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    Manual Translation by xue1

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    Translated by Zylo2
    Final version - 18 December, 2016
    Terrain modifier, kinesthetic, zeal, poltergeist, sorcery, hexes, enhancements
    v4 - 21 February, 2008
    Corrected Elite cavalry to Adapted Cavalry
    In ancient times, the secret sword of legend, Langrisser, was praised for the
    unlimited power that it gave to its wielder.  As a result of the common people's
    avarice for that sword, it was mutually agreed to protect the sword from the
    viewing of the surrounding people, in order to prevent the spilling of much
    blood.  Presently, however, the royal lineage of the Baldea kingdom, descended
    from ancient heroes who protected Langrisser throughout the ages, has left it to
    its trustee.  But now, the peace is crumbling.  His majesty, Dalshis Emperor
    Digos, has amassed an army to lay siege to Baldea Castle and obtain Langrisser.
    He wants to obtain the sword to realize his grand ambitions of world conquest.
    Ledin (Fighter / Protagonist)
    Prince of the Baldea Kingdom.  With the sword Langrisser, he escaped as the
    Dalshis Empire was sighted surrounding the royal castle.  He strives to regain
    his native country, in a war to overthrow the Dalshis Empire.
    Chris (Cleric)
    Aiming to become a priestess, Chris was on a pilgrimage.  On the way through
    the invaded country, she penetrated the raid, and aided Ledin's exit.
    Thereafter,she hugs Ledin with the warmth of her affection, together fighting
    with determination.
    Volkoff (Swordmaster)
    An old drilling knight of Baldea Kingdom.  By the order of Baldea's king Isaac,
    Ledin and him both escape from the castle.  Despite his advanced age, he has
    remarkable skill as a tactician.
    Narm (Fighter)
    As a woman that excels in horsemanship, she served as captain of Baldea's
    personal guard corps.  In resisting the fall of Baldea Castle, she directs Ledin
    and Volkoff to the outer keep, then returns to the castle to aid King Isaac.
    Isaac (King)
    King of Baldea Kingdom, father of Ledin.  Continues to protect Langrisser, even
    as he receives the invasion of Dalshis Empire's Emperor Digos.
    Jessica (Oracle)
    As chief diviner, she warns the king to prepare for war, as the royal palace
    will be captured.  After the death of King Isaac, she is the only person who
    understands the secret of Langrisser.
    Digos (Emperor)
    Dalshis Empire's emperor.  He holds an ambition for world domination, as he
    plans to place his hand on the Langrisser.
    Zeld (Lord)
    The man who exists like the right arm of Digos.  Was in command during the
    invasion of Baldea Castle.  The power that he has is feared by neighboring
    Lance (RoyalGuard)
    As captain of Dalshis Empire's personal guard corps, he bears the distinct title
    of Black Knight.  Yet due to his bravery and character, he harbors a deep
    personal hope for those inside the empire.
    Hundreds of years after the events of the first ...
    The Baldea Kingdom has already ended, and now Langrisser has faded to a sword of
    legend once again.  However, the continent has once more seen the beginning of
    an invasion by a foreign state.  This time, the enemy is the Ligurd empire.
    Dark Prince Boser is behind it, and it's said that Alhazard (the evil sword that
    opposes Langrisser) is involved.  The Ligurd empire that obtained Alhazard seeks
    to release its sealed true power, and at the same time, many people must
    fantasize that when the empire is defeated, the Unity of the Continent ambition
    that it holds will go with it.
    Erwin (Protagonist)
    Bereft of his parents since childhood, he continues his travels as an
    adventurer.  Besides his strong sense of righteousness, there's also a charm
    about him that attracts those around him.
    Liana (Cleric)
    A childhood friend of Hein's.  She was a shrine maiden at the Shrine of Light in
    the nearby territory of Salrath.  When the place was seized by the Ligrud
    empire, its distress call was answered by Erwin, and now she travels with Erwin.
    Hein (Oracle)
    A mage that resided in a village near the Salrath territory.  From the time that
    he met Erwin, the congeniality in their relationship was as good as the
    relations of close friends.  The capability of his magic is an unknown.
    Cherie (HawkKnight)
    A daughter of noble birth from Kalzas castle, which reigns over the western part
    of the continent.  Due to her wild personality, she sneaked away from the
    castle, and polished her skill with the sword.  In her opposition to the Ligurd
    empire, she recruits responsible groups from various parts of the country to
    continue the fight.
    Keith (HawkKnight)
    As captain of the Kalzas castle flight squad that was managed by Sherry, he was
    under Sherry's direct command.  His dispassionate composure during battle causes
    him to be an able soldier.
    Imelda (General)
    This army mistress commands the Ice Dragon soldier division.  Due to her
    coldheartedness and lofty pride, she uses any means necessary to triumph.  She
    is feared not only by her enemies, but also by her subordinates.
    Leon (RoyalGuard)
    Serves as captain of the Blue Dragon knight division.  His military career
    boasts numerous glories and no defeats.  He has the deep confidence of his
    subordinates.  He has zeal for his monarch.
    Dark god that administers turmoil.  He is also the patron of all of the vice
    in existence.
    Boser (DarkMaster)
    He prepares to summon Chaos by acting as a scourge himself.  This time, he
    utilizes Emperor Bernhardt, who schemes to obtain Alhazard and Langrisser.
    ? (DarkPrincess)
    A stratagem designed to manipulate Boser, in the form of a DarkPrincess.
    Her birth and personal history are shrouded in mystery.  She has obtained the
    power of Darkness, and can use powerful magic.
    While the disc is stopped, turn on the power, and the demo begins.  When you
    push the Start button, the title screen appears.  When you push it again, the
    screen appears that chooses "I" or "II".  To play the game, move the direction
    button right or left to choose, and push the C button as your decision.  Next,
    the opening movie begins to play, and then the game begins.
    If a defeat condition is ever satisfied, Game Over appears.  Push a button to
    return to the opening screen.
    The game can save either on internal RAM or cartridge RAM (separately sold power
    memory).  In order to save I and II, 165 empty space is needed.  There are two
    types of saves: one performed at Scenario Clear, and one performed in the course
    of a scenario.
    - Saving when scenario clears
    When Scenario Clear appears, a maximum of 3 slots can be saved.
    - Saving in the course of a scenario
    1 slot of data can be saved in play.  Before you fight a powerful enemy, you
    should utilize the save feature.  The save can be created in the Setup Menu.
    Moreover, after the end of a Perform Attack command, a save can be performed.
    Both types of save data are similar, in the way that load data can be done on
    both types.  It can be done when the game begins or in the Setup Menu while in
    		Game						Menu
    L,R 		No use			When a situation shows only 1 screen,
                                                       push to switch pages
    Start	Open Setup Menu				         	No use
    A,C	Decide.  Menu.  Show data				Decide
    B		Cancel						Cancel
    X	Ascertain move range				Description of item
    Y 	Press this and the direction key 			No use
    	to move the cursor at a higher speed
    Z	Show last action of character			Change character
    In the game, a Scenario Clear occurs when a victory condition is satisfied.
    1) Show Continent diagram
    Shows the route of advance for the player's army and operating units, as well as
    the story, victory conditions, and defeat conditions of the scenario.
    2) Prepare to perform a normal attack
    First, hire mercenaries, then equip items, and then prepare to perform a normal
    attack.  (You'll get items in the course of the game).  Pay attention to your
    supply of money.  Select the Action command, then select the Order  command for
    the commander (char).
    - Soldier assignment
    Select the commander to designate for soldier assignment, and if the commander
    can hire mercenaries, the screen shows it being executed.  If you have the money
    available to hire mercenaries, please select the number of soldiers to hire,
    increasing the number with the C button, and decreasing with the B button.
    A single commander may only be assigned one type of mercenary, but 3-6 units.
    You can select the number of mercenaries, but not the type of mercenary, as the
    class of each commander differs.  Once the number is decided, select Decision.
    - In many situations, selecting a type of mercenary causes a cursor to display.
      With the right and left of the direction button, you can see how mercenaries
      of the outer screen are structured.
    - Since the mercenaries have been employed and used in the scenario, in the next
      scenario, they continue to be employed.
    - Equipping items
    Select Equip Item, then select the commander to equip the item.  Next, choose
    between Equip, Buy, and Sell.  Push the B button to return to the previous
    screen.  Only Part I applies to the 14th-18th pages, as other chars won't
    display on the top of the screen.  Push the L/R buttons to display other chars.
    Equip ... how a held item is equipped
    There are two types of items:  Military Tool and Other.  One of each can be
    equipped at a time.  Select the item that you would like to equip, in order to
    execute your decision.  When you select one that can't be equipped, Can't Equip
    is shown.  Items that can't be equipped are shown as dim.
    Shown on the diagram:  Data of the commanders that can equip the item, the list
    is formed such that commanders that can't equip the item are dimmed, Money that
    you have, and Sale price of the item.
    Buy ... inventory differs in each scenario's shop.  In addition, when the
    cursor is on an item that  commanders can't equip, the data is shown as dim.
    Sell ... unneeded items can be sold.  However, neither equipped items nor items
    like Langrisser can be sold.  When the cursor is on a suitable item, push the
    X button to learn the effect of the item.
    Shown in the diagram:  Price of items that can be sold
    For each commander that doesn't Equip, his equip screen shows that another
    commander can equip.  In Buy and Sell, the screen shows for whom.
    The Z button changes for which char.
    - Commander placement
    Select Commander Placement, then decide which commander (char) to designate for
    placement.  A flag is on the map in certain places that can be chosen for
    commander placement.  However, every scenario has fixed rally points.
    In addition, the names of  commanders that have finished placement are dimmed.
    - Begin battle
    When all commanders have finished preparations, select Begin Battle.
    Thereafter, save confirmation may occur.
    - Opening maneuvers
    When you select Begin Battle, the game decides whether to save first,
    or merely execute.  If it saves here, at the moment that you prepare to begin
    the battle, you can re-start, and the game begins with placement and assigning
    of soldiers, which is useful when you wish to redo.  It's also easy to do
    opening maneuvers.  The commander of personal troops has a subordinate unit,
    and he orders it to execute a maneuver. The sequence repeats until one side
    4) Layout of screen
    Various information is shown on the screen.  Ordinary units that are allies face
    the right, yet enemies are shown as facing left, and units under the cursor can
    merge such that all members of the units are on the same side (unit).
    Magic mark
    When magic has been applied to a unit, that is shown.  Which magic has been
    applied can be seen by the magic abbreviation symbol of the information window.
    Order icon
    This mark is only attached to a commander.  It shows the contents of an order to
    Unit mark
    This mark shows to which side a unit belongs.  Allies are blue, enemies are red,
    and NPCs are green.
    E mark
    When a unit's action has ended, it shows the E mark, and it can no longer move.
    Unit symbol
    Shows type of unit.  When its action has ended, the unit becomes black and
    HP (life energy)
    It's blue for allies, yellow for enemies.  It decreases.  10 is the most damage
    that you can take, and the unit disappears when it reaches 0.
    - Layout of information window
    - When cursor is not on any unit
    Terrain modifier of the terrain at the position of the cursor, Scenario number,
    Turn number
    - When cursor is on a commander unit
    Type of magic that has been applied to the unit, Unit symbol, class, Terrain
    modifier of the terrain at the position of the cursor,
    Terrain that unit prefers, Kinesthetic modifier of the unit that adjusts the
    overall terrain modifier (Upper level is the terrain modifier,
    lower level is the kinethetic), Name, Experience meter, Equipped items.
    - When cursor is on a mercenary unit
    Same as above, without Experience meter and Equipped items.
    The name of the unit's commander is displayed, not the name of the unit itself.
    Type of Magic symbol
    Green characters indicate magic that is beneficial to a unit and its comrades.
    A = Attack.   P = Protection.  R = Resist.  Q = Quick.
    Yellow characters indicate magic that is harmful to the enemy.
    S = Sleep.  Z = Zone.  C = Charm.  M = Mute.  D = Decline.
    Explanation of terminology
    Terrain modifier ... the terrain confers a beneficial value to those that are
    on defense in the confrontation.
    Kinesthetic modifier ... an attribute of the unit (form of motion) in its
    relation to the terrain can confer a beneficial value to those that are on
    defense in a confrontation.  (Example: Mermen are strong on water).
    Command modifier ... Inside the command range of the commander,
    subordinates receive a bonus.  There's an attack modifier and a
    defense modifier.  The commander himself doesn't receive a bonus.
    About command range
    As for command range, a commander confers his command modifier to his own
    subordinates within the command range.  For subordinates inside the command
    range, the command modifier serves as a bonus.  However, the same is true for
    enemy commanders.  When the cursor on the map meets a unit,
    the command range of its commander is displayed.
    Show commander data
    When the cursor meets a commander and the C button is pushed, the commander data
    is shown.
    Explanation of fatigue
    When an enemy's HP is low, its attack frequency decreases, and this decrease
    continues as an opponent inflicts damage.  In addition, when the commander of
    an enemy falls, the squad is totally destroyed.  In this case,
    when the subordinate disappears, its experience value is not gained by anyone.
    Many events are scripted, like reinforcements appearing in the game, or finding
    an item.  The C button progresses to the next message.  In addition, voices can
    be skipped with the B button.
    5)  Level Up and class change
    When an enemy falls, the commander gains its experience value as a bonus.
    If much is earned, the character grows stronger, as a method of improvement
    (even if a commander's subordinate defeats an enemy, the commander still gains
    the experience value).  Upon Level Up, as abilities increase,
    new spells may be learned.  Furthermore, the range and power of magic increase,
    as do physical defense and offense.  If the level reaches 10,
    you can perform a Class Change. It's the same way about Class Change,
    in that your character grows stronger as an improvement.
    Moreover, during a class change, spells are learned, physical offense
    increases, physical defense increases, MP increases,
    and the type and number of mercenaries changes (refer to following description).
    Furthermore, the mercenaries can carry over.
    About number of mercenaries
    The number that can be employed rises and falls with class change.
    This condition involves a calculation of between 2 and 7 like this:
    "2 or less is made 3", "7 or more is made 6".
    This is how the correction is done.
    Langrisser I
                                          ,-   KnightMaster
    	           ,- SilverKnight --' --  GrandKnight
    Ledin  	Fighter --',
    	            '-    Lord     --, --  SwordMaster
                                          '-    General
                                      ,-   DragonLord
    		   ,- HawkLord --' --  KnightMaster
    Narm   	Fighter --',
    		    '-  Lord   --, --  GrandKnight
                                      '-    General
    		  ,-    Captain    ----  SerpentLord
    Taylor  Pirate --',
    		   '- SilverKnight ----  GrandKnight
                                      ,-    ArchMage
    	           ,- Sorceror --' --  GrandKnight
    Jessica Warlock --',
    		    '- Paladin --, --  HighPriest
                                      '-      Sage
                                     ,-   HighPriest
    		  ,-   Cleric --' --     Sage
    Chris 	Sister --',
    	           '- Paladin --, --   ArchMage
                                     '-  GrandKnight
    		           ,- SilverKnight ----  KnightMaster
    Thorn, Albert,  Fighter --',
    and Hawking		    '-    Lord     ----     General
                                          ,-   KnightMaster
    		   ,- SilverKnight --' --   SwordMaster
    Lance  	Fighter --',
    		    '-  HawkLord   --, --   DragonLord
                                          '-    GrandKnight
    Langrisser II
                                                              ,-      Sage
                                           ,-     HighLord  -',
    		   ,-     Lord      --' -,                ,'-    General
    Erwin   Fighter --',                      ',- SwordMan  -' -,
    		    '- SilverKnight --, -'                  ,'- SwordMaster
                                           '-    Highlander -,'
                                                              '-   KnightMaster
                                                      ,-    ArchMage
                                          ,-  Mage  -',
    		   ,-  Sorceror --' -,            ,'-     Sage
    Hein	Warlock --',                  ',- Saint -' -,
    		    '- Paladin  --, -'              ,'- SwordMaster
                                       '-     Priest-,'
                                                       '-   HighPriest
                                                     ,-  HighPriest
                                       ,-   Priest -',
    		  ,-  Cleric  --' -,             ,'-    Sage
    Liana  	Sister --',                 ',- Saint -' -,
    	           '- Paladin --, -'              ,'-  ArchMage
                                     '-      Mage -,'
                                                     '   SwordMaster
                                                        ,     Ranger
                                        ,-  HighLord  -',
    	           ,-   Lord   --' -,               ,'-  SwordMaster
    Aaron   Fighter --',                 ',- SwordMan -' -,
    		    '- Paladin --, -'                 ,'-   Sage
                                      '-      Saint   -,'
                                                        '-   DragonLord
                                                             ,-     General
                                          ,-     HighLord  -',
    		  ,-     Lord      --' -,                ,'-   SwordMaster
    Scott   Knight --',                      ',- SwordMan -' -,
    		   '- SilverKnight --, -'                 ,'- KnightMaster
                                          '-    Highlander -,'
                                                             '-    DragonLord
                                                            ,-      DragonLord
                                      ,-     DragonKnight -',
    	          ,-  Captain  --' -,                    ,'-   SerpentLord
    Lester 	Pirate --',                  ',- SerpentKnight -' -,
    	           '- Assassin --, -'                      ,'- KnightMaster
                                      '-       SwordMan    -,'
                                                              '-    SwordMaster
                                                               ,- KnightMaster
                                            ,-     HighLord  -',
    		     ,- SilverKnight --' -,                ,'- SwordMaster
    Rohga   Gladiator --',                     ',- SwordMan  -' -,
    		      '-    Assassin --,  -'                 ,'- General
                                            '-    Highlander -,'
                                                               '-    Ranger
                                                           ,-  DragonLord
                                        ,-      Saint   -',
    	          ,- Necromancer --' -,               ,'-     Sage
    Lana 	Shaman --',                    ',- Summoner -' -,
    		   '- Sorceror   --, -'                 ,'- Zauberer
                                        '-       Mage    -,'
                                                           '-    ArchMage
                                                             ,-     General
                                            ,-   SwordMan  -',
    	          ,-    Assassin   --' -,                 ,'-  SwordMaster
    Sonya 	Knight --',                      ',-   Mage     -' -,
    		   '- SilverKnight --, -'                   ,'-  ArchMage
                                             '-  Highlander -,'
                                                               '-   KnightMaster
                                                     ,-   GreatDragon
                                     ,-    Phoenix -',
    		   ,- Serpent --' -,             ,'-  Jormungandr
    Esto 	Scylla  --',                ',- Kraken -'-,
    		    '-  Lich  --, -'              ,'- VampireLord
                                       '-  Succubus-,'
                                                     '-    IronGolem
                                                          ,-    GreatDragon
                                         ,-    Phoenix  -',
    	            ,-  Cerberus  --' -,              ,'-   MasterDino
    Osto    Werewolf --',                  ,'- Minotaur -' -,
    		     '- Dullahan --, -'                  ,'- IronGolem
                                        '-    LivingArmor -,'
                                                            '-  VampireLord
                                                            ,-     General
                                          ,-    HighLord  -',
    	          ,-     Lord      --'-,                ,'-   SwordMaster
    Leon   	Knight --',                     ',- SwordMan -' -,
    		   '- SilverKnight --, -'                ,'- KnightMaster
                                          '-   Highlander -,'
                                                             '-   DragonLord
                                                          ,-     ArchMage
                                       ,-     HighLord  -',
    		    ,-   Lord   --' -,                ,'-   SwordMaster
    Vargas	Fighter --',                  ',- SwordMan  -' -,
    		    '- Assassin --, -'                   ,'-  General
                                       '-   SerpentKnight -,'
                                                            '-  SerpentLord
                                                       ,-    Zauberer
                                       ,-     Mage   -',
    	            ,- Sorceror --' -,             ,'-   ArchMage
    Imelda  Warlock  --',                 ',- Saint  -' -,
    		     '- Assassin --, -'              ,'-   Sage
                                        '-   SwordMan -,'
                                                         '- SwordMaster
                                                           ,-   General
                                          ,-     Saint   -',
    	           ,-    Sorceror  --' -,              ,'-    Sage
    Egbert	Warlock --',                     ',-  Mage -' -,
    		    '- Necromancer --, -'              ,'-  ArchMage
                                          '-    Summoner -',
                                                            '-  Zauberer
                                                                     ,-    Ranger
                                           ,-        SwordMan     -',
    	              ,-   HawkLord --'  -,                     ,'-     Sage
    Cherie 	HawkKnight --',                     ',- DragonKnight -' -,
    	               '- SilverKnight --, -'                    ,'-DragonLord
                                              '-   UnicornKnight -,'
                                                                    '- KnightMaster
                                                                 ,-    SerpentLord
                                          ,-     SerpentKnight -',
    	               ,- HawkLord --'  -,                   ,'-    DragonLord
    Keith  	HawkKnight --',                   ',- DragonKnight -' -,
    	               '-   Lord     --, -'                    ,'- KnightMaster
                                            '-     HighLord    -,'
                                                                  '-     General
    Every unit is the holder of various abilities.  Moreover, the abilities are
    represented by the following terms.
    - Abilities of all units
    class	        Type of unit.  As various classes grow, their abilities change
    A  AT           This number to a large extent influences how much damage is
                    inflicted on an enemy.
    D  DF 		This number to a small extent influences how much damage is
                    received from an enemy.
    HP		In every unit, the maximum is 10.  When an attack is received,
                    it decreases, and if it reaches 0, the unit disappears.  When a
                    unit's commander reaches 0, the unit is totally destroyed.
                    This number to a large extent becomes beneficial when facing an
                    enemy attack.  Furthermore, only a commander can do Heal,
                    which restores 3 HP points.
    		Moreover, when a commander's subordinate is placed adjacent to
                    him at the beginning of a phase, the subordinate has 3 HP
    MV		1 point indicates the distance that can be moved at a time
                    (due to mass).  However, it can change due to terrain.
    Kinesthetic	The aspect of how a unit moves.  For example, Flying Soldier
                    flies through the air, and it has the bonus that for almost all
                    terrain, it functions like a unit of that terrain's type,
                    without actually changing.
    - Abilities held only by a commander
    L  LV		When experience value accumulates, it can reach a milestone.
                    Higher levels benefit might and magic.
                    Again, although class change can be done at Level 10,
                    that returns you to Level 1 in your new class.
    Experience value meter
    		When the unit itself (commander) or a subordinate defeats an
                    enemy unit, the commander receives the experience value.
                    If the meter becomes full, Level Up occurs, abilities rise, and
                    spells are learned.
    Command range
    		The unit's own subordinates receive benefits in battle when they
                    are within this domain.
    A+ (attack modifier)
    		When inside the command range, a subordinate receives the
                    addition of this as a command modifier.
    D+ (defense modifier)
    		When inside the command range, a subordinate receives the
                    addition of this as a command modifier.
    MP		Decreases as magic is used.  Heal restores 2 points of MP.
    Spells	        Each class has different spells.  Level Up adds spells,
                    increases spell range, and strengthens spells.
    Mercenary	Each class has a different mercenary.  When class change occurs,
                    the type of mercenary also improves.
    Menu commands comprise a large portion of two types of menus: the Main Menu and
    the Setup Menu.
    Main Menu
    This menu of commands gives orders to a unit.  To issue orders, when the cursor
    meets a unit, push the C button and the Main Menu appears.  For an order,
    select the command, and push down the C button.
    (Annotation)  E mark means a unit has already been given an order.
    However, the Order command of a commander unit can be used any number of times.
    Move  (all units can use this command)
    Range of movement is shown on the map.  NPCs and enemies can move over their own
    army units.  The Box-type cursor is movable with the direction buttons.  Decide
    upon a destination with the C button as a provisional decision (this step can be
    undone with the B button).  Once you have already pushed the C button,
    the E mark is shown to indicate that the action has completed.
    The moment that you have made a provisional decision on a destination,
    the distance to attack enemies is calculated, and an attack on an enemy can be
    Attack  (all units can use this command)
    Select this command, once you have made a provisional decision on where to move
    with the Move command and it's a situation where you're within range to attack
    an enemy, and the cursor changes to a sword or a bow type.  This shows that
    you're inside the range where you can attack one enemy unit via the attack
    mechanism.  However, when you activate the attack mechanism, the enemy also
    counterattacks.  When you don't want to carry out an attack, and the cursor
    meets your own unit, please push the C button (when you make a provisional
    decision to move, and the attack occurs, the cursor returns to Box-type).
    When you have already pushed down the C button, and after the attack action has
    completed, the E mark is shown.
    (Annotation)  Regarding the attack range of a unit, for most units it's when the
    unit is adjacent to an enemy unit (up, down, left, right), but for elves and
    ballistas (units with ranged attacks), they can attack units from afar.
    Magic  (only commanders use this command)
    First, the magic menu shows the spells that can be cast.
    When you decide on a magic with the C button, the casting range (distance that
    the magic can reach) is shown on the map.  At that time, the cursor changes to
    Staff-type, as it acknowledges the spell that you want to apply, and push the
    C button to show the effect range (range of the occurrence effect of the magic).
    When you push the C button for confirmation, the magic is executed.
    Before execution, you can press the B button to return.
    Each spell that you decide on consumes MP, and if the remaining MP are less than
    the amount required for another cast, that casting may be unavailable.
    (Annotation)  After executing the Move and Attack commands, you can no longer
    use the Magic command for that turn.
    Heal  (only commanders use this command)
    When a commander uses this command, it restores 3 points of HP and 2 points of
    (Annotation)  After executing the Move and Attack commands, you can no longer
    use the Heal command for that turn.
    Order  (only commanders use this command)
    The method by which you direct your subordinates, which are under the automatic
    operation of the computer.  The Order command installs 4 possible types, such
    that when the phase is completed and the E mark appears on the unit, Manual
    orders need not be executed by the unit, as the contents of the orders occur
    The action executed is a balance of offensive and defensive plans.
    To pursue battle, the actions selected focus on attack.
    Use the attack mechanism to guard itself.
    Automatic operation of the unit doesn't occur.
    (Annotation)  This command determines to what extent actions are managed.
    When the game begins.  Battle is installed as the default Order.
    Setup Menu
    At the end of a phase, the menu of commands can perform setup.  During gameplay,
    push the Start button and the Setup Menu appears (or when the cursor isn't on a
    unit through the C button).  Push down the C button to select the orders for
    each command.
    Store 1 file of data during the course of a scenario.
    Load data that has been saved.
    Victory Conditions
    While playing a scenario, show the victory and defeat conditions.
    Game Setup
    Toggle different variables about the environment in which the game is played.
    Select up and down on the direction buttons to go through commands, and decide
    on a setup with the C button.
    After a decision, you can use the B button to return to a previous state.
    game setup	Setup the length of the wait interval of the enemy phase and
                    cursor speed.
    info setup	Setup the speed of showing messages.
    battle scene	Omit individual battle scenes.
    PCM		Toggle PCM sound effects.
    high speed battle	Switch ON/OFF to change the speed of battles.
    End Phase
    Ends the phase of your own army, and begins the phase of the enemy.  (For an
    NPC situation, the NPC unit's actions are completed during the enemy's phase).
    During the phase of the enemy, push the B button to continue onward, changing
    the game into high speed.  When the waiting interval is shortened, it's
    difficult to ascertain the enemy's actions.  It should only be used under the
    proper circumstances.
    (Annotation)  You must use this command as an action, otherwise the game does
    not progress.
    The attack attribute of one unit type versus another can be advantageous or
    By analyzing the relationship, you can devise new attack strategies, leading to
    improved performance.
    A:  Advantage   mA: minor Advantage   D:  Disadvantage    mD: minor Disadvantage
    The chart is symmetric.  When a type has an advantage as an attacker,
    it has a disadvantage as a defender.  And vice versa.
    Attacker (row)  \\\\  Defender (column)
    	     Infantry    Monk      Spear     Cavalry  Adapted Cavalry   Flier
    Spear           D         D
    Cavalry         A         A          D
    Adapted Cavalry A         A          D
    Flier          mA        mA          mA        mA           mA
    Bandit                               A         D            D             mD
    Aquatic                   D          A         D            D             mD
    Gel                       D
    Demonic  (no correlation with any other type)
    Monster   (no correlation with any other type)
           Infantry  Monk  Spear  Cavalry  Adapted Cavalry   Flier
    Barbarian                        D            D           mD
    Mage                     A       D            D           mD
    Ghost                    D       A
    Undead                   D
    Archer    mA      mA    mA      mA            mA           A
    Ballista  mA      mA    mA      mA          mA
    Dragoon  (no correlation with any other type)
               Bandit  Barbarian  Mage
    Archer       mA       mD       mD
    Ballista     mA       mD       mD
    Effect range and power vary as you level.
    ATT = Attribute
    TAR = Target.    E = Enemy,  A = Ally
    CR = Casting range
    ER = Effect range.   U = Unit.  Q = Squad.  S = Squares (mass part).
    UMP = Used MP
    - Sorcery
    Magic name    ATT    TAR  CR  ER  UMP  LV   Effect of use
    Magic arrow	      E    5  1U   1    1   An arrow of fire of is aimed and
                                                shot at the enemy
    Blast		      E    2  1U  10    6   Shoots a powerful arrow of pure
    Thunder     Thunder   E    7  1Q   4    5   Conjures a thunder cloud, and
                                                thunder falls on the enemy Q
    Fireball              E    4  3S   2    3   Causes the emission of an explosion
                                                in the atmosphere, which inflicts
                                                damage on the enemy
    Meteor                E    8  2S   8    2   Conjures many meteorites to fall,
                                                and they fall aimed at the target
    Blizzard              E    0  4S   3    3   Causes a sudden cooling in the
                                                atmosphere, which produces a
                                                snowstorm with a localized target
    Tornado      Wind     E    0  3S   2    2   Manipulates wind such that a huge
                                                tornado is formed
    TurnUndead   Holy     E    0  4S   5    2   Only undead in range of the
                                                commander disappear
    Earthquake   Earth    E    0  5S  12    3   An poltergeist causes the earth
                                                to shake with powerful magic
    - Recovery magic
    Magic name   ATT   TAR   CR   ER  UMP  LV   Effect of use
    Heal1             Ally    6   1S   2    2   An allied unit in range has 3 HP
    Heal2             Ally    6   1S   4    4   An allied unit in range has all of
                                                its HP restored
    ForceHeal1        Ally    6   1Q   3    3   All the units of 1 squad have 3 HP
    ForceHeal2        Ally    6   1Q   6    5   All the units of 1 squad have all of
                                                their HP restored
    - Hexes and enhancements
    Magic name    ATT   TAR   CR   ER  UMP  LV   Effect of use
    Sleep	    Spirit Enemy   3   1S   4    2   Induces sleep in an enemy.  While
                                                 sleeping, it can't attack
    Mute               Enemy   5   1U   3    4   Vibrates the air of enemy environs
                                                 in a way that seals the use of
    Protection1         Ally   5   1Q   2    6   For 1 turn, raises the defense
                                                 strength of an entire squad +3
    Protection2         Ally   5   1Q   4    6   For 1 turn,  raises the defense
                                                 strength of an entire squad +5
    Attack1             Ally   5   1Q   2    5   For 1 turn,  raises the attack
                                                 strength of an entire squad +3
    Attack2             Ally   5   1Q   4    5   For 1 turn,  raises the attack
                                                 strength of an entire squad +5
    Zone               Enemy   6   1U   6    7   Temporarily changes the command
                                                 range of the enemy to 0
    Teleport            Ally  16   1Q   5    4   1 allied squad is instantaneously
                                                 moved to a preferred place
    Resist              Ally   8   1Q   2    4   For 1 turn, the magic resistance
                                                 strength of 1 squad is raised
    Charm       Spirit Enemy   4   1Q   6    3   A magical charm, temporarily
                                                 changes 1 enemy Q to allied
    Again               Ally   3   1Q  10    5   When a squad's action ends, lets
                                                 them act a second time
    Quick               Ally   6   1Q   5    4   For 1 turn,  raises the mobility
                                                 of an entire squad +3
    Decline            Enemy   5   1Q   5    2   For 1 turn, reduces the magic
                                                 resistance value of an entire
                                                 enemy squad -15
    Explanation of magic type
    Thunder = Causes additional damage to units on water
    Wind = Causes additional damage to flying units
    Holy =  Slays undead (excluding commander)
    Earth = Flying units are unaffected
    Spirit = Undead are unaffected
    Details about magic
    Sleep, Mute, Zone, Charm
    These spells don't always succeed.  The level of the character that casts the
    spell is compared to the level of the target, and the higher the ratio, the
    higher the success rate.  In addition, as the level of the target increases,
    not only is the effect more difficult to begin,
    but there's also a small connection with how quickly it unravels.
    Mute, Zone, Charm
    These spells aren't used by subordinates of the enemy.
    Heal1, Heal2, ForceHeal1, ForceHeal2
    When using these spells, the experience value gained by restoration is
    proportional to the number of units affected.
    However, when used on a unit that has 10 HP, that doesn't count.
    - Use the commander well
    Use the commander's magic to restore the HP of his subordinates.  Being in
    range of the commander is beneficial to subordinates' battle performance.  In
    addition, the Order command can set subordinates to automatic operation,
    saving you work and letting you focus on strategy.
    - For when the commander is defeated
    When it's one of the defeat conditions that a commander is defeated, a
    Game Over occurs, but if it's not a condition, then the commander will be
    resurrected in the next scenario.  However, loss of commanders affects the
    clear bonus of a scenario, not to mention that all of their mercenary
    subordinates will be destroyed.  Also, if a commander is defeated a certain
    number of times, that will change the game's ending.
    - Mercenary survivors can also grow
    If you seldom lose mercenaries, the computer records this on Scenario Clear,
    and if you attain a certain number of survivors, the attack modifier of
    allied commanders increases by 1 point.  There is no other method to increase
    attack modifier.
    - When experience value accumulates
    If experience value accumulates, level and class increase.  If an enemy
    commander is defeated, the squad is totally destroyed, and the experience value
    of his subordinates doesn't accumulate.  When you have a surplus of strength,
    you should defeat the enemy subordinates one by one, so that more experience
    value accumulates.  In addition, when an allied commander reaches the Scenario
    Complete time, bonus experience value accumulates.
    - Use magic well
    If magic is used well, it can let even a weak commander stand against the enemy,
    and growth will be overdue.  You shouldn't only use sorcery, but also make
    effective use of hexes and enhancements, like Attack and Protection.
    - Quickly restore HP and MP
    A commander's Heal command restores 3 points of HP and 2 points of MP.
    Subordinate units that are adjacent to the commander (up, down, left, right)
    can recover 3 points of HP every turn, so use this concept for effective
    arrangement of your units.

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