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"Shred every scrap of dignity you have before playing this game"

Some people think Atlus software is a great company, well not in the early days of the saturn. This game explains why some people threw their sega saturn out the window and bought a playstation or N64.

Graphics-1/10. This game looks like an early 80's computer game. When you look at the map, don't expect a great detailed map, you get a crummy NES map! So undetailed that you want to give up the game. The enimies are so BAD! They look like a disgusting block of black, and when they move, everyone looks like a blob of black and brown messed up blocks. When you start to run in a forest or practicly anywhere, it looks like one of the scenes from the Blair Witch Project, it will make you nautious. I always wan't to laugh at the cinimas at the beginning, it looks like a messed up fading memory.

Controls-2/10. In Virtual Hydlide, you have to get extermely close to hit the enimies. You practically have to give them a hug to actually hit them. The controls are loose and annoying to the max. The only time you actually can move well is when you walk, but then you only go one mile per hour, and it takes forever to get anywhere.

Gameplay-1/10. One of the spots the game kills itself. First of all, some enimies take extremely long to kill, but then they can kill you in one hit! Some of the monsters like the bats are very hard to hit, they are so annoying! Another bring down is that everything you carry wieghs something! You can't carry over your limit. Unlike other RPG's, you don't get experience, like The Granstream Saga for the Playstation. You level up when you complete something. The thing that really dampens the difficulty is that when you stand still with no weapon in your hand, and you regain life pretty quickly! This makes the game very easy.

Sound-2/10. This is one of the spots where the game brightens, but don't get your hopes up. Some tunes are enjoyable. Yet the sounds of the monsters screeching can be deafening. Not much to mention in this department.

Replay-1/10. This is one of those games where are glad to be done. This game is boring a first time around, not even to mentoin a second time around. This game also takes up a lot of space on your memory, about 260 when you just begin the story! Most rpg's use about 20! I could not play it again if I tried! I also get bored of the same old story! The princess is captured, you have to save her, kill the bad guy and win. The same basic plot since Super Mario 1 for the NES, which reminds me of this game(in the graphics).

I do not suggest buying this game. I am even against it. I had the the first one for the NES and Super Hydlide for the Genesis. This is the worst rpg series to ever for me.
Like father, like son. The only plus is that you can buy it at most stores like Funcoland for under 9 dollars. If you are still interested in this game(like any of you are), you can buy this game at

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/22/00, Updated 06/22/00

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