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"OK Japanese version of Command and Conquer"

I've always loved Godzilla. From the time my Aunt showed me a tape of Godzilla vs. Megalon, I was hooked. I remember playing the first Godzilla game for the old NES, as a matter of fact the game freaked me out and I had to call my mom to pick me up from my aunts house (Hey I was 4 at the time, the music was just too freaky for me then) But I digress, as I've grown so has my collection of tapes and a few physical games (With the exception of the Second SNES Game and the ''other'' Gameboy gam on ROM) for most all of the systems I've owned. By far Godzilla Real Time Monster Simulator for the Sega Saturn was the hardest to find of the lot. But enough about that, LET'S GET TO THE REVIEW.

Visuals: 7
The graphics are very good. The FMV scenes for the weapons and Monster bios look horrible and the loop effect of the movies is interupted as the FMV comes to an end and starts over where it left off. The entire game is sprite orientated, but this doesn't take away from the game play at all, but the camera makes it hard to view some of your weapons that are behind buildings.

Sound: 9
The soundtrack to the game is provided to teh man that wrote the Godzilla theme music Akira Ifukube. This game features looped versions of the music but the music is taken straight from the movies and sounds perfect. The monsters roars sound like their movie counterparts, enhancing the sound even more. Though later levels can be confusing because all building explosions sound the same and can be misleading as to the location of some monsters when out of view.

Control: 3
The lowest grade of the review is one that should be fitting for an import strategy game. The controls are hard to pick up unless you know japanese, but it's possible to ''play it by ear'', just don't expect to get to far in the game.

Presentation: 5
The game is presented very well. Though it is a kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics, only with better monsters. But the game comes off very well despite the complete lack of English in the game.

Overall: 8
I'd recommend this game to any hard core Godzilla fan, but if your a ''fair weather fan'' save your money. The game (as far as I know) is only available though eBay auctions. To play the game you'll need an import Saturn (Or a Saturn with a Mod Card in the back to play imports) cause a USA Saturn will not recognize the country code. These can range any where from simple $19.99 Import only players to $25 3-in-one card with a Gameshark type program, memory card, and the ability to play imports.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/01, Updated 01/03/01

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