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    FAQ by Nuriko

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                        Princess Maker 3 FAQ  Version 2.0
                        Original Version: December 27, 2000
                        Updated: September 3, 2001
                        By Nuriko - nuriko@maison-otaku.net
                        This Princess Maker 3: Faery Dreams Come True FAQ 
                        is Copywrite 2000, 2001 by Val Shrum, AKA: Nuriko.  
                        I've put a lot of hard work into this.   No reproduction 
                        or distribution is allowed without permission from me.  
                        Emaling me and getting no response probably means a 
                        /no/ until I respond with otherwise.  This includes
                        any text from this FAQ reused for ANYTHING.  It will 
                        result in infrindgement of this copywrite resulting
                        in legal action.
             FAQ covers PSX, PC, Saturn and Dreamcast versions of the game
                        Princess Maker: Yume Miru Yousei
                I've had a pretty extensive collection of Princess Maker webpages 
    over the years.  I suddenly had the realization of "Hey, why not write a FAQ of
    sorts?"  I've been visiting Gamefaqs.com for years, and there aren't ANY for 
    the other Princess Maker games.  So... I'm going to write a collection of FAQS,
    all of which have to do with the Princess Maker series.  Hopefully they'll be
    useful to someone.  I almost thought someone would have come out with at least
    the other games faqs by now.  Oh well!  I'll try to be as helpful as possible.
    If statments from this FAQ seem awfully familiar, you probably have been to my 
    Princess Maker Nexus Webpage at some point in your child raising careers.  
    It's easier just to quote what I've already written instead of starting fresh
    and new. Anywhos... do you want to see pictures and stuff from the games?   
    Check out the above said webpage, and please let me know if you enjoy this FAQ
    or want to let me know about something at my email address of 
    ~ Nuriko
    Updated:  Updated to version 2.0.  Added job/birthday/bloodtype modifiers.
    Added Extras information.  Added notes to include the Princess Maker 
    Collection version.
    Just to clarify:  All notes listed here for PC version pertain to those on 
    The Princess Maker Collection version of Princess Maker 2.  The only thing
    that cannot be done would be to edit any files or keyboard commands.  Other
    than that, it plays the exact same way.  Your analog stick even acts as
    the little Uzu cursor like a PC mouse.
    1) Introduction
    2) Options
      a) Daughters Name
      b) Family Name
      c) Your Daughters Birthday
      d) Your Daughters Blood Type
      e) Your Birthday
      f) Your Job
      g) The Menu Screens
      h) Your Daughters Statistics
      i) Your Daughters Disposition
    3) Jobs
      a) Housework
      b) Babysitting
      c) Ore Miner
      d) Market
      e) Maid
      f) Farmer
      g) Tutor
      h) Saloon/Bar
      i) Carpenter
      j) That foreign part time job!
    4) School
      a) School 
      b) Fighters Skill Dojo
      c) Musical Class
      d) Painting Class
      e) Church
      f) Protocal
      g) Refuse Food Dojo
      h) Cooking Classroom
    5) The Festivals
    6) People and Rivals
      a) Uzu and Others
      b) Your rivals
    7) Going around town
    8) Extras
    9) The other games
    1) Introduction                  |
    Princess Maker is a game series created by Gainax.  You may know of Gainax 
    through their animated features before their video game creations.  They are 
    the popular folks behind Neon Genesis Evanglion, Gunbuster, Nadia: Secret of 
    Blue Water, Otaku No Video, and a great deal of others I cannot recall.  It
    originally started back in 1991 with a simple game titled "Princess Maker".  
    It was pushed off as a "Childcare Simulation Game" and was released for the 
    IBM PC.  Eventually it had spawned into a rather extensive series of games, 
    including a Princess Maker 2 and 3, plus a Playstation RPG of sorts called 
    Princess Maker: Go! Go! Go! Princess, a Princess Maker Puzzle game, and a Quiz
    game called "Princess Maker Q".   
    Princess Maker 3 is the fourth game in the series.  The plot of this game is
    the Faery Queen observes all her beautiful children, stating that today is
    their birthday.  She asks all what would be their main wish / desire.  
    A young faery girl asks the almighty Faery Queen to become a human princess.
    The queen tells her it's an odd wish.  She says "But I REALLY want to become
    a Human Princess!"  So now, the Faery Queen says that she will let the Faery
    have her dream, or something to that effect (did I mention I'm not a Japanese
    Major?, or even a minor..)  She, for some reason, is put in your posession to
    raise into a human Princess.  This is the beginning of Princess Maker 3.
    The title can be translated in many ways.  It is listed in english as 
    "Princess Maker: Faery tales come true" (which is why I'm spelling it Faery 
    instead of fairy).  The japanese listing is "Princess Maker: Yume Miru Yousei"
    Which has been translated as "Dreaming Faery".
    This FAQ is composed of information gathered from all three versions available,
    the Japanese Sega Saturn version of the game, The Japanese verrsion for the PC.
    And the Japanese version for the Playstation.  PSX version came first.
    Some tricks that work in one version may not work in the others.  I'll mention
    where.  All the games are exactly the same, save for the missing stuff in the
    Playstation version.  I'll explain what is not included when it comes up.
    2) Options                        |
    The game starts off really simple.  It usually will loop the opening
    sequence continuously until you actually click on something or press start.
    Luckily, this menu is already in English.  Too bad the rest is in Japanese.
    | Load Game | Config      |
    | New Game  | Staff Credit|
    In the PC version, Staff Credit is replaced with "Album".
    I'm not a japanese major.  These will be very loosely translated, and may 
    only get the jist of what it really means.  Hopefully it will get
    you through the game, or just don't mess with the configure menu :)
    The Config menu translated:
    Uzu will ask "Uhm, What changes would you like to make?" And it will bring
    up a box with different options.  Here they are.
    These vary from version to version.  I'll try my best to cover the bases.
    PC Version:
     Save changes indicated
          Text Only
          Voices Only
          Text and Voices
     Game Advanced Mode
          Stop for a moment
          Progressivly Advance/to advance progressivly
     Fast Sending button action (Your guess is as good as mine, look at the 
    options below)
          Press only in intervals
          To Push one by one to change
    Psx/Saturn versions:
     Save changes indicated
     Stereo / Mono
     Change screen brightness
     Game advanced mode
     Fast sending button action (Your guess is as good as mine)
    When you start the game, you are given several options and your decisions now
    will affect how you will live for the entire time.  I will explain 
    what the options are, in order that they appear.
    Starting the game.
    From the top, here are your daughters statistics and how you will know 
    what is what throughout the game.  It's pretty easy to figure what's what, 
    but it's nice to be given what everything means.  At the beginning, you're
    questioned on what you have to give Uzu.  Things like 'What do you want your 
    daughters name to be?'  and Uzu will respond the typical 'What a good name!' 
    as if Uzu would tell you otherwise, right?  We'll use the name Lisa Anderson as
    the example.  It'll ask Name, Surname, Birthdate, Bloodtype, YOUR Birthdate, 
    and then your job.
    Daughter's Name: Lisa
    Daughter's Surname: Anderson
    Daughter's Birthdate: Month, Day
    Daughter's Bloodtype: BloodType
    Father's Birthdate: Month, Day
    Father's Social Status / Job: Job listed here
    a) Daughters Name
    This is the name you choose for your daughter.  You can name her "Coyote 
    Ugly" and it wouldn't matter in her future.  She may comment something 
    loverly like "Wow, Coyote Ugly is such a beautiful name!  I love it!"  
    But since this is only in japanese, it'd be like "KAIYOTEE AAGURI"
    b) Family Name
    This really doesn't mean much.  It would just be the name that people refer to 
    you as.  Usually in interaction with your daughter.  Let's say we chose the 
    name "Bunnymonster".  The townspeople would go "Oh look!  It's the daughter of
    Bunnymonster!".  Although there is no special cheat to get the default name,
    her default name (as listed in the manual, and confirmed by the puzzle game)
    is "Lisa Anderson".
    c) Your Daughters Birthday
    This is where your choices actually matter.  Your daughters birthday is what 
    determines things like her immediate interests, though they aren't known to you
    immediately.  You have a choice of ALL the days of the year, excluding 
    February 29th.  Your daughters birthday is in the year .  Princess Maker 3 is 
    tricky.  Unlike the previous Princess Maker's, her stats are not only determined 
    by what job you choose for the father, but also her birthday AND bloodtype.
    ---Birthdate Modifier Chart---
    I'll break this down to two charts for easy listing.  What exactly does
    this modifier chart state?  Well... not really too sure.  Center would be
    an average amount of influence.  High would be high influence, and low would
    be low influence depending on the sign, of course.
                   |  Aries  |  Taurus  |  Gemini  |  Cancer  |  Leo  |  Virgo   |
    Stress         |  High   |  Center  |  Center  |  Center  |Center |  Center  |
    Intelligence   |  Low    |  Center  |   High   |  Center  | Low   |   High   |
    Strength       |  High   |  Center  |  Center  |  Center  | High  |  Center  |
    Pride          |  High   |  Center  |  High    |  High    | High  |  Center  |
    Moral          | Center  |   High   |  Low     |  Center  |Center |   High   |
    Refinement     | Center  |  Center  |  Center  |  Center  | High  |   High   | 
    Temperment     |  Low    |   High   |  Center  |  High    | Low   |  Center  |
    Sense          | Center  |   High   |  High    |  Center  |Center |  Center  |
    Charisma       |  High   |  Center  |  High    |  Center  | High  |   High   |
    Military       | High    |  Center  |  Center  |  Center  | High  |   Low    |
    Trust          |  Low    |   Low    |   Low    |   Low    | Low   |   Low    |
                 | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces |
    Stress       |Center |  Center |    High     |    High   |  Center  | Center |
    Intelligence |Center |  Center |    High     |   Center  |   High   | Center |
    Strength     |Center |   High  |    High     |   Center  |  Center  | Center |
    Pride        | High  |   High  |   Center    |   Center  |   High   | Center |
    Moral        |Center |   Low   |    Low      |    High   |  Center  | Center |
    Refinement   |Center |  Center |   Center    |   Center  |  Center  | Center |
    Temperment   |Center |  Center |   Center    |    High   |   High   |  High  |
    Sense        | High  |  High   |    High     |   Center  |  Center  |  High  |
    Charisma     |Center |  High   |   Center    |   Center  |  Center  |  High  |
    Military     |Center |  Center |   Center    |   Center  |  Center  |  Low   |
    Trust        | Low   |   Low   |    Low      |    Low    |   Low    |  Low   |
    d) Your Birthday
    This is almost important, in the aspect of if your daughter loves you very 
    much, she will certainly give you gifts and bake you a cake!  Oh, you're
    such a lucky fellow.
    e) Your Daughters Bloodtype
    This currently doesn't have much bearing in gameplay.  There are 
    four blood types available.  Bloodtype is actually very important in 
    japanese culture, and will determine a little bit more of your daughters 
    personality and starting skills.  Here is an explaination of the bloodtype 
    meanings.  They currently have no bearing as to what skills are immediately 
    born into, and it won't affect gameplay.  This is more for reference in 
    Princess Maker 3.  Either way.. here is what I have found in researching 
    about the four blood types.
    A - People of this blood type are honest, introverted, nervous, loyal, 
    perfectionistic, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, 
    soft-spoken and careful.
    Positive: Orderly, Law-Abiding, Fastidious, Soft-Spoken and Fashionable.
    Negative: Picky, Selfish, Secretive, Pessimistic, Inflexable, and Reckless 
    when drunk.
    B - People of this blood type are outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, 
    flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent 
    Positive: Independant, Flexable, Candid, Sensitive, Passionate, and Persuasive.
    Negative: Unpredictable, Indiscreet, Lazy, Impatient, and Overbearing.
    AB - People of this blood type are proud, diplomatic, discriminating, natural
    leaders, great organizers, rational and imaginative.
    Positive: Rational, Calculating, Honest, Diplomatic, Organized, and Strong.
    Negative: Unforgiving, Playboy, Easily Offended, Too conservative, Nitpicker, 
    and hard to know.
    O - People of this blood type are over-worker, insecure, emotional, powerful 
    leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.
    Positive: Healthy, Idealistic, Goal-Oriented, Clear-sighted, Athletic, and 
    Negative: Status-seeking, Jealous, Greedy, Unrealiable, Obsessive Lover, and 
    Can't shut up.
    This information was taken from a variety of webpages about bloodtyping.  
    Mainly about Sailor Moon.  Too many pages with the same information to give
    proper credit.  It is very vital in your childs personality traits and 
    starting stats.
    --Bloodtype Modifier---
                 |     A     |    B    |    O    |    AB    |
    Stress       | Increases |Decreases|    -    | Increases|
                 |  Greatly  | Greatly |         |  Greatly |
    Intelligence |     -     |    -    |    -    |     -    |
    Stamina      |     -     |    -    |    -    |     -    |
    Strength     |     -     |Increases|Increases|Increases |
                 |           |   Tiny  |   Tiny  |   Tiny   |
    Pride        |     -     |    -    |Increases|     -    |
                 |           |         |   Tiny  |          |
    Moral        | Increases |    -    |    -    |Increases |
                 |    Tiny   |         |         |   Tiny   |
    Refinement   |     -     |    -    |    -    |     -    |
    Temperment   | Increases |    -    |    -    |     -    |
                 |    Tiny   |         |         |          |
    Sense        |     -     |Increases|    -    |     -    |
                 |           |   Tiny  |         |          |
    Charisma     |     -     |    -    |    -    |     -    |
    Military     |     -     |    -    |    -    |     -    |
    f) Your Job
    Your job is very important.  It determines your daughters starting stats,
    along with how much money you bring in again.  Your daughters immediate 
    disposition and in the PC and Sega Saturn versions, what kind of room
    your daughter has.  Here is a list of those jobs.
    I will list Job, starting money, continuing flow of money, credit limit, 
    and how your daughters room will appear (Room differences in Saturn and 
    PC versions only).  In the PSX version your daughter is in a room with a 
    nice wooden panel floors, very well lit room, and a simple bed with 
    green sheets.  
    Merchant - Has a person standing there holding what could appear to be
    a lantern.
    Daughter starts off with a Sassy Disposition.
    Money: 3000 Gold to start, varying amounts throughout the years.  
    It depends on if it had been a good year or not.  It's different 
    every time you play!  Generally it's between the amounts of 500-1500.
    Credit: 200G
    Room: The most expensive money can buy!  Beautiful.
    Performer - Looks like a Jester juggling some items.  Same goes for
    Performer as with the Priest, it implies he's a special kind of one (A
    performer of the Realm, as it were).
    Daughter starts off with a Misconduct disposition.
    Money: 500G to start.  Yearly pay of 10-800G.
    Credit: 50G
    Room: One of the worst.  Stone cold floors.  Bad lighting.  Badly
    put together wooden furniture.  Your daughter has a reason to be
    a rebel.
    Priest - Has a man praying at an alter of sorts.  His title implies
    he's a special sort of priest (like for the Realm).
    Daughter starts out with Normal disposition.
    Money: 800G to start.  Yearly pay of 300-800G.
    Credit: 200G
    Room: Pretty decent.  A few items around the room to be religious.  An 
    ankh cross in one corner, some wooden furniture.  An average bed with 
    white coverings.  Brown tiled floor. Not the best place, but certainly 
    not the worst kept place.
    Fallen Noble - He was once part of a Noble Family, but now it's extinct.
    This is still a rather high social status, regardless. A man posing with
    a sword.
    Daughter starts off with a sassy disposition.
    Money: 500G.  Yearly pay of 700G.
    Credit: 1500G
    Room: Very nice!  The entire floor is one simple slab, shiny.  Must be 
    marble.  Very pretty things decorate the room, as if you were rich, 
    despite not starting off with a lot of money.
    Retired Knight - Has a picture of a Knight posing with an axe, like he is
    a guard.
    Daughter starts off with a normal disposition.
    Money: 1500G.  Yearly pay of 700G.
    Credit: 500G
    Room: Very nicely lighted!  Lots of swords and suits of armor line the room.  
    The tiling on the floors is very light colored, giving the impression that 
    it was slightly more expensive.  This is the most like the original
    two Princess Makers, going back to the aspect of your daughter is being
    raised by a warrior.  This would be my suggestion to start off if you
    were a beginner.  The others are more difficult, either because of money
    situations or handling the different dispositions of your daughter.
    Bard - A man wearing a hat, and long clothing.  Better translated, a
    wandering monk.
    Daughter starts off with a misconduct disposition.
    Money: 5000G.  No yearly pay.  That's ALL you get.
    Credit: 50G.
    Room: One of the worst rooms in the game.  Your floors and furniture are 
    all plank wood.  A single white sheet on the bed.  Only a guitar is the 
    item that characterizes the room.
    After you choose everything.  Uzu will ask if everything is fine.
    You have two choices.  
    First is "Everything is okay." 
    Second is "No, I want to change something."
    --Your Job Modifiers---
                 | Merchant | Performer | Priest | Noble | Knight | Bard |
    Stress       |     0    |    0      |    0   |   0   |    0   |   0  |
    Stamina      |    70    |    180    |   70   |   70  |   70   | 150  |
    Intelligence |    120   |     35    |   145  |   50  |   70   |  50  |
    Strength     |     50   |     50    |   140  |   50  |   130  |  50  |
    Pride        |    120   |     30    |   50   |  175  |    80  | 120  |
    Moral        |     50   |     25    |   185  |   60  |   160  |  50  |
    Refinement   |     50   |     45    |    75  |  150  |   140  |  30  |
    Temperment   |     25   |     50    |   140  |   30  |    30  |  30  |
    Sense        |     50   |    190    |    30  |   120 |    35  |  50  |
    Charisma     |     50   |    195    |    35  |   150 |    50  |  80  |
    Military     |     20   |     50    |    25  |   30  |   150  |  90  |
    Trust        |     25   |     30    |    35  |   35  |    40  |  30  |
    g)  The Menu Screens
    This is when the game starts.  It explains the wonderful story of you as the
    father and the profession you chose.  The Faery Queen is narrorating.  She 
    explains your position and such.  Uzu introduces themselves to you.  Then
    your daughter introduces herself something like "Hello Father!  I'm the child
    you have to take care of.  I'm 10 years old." blahblahblah.  Simple 
    The Main Screen and their options.
    Your daughter will be standing in the center (Much like previous Princess
    Maker games) and you will have a few status boxes to explain what's going 
    on.  The upper left corner has a box that is pretty explanatory.   The 
    upper right corner has more information on your daughter, and the bottom 
    box has 6 options for you to choose to do for your daughter.
    The options are (doing a table to make it look like the one in the game):
    |  Schedule   |   Execute   |
    |  Shopping   |    Dress    |
    |  Talking    |    Status   |
    Schedule: You're able to set your daughters' schedule for as long as you
    please.  You are given three options of:
    Part-Time Job
    Check under the School and Jobs section for more information on this.
    Shopping:  You can pick up a few things in town.  Whether it be a new dress
    or munchies.
    Here is the item list for the one shop you can visit.  You can just save 
    getting these items for when your daughter has a birthday.  
    Nuigurumi 110G (Bear)  Temperment +15, Trustworthiness +2
    Shi Shu 160G (Poetry Collection - Book)  Intelligence +10, 
    Sense +15, Trustworthiness +1
    Hanataba 200G (Bunch of flowers)  Charm +12, Trustworthiness +1
    Gochisou 120G (Turkey and Sweets)  Stamina +12, Trustworthiness +1
    Suzushi Fuku 120G (Cool/light clothes) Trustworthiness +2 
    (wearing, charm + 15)
    Attatakai Fuku 200G (Warm clothes)  Trustworthiness +2 (Wearing: Charm + 15)
    Ugoki yasui Fuku 150G (Trendy Inexpensive clothes - Shorts and a vest w/black 
    shirt)  Trustworthiness +2 (Wearing: Charm + 10, Strength +10)
    Suteki na DORESU 500G (Wonderful dress.  Very pretty red dress)  
    Trustworthiness + 2  (Wearing: ??)
    ojarena fuku 300G (Young ladies clothes. Pink dress)  
    (Wearing: Temperment + 10, Charm +20)
    SUMAIRU 0G (Smile!) (This varies depending on your daughters Disposition.)
    Talking:  Conversing with your daughter is very important.  Depending on how
    you speak to her, certain stats may go up.  This is one of the few ways you
    can gain the "Trustworthiness" statistic with your daughter.  Through
    conversations, it can go up and down.  Most of the time it goes up when 
    talking to her, depending on her mood.  You have the options of:
    Lovingly - This stat can actually gain trust in your daughter to you.  She
    loves to hear your warm chatter.
    Gently - A gentle father is a good father.  She'll usually say something
    cute like "You're so gentle! *giggle*" and so forth.
    Strictly - This can also be translated as "Harshly" or "Angrily"
    Not to be used often, this is a tool to really keep your daughter in line.
    I wouldn't suggest doing this too often unless you were trying to prove a
    point while she's spoiled.  It's an option there to use only when necessary,
    just like 'Scold' was in Princess Maker 2.   If she's spoiled she may respond
    in a rather snide response back.  Like "I don't like you very much either" or 
    something. If she's happy, she may comment like "Yes, I'll do my best!"
    Execute: This executes the current schedule that you have set.  If you
    haven't set the schedule, Uzu will hop in and complain that you haven't 
    set her schedule.
    Dress: You can change her clothes and use items with this option.
    Status: Clicking on status will give you all her statistics from that
    moment.  Here is that list now.  The list on the left side of the screen is
    as follows:
    h) Your Daughters Statistics
    Military Prowess/Heroism
    On the right side of the screen will be her information, listed as:
    Also on the screen you can get another option screen.  This is where you
    can save, exit the game, or do other things.
    |  Save          |
    |  Load          |
    |  Configure     |
    |  Return start  |
    Return to start actually translates out to Return to the beginning/
    initial stage--Terminal screen.
    There are two options when this is clicked on.
    Return to the beginning  
    I know I don't want to do that.
    i) Your Daughters Disposition
    This could also be meant as her moods.  She starts out at the beginning of
    the game in a particular mood, and throughout the game her moods can 
    drastically change from one to the other.  Here are those moods.  These
    terms are taken directly from a Princess Maker 3 artbook.  This is also
    very tricky - because if your daughter is in a different disposition
    than normal, the way work or school is affected IS different.  What
    I have listed for Work and Schooling *Only* applies if your daughter
    has a normal disposition.  Otherwise, certain skills may go down or
    up because your daughter has a sassy disposition or another one of
    the many options.  Please keep this in mind and pay attention to what mood
    your daughter is in.
    Normal:  This is the best mood.  She is standing front face.  It could
    also be interpureted as "Happy".  This daughter will give you the most
    sincere answers.
    Poor:  Also could be translated as "Poverty Symptom".  She looks a bit
    stressed with a hand to her head.  She's always talking about money.
    Usually this happens when you go deeply in debt/reach your credit limit.
    Pretty: This one was translated oddly to me before.  Pretty is the best
    interpretation.  She's generally looking very happy.  Way too happy.  
    Usually blushing.  It was also translated to me as "adult-like child".
    Either way, she is TOO happy with this one, and it doesn't generally 
    last very long.  She seems more distracted in this mood as well.
    Sassy:  Also translated as conceited.  Her picture has her with her nose
    slightly up in the air, eyes closed.  She's very full of herself and 
    she knows she's all that.  Usually if you have an uneven amount of stats.
    This can easily be fixed by working a little or the Refuse Food Dojo.
    Misconduct:  This can be thought of as "rebellious".  She generally has 
    her arms crossed, looking VERY angry at you.  She is more likely to 
    not like a job and slack off in class with this personality.  Try your
    best to get her out of it as soon as possible.  
    3) Jobs                           |
    First off, some helpful information.  If you are familiar with the other games,
    Your daughter is a bit smarter and much moodier in this game than the other
    Princess Maker games.  In PM2, she'll just run away if she doesn't like a class 
    or a job.  In PM3, things are a bit more realistic.  Her attitude is swayed by 
    if she likes things or not.  If she's at a job she's doing really poorly at, 
    she may ask you not to make her work there anymore, and if you make her work 
    there (or if the owner of the place asks you to not send your daughter to them) 
    she'll end up staying home and doing nothing for that period you designated her 
    to work for.  When your daughter is spoiled, she is a much worse canidate.  If 
    she doesn't like something, she just won't go, or she'll sleep on the job, 
    making no money whatsoever.  She'll also spend more money when she goes out on
    vacations and she'll hang around in bars.  She will be rather rude and 
    conceited in her working enviroment, which does get her into lots of trouble.  
    Hopefully you can help get her away from those attitudes and habits, though, 
    like a real child, it's hard to understand what they're thinking (Especially if
    it's in another language!). The best thing to remember again is that ALL 
    classes and jobs aquire stress, I'm not gonna list it, so don't bother 
    thinking they don't.   If you get stuck in a situation where your daughter 
    ends up not working, you can always alter her schedule in the middle of game 
    play by selecting "start" (saturn and psx versions)(Or left clicking in the PC 
    version) and it will bring up the choice of changing your schedule.   
    Your daughters percentage of good work will be rated at the end of the time 
    spent at that particular job.  It'll say like Days worked along with days 
    done well at (54%) and how much you were paid, or something like that.  Your 
    daughter only gets paid for the good percentage of work she does.
    a) Babysitting - Komori 12G per day 
    The lady who runs the establishment is named Yuri
    + Morals and Temperment
    - Pride and Sense
    b) Housework - Kajitetsudai 1G per day 
    + Stamina, Morals, Strength, and Temperment
    - Pride and Sense
    c) Ore Miner - Kouzan 20G per day 
    + Temperment and Fighting Skill
    - Morals and Refinement
    d) Market - Ichiba 12G per day 
    The nice lady who owns it is named "Moria" (MARAIYA) 
    + Strength and Temperment
    - Pride, Morals, and Refinement
    e) Maid - MAIDO 12G per day 
    + Refinement and Charm
    - Pride and Temperment
    f) Farmer - Noujou 14G per day 
    + Morals and Stamina
    - Pride, Refinement, and Sense
    g) Tutor  - Kateikyoshi 16G per day 
    + Intelligence and Temperment
    - Vigor
    h) Saloon/Bar - Sakaba 15G per day 
    + Temperment and Charm
    - Morals and Refinement
    i) Carpenter - Daiku 18G per day 
    + Vigor, Sense, and Fighting Skill
    - Refinement and Temperment
    j) That Foreign Part Time Job! - Sono hoka no ARUBAITO 4G per day
    This one needs explaining.  Basically after several years, you  MAY 
    actually be noticed by the Prince of the realm, a handsome blond man who 
    approaches you on the street.  He asks if you want to work for the palace, so
    technically youn become a... dadadadum!  Palace Maid!  Oooh, you're so special.  
    I'm sure this job is different by the way you actually raise your daughter, I 
    just haven't raised enough to find out other options! 
    + Pride, Refinement, and Charm
    - Temperment
    There may be a blacksmith job... but I haven't quite gotten it yet to get 
    specs on it, sorry! 
    The jobs offered aren't able to be done right away, first she is given a few, 
    then when her skills develop, she can do other jobs.  Like if she's really 
    good in school, the job of Tutor is offered to your daughter, and so forth.  
    Every time I played, the Palace Maid job was offered to her, but it didn't 
    mean she was good at being a maid, to be quite honest, she was horrible.  As I
    had mentioned before.  Her accuracy at the jobs are given to you in 
    percentages.  Like (84%) would be indicated with how much your daughter made 
    at the job, etc.  If she's only doing a 15% rating with that job, perhaps you 
    should try different options...
    4) School                         |
    Unlike the jobs, the schooling stays the same all the time.  Though, the 
    coolest thing I've found about school is that you can gain a rival in almost 
    EVERY single class you are good at!  Unlike Princess Maker 2, where her rival 
    is basically one person you have to defeat every year at the Harvest Festival, 
    this is just a 'by the class' rivalry that is more than just a rival 
    relationship.  Your daughter actually becomes FRIENDS with these girls, and 
    they support each other in whatever they do.  It's really quite amusing.
    Though, the rivals generally will be against the carreer you chose at the end 
    (If it has nothing to do with the class you were in with them) and the one 
    that DID have to do with it will support you completely.  My daughter even 
    bought one of them a birthday gift, and vice versa.  I guess the strength of 
    the friendship with them is depending on what you had your daughter focus on.
    My little Lisa liked fighting.  She liked it alot, in fact, she asked me if 
    she could take that class (Before I signed her up for it. Yes, she does that.
    This daughter is really complex!).  So the fighting rival (Ariel) became her
    best friend.   After the first week of class, your daughter also has 
    interesting things to say about the class, like if she likes it, dislikes it, 
    or if she is confused by how hard it is.  My favorite was the Dance class.
    She said she liked dancing a whole lot, but her dance teacher wasn't very 
    masculine at all (He ounded very affeminite, like Tomo from Fushigi Yuugi.)
    Lisa enjoyed it though, and was very good at the subject.  Her favorite was 
    fighting though.  It differs from child to child, probably due to what job
    the father is.  Another note I should mention is that there will be a 
    difference in the status according to your daughters mood!  Yes, your 
    daughters disposition could make schooling slightly different.  Like, if 
    she's Conceited/Sassy, classes may have a negative effect to her temperment. 
    Same thing goes for the rebelious/misconduct personality.  The information 
    here is what is given when your child has a 'Normal' disposition.  If her 
    disposition is different, the stat getting will vary from class to class.
    a) School - Gakko 10G 
    + Intelligence, Pride, Morals, and Charm
    - Nothing
    b) Fighters Skill Dojo - Bujutsu Doujou 13G 
    + Stamina, Pride, and Military Skill
    c) Musical Classroom - Ongaku Kyoushitsu 15G 
    + Pride, Refinement and sense.
    - Nothing
    d) Painting Classroom - Kaigai Kyoushitsu 15G
    + Intelligence and Sense
    - Nothing
    e) Church - Kyoukai 3G
    + Intelligence, Morals, Refinement.
    - Nothing
    f) Protocal - Gyougiminarai 15G
    + Morals, Refinement, and Charm
    - Nothing
    g) Dance Classroom - Dansu Kyoushitsu 13G
    + Stamina, Pride, Refinement, and Charm
    - Nothing
    h) Refuse Food Dojo - Danjiki Doujou 5G
    Yes, it's a DIETING class to help reform your child into a normal
    little girl instead of the spoiled girl you have.  It's a last 
    ditch effort sort of thing to curb your child into a better person. 
    + Charm
    - Stamina and Weight.  
    i) Cooking Classroom - Ryouri Kyoushitsu 10G
    + Strength, Temperment, and Sense
    - Nothing
    5) The Festivals                  |
    Unlike Princess Maker 2, there are 3 different kinds of Festivals that
    happen in the Princess Maker 3 universe.  And again, unlike the Princess
    Maker 2, the people who beat the pants off your daughter are from the 
    previous Princess Maker games! You forgot how frustrating it was to get 
    defeated by Patricia in the dance competition or Anita in the combat 
    competition, well... now your new daughter can share the same humiliation!  
    Also, you can be defeated by the 2 previous daughters (Princess Maker 1) 
    Maria, and (Princess Maker 2) Olive.  You also can be defeated by your 
    current rivals, and occasionally a random girl.  Here are the three festivals.
    Btw, the Festivals were included in the Windows 95 and the Sega Saturn 
    versions.  The PSX version lacks this event.  If your daughter wins, you get 
    3000G... but you'd best work hard, I've yet to have a daughter actually WIN 
    one.   I honestly believe that there are different stats and things you need 
    to achieve to win each and Festival.  While my daughter may place 8th in one,
    she may place 3rd in the other (within a mere few months of each other).
    You can choose to not attend these festivals.  Your daughter doesn't care too
    much either way.
    New Year Garden Play Gathering (In January)
    Although this particular one is held in the castle, I'm not sure exactly
    what the name implies.  It's the only festival that is held indoors.
    Your daughter would need a high temperment to win this competition.
    Sakura Festival (In April)
    A very Japanese sounding festival, this is the Cheery Blossom festival.
    Although all three festivals give the same amount of money, I'm quite sure
    that there are different requirements for winning each one... it's just a
    matter of finding out *what*.  This is held outdoors.
    Your daughter will need high charm to win this festival.
    Harvest Festival (In October, like it should be)
    Oh, of course there had to be a Harvest Festival.  The game would not be a
    Princess Maker game without it.  This as well is held outdoors.
    Your daughter will need high stamina and charm.
    6) People and Rivals              |
    a) Uzu and Others
    Uzu is your Faery guide in this game.  He speaks to your daughter often
    on topics of importance such as "Stress", "Festivals", and also gives you
    updates on what skills have improved over a course of time.  Uzu, although
    helpful, sometimes will tell your daughter something that may help or
    or humble her.  There are times when Uzu may make a statement to your
    daughter that can raise her morale, or drop her stress.  It's really depending
    all on the conversation at hand, and usually is easier to fathom what Uzu is
    talking about if you know Japanese.  Either way, it's all very random
    events all depending on how you raised your daughter and, please rememeber,
    everything Uzu does is for your benefit.
    There is a Chinese Orc that visits your daughter, much like in Princess Maker
    2 who attempts to sell his products to you, of course, for a price.  These
    items are very useful and will provide a boost of stats if your daughter
    is low on something she needs (Especially to topple over those other girls
    in the festivals).  Here is a list of those items and their prices and a 
    slight description as to what they look like.
    Yami no SUTSU - (Shady (illegal) suit) 1500G
    This is a dark colored suit and is the only item that is 1500G.
    Nangoku no DORESU - (Nangoku's dress?) 700G
    A white and red type outfit.  Item is important for special endings.
    USAGI no SUTSU - (Bunny Suit) 450G
    Bunny ears and all!  Hard to not tell what this is.  Item is important
    for special endings.
    Yousei no MITSU - (Faery's Necture) 300G
    Stamina +50
    A tall glass with a spout with yellow liquid in it.
    Chie no mi - (Chie of truth? The kanji for the first
    part is intelligence, but it's fully Chie, which is a 
    japanese name)  350G  
    Intelligence +50
    Three Purple fruit hanging off a branch.
    Chitsujo no tane - (Seed of regularity) 200G
    Moral +50
    A green colored seed.
    EI KOU no kajitsu - (Fruit of prosperous light) 200G
    Pride +50
    A yellow fruit that resembles an apple.
    Geijuutsu no mizu ame - (Water candy of the arts) 400G
    Sense +50
    A spoon scooping out a yellow substance from a brown jar.
    Taka ki nara izumi mizu - (Expensive prize spring water) 450G
    Refinement +50
    A pretty glass with a gold handle and glass cup with water like
    liquid inside.
    Yasashisa no kushi - (Comb of Tenderness) - 300G
    Temperment +50
    A blue hair comb.
    Bu Kami no Ken - (Sword of War God) - 550G
    Military Skill +50
    A three pronged sword, resembles the God Sword from Princess Maker 2.
    MI KAN no KOU mizu - (Perfume water of charm sensation) - 600G
    Charisma +50
    A golden container with a tiny base and a large middle with a 
    blue knob on top.
    b) Your rivals
    For almost every class, your daughter will gain a rival (And maybe even a
    friend!) through her learning experiences.  Unlike Princess Maker 2 where
    Olive is determined and becomes stress free when a rival happens upon the
    scene, Lisa becomes upset and isn't very understanding as to WHY she is
    being challenged and a sudden rival for her classmate.  However many classes
    you manage to drag your daughter through is really all that determines what
    rivals she gets.  It's not likely she'd gain a rival for a class she'd only 
    taken ONCE...  she'd have to had gone to it at least a few times before 
    gaining a rival  ^_^;  Here is a list of the rival girls.
    Chiya : School
    Ariel : Fighting
    Hamingu : Music
    Akuron : Art
    Chamii : Dance
    Natera : Protocol
    Haitaa : Cooking
    These are lame ass romanizations of what I think the names are. Akuron
    could be "Akron" or something weird, so I'm not sure WHAT name she's trying
    to have.  But Ariel was easy, because it was "Arieru", and Ariel is a familiar
    name to me.  Determining what they are meaning and what it really is are two
    different things sometimes.  Oh well ^_^; There isn't a rival for dieting or
    church.  However, if you have a charming girl with a normal/pretty disposition,
    she can receive a love letter from a very cute classmate!
    7) Going around town              |
    Unlike the previous PM games, you only have the option of going to one
    shop when you want to go shopping.  That would also be the same pool of
    items you can get your daughter for her birthday.  There aren't any weather
    issues like before where if it were too cold or too warm, your daughter 
    would get sick or a stat would go down if a certain item isn't purchased.
    It's all just for looks in this game.  
    When your daughter wanders around on vacation, she may run into 
    rival-classmates and teachers.  They may mention that a test is coming up, 
    or that you REALLY should come to that particular class more often. 
    8) Extras                         |
    Princess Maker 3 for Playstation:  This disk, if put into a cd player,
    will have a strange but repetative rap song in Japanese.  I can't tell
    you if it's the voice actress for little Lisa, or if it's just something
    Nine Lives decided to randomly do...who knows.  It's amusing but annoying.
    Princess Maker 3 PC Version: This one does not have any extras located
    on the disk.  You can view the AVI file without opening/installing the
    game by double clicking on it, but that's it.
    Princess Maker 3 Sega Saturn Version:  This one has a drama track as the
    second track of the cd.  You can listen to this by putting it into any
    cd player.  
    The Princess Maker Collection Dreamcast version:  From the main prompt, 
    before you enter the game you can actually choose an image gallery
    which features images from the many Princess Maker series' over the
    9) The other games               |
    I actually will do FAQS for these as well, but it will be a long and gradual 
    process.  The only reason this one was so easy, was mainly because I already 
    hadmost of this information catalogued somewhere.  Here is a list of the 
    currently available Princess Maker Games.
    Princess Maker -  This game came out in 1991.  Your daughters default name is 
    Maria Rindobagu.  The plot is that there was a huge war with the demons of the 
    underworld, and the child is an orphan of that war.  You decide to raise her
    to be your own daughter.  
    Versions Available: IBM/PC Japanese, Chinese, and 
    I've *heard* of a Saturn Version by Microcabin, but I have not found it 
    myself so I cannot confirm that version.  A gaming website had it for purchase,
    and when I called to order it they had already been sold out.  Whether or
    not it was the real original Princess Maker or if it had been Princess Maker 2,
    I will never know.
    Princess Maker 2 - Made available around 1994/1995.  The second game in the 
    Princess Maker series.  This time your daughter is named Olive Oyl.  The 
    plot is similar to the first one, except this time you have a God giving 
    you the daughter to raise from ages 10-18.  Versions Available: IBM/PC 
    Japanese, Chinese, and an English Beta version.  This one was actually 
    released for the Japanese Sega Saturn by Microcabin, the disc featured 
    different images, complete voice acting for all the characters, plus a bonus 
    'Drama' track which had Olive whining for a good 6 minutes about why her 
    father works her so much.  This FAQ is currently available.
    Princess Maker: Legend of Another World -  This game was released around
    the same time as Princess Maker 2.  It was only released for the Super
    Famicom system.  It plays almost exactly like Princess Maker 2.  The 
    only major difference would be the combat and adventuring system is really 
    weird.  I do not know the default name for the daughter.  It really is 
    not thought of as part of the series of games, since it is a stand alone 
    product.  I imagine it was just Gainax trying to make the Princess Maker 
    series available on many platforms.  Maybe someday I should ask them.
    Version: Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo).  This FAQ is currently
    Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True - The FAQ you're looking at.
    The japanese title is "Yume Miru Yousei", but also is listed as Faery 
    Tales Come True (Spelled 'faery').  This  is the most current child 
    simulation game.  This game was a collaberation of Gainax, and the 
    japanese game Company of "Nine Lives".  This is a much more involved game, 
    featuring options such as a choice of the fathers profession, and your 
    daughters disposition is much more drastic.   Your daughters default name 
    is "Lisa Anderson".
    Versions Available: Originally released for Japanese Playstation.  There is an 
    odd rap with repeatative words as a 'Bonus' track.  The PSX version was missing
    a few features that were included in the PC and Saturn versions.
    It was then released for IBM/PC and Mac:  Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions. 
    There is also a Japanese Sega Saturn version available.  This includes the same
    sort of bonus along PM2's Saturn Game.  It has a drama track.  Lisa is a 
    much happier child than Olive.
    Princess Maker Pocket Daisakusen - Loosely translated as "Big Strategy", or 
    I've heard it translated as Mission in a little pocket (??).  This game was
    an attempt at a puzzle game.  This game was produced by Nine Lives, it gives
    you the option of playing either Maria, Lisa, or Olive in an effort to play 
    through scenerios to become a Princess through the art of the puzzle game.
    It has a very pretty opening theme, and a plethora of voice acting.  
    Versions: Only available for Japanese Playstation
    Princess Maker: Go! Go! Princess -  You know, I'm not even sure what this is.
    It looks like an RPG of sorts, featuring all FOUR daughters (Yes, that includes
    the previously forgotten Legend of Another World girl).  I've only seen
    screenshots, but I'm picking up a copy soon!  Wish me luck.  Also produced by
    those wonderful people at Nine Lives.  I've also got sort of a "Mario Party"
    feel to the game, but I have no idea since I don't own it.
    Versions: Only available for Japanese Playstation
    Princess Maker Q -  Another Princess Maker game produced by Nine Lives, this
    appears to be a quiz game asking questions about the other PM games!  There 
    isn't much else that I know of it, but I'm working on gathering a working 
    Versions: IBM/PC and Mac.  Japanese and Chinese versions.
    Princess Maker 4 - Originally it may have been slated for the Sega
    Dreamcast, but now Princess Maker 4 is heading to PCs and Macintoshs
    very shortly.  From what I understand, your daughter is "Karen" who was
    the host of Princess Maker Q.  It looks like a mixture of modern day
    Tokyo with a Princess Maker setting.  Must play this before I can
    completely judge. ^_^;
    Verions: As far as we know, Windows 95 (Japanese only).
    Princess Maker Collection -  Princess Maker 2 and 3 put on the Sega Dreamcast
    and bundled as a "Collection".  Distributed by a company called GeneX.  This
    is currently available.  It states to be "Powered by Windows CE" on the box.
    Versions: Sega Dreamcast only.

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