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"Into a world of sight and sound...but no action or adventure...gah!"

Myst is a game that really has to be taken for what it is. The point and click adventure that was apparently such a hit on the PC seems to have been ported over to the Saturn of its owners to enjoy and rummage through. While not the action filled type of game that most Saturn owners would enjoy, what the game does is take you through a world that is strangely reminiscent of our own, but is different in the same respect. If you have a soft spot for games like this, then you’ll find that this game should meet all of your needs without disappointment! Something that comes into effect is that this isn’t the only Myst game out there, in which a sequel was made, entirely based on the results of this game. Although Riven wasn’t much better in terms of what you could do or the amount of action found in it, Myst is a good starting point if you’re looking to get into the near legendary series and enjoy what it tries to offer you!

It's point and move from place to place, pick up items, and solve puzzles, which could take you anywhere from 8 to 20 hours if you're lucky. A buddy of mine who is a die-hard point and click gamer has been working on it for 5 years, and still hasn't gotten very far. I played it through, and it took so damn long, I could swear the world had changed in my absence! The game play basically takes you through this world where nothing is what it seems, and your only job is to make it through and solve the different puzzles that come your way. While this may not seem such a bad idea, there are key elements in the game that are immediately seen, and those come with any sort of action or adventure that you may want to find in the game itself. With no enemies to fight except for time, you may find that the game drags on more than it does advance, and after a while, there is nothing left to do but wrack your brain and attempt to find the solution to the final puzzle that could take you hours to complete!

As you move through Myst, the only true gameplay adventuring is seeing the new sights and rooms that you may come across as you play. Other than that, you'll run out of objectives, and in general, just wander around aimlessly, until your eyes pick up something that they didn't notice before. The control is also another problem, there is none? It's point and click, but you also have to have precision placement in order to work the different equipment, and get the different items, moving from room to room, etc. You'll find that this gets harder and harder to do after you've been staring at the screen for 2-4 hours at a stretch!

The saving grace of Myst for the Saturn, are the visuals. Clean, crisp, and purely amazing, is all that can be given, with words, to describe something as beautiful as this. Lush worlds, elaborate detail, and even better special effects, when they show, make this game what this is. You'll be amazed that something like this game exists, even though it was made for an obscure and now obsolete system such as this. Placing you in the world of Myst, your travels take you far and wide throughout an amazingly detailed land that shows you everything, from the dripping waterfalls, to the mists that blow through certain parts of the game. Even the rooms themselves have little to complain about, allowing the user to see every edge, every detail, and every item in crystal clarity. All in all, a truly amazing visual experience!

There isn't much here in terms of a matter of fact, there is no music to speak of. Just silence, and the occasional sound effect thrown in here and there for you to listen to if you do something right. It'll be the sound of falling rocks, water dripping onto the floor, or maybe a rusty door shutting or opening up behind you or in front of you. This is the killer of the game right here, nothing to listen to, except your own teeth grinding as you play! For gamers these days, it’s hard to immerse yourself into a world as extensive as Myst proclaims to be without adding anything in the audio department. With the sole basis of the game being on the sound effects, you’ll find that there is nothing that will keep your interest in the game overall, simply because there isn’t anything to listen to while you play. What makes matters worse is that the game is sound intensive, in which you have to hear just what is going on around you in some points in order to continue through the game. Overall, it simply adds to the teeth grinding experience that I’ve found Myst to be!

The only saving graces of this game are the visuals, which are simply amazing. As for everything else? my own opinion, it sucks giant eggs, and this game isn't worth the CD it's printed on in most respects outside of the visuals. While Myst is, or should say was, a major PC game, its transfer to the Saturn was probably one of the least likely games that I would have ported over to a system such as this! For those of you who still have this unfortunately dead system, you can find Myst at any local gaming store that still has these in stock, for about five bucks a game, and every game for about 150 bucks at most local used game stores if they still stock it! As an after thought, I must say, that the name of the game should have been changed by those who bought this game brand new {50 US dollars at it's prime} from it's original title Myst, and named it Pissed!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/18/01, Updated 12/18/01

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