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Reviewed: 01/03/01 | Updated: 01/03/01

Bring out the gas cans and lighters with this game!

Now, I’m a really big fan of Atlus. I love their games, such as the Ogre Battle series, Tactics Ogre, Persona, Brigandine, the list goes on. I bought a Saturn a few years ago, and this is one of the games I got with it. It was an Action/RPG, and being a large fan of this genre, I figured it would be a decent game. However, what I found was the direct opposite. Not only was this game not worth my time, I hated myself for even the thought that crossed my head to buy it.


The gameplay is very basic. You equip swords, shields, armor, all the standard items of an Action/RPG. You can run around the world, do a few different level slash attacks, but other than that, there aren’t many other controls that you need to know. The controls are very simple, and easy to learn, but I really hate them. They bug me, and when that happens, I usually just can’t get into a game. This was one of the major factors that caused me to dislike this game in such a strong manner.


Sure….this game has a story…..IF YOU READ THE BACK OF THE BOX. As far as the game goes, when you click new game, you just start! There is no introduction, that leads into the game. There is no opening, that lets you know what exactly is going on. I’ve owned this game for several years, and I still don’t know exactly what the story really is all about. I think the people at Atlus could have done a much better job developing the story on this game, because what IS there, quite frankly, is trash.


Music is one of my most influential parts of a game. If a game has really good music, it usually keeps me interested in the game. I know that sounds a bit weird, but if I can get into the music, and start to hum along with it as I play, it usually keeps me playing a game. In this game, the only thing the music wanted to make me do, is pick up the chair I was sitting in, and throw it at the TV. Even the graphics are trash. I mean, even with the power of the Sega Saturn, you think they could have done a bit better. Sure, the environments look semi-real, but they are really…bad….and I don’t like that.


The only nice feature of this game, is that it creates an entirely different world for you to play in each time. Of course, the quests don’t change, so this isn’t really a great thing. As far as renting it goes, save your money! As far as buying it goes, SAVE YOUR MONEY! I wouldn’t recommend buying this game at ANY price, because this game is not worth, well, ANYONES time.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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