Review by jspamaximus

Reviewed: 07/16/04

Great Ideas, Awful Game

Okay I bought this for the Sega Saturn a few years ago because I heard the idea of "Random Dungeons" WOW!!! I thought as I eagerly put the CD in my Saturn, but then the game loaded and well put it this way, I threw up straight after playing it.

Story: The Story ain't too bad thinking of it, You (The Hero) Has to collect 3 or was it 4 Gems to save the Kingdom, Also there are fairies that will try to help you out every step of the way.

4/10: Not bad at all Storyline

Concept: Okay I admit it, I loved the concept to the game! Basically every time you start up a new game you get a Password for your own "Special World". Meaning that every time you play the items in the game are in different locations which makes it replayble (Yeah Right)

6/10: Nice Ideas

Graphics: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is supposed to be Graphics!? I could do better graphics using Microsoft Paint with both my hands behind my back! The graphics in a word are awful. The main guy always looks like he needs to use the loo and the enemies aren't much better either. Ooooooh look a scary tree with teeth! Very Scary..... Also the game barely breaks 5 fps.....

0/10 Words can't describe how awful the Graphics are.

Sound: ARGHHHHH!!!! My ear drums are bursting! This Music is pure torture!!!! I would much rather hear the Ships Foghorn on full blast then this Tripe! The sound effects are just as crap with everything sounding just about the same!

1/10 AWFUL!!!!!

Controls: Hmmm the controls are okay I guess, nothing really to complain about except the amount of time your character takes to turn around!

4/10 Could be worse

Gameplay: Hmmm 4 "Dungeons" and a huge Bland Field..... *Yawn* Well at least the items save it from total disaster, I also liked the idea of a weight limit for your Character, meaning that if you went over it you would slow down even more! 2 fps anyone?

3/10 Okay I guess

Overall: 3/10

A stinking turd of a game with good ideas, I hope the ideas are used in a better game... (Oh wait they already have....)

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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