"Best Godzilla game and also a great game on its own."

I have had this version of Godzilla ever since it was released (and also every other ''G'' game) and I think that maybe I should have written a review long ago and maybe an FAQ as well but now is as good a time as any.

Graphics: 9
The only area that could have been a bit better. I mean the sprites were great but had very little different animation, however there were enough to please any fan. Also I would have liked to see all of G's enemies (only a few are missing) and I’m sure people wont give a crap about King Sessar but hey.

Music & Sound: 10
There is nothing to be said but PERFECT. The music is straight from the movies and is played in the proper situations. The sound affects capture the monsters perfectly. No changed monster screams, no loss of quality, just perfect! Military weapons also boast their trademark sounds.

Gameplay: 10
Take your favorite strategy game and instead of destroying a base you’re destroying a GODZILLA. The AI is extremely helpful and easily manipulated by the player. The addition of AIR STRIKES during certain battles is a godsend. The missions are extremely fun to play or even watch. You can tell your army what to do and then just sit back and watch the metal fly, you might lose but its fun to see the monster struggle. Also the ability to make two monsters collide and fight each other adds many elements to the gameplay.

Replay: 9
At first there are 10 initial missions which follow the movies exactly. Then there are 5 ''special missions'' that pit you in strange fights that are fun as hell. After defeating the 10 normal missions you get another 5 special ones, one of which HEDORAH makes a big mess in. I have played the game many times over.

Controls: 9
The controls are perfect for the game. You control the army which means you take some time to get where you have to get. The only drawback is keeping an eye on everything so that one of your tanks doesn’t smack into another and get lost.

Secrets: 9
Five extra missions are a good enough secret I think.

Overall: 9
Not only is this game a fans dream but it’s also extremely fun for any fan of strategy games. Lots of great eye and ear candy. The only reason i didn’t give it a ten was because it ended. I think all Godzilla games should have followed this example of a good licensed game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/04/02, Updated 09/04/02

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