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    Codes by Largo

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    Langrisser - Dramatic Edition
    ver 0.1
    by largo
    	With almost no difference from the Playstion version "Langrisser I 
    & II", the Saturn version only holds better resolution and a few more 
    plot paths the player may take. Although there are a ton of secrets to 
    list down, I can only submit the secret codes for now. Future plans will 
    include the answers for both the opening and mid-game questions, a 
    translation of the class change tables for each character, strengths and 
    weakness' for all units, etc. Until then, adeau. ^_^
    MULTIMEDIA TEST: (in the load data menu) up, down, up , down, left, 
    right, X, C
    STAGE SELECT: (in the load data menu, point to a saved game and....) 
    right, down, up, left, R, Y, start, X, 		Z, C
    SECRET SHOP: (Point the curser on buy, inside the shop menu and...) up, 
    left, right, down, right, right, C

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