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"This game is NOT as bad as some people say..."

This is a FUN game (even though a lot say other wise) were you are a mail courier and must get messages from and to people, in five different and quiet large 3d city areas. You only have a certian amount of time to get from one person to the next so you can't take your time. That and however fast you get to one person to the next the more money you get. This makes this game very hard and frustrating. Well, at least you have infinate lives! Sadly though it is not like crazy taxi customer to customer.. You can only due a select amount of runs on pre-determinded people in each level.

Graphics: 7.5
There's nothing great about them and there's nother too bad either. The levels themselves look great and run smoothly. The people are very blocky sprites, and you are a more clear one but still not great. At least there's no frame rate drops. The levels are in full 3d and so are the cars, but every other thing in the game are 2d sprites (i believe so at least)..

Sound: 8
The voices of you and the people and your boss all are very clear and sometimes funny. The music is a mixed bag, some are catchy and some are down right annoying. Maybe you should turn the music off. Also your boss, when he yells at you can be pretty annoying.

Gameplay: 9
This is another game that proves that graphics don't make a game. You can do cool tricks to get power-ups, also you can give people the finger for annoying you. Don't do this to cops though, they go after you and shoot... There controls are great and easy to learn. There is just alot to do.

*Reviewer's note: if you do not or can not get the hang of the controls.. it's pretty much over, tricks are almost nessecary*

Replay Value: 8
Even though it doesn't have a 2 player modes (that would be great though) There are 75 levels in all to do and one secret practice track. The game is hard so you'll have to play levels over and over and over. The game is also fun so that's bring the grade up. In any level if you don't make the time, you get fired (duh) but instead of going to the ''failed'' screen it let's you continue exploring and practicing tricks. COOL!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/26/01, Updated 03/06/01

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