastating moves.  Jeffry's Backbreaker is also (not 
    surprisingly) greatly feared as one of the most damaging single moves in the 
    game.  Finally, Jeffry's Uppercuts and Rushing Uppercuts have deceptively 
    long ranges and can hit crouching opponents or opponents knocked into the 
    air by another attack.
    Jeffry's Weaknesses:
    Jeffry is one of the slowest characters.  His recovery from missed attacks 
    is relatively slow.  Butt Bombs usually miss, although the Body Splash has a 
    good chance of hitting.  However, missing either leaves Jeffry prone and 
    possibly vulnerable.  Likewise, missing a jumping double kick leaves Jeffry 
    flat on his back.
    Beating the Computer Jeffry:
    Block his punches, then retaliate with a punch/kick combo or other quick 
    move. Punch & throw techniques work very well against Jeffry, since he is 
    usually charging right into them.
    Sarah -- "Femme Fatale"
    Sarah's Strengths:
    Sarah has the flexible arsenal of Jacky, but is faster and lighter than her 
    brother.  Her Light Pounce (Tap Up+Punch) almost always hits if the opponent 
    is knocked down, and her elbow and knee can keep crouching opponents honest.  
    Her back kick and quick attacks keep most opponents on their toes.
    Sarah's Weaknesses:
    Sarah's attacks are all somewhat weak, so she must connect more frequently 
    than stronger characters to get the KO.  Also, the lack of a foot sweep 
    makes standing opponents more difficult to handle.
    Beating the computer Sarah:
    Play defensively.  Block her punches or knees, then do a quick attack.  
    Punch & kick combos followed by pounces work particularly well.  Avoid 
    crouching, since her elbow/kick combo and her rushing knee can hit you 
    Kage -- "Death from Above"
    Kage's Strengths:
    Kage has the greatest range and best movement of all the characters.  He can 
    roll forward and backwards, doing a foot sweep with either.  He can flip 
    backwards quite quickly, and can jump twice the height and distance of all 
    the other characters.  His flying kick and Double Footed Sweep have 
    extremely long ranges, and he can do a kickflip backwards or forwards as the 
    situation warrants.  He can even pounce on a character from any distance in 
    the ring, and his double-foot heavy jumping kicks roll out safely whether he 
    kicks forward or backward.  If he misses a mid-range pounce, he lands on his 
    feet and can immediately do a throw, kickflip or other attack if the 
    opponent is nearby.  Given all this, Kageis the best positional character in 
    the game, and is the best at jockying for better spots on the ring to both 
    get Ring Outs and avoid them.
    Kage's Weaknesses:
    Kage has trouble against crouching opponents.  In addition, his long  range 
    attacks (including his pounces) are all slow, and take a long time to 
    recover from if blocked.  His head dive is virtually worthless, except after 
    the Ten Foot Toss, and missing a flying kick can put Kage in quite an 
    awkward position.  When playing Kage it is crucial to not overly rely on his 
    slower attacks, using his Punch/Kick and Heel Kick/Sweep combos to keep 
    opponents off-balance for the occasional Flying Kick or jumping attack.  The 
    element of surprise is essential with Kage.
    Beating the computer Kage:
    The computer Kage is a sucker for ducking his first kick in a round, and 
    getting thrown with Def+P (or B+P in Akira's case).  If you get knocked 
    down, roll backwards.  If Kage dives at you (which he often does), do your 
    most powerful single attack that hits CROUCHING opponents.  Wolf's 
    Shoulder Ram, Akira's Body Check, Jeffry's Toe Kick/Punch Combo, Lau's Knife 
    hand/Double Punch/Crescent Kick, Pai's Foot Sweep, Jacky's Punt Kick, 
    Sarah's Elbow/Knee Combo, and Kage's Flying Kick are probably the best ways 
    to hit Kage after he misses a head dive.  Be careful to block his heel 
    kicks, and block low if he starts to roll or slide toward you.  If he misses 
    a foot sweep or flying kick, don't hesitate to make him pay.
    Pai -- "Pulling the Strings"
    Pai's Strengths:
    Pai's greatest strength lies in her speed, and in one move: her Back+Punch 
    throw.  This throw stops punching and kicking opponents dead in their 
    tracks, and completely negates much of the value of some special attacks as 
    well, such as Jeffry's Rushing Punches and Uppercuts, Akira's Rushing Palm 
    and Lau's Knife Hand.  It can even grab Kage's Flying Kick, believe it or 
    not.  This takes away a lot of options for opponents who fight Pai, and 
    force them torely on either crouching attacks, or attacks which are often 
    slower and harder to recover from.  Pai's speed allows her to then strike 
    back, and her pounce is almost always a hit.  In addition, her foot 
    sweep is useful if used judiciously, and her punch/kick combos are all 
    reasonably powerful.
    Pai's weaknesses:
    Pai has serious problems dealing with crouching opponents, since none of her 
    "special" attacks hit crouching defenders.  Also, although she is fast, her 
    attack power is weak, so she has to connect that much more often to get a 
    Beating the computer Pai:
    Wait for her to come at you with an attack.  Block high.  If she punches 
    you, duck after the last punch so that she will either kick over you or you 
    will block her low kick.  If she does a low kick, just hit her.  If she 
    kicks over your head, do a throw.  Likewise, if she misses a pounce 
    be sure to throw her.
    Wolf -- "Rage in the Ring"
    Wolf's Strengths:
    Wolf is as powerful as Jeffry with his basic attacks.  Although Wolf does 
    not have as many throws as Jeffry, the throws he has are more than adequate 
    to do the job.  If used wisely when opponents are vulnerable, his shoulder 
    ram & pounce is devastating.  Essentially, Wolf is a powerhouse who can grab 
    or ram opponents for tremendous damage.
    Wolf's Weaknesses:
    Wolf's biggest weakness is his speed.  His punches and uppercuts are 
    extrememly slow, and his recovery from attacks is snail-paced.  His arsenal 
    is not nearly as flexible as other characters, and blocked shoulder rams 
    leave him wide open for retaliation.  Wolf is best played with an eye for 
    intimidating opponents into making mistakes, leaving them open for a 
    shoulder ram or throw.
    Beating the computer Wolf:
    If Wolf starts punching, block it then punch back.  Three punches, followed 
    by a crouching punch and low kick, work surprisingly often on him.  One 
    tactic that almost always works for a quick hit is to start the round by 
    jumping straight up in the air.  Wolf will usually do three punches 
    underneath you while you are in the air.  As he does this, hold the joystick 
    back and press kick.  You will do a backwards double footed kick into Wolf's 
    Lau -- "Furious Flurry of Fists and Feet"
    Lau's Strengths:
    Lau has the fastest punches and kicks in the game.  His punches and kicks 
    are so fast, in fact, that if a kick knocks an opponent into the air, he can 
    follow it up with two or three more attacks before the opponent lands.  This 
    ability to play "handball" with his opponents produces many ring outs, and 
    many KO's.  Lau has an eight hit combination, for instance, which does 
    tremendous damage and pushes the opponent ridiculous distances across the 
    ring.  His face slam does terrific damage, and his foot sweep and punch/heel 
    kick combo are both difficult attacks to avoid.
    Lau's Weaknesses:
    Although Lau can string together his punches and kicks quite quickly, he is 
    slow to recover after any combo or "heavy" move.  Also, Lau has to be 
    careful about not getting thrown by opponents who duck underneath his 
    running punches.
    Beating the computer Lau:
    Beat the computer Lau exactly as you did Pai.  Just be forewarned that Lau 
    mixes up his attacks more than Pai, and has much better timing than Pai.  
    Nonetheless, the same defensive strategy suggested for Pai works for Lau.
    Akira -- "Invincible Motions"
    Akira's Strengths:
    Akira has the fastest special attacks in the game.  His rushing palm, body 
    check and rushing elbow are all so fast that they can all connect on an 
    opponent who has missed anything other than a punch.  These attacks are not 
    only lightning fast, but as powerful as dynamite.  The body check can do as 
    much as 85% of the life bar on opponents who are close enough, and the 
    rushing palm can do upwards of 65% of the life bar on occasion.  His rushing 
    elbow can hit crouching opponents, as can his Double Kick and Elbow.  One VF 
    player put it best when they said that while Jacky instills the fear of the 
    unknown because of his wide variety of attacks, Akira instills the fear 
    of the known, because his opponents know EXACTLY what Akira will do but are 
    almost powerless to prevent it.
    Akira's Weaknesses:
    Although Akira's attacks are powerful and blindingly fast, he takes longer 
    to recover from these attacks than almost any other character recovering 
    from a special attack in the game.  Any missed special attack leaves Akira 
    wide open for a combo or even a throw on occasion.  And to compound this, 
    NONE of his special attacks hit standing defenders.  This is a tremendous 
    hinderance, since Akira must resort to low kicks and punches to hit standing 
    Beating the computer Akira:
    Keep in mind that Akira is vulnerable after any special attack.  Keep him at 
    bay with single or double punches, and never crouch.  Stand and block all 
    his attacks.  If you block an elbow, kick, body check or rushing palm, do 
    your most powerful single move.  If Akira knocks you down, roll backwards.  
    If he misses the pounce, quickly run forward (For,Hold For) and throw him.
    Dural -- "Superhuman Cybernetics"
    Dural's Strengths:
    Dural, the final Bonus stage character, has some of the best moves from each 
    of the other eight characters.  She has some of Wolf and Jeffry's throws, 
    Kage's flying Kick, Lau's punching ability, Wolf's Clothesline and Akira's 
    Single Kick.  Dural is extremely quick, and difficult to 
    throw, and it is almost impossible to pounce on Dural if you knock her down.  
    Her attacks all do significant damage, and she throws opponents with eerie 
    Dural's Weaknesses:
    Dural is susceptible to Uppercuts, Jumping Punches and Crouching Punches.  
    Her knee pounce (borrowed from Kage) is very slow, and it takes her a long 
    time to stand back up from it.  If she tries it and misses, don't waste 
    time; beat her into the ground with the best attack or combination you can 
    Beating Dural:
    Play off her weaknesses.  Don't try to throw her, and be prepared to miss if 
    you pounce on her once you knock her down.  If necessary, you can beat her 
    quite soundly by jumping straight in the air and doing a double-fisted punch 
    (Hold Up,For+Punch).
    Sudden Death
    If the final deciding set is a draw, the next round will be a sudden death 
    match on a ring about 1/16 the size of a normal ring.  The winner of that 
    match wins by KO or knocking his opponent out of the tiny ring, and usually 
    one person is knocked out after the first or second hit connects.
    This was a very brilliant and innovative idea for the extra draw round.  It 
    is appropriate that a such an originally styled fighting game like VF would 
    had an equally original draw round.
    If it is not the last set, a draw will award one win to both players.  If 
    there is another draw in sudden death, the computer awards one of the two 
    with a win and therefore the game.
    The Computer
    As you fight the computer you will advance up through the ranks in the
    following order:
    Jacky, Jeffry, Sarah, Kage, Pai, Wolf, Lau, Akira, Dural
    Dural is the final opponent that you will fight, and it is a metallic 
    looking female who has all the moves of every character.  You will get ONE 
    chance to beat it, and the round will go to one more set than is normal.  So 
    if your machine is set to 2 out of 3, you must defeat Dural 3 out of 4, and 
    so on.  The tough part is that you will only get ONE chance to defeat Dural, 
    and if you lose, then it's Game Over for you, buddy.  Have someone join in 
    to save you if you're losing.  One nice touch is that after the game is over 
    (if your last battle was with Dural), the credits run by and the instant 
    replays of the final rounds that you played against all the computer 
    opponents to get up to the end are replayed.  The last one is of Dural 
    KO'ing you, unless you beat Dural :)
    The one shortcoming is that there appear to be no story-telling endings.
    After beating it numerous times (even without continuing) it does seem safe 
    to say that Sega did not include a very important psychologically satisfying 
    feature in this game.
    Game Adjustments
    As mentioned at the beginning of this FAQ, VF can be adjusted so that the 
    player must win 2, 3, 4, or 5 sets to win a game.  This is done from the 
    inside of the game through the test mode.  It can be set one way for player 
    vs. player modes, or differently for player vs. computer.  the factory 
    setting is two out of three for both the player vs. player and player vs. 
    computer modes.  
    difficulty can also be set.  The different levels effect ring size and the 
    amount of health you start with.
    Difficulty    Ring Width       Energy   (1P)   Time Bar Color
    Easy          1500             198      158    Red
    Normal        1400             180      144    Yellow
    Hard          1300             162      129    Green
    Hardest       1200             144      115    Blue
    The Time Bar Color is the color of the thin line beneath your Time in the 
    bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Note that the difficulty is self-
    adjusting, becoming harder or easier as players win or lose.
    Not too sure what the 1P is meant for, but I would guess that is has 
    something to do with when one player is playing the computer.  Normal is the 
    default factory setting.
    A word from our Sponsor
    here's the latest from Sega:
    They're beginning to plan a large marketing push for VF.  This will include 
    promos for tournaments and the like.  To do this, they'll be shipping VF T-
    shirts, posters, banners, keychains, and even fortune cookies (with VF moves 
    in them) to help promote the game.  Look for this stuff to start appearing 
    Everything in the demo is possible (ie Sarah's crescent).  Every move that 
    the computer does is also possible.
    There are storylines for each of the characters.
    How about VF2? "Definitely, but that's privileged information for the time 
    being."  Additionally, a rumor surfaced recently about VF2 being field 
    tested in Japan.  (Always take such rumors with a grain of salt, 
    The Rumor Mill
    This is the place where rumors are old rumors are dispelled and new ones
    originate.  if I'm missing anything, and I'm sure I am (contrary to popular 
    belief I am not perfect), feel free to e-mail me and let me know.
    still only a rumor.  I've never seen these done, but I've heard a lot of
    people claim to have seen Jacky and Wolf in particular do this.  supposedly 
    the attacker begins a throw, but then the defender counters it and sends 
    them on the floor.  sort of like Pai's defensive grab.  Some people have 
    said they think it is with the kick button and then back or down.  Someone 
    saw Wolf grab his opponents kick, and then punch them in the face while 
    holding their leg.
    Another person saw Pai begin a defensive throw on Jacky, but then Jacky
    re-reversed it back on Pai.
    It has been widely rumored that Jeffry can throw opponents half way across 
    the ring after his Ultimate Press (B,B+P), instead of just dropping them on 
    the ground at his feet.  I can verify that this is possible, since I did it 
    myself at least once.  In fact, Jeffry threw the hapless Jacky so far away, 
    that my followup pounce didn't reach him!!!  Unfortunately, how I did it or 
    if it was a glitch of some sort remains a mystery....
    Lately a lot of people have been discussing the suupposed glitch of when the 
    plyer's colors and body parts (arms and legs) are all screwed up and out of 
    order.  Game play is still normal.  Is there a pattern, or is it random?
    You get them when you play same character/same character matchups, but can 
    you select them purposely?  some people have claimed to have gotten them, 
    but no methods are yet confirmed.
    Someone was playing Akira vs. Akira, and he was the second player.  He chose 
    a gray Akira, somehow, and so he and his friend were playing an entire game 
    with 2 gray Akiras...
    Here's one way to get the second colors (Player 2 only).  When you start a 
    new game, have player 1 move his cursor over a character.  Now have Player 2 
    move his cursor over that same character.  Have player 2 choose that 
    character.  Now the first player can choose whoever he wants, but the second 
    player will have the secondary color.
    TRICKS -
    You can get the credits of the programmers to come up on the screen by 
    holding down a START button during the demo.  When it comes to the standard 
    demo w/ Sarah kicking Kage, the credits will come up.  Keep holding the 
    START button to keep the credits coming, or else they will freeze.
    Also, you can get Kage to _roll_ while the demos are running.  Just spin the 
    player one joystick, and he'll roll either backward or forward, it's up to 
    you. On the beginning of the computer intro, you can get Kage to roll off 
    the mat almost before Sarah even tries to kick him.  After you finish a game 
    against the computer, thelast round which you lost will then be played 
    during the intro.  If you got to Dural, the round where you beat Akira 
    will be shown.  What a great way to rub in a loss, especially if the 
    computer had a real good comeback on you :)
    It seems that after about 3,000 plays, the mask on Kage falls off instead of 
    just his headband.  You can see his teeth and a scar on his cheek.
    In order to play with both players having the same colors, have one player 
    select a character.  The other player should now highlight, but not select, 
    the character to the LEFT of that character. For example, if you both want 
    to play Pai, then the second person should highlight Akira.  (If you both 
    want to play Akira, highlight Jacky).  Now press Right+All three buttons 
    simultaneously.  When play begins, you will both be using Player 1's colors 
    (eg. both Pai's will have blue uniforms.)
    It is possible to play as Dural, although the timing to do so is a bit 
     First, you must beat the computer Dural and have 2 games worth of credits 
    in the machine ready to go.  After beating the game, have one player press 
    start and pick a character.  As soon as that character finishes smiling, but 
    before the game actually starts, player 2 should press start to interrupt 
    the process.  If your timing is perfect, and the stars are perfectly 
    aligned, and you've been a good boy or girl, player 2 may come in as Dural.
    Should you be fortunate enough to get to play as Dural, here are Dural's 
    (known) special moves: Wolf's Suplex (Def+Punch), Wolf's Clothesline 
    (For,For+Punch), Jeffry's Body Press Throw (Back+Punch), Kage's Rolling Kick 
    (For,For+All), Kage's Knee Pounce (Up+Punch), Akira's Kick (For,For+Kick), 
    Pai's DDT (For, Down+Punch)
    Good luck!
    Public opinion isn't always right, but it does help us to get a feel for 
    what the average Joe is getting out of this game.  Surveys are helpful to 
    new players and veteran fighters alike, for they help to open our eyes to 
    the world around us.  In seeking to have more stuff in this guide that's not 
    just general facts or my own opinion, this chapter has been included to let 
    us all get an idea what the general Virtua Fighter's player is thinking.
    This is open to any VF player who can get his/her response in to me (not 
    just internet people :)   Please continue to respond, and Enjoy!
    Survey #1  (3/25 - 4/1) 46 responses
    1.      Which Character are you using right now? (first choice)
    Akira     6.5%
    Lau       13.0%
    Jacky (1) 28.2%
    Pai (2)   21.7%
    Jeffry    1.5%
    Sarah (3) 15.2%
    Kage      8.7%
    Wolf      4.3%
    2.      Which Character do you think is the most powerful?
    Akira (3) 13.0%
    Lau       8.7%
    Jacky (1) 23.9%
    Pai       10.9%
    Jeffry    4.3%
    Sarah (2) 15.2%
    Kage      0.0%
    Wolf (3)  13.0%
    3.      On the machine you play most often, how many rounds do you need
            to win to win?
    2/3       69.6%
    3/5       34.8%
    4/7       4.3%
    5/9       0.0%
    Survey #2 (4/1 - 4/8)  44 responses
    1.      What is your favorite MOVE in the VF?
    1)      A Kick Flip
    2)      Kage's Flying Kick
    3)      Pai's Grab_Jacky's Double Roundhouse
    2.      What is your favorite THROW in the VF?
    1st     Wolf's Twirl & Hurl
    2nd     Lau's Face Slam
    3rd     Jeffry's Backbreaker
    3.      What is your favorite COMBO in the VF?
    1st     Pai's Triple Punch & Crescent
    2nd     A Kickflip Combo
    3rd     Sarah's Elbow-KneeLau's Knife, 2 Punches, Crescent
    Survey # 3 (4/8 - 4/15/94) 60 responses
    1.      In your opinion, who is the WEAKEST character in VF.
    Character Votes Percent
    Pai       20.5  34.4%
    Akira     14.0  23.3
    Jeffry    11.5  19.2
    Kage       9.0  15.00
    Wolf       5.5   9.2
    Sarah      4.0   6.7
    Lau        1.5   2.5
    Jacky      1.5   2.5
    Undecided        3.3%
    Survey #4 Question (4/5 - 4/13) 84 responses
    1. If there was ONE thing you could add/change on VF, what would it 
    Jumping Speed         47.8%
    More computer bosses  26.9%
    Better use of 3D      22.4%
    The button interface  15.9%
    Ground Speed           3.0%
    People also wanted things like:  more energy, longer rounds, texture 
    mapping, a cage match  w/ no ring outs and storylines.
    Produced by
    Doug Rosengard, dug@lugaru.com
    Original FAQ by Chad E. Reznicek
    Special Thanks
    God                                 keeping my head on straight
    The Family Fun Center in Omaha, NE  for Virtua Fighter
    Sega                                info & for VF
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    Marie E. Antoon                     Marie.E.Antoon@Students.Miami.edu
    Koh Kawabe                          kawabee@is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
    World Book Dictionary               definitions of virtual & fighter
    Replay Magazine                     some info on VF
    Iain Sinclair                       some info on VF
    Getting this FAQ
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    guide complete and current.  this FAQ will be posted as deemed necessary
    to keep the masses informed.  it can also be accessed by anonymous ftp
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