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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hellfire X

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           __          /  ___|/                __     _ _
               _       __ |__|  ______ | |___  ______          \ \_  |/|/
              |  | -- |  ||  | /  __  \>  ___|/  __  \ __   __ /  _| _
              |  \/  \/  ||  \ | |__| || |___ | |__| ||  |_|  || |__/ |
               \___/\___/  \__|\  ____/\_____|\______/\_______/\_____/_
                               / /            |__  \/  _  \/  _  \|__  \
                               |_|            ___| || |_| || |_| |  _| |
                                             / ____/\_____/\__   / |  /
                                             |_____|         /__/  |_|
            AUTHOR  - Charlie Emery - Hellfire X
            VERSION - 1.01
            E-MAIL  - charlie.emery(at)gmail(dot)com
    Dedicated to Rowena, my wonderful girlfriend, and to all the staff and members 
    of WipeoutZone.
    \\-\/-//                         **CONTENTS**                          \\-\/-//
    To jump straight to a specific section, enter the corresponding code number in 
    the search function of your browser.
    -  [001] VERSION HISTORY
    -  [002] E-MAIL USAGE
    -  [003] INTRODUCTION
    -  [004] CONTROLS
    -  [005] GAME MODES
    -  [007] WEAPON SYSTEMS   - Mines
                              - Missile
                              - Electrobolt
                              - Rockets
                              - Shield
                              - Turbo
                              - Autopilot
                              - Plasma Bolt
                              - Quake Disruptor
                              - Energy Pack
    -  [008] MANUFACTURERS    - Federal European Industrial Science And Research
                              - Anti-Gravity Systems
                              - Auricom Research Industries
                              - Qirex Research and Development
                              - Piranha Advancements
    -  [009] CIRCUITS         - Talon's Reach
                              - Sagarmatha
                              - Valparaiso
                              - Phenitia Park
                              - Gare d'Europa
                              - Odessa Keys
                              - Vostok Island
                              - Spilskinanke
    -  [010] CHEATS
    -  [011] SOUNDTRACK
    -  [012] USEFUL LINKS
    -  [013] THANKS
    -  [014] LEGAL
    \\-\/-//                      **VERSION HISTORY**                      \\-\/-//
    v1.01- 09.12.06 - Forgot to add the search function, now sorted.
    v1.0 - 17.11.06 - Guide complete. Track guides for Gare d'Europa, Odessa Keys,
           Vostok Island and Spilskinanke completed.
    v0.8 - 16.11.06 - Track guides for Talon's Reach, Sagarmatha, Valparaiso and
           Phenitia Park complete.
    v0.6 - 04.09.06 - Circuit info added. Team profiles, weapon info, racing
           techniques and game modes sections completed. Soundtrack and cheats
           sections added.
    v0.2 - 14.06.06 - Skeleton guide. Sections in place, team info and ASCII added.
           Weapon ASCII added. Racing techniques section added.
    \\-\/-//                       **E-MAIL USAGE**                        \\-\/-//
    My e-mail address is open if you have any comments to make on the guide, such 
    as if anything is missing, if something could be more concise, etc. Useful 
    comments please, any flames and you won't be mailing me again. Please don't 
    mail me with any questions on the game if the answer can be found in the guide, 
    it will be ignored. I have revealed all I know about the game here. If it's not 
    in the guide, I can't help you. On the other hand, if you'd like me to explain 
    something a little more clearly, or if I have missed something, then by all 
    means mail me. If it's something important you'll get a mention in the credits. 
    But above all, DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX. This includes advertising, chain letters 
    and any other useless junk that gets sent. I've had to put up with a lot of 
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    involved will be blocked. To help avoid this, DO NOT ADD MY ADDRESS TO YOUR 
    \\-\/-//                       **INTRODUCTION**                        \\-\/-//
    Welcome to the year 2097. AG racing has taken over as the most popular sport on 
    the planet, and large scale changes since the F3600 have brought a new level of 
    excitement and adrenaline rushes to both competitors and spectators alike. A 
    new arsenal of weapons now mean craft are no longer invulnerable and a new 
    dimension to the racing circuit has arrived with tactical combat playing a huge 
    role. Widely regarded by fans of the series to be the best Wipeout game of them 
    all, Wipeout 2097 has remained a classic for nearly ten years and will remain 
    so for many more. Welcome to the F5000 AG Racing league.
    \\-\/-//                        **CONTROLS**                           \\-\/-//
    D-pad/Stick  - Steering and pitch control
    Square       - Discard weapon
    Triangle     - Change view
    Circle       - Fire weapon
    Cross        - Accelerate
    L2           - Left airbrake
    R2           - Right airbrake
    \\-\/-//                       **GAME MODES**                          \\-\/-//
    \\//   :ARCADE:   \\//
    Pick a track, pick a race class, pick a craft and race against 12-15 AI
    opponents. First gets you a gold medal, second gets silver and third gets 
    bronze. The number of laps veries depending on speed class. Vector races are 
    two laps, Venom are three, Rapier are four and Phantom are five. This is the 
    same for all game modes.
    \\//   :TIME TRIAL:   \\//
    As Arcade, but this time there are no opponents or weapons, it's just you 
    against the clock. This is a very good way to practice a track before you race 
    Unlocked after acquiring golds in the first six tracks, the Phantom challenge 
    is a six-race tournament at Rapier class. You start the tournament with three 
    lives. In order to progress to the next track, you must win the race. Second or 
    third will allow you to repeat the track without losing a life. If you finish 
    outside the top three, you must lose a life in order to retry the track. 
    Successfully completing this challenge unlocks Phantom class and the final two 
    tracks, Vostok Island and Spilskinanke, for use in Phantom class only. The 
    other six tracks are unlocked for racing in all other speed classes.
    NB: Phantom challenge becomes locked again once the Piranha challenge is 
    Unlocked after acquiring golds on Vostok Island and Spilskinanke, the Piranha 
    challenge is an eight-race tournament in Phantom class. As with the Phantom 
    challenge, you must win each race in order to progress, with second or third 
    allowing you a free retry. Successfully completing the Piranha challenge 
    unlocks Vostok Island and Spilskinanke for use in Rapier class and unlocks the 
    Piranha super craft. The other six tracks are unlocked for racing in Phantom 
    NB: Unlike the Phantom challenge, the Piranha challenge remains unlocked
    \\//   :ARCADE LINK:   \\//
    The first of the multiplayer modes, link up two Playstations and two TVs to 
    play against a friend in Arcade mode. This mode is identical to the single 
    player Arcade mode.
    \\//   :ONE ON ONE:   \\//
    As above, however this time there are no AI opponents. It's just you against a 
    \\-\/-//            **RACING TECHNIQUES AND GAME MECHANICS**           \\-\/-//
    \\//   :BASIC RACING LINE:   \\//
    Knowing the track is one thing, knowing how to race it is something completely 
    different. Learning the racing line will allow you to race the course in a much 
    quicker time and without crashing. A racing line is the line you need to take 
    through a corner to allow you to take it in minimal time, and also to set you 
    up for the next corner.
    The best place to learn the racing line of a course is in Time Trial mode, 
    where you don't have the distraction of other craft ramming you or firing on 
    you. To find the ideal racing line of a track, you need to take each corner 
    with the next one in mind. Usually when taking a corner, you should enter it 
    from the outside, move over to the apex while taking it, and the allow yourself 
    to drift over to the outside again. However, sometimes if there is an opposite 
    corner directly following it, you can find yourself on the wrong side of the 
    track and leave yourself with a bad approach to the next corner, making you 
    either crash or slow down far more than necessary. Always take a corner series 
    with the final corner in mind, as this is where you will be making your exit 
    and where you will need to maximise your speed. Chicanes are another type of 
    corner series that require knowledge of the racing line. You need to use the 
    apex of each turn in the chicane as a sort of slalom marker, keeping the turns 
    as straight as possible. Weaving over to the outside will slow you down 
    somewhat. If the chicane is very shallow, it may be possible to see a straight 
    line through without the need to turn. In this case, you can easily see the 
    racing line and perfectly illustrates how you need to be able to take the 
    sharper versions.
    \\//   :SHIELD ENERGY:   \\//
    Unlike the craft in WipEout, in 2097 your craft can only take a certain
    amount of battering before it will be destroyed. Your shields are what will 
    keep you alive on the AG circuit. The purple bar below the thrust indicator 
    shows you the status of your shields. Any form of impact will drain shield 
    energy. Hitting a wall or another opponent will produce a slight loss whereas a
    weapon impact will reduce it much further. Obviously craft with a higher shield
    stat will lose energy at a slower rate than those with lower stats. Once your
    shields drop to 25%, you will receive an "Shield energy low" warning from the
    craft computer. Your craft will be destroyed if your energy hits 0%. To 
    recharge your energy, you will need to fly through the red pit lanes. There is 
    one on each track, most commonly close to the starting line, but sometimes they
    will be a fair way into the circuit.
    \\//   :USE OF THRUST:   \\//
    While most of the time you'll want to keep the thruster hammered down, there 
    are some situations where letting off of the thruster will give you greater 
    control over the craft. For example, going over a peak too fast will cause you 
    to lose contact with the track and as a result will slow you down, dropping 
    your craft back to the track. Letting up on the thrust briefly as you go over 
    will keep you close to the track and will keep your speed up. Also, letting up 
    will also allow you to turn much more sharply, and is practically necessary in 
    the heavier craft. Eventually it will become instinctive once you get used to 
    how far you can push the craft in the corners.
    \\//   :AIRBRAKES:   \\//
    The airbrakes are there to serve two purposes. The first is to provide an extra 
    slowing method if you find yourself going too fast into a corner, or too hard 
    over a peak. In this case, hitting both brakes will slow the craft down. 
    However, this is a very inefficient way to get round the circuit, and it is 
    recommended that you don't get into a habit of doing this and only use them in 
    real emergencies. The other use is what they're really meant to be used for, 
    and that is to provide you craft with a sharp turning circle. Hitting the left 
    brake will cause your craft to veer left, while hitting the right one will 
    cause it to veer right. Use the corresponding brake while turning and the craft 
    will turn more sharply as the brake causes the back end to swing out. The 
    opposite brake can also be used to laterally shift the craft in the opposite 
    direction if you find you've entered a corner too early.
    \\//   :PITCH CONTROL:   \\//
    Knowing when to lift or drop the nose can really give you the edge in a race. 
    When airborne, keeping the craft as level with the track as you can will ensure 
    that you won't bottom out by bouncing along the track, losing speed as a 
    result. When jumping, pull the nose as far up as you can to soften the landing. 
    When going over a peak, drop the nose to keep the craft level with the track, 
    and similarly raise the nose if you enter a trough.
    \\//   :BOOST START:   \\//
    Quite difficult to pull off, but it will give you a real advantage if you can. 
    During the pre-race countdown, aim to feather the thruster at the top of the  
    the third bar from the right. It can be quite difficult in high thrust craft on 
    Vector class. If the thrust bar is in that area when "GO" is called, you will 
    receive a boost as you start. Be careful when doing this though. If the bar is 
    below this area, nothing will happen, but if it is above, the craft will stall 
    and you will have a very slow start.
    \\-\/-//                      **WEAPON SYSTEMS**                       \\-\/-//
    \\//   :MINES:   \\//
            |  |           Perfect for the persistant bastard who won't leave you 
         ___|  |___        alone. Activate to deposit five explosive mines in 
        |___    ___|       quick succession directly behind your craft. Anyone 
            |  |           running through all five will suffer heavy damage and
            |__|           will be slowed to a crawl. Even one can significantly
                           slow a pursuer, and a good strategy is to lay them out
                           across the track to guarantee at least one will hit.
                           Aiming them is a gamble as there is no way to know
                           exactly where a pursuer is.
    \\//   :MISSILE:   \\//
            .´`.           A very useful, but erratic weapon. Upon picking up a 
          .´    `.         missile, a targeting reticule will lock on to the 
        .´  .  .  `.       closest craft to you. When fired, a blue missile will 
      .´__.´|  |`.__`.     chase the target up the track and deal moderate damage
            |__|           on impact. The missile isn't particularly agile, and
                           launching in corners will only result in it hitting a
                           wall. If a missile is coming your way, hug a wall and it
                           will more than likely slam into it instead of you. The
                           missile can also be fired backwards. If you see "REAR
                           LOCK" appear underneath the weapon indicator, the
                           missile has locked onto a target behind you. Tilt the
                           nose up and fire to launch it backwards.
    \\//   :ELECTROBOLT:   \\//
            .´ .´          Very similar to the shockwave in WipEout, the 
          .´ .´_____       electrobolt is a homing weapon that will disrupt your
        .´______   .´      opponent's craft without damaging them. A targeting
              .´ .´        reticule will appear in the same way as a missile when 
            .´_.´          picked up. Once launched, it will home in on the target
                           and on impact will slow the craft down and cause the
                           handling to become slightly erratic. As they use the
                           same targeting systems used in the missiles, they suffer
                           from the same problem of being unable to tackle sharp
                           corners effectively.
    \\//   :ROCKETS:   \\//
             |  |          Rockets are your basic projectile weapon. Activate to  
             |  |          launch three unguided rockets down the track in a
             |  |          horizontal row. Each rocket that hits home will deal
           .´    `.        moderate damage and will slow down the target. The
         .´  .´`.  `.      rockets are very precise though and it is not unusual to
       .´__.´    `.__`.    see them harmlessly fly between the gaps between the
                           craft ahead. Best launched at close range.
    \\//   :SHIELD:   \\//
             .´`.          A very useful weapon, when activated the shield will
           .´ .. `.        protect you from all damage for five seconds. Weapons
         .´ .´  `. `.      will harmlessly explode on the shield and you can just
       .´  ´------`  `.    keep on going without being slowed. However, while wall
       `.  .------.  .´    impacts will do no damage, they will still slow you.
         `. `.  .´ .´      Also, it is important to remember that weapons cannot be
           `. `´ .´        fired while the shield is active, it must be lowered
             `..´          before you can fire your next weapon. However, you can
                           still pick up and discard weapons while it is active.
    \\//   :TURBO:   \\//
             .´`.          Does exactly what it says on the tin. Activate to give
           .´    `.        your craft a strong speed boost. Probably goes without 
         .´  .´`.  `.      saying that you should only really use these on 
       .´__.´    `.__`.    straights, as the boost is actually very strong and will
             .´`.          almost certainly send you crashing into the walls if 
           .´    `.        used in a corner series. It is also recommended that you
         .´  .´`.  `.      are extremely careful using these on Phantom class, as
       .´__.´    `.__`.    the speed gained will require extreme skill to handle, 
                           even if used on a straight. The AI will not use the
    \\//   :AUTOPILOT:   \\//
             .´`.          An absolute saviour on Phantom class. The autopilot when 
           .´    `.        activated will take the controls out of your hands for
         .´  .´`.  `.      about five seconds, navigating the course quickly and
       .´   ´----`   `.    with ease. When you see "Autopilot disengaging", be
      ´----------------`   ready to retake control, as the autopilot will
                           deactivate when the craft next levels out. Like the 
                           shield, you are unable to fire weapons while the
                           autopilot is active, though you can deactivate it at any
    \\//   :THUNDER BOMB:   \\//
        ___        ___     
       `.  `.    .´  .´    A surprise package if there ever was one, the thunder
         `.  `..´  .´      bomb will stop everyone in their tracks with ease. 
           `.    .´        When activated, what looks like a single mine will be
           .´    `.        deployed from the rear of the craft. About half a
         .´  .´`.  `.      second later, a huge explosion will heavily damage and
       .´__.´    `.__`.    bring to a near halt all craft you can see. Bear in mind
                           that the explosion is quite bright and can blind you
                           for a split second, so be careful about using it on a
                           complex corner series. Also, any craft behind you will
                           not be affected. The AI will not use the thunder bomb.
    \\//   :PLASMA BOLT:   \\//
              |  |         The most powerful weapon in the game. The plasma bolt 
              |  |         is capable of ripping through a craft like it were made
              |__|         of paper. When activated, the bolt will charge for half
                           a second before being fired straight down the track. If
                           it hits a craft, it will be destroyed regardless of
                           remaining shield power. A very potent weapon to have
                           near the top of the pack, as eliminating the leader will
                           leave you with an easy win. because of the charge time
                           though, it can be very difficult to aim. The AI will not
                           use the plasma bolt
    \\//   :QUAKE DISRUPTOR:   \\//
             .´`.          Now here's one you DON'T need to aim! The quake is a new
           .´ .. `.        weapon to the series and is capable of ruining 
         .´ .´  `. `.      everything in front of it. When fired, the track itself
       .´ .´      `. `.    rises up and flies ahead in a wave down the track. All
       `. `.  .´`..´ .´    craft it hits are thrown into the air and slammed back
         `. `. `.  .´      down to earth, suffering massive damage. However, it
           `. `´ .. `.     becomes almost completely ineffective on Phantom class.
             `..´  `.´     The wave travels only slightly faster than the AI craft
                           on Phantom class, and your craft can easily keep up with
                           it, leaving you with a wall of track just ahead of you,
                           blinding the route ahead, and without any opponents
                           being hit at all. The wave also has a fairly short range
                           as well. The AI will not use the quake.
    \\//   :ENERGY PACK:   \\//
             .´`.          The energy pack is an emergency energy reserve for when 
           .´ .. `.        your craft has taken a beating. Activate to restore 20%
         .´ .´  `. `.      of your shield energy. Unlike other weapons, you can
       .´  ´------`  `.    only pick up an energy pack when your shield is
       `.  .----------´    critical.
         `. `.  
           `. `.
    \\-\/-//                        **MANUFACTURERS**                      \\-\/-//
    Explanation of the stats:
    THRUST       - How quickly the craft accelerates
    TOP SPEED    - Maximum speed achievable by the craft
    TURNING      - How responsive the craft is to turning
    SHIELD       - How much damage the craft can take before being destroyed
    AERODYNAMICS - How well the craft deals with air resistance (the lower the
                   rating, the more acceleration will decrease at higher speeds)
    Stats are rated on a scale of one to ten
                 /__° .
                // ____\
         __ -´///´       |
         . -´///        .
          \-´//        /
            °´. _  . °  
         _  _     _  __   _
        |_ | | | |_ |  | |
        |  |_  |  _||_ | | .
                      _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    THRUST         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TOP SPEED      - |_|_|_|_ _ _ _
    TURNING        - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    SHIELD         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_
    AERODYNAMICS   - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    ORIGIN      - United Europe
    LIVERY      - Blue and Yellow
    ESTABLISHED - 2017
    FEISAR have the unenvied reputation of being the back markers in almost every 
    season. The bureaucracy that surrounds every aspect of the team due to the fact 
    they don't have a centre of operations is crippling, and as such it is very 
    difficult to create a craft that can compete with the richer, more stable 
    teams. As the FEISAR assembly line spans 12 countries, none of whom communicate 
    with each other on a regular basis, the end product can be well below par, and 
    their craft have always suffered in the speed area. However, they have the 
    redeeming quality of bringing through some of the highest profile pilots in AG 
    racing due to the craft's ease of use. In the end though, FEISAR is seen as 
    little more than a stepping stone, and until the company can actually unite and 
    work as one, they will remain that way.
    The FEISAR craft is very agile, with a lot of thrust and strong shields. Most 
    of the time you will be able to navigate a course without even touching the 
    airbrakes, and as a result it is an excellent craft to learn in as the 
    airbrakes take time to master. However, as a result of this, it is very slow, 
    and will struggle to keep up with the faster craft over the course of a race.
    \\//   :ANTI-GRAVITY SYSTEMS:   \\//
               _      _        _
               \\ || //     |_| |
            ____\\||//____   _ _
           |   ________   |  _|
           |  |  ____  |  |    _
           |__| |____| |__| |_| |
           |   ________   |   |
           |  |________|  |    _
           |_____    _____| |_|_|
             ____|  |____    _ _
           .´ __________ `. |_|_
           \.´          `./
                      _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    THRUST         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TOP SPEED      - |_|_|_|_|_|_
    TURNING        - |_|_|_|_|_|_|
    SHIELD         - |_|_|_|_ _ _
    AERODYNAMICS   - |_|_|_|_|_|_|
    ORIGIN      - Japan
    LIVERY      - Red and White
    ESTABLISHED - 2017
    AG Systems are well respected throughout the AG racing world as the founding 
    fathers of the sport, with Pierre Belmondo at the helm. Always at the forefront 
    of AG technology, they are overly keen on showing off their research in their 
    craft, making constant changes to accommodate it. As such, some pilots have 
    become frustrated, as the constant changes result in them being unable to 
    settle and their performance is extremely inconsistent. However, most of their 
    pilots remain loyal, confident in the knowledge that they are the envy of many 
    associated with the sport in being able to sample the newest AG technology 
    before they can even dream of it. It remains obvious though that AG Systems is 
    much more concerned with research than racing, and their success on the track 
    is usually short lived.
    AG Systems' craft is also very agile, with the strongest thrusters of any AG 
    team and a speed far superior to FEISAR's craft. A good stepping stone if you 
    like the lighter craft, but as a result of this, AG Systems' shields are very 
    poor. The craft will be unable to take much punishment, and the extra agility 
    may be offset by having to make constant trips into the pit lane.
                ´  ||  `
               /   ||   \
             /`._      _.´\
            /    `.  .´    \
           /    .´.||.`.    \
           \  .´´  ||  ``.  / 
            _     _   _  _  _
           |_|| ||_|||  | ||||
           | ||_|| \||_ |_||||
                      _ _ _ _ _
    THRUST         - |_|_|_|_|_|_
    TOP SPEED      - |_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TURNING        - |_|_|_|_|_|
    SHIELD         - |_|_|_|_|_|
    AERODYNAMICS   - |_|_|_|_|_|
    ORIGIN      - North America
    LIVERY      - Blue and Red
    ESTABLISHED - 2025
    One of the big teams of AG racing, Auricom are the team most closely related to 
    AG Systems on the grounds that they are indebted to the ideals of Pierre 
    Belmondo and his visions for the development of AG technology for the good of 
    mankind. Instilled by their founder, Delia Flaubert, they are not in any way 
    profit-led and make it known at all times that they are out to fight fairly. 
    This stance is an indirect stab at their bitter rivals, Qirex. While the Tetsuo 
    twins have now retired, the pilots of both teams still harbor a grudge against 
    each other and the front of the pack can be a very fiery affair, with 
    eliminations a common sight. Auricom are seen as the only team currently 
    capable of competing with Qirex, though they will need to put some of their 
    principles to one side and invest a bit of money into their development 
    division if they are to do so.
    Auricom's craft are average in every way. Faster than AG Systems, the Auricom 
    is slightly heavier and has stronger shields, though not quite up to FEISAR 
    standard. This craft is a good step up from AG Systems, but still handles well 
    enough to be a very useful craft in the faster speed classes. Its shields are 
    still a little on the low side though.
                    | ° .
                   /     \
                 .´       .
            _  .´          |   
           |     _  _  _   |
           .     \\ \\ \\ .
            \     \\ \\ \´
              ° . _\\ \°
          __     __   __
         |  \ | |__| |  | \|/
         |__| | |   ||__  /|\
                      _ _ _ _
    THRUST         - |_|_|_|_|_ _ _
    TOP SPEED      - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TURNING        - |_|_|_|_ _ _ _ 
    SHIELD         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    AERODYNAMICS   - |_|_|_|_|_|
    ORIGIN      - Russia
    LIVERY      - Purple and Blue
    ESTABLISHED - 2041
    The big boys of AG racing, Qirex are widely known to be the most successful 
    team of them all. With more championship titles behind them than all the other 
    teams put together, they are frequently seen at the front of the grid before a 
    race and are even more frequently seen at the front at the end as well. Qirex 
    has more money than their research division knows what to do with, and as a 
    result, their advertising campaign has attracted a massive fanbase, bringing in 
    even more money. In stark contrast to Auricom, Qirex is led solely by money, 
    and will do anything to see their profits maximised. Due to the skill required 
    in handling their craft, they also attract the most high profile pilots to 
    them, anyone without the necessary skill is unceremoniously shown the door. 
    With such a huge foothold in the league, it is unlikely that any team will come 
    close to Qirex for years to come. 
    Qirex have earned their place at the top of the AG league by having the fastest 
    craft of them all. It takes a while to get going, but once up to speed, there 
    is little that can touch it. It also has the strongest shields of all the 
    craft, making it very hard to take down as well. However, this craft is not for 
    the inexperienced pilot, as it handles very poorly. Only use Qirex once you 
    have mastered the airbrakes.
    \\//   :PIRANHA ADVANCEMENTS:   \\//
            _____        ____
            `.   `.    .´    `.
                     |  |    |  |
                ____ |  |    |  |
              .´   .´`..´----`..´
            .´___.´    `.____.´
             _  _  _      _   _
            |_ |_ |_ |\  ||| |_
            |  |_ |_ |/  ||| |_
                      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    THRUST         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TOP SPEED      - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    TURNING        - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    SHIELD         - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    AERODYNAMICS   - |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
    ORIGIN      - China
    LIVERY      - Red and Yellow
    ESTABLISHED - 2060
    *You must win the Piranha Challenge to unlock the Piranha*
    Piranha Advancements, more well known for their airbrake technology than their 
    prowess at AG craft design, have chosen to enter a prototype craft in this 
    years tournament. They have always had an obsession with perfection in their 
    products, and this is no exception. Only a few pilots fly for Piranha, all in-
    house employees, and none of them have released any information regarding their 
    identity, exploiting every loophole in the F5000 registration process to 
    register to race with only a pilot ID. Some say that it is only Piranha's 
    reputation with their airbrake technology and the race commission's curiosity 
    over how they would perform with their own craft that stops them being thrown 
    out of the league.
    Their prototype is the ultimate craft, perfect in every way. It is extremely 
    fast, extremely agile and has near impenetrable shield technology. No other 
    craft can stand up to this in a straight race. However, in order to allow the 
    craft to exhibit such impressive stats, Piranha have taken the drastic step of 
    designing the craft with no weapon capability, as it would have unbalanced the 
    craft and reduced its aerodynamic capabilities. Despite such impressive stats, 
    this craft is for experts only, as the sheer speed and sharpness of the turning 
    and airbrakes require very quick reactions and a solid knowledge of each track.
    \\-\/-//                          **CIRCUITS**                         \\-\/-//
    All track guides have been written in Phantom Class using a Qirex to give the 
    most difficult conditions. It should be easier to follow the lines using a 
    lighter craft or in a slower speed class. It is also recommended to practice a 
    course in Time Trial wherever possible before jumping straight into a race.
    \\//   :TALON'S REACH:   \\//
    A major Canadian industrian complex
    LOCATION - Canada
    LENGTH   - 3.2km
    ALTITUDE - 74m
    CLASS    - Vector
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Venom and 
    Rapier class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    Talon's Reach is a very simple track and a good introduction to the league. A 
    few reasonably tricky corners, but nothing that should scare off the newcomer. 
    Very open in places so you should be hitting some good top speeds. Also a good 
    track to try out the heavier craft for the first time
    The first set of corners are two almost consecutive shallow right curves, both 
    of which can be taken without braking. it is recommended you stick to the 
    inside of both and move over to the outside when you reach the peak. The next 
    corner is easy to be caught out on, as it is a sharp blind right turn. As soon 
    as you go over the peak, use your right brake to swing the craft down into the 
    trough and through the apex of this right hander. If you turn a little too 
    early, use the opposite brake to pull yourself through. A fast straight follows 
    with a quick left-right chicane ahead. Move over to the right hand side after 
    the last corner and swing the craft through the apex of each corner. You will 
    gain some height on the higher speed classes due to the undulation between the 
    two corners so you may be able to cut the right hander somewhat.
    Immediately ahead is a fast right-left-right-left chicane series which can be 
    very tricky on the faster speed classes. The main aim here is not to be on the 
    outside going into the second left hander, otherwise you will almost certainly 
    hit the back wall unless you slow down sharply. If you're not particularly 
    nimble with the airbrakes, it may be an idea to stay away from the speed pads 
    on the left leading up to this corner series. Swing the craft into the first 
    corner using the right brake and then immediately swing it round the other way, 
    aiming to slightly overturn the corner to bring you over to the outside. 
    Feather the thruster and IMMEDIATELY swing the craft back to the right again. 
    If you don't, you'll drift too far to the outside and you'll encounter the 
    scenario described above. Aim for the apex of the next corner and use the left 
    brake to pull the craft through the left hander. 
    The right hander that follows the corner series is quite long but reasonably 
    shallow. Light taps of the right brake should keep you in line, but stay over 
    to the outside and keep your eyes peeled for the apex of the shallow left that 
    marks the end of the corner. As soon as you see it, make a sharp turn to the 
    right and use the left brake to swing the craft to the left. It may be possible 
    to simply cut the apex of each corner in a lighter craft, but in the heavier 
    ones you will need to use the airbrakes to tackle this corner. Finally, ahead 
    is a double shallow right followed by a double shallow left. All of which can 
    be taken with only light taps of the brakes, brush the apex of each corner to 
    take them easily. A light right curve takes you back over the line.
    \\//   :SAGARMATHA:   \\//
    A snowy Tibetian mountain circuit
    LOCATION - Nepal
    LENGTH   - 4.3km
    ALTITUDE - 158m
    CLASS    - Vector
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Venom and 
    Rapier class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    Also a fairly simple course, Sagarmatha introduces you to the more tricky 
    chicanes and the odd blind turn. Still nothing to fret over though, generally 
    Sagarmatha is a very relaxing track and is one of my favourites out of the 
    whole series.
    For a course rated as "Easy", the first corner series is actually extremely 
    difficult in the heavy craft. Not so much when you start out, but in subsequent 
    laps after building up speed from the straights, they can be very tricky to 
    navigate. This is a very sharp left-right chicane. There is a speed pad on the 
    right hand side of the track. Use this as a marker to slam on the left brake 
    and cut over to the apex. Due to the momentum you will more than likely end up 
    on the outside of the corner. Almost immediately slam on the opposite brake and 
    swing the craft in the opposite direction, this will drag you over to the 
    outside of the right hander and onto a double speed pad. This will really take 
    some practice as it is deceptively sharp. If you're still having difficulty, 
    double brake on the approach or let up on the thruster as you take the corners.
    Up the straight is another chicane series in the opposite direction, but this 
    one is much shallower. Use the brakes to swing the craft through the right-left 
    chicane. Next is a sharp right hander, made easier by the incline of the track 
    which should keep the craft stable. Hit the right brake to get round this one. 
    The next part of the track consists of a number of quick but shallow turns 
    which will require a bit of dexterity with the airbrakes. The first section is 
    a right-left-right chicane which is shallow enough to almost fly straight 
    through. Use light taps of the brakes to guide the craft around the apex of 
    each corner, but aim to be over to the outside after exiting the second right, 
    as it is immediately followed by a sharper right hander. Quickly let up on the 
    thrust and hit the right brake to swing the craft through this corner and into 
    another left-right-left chicane. This one is sharper but longer than the last 
    series, and so can be taken simply by swinging the craft through the corners 
    using the brakes.
    Emerge form this corner on the outside to hit a double speed pad to take you up 
    the straight and over the jump. Lift the nose to soften the landing, then tap 
    the right brake to take you into a long right hairpin. You may have to tap the 
    right brake occasionally to keep the craft away from the back wall. Exit the 
    corner on the outside to hit the double speed pad to take you back towards the 
    line. Move over to the right if this isn't the final lap, as this will make the 
    approach to the first corner series easier.
    \\//   :VALPARAISO:   \\//
    A South American jungle circuit
    LOCATION - Chile
    LENGTH   - 3.9km
    ALTITUDE - 220m
    CLASS    - Venom
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Vector and 
    Rapier class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    Now things get a little tricky. Valparaiso has some very sharp corners and a 
    few tricky chicanes. Definitely one to try in a light craft before you jump 
    straight in the heavyweights, as you'll need to know your airbrakes if you 
    intend on taking one of those around here.
    The course starts with a deceptively sharp right-left double chicane. You'll 
    want to be on the left hand side for this one, as how you enter the first 
    corner will dictate whether you pass through smoothly or you clatter off the 
    walls. Aim to overturn and use the left brake to slide into the first corner, 
    as you'll want to be near the right. From there, you can simply turn as normal 
    using the appropriate brakes. It may help if you lift off the thruster going 
    through the right handers, they seem to be slightly sharper than the left 
    turns. Following this is a light left hander taking you onto a straight, at the 
    top of which is a sharp left hander. This can be taken by sliding in with the 
    left brake.
    Ahead is an undulating light right-left chicane. The corners aren't the problem 
    here, it's the way the track will bounce you about, reducing your ability to 
    take them smoothly. As you go in, tap the right brake to bring you in line and 
    immediately raise the nose. This will give you a bit of height to clear several 
    peaks and will also soften your landing. While in the air, tap the left brake 
    to take you round the light curve in the track. Following this, the track curls 
    round to the right. Use the right brake to pull yourself round and aim to exit 
    on the right hand side to hit a double speed pad. Be ready on the left brake 
    though, as there is another sharp left hander at the top of the short straight. 
    This can be taken in the same way as the previous one, by using the left brake 
    to swing the craft through the corner. The track then curls round to the right 
    again. Hit the triple speed pad on the left hand side at the exit and drift 
    over to the right again to set you up for another sharp left. Again, use the 
    left brake to navigate it.
    A light right hander takes you into the temple which can be taken without 
    braking. Inside the temple is a fairly sharp left-right chicane. The best way 
    to take this is in an extended S-pattern. Move over tot he outside of each 
    corner and use the airbrakes to swing through, taking each corner as close to 
    the outside as you can. This will make life easier than taking the apex of the 
    first corner, as the second on is very close and you may not be able to slow 
    down in time to take it. On the exit, hit the two speed pads and head up the 
    straight and through the very shallow left-right chicane. It can barely be 
    called a chicane so no braking required. On the other side of the right hander 
    though is a drop in the track which goes into another right curve. Hit both 
    brakes to slow yourself as you go over the peak. This way you will hug the 
    track rather than go flying over which will put you in much better standing for 
    the sharp left hairpin waiting not too far up. If you double brake over the 
    drop, you should easily be able to take the hairpin by slamming on the left 
    brake. If you're still a bit concerned, you can also turn early with the left 
    brake and use the right brake to pull yourself through. Now head up the 
    straight and through the last left hander and over the line. Be careful with 
    the last left, it may require a tap of the left brake and due to the pattern on 
    the track it is not easy to see.
    \\//   :PHENITIA PARK:   \\//
    A newly constructed German commercial park
    LOCATION - Germany
    LENGTH   - 3.8km
    ALTITUDE - 137m
    CLASS    - Venom
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Vector and 
    Rapier class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    Another very enjoyable circuit, this one has a few long jumps that lead into 
    corner series, so you'll need to be quick with the turning. There are also a 
    few very sharp chicanes which will introduce you to the opposite brake shifting 
    The first corner is a light right curve which will require light tapping of the 
    right brake if you managed a boost start or are coming in from another lap. Try 
    to come out on the inside to hit a double speed pad to take you over the peak. 
    A short straight is followed by a fairly sharp left hander, which will also 
    require some fairly heavy braking and maybe even some counter braking to keep 
    you from hitting the apex. A tricky section follows, keep the craft over to the 
    left to hit a double speed pad. A shallow left-right chicane is immediately 
    followed by a much sharper right-left. Fly straight through the first chicane, 
    then use your right brake to start turning VERY early for the second chicane. 
    Turn too late and you'll either hit the back wall or you won't lose enough 
    speed to take the second corner easily. If the latter ends up being the case, 
    double brake to slow down. once through the first, use the left brake to guide 
    the craft around the long second bend and over the peak. it may be an idea to 
    let up on the thruster when tackling this corner series.
    Once over, the track curls round to the right which should only need light 
    braking if any. There is a peak at the end of the bend that masks a quick left 
    hander into a straight, be very careful of this, a light tap of the left brake 
    should bring you into position. If you can't quite see where to go, the scenery 
    should give you a clue where the bend is. Ahead, the track swings quickly to 
    the right and then into a shallow left bend over another peak.
    *A quick note here. If you have a turbo, it is possible to cut off a section of 
    the track by boosting over the peak and flying right. You will cut straight 
    through the buildings and land safely in the tunnel if your aim is good. It is 
    difficult to regain control though.*
    Over the peak is a very shallow right-left chicane taking you into a tunnel 
    that can be taken with little to no braking. Once in the tunnel though you will 
    probably need to tap the left brake. The next section is a very sharp right-
    left chicane. Just after the checkpoint, immediately slam on the right brake 
    and start turning. This will make sure you're facing into the corner and not 
    the back wall by the time you reach it. You MUST turn early for that corner or 
    you'll simply bounce off the walls. If you turn too early, use the left brake 
    to shift into the corner. Let up on the thruster once you've made this turn and 
    use the left brake to pull you into the second turn.
    Inside the tunnel following this corner series is a very shallow right-left 
    followed by a sharp left hander. Simply fly straight through the light chicane 
    and hit the left brake as you near the exit of the tunnel. The last section of 
    the course is pretty fast but throws in a few quick turns to keep you on your 
    toes. Ahead is a shallow double chicane, the first left-right, the second 
    right-left. Neither is particularly sharp and can be taken with light brake 
    tapping. Incidentally, the pit lane is parallel to this section, to enter you 
    turn right instead of left at the first corner. The final corner is a fairly 
    sharp left hander. Only light tapping is required, but as with Valparaiso, 
    because of the checkered grid on the ground it can be hard to see where to 
    \\//   :GARE D'EUROPA:   \\//
    A disused French metro system
    LOCATION - France
    LENGTH   - 3.5km
    ALTITUDE - 179m
    CLASS    - Rapier
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Vector and 
    Venom class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    Quite possibly one of the most famous tracks in the whole series, Gare d'Europa 
    is both fast and tricky. Plenty of straight sections to get your speed up, and 
    lots of tricky corners to take it away again. There will be plenty of thruster 
    lift here, some of the chicanes can really unbalance the craft.
    The first corner is a 180 degrees right hairpin. Not particularly sharp, but 
    the speed you'll have from the main straight or a boost start will mean you'll 
    definitely need some heavy braking. Try to swing into the corner early and use 
    the speed drop to line yourself up to take the exit on the right. You'll miss a 
    speed pad but your line will be much more manageable through the next few 
    corners. These are a shallow left-right-left chicane, which can each be taken 
    with only a light tap of the corresponding brake, or in light craft no braking 
    at all. On the final left, try to swing the craft over to the right to hit a 
    double speed pad to take you up the slope. Waiting at the top of this slope is 
    a very sharp blind left hander. You'll see a speed pad on the left hand side of 
    the track near the top. Use this as a marker, right before you hit it slam on 
    the left brake and turn as hard as you can. Let up on the thruster too, you 
    don't want to be going too fast over this. You'll be quite high up in the air 
    on the exit so trace the track and keep the nose up to land safely.
    The track levels out at the bottom and you'll see a fairly sharp right hander 
    waiting. Again there is a speed pad on the right, use this as a marker to swing 
    the craft through the corner and into the tunnel. A similar right hander awaits 
    at the top of this slope. The turn is slightly lighter so you don't have to be 
    as aggressive with the brakes as before. Aim to exit on the left to hit two 
    double speed pads to take you into a very shallow chicane series. Keep the nose 
    up and blaze straight down the middle. The next set of corners require some 
    heavy braking and good timing, it's surprisingly easy to hit the walls in here. 
    The first corner is a reasonably sharp right, take this with some light brakign 
    and aim to end up on the left. The next set is a deceptively sharp right-left 
    chicane. The entrance to the first corner hides how much of a bitch the second 
    can be if the approach isn't quite right. There are two ways to take this 
    chicane. The first requires precise timing, you need to start turning early and 
    aim to practically brush the apex and end up on the right hand side going into 
    the second corner. As soon as you clear the corner, immediately switch brakes 
    and turn the other way, letting up on the thruster as you do. There should be 
    just enough room to squeeze through without hitting either wall. This will 
    allow you to keep your speed up, but is very tricky. There is a second way. 
    Take the first corner like you did the previous one, only this time try to exit 
    in the middle. Slam on both brakes to slow yourself down before hitting the 
    left brake and skimming the left apex. Use the right brake to shift if you're 
    too close to the apex.
    The track now curls round to the right again before taking you into a sharp 
    left hairpin. After exiting the previous chicane, immediately start turning 
    into the right hander. Just before reaching the hairpin apex, slam on the left 
    brake and swing into the corner. Make sure you let up on the thruster as well, 
    it can make all the difference between skimming the back wall and slamming into 
    it. Exit on the right to hit a double speed pad which will take you up the 
    straight towards the final corners: two sharp right handers in quick 
    succession. Not quite close enough to make a hairpin, you'll need to brake 
    twice to get through. Just swing the craft through both corners as with other 
    turns like it and exit on the left to hit a speed pad. The remainder of the 
    course is one long straight. You'll need to keep the nose up for most of it. 
    The section ahead takes you over a set of undulating peaks that will cause the 
    craft to bottom out and lose speed if you don't keep the nose up. The last one 
    is a huge jump, a great place to use a turbo if you have one. Try to line the 
    craft up before you go over the jump, it can be tricky in mid-air. Keep the 
    nose up as you land and go over the line. Remember the first hairpin though, 
    it's easy to overshoot it.
    \\//   :ODESSA KEYS:   \\//
    A huge suspended circuit over the Black Sea
    LOCATION - Black Sea
    LENGTH   - 4.4km
    ALTITUDE - 121m
    CLASS    - Rapier
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock this track for Vector and 
    Venom class, and you must complete the Piranha challenge to unlock this track 
    for Phantom class*
    A very difficult track that will have you tearing your hair out. Voted by 
    WipeoutZone as the most hated track in the game, Odessa Keys has a lot of sharp 
    corners in dark areas, requiring you to be very dextrous with the brakes in 
    order to take them. Most of the corners do not have an ideal approach either, 
    so opposite shifting is a must.
    Odessa Keys gives you a taste of things to come in the very first set of 
    corners, a sharp right followed by a deceptively sharp left. Approach the first 
    corner incorrectly and you're going into the wall. You MUST turn early into the 
    first corner and aim to exit on the right, then let up on the thruster and 
    immediately swing the craft to the left using plenty of braking. If you find 
    yourself on the right after the first corner, slam on both brakes and turn 
    slightly over to the right. Then slam on the left brake and turn as hard as you 
    can. Up ahead is a large peak which you will gain some considerable height 
    from. below you should see the track wind to the left and then rise up and curl 
    to the right. Keep the nose up and trace the track round, using your right 
    brake to help you round the right curve, especially as it tightens near the 
    end. Exit this corner on the left to hit a double speed pad. The next corner is 
    deceptively tricky. The corner itself is your typical sharp left hander, but 
    there is a small bottleneck in the exit, meaning if you're wall hugging when 
    you exit, you'll end up crashing to a halt. Turn early for this corner and use 
    the right brake to shift the craft into the centre to exit through the 
    Shift over to the left to hit a double pad and use some light right braking to 
    swing the craft through the right hander at the top of the peak. There is a 
    short straight followed by a short jump ahead. On Phantom class this can be a 
    very difficult part of the course. The jump leads into a tunnel, and if you go 
    full pelt over the jump, you'll be getting to know the roof of it a little 
    better. On the approach to the jump, lower the nose until you go over, which 
    will significantly reduce the height of the jump. As you go over, raise the 
    nose to soften the landing. There are a few sharp corners ahead and the last 
    thing you want is the craft to be bouncing when you get to them. Inside the 
    tunnel, the track curls round to the right before swinging sharply to the left. 
    The speed you'll pick up from the jump will make the approach to the left 
    hander very tricky, so hit the brakes to slow yourself down a bit before using 
    the left brake to swing into the corner.
    Immediately following this corner is a shallow right-left chicane which will 
    take you up another slope and over another jump. Raise the nose going over this 
    one and almost immediately slam on the right brake as there is a sharp right 
    hander waiting for you soon after the jump. You'll land in the corner so you'll 
    need to be turning before you reach it. If the nose isn't up high enough, you 
    may bottom out and lose some control. Head up over yet another jump and prepare 
    for a very evil way to end the course. At the bottom of this slope is a quick 
    left immediately followed by a VERY sharp right hander. On Phantom in a Qirex 
    this will be impossible to take at full speed. As you approach the first 
    corner, hit the brakes hard and let up on the thrust. You'll need to drift 
    through here, so leave the thrust well alone. Tap the left brake to bring you 
    through the first corner and use the right brake to swing the craft through the 
    right hander. It's not the end of the world if you can't quite make it as the 
    pit entrance is just before the end of the corner on the left. There is one 
    last light left hander before the final straight. Only once you are in line 
    with the apex of this last corner should you go back on the thrust. head over 
    the line to finish the lap, remembering that rotten corner series that's 
    waiting for you on the other side.
    \\//   :VOSTOK ISLAND:   \\//
    An obscure volcanic island located in the South Pacific
    LOCATION - South Pacific
    LENGTH   - 5.1km
    ALTITUDE - 97m
    CLASS    - Phantom
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock Vostok Island, and you must 
    complete the Piranha challenge to unlock it for Rapier class*
    Vostok Island is a long, tricky circuit with plenty of jumps and blind corners. 
    Sometime's you'll have to keep an eye on the terrain around you to know where 
    to go rather than the track, as it can seem to simply disappear from beneath 
    you. It is made all the more difficult in that you can only practice it on 
    Phantom class until you complete the Piranha challenge.
    The course starts with an extended double helix. This differs from a normal 
    double helix in that the centre part where the track crosses is extended rather 
    than being a straight cross over. Whereas normally you would switch over to the 
    other side here, in an extended helix you want to use the brake to stay on the 
    same side as the approach will not unbalance the craft. You want to be on the 
    right hand side of this section, so use some light braking to take what is 
    essentially a right-left double chicane. There is a quick jump in the second 
    part of the helix so keep the nose up to avoid bottoming out. Immediately after 
    this, the course suddenly narrows and you are presented with two very sharp 
    corners. The first is a left hander with a triple speed pad at the base. If you 
    took the right hand path on the helix, the approach shouldn't be too tricky, 
    turn early and use the right brake to shift over the speed pads. At the top, 
    there is a very sharp right hander that drops out of view. Use the right brake 
    to swing hard into the corner and then use the left brake to drop the craft 
    back down to the track. Moving down into the tunnel, you'll come up to another 
    sharp right. It's quite hard to see ahead here so use the lights on the ground 
    to judge the corner, and use the right brake.
    The next section can be very tricky. The first corner is a quick right followed 
    by a left-right-left chicane. The first right is nothing, just a tap of the 
    brake will be enough. However, it is blind, so unless you know where it is and 
    how sharp it is, it'll be harder than you think. There is an easy way out 
    though. If you look up you'll see a girder that traces the track. Turn with the 
    girder and you'll take the corner without a problem. The chicane is a different 
    story. While the first two corners aren't so bad, the third can be tricky and 
    comes very soon after the second. You may want to slow down a bit before 
    steaming into it, at least let up on the thruster a little. It's easy to 
    unbalance the craft here so make sure you don't overuse the brakes. The track 
    takes you over another jump and onto a wide right.
    The final section of the track is fast and narrow, so you'll need to be quick 
    on the brakes. Over another jump is a narrow long left hander. The pit is over 
    to the right if you need it. The corner isn't too bad, but you may want to use 
    the right brake to pull away from the inside. The next corner however can be 
    very difficult. Right after the left hander comes a very sharp right. The speed 
    at which you can approach this corner isn't exactly accommodating and will more 
    often than not slam you into the wall. As you enter the tunnel, quickly slam on 
    the brakes, then use the right brake to swing into the corner. You may end up 
    skimming the back wall, but it's better than slamming into it. Follow the 
    straight down to another right hander, this time not as sharp as before. Exit 
    ont he rigth for a double speed pad then use the left brake to swing though the 
    left hander at the end. One last light right hander awaits at the top of the 
    \\//   :SPILSKINANKE:   \\//
    An American city circuit affected by seismic activity
    LOCATION - North America
    LENGTH   - 4.0km
    ALTITUDE - 82m
    CLASS    - Phantom
    *You must complete the Phantom challenge to unlock Spilskinanke, and you must 
    complete the Piranha challenge to unlock it for Rapier class*
    Without doubt the hardest track in the game, Spilskinanke will really test your 
    skills with the airbrakes. Lots of jumps, plenty of loose track sections and a 
    lot of very sharp turns will result in a lot of wall impacts the first time you 
    play. Plus when you're outside, there will be plenty of lightning flashes to 
    completely throw you off. Despite its handling, I highly recommend taking the 
    Qirex on this one, as you'll need the shield and the speed. Like Vostok Island, 
    this track is made a lot more difficult by the fact you can only practice it on 
    Phantom class before you complete the Piranha challenge.
    The course starts off with a fast right hander over a light peak, a little 
    counterbraking may help you through here. Down the slope, try to hit a couple 
    of speed pads and be ready for a sharp left hander inside the tunnel entrance. 
    It is quite dark in here so it may take a couple of tries before you get the 
    hang of it, but you must turn early. Use the left brake to swing into it and 
    lift off the thruster as well as you go through. There is a similar right 
    hander ahead, but the lay of the track allows you to take it more easily. 
    Again, use the right brake to swing into it. A shallow left-right-left chicane 
    follows (the pit lane is on the left, go left instead of right in the chicane 
    to enter it), and further up another shallow left-right chicane. All of these 
    can just be flown straight through, only a light tap of the left brake may be 
    necessary between the two chicanes. Use light right braking to take you through 
    the moderate right hander up ahead. The next part of the course is quite tricky 
    ont he first few attempts, but becomes easier later on. You'll jump out of the 
    tunnel, but the track will not be directly beneath you, it will be over to the 
    right. As you exit the tunnel, look for the Future Sound Of London sign, it 
    will be directly above the track and will tell you how far you need to turn. 
    Keep the nose up as you land and tap the left brake to take you onto the second 
    loose track section.
    The track veers round to the right after the checkpoint, use the right brake to 
    swing round here. Once you are through here, you MUST brake hard as the next 
    set of corners is extremely tough. The first is a sharp narrow left to take you 
    into the tunnel, swing through this with the left brake. Once in the tunnel, 
    let up on the thrust and drift like you did on Odessa Keys. Believe me, you 
    don't want a lot of speed here. Ahead are three sharp, dark corners which are 
    very tricky to take in succession. You shouldn't be going any faster than 
    220kph. Use the left brake to swing through the first one, then immediately 
    switch to the right brake for the second, and finally switch again to take the 
    left hander outside the tunnel. You may use some counter braking if you turn 
    too early. Only go back on the thruster once you are outside.
    Ahead, the track veers round to the right. There are two double speed pads on 
    the inside and a single on the outside, this pretty much traces the ideal 
    racing line through here. Once you reach the single pad, switch to the left 
    brake and swing through the fairly sharp left hander. Be careful near the end, 
    it suddenly tightens. it may be an idea to overturn near the end and use the 
    right brake to shift into the exit. Be ready with the right brake at the jump 
    ahead, that isn't a normal jump. Below, the track suddenly turns right at 90 
    degrees to the track above and you'll need to start turning before you go over 
    the jump unless you want to slam into the back wall. If you can turn the craft 
    90 degrees tot he right as you go over the jump you'll land nicely. Follow the 
    course round to the right using the right brake and be ready for a quick jump 
    which will take you back onto the main straight. Only you'll have to turn left 
    slightly first, as it isn't in line as usual.
    \\-\/-//                          **CHEATS**                           \\-\/-//
    There are several cheats for this game, either to unlock the hidden content 
    without playing through the game, or just to have a bit of fun.
    INFINITE ENERGY  - Pause the game. Hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Triangle,
                       Cross, Square, Circle, Triangle, Cross, Square, Circle. Your
                       energy will not deplete no matter how much damage you take
    INFINITE TIME    - Pause the game. Hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Triangle,
                       Square, Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square, Circle, Cross. The
                       timer will freeze.
    INFINITE WEAPONS - Pause the game. Hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Cross,
                       Cross, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle. Each time
                       you fire a weapon you will automatically receive another.
    MACHINE GUN      - Pause the game. Hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Square,
                       Circle, Cross, Square, Circle, Cross, Triangle. Your craft
                       will be armed with a powerful machine gun with infinite ammo
                       that is capable of destroying any craft in a few hits. You
                       will not be able to use normal weapons while this cheat is
    PHANTOM CLASS    - On the main menu, hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Cross,
                       Cross, Cross, Circle, Circle, Circle. Phantom class will be
    PIRANHA          - On the main menu, hold L1, R1 and Select, and press Cross,
                       Cross, Cross, Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square. The Piranha
                       team will be unlocked.
    WEIRD CRAFT      - While the game is loading after you turn on the console,
                       hold L1, R1, Select and Start until the Wipeout 2097 title
                       screen appears. Keep the other buttons held, and release and
                       hold Start again. The craft will be replaced by a bee,
                       snail, pig, UFO and a shark respectively.
    \\-\/-//                        **SOUNDTRACK**                         \\-\/-//
    Title                     : Artist                 
    We Have Explosive         : Future Sound Of London
    Landmass                  : Future Sound Of London
    Atombomb (instrumental)   : Fluke
    V6                        : Fluke
    Dust Up Beats             : Chemical Brothers
    Loops Of Fury             : Chemical Brothers
    The Third Sequence        : Photek
    Tin There (edit)          : Underworld
    Firestarter (instrumental): The Prodigy
    Canada                    : CoLD SToRAGE
    Body In Motion            : CoLD SToRAGE
    NB: Atombomb and Loops of Fury are in fact mislabelled in the game. They should 
    be the other way round.
    \\-\/-//                       **USEFUL LINKS**                        \\-\/-//
    WipeoutZone   -   http://www.wipeoutzone.com
    CoLD SToRAGE  -   http://www.coldstorage.org.uk
    \\-\/-//                          **THANKS**                           \\-\/-//
    Psygnosis     -  For making this game and giving birth to the entire series
    Rob Foxx      -  For hosting this guide and for doing a great job with
    GameFAQs, IGN -  For hosting this guide
    Everyone at   -  Just because you're a damn good bunch :)
    \\-\/-//                          **LEGAL**                            \\-\/-//
    This FAQ is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced for any kind of
    direct commercial use. You are allowed to reproduce this guide for personal 
    use only, whether a printed copy or stored electronically, and may be 
    distributed as long as no profit is made by doing so. It may not be modified 
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    Above all, do NOT lift sections directly out of this guide for your own. 
    That's plagiarism, and it doesn't go down well. If I find you've lifted 
    ANYTHING original from this guide, I will find out where you are hosting it and 
    I will contact your ISP. However, you are welcome to use the layout of this 
    guide as inspiration for your own as long as I am given appropriate credit. You 
    may also use factual information from this guide in your own as long as it is 
    not just copied and pasted and as long as this guide is credited as the source.
    All trademarks and copyright material not exclusive to this guide are 
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    Copyright 2006 Charlie Emery - Hellfire X

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