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    Manual Translation by EVA UNITII

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    Update 1
    Last Updated: August 21, 1999
    Console: Saturn (Japanese)
    Developer: Onion C.GG
    Publisher: ESP
    EVA UNITII@aol.com
    I encourage you to distribute this translation freely but be sure to have the 
    final credits paragraph included when you do distribute.  Also, you may not 
    alter it without my permission.
    I'm going to sum up the documented manual as concisely as I can.
    PAGE 4
    Lina Inverse
    Gourry Gabrieff
    Zelgadiss Greywords
    Emelia Tesla Seyruune
    Sylpheel Nels Lahda
    Naga the Serpent
    Nise Lina (Elena)
    Nise Gourry (Grace)
    Lark Dear Framedoll
    PAGE 12
    There are five times of day in Slayers Royal 2.  They are:
    5:00am-10:59am (6 hours)
    11:00am-4:59pm(6 hours)
    5:00pm-6:59pm(2 hours)
    7:00pm-11:59pm(5 hours)
    12:00am-4:59am(5 hours)
    You may have noticed the two types of location markers on the world map.  
    Dotted pins are forks or branches with which to proceed to other directions.  
    At these locations you may travel to any other dotted location or any flagged 
    (triangle) location adjacent to your current location (Don't get confused.  
    The game will only show you where you can move in one turn anyhow)  Red 
    locations are locations you have not visited yet.  Yellow locations you have 
    already been to at least once before.
    Signposts are roads, paths, or trails that lead to another map.
    Traveling to a dotted location takes 30 minutes.  Traveling to an adjacent 
    flagged location takes 10 minutes.  Traveling to a nonadjacent flagged 
    location takes 20 minutes.  Simple enough, eh?
    Each time frame has a corresponding color shade and background music.  You 
    should be able to figure them out without much trouble.
    PAGE 14
    -Move Menu
    Allows you either move along the map field or progress/retreat through 
    dungeons.  A simple submenu will appear for dungeon travel.
    -Action Menu
    This will open up a submenu with up to four options, depending on where you 
    are located at the time:
    Allows you to view your immediate surroundings.
    Allows you to speak to everyone who is willing.  Activate this command 
    numerous times to speak with everyone possible.
    Allows you to eat up!
    Allows you to stay at an inn.
    -Camp Menu
    This is your support menu.
    Automatically skip to the next time frame.  Be warned, however that the full 
    time will elapse and you will lose the correct portion of Food and 
    Stamina...maybe even Guts.
    Check that statistics and armaments of your characters.
    Check and use items in your inventory.
    -System Menu
    The menu will allow you to load/save a game as well as fiddle with the game 
    PAGE 15
    There are several attributes to your character that you must pay close 
    attention to in the game.  Unlike standard RPGs, your characters' stats will 
    not only increase but decrease if they are not taken care of properly.  I'll 
    explain them assuming you are viewing the stats screen for a single character.
    Hit Points.  This the numerical value of how much damage your character can 
    take before dying.  Current HP are displayed which, if you are not in battle, 
    are your MAX HP.
    Magic Points.  This is the numerical value of how much magic you can cast and 
    of what strength.  Same conditions as HP.
    Physical Strength.   This is a value of base strength.  The current value is 
    displayed on the left while the maximum value is on the right.  Please note 
    the current value can EXCEED the max value if your character is exceptionally 
    Defensive Value.  This is a value of base defensive ability.  Same 
    characteristics of STR.
    Accuracy.  This is a value of base accuracy when delivering either magic or 
    physical attacks.  Same characteristics of STR.
    Speed.  This is a base speed value.  This will determine initiative during 
    battles.  Same characteristics of STR.
    This is the amount in your belly.  The more, the merrier.  More Food 
    consumption raises GUTS.
    This is how rested you are.  Again, sleep well, sleep often.  Long rests 
    raise Stamina quickly but lowers FOOD.
    This is either raised or lowered by a combination of both Food and Stamina.  
    The higher this value, the higher your character's STR, DEF, HIT, and SPD 
    values go up.  Keep a healthy character to kick ass in battle.
    PAGE 17
    Attack Power.  The higher this value, the more damage you'll inflict.
    Magic Point Consumption.
    Hit percentage.
    Amount of time units before casting.  The higher this value, the long it 
    takes to cast the spell.
    The grid shows the area of the spell.  Some spells effect the whole area 
    while others are effective in a smaller radius of the shaded area.  Some 
    characters with the same spells have different effects.  For example, Lina's 
    Recovery only covers one square in a short radius but Sylpheel's Recovery 
    covers 5 squares in a larger radius.
    If a character is hit while casting a spell, the chant will be broken and the 
    spell will have to be restarted.
    PAGE 19
    (Looking at the bar on the top of the page)
    1)Move.  Turn ends after movement.
    -End Turn
    2)Attack.  Turn ends after attacking.
    -Special Attack.  Some characters have unique attacks.
    -End Turn
    3)Defensive Posture.  This will determine what defensive stance the character 
    will take upon being attacked.  Some of these options won't be available for 
    some characters.
    -Counter Attack
    4)Cast Magic. Turn ends after casting magic.
    5)AI.  Artificial Intelligence.  Allows you to set up your characters to 
    automatically conduct battle.
    -Physical Attacks
    -Discretionary Attacks.  Characters will choose between magic and physical 
    attacks, whichever he/she sees fit.
    -End AI.
    6)System. This allows you to Save/Load a battle and to tinker with the game 
    options.  You can save at any time during a battle and resume later.
    -Watch your money.  You get money only from completing tasks for people or by 
    finding it.  Enemies do not leave money behind.
    -1 Gold piece is equal to about 30 Silver.  1 Silver is equal to about 30 
    Bronze. (I think)  Keep this in mind when managing money.
    -There is no leveling up here.  You have all of your spells and your high 
    attributes from the start.  The key is to remain healthy.  Remember these 
    --Sleeping at an inn reduces food.  The longer you sleep, the more food you 
    --Eating raises Guts.  Try to eat to the max as much as you can.
    --BOTH LOW STAMINA AND LOW FOOD LOWERS GUTS.  When Guts goes down, so does 
    your attributes.  Be careful, especially in the later dungeons.  If you have 
    to leave, rest up and go back then so be it.
    --The more you travel, the more Food and Stamina you use up.  You'll be 
    notified when your characters are getting low on attributes so try to find an 
    inn at that point.  Guts raises very slowly compared to Food and Stamina.  
    -After each battle, your HP and MP are replenished. All dead characters are 
    -If you get stuck, talk to everyone at every location for each time period.  
    I know it sounds tedious but it really doesn't take that long and you may 
    even find a coin or two.
    -Use terrain to your advantage.  Line of sight plays a key role in magic 
    attacks.  If the enemy can't see you, he can't hit you.
    -Try to position an enemy between yourself and enemy magic attacks.  Maybe 
    they'll get hit in the crossfire.
    -Learn what spells do what to the terrain.  Is someone to high?  Crush the 
    hill with an Earth spell.
    -Powerful spells can kill in one hit but remember, if you are hit while 
    chanting, you'll lose all that time you put into it.  Remember this later on 
    when the battles become (honestly) 30 against 3.
    Good luck with the game!
    D. Christopher Goodman
    EVA UNITII@aol.com
    The Slayers is a copyright of SOFTX/Tokyo TV.  Slayers Royal 2 is a copyright 
    of Entertainment Software Publishers, 1998, licensed by Sega Enterprises Ltd. 
     This FAQ is not in anyway owned, endorsed, or supported by SOFTX, ESP, Onion 
    C.GG, or Sega Enterprises.  This FAQ is copyrighted in 1999 by D. Christopher 
    Goodman. Unauthorized reproduction or alteration is prohibited.

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