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    Translation Guide by EY

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             by EY (earnesty@msn.com) Nov 9th 97.
    Super Robot Wars is a series of strategy games based on many famous
    robots anime. "F" is the latest in the series, and is the only SRW 
    that includes the hit "Evangelion" characters.
    I hope this document can help anyone that is interested in Super Robot
    Wars F, but is worried about not knowing enough Japanese to enjoy it.
    You'll still need to do some "pattern recognition", but what is
    presented here should be more than enough to get you going.
    I whole-heartedly recommend this game to anyone that love anime,
    especially if you have seen any of the robots presented in SRWF on 
    tapes/TV before.  Listening to all the characters' voices and 
    background music unique to the show while seeing them attacking using
    the familiar weapons is way more fun than I expected.  The game is 
    also very good for those who are learning Japanese, since all the 
    speech are subtitled in Japanese.
    OK, lets start!
    -=[ CONTENTS ]=-
     -[ 1.  Title Screen
     -[ 2.  Starting a New Game
     -[ 3.  Changing the Main Character's Attributes
     -[ 4.  General Gameflow
     -[ 5.  Unit Command Menu
     -[ 6.  Game Menu
     -[ 7.  Terrain Info
     -[ 8.  Attack & Counter-attack
     -[ 9.  Unit Properties Screen
     -[ 10. Weapons Screen
     -[ 11. Pilot Ability Screen
     -[ 12. Special Evangelion Info
     -[ 13. Intermission Screen
     -[ 14. Important Info
     -[ 15. Acknowledgments & Copyright
    -=[ 1. TITLE SCREEN ]=-
    From Left to Right:
    - START
      Start a new game.
    - LOAD
      Load the last game you saved during the "INTERMISSION" screen. The
      top one in the menu means "Main System RAM", the second one 
      "Cartridge RAM".
      Load the last game you saved while in a map.
    - OPTION
      > SOUND : Stero/Mono
      > CHARACTERS INFO : Number increases as you encounter more characters
                          along the way.
      > ROBOTS GALLERY : Number increases as you encounter more robots 
                         along the way.
      > DEMO SELECT : List increases as you see more videos in the game
      > KARAOKE : Karaoke mode! Main theme songs from various shows. Notice
                  there are 2 pages.
    ** NOTE! **
    There is a warning sheet inside the menu that says you should NOT 
    select Option if you have never saved a game (because of a known bug).
    -=[ 2. STARTING A NEW GAME ]=-
    After the prologue scroll across the screen, you will go to the main
    character selection screen. There are 3 menu items, from top to bottom:
      Starts the game with the character currently selected.
      Pick another character. 8 in total. Use L/R buttons to switch
      Allows you to change many attributes of the main character, see next
    ** NOTE! **
    In SRWF there are two paths you can follow, and many scenarios are 
    different depending on which path you choose (re-playability!).
    Also, all the characters have different personalities, which can 
    affect what they say in the game and how the other people reacts
    to them.
    The two path types are "Real Robot" (e.g. Gundam) and "Super Robot"
    (e.g. Gettarobot). If you can't read any Japanese, see the next
    session for info on how to make sure your character is of the type 
    you prefer.
    7 menu items in total, from left to right:
    - FACE
      Let you select a different look for your character. Top 8 are male,
      bottom 8 are female.
    - NAME
      Let you change the name of the character (e.g. having an English
      name instead :-) ). First part is your first name, then after the
      "=" sign is supposed to be your last name. The last part is what'd
      you like people to call you normally. A/C button to select a letter,
      B to delete the last letter, the 2 kanji next to the right arrow at
      the bottom is "space". After you finish typing in your name, select
      the bottom-right kanji (the one next to "space") to confirm your
      changes and go back.
      Change character's birthday (month then date)
      Change character's blood type
      4 to choose from. There are slight differences for each sex so 8 
      types in total.  Without going into the details, the four are (from
      top to bottom):
        [ Serious, earnest, warm-blooded ]
        [ Sharp but into the opposite sex ]
        [ A bit strange ]
        [ Cool but nihilistic. Hate/distrust opposite sex ]
    - TYPE
      This select what type of machine the main character will control.
      Top one is "Real Robot Type", i.e. Gundam-style. Bottom one is
      "Super Robot Type", like Mazinger Z, Gettarobot. As mentioned before,
      the story and many scenarios will be different basing on what type
      you pick here.
      Confirm your changes.
    -=[ 4. GENERAL GAMEFLOW ]=-
    SRWF is divided into many scenarios, connected together to in a story
    format. Each time the scenario started with a story section, where 
    dialogs occurred between many different characters in the game. 
    Then the scenario map shows up. Often before a battle, the units
    selection screen will come up. See Pg 19 of the menu:
    The top-left box (in the top row) is the current page number, the
    third box is how many more units you can select, fourth one is the
    strength of the pilot, the last box shows whether the list is sorted
    by pilots' levels or HP (Use L button to toggle the two). In the unit
    list, press A/C to select/unselect a unit. After you finished picking
    the units, press B and select the second item in the menu to start the
    All the combats occurred on the map. After you win the scenario, there
    will be some aftermath dialogs, and then you will be at the
    Intermission Screen.  Here you can save the game, modify and upgrade
    your units, change pilots, etc.
    -=[ 5. UNIT COMMAND MENU ]=-
    While on the map, pressing A/C on a unit will pop-up the command menu. The 
    menu items differ depending on the unit and the situation. The top table on 
    Page 18 of the manual list all the commands kanji that can show up in the 
    game. From top to bottom:
    - MOVE
      Let you use whatever special power or magic the pilot is capable of.
      Show unit's statistics screens.
    - WAIT
      Select this when you finished with this unit action.
    * ATTACK
    * LAUNCH
      Launch units from ships.
      Persuade enemy.
      Select unit's altitude position.
    * SEPARATE (For units that can separate)
    * COMBINE (For units that can be combine to form another unit)
    * PARTS
      Use the parts that have been assigned to the unit.
    * REPAIR
      Repair another unit (HP).
    * SUPPLY
      Re-supply another unit (EN).
      Disconnect the power cable (Evagelions specific).
    -=[ 6. GAME MENU ]=-
    Pressing A/C on a square that doesn't have an unit on it will pop-up
    the game menu. The top-right box list the current turn number, and the
    amount of money you have acquired. The menu itself, from top:
    - END TURN
      In the confirmation dialog, the top one means yes, bottom one no.
      Those that has finished their action has a little E to the left.
      You can select whether your units will counter-attack on its own. The
      default is "manual", so you have a chance to select how the units 
      react. (recommended)
      List all the psychic/magic power available in your team. Selecting
      one will list who has the particular psychic power. Red means the
      person has already finished his/her action for the turn.
    - SYSTEM
      Let you select whether to show squares or not, stereo/mono sound,
      voices on/off, random music or unit specific music. On the right are
      button assignments: Confirm, Cancel, Quick-Map-Scroll, Whole-Map,
      Unit-List, Restore Defaults.
    - SAVE
      Save the game. Afterwards you will be asked if you want to continue
      the game, selecting no will end the game and bring you to a cool
      screen where the characters will talk about "See you next time". Next
      time when you want to continue the game, select "Continue" at the
      main title screen.
    -=[ 7. TERRAIN INFO ]=-
    Pressing B on a square will pop-up the terrain information. The top
    right % is defense modifier (usually up), the next one down is attack
    modifier (usually down). Plus, some tiles can increase a unit HP & EN.
    If so, these will show up at the bottom row of the window.
    After you select ATTACK, the weapons menu will pop-up. You can select
    any weapons that are in white to continue attacking an enemy unit.
    After selecting an enemy unit to attack, the stats for both the
    attacker and defender pop-up. The percentage is the accuracy of the
    attack. 100% means a sure hit, -- means the unit cannot counterattack
    from that range.
    When another units attack one of yours, the normal attack stats come
    up, plus a menu for you to select what type of action you want to do.
    Form top to bottom:
    - SELECT WEAPONS (Tip: B is a shortcut key to go to the weapon screen)
    - EVADE 
      Decrease attacker accuracy % by half.
    - DEFEND
      Decrease the damage of the attack by half.
    You can see a unit's statistic by selecting PROPERTIES at the unit
    command menu.
    Please see Pg 36 for these translation. Red text starting from top,
    - SIZE (the bigger it is, the easier to hit)
    - HP
    - EN
      Units may have one or more special abilities. These are listed in
      the top-right table on Pg 37: 
      > Beam Coat   :  Can nullify weak beam attacks.
      > I-Field     :  Can nullify normal-level beam attacks.
      > All Barrier :  Can nullify strong beam attacks.
      > "BUN-SHIN"  :  Create illusion to dodge enemy attacks. Success
                       rate is 1/2, pilot strength must be 130 or above.
      > HP-recovery :  Unit can heal itself for a certain amount of HP
                       each turn.
      > Transform / Combine / Separate  : Can do the stated action
      The last kanji in this field indicates if the unit has a shield or
    Pg 37, red-text clockwise starting from top:
      The amount you need to pay if the unit is destroyed.
    - TYPE
      Terrain type that the unit can function. Within the white text listed
      to some kanji description. Land / Air / Air&Land / Sea&Land /
      Sea&Land&Air / Land&Underground.
      The higher this is, the better is its attack accuracy and evade
      success rate.
    - ARMOR
    - LIMIT
      The limit of the unit's ability. If a pilot has any ability higher
      than this number, it will only perform at this number instead of the
      higher one.
      List how suitable the unit is for different terrain. A is best, all
      the way down to E. The four terrain, from top to bottom are:
      Air, Land, Sea, Space. 
    -=[ 10. WEAPONS SCREEN ]=-
    Pg 38, red text, counter-clockwise from left:
      [+] sign means it is a long-ranged weapon
      Punch means it is a hand-to-hand weapon
      (B) means it is a beam weapon
      (P) means you can use this weapon after moving the unit
      MAP means it is one that is used directly on the map    
    - AMMO
      Current Ammo Level / Maximum Ammo Level
      The pilot's strength must be above this number in order to use it.
      The current pilot strength is in the brackets.
    - EN USAGE
      The amount of energy (EN) that this weapon/attack will consume.
    Pg 39, red text from top left clockwise:
    - RANGE
      From A to C, A being the best. - means it can't be used at that
      terrain. The four boxes are: Air, Land, Sea, Space.
      This affect the chances of the attack resulting as a critical hit.
    -=[ 11. PILOT ABILITY SCREEN ]=-
    Pg 40, red text, counter-clockwise from left:
      Current Psychic Power Points left / Maximum Points
      Mind/psychic command that the pilot can perform (Increases as pilot's level 
    increases). Pg 50-51 list the commands kanji:
      Pg 50
      > DETECT : Reveal enemy status.
      > SACRIFICE : Take the damage for another unit (one time only).
      > WORK HARD : Gain double the amount of experience points (one time
      > CONCENTRATE : ACCURACY and EVASIVE ABILITY increase by 30% in that
      > FLASH MOVEMENT : Evasive % becomes 100% (one time only).
      > SELF-DESTRUCT  : Self-destruct, causing damage to all nearby units.
      > SURE-HIT   : Attack accuracy becomes 100% (1 turn).
      > WILLPOWER  : Increase unit's own HP by 30%.
      > EXHAUSTION : Cause a unit's STRENGTH to go down by 10 points.
      > TRUST      : Increase selected unit HP by 30%.
      > WARM-BLOOD : If the attack hit, it will always be a critical hit.
      > INVISIBILITY : For 1 turn, the unit won't take any damages.
      Pg 51
      > IRON WALL : Unit's ARMOR level doubles for a turn.
      > LUCK      : Doubles the amount of money you get (one time only).
      > THE WILLPOWER : Increase unit's own HP all the way back to 100%.
      > SPIRIT    : STRENGTH +10.
      > SOUL      : Triples damage if hit (one time only).
      > ENCOURAGE : Increase selected unit STRENGTH by 10.
      > DISTURBANCE  : For 1 turn, decrease enemy hit accuracy by half.
      > PULL PUNCHES : When killing units that are not as good, leave 10 HP
      > MOVE AGAIN : Let the next-to-you unit that has finisihed moving 
                     move again.
      > FRIENDSHIP : All friendly units HP restore by half.
      > LOVE       : All friendly units HP restore to full.
      > RESURRECT  : Resurrect 1 unit.
      This affect accuracy when attacking enemies. The number after "+" is
      the unit's HANDLING pts.
    Pg 41, red text, clockwise from top-left:
      How good the pilot is at dodging/evading enemy attacks. The number
      after "+" is the unit's HANDLING pts.
    - LEVEL
      Current pilot's level.
      Current pilot's strength. The higher the number is, the better the
      pilot is in attacking/defending. Number increases after taking part
      in battles, decreases after repair operations.
    - NEXT
      Amount of experience points required to reach the next level.
    - REFLEX
      Pilot's reflex ability. Higher the number, better accuracy & dogding.
      If this number is more than 200, the unit can move 2 times in a turn.
    - SKILL
      The higher the pilot's skill is, the higher the chances in critical
      hits. This also affect the Psychic command "PULL PUNCHES".
      How good the pilot is at different terrain. A is best. From top to
      bottom: Air, Land, Sea, Space.
      Special abilities that the pilot has. These are listed in the table
      on pg 42:
      < NewType > : Taken from Gundam, these pilots can utilize any
                    NewType specific weapons.
      < Reinforced Human >: Again taken from Gundam, these are man-made 
                            NewType, and have the same abilities.
      < Saint Warriors > : They can do some special slash attacks.
      < Shield Defense > : If these pilots are on units that have shields,
                           depending on their levels, they may be able to
                           use the shields to half the damage.
      < "KiriHarai" > : If these pilots are on units that are equipped with
                        light-sabers, depending on their levels, they may
                        be able to cut through any shells projected at
                        them, nullifying the attack. This does not apply
                        to any beam or magic attacks.
      < Base Strength >  : When the unit HP becomes low, the chances of
                           critical hit will be increased by 50%.
    ** NOTE! ** 
    If any of the pilot's statistics at the middle is red, it means that
    number is bigger than the unit's LIMIT, and thus the LIMIT will be
    used for any combat calculation instead of the higher number (You can
    increase an unit's LIMIT during Intermission).
    Evangelions have a cable that connect between them and the power source
    (either a building or the battle ship). While this cable is in place,
    their EN will be recharged to full every turn. The cable can only be up
    to 10 squares long.  
    You can decide to DISCONNECT the cable by choosing that item in the
    unit's command menu. Once the cable is disconnected, the Evas can only
    operate for 3 turns. You can go back to the original building or battle
    ship to reconnect the cable between the time-limit runs out. If you
    don't reconnect before the time-limit runs out the Evas will stop all
    Also, Eva pilots has a special "synchronization" percentage on their
    properties screen. This number will affect their attack abilities. It
    also need to be above a certain percentage for them to be able to
    control the Evas. This number will goes up as the pilot's level
    increases, and can also be affected by events.
    The box at the right list the number of turns so far, and how much
    money you currently have.
    The menu items, from top to bottom:
      Save current game.  Top one mean save to "Main System RAM", bottom
      one "Cartridge RAM".
      Modify units' attributes. Select a unit from the list, then use up or
      down to highlight one of the following 5 items to upgrade:
      > HP
      > EN
      > HANDLING
      > ARMOR
      > LIMIT
      See previous section on unit attributes for explanations. Notice
      there are two numbers on top of the list, the top one is your current
      wealth, the bottom one is how much the selected upgrade will cost.
      (Tip: You can use the L/R button to show the previous/next unit in
      the list.)
      Improve units' weapons. Select the desired unit from the list,
      highlight the weapon and press A. A confirmation dialog will pop-up.
      The numbers on the left are the damage levels. Those on the right are
      your current wealth and cost of the upgrade.
      View units' statistics. L/R to view previous/next unit.
      View pilots statistics. L/R to view previous/next pilot.
      (Tip: look for red numbers. If they exist, make sure you
      improve the unit's LIMIT attribute)
      If a small dialog pop-up first, the top one is "Pilot", the bottom
      one is "Elf". Select the pilot from a list, then another list will
      pop-up showing what units can this pilot control. Pressing A at one
      of them will pop up the units' properties, and a confirmation
      dialog. The three rows of number on the left of the confirmation
      dialogs are:
      > LIMIT
      > EVASIVE ABILITY, the one in bracket is the current pilot number
      > ACCURACY, the one in bracket is the current pilot number
      You often obtain power-ups from special enemy units you defeated. At
      this screen, the top left box should how many slots the unit has, and
      what it is currently equipped. The bottom left box show stats changes
      as you highlight different parts. The attributes are:
      > HP
      > EN
      > HANDLING
      > ARMOR
      > LIMIT
      The box on the right is the list of items. The total number of a
      particular item is in the bracket. The number in front of the
      bracket is how many is current in used (equipped on units). The
      first item in the list means "un-equipped". 
      (Tip: The item that starts with HP2000 in the description is a repair
      kit (HP+2000). The one that has 50 in the first line is an energy
      recharge tank (EN+50). Both of these don't show any stats differences
      in the bottom left of course. To use these, select PARTS from the
      Unit Command Menu while on the map.)
      Starts the next scenario.
    -=[ 14. IMPORTANT INFO ]=-
    After you finished SRWF, don't delete the save game file! You will be
    able to continue the game in "Super Robot Wars F Final", which is
    expected to be on sale early 98.
    * Thanks Banpresto for producing Super Robot Wars F!
    * Thanks for all the companies, artists, designers that produced the
      original anime SRWF based on.
    * Thanks for everyone on the Internet that have helped me out.
    * Advanced thanks for anyone that will send correction & comments or
      even encouragement about this to me (earnesty@msn.com). BTW, no flame
    This document is meant to be electronically distributed, as long as you
    do not change its contents. This cannot be sold for profit or used to
    obtain prizes from magazines or contests.
    You are welcome to put this document up at your website as long as I am
    credited for the work. If you do so, I would really appreciate it if
    you notify me through email.
    Have fun!!

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