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    FAQ by IGhory

    Version: 6.81 | Updated: 11/01/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "Imran Ghory" <ImranG@btinternet.com>
    Newsgroups: alt.games.simcity2000.SimPosium,comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic,comp.sys.mac.games.strategic
    Subject: SimCity 2000 FAQ
    Date: 1 Nov 1997 21:22:40 GMT
    SimCity 2000 FAQ
    Author/Mantainer:      Imran Ghory
    Copyright:                 (c)Imran Ghory(If you really want to copy
    this, just email me so I can check you have the latest version.)
    Email-address:         ImranG@btinternet.com
    Posting-Frequency:   Twice a month or so.
    Last updated:           1st November 1997
    Version:                   6.81
    SC2K      =Sim City 2000
    SC2KNE =Sim City 2000 Network Edition
    SCURK   =Sim City Urban Renewal Kit 
    1)Good starting pointers for SC2000.
    2)How do you increase...
    	I)Educational Quotient
    	II)Life Expectancy
    	IIV)Land values
    	IV)Your money
    3)How do you decrease...
    	IIV)Abandoned buildings(Also how to encourage people to move in)
    4)Strange but True....
    	I)The Nessie
    	II)The Maxis Man
    	IIV)The Helicopter
    	IV)First Light
    5)Where to SC2000 city names come from ?
    6)How do you find the best area to place water pumps ?
    7)How high does your population have to be before you get.....(Rewards)
    8)How do you get rid of the military base but keep the military ?
    9)Does an advance city launch into space ?
    10)Are there any cheats for SC2000 ?
    	I)Cheats for all platforms
    	II)Cheats for the Macintosh
    	IIV)Cheats for Windows 3.1
    	IV)Cheats for Windows 95
    	V)Cheats for DOS (floppy disk v1.0)
    	VI)Cheats for Sony PlayStation, 2D Game
    	VII)Cheats for Sony PlayStation, 3D Game
    	IIX)File editor to get more money(DOS)
    11)Are there any cheats for SCURK ?
    12)Are there any cheats for SC2KNE ?
    13)SimCity 2000 building descriptions and sizes.
    14)The structure of a "SC2" file.
    	VI)Air crash
    16)SimCity 2000 download sites
    17)Sim pages !
    18)Who helped me with this FAQ
    In between sections there is a row of  "*"(asteriks) so to move from one
    section to the next just search for a few asteriks and hopefully you
    ought to go to the beginning of the new section, this is because some
    sections such as the file structure section is very big.
    1)Good starting pointers for SC2000.
    Here are some general hints to help you get started.
    I)People only build a maximum of six space away from a road.
    II)People will only build if they have direct access to a powerline.
    IIV)People need industry to work in before they move in to town.
    2)How do you increase... 
    I)Educational Quotient, 
    Pro-reading campaign which can help everyone to a lesser effect then
    Build Schools which can provide up to 90 EQ, this is for 5 to 20 year
    Build Colleges which can provide up to 140 EQ, this is for 15 to 25 year
    olds(has slight effect on older population).
    Build Libraries which provide education for all ages, but to a lesser
    affect then Schools and Colleges.
    Build Museums which are like Libraries but bigger, better and more
    Remember education is inherited, so if one generation is intelligent then
    the next generation will start off with a higher EQ then there parents
    started with.
    Libraries and Museums are good as they don't have any annual cost, only
    the original building cost, if you've got a spare $500 then go and find a
    church knock it down and then build a library there. 
    II)Life Expectancy,
    Select all options under Saftey & Health.
    Select CPR training.
    Build Hospitals but don't overdo it unless you've got too much cash.
    Lower crime rate.
    Improve Fire services.
    Keep pollution down.
    IIV)Land Values,
    Select all options under Promotional.
    Select Homeless Shelters.
    Selecting Nuclear Free Zone raises the value of Residential land, but
    lowers the value of Industrial land.
    Build Parks.
    IV)Your money
    Raise Taxes.
    Select Parking Fines.
    Cut down on funding for police,fire and education services(not
    Don't ever get bonds.
    For the long term invest in renewable power sources.
    3)How do you decrease...
    Make sure you have a good spread of police stations.
    Don't have legalized gambling.
    Have Anti-Drug campaign.
    Have Neighborhood watch.
    Refuse to have a Military zone.
    If you have Arcologies make sure you have at least one Police station
    near by.
    Select Pollution Controls.
    Build trees near industrial areas.
    Select Parking fines.
    Supply public transit.
    Use clean Energy sources.
    Raise taxes on Industries that pollute.
    Build Water treatment plants.
    IIV)Abandoned buildings,
    (Also how to encourage people to move in)
    Select Promotional options.
    Improve Land Values.
    Reduce crime.
    Reduce Pollution.
    Build Zoos.
    Lower Taxes.
    If it is in an Residential area make sure its close enough to an
    industrial zone, the SimCitizens don't like traveling a long distances to
    If a zone has negative demand then make the other forms of zoning, and
    see if this helps, also read the newspapers and see what people are upset
    about and correct the problems.
    Supply public transit.
    Have parking fines.
    Make residential areas closer to Industrial areas.
    4)Strange but True....
    I)The Nessie
    I think this only appears if you have a marina,Its just a harmless
    creature which is rumoured to eat boats.
    II)The Maxis Man
    This man files around when you have heavy pollution, perhaps he would be
    better named 'Pollution Man'.
    IIV)The Helicopter
    This helicopter appears after you have built an airport, it tells you if
    there is heavy traffic, if your feeling annoyed at it (or any other
    reason) and you want to shoot it down, select the Centre Display button
    and click on the Helicopter (If this does not work then click on the
    square below the Helicopter) this will make the pilot say 'I'm hit' and
    then he'll crash(watch out this will cause a fire).
    IV)First Light
    This is a magical boat captained by J.Scirica who must be magical
    himself, being able to exist in several places at the same time.
    Perhaps its just me, or does there seem to be an obsession with Llamas,
    by that I mean stuff like the Llama zoos and the Llama Dome. Anyone know
    why ?
    This I find really strange, the SimCitizens don't die off when they don't
    have water, infact they hardly mind at all, perhaps the SimCitizens don't
    need water to live, but does that mean that the SimCitizens are not
    human, or is it just me going paranoid again.
    5)Where to SC2000 city names come from ?
    I think I've got all the cities here, if I'm missing any or you know of
    any other sources email me.
    Unknown                Red Dwarf               Blake Seven            
    Stars Country          Krighton                 Blake                    
    Oak Creek              Cats Corner            Villa                      
    Mill Valley               Rimmer                  Aurac                  
    Eubanks                 Lister                     Serviland             
    Jeromi                    Dexter                    Jenna                
    New Boots                                           Avon
    Hoek Creek
    Fort Verdegris
    Tent Pegs
    Washers Grove
    Little Rouge
    6)How do you find the best area to place water pumps.
    Here's a table showing how the amount of water you get is affected by how
    many sides of the pump are surrounded by water.
    Sides    Gallons Of Water Produced
    0           15,000
    1           36,000
    2           48,000
    3           54,000
    4           62,000
    7)How high does your population have to be before you get.....
    Reward          Population needed
    Mansion        2,000
    City Hall        10,000
    Statue           30,000
    Military          60,000
    Llama Dome  80,000
    Arcologies     120,000 
    8)How do you get rid of the military base but keep the military ?
    1 Cover your military base ALL with water. 
    2 Raise your military land that you covered with water to at least 100
    3 Level the land to sea level. 
    4 You Have it; and you can STILL have the military as protection to your
    9)Does an advance city launch into space ?
    Yes and No, It works in all versions except for V1.0 and v1.01 for DOS,
    To get your city to launch you need to have about 400 launch
    arcologies.(This is
    but a rumour to me as I've got version 1.0 for DOS)
    10)Are there any cheats for SC2000 ?
    Yes, here they are, 
    I)For all platforms:
    •CASS – Money or a disaster (15% chance of a disaster) 
    •FUND – $10,000 bond (at 25% interest). 
    •JOKE – A joke. 
    II)For Macintosh:
    •ARDO – $500,000. 
    •PIRN – Version 1.1 only. 
    •TOPSGUZZARDO – Version 1.1 only. 
    •PIRNTOPSGUZZARDO – The same as the last two combined. 
    •VERS – Reports version number. 
    IIV)For Windows 3.1:
    Click on the top of the toolbar before typing these. 
    •OIVAIZMIR – Debug. 
    •GOMORRAH – Nuclear meltdown. 
    •BUDDAMUS – $500,000, all rewards activated. 
    •GILMARTIN – Military base. 
    •NOAH – Starts a flood. 
    •MOSES – Stops a flood. 
    •MRSOLEARY – Starts a fire. 
    •Click on the centering tool, then click on the copter to shoot it down. 
    IV)For Windows 95:
    •IMACHEAT – $500,000, all rewards activated. 
    •PRISCILLA – Debug menu. 
    •GILMARTIN – Military base. 
    •NOAH – Starts a flood. 
    V)For DOS (v1.0 floppy ONLY):
    •DARN – Church virus. 
    •HECK – Church virus. 
    •MEMY – Memory test. 
    •TEST – Tests memory.
    •TORG – Version 1.1 only. 
    •VERS – Reports version number. 
    •Click on the centering tool, then click on the copter to shoot it down. 
    •At the beginning of a new city, type in FUND and click on YES. Type FUND
    again and click on YES. Pull down the window and select BUDGET. To the
    right of Bond Payments, you will see an open book. Click on it. Select
    the button, ISSUE BOND and click on YES. Select the REPAY BOND button to
    repay the first bond. Select the button ISSUE BOND and click on YES.
    Select the REPAY BOND button to repay the second bond. Select the button,
    ISSUE BOND and click on YES. Don't repay this bond, ever. This will give
    you $1.4 million every year.
    VI)For Sony PlayStation, 2D Game:
    •MegaLoot cheat – This cheat gives you $1,000,000 to play with.
    In the main Budget dialog, enter the following sequence:
    While holding R1: Choose, Cancel, Triangle, Square
    While holding L1: Choose, Cancel, Triangle, Square
    While holding R2: Choose, Cancel, Triangle, Square
    While holding L2: Choose, Square, Triangle, Cancel
    •Bond Embezzlement cheat – This cheat sets all subsequent bonds to 0%
    interest. Note: There is a risk to using this—this could result in fines
    of up to $100,000.
    In the Main Budget dialog, enter the following sequence:
    While holding Triangle: L1,L2,L1,L2,R2,R1,R2,R1
    •Free Tools cheat – Most (but not all) tools will be available at no cost
    to the user.
    Sequence: With the normal arrow cursor, select and cancel the tree tool.
    Go to the status bar and do the following (making sure the cursor stays
    within the status bar area) : UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, ACCEPT
    •Maximum Dispatch cheat – Use of any of the dispatch tools (Fire, Police,
    Military) will yield the maximum number allowable within SimCity
    regardless of the number of stations you have.
    Sequence: With the normal arrow cursor, select and cancel the dispatch
    tool. Go to the status bar and do the following (making sure the cursor
    stays within the status bar area) : LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, CANCEL,
    VII)For Sony PlayStation, 3D Game:
    •Chopper – Use this sequence to display a helicopter cockpit:
    To turn off the cockpit display: R1-L1-R1-L1-R1-L1
    •Fly, Be Free! – Use this sequence to enter this mode: 
    or R-L-R-L-R-L2-R2-X-X
    One more Start or X puts you back into drive-through.
    This cheat allows you to fly around the city without being constrained to
    the roads as normal. The controls in this mode are:
    R1 Altitude Up
    R2 Altitude Down
    L1 Propel Forward
    L2 Propel Backward
    Up Look Up
    Down Look Down
    L Turn Left
    R Turn Right
    •City Nights – Use this sequence to cycle night and day: 
    Shut off with Down-Down-Up-Up-Down-Down-L2-R2
    •Fade To Black – Use this sequence to fades everything to black: 
    To pause the fade enter: L-L-L-L-L-L-L2-R2 
    Back to normal with: R-R-R-R-R-R-L2-R2
    •Rand McNalley – Use this sequence to bring up a translucent city map HUD
    with position indicator: R1-R2-R1-R2-R1-R2-R1-R2
    Lose the HUD with: L1-L2-L1-L2-L1-L2-L1-L2
    •Nugget Grab Cheat – Use this sequence to bring up a trail of golden
    nuggets on the road. Collect these nuggets as you move around the city
    and increase your city fund!
    Sequence: Bring up the Chopper cheat 8 times (do this by turning it on
    then off, leaving it on the 8th time), then the following sequence: 
    IIV)File editing for money
    If you want to hack your save game but are a bit worried about doing it
    by hand, there is a utility that can do it for you, its called SimCity
    2000 Hex Edit Utility(for windows(for SC2 files)) programmed by Jerry
    Moore who can be contacted at jmoore@vcnet.com.
    11)Are there any cheats for SCURK ?
    •VAUDEVILLE – The Arcos start dancing !
    12)Are there any cheats for SC2KNE ?
    1 Open the chat window. 
    2 Say to everyone "Klatu Verata Nictu"; And you will get a cheat item,
    the cheat item allows you to do: 
    Change Item Prices 
    Get All Special Tiles. 
    All Rewards. 
    13)SimCity 2000 building descriptions and sizes.
    1. Residential
    	A: 3x3 Buildings
    		I. 2 Types of Apartment
    		II. 2 Types of Condos
    	B: 2x2 Buildings
    		I. 1 Cheap Apartment
    		II. 2 Types of Apartment
    		III. 2 Types of Nice Apartment
    		IV. 3 Types of Condos
    	C. 1x1 Buildings
    		I. 3 Types of Lower Class Homes
    		II. 5 Types of Middle Class Homes
    		III. 4 Types of Upper Class Homes
    2. Commerical
    	A. 3x3 Buildings
    		I. Office Park
    		II. Movie Theater
    		III. Drive-in Theater
    		IV. Parking Lot
    		V. Mini Mall
    		VI. Historical Office
    		VII. Corporate Headquarters
    		VIII. 3 Types of Towers
    	B. 2x2 Buildings
    		I. Shopping Center
    		II. Resort Hotel
    		III. Grocery Store
    		IV. Office Retail Shop
    		V. 6 Types of Office Buildings
    	C. 1x1 Buildings
    		I. Cassidy's Toy Store
    		II. Commerical Warehouse
    		III. Convenience Store
    		IV. Bed and Breakfast Inn
    		V. 2 Types of Small Office Buildings
    		VI. 2 Types of Gas Stations
    3. Industrial
    	A. 3x3 Buildings
    		I. Large Industrial Factory
    		II. Medium Industrial Factory
    		III. Industrial Thingamajig
    		IV. Chemical Plant
    		V. 2 Types of Warehouses
    	B. 2x2 Buildings
    		I. Warehouse
    		II. Chemical Plant
    		III. 6 Types of Factories
    	C. 1x1 Buildings
    		I. Industrial Substation
    		II. Chemical Storage
    		III. 2 Types of Warehouses
    3. City Services
    	A. Police Stations (3x3)
    	B. Fire Stations (3x3)
    	C. Prisons (4x4)
    	D. Hospitals (3x3)
    4. Education
    	A. School (3x3)
    	B. College (4x4)
    	C. Library (2x2)
    	D. Museum (3x3)
    5. Recreation
    	A. Small Park (1x1) <no electricity required>
    	B. Large Park (2x2) <no electricity required>
    	C. Zoo (4x4)
    	D. Stadium (4x4)
    	E. Marina (3x3)
    6. Rewards
    	A. Mayor's House (2x2)
    	B. City Hall (3x3)
    	C. Statue (1x1)
    	D. Military Base (varies)
    	E. Ilama Dome (4x4) <subject to change by tile set switches>
    	F. 4 Types of Arcologies (4x4)
    7. Power 
    	A. Coal (4x4)
    	B. Oil (4x4)
    	C. Hydroelectric (1x1) <place only on waterfall tiles>
    	D. Gas (4x4)
    	E. Nuclear (4x4) <not available if you pass Nuclear-Free Zone>
    	F. Wind (1x1)
    	G. Solar (4x4)
    	H. Microwave (4x4)
    	I. Fusion (4x4)
    8. Water
    	A. Pipes (varies, placed underground)
    	B. Treatment (2x2)
    	C. Desalinzation (3x3)
    	D. Water Pump (1x1)
    	E. Water Tower (2x2)
    9. Miscellaneous
    	A. Churches (2x2) <dezones a residential area>
    	B. Roads (varies)
    	C. Rails (varies)
    	D. Tunnels (varies)
    	E. Subway (varies)
    	F. Bridges (varies)
    		I. Power
    		II. Rail Bridge
    		III. Highway Bridge <ships cannot cross underneath>
    		IV. Causeway Bridge <ships cannot cross underneath>
    		V. Raising Bridge
    		VI. Suspension
    	G. Bus Depot (2x2)
    	H. Rail Depot (2x2)
    	I. Substation (1x1)
    	J. Sub-to-Rail (1x1)
    10. Ports
    	A: Airports
    		I. Runway (1x5)
    		II. Tarmac (1x1)
    		III. Small Hangar (1x1)
    		IV. Large Hangar (2x2)
    		V. Control Tower (1x1)
    		VI. Parking Lot (2x2)
    		VII. 2 Types of Buildings (1x1)
    		IIX. Radar (1x1)
    	B: Seaports
    		I. Pier (1x5)
    		II. Cargo Yard (2x2)
    		III. Loading Bay (2x2)
    		IV. Crane (1x1)
    		V. Warehouse (1x1)
    	C: Military Ports
    		I. Runway (1x5)
    		II. F-15 (1x1)
    		III. Top Secret Buildings (2x2)
    		IV. Military Control Tower (1x1)
    		V. Military Parking (1x1)
    		VI. Missile Silo (3x3)
    14)The structure of a "SC2" file.
    First of all, SimCity files are in `IFF format', which means that they
    consist of an 12-byte file header followed by a series of segments. The
    file header format is as follows:
    Bytes 1-4:  'FORM' (indicates an IFF file)
    Bytes 5-8:  Total count of bytes in file, except for the first 8 bytes in
    this header
    Bytes 9-12: File type: in the case of SimCity 2000, 'SCDH'
    Each segment has an 8-byte header:
    Bytes 1-4: Type of segment
    Byres 5-8: Number of bytes in this segment, except for this 8-byte header
    The remaining bytes in each segment are data.
    The data in most SimCity segments is compressed using a form of
    run-length encoding.  When this is done, the data in the segment consists
    of a series of chunks of two kinds.  The first kind of chunk has first
    byte from 1 to 127;  in this case the first byte is a count telling how
    many data bytes follow.  The second kind of chunk has first byte from 129
    to 255.  In this
    case, if you subtract 127 from the first byte, you get a count telling
    how many times the following single data byte is repeated.  Chunks with
    first byte 0 or 128 never seem to occur.
    SimCity files consist of the following segment types, in order, with the
    following lengths.  Except as noted, segments are compressed as above,and
    the length given for them is the length after uncompression; the
    compressed length may vary.
    Segment type     Length
    MISC              4800    
    ALTM             32768  (uncompressed)
    XTER             16384    
    XBLD             16384    
    XZON             16384    
    XUND             16384    
    XTXT             16384    
    XLAB              6400    
    XMIC              1200    
    XTHG               480    
    XBIT             16384    
    XTRF              4096    
    XPLT              4096    
    XVAL              4096    
    XCRM              4096    
    XPLC              1024    
    XFIR              1024    
    XPOP              1024    
    XROG              1024    
    XGRP              3328    
    CNAM                32  (uncompressed; optional?)
    Some remarks about the data in the individual segments:
    ALTM:  Altitude map.  Uncompressed.  Contains two bytes for each square.
           (For our purposes, we will define `left', `right', `top', and
    `bottom' by saying that squares are scanned by rows from top to bottom,
    and from right to left within each row.)
           Taking each two bytes as a 16-bit integer, MSB first, bits 4-0
    give the altitude of the square, from 50 to 3150 feet.  Bit 7
    seems to be set if the square is covered with water.  I do not know
    what bits 15-8 and 6-5 do.
    CNAM:  City name.  Uncompressed.  Seems to be optional.  When it is
    present, it consists of a length byte from 0 to 31, followed by that many
    bytes of city name.  It is padded out to 32 bytes with zeroes.
    MISC:  This probably contains global information.  Bytes 20-23 are the
    amount of money you have as a 4-byte integer, MSB first. 
    XBIT:  One byte of flags per square.
    Bit 7: Electrically conductive?
        6: Powered?
        5: Piped? (i.e., permeable to water?)
        4: Supplied with water?
        3: ???
        2: Covered with water? (i.e., part of a lake, river, or ocean?)
        1: ???
        0: Does placing water here give salt water?
    XBLD:  One code byte per square, describing what's on it.  (In general,
    to put a building or whatever up and have a consistent       resultant
    simulation, you have to do a lot more than change this array.)
    The codes in this list are in hexadecimal.
    00: Clear terrain (empty)
    01-04: Rubble
    05: Radioactive waste
    06-0C: Trees (density increases as code increases)
    0D: Small park (set XZON as for a 1x1 building)
    0E-1C: Power lines (various directions, slopes) The difference X between
    the code and 0E, the first code, tells what direction(s) and slope the
    power line takes.
       X (in hex)  Direction
       0           Left-right [for definition of directions, see note with
       1           Top-bottom
       2           Top-bottom; slopes upwards towards top
       3           Left-right; slopes upwards towards right 
       4           Top-bottom; slopes upwards towards bottom
       5           Left-right; slopes upwards towards left
       6           From bottom side to right side
       7           Bottom to left
       8           Left to top
       9           Top to right
       A           T junction between top, right and bottom
       B           T between left, bottom and right
       C           T between top, left and bottom
       D           T between top, left and right
       E           Intersection connecting top, left, bottom, and right
    Roads (various directions, slopes; same coding as for 0E-1C) 2C-3A:
    Rails (various directions, slopes; same coding as for 0E-1C) 3B-3E: More
    sloping rails. These are used as preparation before ascending. The 2C-3A
    rail codes are used on the actual sloping square.  This is why rails
    don't look right when ascending a 1:1 grade.
      3B: Top-bottom; slopes upwards towards top
      3C: Left-right; slopes upwards towards right
      3D: Top-bottom; slopes upwards towards bottom
      3E: Left-right; slopes upwards towards left
      3F-42: Tunnel entrances
      3F: Tunnel to the top
      40: Tunnel to the right
      41: Tunnel to the bottom
      42: Tunnel to the left
      43-44: Crossovers (roads/power lines)
      43: Road left-right, power top-bottom
      44: Road top-bottom, power left-right
      45-46: Crossovers (roads/rails)
      45: Road left-right, rails top-bottom
      46: Road top-bottom, rails left-right
      47-48: Crossovers (rails/power lines)
      47: Rails left-right, power lines top-bottom
      48: Rails top-bottom, power lines left-right
      49-4A: Highways (set XZON as for a 1x1 building)
      49: Highway left-right
      4A: Highway top-bottom
      4B-4C: Crossovers (roads/highways; set XZON as for a 1x1 building)
      4B: Highway left-right, road top-bottom
      4C: Highway top-bottom, road left-right
      4D-4E: Crossovers (rails/highways; set XZON as for a 1x1 building)
      4D: Highway left-right, rails top-bottom
      4E: Highway top-bottom, rails left-right
      4F-50: Crossovers (highways/power lines; set XZON as for a 1x1
      4F: Highway left-right, power lines top-bottom
      50: Highway top-bottom, power lines left-right
      51-55: Suspension bridge pieces
      56-59: Other road bridge pieces
      5A-5B: Rail bridge pieces
      5C: Elevated power lines
      5D-60: Highway entrances (on-ramps)
      5D: Highway at top, road at left OR highway at right, road at bottom
      5E: H right, R top OR H top, R right
      5F: R right, H bottom OR H left, R top
      60: R left, H bottom OR H left, R bottom
      61-69: Highways (various directions, slopes; 2x2 tiles; XZON should be
    set as for a 2x2 building)
      61: Highway top-bottom, slopes up to the top
      62: Highway left-right, slopes up to the right
      63: Highway top-bottom, slopes up to the bottom
      64: Highway left-right, slopes up to the left
      65: Highway joining the bottom to the right
      66: Highway joining the bottom to the left
      67: Highway joining the left to the top
      68: Highway joining the top to the right
      69: Cloverleaf intersection connecting top, left, bottom and right
      6A-6B: Highway bridges (2x2 tiles; set XZON as for a 2x2 building.)
    This is a reinforced bridge.  Use 49/4A for the `Hiway' bridge.
      6C-6F: Sub/rail connections (set XZON as for a 1x1 building)
      6C: Sub/rail connection, rail at bottom
      6D: Sub/rail connection, rail at left
      6E: Sub/rail connection, rail at top
      6F: Sub/rail connection, rail at right
      Residential, 1x1:
        70-73: Lower-class homes
        74-77: Middle-class homes
        78-7B: Luxury homes
      Commercial, 1x1:
        7C: Gas station
        7D: Bed & breakfast inn
        7E: Convenience store
        7F: Gas station
        80: Small office building
        81: Office building
        82: Warehouse
        83: Cassidy's Toy Store
      Industrial, 1x1:
        84: Warehouse
        85: Chemical storage
        86: Warehouse
        87: Industrial substation
      Miscellaneous, 1x1:
        88-89: Construction
        8A-8B: Abandoned building
      Residential, 2x2:
        8C: Cheap apartments
        8D-8E: Apartments
        8F-90: Nice apartments
        91-93: Condominium
      Commercial, 2x2:
        94: Shopping center
        95: Grocery store
        96: Office building
        97: Resort hotel
        98: Office building
        99: Office / Retail
        9A-9D: Office building
      Industrial, 2x2:
        9E: Warehouse
        9F: Chemical processing
        A0-A5: Factory
      Miscellaneous, 2x2:
        A6-A9: Construction
        AA-AD: Abandoned building
      Residential, 3x3:
        AE-AF: Large apartment building
        B0-B1: Condominium
      Commercial, 3x3:
        B2: Office park
        B3: Office tower
        B4: Mini-mall
        B5: Theater square
        B6: Drive-in theater
        B7-B8: Office tower
        B9: Parking lot
        BA: Historic office building
        BB: Corporate headquarters
      Industrial, 3x3:
        BC: Chemical processing
        BD: Large factory
        BE: Industrial thingamajig
        BF: Factory
        C0: Large warehouse
        C1: Warehouse
      Miscellaneous, 3x3:
        C2-C3: Construction
        C4-C5: Abandoned building
      Power plants:
        C6-C7: Hydroelectric power (1x1)
        C8: Wind power (1x1)
        C9: Natural gas power plant (4x4)
        CA: Oil power plant (4x4)
        CB: Nuclear power plant (4x4)
        CC: Solar power plant (4x4)
        CD: Microwave power receiver (4x4)
        CE: Fusion power plant (4x4)
        CF: Coal power plant (4x4)
      City services:
        D0: City hall (3x3)
        D1: Hospital (3x3)
        D2: Police station (3x3)
        D3: Fire station (3x3)
        D4: Museum (3x3)
        D5: Big park (2x2) [No electricity required]
        D6: School (3x3)
        D7: Stadium (4x4)
        D8: Prison (4x4)
        D9: College (4x4)
        DA: Zoo (4x4)
        DB: Statue (1x1)
      Seaports, airports, transportation, military bases, and more city
        DC: Water pump (1x1)
        DD-DE: Runway (1x5)
        DF: Pier (1x5)
        E0: Crane (1x1)
        E1-E2: Control tower (1x1)
        E3: Warehouse (for seaport)
        E4-E5: Building (for airport) (1x1)
        E6: Tarmac (1x1)
        E7: F-15b (1x1)
        E8: Small Hangar (1x1)
        E9: Subway station (1x1)
        EA: Radar (1x1)
        EB: Water tower (2x2)
        EC: Bus station (2x2)
        ED: Rail station (2x2)
        EE-EF: Parking lot (2x2)
        F0: Loading bay (2x2)
        F1: Top secret buildings (2x2)
        F2: Cargo yard (2x2)
        F3: Mayor's house (2x2)
        F4: Water treatment plant (2x2)
        F5: Library (2x2)
        F6: Large hangar (2x2)
        F7: Church (2x2)
        F8: Marina (3x3)
        F9: Missile silo (3x3)
        FA: Desalination plant (3x3)
        FB: Plymouth arcology (4x4)
        FC: Forest arcology (4x4)
        FD: Darco arcology (4x4)
        FE: Launch arcology (4x4)
        FF: Braun Llama-dome (4x4)
    XTER:  One code byte per square.  Tells whether there is land or water in
    the square and how the terrain slopes.  To describe here how terrain
    slopes, we write four numbers in a square:
           a b
           c d
           Here, a, b, c and d are the relative heights of the corners of
           the square.
           Codes in hex:
           00-0D:  Dry land, with various slopes:
             00: 00    01: 11    02: 01    03: 00    04: 10    05: 11
                 00        00        01        11        10        01
             06: 01    07: 10    08: 11    09: 01    0A: 00    0B: 00
                 11        11        10        00        01        10
             0C: 10    0D: 11
                 00        11
           0E-0F:  Unused?
           10-1D:  Slopes as for 00-0D.  However, instead of being dry land,
                   the square is totally submerged in water.
           1E-1F:  Unused?
           20-2D:  As for 10-1D, but the square is submerged only to a level
                   slightly less than height 1, so that for e.g. square type
                   the square to the top would probably be dry land.
           2E:     Unused?
           2F:     Unused?
           30-3D:  As for 20-2D, but the square is not submerged at all; 
                   it just has water on its surface, as when you place it by 
                   the `water' tool in SimCity 2000.  It is still true that
                   for e.g. square type 31, the square to the top would be
                   dry land and the other adjacent squares water.
           3E: Waterfall.
           3F: Unused?
           40: Surf. water `canal', running left-right.  Land at top and
           41: Surf. water `canal', running top-bottom.  Land at left and
           42: Surf. water `bay', open to the bottom.  Land at left, top &
           43: Surf. water `bay', open to the left.  Land at top, right &
           44: Surf. water `bay', open to the top.  Land at left, right &
           45: Surf. water `bay', open to the bottom.  Land at top, left &
           46-FF: Unused?
    XUND:  One code byte per square.  Tells what's in the square under the
    Codes in hex:
    00: Nothing
    01-0F: Subway, various directions & slopes (coded as for XTER, codes
    10-1E: Pipes, various directions & slopes (coded as for XTER, codes
    1F: Pipe/subway crossover: pipe top-bottom, subway left-right 
    20: Pipe/subway crossover: pipe left-right, subway top-bottom
    21-22: ???
    23: Sub/rail or subway station
    24-FF: Unused?
    XZON:  One byte per square.  Bits 7, 6, 5, and 4 should be set at the
    upper left, lower left, lower right, and upper right corners of a
    building. For a 1x1 building, of course, all these bits should be set at
    the location of the building.  Bits 3-0 code the zoning for the square,
    as follows:
    0: None
    1: Light residential
    2: Dense residential
    3: Light commercial
    4: Dense commercial
    5: Light industrial
    6: Dense industrial
    7: Military base
    8: Airport
    9: Seaport
    10-15: Unused?
    The first thing I have to say is for any disaster, as soon as it occurs
    pause the game and then move into a better position to see the disaster,
    you cannot stop what you cannot see.
    Some disasters can not be forced to occur, such as pollution clouds and
    electrical strike on buildings, so they have not been included, as
    methoods can not be tested very well on those.
    This is caused by nearly every other disaster, there is one quick
    solution to it, destroy everything that is directly next to the fire,
    including rubble and then just put fire fighters around the fire, or if
    there is antoher disaster nearby just leave the fire to die out of its
    own accord. Although the technique is a little drastic, it works and it
    will only really destroy buildings that would have been destroyed if the
    fire had continued.
    When attempting to put out a large fire, after doing the above, then use
    firemen and the police starting from the centre fo the fire, as that way
    they can reach the largest area of fire.
    To start with use the building layer button so your buildings will
    disappear, then put police on any road junctions the rioters are near,
    then place police in between the rioters, then surround each group of
    rioters with 4 fire fighters or police or even both, this will stop them
    from moving and it will stop them from causing fires, if some do manage
    to create fires before you can surround them, use the above mentioned
    technique for fire protection so all your fire fighters and police will
    be free to deal with the rioters.
    First of all place firemen and policemen so they build a wall between the
    flood and your important/expensive buildings then you can either destroy
    any buildings near the flood and replace them with a lot, and I mean a
    lot of trees, this will not stop the flood but it will slow/weaken the
    flood, so if you have a few rows of trees it will block most floods, or
    you can just raise land that is near the area of sea the flood is coming
    from, so the water will just hit the hill and won't be able to go over
    While doing either of the these techniques you can throw any spare
    firemen/police in the way of the flood to slow down the immediate flow.
    I don't think its possible to stop either of these directly.
    I've found no 100% effective way of stopping one, but I'm sure there is a
    way and hopefully by the time the next version of this FAQ has come out I
    will know how to stop the monster from devastating your city.
    VI)Air crash
    This is easy get ready with the fire fighters , just cover the area you
    expect it to crash in with firemen and policemen, if this fails then just
    use the normal fire prevention.
    16)SimCity 2000 download sites
    Here are some good download sites,
    17)Sim pages !
    Here are some sites I have found along my travels,
    18)Who helped me with this FAQ
    Thanks to,
    Maxis( http://www.maxis.com ), for the games
    Rockodog, for the tables in the SC2K section.
    (Check out his page at http://rockodog.home.ml.org its excellent .IMHO)
    Jerry Moore, who sent me the structure of  a "SC2" city file.
    WarlockofMind, Who sent me building names and sizes.
    Everyone else who's reading this FAQ
    This FAQ has been bought to you by the one and only,
    Imran Ghory
    Any more info you want to see added here just email me at,

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