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    Edward's Scenario Guide by AKwan

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    Princess Crown FAQ v3.2
    Part 3  by Alan Kwan
    Edward's scenario: The Dark Sword
    Princess Crown, "Gradriel", and all characters herein associated
    with Princess Crown Copyright 1997 Sega Enterprises and Atlus Ltd
    This FAQ may not be reproduced or distributed without the express
    permission of Alan Kwan.
                            - Princess Crown -
                         An Action/RPG (c) 1997 by:
                         Sega Enterprises and Atlus
    I. The Background Story
    II. The Controls and Combat
    III. Items, Equipment, and Miscellanea
    IV. The Bestiary
    V. Walkthrough (Gradriel scenario)
    VI. Extras
    VII. Special Thanks and Credits
    VIII. Walkthrough (Proserpina scenario)
    IX. Walkthrough (Edward scenario) (this file)
    X. Walkthrough (Portgus scenario)
    This file (Part 3) contains section IX only.  Parts I through
    VIII and part X can be found in other files.
    - Introduction -
    Edward's scenario can be accessed once you've cleared Gradriel's
    scenario.  Just bring the blue book to the girl's grandmother.
    Edward's scenario is straightforward and linear, but at some
    points the next destination is not all too obvious to one who
    cannot read the Japanese language.  This walkthrough helps such
    players to progress smoothly without getting lost.
    I hope that you enjoy the game.
    - Controls -
    The controls for Edward are rather similar to those for Gradriel.
    The list of commands is basically the same, though the effects
    are somewhat different.  You should have no problem experimenting
    with the attacks and figuring out how to best use them, so I'm
    leaving this to you.
    - Items -
    The items are the same as Gradriel's.
    - Walkthrough -
    Edward's scenario: The Dark Sword
    Spoiler warning:  This is a walkthrough, and may spoil the game
    for some.  (But why one would be reading this file, if he does
    not want to read the walkthrough, is beyond my understanding.
    ^_^ )
    Edward's scenario takes place concurrently with the early
    to middle part of Gradriel's scenario.
    You start suddenly in a fight against an Ice Dragon.  Equip the
    Warrior Glove and win the fight.
    Back in the bar in Cadho Badho, you learn that the Black Dragon
    may be in Dorangora.  You have visited Haindel to ask about the
    whereabouts of your father, Golgotha, and he demands that you
    bring him the Magic Gem of Sun, obtained by slaying the Black
    Dragon.  So the first half of your quest would be to find the
    Black Dragon and defeat it.
    You may head directly to Dorangora, or you may first take a short
    detour to the wizards' area, to do some shopping and to
    activate the teleporter for the return trip.  In Dorangora,
    talk to the same young man in green to learn about the path to
    the mountains where the dragons are.  In the mountains, you save
    Gradriel and fight a dragon, then walk back to the village where
    you fight another dragon to save a woman.  You then encounter the
    Black Dragon (auto event), but it flees in the direction of Cadho
    You return to Cadho Badho.  In the pub in the warriors' area, the
    leader of the warriors (the rightmost man) asks you to deal with
    the Sirene in Titania Lake.  When you arrive at the lake, you are
    ambushed and knocked out by a Barbarian (auto event).  Ondinu
    saves you.  When you are about to leave the next morning, you run
    into the Barbarian, who is coming to collect the Mermaid's Tear.
    He sends a Tarantula to fight you, but the fight is easy.  You
    learn the truth about Ondinu's innocence, and decide to defend
    her.  Assuming that the bad guys know of your presence and would
    not be coming back too soon, you return to Cadho Badho to check
    things out.
    After reporting your story to the leader of the warriors, you
    return to the lake.  Gradriel comes onto the scene.  Initially
    she has a misunderstanding, but you soon make her learn the
    truth.  The next morning, Gradriel leaves for town to find the
    criminal, while you stay behind to defend Ondinu.  The Barbarian
    comes again, and this time he summons a Doppleganger he borrowed
    from the sorceress.  The Doppleganer paints himself into Gradriel
    and lures you away while the Barbarian goes for Ondinu.  You
    fight the Doppleganger, then return and fight the Barbarian.
    Gradriel returns and reports that she has dealt with the
    criminal.  You part from her and continue your search for the
    Black Dragon.  You return to town and report to the leader of the
    warriors.  He rewards you with an extra bag, and tells you that
    the Black Dragon has been spotted near the road between Cadho
    Badho and Knelt.  The dragon's lair is in a cave off the road.
    You can go to the cave directly, or you can take a detour to
    Knelt first, to shop for items (such as E+1 scrolls) and to
    activate the teleporter for later.  Inside the cave you can find
    a Return Scroll in a room on ground floor, an inn on B1, and an
    Exit Scroll in a room on B2; notice that other than these, you
    won't have a chance to save game until you return to Valenadine
    Town after going to the rescue in Valenadine Castle.  Go to the
    deepest room in the cave and fight the Black Dragon.  It is
    tough, but not too difficult if you prepare yourself with some
    good items.
    The Black Dragon leaves the Magic Gem of Sun after its defeat.
    As you exit the cave (auto event), you see flames in the
    direction of Valenadine Castle.  You hurry to Valenadine Town
    (auto event).  The town is in flames, and all the town facilities
    are unusable.  Before hurrying to the castle, you may want to
    check out the left end of the town.  A young girl is being
    attacked by a Demon, which you fight.  If you save the girl, when
    you return to the town from the castle, you will receive an extra
    bag from her.  (Talk to her, who is walking around between
    the pub and the shop.)
    Prepare your items, and leave town through the center exit to
    hurry to the castle.  You fight a Demon at the castle gate.
    Prepare your items again, and head upstairs, where you fight a
    Ghost.  On the top floor, you meet your father Golgotha.  Follow
    him to Sidrael's room.  Demon Skulg kidnaps Sidrael, and Golgotha
    dies when protecting Gradriel.  Before his death, Golgotha tells
    you to get his Dark Sword.
    Leave the castle.  At the gate, you meet Gradriel.  You hear the
    truth about your father, that his evil deeds were not of his
    will.  Now that you have the Magic Gem of Sun, your next stop is
    Haindel's cave (west of Knelt). 
    You ask Haindel the whereabouts of the Dark Sword.  He tells you
    that Golgotha has impaled a demon with it to the gate in Earth on
    Truse Tera.  The gate leads to Bindfaire, the demon realms, and
    is the only way to rescue Sidrael.  Haindel tells you to go to 
    Titania Lake and ask for help from Ondinu to take you to Earth on
    Truse Tera.
    Prepare well, for once you set foot unto Earth on Truse Tera,
    there is no return.  After taking you to Earth on Truse Tera,
    Ondinu waits for you at the beach, and you can save game or get
    healed by talking to her.  Enter the dungeon.  At the bottom, you
    find the Dark Sword impaling a demon to the gate.  You claim the
    sword, and fight the demon Bloody (auto event).  You defeat
    Bloody, but he rises again and tries to ambush you.  Gradriel
    'just' arrives and warns you, and you fight Bloody again.  This
    fight is quite tough, but you should be able to win it with good
    items.  After the fight, you call on the power of your Dark Sword
    to put an end to Bloody.
    You and Gradriel open the sealed gate to Bindfaire, the demon
    realms.  You run right into Skulg; you fight him briefly (auto
    event), but he flees to check out Vogrod when you hear a loud
    noise.  You hurry to climb Vogrod's Tower.  At the top, you find
    Gradriel and Sidrael.  As the three of you leave for home (auto
    event), you run into Skulg again.  And this is your final fight
    in Edward's scenario, the fight to avenge your father.
    If you find any errors in this walkthrough, or if you find
    something that should be added, please e-mail me (Alan) at:
    Complete credit will be given.
    This document should not be reproduced and distributed publicly
    on print, in Usenet, or in another homepage.  You may distribute
    this document on a person-to-person basis (i.e. give it to a
    friend or two) provided that said distribution is provided free
    of charge, and that the document is distributed in whole and
    unmodified, and that the purpose is to facilitate playing or to
    propagate (promote) the game.  When you use information from this
    FAQ in a public forum, it is a required courtesy that you mention
    that said information has been obtained from this FAQ.
    I normally would not give permission for this document to be
    duplicated in other homepages: it complicates matters when I do
    updates.  If you want people who visit your site to be able to
    get this document, just link to the download page:
    Thanks to Douglas Erickson for v2.0 of the Princess Crown FAQ.
    Many thanks to Atlus company for making the fine game!
    Version history:
    v3.2  first version
    This document is Copyright 2 April 1999 Alan KWAN Shiu Ho
    "Live life with Heart."
    Alan Kwan / tarot@netvigator.com
    http://home.netvigator.com/~tarot (hard-core game reviews)

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