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    Translation Guide by gar3

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    VERSION 1.10
    ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 22, 2003
    LAST UPDATED: September 14, 2003
    WRITTEN BY: Glenn A. Rudy III  (gar3)
    Ah, Wachenroder.  I remember working long hours at the campus library of Penn
    State Harrisburg looking at the product via www.VideoGameDepot.com and dreaming
    about playing through it.  After three months or so the desire finally overtook
    me (or should I say my wallet), I ordered Wachenroder from the original owners
    of VGD and I was soon immersed within a vast, gothic world driven by
    steam-powered weapons.  It was such a cool game.  The only problem was that I
    had no idea what was being said onscreen . . . And it was killing me.
    Two years later I was still employed at the library (lucky me) when I signed up
    for graduate school at Penn State Harrisburg.  I soon discovered that the
    library had a resident Japanese woman living on its third floor the following
    semester.  It was not that she was homeless or anything, but she did seem to
    reside there for much of the day in-between her classes.  Since I too "lived"
    at the library I decided to make her acquaintance.  I believe the first thing I
    ever said to Miss Yumi Makita was, "In Saturn Bomberman Fight!! for SEGA
    Saturn, one of the characters says 'ikimasu.'  What does that translate as?"
    Yumi and I saw more and more of each other as the semesters flew by.  One day I
    hit upon a radical idea.  Yumi was planning on a career as a translator, so
    what if her and I could translate a game together . . . A game like
    Wachenroder.  She agreed but before the project ever started we soon fell madly
    in love with each other and the translations had to be placed on the back
    burner.  By December of 2002 our love was still boiling within our veins but so
    too was a desire to work together on a translation project.  The Wachenroder
    voice and text translations were started on December 26 and took almost eight
    months to complete.
    But here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the translations that love built (ain't
    that cute?).  Expect more SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast translations as the years
    go by from Yumi and myself.  As always, the latest and greatest of these can be
    found at either www.GameFAQs.com or www.JVGFanatic.com.
    A note from gar3 - I have tried to maintain as much of the original Japanese
    meanings as possible with these translations while at the same time producing
    fluid English sentence structure and grammar.  It was not my aim to
    "Americanize" these translations but I realize that some parts of the text do
    seem to jump around a bit due to Yumi and I following a strict translation of
    the original Japanese.  For this I apologize in advance.  I would like to point
    out, however, that as the text evolves, so do the characters.  I tried to give
    each individual character his or her own voice and I hope that you can see and
    appreciate what the final product has become.  Thank you for reading and happy
    Index to Save Points
    ART OF NOISE WORLD MAP        (Save 001)
    ART OF NOISE WORLD MAP         (Save 002)
    DRAGON ASYU                     (Save 003)
    FOGGY CITY                       (Save 004)
    MOONFLOWERS                       (Save 005)
    COLOR CITY                         (Save 006)
    JUAMU VILLAGE                       (Save 007)
    COBALT BLUE CITY                     (Save 008)
    HEAVY D                               (Save 009)
    IMPERIAL CITY                          (Save 010)
    SMOKE CITY                              (Save 011)
    IMPERIAL CITY                           (Save 012)
    FOREST OF THE MORIBITOS                (Save 013)
    SMOKE CITY                            (Save 014)
    WANDERING TOWER                      (Save 015)
    VIOLENT CITY                        (Save 016)
    FOGGY CITY                         (Save 017)
    IMPERIAL CITY                     (Save 018)
    VIOLENT CITY                     (Save 019)
    SMOKE CITY                      (Save 020)
    IN SPIRAL - CARPET'S AREA      (Save 021)
    IMPERIAL CITY                 (Save 022)
    (Bellebete's Opening Speech)
    BELLEBETE - This is a story . . . A story concerning a young man whose name is
    not well known to the people of this world.  He is not remembered in history
    books; however, he came along just like a gust of wind and blew away a hateful,
    dark cloud that had engulfed the world.  Then, as quickly as he appeared, he
    vanished.  His name will never be inscribed in letters and will never be spoken
    amongst the people of the world.  Only a few individuals who lived by his side
    hold his fiery memory within their minds.  It is as if this gust of wind, so
    hot, mad, distraught, and full of the flame of passion, was nothing more than a
    momentary illusion, one that shines in the shadow of the moon or as appears in
    daydreams.  This is the story about that young man . . .
    (Blackness with the Word "Vogel")
    LUCIAN - [A giant bird blackens the entire sky.  With huge dark wings it blocks
    out the sunlight.]
    (Picture of a City)
    LUCIAN - [Violent City . . . Industrial Town  . . . Violent Town
    A small corner area nestled in the slum district of town is where I was born. 
    Far from this location is a heavy water treatment facility located deep within
    a foggy city.  From this city a massive black bird began to fly.  While riding
    the wind, being constantly struck by raindrops, it fell from the sky around
    this slum district.  The raindrops here are mixed with soot that covers the
    entire town.]
    (Picture of a Street)
    LUCIAN - [Here the drinking water has soot, which even blocks out the sun.  The
    wealthy individuals of this town do not give notice that the sun no longer
    rises due to the effects of the heavy raindrops.  This is the town where I grew
    (Lucian Stares Out a Window)
    LUCIAN - It's raining again.  Damn the rain.
    SISTER - I do not hate the sound of rain.
    LUCIAN - What are you talking about?!  The cause of your sickness is directly
    related to this rain.
    SISTER - I know that, but even the sound of that rain is better than nothing at
    LUCIAN - Oh yeah?  I see.
    [My sister and I were both born at the same time.  Before I had even given my
    birth cry she vomited blood.  That same sickness afflicted my mother throughout
    her entire life as well.  It was referred to as 'heavy water syndrome' and also
    'frightening light syndrome' because just a sliver of light would quickly burn
    the afflicter's flesh.  There is no cure for this sickness that has plagued my
    family.  'Firefly water' is the name associated with the heavy raindrops and
    it's the only bright light that will not harm these individuals.  Ironic, isn't
    Again?!  Aren't you tired of the story yet?
    SISTER - No.
    LUCIAN - Well, a long time ago . . .
    . . . This was settled on as the earliest beginnings of our world that the Fire
    God and Water God organized.  In the beginning, the world was a dark and cold
    place.  Because of this, human beings stole the flame from inside the Fire
    God's cooking stove.  Soon fire and light spread far and wide all over the
    world.  The Fire God was understandably upset by this act and with his giant
    iron fire poker stuck the earth below by ramming the rod into the ground.  The
    earth split apart and fire ravished all areas of it.  The Water God, no longer
    able to view the destruction, quickly gathered the chosen people together and
    relocated the group to a small island.  He then surrounded the island with fog
    to protect the chosen ones from the fire.  That island, because of the fire and
    water combination, soon became a rich and abundant world.
    After that a long period of peace occurred for the island's inhabitants.  Then
    one day an evil witch appeared and tried to steal the flame from the Fire God's
    stove.  He began to search the stove but could not find any fire.  The evil
    witch then tried to gain the information from the only person who knew of the
    flame's location; the princess of the island.  Since she refused to disclose
    the whereabouts of the flame, the evil witch kidnapped the princess and took
    her to a dark, tall tower where even light would not reach her.
    Not long after that a knight appeared who wore gleaming silver armor and
    carried the marvelous water sword in his possession.  He swore he would rescue
    the princess from the evil witch and departed on the dangerous journey to the
    tower.  Embedded within the knight's water sword were the five lights that
    would be able to defeat the evil witch's power.  The knight then became a
    bright knight indeed {Japanese pun here folks}.  With the power of water and
    the five lights at his disposal, the knight soon overcame any and all hardships
    that occurred during his quest to rescue the princess, finally arrived at the
    tower and destroyed the evil witch.  With the princess free once again, the
    world returned to the happiness it once knew.  The end.
    LUCIAN - The rain is getting heavier.  You should go to bed now.
    SISTER - Yes.
    LUCIAN - [My sister is going to die without even knowing the warmth of bright
    sunlight because of the burden of this sickness.  If there is a God in this
    world, why doesn't he give me the same sickness, as my sister has so she would
    not be alone in her pain?  There is no God.  If it's OK to pray, and if I
    believe in God, and if I am then rescued from this misery because of my
    devotion, is there any meaning in this desperation?  I want power.  The kind of
    power that would help me to run away from this rainy, dark, dirty town.]
    (Lucian Walks to the Adjacent Room to Talk to His Father)
    LUCIAN - We need medicine.  We need money.
    FATHER - She's having another attack?
    LUCIAN - The intervals are getting shorter and shorter.  Someone should be
    beside her.
    FATHER - Shit!  It's because of her that we need extra money.  Lucian, don't
    you understand that you must work for two people, you and your sister?  But you
    just quit your job out of selfishness.  The medicine that your sister needs is
    useless anyways.  It doesn't work at all so don't waste your time or money on
    LUCIAN - What the hell?!
    FATHER - You had better understand the facts now and come to the realization
    that your sister might die at any time.
    LUCIAN - . . . !!
    (Lucian Walks Back to His Sister's Room)
    LUCIAN - Ah, you're awake now.
    (Picture of Lucian's Sister)
    SISTER - Moon.
    LUCIAN - Painful?
    SISTER - Yes a little bit, but I'm OK because the moon is not full.  Hey, do
    you think that knight will come to rescue me?
    LUCIAN - I will be your knight.  I promise.
    (Lucian and Gorotsuki Exit a Bar)
    LUCIAN - Fighting competition?
    GOROTSUKI - That's just the name it goes by.  It's really a legal way of
    killing people.  Wealthy individuals bet money over fights between slaves and
    street gangs.  They make 'em fight and the rich bet, it's as simple as that. 
    Guys in black suits routinely scout this area for fighters too. But there is no
    guarantee one will survive the competition.  You shouldn't involve yourself
    with it.  If you win, however, you'll get rich in no time.  It's because of
    this that many stupid individuals join the fighting competition.
    (Lucian Runs Off)
    GOROTSUKI - Hey, hey!!!
    (Lucian runs into a building and back out)
    LUCIAN - There is nobody here!  Where in the world . . . !
    (Lucian Exits and Approaches Two Strangers, the music gets dramatic)
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Who are you?
    LUCIAN - Are you the man who scouts for fighters?  If so, let me . . .
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Well it certainly seems to me you have confidence in
    LUCIAN - Well, yes.
    BLACK SUITED MAN - If that's so, take this
    (An Item Appears)
    LUCIAN - What's this?
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Hmm.  You don't know yet?  Well that's OK.  That's the
    weapon called sledge {a Steam Refined Gear here, kids}.  At first glance it
    appears to be just an ordinary sword, but if one can wield it right the sledge
    will become a very powerful weapon indeed.  Recently, many people call any kind
    of weapon a "sledge," but this particular sledge that you hold now is very
    different from others.
    It doesn't really matter whether you know this or not, but since you did grow
    up in this part of the slum you should be aware of the story I'm about to tell
    you.  On this island that we're living on there are six cities.  The main city
    is Emperor City called King Crimson.  Knights, called Sword Emperors, govern
    each of the other five cities.  Those five Sword Emperors are referred to as
    "the false five" by many wise citizens.  To prove his "royal" status, each
    knight has an original sledge in his possession.  But their sledges are very
    different from common ones.  The basic principles of operation are completely
    different from most ordinary sledges.  Also, the powers of destruction are much
    more powerful in the knights' sledges.
    Now, I mentioned earlier this particular one is not a common sledge.  That's
    because this is a replica of one of the Sword Emperors' sledges.  Because of
    this, the construction of the sledge is modeled after one of the Emperors' own
    personal theories of development.
    LUCIAN - Sword Emperors . . . The proof of knights . . . Sledges . . .
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Let me get back to the beginning of this story.  If you want
    to participate in the fighting competition, which I organize, there are two
    conditions.  First, you have to be able to use the sledge well.  For this you
    will need talent and a keen sense.  I can tell right away if you possess talent
    by your handling of the sledge.  If a person doesn't have any talent, they
    won't even be able to start the sledge.  The sense part depends on you and your
    hard work ethic during training.  If a person doesn't possess a keen sense then
    they can't do much of anything once the time comes.  If and when one gets the
    sledge started, and it is shown that they can wield it well enough, those
    individuals are then referred to as "Sledgers."  If you have talent then it
    should be easy for you to get this sledge started.  Turn the switch on and
    let's see!
    LUCIAN - [With this sledge in my possession now, does my dream come true?  The
    proof of knights is in their sledges . . . But what if it doesn't get started
    for me?!]
    (Lucian Tries to Start the Sledge)
    LUCIAN - !!! . . . Grrr!
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Well, it appears as though it's impossible for you to start
    this sledge after all.
    (A Far Off Scene Appears)
    SISTER - Hey, do you think that knight will come to rescue me?
    LUCIAN - I will be your knight.  I promise.
    (Back to the Action at Hand)
    LUCIAN - Grrr!!!
    (The Sledge Starts)
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Hmm.  Sometimes I come across people like you on my scouting
    trips.  How old are you?
    LUCIAN - Sixteen.  But what is the other condition you spoke of earlier?
    BLACK SUITED MAN - Oh, kill this guy behind me.  I can only scout one
    individual at a time.
    (The Black Suited Man Walks Away from the Two Warriors)
    CALIFE - My name is Calife Vasettku and I fight today to regain my lost memory.
     Are you ready boy?!
    (Lucian and Calife Begin to Fight Each Other with Lucian Finally Winning the
    BLACK SUITED MAN - You are promising.  Three days from now at this time I will
    wait for you beside the bridge that acts as a border between the two cities.
    (The Black Suited Man Exits First, Followed by Lucian)
    LUCIAN - [I was lead forward to the fighting stadium by the Black Suited Man. 
    This was my first trip outside of the city and as soon as I saw this new town I
    knew I was very far away from home.  I felt extreme loneliness all the time. 
    This must be how my sister felt throughout her whole life due to the
    frightening light syndrome.
    My fighting competition grade was miserable at first even with this replica of
    a knight's sledge at my disposal; however, as the tournament went on it almost
    seemed as though I was being controlled by the power of weapon.  Everyday I was
    booed by the crowd in attendance.
    It was a terrible experience but I persevered through it by thinking of only
    one thought the entire time - "winning."  I only ever thought about winning. 
    Soon I gained my first victory and one week later after that I collected my
    prize money and crossed the bridge to return to home.]
    (Picture of Sister)
    SISTER - Spiders . . . Spiders!  Lots and lots of spiders are on my arm . . .
    The spider webs are like fire and are all over my body . . . Painful . . .
    Painful . . .
    (Lucian Enters His Empty House)
    LUCIAN - What is this . . . What the hell?!
    (Lucian Walks to the Adjacent Room to Talk to His Father)
    FATHER - Where have you been for a week?!
    LUCIAN - Her . . . My sister?
    FATHER - The day before yesterday your sister had a massive attack.  She called
    your name for a long, long time.
    LUCIAN - . . .
    FATHER - I didn't know when you were coming back so I went ahead and had the
    funeral ceremony yesterday.
    (Lucian Alone in the Street)
    LUCIAN - [I had heard that hallucinations often marked the final stages of the
    disease.  I wanted to take my sister to the place where the giant birds' wings
    cover the entire sky, but . . . I couldn't make it . . . I just couldn't make
    it . . . Whom should I hate now?]
    ART OF NOISE WORLD MAP                                                     
    (Save 001)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Four winters later the young man arrived in the very violent and
    poverty-stricken Imperial City, located next to the Emperor City, King Crimson.
     Art of Noise . . . This city has always been stagnant because of the
    discharges of sooty water.  The sky continuously has gray fragments fluttering
    about in it.  In this setting the young man found himself in a fight for his
    life, a scene all too common in this city.  With this fight as a starting
    point, something began to germinate . . .
    CARROLL - What are you doing to me you bastards?!
    KIKAZARU - Heh, heh, heh.  I'm sorry but you're gonna die.
    A LADY IN WAITING - Miss Carroll!  I'll take care of this situation.  Please
    run away.
    KIKAZARU - {speaking to the Lady in Waiting} Even though you're a woman I won't
    go easy on you!  Get away!
    A LADY IN WAITING - Kaaaaa!
    (Inside a Local Bar)
    DRUNKEN MAN - Hey you!  Your face is unfamiliar to me.  Where are you from?
    LUCIAN - Well, that would be none of your business.
    DRUNKEN MAN II - Humph.  A tough guy, eh?  What are you doing here?
    LUCIAN - Can't you see I'm drinking?
    DRUNKEN MAN - You must be an aristocrat, little boy.   How can you be drinking
    at a time like this?
    LUCIAN - Why are you accusing me?  There is no reason why you should blame me
    for whatever I choose to do with my time.
    DRUNKEN MAN II - Wha?  Hmm, interesting.  Why don't we take this outside
    (Lucian and the Two Drunkards Leave the Bar)
    MADAM - What the hell is going on?!
    BARMAID - Those stupid drunks just picked a fight with that young stranger. 
    How horribly selfish it is to be inebriated at a time like this considering how
    terribly ill his majesty is.
    MADAM - You say it is horrible, but this is a bar after all.
    (Outside the Bar)
    DRUNKEN MAN - . . . Wha?  Who the hell are you bastards?!
    DRUNKEN MAN II - {hic!}  If you keep standing there, {hic}, don't you see
    you're gonna block my way!!!  Or do you wanna fight?  That's fine with us!
    KIKAZARU - Annoying little bastards, aren't they.  Kill 'em!
    (Two of the Troupe Members Dispatch the Drunkards)
    CARROLL - You've done a terrible thing.  Do you understand what'll happen to
    you after this?!
    (Lucian Enters the Scene)
    KIKAZARU - {speaking to Lucian} Hey kid!  You don't wanna die, right?  If I
    were you I'd go home and pretend like nothin' happened here tonight.
    CARROLL - This is one of the many assassination troupes within the Imperial
    City.  These groups are under the direct control of the royal family and this
    particular ensemble just happens to contain some of its best members.  We have
    no chance of winning this fight.  Quickly, let's run away!
    LUCIAN - !?  Assassination troupes within the Imperial City?
    (Lucian Hallucinates and Sees His Sister in Carroll's Place)
    LUCIAN - . . . Why is my sister here . . .
    CARROLL - Sister?  Are you drunk?
    LUCIAN - Grrr!
    (Lucian Hits One of the Troupe Members)
    LUCIAN - This time I'll protect you!
    Winning Condition: Destroy Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (Small Appears on the Bar's Rooftop)
    SMALL - Ah, trouble!  That's good.  I'm gonna make a fortune outta this. That
    young guy looks pretty strong.
    Eh, what's this?!  The assassination troupe is under the control of the royal
    Hey young guy!  Go forward but please don't get yourself killed.  Well, if he
    does die I guess it's OK.  At least I'll be able to get his stuff from his dead
    Also, I should get a tidy profit from the sale of that girl as well.
    Go forward, go forward!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Clear
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Fight)
    SMALL - They won after all.  They're pretty good.  Well, I guess it's my turn
    KIKAZARU - Cha!  For the time being I guess we should retreat.
    LUCIAN - Don't run away!  Fight!  Are you warriors or what?!
    CARROLL - We should be getting out of here!  And quickly!
    (Carroll and Lucian Exit for Another Back Alley.  Carroll Whistles and Small
    SMALL - Oops!  That way is dangerous because there's a den of wild beasts down
    there that are thirsty for money, women, and blood.
    CARROLL - Who are you?!
    SMALL - Don't you wanna run away?  Forget about that way cause it's full of
    CARROLL  - Who . . . Are you?
    SMALL - My name is Small.  If you wanna run away, follow me.
    (Small, Carroll, and Lucian Exit for Small's Secret Room)
    SMALL - Here is a hidden room that my friends and I sometimes use.  It's hard
    to be discovered here so you can go ahead and rest awhile.
    CARROLL - Thank you.  I appreciate it.
    SMALL - Don't worry about it.  Instead, could you give me your necklace and
    CARROLL - OK, here you go.
    SMALL - Thanks.  If you need me, just let me know . . . Bye!!
    CARROLL - {now talking to Lucian} I have to do something for you since you
    rescued me.  What's your name?
    LUCIAN - . . .
    CARROLL - Oh.  Have you fallen asleep already?  Well, I guess we'll talk of it
    (. . . The Slum Area's Night is Soon Over)
    CARROLL - Finally.  At last you're awake!
    LUCIAN - Who . . . Are you?  Where am I?  Let me see, I was in the bar . . .
    CARROLL - No way?!  You don't remember anything?  Yesterday you fought against
    an assassination troupe and killed almost everyone.  It was so bloody.
    LUCIAN - Me?
    CARROLL - Yes you.  You alone.  After that, you and I came here to spend the
    night.  You don't remember anything?
    LUCIAN - . . .
    CARROLL - That's terrible.
    LUCIAN - Wait, truly I don't remember a thing.
    CARROLL - You don't remember fighting?
    LUCIAN - No, not at all.
    CARROLL - You can't remember coming here either?
    LUCIAN - No, I do not remember.
    CARROLL - The things after that?
    (Lucian Grabs Carroll's Shoulders and Pushes Her Down to the Floor.  Lucian
    then Puts His Smiling Face Very Near towards Carroll's)
    LUCIAN - What do you mean, "things after that"?
    CARROLL - How rude!  You wish for a lady to explain that to you?
    LUCIAN - Heh, heh, heh.  Sorry.
    CARROLL - Don't smile like that!  Admit that you're responsible.
    LUCIAN - OK, OK . . . Responsible . . . But, if such things did occur last
    night, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
    CARROLL - !!!
    LUCIAN - I'm just kiddin'.  OK, let's finish this ridiculous farce together. 
    Why did you try to entrap me?
    CARROLL - Too bad.  You suspected me at first glance.  It was the best
    performance of my entire life.
    LUCIAN - I don't care.  I have a hard time trusting wealthy individuals.  You
    don't have this town's water smell about you.
    CARROLL - . . .
    LUCIAN - Here, the sooty rain is everywhere.  It finds its way into the houses.
     Even the bathing water has soot in it.  For example, it's easy for me to tell
    whether I touched you last night or not.  All I have to do is smell your face.
    CARROLL - Really?  Unbelievable.  I'm glad I didn't take a shower last night.
    LUCIAN - Well, let me go back to my first question.  Responsible . . . What
    would you have me do?
    CARROLL - I would like you to accompany me.
    LUCIAN - If you want a decent bodyguard you should hire one with your money.
    CARROLL - But what I want is not a "decent" bodyguard.  I want one who'll fight
    against the Guardians.
    LUCIAN - Guardians?  Where in the world are you going find someone stupid
    enough to fight against the Guardians who are directly controlled by the royal
    CARROLL - Finally!  You remember now?  It seems to me that we should hide
    ourselves outside the city until this situation cools down.  What do you think?
    LUCIAN - Shit.  You involved me in your trouble . . . Do you have any idea
    about where to go from here?
    CARROLL - Foggy City/Duran City.  Well, it's a little far from here because of
    its location on the opposite side of this island.
    LUCIAN - You said "Foggy City" . . . First of all, isn't Duran City home to the
    largest heavy water treatment facility around?
    CARROLL - What a surprise.  You know this very well.  Have you ever been there?
    LUCIAN - No, but I was thinking about going there sometime soon.
    CARROLL - What good timing.
    LUCIAN - I guess . . . Well OK then, I'll help you.
    CARROLL - Well then, I'll reintroduce myself to you again.  I'm Carroll Mew.
    LUCIAN - Lucian . . . Lucian Taylor.
    CARROLL - Sounds good.  Nice to meet you Lucian!
    ART OF NOISE WORLD MAP                                                     
    (Save 002)
    (As Lucian and Carroll Begin Preparations for their Trip, the Door Opens and a
    Man Who They Never Saw Before Enters the Room)
    LUCIAN - Who are you?
    ZAPPA - I wanna talk to the girl behind you.  Get outta my way.
    SMALL - Carroll, it's me!
    CARROLL - You!
    ZAPPA - Hello missy.  My name is Zappa and I run the Blow Monkeys, a local
    self-defense group.  This little girl behind me is Small and she's my
    underling.  Last night she hid you in our secret hidden room here.  She also
    received some pretty expensive pieces of jewelry from you for her troubles.  I
    wanted to personally thank you for those gifts.
    CARROLL - Oh, never mind.  There was no better way to show my gratitude for her
    ZAPPA - I do think, however, that it might have been too much appreciation on
    your part.  There must be another; more appropriate gesture of thanks on our
    part for as it stands now, your gift is too overbalanced for the act.  It seems
    to me that the two of you are going to be leaving this town shortly, but trust
    me; it still isn't safe enough for travel yet.  Because of your over
    generosity, it would be my honor to guide you two to safety.
    CARROLL - Are you sure you want to do this for us?
    ZAPPA - Of course.  This is business.
    (A Man Rushes into the Room)
    ORANGE - Something is coming!
    SMALL - It's the sound of metal . . . It must be a guard!
    LUCIAN - Shit!
    ORANGE - Hey man, take this!
    (Orange Hands Lucian Something)
    LUCIAN - What's this?
    ORANGE - This is a sledge that I made.  It's light but extremely powerful,
    trust me!
    Winning Condition: Escape from Art of Noise
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    SMALL - {shouting} Carroll Mew!  Can you hear me?
    Turn this switch on.  A bridge will appear and you can cross it to get to me. 
    Understand?  First, face the switch then turn it on.
    Don't waste time.  The guards are right behind you.  My boss and his friends
    have already gone ahead to protect us so they can't be of help right now.
    You have to make it to this escape exit by yourself.
    I'll be right here watching you.  Go forward. {Kiss}!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Fine
    Temperature: 15 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Arrive at Certain Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (A Little Way into the Mission)
    SMALL - {shouting} Carroll Mew!  Here come the guards from yesterday!  His face
    looks like a demon's and he's right on your heels!
    (Kikazaru Enters with his Devil-Like Face)
    SMALL - {shouting} This time they mean business.  They are extremely well armed
    so you'd better run faster.
    (Farther into the Mission)
    SMALL - {shouting} Carroll Mew!  Can you hear me?  Even though it looks like
    you can't go any further, if you turn the switch on you'll be able to proceed.
    The switch is . . .Over there!
    There is one over here as well.  Do your best!
    (After Turning On the Switch)
    SMALL - {shouting} Carroll Mew!
    There are some more guards over here! Once you reach the exit my boss and his
    friends will help you.  Come quick!
    (At the Exit)
    SMALL - Finally you arrived.  You guys did well.  I was worried for a bit that
    you wouldn't make it.  I guess I'll have to reevaluate your abilities.
    (Lucian and Carroll Regroup with the Others)
    ZAPPA - When you two leave here take the back roads to get to the forest area. 
    After that, follow the Monaruko River and you'll soon arrive at Foggy City.
    CARROLL - Thank you so much.
    ZAPPA - At last our business transaction is now completed.  If we have another
    chance, let's get together again.
    LUCIAN - {speaking to Orange} This sledge is awesome.  Thanks for letting me us
    it and all, but I don't even know your name.
    ORANGE - Heh, heh, heh.  My name is Orange.  Orange Deluxe.  If you like it so
    much just keep it.
    LUCIAN - Really?  Is that OK?
    ORANGE - Sure.  A skillful person should wield it.
    LUCIAN - Thanks, I will keep it.  Someday I'll do something in return for you.
    ORANGE - Ah, never mind about that.
    SMALL - See you later Carroll!
    CARROLL - Yes, thank you!
    DRAGON ASYU                                                                
    (Save 003)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Lucian and Carroll left in a hurry.  In front of them loomed a rich
    and dense forest with fresh undulated greens that, perhaps, hid frightening and
    disturbing images within its thick cover and quiet surroundings.  With
    reverence and respect, the people of the region referred to these woods as the
    Holy Ancient Forest.  Moribito individuals live here amongst their shrines in
    this green city . . . Dragon Ash.
    (Lucian and Carroll Talking in Dragon Ash)
    LUCIAN - Hey, hey.  I've heard that Moribitos live in this forest.  We'll be
    hunted here, let's go back.
    CARROLL - How many times must I tell you?  Moribitos are not savages!  Besides,
    where do you want to "go back"?  We must continue to Foggy City and talk to
    Sword Emperor Duran.
    LUCIAN - Do you really mean that?
    CARROLL - What about it?
    LUCIAN - Duran?  Do you really want to talk to Sword Emperor Duran?  A little
    girl like you is just going to walk right up and talk to him?  How naive.  Do
    you have any connections?
    CARROLL - Sort of . . . But I really can't explain it in detail to you yet.
    LUCIAN - Well, if so I'd really like to meet him.
    CARROLL - Why?  Do you want his autograph or something?
    LUCIAN - No . . . But the person who made the heavy water treatment facility .
    . . I have something to discuss with him.
    (In Another Part of the Forest)
    THIEF [DRUNKEN MAN?] - Heh, heh, heh.  Even though you're a horrible performer,
    you still have some expensive stuff on ya.
    THIEF II [DRUNKEN MAN II?] - Besides, you're a good lookin' guy, eh?
    THIEF - Heh, heh, heh.
    SLIM - Don't stand so close to me. {The Police?}
    (Carroll and Lucian Enter the Scene)
    CARROLL - Lucian!
    LUCIAN - Looks like they're traveling performers.
    CARROLL - We have to rescue them.
    LUCIAN - Let's not get involved.  C'mon, let's go!
    CARROLL - I know how you feel Lucian, but we have to.  Please, help me.
    LUCIAN - Hey, hey.  You are really selfish, you know that?
    Winning Condition: Rescue Prisoners
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - You said you wanted to rescue them but how on Earth do you expect to
    accomplish such a feat?
    CARROLL - Lucian, look over there!
    If we can turn that switch on we should be able to rescue them.
    LUCIAN - I guess . . . Probably if that switch is on it'll work to free the
    prisoners.  But, whether we open the cage or not those bandits are going to be
    quite an obstacle for us so we'd better drive them away.
    CARROLL - OK Lucian, let's do it!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Rain
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies, Go to Certain Point
    Losing Condition: Death of Lucian
    CHEMICAL - Help me!
    SLIM - Ah, I will be killed!  Help!
    IDOL - Ah, help!
    BELLEBETE - Help me, please!
    (After Pressing the Switch)
    CHEMICAL - Thank you so much for helping us!  Words cannot do justice for the
    feelings I have towards you two for your assistance.
    SLIM - Are we really rescued?  Idol, we are free!
    IDOL - Yes!  We are rescued!
    BELLEBETE - Thank you very much!
    (After Freeing the Prisoners)
    LUCIAN - The exit is over here.
    (Lucian Assists Bellebete with Standing)
    CARROLL - Humph!  I see you suddenly have become a gentleman!
    LUCIAN - I can't help it in this situation.
    CARROLL - What do you mean "this situation?"
    BELLEBETE - Thank you . . . But I am OK.  Although I lost my eyesight a
    longtime ago, I am quite able to function on my own.  I have discovered that
    the wind carries small atmospheric grains that fill this world.  It is through
    these "grains" that I'm able to find my way around.
    CARROLL - Is that person blind by any chance . . . ?
    BELLEBETE - How do you do.  My name is Bellebete.
    CHEMICAL - That's right.  This girl, Bellebete, "The Diva of the Wind," lost
    her eyesight as a child.  Oh, I'm sorry.  I forgot to mention my name.  It's
    Chemical and this is my troupe.  We're a group of traveling performers. 
    Because of your help we have been rescued.  I don't know how to thank you.
    CARROLL - I'm glad that nobody was hurt.  I'm Carroll.
    LUCIAN - I'm Lucian.
    BELLEBETE - For all of us . . . Thank you so very much.
    SLIM - I'm Fatboy Slim.  Nice to meet you.
    CARROLL - How do you do, Slim?  Your name is somewhat funny.  "Fatboy?!"
    SLIM - Well, it's my stage name.  My specialty is throwing knives.
    (Slim is Attacked by Idol)
    SLIM - I-I-Idol, stop it!  Oww.  I didn't want to show such an appearance to
    our new friends.
    IDOL - Heh, heh, heh.  This is Slim's "true" performance.  When he receives
    strong stimulation to his body he balloons to the size you see here before you.
     I'm called Idol Lace, a phantasmagoric individual.  It's nice to meet you.
    CARROLL - Same here.
    SLIM - I guess this whole thing might have been our fault.  Because we were in
    such a hurry to arrive at a show we took a shortcut through this unfamiliar
    CHEMICAL - I didn't even think about if thieves lived in this forest or not. 
    This situation is clearly because of a major blunder on my part.
    LUCIAN - We're surrounded and this time it looks like the enemy is much more
    powerful than before!
    CARROLL - I hear some kind of sound.
    (Jillbelto and His Troops Enter the Scene)
    LUCIAN - There are a ton of guards . . . Right now, let's just think of a way
    to escape.
    CHEMICAL - {stammering} Only we . . . Anyway, runaway . . .
    LUCIAN - If you want to die just runaway.  This forest is their territory.  We
    are at an overwhelming disadvantage here.
    SLIM - Here they come!
    Winning Condition: Repel Thief Attacks
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    JILLBELTO - Ha, ha, ha!  Mr. Jillbelto's body here is made of steel!  An attack
    made by you small frys would not affect me at all!  Ha, ha, ha!
    BELLEBETE - Mr. Lucian!  It is impossible at the moment to defeat our enemies! 
    I implore you; do not fight them!!
    CARROLL - {speaking to Bellebete} Hey you!  How can you tell?
    BELLEBETE - . . . Well.  Somehow . . .
    CARROLL - You said, "somehow" . . .
    IDOL - Bellebete's hunches are usually correct!
    LUCIAN - . . . OK!  I believe you, but it looks like they're not going to allow
    us to run away.  What are we going to do?
    BELLEBETE - . . . Thank you, Mr. Lucian.  Anyway, we should only defend
    ourselves against attack and endure it for a while.  Something . . . A great
    power is coming.  It will be OK; I do not feel any hostility from it. 
    Something like a holy light . . . It will surely aid us I believe.
    CARROLL - You said, "I believe" . . . !  I don't know what'll happen, Lucian!!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Rain
    Temperature: 13 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Progress Past A Certain Amount Of Turns
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Defeating the First Wave . . .)
    LUCIAN - Ah!!  Here come more reinforcements!!!
    (After the Fresh Troops' First Move . . .)
    LUCIAN - Hnn . . . What . . . Is this the "great power" Bellebete spoke of
    earlier?  It's coming!!
    THIEF I - {stammering} Wha-what!?
    THIEF II - Moribito . . .
    THIEF I - It's real . . .
    THIEF II - {stammering} Mo-Moribito . . .
    JILLBELTO - Even though I'm a man who can't be matched, if I fight against
    Moribitos I don't know how many lives I'll eventually need in order to win. 
    Hey guys!  Before we're killed, let's get out of here!!
    (Jillbelto and His Cronies Runaway)
    CARROLL - That is . . . Moribito . . .
    (A Moribito Appears)
    BLUE OYSTER - This forest does not like to see any fighting whatsoever and we
    do not like people who bring their trouble here either.  My name is Blue
    Oyster.  A person who lives forever with guilt.  A person who protects this
    CARROLL - We are travelers.  There is a reason why we need to avoid people so
    we chose the road that cuts through this forest.
    BLUE OYSTER - The forest is a holy area and nobody is allowed to invade it.
    CARROLL - Even though we weren't aware of it before hand, we are truly sorry to
    have invaded this area.
    BLUE OYSTER - You jest.
    CHEMICAL - We are really sorry.  We had no idea that this was a Moribito holy
    area.  Because we were in a hurry we became more and more lost within the
    depths of this forest.  Really, really, we are truly sorry.
    BELLEBETE - I do not think that this forest is closed place.
    CHEMICAL - Hey, hey!  What are you talking about, Bellebete?!
    BLUE OYSTER - {referring to Bellebete} Who are you?
    BELLEBETE - I am the singer of this traveling group of performers.  My name is
    BLUE OYSTER - Bellebete, continue.
    BELLEBETE - A "closed forest" will surely become a putrid one over time;
    however, I can hear a rich breath of life emanating from every tree within
    these woods.
    BLUE OYSTER - Bellebete.
    BELLEBETE - Yes?
    BLUE OYSTER - You are indeed a performer with a beautiful voice.  You will
    certainly be able to discover the guidepost of this forest.  Hurry and exit
    here as quickly as you can.  My name is Blue Oyster.  A person who lives
    forever with guilt.  A person who protects this forest.
    BELLEBETE - We should move forward.  We are heretics in this forest.
    IDOL - Is that why my ass feels so weird?  {hey, you got me on this one}
    BELLEBETE - Yes.
    CARROLL - Hey, let's go.
    (Later, in the Forest . . .)
    BELLEBETE - The smell of the leaves has changed.  I assume we will reach the
    end of this forest a short time from now.
    SLIM - We've just come through the forest!
    LUCIAN - Good, we made it through finally.
    BELLEBETE - Well, are both of you going to . . .
    CARROLL - The Foggy City?  We are going to Duran City in the South.
    SLIM - I see.  Then you'll have to cross Monaruko River.  Please take care of
    LUCIAN - Eh?  How 'bout you?
    CHEMICAL - We're going to have our next performance in Color City towards the
    LUCIAN - . . . I see,
    BELLEBETE - I have really appreciated your help.  I will never forget the debt
    that we all owe you two for rescuing us.
    LUCIAN - Well, ah . . .
    BELLEBETE - On your way now.  Please take care of yourself, Miss Carroll.
    CARROLL - Quit saying "Miss" Carroll.
    BELLEBETE - I cannot see any light.  I cannot see your face.  But I can tell
    that you are quite dignified and have been ever since birth.
    CARROLL - Please don't say such kind things about me.  We should be the ones
    thanking you because without your help, the two of us would still be stuck in
    this forest.
    CHEMICAL - Well, let's go ahead and check into the hotel on the street before
    sunset.  Tomorrow we'll arrive at Color City.
    SLIM - Yes.
    IDOL - Bye!  See you guys later!
    CHEMICAL - I hope we all can meet again someday soon.
    LUCIAN - Bye guys!
    IDOL - Bye, bye!
    (The Parties Part Ways)
    LUCIAN - . . . They're gone now.
    CARROLL - Well, we should also be getting along now I guess.  If we hurry we'll
    be able to get into the city before dark.
    LUCIAN - Yeah, yeah . . . Bellebete, eh. {Internet, eh . . . Scratch, eh . . .
    Maude, eh . . .}
    FOGGY CITY                                                                 
    (Save 004)
    (Things the Black Market Trader Says)
    Hey, can I help you?  This here's an option store for sledges.  Let me show you
    what we have.
    What do you want to sell?
    Well, what do you want to buy?
    CARROLL - {speaking to the Barkeep} Any thing is OK as long as it's cold.
    LUCIAN - I'll just take a glass of your finest liquor.
    CARROLL - Barkeep, can I ask you a question?
    BARKEEP - Yes, what is it?
    CARROLL - Isn't this city called Duran City?
    BARKEEP - Yes.
    CARROLL - But I've heard people here refer to this as Helder City.  Why?
    BARKEEP - You don't know anything about Mr. Duran?
    CARROLL - You ask me, "don't you know?"  Well, no.  What exactly happened to
    Duran?  Tell me Barkeep!
    BARKEEP - Well . . . Actually . . . There was a rumor that Mr. Duran has some
    sort of relationship with the Moribitos and that he was scheming something bad
    with them.  He was arrested for treason by the authorities for the good of the
    public.  After that, Mr. Helder became the ruler instead of Mr. Duran.  That's
    why people nowadays call this Helder City.
    CARROLL - You're kidding?
    (Titus Interrupts)
    TITUS - In short, Duran was going to sell people in this city to the Moribitos.
    CARROLL - Who are you?
    TITUS - That's none of your business, eh?  Well, the Moribitos are indeed
    mysterious.  I heard recently that the Imperial City has allowed Moribito
    hunting by individuals now.  It seems that Duran was considered a dangerous man
    because of his relationship with the Moribitos.
    LUCIAN - Did Duran actually do anything?
    TITUS - Well, I don't know.
    CARROLL - Then where is Sword Emperor Duran now?
    TITUS - Heh, heh, heh.  If I knew it I wouldn't have such a hard time now.  I
    have to find him as soon as possible.
    LUCIAN - What happened?
    TITUS - He ran away while he was being taken to the police.
    CARROLL - Ran away?
    TITUS - Yep.  I don't know if he just knocked out the guards or killed 'em but
    they were some of the elite guards from the Imperial City.  He sure is an
    uncommon fellow.
    CARROLL - How terrible . . .
    LUCIAN - So the rumor was true.  Why then are you looking for Duran?
    TITUS - Heh, heh, heh.  For the same reason as you.
    CARROLL - Eh?
    TITUS - If I catch him alive I'll get the $5,000,000 reward.  Even if it's just
    his head I'll get $2,500,000.  It's been a long time since I've heard such a
    ridiculous price for someone's capture.
    LUCIAN - So you're a bounty hunter.
    CARROLL - Hey, hey!!  Don't be silly!
    TITUS - Heh, heh.  Don't get mad.  Anyhow, you're bounty hunters yourselves,
    CARROLL - I can't allow you to get the head of Sword Emperor Duran!
    TITUS - Heh, heh, heh.  Even though you say so this is "first come, first
    LUCIAN - What kind of man is Helder?
    TITUS - It seems that he really likes bloody entertainment.  Today, soon from
    now, a public execution of Moribitos will be held.
    LUCIAN - Execution?  What do you mean "execution?"
    TITUS - If he catches any Moribitos he executes them in the coliseum. 
    Spectators witness the executions as well and cheer out loud.
    CARROLL - Such things.  But Foggy City is . . . Coexist with Moribitos . . .
    TITUS - That's the story 'til last month.
    CARROLL - {speaking to Lucian} Hey, hey!  Where are you going!?
    LUCIAN - . . . Coliseum.
    TITUS - You really like that stuff?
    CARROLL - Lucian!!
    TITUS - What's his problem?
    BARKEEP - {speaking to Titus} Aren't you going as well?
    TITUS - I'm not interested in bullying Moribitos.
    BARKEEP - . . .
    TITUS - But that young man has gotten my attention.
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - It happened two weeks later.  Sword Emperor Duran was accused of
    being a traitor by Prime Minister Vlad and as such, the Emperor's status and
    position were swiftly taken from him.  Helder then became a Sword Emperor's
    aide which brought with it real authority to rule the region.  It is
    interesting to note that before Helder's rapid rise to power; he did not have
    what one would consider an exceptional career in politics.  In fact if truth
    were told, the feudal lords were not too familiar with the man at all. 
    However, all one had to do was witness how deeply fascinated the people were by
    Helder's charismatic speeches to know the reasons for his climb to dominance
    over the city.  The man's words brought with it loud and boisterous cheers from
    the crowds.  When executions of criminals took place, the people would erupt in
    a kind of ecstasy and people from other regions have claimed that it sounded
    like thunderstorms when heard from far away.  Perhaps a better name for Foggy
    City at this time would be the Devil's City because of the many executions that
    Helder would soon initiate.
    Bloody Helder . . . When he heard the word "Moribito," Lucian remembered the
    group's mysterious existence and cringed at the frightful soul of Helder's and
    quickly went towards the Coliseum.  There what he and Carroll saw were figures
    of Moribitos cruelly lined towards an execution platform.  In front of Lucian
    and Carroll, Helder began to talk to the audience calmly and coolly, uttering,
    "Gentlemen, friends, and sensible citizens . . ."
    HELDER - Gentlemen, friends, and sensible citizens.  By the authority vested in
    me, it is now time to liquidate the vermin who have tarnished the honor of our
    fair city.  We must carry on our nation's development.  The forthcoming future
    of our brilliant industrial society is upon us and we must have true citizens
    among us to achieve this wonderful potential.  I cannot allow the existence of
    an inferior race to mettle with our wise and intelligent countrymen and their
    destinies.  Right now, the root of our society's misfortune should be
    (Helder Turns and Exits)
    (Slap Enters)
    SLAP - Let the executions begin!
    LUCIAN - I object!
    I object! . . . I object!
    (Titus Enters)
    TITUS - Hey, hey, young man.  Even though you object to these proceedings you
    can't actually believe that you can achieve any desirable outcome by just
    yelling into the crowd like that.  Well now, why don't you and I become
    partners?  We're both following Duran, right?  So why not combine our strengths
    to achieve our desired outcome together.  If we should come across any material
    wealth along our journey, I say split it evenly between us.  Situations such as
    this event going on right here and now shouldn't sidetrack you.  Your main
    focus should be our objective of getting to Duran.
    CARROLL - Whoa, now just wait one minute there!  WE are going to see Duran . . .
    TITUS - You wish to capture Duran, right?
    SLAP - Who are those people down there?!  Get them!
    TITUS - {sigh} Just as I feared, we are now involved in this situation.  How
    truly unlucky I must be.
    Winning Condition: Defeat Slap within the Time Limit
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian/All the Moribitos
    SLAP HAPPY - I will now begin the executions of these Moribitos
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Fine
    Temperature: 23 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Defeat Slap Before the Deaths of All the Moribitos
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian/All the Moribitos
    (After the End of the First Turn)
    SLAP HAPPY - 2! {and so on throughout this battle}
    (At the Count of Zero)
    SLAP HAPPY - 0!!!  Hinrichten!!
    (A Moribito Drops To His Death)
    (After Defeating Slap)
    LUCIAN - If I were just a bit stronger, I could have saved more of them.
    (After the Battle)
    SLAP - Hmm.  For the time being, troops, I suggest we disperse.
    (Slap Exits)
    LUCIAN - Now, let's rescue those Moribitos.
    CARROLL - We should probably get outta here.  I'm sure reinforcements are on
    their way.
    LUCIAN - I know.
    TITUS - Well, let's exit via the sewer.  Quick, this way.
    (The Party Exits)
    der locus
    CARROLL - {panting} No, that's it!  I simply cannot run any longer.
    TITUS - Our pursuers will surely locate us if we stop to rest here.
    (Troops Enter)
    TITUS - See, just as I said they would, the troops have spotted us.
    Winning Condition: Escape from Underground Sewer
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    TITUS - The waterway appears to be blocking our route . . . Hmm.  Looks like
    this type of switch opens and closes the gates to the waterway.  If so, we
    should continue our journey ahead of us.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 15 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Party Arrive at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Arriving at the Indicated Point)
    LUCIAN - OK!  We've reached a safe area!
    Let's get outta here!
    (The Party Exits)
    LUCIAN - Our crisis has been averted . . . for the time being.
    MORIBITO - I am sorry to have troubled you.
    LUCIAN - No . . . I am sorry that you were the only one I could rescue.
    MORIBITO - Never mind, it is not your fault.  You did your best in a tough
    CARROLL - {speaking to the Moribito} Are you going to return to the woods?
    MORIBITO - Yes.  I cannot live outside the woods.  If you want to, I will guide
    you there.
    LUCIAN - Woods . . .
    CARROLL - Let's see.  It would be easier to elude our pursuers if  . . .
    TITUS - Yes.  I'm sure there is already a reward for our capture back in Foggy
    City.  We probably wouldn't be safe there.  Let's retreat to the woods.
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Lucian and the rest of the party followed the Moribito through the
    city and into the woods where they hid themselves amongst the labyrinth of
    trees.  Messengers riding on swift horses soon spread the word throughout
    Edoald Island about reward offers for the party's capture.  Lucian and his
    friend now became wanted criminals.
    Meanwhile, Moribito executions have been halted.  In the coliseum, where the
    smell of blood still lingers densely in the air, spectators gather and begin to
    cheer for the quick capture of the new scapegoats of the Empire.  The hunt for
    our heroes will soon begin.
    An elite unit led by Violent City Sword Emperor George M. Cohan {wink}, and
    stationed in the neighboring woods, has received a message from Mist City
    imploring them to begin a search of the forest area.  Within minutes a
    systematical exploration or every inch of the forest has begun and then . . .
    (Save 005)
    LUCIAN - {speaking to the Moribito} We once knew a Moribito who looked just
    like you.  Have you heard the name, Blue Oyster before?  Is she one of your
    MORIBITO - Yes, I have heard about her encounter with you and your friends.  If
    I were to tell her of my involvement with you I think she would approve.
    CARROLL - Please take care not to be captured again.
    MORIBITO - Yes, I most certainly will.  Well, I guess I will head for the woods
    (The Moribito Leaves)
    LUCIAN - Hmm.  What's our next move?
    CARROLL - We are definitely going to seek out Duran!
    TITUS - That's right!  Let's go find Duran!
    CARROLL - What, you don't seek Duran.  Humph.  WE are going to ask Duran for
    TITUS - Heh, heh.  I guess you'd like to gain the capture money all by
    yourselves, eh?  Well, I can't let you do that!
    CARROLL - No, you misunderstand.
    LUCIAN - Shh!  Quiet! . . . Someone is coming.
    GUARDIAN - You must be the group described in the warrant floating around Mist
    TITUS - Just as I suspected, there IS a price on our heads.
    CARROLL - These people . . . Probably . . . Wait!
    LUCIAN - {speaking to the Guardian} Back up!  Otherwise you're bound to get
    Winning Condition: All Enemies Destroyed
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Cloudy
    Temperature: 14 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: All Enemies Destroyed
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    GEORGE - Stop!  Everybody put down your arms immediately!
    LUCIAN - What?
    TITUS - Don't interrupt this fight!  We're havin' a good time.
    GEORGE - Without continuing this fight any further, I declare you the winner of
    this particular skirmish.  Or, won't you be satisfied until every last one of
    us is killed?  If so, instead of my troops, I will fight against you.  I don't
    know what you did exactly, but you are criminals in the eyes of the law.  I
    will not make any allowances here . . .!
    CARROLL - Wait! George.  Are you, George?
    LUCIAN - Don't bother, Carroll!
    GEORGE - You, cannot be, Carroll?  Why are you in such a place?
    LUCIAN - Carroll, do you know him?
    CARROLL - Ye . . . Yes . . . My friend.  Isn't that right, George?
    LUCIAN - Your friend . . . This man and you?
    GEORGE - Fr . . . Friend?  No, I . . .
    CARROLL - What happened?  Isn't that right?
    GEORGE - . . . No.  Well . . .
    LUCIAN - Which is true?
    GEORGE - She is correct.  Friend . . . No . . . An old acquaintance.
    TITUS - Hey, Lucian.  What's going on here?  Who is that guy?  No, I guess it
    doesn't matter.  Fight or surrender!  Which will it be?
    LUCIAN - Think about it by yourself.  I'm not sure.
    TITUS - Heh, I can feel we've won.  What are you going to do now?  As Carroll
    has already implied, are we going to Color City with this guy?
    LUCIAN - Does Carroll mean that this guy is suppose to travel with us to Color
    City?  Is there any reason why we are following him?
    TITUS - Well, George aside, it is not such a bad idea to head towards Color
    LUCIAN - Why do you think so?
    TITUS - That city is an excellent place for people on the lam to disappear for
    a while.  I guess it's better than hiding in the woods forever.  Also, we might
    get a chance to discover about Duran's whereabouts.
    LUCIAN - {speaking to Carroll} Have you finished talking now?
    CARROLL - Yes.  I'd like to talk about what our next move is.
    TITUS - I guess you might want to say, "let's go to Color City with him" . . .
    CARROLL - It's not right to run away without a plan.  Going to Color City is
    just one of our choices.  Lucian, what do you think?
    LUCIAN - I don't think it's a good choice, going to Color City with him . . .
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    LUCIAN - But, let's go.  I shouldn't be the selfish one here.
    TITUS - Well, OK.
    GEORGE - Then let us be on our way.
    COLOR CITY                                                                 
    (Save 006)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Color City . . .
    The city is governed by Empress Madame Leonora and is known for its
    entertainment districts.  Various types of people come and go here throughout
    the night and day hours.  The city is almost the personification of gaiety . . .
    Lucian and his friends, along with former Sword Emperor George, soon found
    themselves walking in this vulgar city among its indecent inhabitants.  The
    perfumed smells of immorality soon overcame the entire party.  And . . .
    LUCIAN - This is Leonora City . . .
    TITUS - At long last, we'll be able to drink the finest in liquor tonight!  I
    have heard that there are beautiful birds living in this city.
    CARROLL - Hey, we shouldn't waste our time in such a place as this.  Let's move
    LUCIAN - "Let's go?"  But where are we going?
    CARROLL - To Leonora Palace, of course.
    LUCIAN - Leonora Palace?
    TITUS - You mean the same Leonora Palace where Sword Empress Madame Leonora
    CARROLL - Sure thing.  Leonora should know of Duran's whereabouts.
    LUCIAN - So, you expect to just abruptly show up and see a Sword Empress like
    that, eh?
    TITUS - {referring to Carroll} I think you're nuts.
    CARROLL - It's OK.  Just count on me for once, would ya!
    LUCIAN - It seems to me that you are just a bit too familiar with this Sword
    Empress.  Do you think you're a princess or something?
    CARROLL - Stop complaining already.  Let's just get started.
    GEORGE - Carroll is correct.  We should continue on.
    TITUS - Nobody has stopped us so far . . . not even at the palace gates.  I
    feel disappointed somehow at this fact.  Now I don't have any confidence left
    cause apparently I ain't worth that much as a criminal of the law.
    LUCIAN - I guess the warrants for our arrests haven't arrived yet from Foggy
    TITUS - If so, we should consider ourselves extremely lucky.  But, I doubt . . .
    GEORGE - Everybody, please calm down.
    LEONORA - Long time no see, eh, Carroll?  I knew that George was coming but it
    came as a surprise that you came along too.  Welcome.
    CARROLL - Thank you, Leonora.  This is Lucian and Titus.  On our way here we
    met George by chance.
    LEONORA - How do you do?  I am Leonora.  Carroll and I are trusted old friends.
     I assume you two took good care of Carroll during her journey here.  I
    appreciate that.
    TITUS - . . . Well . . . Yeah . . . Not a problem.  [I've heard rumors of
    Leonora's beauty but wow . . .]
    LUCIAN - {rudely and coolly to Leonora} There is no reason for you to thank us.
     It was purely by chance that we had this result.
    LEONORA - So then . . . You are traveling together to find Sword Emperor Duran,
    aren't you?
    CARROLL - Yes.  At first we went to Foggy City to see if . . . But we couldn't
    find any information about Duran's whereabouts.  Besides, with the incident in
    Foggy City, we too became criminals wanted by the law.
    LEONORA - Yes, I've heard that from George already {when was this?}.  I am
    quite concerned about the present events consuming Foggy City.  I will
    definitely locate Duran.  You should remain here for a while and rest.
    CARROLL - Thank you, Leonora.  Thank you too, George.
    TITUS - Unexpected surprise there.  I can't believe we were able to see the
    Sword Empress like that.  Eh, Lucian?
    LUCIAN - Indeed.  Carroll, who are you anyway?
    CARROLL - It doesn't really matter.  Besides, look at that.
    CHEMICAL - There . . . There everybody.  Look, familiar faces.
    LUCIAN - Chemical Brothers!
    CARROLL - I remember now, you said you were traveling to Color City.  But it is
    so unlikely that we would bump into each other in such a place as this {tell me
    about it, but ya gotta advance the storyline somehow}.
    SLIM - We are surprised as well.
    IDOL - Surprise, surprise!  Winu, Winu, Winu, niiiiii! {just gibberish
    schoolgirl-type babble}
    BELLEBETE - What a coincidence.
    CHEMICAL - I heard about your troubles while we were traveling here.  Perhaps I
    shouldn't say this out loud, but it appears as though you guys are in a very
    inconvenient situation now.  We met again and this implies that we are destined
    to have a close relationship.  We might be able to help you.
    CARROLL - Thank you.
    LUCIAN - But at the moment we can't decide what to do next.
    CHEMICAL - I see.  Well, we have to continue on to Cobalt Blue City.  Still
    though, we have numerous engagements here in Color City for the next couple of
    days.  If we can provide any assistance for you while we are together here,
    just let us know.
    BELLEBETE - Long time, no see.
    LUCIAN - That's true.  You look well.
    BELLEBETE - Yes, you do too, Lucian.
    LUCIAN - Yeah, but, now I'm wanted by the law.
    BELLEBETE - But Lucian, you did not do anything wrong.  Never mind about that
    LUCIAN - Thank you.  You are so kind.
    BELLEBETE - No, no . . . No I am not.  Hey, Lucian . . . Can I ask you a
    question?  Only one, mind you.
    LUCIAN - What's that?
    BELLEBETE - Lucian, what is your dream?
    LUCIAN - My dream?  . . .  My dream is to become a knight.
    BELLEBETE - Knight?
    LUCIAN - I promised my deceased sister that I would become a knight.
    BELLEBETE - Then, since your sister has passed away you have lost the dream,
    the dream of knighthood?
    LUCIAN - I haven't lost it yet.  I wanted to become a knight to fulfill the
    dream.  Every time I dream of my sister I see her withering in pain from heavy
    water illness.  I want her to sleep quietly.  For that reason, I must become a
    knight.  Hey . . . How do you feel about not being able to see anything?  Isn't
    it tough for you?
    BELLEBETE - It happened so long ago.  I cannot remember a time when I was not
    blind.  I was an orphan.  My parents were very poor.  I guess they could not
    raise a handicapped child on their own.  I was brought up by Chemical.  Soon, I
    became the diva of the troupe.  Perhaps I am lucky to have such a good voice
    due to the loss of my sight.
    LUCIAN - I'm sorry to have brought up such a topic.
    BELLEBETE - That is OK.  Like I said, even though I can no longer see, I have
    not lost the light of my being.  . . .  Close your eyes.
    LUCIAN - Ah.  Ah . . .
    BELLEBETE - Can you hear the wind singing?  The voice of it?
    LUCIAN - . . .
    BELLEBETE - Your mind feels pain due to your sister's death.  She was not
    isolated or anxious like you think she was.
    LUCIAN - Is that so?
    BELLEBETE - If you have somebody who cares for you next to you, even if you
    close your eyes you can feel this in your heart.  Like what you are doing right
    (Carroll Enters the Room)
    LEONORA - It was confirmed to me that Duran has traveled towards Artwood.
    CARROLL - Really?  Thank you, Leonora.  This information is of great help to me.
    LEONORA - If you do not mind, I would like to assist you.
    GEORGE - What are you talking about, Leonora!  Even though Carroll is a
    princess, her group is made up of criminals, and that is a fact.  What would
    happen to your position as Sword Empress if . . .
    LEONORA - Even though I am a Sword Empress it is the rightful thing to do as a
    human being, to help one's friend.  Besides, to begin with her group did not
    commit any crimes.
    CARROLL - Leonora.  I appreciate your gesture, but George is indeed correct.  I
    should not bother you anymore with my troubles.  Besides, Lucian and Titus are
    quite reliable persons.
    LEONORA - Carroll!
    CARROLL - Well then, I need to find Duran as soon as possible so I'll be
    leaving now.
    (Carroll Runs Off)
    LEONORA - Carroll, wait!
    GEORGE - Leonora!  I am not going to allow you to leave your position here.
    LEONORA - George!
    TITUS - Carroll, where have you been?!
    CARROLL - Umm . . . A little . . . Well . . . By the way, Chemical?  You said
    you were going to leave here and travel to Cobalt Blue City.
    CHEMICAL - Yes.  We are going to leave tomorrow.  Why do you ask?
    CARROLL - Could you take us with you to Cobalt Blue City?  I know it will be
    nothing but trouble for you, but I couldn't ask anyone else for help.
    LUCIAN - {speaking to Carroll} Hey, what happened to you?
    CARROLL - Duran has traveled to Artwood.  Leonora just told me this.
    TITUS - That's a very valuable bit of information there.  Don't say "tomorrow,"
    let's leave right here and now!
    CARROLL - No, no.  If the three of us were together, our group would be quite
    recognizable.  It might be a good idea if we disguise ourselves first and then
    leave with Chemical and his troupe.
    LUCIAN - If we do so, we'll involve them in our trouble.
    CHEMICAL - No, you saved all of our lives.  It would be easy.  Please count on
    us for your safety.
    CARROLL - Thank you, Chemical.
    JUAMU VILLAGE                                                              
    (Save 007)
    (Iwazaru and Troops Enter)
    IWAZARU - Hey you!  You ain't hiding Duran here are you?
    VILLAGE ELDER - No, not at all.  I do not even know this "Duran."
    IWAZARU - What?!  Are you lying to the Kingdom's Knight Group?!  I was given an
    anonymous tip that you are indeed secretly helping Duran.
    IDOL - Hey you!  Don't bully around the elderly.
    IWAZARU - Wh . . . Who is it?!
    IDOL - A beautiful girl of love and justice.  Idol Lace!!!
    SLIM - I . . . Idol . . .?
    IDOL - Let's go, Slim!
    One . . . Two . . . Three.
    Idol flash!!!  Yeah!
    SLIM - {weakly} Idol.  I can't jump from this height.
    IDOL - Jump!  Jump!  You'll be fine, Slim!  If you continue on with such a
    shameful and disgraceful display of cowardice I'll be extremely upset with you.
    SLIM - Eh.  Impossible.
    IDOL - Fine.  I have decided to inflict the puku puku punishment against you
    {oh please, just shut up Idol.  Can she be killed in the game, seriously}
    (Lucian and His Posse Arrive)
    CARROLL - What happened to you, Idol?  You suddenly began to run away.
    Guardians?!  I thought for sure we would elude them for a while longer.
    LUCIAN - No.  That's wrong.  Something's different.
    TITUS - Looks like the guardians wanna talk to these people of the village.  We
    shouldn't get involved here.  We have some pretty valuable information, that
    Carroll received, at our disposal, and at great personal risk I might add. 
    Let's just go to Cobalt Blue City quickly, before Duran runs away again!
    SLIM - This is our birth village.  We were brought up here.  Idol noticed a
    dangerous situation brewing against the elder and the villagers just now.  Each
    village person is like a family member to us.  I do not believe that these
    guardians intend to commit dutiful actions here.  Please, lend your support to
    these poor, defenseless villagers.
    TITUS - Even though you asked for our assistance, we really should avoid all
    needless combat whenever possible.  Eh, Lucian?
    IWAZARU - What are you guys mumbling about over there?!  You seem like very
    suspicious people.  Catch 'em first, interrogate 'em later!
    LUCIAN - Hmm.  I guess whether we like it or not, we'll involved now.  Well, OK
    . . . Chemical and the others will back us up on this one.  Let's rescue their
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Cloudy
    Temperature: 22 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Fight)
    VILLAGE ELDER - Thank you very much.  We have been rescued thanks to your
    generosity.  Idol and Slim look fine.  That is great.
    IDOL - I'm glad everyone is safe now.  You weren't hurt at all, were you?
    VILLAGE ELDER - Yes, we are all alright.
    TITUS - Looks like the guardians are gone now.
    KID 1 - Idol Sister!
    IDOL - Is everyone OK?
    SLIM - I'm here too you know.
    IDOL - You are disgusting.  You're so jealous.
    KID 2 - Ah, there's puku puku.
    SLIM - You are wrong, my name is Slim.  Fat Boy (puku puku) is my performance
    name.  Idol told you some disinformation.
    KID 1 - Hey, what does "performance name" mean anyway?  Please, tell me.
    TITUS - Well, I'm sorry to interrupt everyone's family bonding here.  Hey,
    village head guy.  Tell me one thing in return for rescuing you.
    VILLAGE ELDER - Yes, what would you like to know?
    TITUS - Did Sword Emperor Duran go through this village?
    VILLAGE ELDER - . . .
    TITUS - What about it?!  We are not enemies of Duran!  We are on his side!
    IDOL - I will ask you too.  These are decent people, not the enemy.  Right now,
    we are looking for Duran.
    VILLAGE ELDER - Yes, I understand now.  Certainly . . . About a week ago.  He
    went towards Cobalt Blue City afterwards.
    CARROLL - Leonora was right.  I thought so.  Thank you, village elder.
    VILLAGE ELDER - You are welcome.
    {speaking to Chemical} By the way, please take good care of Idol and Slim, as
    CHEMICAL - Certainly.  Well then, we should be leaving now.  Let's get started.
    COBALT BLUE CITY                                                           
    (Save 008)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Lucian and his group traced Duran's whereabouts to somewhere within
    Cobalt Blue City.  In this commercially wealthy city that is governed by Sword
    Emperor Benoit, they finally encounter former Sword Emperor Duran.  However,
    destiny's spinning wheel soon began to draw a mysterious pattern for our heroes
    . . .
    CARROLL - Barkeep.  Can I ask you a quick question?
    BARKEEP - Yes, of course.
    CARROLL - Have you heard the rumor of someone spotting former Sword Emperor
    Duran in this city?
    BARKEEP - Are you . . . Bounty hunters?
    CARROLL - No way, barkeep.  Actually we are a secret committee organized by the
    Imperial City to search for Sword Emperor Duran.
    BARKEEP - . . .
    CARROLL - Ah, you do not believe me.  Hmm, well a little bit . . . Look at this.
    BARKEEP - That . . . That emblem is the royal family's crest!  O-OK.  Well,
    secretly then, I'll explain it to you . . . Very recently, Duran arrived here
    in the city.  It seems as though he's staying with Sword Emperor Benoit.
    CARROLL - Really?  So right now he's with Benoit?!
    BARKEEP - Yes, he should be.
    (Lucian and Titus Enter the Tavern)
    TITUS - {speaking to Carroll} Finally, I found you.
    LUCIAN - OK, let's get going.
    CARROLL - Thank you, barkeep.  I appreciate your cooperation.
    (Carroll, Lucian, and Titus Enter)
    TITUS - We're finally going to have a heartfelt, touching meeting with Duran! 
    I'm almost trembling with excitement over it!  Well then, Carroll, which one is
    CARROLL - Titus, don't do that!  We came here not to catch Duran, but to see
    and speak with him!  Right now on this island, there is something brewing. 
    Please understand, Titus . . . Please let me speak with Duran!  It won't be too
    late to catch him after I'm through talking.
    TITUS - Wh-What?!  I feel you are quite determined . . . This is not just a
    normal power that is emanating from you.  I feel something akin to nobility in
    your voice . . . Carroll, who the hell are you anyway?!
    .. . . I understand.  You can talk with him first.
    LUCIAN - . . .
    CARROLL - Thank you for understanding, Titus.
    The green clothed man is Benoit.  Next to him is Sword Emperor Duran.
    LUCIAN - HE is Duran!  Duran Matthews!!!
    BENOIT - Who are you?
    CARROLL - Benoit.  Long time, no see, eh?
    BENOIT - There, there Miss Carroll.
    CARROLL - I'm sorry to have to visit you on such short notice.  We came here to
    see Duran.
    DURAN - Did you say you came here just to see me, Carroll?
    (Lucian Takes a Few Swipes at Duran)
    CARROLL - Lucian!!!
    LUCIAN - Because of you!
    You did it to my sister!
    If you wouldn't have created that heavy water facility . . .
    "Frightening Light Syndrome" would never have occurred and my sister would
    still be alive!  You . . .
    DURAN - !?  Heavy water facility . . . Frightening Light Syndrome . . . sister
    died?  Put down your weapon, young man.  Tell me your story.
    (After a Few More Swipes from Lucian)
    DURAN - I told you to put down your weapon!!!
    CARROLL - Lucian!
    DURAN - I'm sorry I raised my voice to you.  Why don't you tell me the story
    now?  Your story . . . Involving my crime . . .
    LUCIAN - I was born in a slum.  I had a twin sister.  Instead of me, she had
    the burden of carrying around the sickness of two for sixteen years without
    ever being able to see the warm sunshine.  She just suffered and died.  That
    was the extent of her life.  All because of the facilities that you created! 
    Why would you create such things!  You think you're a great man, eh?  A
    powerful knight, eh?  Why would such a wonderful person kill my sister?!  Why
    didn't you . . .
    CARROLL - Lucian, what are you talking about?!  In regards to the heavy water
    treatment facilities, it isn't totally Duran's fault.
    DURAN - No, that's OK, Carroll.  After I excavated the first heavy water
    treatment facility, and we began operations there, I was informed about an
    illness that was spreading among the slums of the adjacent city.  Certainly I
    am responsible for the facilities.  If you lost your sister due to these
    facilities, I assume full responsibility for your loss.
    LUCIAN - You admit your guilt . . . This easily . . .
    CARROLL - Don't be stupid!  Duran said those things because he has a strong
    ethos when it comes to issues of personal responsibility.
    (Lucian Prepares for Another Blow against Duran)
    LUCIAN - No!  Whatever he says, I simply cannot forgive him!
    DURAN - If you will finally be released from your hatred, then do it.  If you
    will be rescued by my death, then have at it.  But promise me one thing.  After
    your revenge here and now, never hold a personal grudge against another human
    being ever again.  From now on live just for yourself.  I want you to own that
    same kindness you have towards your dear departed sister for yourself and to
    live your own life from this day forward.
    LUCIAN - What are you talking about?!  What a meaningless speech!  Without
    being told by you . . .
    I will finally be free!
    Without being told . . .
    (Lucian Collapses to the Ground)
    Without . . .
    With . . .
    (Benoit Kicks Lucian)
    BENOIT - That dirty kid!  After he yelled loud enough for the whole world to
    here him, he is then too worn out to fight.  What a miserable child to just lie
    down like that.  By the way, you have accomplished as much as you could ever
    hope to in the Sword Emperor's Room.  Even though you are followers of Miss
    Carroll, I cannot allow your obnoxious behavior to continue.  This Benoit, even
    though old, has received the position as Sword Emperor from the King!
    TITUS - Hey, hey, Carroll.  This situation seems to have taken a turn for the
    worse.  I guess for the time being we should leave.
    CARROLL - Sword Emperor Benoit, Sword Emperor Duran.  Please forgive our rude
    and inhospitable behavior.  My companions' impolite manners are entirely my
    fault and my responsibility.  Please punish only myself for their acts.
    DURAN - Carroll . . .
    BENOIT - . . . Miss Carroll.  I appreciate your understanding regarding this
    matter.  I am going to order my attendants to prepare rooms for you and your
    party.  Please, rest awhile here.  I would think that you are all tired after
    your long journey.
    CARROLL - I'm sorry.  Sometime later I will call on you again to apologize for
    what has occurred here today.  Well, I guess we should be going now, Titus.
    (Carroll Appears and Searches for Lucian)
    CARROLL - There you are, Lucian . . .
    LUCIAN - Carroll . . .
    (Carroll Sits Down Beside Lucian)
    CARROLL - Lucian . . . I really feel sorry for your sister, but the blame
    shouldn't be totally placed on Duran's shoulders.
    LUCIAN - . . .
    CARROLL - There must be others who are not pleased with Duran either, but I DO
    believe him.  I believe Duran would not treat people so harshly without any
    real reason.  Even after your brief encounter with him I am sure you can tell
    Duran is pure of heart.
    LUCIAN - I know what you say is right.
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    LUCIAN - What?
    CARROLL - Now I know why your eyes always appear sad.  I understand now that
    your eyes have always seen your sister.  At our very first meeting when you
    rescued me, you mentioned your sister . . .
    LUCIAN - Until now I was always thinking about how I was unable to help my
    sister.  That is for sure, but now, it is different.  After I met Duran,
    something changed inside my mind . . .
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    (Benoit Enters)
    BENOIT - Both of you just stop it!
    (Benoit's Guards Surround Lucian and Carroll)
    BENOIT - Just now an order was handed down by the Imperial City.  I am now
    under orders to arrest the two of you.
    CARROLL - Are you going to betray me, Benoit?!
    BENOIT - A betrayal or not I am a Sword Emperor obeying a decree from his
    ruler.  Even though you are a princess you are still considered a criminal at
    the moment, one that acts against the powers of the Imperial City.
    LUCIAN - Princess!?  Carroll, you are truly a princess?!
    CARROLL - Yes.  It was not my intention to deceive you, Lucian.  I am sorry.
    BENOIT - I have already arrested Duran.  Your traveling performer friends have
    also been taken into custody.  You two should just surrender quietly to me now.
    LUCIAN - Carroll, back up!
    CARROLL - It is impossible to fight against so many guardians, Lucian.
    (Lucian Takes Out One of the Guards and then Attacks Benoit who Quickly Beats
    Lucian Down)
    BENOIT - You are still going to resist me, Lucian?  Can you not see that there
    is no way out for you?  If you oppose me anymore I can assure you that you will
    indeed lose your life.
    CARROLL - We should surrender for the time being, Lucian.
    BENOIT - Guardians!  Haul Carroll, along with Duran, back to the Imperial City
    at once!
    LUCIAN - Carroll!  I will rescue you again.  Count on it!
    CARROLL - Lucian, I believe you!  Without fail, come and rescue me!
    BENOIT - Ha, ha, ha.  It is a bit too late for things like that to be said. 
    You are high-spirited, boy, I will give you that.  I will send you along with
    your company to the Heavy D facility.  Your prince-like action is now over. 
    Guardians!  Take them away!
    LUCIAN - Carroll!  I'll definitely!  I'll definitely rescue you!
    (Lucian Collapses {pussy})
    HEAVY D                                                                    
    (Save 009)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - It has been said that soil dust from mining locations contains
    heavy metals.  This dust absorbs the blood from forced laborers at mining
    facilities . . . like Heavy D.
    After their arrest, Lucian and the others were branded as criminals and forced
    to perform cruel work covered in poisonous dust.  Also at the facility, Lucian
    recognized some familiar faces.
    ZAPPA - Well, well.  What a surprise to see you again and in such a place as
    LUCIAN - You are . . . Zappa!  Orange and Small are here as well I see.  What
    happened to you guys?  Why are you stuck here?
    ZAPPA - Heh, heh, heh.  It's quite a shameful story, I'm afraid.  After you
    left the city there was a huge rampage against the slum district by the
    government.  Even the great Zappa was caught.
    SMALL - One day a tremendous number of guardians came . . . Even though we are
    scholars in the art of disappearance, we still could not escape from them.
    LUCIAN - But what kind of crime were you accused of that got you sent here?
    ZAPPA - Ah, of course.  Well, our history has plenty of dirt behind it, if you
    know what I mean.  There was no real reason why we were sent here though.
    ORANGE - On the surface, this is a forced labor facility.  But, in reality, the
    purpose behind it is to mine a rare metal from certain veins deep found deep
    within the Earth, although this is just a rumor of course.  Because of this,
    the government routinely runs slum hunts to roundup suspicious-looking
    characters for labor here.
    (Zappa Suddenly Covers Orange's Mouth with his Hand)
    ORANGE - {muffled sounds} What are you going to do, Boss?!
    ZAPPA - Shh!  Be quiet!  Someone is approaching!
    SMALL - Heh, heh, Orange.  The Boss scolded you.
    ORANGE - Small, you . . . I won't forget this.
    (Walter and Style Appear)
    WALTER - Is the work going well, Style?  Anyway, we need a lot of rare metal
    today.  If you don't have enough people to do the job I'll just perform some
    more slum hunting.
    STYLE - During that huge slum roundup the other day we got enough prisoners,
    although a couple of the more naughty ones increased in number.  But no need to
    worry though cause the new guards are much more strict with discipline than the
    others were.
    ORANGE - {speaking to Small} He's probably referring to you, you little rat.
    SMALL - You said that?!  You old faced, glasses wearing, geek!
    ZAPPA - Stop it!
    WALTER - {speaking to Style} By the way . . . Where are those people from
    Cobalt Blue City who fought against the Sword Emperor Benoit?
    LUCIAN - . . .
    WALTER - You should be careful not to underestimate those individuals.  Well,
    you won the fighting competition though.  One of the Black Suits admitted to
    your inherent skills.  Am I right?  If something bad goes down, fight your way
    out.  For Mister Vlad!
    STYLE - Yes, sir!
    {and they magically got weapons how?!?}
    Winning Condition: Escape from Mining Location
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - This environment is totally inhospitable.  I can honestly say that
    this place may force us to work until our deaths.  I must think of a way to
    ZAPPA - Yeah, that's the ticket!  I'll help.
    LUCIAN - Zappa, do you have a good idea on how to escape?
    ZAPPA - Well, Lucian.  First, Small should go into the air duct here and crawl
    to the mining apparatus over there.  While she's busy doing that we can work on
    escaping.  Once we're out of here, we'll jump into the mining cars that
    transport minerals out of this location.  We can escape via the main train.  If
    this plan goes well we should be able to say goodbye to our miserable situation.
    SMALL - Eh!!  I'm the only one who's going into that dirty duct?!
    ZAPPA - Who else can fit into that duct except you?!
    SMALL - But I can see a pretty unpleasant looking guy over there!
    SMALL - When I come out over there I'll be directly in the hornet's nest!!!
    ZAPPA - I believe it'll be easy for you to climb through the duct and stop that
    mining apparatus.
    SMALL - Of course it'll be easy . . . But that unpleasant looking guy . . .
    ZAPPA - Such junk.  We are going to make scrap metal outta him.  You can
    proceed with peace of mind, Small.
    SMALL - The Boss, always, always, gets me to do the dirty work . . .
    ZAPPA - Don't complain, just do it!!! {yeah, you freakin' little #%*@&}
    (Zappa Takes a Swipe at Small)
    SMALL - OK.  But please be sure to take out that guy before I get over there. 
    If you don't do that I am not going to get outta the duct!
    LUCIAN - I understand, Small.  We'll certainly beat him.  Please, count on us
    and push that switch.
    SMALL - OK, OK.  I trust you, Lucian.
    (Small Finally Climbs Into the Air Duct)
    SMALL - Be sure now!!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 30 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Entire Party Arrives Safely to the Location Within the
    Provided Amount of Turns
    Losing Condition: Progress Deterred Beyond Provide Turns, The Death of Lucian
    (While Inside the Air Duct)
    SMALL - Hey, hey!  Small-chan is here.
    (Near the End of Small's Journey)
    SMALL - Hey, hey, hey.  Lucian!  This guy is still operational.  Destroy him
    quickly!  If you don't I won't move an inch outta here.
    (At the End)
    SMALL - Well, it looks as though he's gone now.  I guess Lucian's good for
    something after all.  Now I'll cut the switch.
    Hey Lucian!  I cut the switch.  You better appreciate this!  Well, the rest of
    the journey is your problem now.  So long!
    LUCIAN - OK, let's go to the switchyard posthaste.
    (Lucian, Slim, and Titus Enter)
    LUCIAN - Well, that's the train over there.  It'll soon take off outta here. 
    Everyone, hurry!
    SLIM - Lucian, our pursuers are approaching!
    (Guards Appear)
    TITUS - If you are gonna attack, come and get me!  But you'll be the ones dyin'!
    Winning Condition: Get on the Train Within the Provided Time
    Losing Condition: The Turn Ends Before the Objective / The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - If we don't do anything we won't be able to reach the train in time.
    I bet if I press this switch the scaffold will move.  We should operate these
    switches to get across to the far side.  I would guess that the train will be
    departing very soon from now.  We'd better get on the train quickly.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 27 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Get on the Train Within the Provided Time with the Entire
    Losing Condition: The Turn Ends Before the Objective / The Death of Lucian
    (On the Platform)
    LUCIAN - OK, quickly now.  Get on the Train!
    IDOL - Whew, somehow we all made it.
    TITUS - It was close though.
    LUCIAN - Is everyone OK?  Nobody injured or anything?
    ZAPPA - Yep, we're OK.
    IMPERIAL CITY                                                              
    (Save 010)
    (Walter Enters)
    WALTER - Mr. Vlad, I am afraid to report that . . .
    VLAD - What happened, Walter?  What is the matter?  I am sure we have done our
    regular reporting last week . . . Tell me about it.
    WALTER - Well, actually, at Heavy D there was a small incident . . .
    VLAD - Incident?  Hmm, and then?
    WALTER - I-I am so sorry, Mr. Vlad.  An escape took place at Heavy D.  I assume
    full responsibility for this.
    VLAD - Escape?  Heavy D is not such an easy place to escape from, now is it,
    Mr. Walter?
    WALTER - N-No.  It is not that . . .
    VLAD - Well then, who escaped from our facility?
    WALTER - Carroll's group, the young man and his company.
    (Vlad Begins to Pace)
    VLAD - Walter, I am quite disgusted at your total incompetence in this
    situation.  Why do you think I ordered you to Heavy D in the first place?  I
    know you are talented.  You have an undying commitment to winning, although you
    typically will use any means to achieve this end.  I became aware of your
    abilities during the selection screening that I secretly organized.  Well, it
    is more commonly known as the fighting competitions. In those days you showed
    me your wonderful talent.
    Well, OK.  First, because of this escape incident, be sure not to allow any
    more personnel occurrences concerning our mining of rare metals.  Also, those
    escaped individuals might do some troublesome things against us.  Although you
    might lose your life in the process, locate them.  Do I make myself clear? 
    Show me once more your fighting spirit that I saw so long ago.  If you cannot
    succeed at capturing the escaped prisoners, you will never be able to defeat
    WALTER - Yes, sir.
    (Walter Walks to the Door, Pauses, and Thinks to Himself)
    WALTER - Sh-Shit!  This is bad, very bad.  I won first prize during the
    fighting competition.  If I do not do anything, Helder will surely advance well
    beyond my scope.  Only I will be right hand man of Vlad in the world he will
    soon create!  The masked man doesn't need the light!  The man who lies in the
    shade doesn't find the glory!  An aloof man doesn't bloom! {yeah, we got it
    already} Yes!  Those who escaped must be headed for there.  I will kill them
    there using my lovely crimson soldiers.
    (Walter Exits)
    VLAD - OK, it looks like he is gone now.  Come here, Helder.
    (Helder Enters)
    HELDER - Walter hasn't changed a bit.  Do you think it will be OK to allow him
    to do whatever he wants in this task?
    VLAD - Heh, you two really dislike one another.  Well, he will work this
    through in his own way.  By the way, Helder, the plan . . . Is the construction
    of the Steel Running Machine Valkenhof running smoothly? {isn't that just like
    the Japanese to name something in such a way}
    HELDER - Yes, so far there has not been a single problem.  Because of Mr.
    Vlad's technology, we are now working on the final stage concerning power
    refinement and tuning.  The super grade equipped-style reactionary fireplace,
    or as we call it, the Van de Graaff Generator. {here's some more for ya!} That
    new technology is wonderful.  It runs just a turbine that would run the world. 
    Right now we are preparing for a test run in the 17 TH warehouse in Carpet
    Mountain between Imperial and Smoke City.
    VLAD - I see . . . Very soon.  Very soon, I will be able to clear this annoying
    fog.  Don't let your guard down until the end, Helder.
    HELDER - Yes, sir.
    (Vlad Exits)
    VLAD - This is the realization of my dreams . . . I have devoted my entire life
    for this.  I was born on Twin Island.  I was both a scientist and theologian. 
    During my studies when I was younger I noticed that Moribitos had a superior
    civilization in regards to energy construction.  So, I produced a study of the
    Moribito race.  At the same time I was also conducting various experiments. 
    Then one day, due to a failure of one of those experiments, I sunk Twin Island.
     I connected the collapse of the Island to our people's mythology.  I rescued
    survivors and placed them on Edoald Island.  People who did not know anything
    about the truth, about me, respected me as a hero.
    Soon the church became scared of my power and began an oppression campaign
    against me.  At that time though, I did not have enough power behind me to
    rally against the church.  So, I decided to fall in line with the church's
    authority.  However, I used Helder to secretly begin preparations for a
    revolution.  Then Duran excavated the heavy water treatment facility, restored
    it, and won the trust of both the church and the Moribito race.  Because of the
    impending crisis due to Duran's expansion of power, I decided to begin my
    revolutionary actions.  I ordered the murder of the pope of the church and a
    confinement of the King.  I then ordered the slaughter of anyone of royal
    blood, including the prince, as well as anyone connected to the church's power
    on the Island.  I blamed terrorist groups for these crimes but I was the one
    who organized these groups in the first place to commit these bloody acts.
    Because of the pope and King's absence, I assumed power.  People, consumed with
    fear, welcomed me with enthusiasm due to my tough stance and unwillingness to
    surrender to the terrorist and their actions against the Island.  I then
    preceded to shakeup the Sword Emperor positions because of Duran gaining
    support and sent Helder to assume power in that region.  I renounced Duran's
    sledge that called into question his legitimacy for the Sword Emperor position.
     Moreover, I blamed him for the terrorists' ability to wreck havoc due to his
    unwillingness to meet the problem head on.  I then tried to arrest him as a
    I do not allow anyone to stand in my way.
    SMOKE CITY                                                                 
    (Save 011)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - The train carrying Lucian and his group traveled over the mountains
    towards Smoke City where the latest and greatest minds of science live.  Lucian
    and his group will soon learn some unexpected facts here in Smoke City.
    (Lucian and Titus Exit the Train)
    TITUS - Although we've arrived safely at the station, the platform here is
    swarming with guardians.  What do you think we should do, Lucian?
    LUCIAN - There is no real choice.  We will have to make our way through the
    Winning Condition: Eradicate All Resistance
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 22 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Eradicate All Resistance
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    LUCIAN - Enemy reinforcements keep on arriving.
    TITUS - {sarcastically} Finally.  Well, I guess we are finished then.
    (George and Leonora Enter)
    GEORGE - My friends, it is too early to give up.
    (George Takes a Swipe at an Enemy Unit)
    LEONORA - We are here only to help out a little bit though.
    (Leonora then Vanquishes a Unit)
    LUCIAN - Hey, its George and Leonora!
    TITUS - Yo!  We'll have great assistance for this battle!
    ORANGE - It will be so wonderful to witness two Sword Emperors' sledges in
    action with my own eyes!
    SMALL - Orange!  Your bad habit again . . .
    LEONORA - Well, do not let your guard down just yet!
    Winning Condition: Eradicate All Resistance
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Eradicate All Resistance
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    LUCIAN - Thank you George and Leonora.  Without your help I'm not so sure what
    would have happened.  But why did you two come here?
    LEONORA - After we were informed of Duran and Carroll's arrest, and you and
    your group being sent to Heavy D, we immediately departed.
    TITUS - Then you two came here to rescue us.
    GEORGE - No, that is not totally correct.  We came here to speak with Sword
    Empress Leome who governs Smoke City.
    LEONORA - We knew what happened to you, but we assumed that you could find your
    way by yourselves.  I am glad everyone is safe now.
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Sword Empress Leome who governs Smoke City . . . She used her
    magical fingers and made the theory of God dance {???}.
    A design engineer genius, Leome was the best technologist around.  She analyzed
    every phenomenon quickly and precisely and forecasted the results accurately
    and efficiently.  However, Leome, who was in front of Lucian and his group,
    closed her mind quiet tightly and would not allow a word to escape her lips.
    LEONORA - Duran and Carroll were arrested, Leome.
    LEOME - I know.  They had warrants out for their arrest.  They had no choice.
    LEONORA - They just tried to rescue Moribitos.  I strongly believe that Helder
    should have been the one arrested due to his executions of innocent Moribitos. 
    You cannot judge anything fairly whenever Helder is involved, Leome.
    LEOME - Do you think so?
    LEONORA - Calm down, Leome.  I think, although you trust Helder, that Vlad and
    Helder are dangerous individuals.
    LEOME - What do you think, George?  I cannot believe that you, a person who
    lives their life so strictly by rules, would lend your hand in help to Leonora
    and Duran.
    GEORGE - I am a knight.  I do not involve myself with private matters.  I do
    not consider Vlad my boss, though.
    LEONORA - It has been almost a half a year since the King's disappearance.  I
    heard a rumor that they permanently silenced the King.  Leome, do you not know
    anything about this?
    LEOME - Half a year ago . . .?
    LEONORA - You must know something?
    LEOME - What are you talking about, Leonora?  I do not know a thing about this!
    LEONORA - If you do not wish to talk about it anymore with us I will simply
    stop asking you.  But, I will say this.  The two of them will produce an evil
    mishap upon this Island.  You should wake up to this realization before it is
    too late.
    LEOME - Half a year ago . . . Speaking of half a year ago, it was at that time
    that I took control of the Wandering Tower.  That Wandering Tower is a
    confinement tower that belonged to an ancient civilization.  The tower was
    buried underneath the surface of the Island and was soon excavated.  Shortly
    after I took control of it, Helder insisted that he should be the one to manage
    the tower.  Under the guidance of the Science and Technology Institute, he
    changed the jurisdiction of the management system into that . . .
    LEONORA - We no longer have a need to be here.  George, let us be on our way. 
    We must discover Duran's whereabouts as soon as possible!
    GEORGE - We must also reveal the facts against Vlad.
    LEONORA - Even though Duran is a strong man he must be tired by now.
    LEOME - Wait . . . Duran is probably within the Tower of Judgment in Imperial
    LEONORA - The Tower of Judgment?
    LEOME - Yes . . . Sword Emperor Benoit came here recently and boasted quite
    proudly of it.
    LEONORA - Thank you, Leome, but why did you change your mind?
    LEOME - I just want to prove what I said is correct.  If you are done here, you
    should probably be on your way.  Roses are too strong for me to smell. 
    Especially red roses.
    CHEMICAL - Well then everybody, I do not wish to impose on you so we shall once
    again resume our tour.
    LUCIAN - Yeah, are you sure you are OK by yourselves?
    CHEMICAL - Yes.  Miss Leonora said that she would guarantee our free status. 
    There is now no possibility that we will be in trouble any longer with the law.
    LUCIAN - Take care, Bellebete.
    BELLEBETE - I envy Miss Carroll.
    LUCIAN - Sure, she IS a princess after all.
    BELLEBETE - Liar.
    LUCIAN - Eh?!
    BELLEBETE - Never mind.
    CHEMICAL - I guess we'll be leaving now.
    IMPERIAL CITY                                                              
    (Save 012)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - The Judgment Tower . . . That tower is nothing more than a bloody
    tombstone for all who have died within it.  It has been said that justice is
    carried out within the tower through the most vile, cruel and gruesome ways
    imaginable.  A person who is quite knowledgeable of those means of justice is
    A half a year ago . . . When Vlad was released from the tower into the warm
    sunshine of the late afternoon, he emerged without finger and toe nails.  Dark
    red were the color of those ugly tips hidden beneath cloth wrappings.  Even
    Sword Emperor Duran could not escape from that kind of torture.
    Winning Condition: The Rescue of Duran
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - Duran is located somewhere within this tower . . .
    (Chezaru Speaks)
    CHEZARU - Here comes that kid now.  I praise him for making it this far.  But,
    your luck is about to run out.  This tower will be your grave!
    LUCIAN - First, we don't have much of a choice.  We have to take out Chezaru. 
    OK, let's go.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Cloudy
    Temperature: 13 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: After the Defeat of the Boss, Arrive at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Lucian Crosses the Bridge)
    DURAN - You came here to rescue me?!  Everyone, thank you very much.  I do not
    know how to express my thanks, but we really should not waste our time here any
    longer.  We should escape from here at once.
    LUCIAN - OK, now we have to breakthrough this gate in front of us to escape.
    (Calife Enters)
    LUCIAN - You are! Calife, we fought each other back in the slum area.  Do you
    remember me?
    CALIFE - Of course I remember you.  Because of my loss to you, I am now stuck
    as the gatekeeper for this tower.
    (Calife Swings at Lucian)
    CALIFE - This time I will not lose!  I will regain my lost memory!
    Winning Condition: Break through the Castle Gate
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Fine
    Temperature: 30 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: After the Defeat of the Boss, Arrive at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle is Over)
    CALIFE - Again, I just could not win . . . I should just surrender to my fate.
    LUCIAN - You said that you did not have any memory before.  Is there anything
    that you wish to say while you still have time?
    CALIFE - Something to say . . . I am not from this island.  A sea voyage I was
    on long ago met with disaster.  Afterwards, I floated to this island and was
    soon swallowed by the fog that surrounds it.  When I regained consciousness I
    realized that I had lost my memory.
    LUCIAN - What did you say!  Is there another world outside of this island?!
    CALIFE - That is correct.  But, when I try to remember something, anything,
    nothing comes to my mind.  Even though in my dreams I cannot see . . . kewww.
    (Calife Dies)
    LUCIAN - Goodbye . . . Calife.
    DURAN - He became a sacrificial lamb for this island.  OK, let us now travel to
    the forest.
    LUCIAN - Are we going to the Moribitos' homeland?
    DURAN - If you know where that is, I will not have to explain anything to you
    then.  Just follow me.
    (Everyone Exits)
    DURAN - {speaking to Lucian} You are quite talented.  You have the ability to
    clearly see the essence of things surrounding you, as well as being a talented
    swordsman.  Young man, continue running.  Fighting is not such a good thing,
    but the important thing is the attitude that you fight with.
    FOREST OF THE MORIBITOS                                                    
    (Save 013)
    LEONORA - Duran, I am glad to see that you are in good health.  I assumed that
    you would have been treated rather harshly in the Judgment Tower.
    DURAN - When I was younger this same type of treatment never affected me. 
    Anyway, I feel relived.  Thank you Leonora and George.
    LEONORA - You do not need to say "thank you," I was just . . .
    GEORGE - Leonora!  As I thought, you are . . . {speaking to Duran now} Well, I
    am glad you are safe.  It seems the rumor of "strongest of the Sword Emperors"
    is true after all.
    SMALL - It seems to me that we do not need to be here anymore.  {sarcastically}
    Such great people are gathered here now.
    ORANGE - Don't complain, Small.  You should understand that we live in a
    different world then they do.
    ZAPPA - You two, shut up!  Have you forgotten about the Blow Monkey's honor
    DURAN - That is true.  Thank you everybody.  And Lucian, you truly are a brave
    LUCIAN - No, I just carried on with the promise I made to Carroll.
    DURAN - By the way, I have heard that Mr. Titus would like to collect the
    reward money that has been posted for my head.
    TITUS - Well, the situation being what it is, where would I go with your head? 
    If I showed up now at a government office with your head it would be kind of
    like a duck with a spring onion in his mouth walking up to a hunter. {the
    Japanese eat duck with spring onion} Now I have a price on my head just like
    you.  I guess I will not be working as a bounty hunter for a little while
    DURAN - In Foggy City, the heavy water treatment facility is . . . Originally,
    ancient ruins protected by Moribitos were excavated and restored.  Moribitos
    kept secret the power of the technology due to the nature of its intense
    energy.  This energy is so strong that, for example, any small "accident" would
    have the power to destroy an entire continent.  I repeatedly had dialogs with
    the Moribitos and formed a relationship with them.  After earning their trust,
    they imparted their knowledge of the technology to me.
    However, Vlad was going to steer that knowledge in the wrong direction.  He
    tried to persuade me to his side, but after failing he began to prosecute me.
    LEONORA - Duran, have you heard any news about the King's whereabouts?
    DURAN - Hmm.  It seems as though the King is not sick in bed as I had heard. 
    He might be imprisoned somewhere.  I did not see him in King Crimson.
    LUCIAN - So you do not know anything about what happened to Carroll then?
    DURAN - I know only one thing . . . Carroll was taken away somewhere.
    {how 'bout that repeating audio loop}
    LUCIAN - This place is very impressive.  It kind of reminds me of a graveyard
    for machines.  What that hell is here?
    ORANGE - Wow.  Great!  There are so many parts here that I've never even seen
    DURAN - A while ago, when I lost my way within this forest, I met my first
    Moribito here.
    LUCIAN - Watch out everybody!  I feel that there are enemies about.
    DURAN - [What a person he is.  He noticed enemies before even the Sword
    Emperors did.]
    I fear we are completely surrounded.  Each of us should prepare ourselves for
    battle.  By the way, Mr. Titus, would you like to enter in a contract with me?
    TITUS - Contract?
    DURAN - What is the matter?  This is a formal job request.
    TITUS - Heh, heh, heh.  Do you mean we should forget our grudges against one
    another then?  It seems you understand everything exceedingly well.  I like it!
     I'll take you up on the offer.
    (Koranhei Enters)
    KORANHEI - I found the criminals!
    TITUS - Guardians!  Um?  Well, they are quite delicate now, aren't they?
    KORANHEI - Humph.  What savages.  If you neglect your defense I can assure you,
    you will be in a world of pain.  We are Koranhei (Beliru)!  We are an elite
    troupe chosen exclusively by Mr. Walter.  We possess both beauty and
    intelligence.  Humph.  It is not such a bad idea that you will soon be decaying
    within this ruin of the Moribitos.  Sword Emperor Duran . . . This will be your
    KORANHEI - I am going to devote this fight to Mr. Walter!
    LUCIAN - You are pretty good at talking . . . How about your fighting ability?
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Cloudy
    Temperature: 12 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    TITUS - Th-These guys are pretty strong.  What a surprise.  They keep appearing
    one after another.  What is going on here?!
    SMALL - We won't be able to make it unless we do something.
    LUCIAN - Keww.  Certainly they are strong, but don't whimper about it!
    (A Blast Appears Out of Nowhere)
    LUCIAN - . . . Tha-That's Moribito!  Oyster?
    (Blue Oyster Enters)
    BLUE OYSTER - You people who disturb this forest, leave now.
    KORANHEI - If you interfere with our mission, I don't care if you are Moribito
    or not, you will not be forgiven.
    BLUE OYSTER - What a foolish decision.  People who do not follow the forest's
    intention will surely accept the judgment of it.
    (Death All Over the Place)
    KORANHEI - Gawh!!
    BLUE OYSTER - Lucian, Duran, and their company, follow me.
    BLUE OYSTER - Lucian, Titus.  Thank you for rescuing our people in the coliseum
    back at Foggy City.  Everybody here truly appreciates your selfless act.
    LUCIAN - No, such a . . . We have also been rescued.
    BLUE OYSTER - By the way, I wish to tell you the truth regarding the Moribito
    race.  Plenty of Moribitos have objected to me telling you these things;
    however, now we know that you are one with Duran and people who voiced
    objections in the past have rescinded.
    LUCIAN - The truth about Moribitos?
    BLUE OYSTER - Exactly.  We are misunderstood by society and persecuted because
    of it.  We need people who understand us very well.  If you do not mind, please
    follow me.
    DURAN - This is the heart of those ruins we were at.  This is my first time
    BLUE OYSTER - This boy known as "the young orator " is our people's narrator.
    [The young orator began talking about the history of the Moribitos to Lucian
    and his party.]
    YOUNG ORATOR - Edoald Island, Twin Island, and others once made up a whole
    continent a thousand years ago.  People in the society said that a large
    disaster divided the continent into separate islands.  However, the cause of
    the catastrophe was due to a disaster in a reactor.
    The people who experienced this tragedy were the Moribitos' ancestors.  They
    developed a technology based upon normal temperature nuclear fusion by
    utilizing heavy water; however, a few dishonest people took advantage of the
    situation and the result was the horrifying disaster.
    The facility was then sealed away due to its harmful effects and we, the
    Moribito, govern over this heavy water treatment technology and make sure that
    it does not fall into the hands of evil again.  We continued observations of
    the technology in hopes of a peaceful application of it.
    However, because Vlad was originally a scientist and took notice of our
    technology, he recognized the power of it for use with his own selfish
    Eleven years ago Twin Island sank into the sea.  Not because of a natural
    disaster but due to Vlad's failed experiments.  Vlad learned almost all there
    was to know of the technology related to heavy water treatment.  He now seeks a
    rare metal for use in heavy water treatment on Edoald Island.  He learned about
    the technology from us and he is currently trying to exterminate the Moribito
    race because we refused to cooperate in his diabolical schemes.
    BLUE OYSTER - Vlad's ambitions are very dangerous.  If we do not act against
    him now there is a good possibility that another large catastrophe will occur
    again, just as it did in the past.
    DURAN - Hmm.  To stop Vlad's plans we must first . . . Restore the monarchy. 
    For that we will have to find the King.  At the moment, no one knows of his
    BLUE OYSTER - I know of his location.  In the desert there is a confinement
    tower named the Gentle Giant that our ancestors built.  If needed, the tower
    can sustain itself for upwards of a year under the ground.  Once confined in
    this tower a person is shut off completely from the outside world.  Operators
    in Smoke City, who appear to be loyal to Vlad, control this tower.  Twice a
    year the tower must surface though.
    LEONORA - The King disappeared close to six months ago, and now Carroll . . .
    That makes sense.  Speaking of Smoke City . . . Leome!  She must have been
    aware of this fact the whole time.  Let us go back to Smoke City and pay a
    visit to our dear Sword Empress Leome.
    DURAN - Hmm.  Correct.  Let us be off for Smoke City.
    SMOKE CITY                                                                 
    (Save 014)
    (Party Enters)
    DURAN - Let us go and ask Sword Empress Leome about the Gentle Giant.
    TITUS - Hey, Mr. Duran, we are wanted criminals.  I don't think we can just
    walk in and say "hello" at the front entrance.
    DURAN - You are correct.  Of course we just cannot enter here smoothly.
    TITUS - Well then, what is the plan?
    LUCIAN - If they don't open the front entrance for us quietly, we'll just break
    though it.
    TITUS - We'll bulldoze over 'em!!! {has that even been invented yet on this
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - Umm?
    (Looks at Elevator)
    LUCIAN - Is that an elevator?
    It doesn't matter.  Anyway, let us be off to see Leome.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    LUCIAN - Somehow we managed to clear those guards out of our way.
    DURAN - We should go see Leome now.
    (Party Exits)
    LEOME - Quite forcible visitors.  Duran, Leonora, George.  The rest of the
    faces I do not recognize.
    DURAN - Long time, no see, Leome.
    LEOME - I heard that the police, Duran, have trailed you.  Why would a group of
    criminals come here?  If you are here to give yourselves up to the police, I
    swear I will treat you fairly.
    DURAN - No, we came here looking for the King and Miss Carroll.  I assumed that
    you would know of their whereabouts.
    LEOME - The King and Miss Carroll?  I have no idea.  Why would you ask me such
    a thing as this?
    DURAN - I see.  How about the Wandering Tower . . . Where is the Gentle Giant?
    LEOME - What do you know of it?
    LEONORA - You must know everything, Leome.  Tell me the truth now.  You are
    trying to protect Helder.
    LEOME - There is no relationship between this and Helder.
    LEONORA - You . . . Have fallen in love with Helder, have you not?
    LEOME- Wh-Who, Leonora?  I do not wish to hear such things from your mouth,
    Leonora. {implying that she is now a wanted criminal and not a Sword Empress}
    As a Sword Empress, scholar, and engineer, I have already discarded all
    feminine emotions . . .
    LEONORA - Leome . . .
    LEOME - There was certainly a succession in the control of the Wandering Tower
    a half-year ago, and it can be controlled from Smoke City, but the authority
    for that control belongs to the Science Technology Institute of Imperial City. 
    I do not know if the King and Miss Carroll are there or not.
    (Party Enters)
    DURAN - We should somehow gain entrance into the control room here in Smoke
    City if we wish to operate the Gentle Giant.
    LUCIAN - OK, Let's do it.
    LEONORA - Leome, I insist you join us.
    Winning Condition: Protect Orange, Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Orange, The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - I can't believe the number of guards here . . .
    DURAN - They are also under the direct control of Helder.  Just as I thought,
    these guards must be hiding something quite important in this room.
    LUCIAN - Do you mean . . . The King and Carroll are indeed in the Wandering
    DURAN - Hmm.  It must be.
    LUCIAN - If you say so.  OK, we should kick these guards outta here then.
    ORANGE - The controlling device for the tower probably has some sort of
    security code to it.  If the guards do not interrupt me, I am positive I can
    break the code.
    LUCIAN - OK Orange, we are all counting on you.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 15 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Orange, The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle Orange Fools with the Controls)
    ORANGE - The security code has been engaged so that control of the tower cannot
    occur here.
    (Still Fooling with the Controls)
    ORANGE - OK, it looks like there might just be a way for me to break the code.
    (Still Foolin')
    ORANGE - C'mon, get outta my way!
    (Still . . . Oops)
    ORANGE - OK, how 'bout this?  I guess this will be all right . . .
    TITUS - Whoa!  What the fuck was that! {yep, you read that right}
    SMALL - The magnetic field is going through a transformation!
    LUCIAN - Orange, you are great!
    DURAN - I do not believe we should let down our guard just yet.
    LEOME - You have done enough.  I will remain here.
    LEONORA - Leome, you . . . Helder so much. {implying love}
    LEOME - Leonora, please.  Leave me alone.
    WANDERING TOWER                                                            
    (Save 015)
    TITUS - This tower looks to be a tough fight for us.
    DURAN - Everyone!  It appears as though the "enemy" is approaching.
    LUCIAN - I guess we will be completely surrounded.
    TITUS - Sword Empress Leome betrayed us!
    (Leonora Runs Over to Titus)
    LEONORA - Do not make such a ridiculous statement!  We have approached this
    tower in quite a flamboyant manner so it is no wonder that these guards have
    noticed us.
    LUCIAN - It really does not matter one way or the other.  We should dispatch
    our enemies quickly and continue on.
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Fine
    Temperature: 35 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    DURAN - OK, we should rush to the inside of the tower.
    (The Party Enters the Tower)
    (Lucian and Titus "Look" Around)
    TITUS - There are quite a lot of enemies inside the tower as well.
    LUCIAN - That means they are not going to allow us to pass so easily.
    Winning Condition: Reach the Top Floor, Rescue Prisoners
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 2 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Arrival of Surviving Members of the Party to the
    Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Riding the Platforms)
    LUCIAN - Carroll, I am here to rescue you!
    What in the world is that barrier?!
    CARROLL - Lucian!  Above the steps there is a single switch in each of the four
    corners.  If you press those switches . . . The Thunder Electron Light Wall
    will be removed.
    But Lucian, be careful!  The man called Walter is here as well as tons of his
    personal guard units.
    WALTER - Heh, heh, heh!  A summer bug will soon jump into the fire.  That
    proverb will soon be a reflection of you, Lucian.  Due to your prior escape I
    had to humiliate myself in front of Mr. Vlad!!!  The grudge I harbor against
    you is insurmountable!!  Heh, heh, heh!  I will cut and chop at you with my
    scissors . . . Chop, chop, chop . . . Heh, heh, heh!  I will not let you die an
    easy death!  Now my precious Koranhei, go and capture these vile creatures and
    present them in front of me!!!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 2 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Actions Towards the Indicated Points
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    WALTER - Oh, shit!  You little bastards have become so strong!  [My scissors
    appear not to harm them in the least!]  Oh well, even though the King will
    return, the island already belongs to Mr. Vlad!  I'm going to return to him at
    CARROLL - Lucian!
    LUCIAN - Um, what?
    CARROLL - You really came here to rescue me.  Thank you.
    LUCIAN - I promised you that I would.
    CARROLL - Yes, I trusted that you would arrive here sooner or later.
    WALTER - Damn it!  I will remember this!
    (Walter Exits)
    LUCIAN - Carroll . . .
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    KING WIZAR - Duran, Leonora, and George.  Thank you for coming to my rescue.
    DURAN - Your majesty, are you hurt at all?
    KING WIZAR - I am fine.  Did these individuals around me also assist in our
    DURAN - Yes.  This is Lucian, Titus, Zappa, Orange, and Small.  They are
    acquaintances of Princess Carroll.  On our way here, these fine people assisted
    us in our journey.
    KING WIZAR - I understand.  Thank you all for coming here and helping us.  I
    appreciate the gesture from the bottom of my heart.
    CARROLL - Lucian, Titus, Zappa, Orange, and Small.  Thank you all so very much.
    ZAPPA - I am glad that everyone is safe, Princess.
    SMALL - Heh, heh, heh!  Because of "my" actions. {arrogant little bitch, isn't
    (Zappa Assaults Small)
    ZAPPA - What are you talking about!
    KING WIZAR - While I was away, how has the situation of this country changed? 
    Please, inform me of any news.
    DURAN - Vlad, on behalf of the pope, has taken power over Imperial City and the
    KING WIZAR - Vlad.  Such a dirty trick against our people!
    DURAN - Your majesty, did anything occur between you and Vlad?
    KING WIZAR - It was Vlad who murdered the pope and confined me.  Vlad was also
    the one who organized terrorist groups to eliminate opposition to him.
    DURAN - As I suspected, it was all true.
    KING WIZAR - I cannot allow such a man's injustice to continue!
    DURAN - I will cooperate with you, your majesty.  At the moment, however, we
    should avoid Imperial City.  Let us travel to Violent City and reorganize our
    political strength there.
    KING WIZAR - Hmm.  Yes, we should do this.
    ZAPPA - Mr. Duran, we followed you here to help rescue Carroll.  We should not
    continue to bring any more criticism or questioning about you or his majesty
    due to our "thievery" image.  I would like permission to act separately from
    you and his majesty in these matters.
    DURAN - I am saddened by this unfortunate truth.  However, from here on this is
    OUR job, together.  You and your group truly assisted me in my hour of need. 
    For that you have my heartfelt thanks.
    CARROLL - Mr. Zappa, Orange, and Small, thank you very much for everything.  So
    LUCIAN - Take care.
    TITUS - You guys should take care not to be arrested.
    VIOLENT CITY                                                               
    (Save 016)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - With a sky darkened by smoke, a thick layer of soot covers
    Industrial City constantly.  In an unprecedented move, an Imperial Council
    meeting commenced here in such a place as this.  However, now . . . In this
    city, reeking of alcohol and the roar of the poor, his gracious majesty of the
    Empire and three Sword Emperors met to decide history.  One cold day . . .
    Around 4:30 pm . . . By the order of his majesty of Edoald Island, an Imperial
    Council of Sword Emperors began.
    GEORGE - It is now obvious that Vlad has invited evil upon our land.  We cannot
    allow him any more liberties.
    DURAN - Hmm.  You are correct.  If we do not stop his breath now and finish him
    it might soon be too late.  But Vlad has already amassed quite a lot of power. 
    We should choose our actions carefully.
    LEONORA - Yes, Vlad has Helder and Walter at his command.  Those two are
    dangerous rouges and have access to many guardians at their call.
    LUCIAN - We have the King.  Why don't we just break into Crimson City?
    DURAN - No.  Considering the strength of our force I fear it would be a
    difficult fight against the rebel army.  The news of the King's release from
    the tower has already reached Crimson City.  They are certainly preparing for
    the next battle now.
    LEONORA - In addition, we the Sword Emperors have been away from our respected
    cities for quite a long time now.  This has given Vlad an opportunity to take
    DURAN - Hmm.  At any rate we also must design a plan and quickly.  Since he
    controls most of Edoald Island, Vlad plans on reviving the sealed ancient
    energy of the Moribitos.  However, his knowledge might be too primitive for him
    to reproduce that ancient energy.  If Vlad is forced to proceed with his plan
    there is a possibility that the same disaster that befell Twin Island could
    happen here.
    LUCIAN - Twin Island disaster?
    DURAN - Yes, Foggy City is similar to a city that resides on top of the heavy
    water treatment facility.  I tried to utilize a small part of the facility for
    peaceful purposes, however, I produced "frightening light syndrome" instead.  I
    am sure Vlad intends on operating the entire facility.  The damage would be
    LUCIAN - I cannot believe the government would allow people to live in such a
    dangerous place.
    DURAN - Because of the disaster 11 years ago there is no other place for people
    to live.
    KING WIZAR - We do not have a moment to waste then.  I, the King of Edoald
    Island, order the three Sword Emperors here today to put an end to Vlad and his
    diabolical designs for our world.  Save us from our current situation.  Your
    priorities should be to take control of the heavy water treatment facilities
    and the rare metal mines.
    CARROLL - Lucian, what are you going to do now?
    LUCIAN - I have fulfilled my promise to you.  I guess this is enough.
    CARROLL - Yes, you did rescue me, and I was able to see Duran again.  I will
    soon be traveling to Foggy City with Duran, but . . . You are now free.
    LUCIAN - What!  You are going to Foggy City with them?!
    CARROLL - Yes.  I was looking for Duran because I wanted to ask him to quell
    the uprisings of Vlad and his followers.  And since I was the one who
    originally asked, I should be involved somehow.
    LUCIAN - You still are not satisfied, are you?  The path to Foggy City is still
    very dangerous to travel.
    CARROLL - Eh?  Well then, can you not accompany me again?  I would hope that
    you could because to be a true knight you really should help someone such as
    myself out.  You should show-off your swordsmanship to the Sword Emperors.
    LUCIAN - You must be joking!  Who in their right mind would volunteer to go up
    against all those dangerous situations?!  I tell you, I sure do not want to.  I
    will surely perish before I even become a knight if I travel with you.
    (Leonora and Duran Enter)
    LEONORA - What are you two talking about?
    CARROLL - Lucian says that he does not wish to accompany us to Foggy City.
    LEONORA - Ca . . . Carroll!  With us . . . Are you going to travel with us?!
    CARROLL - Sure.  Why, what is the big deal if I do tag along anyway?
    LEONORA - Carroll, I can understand how you feel, but you are a Princess after
    all.  You should leave the dangerous fighting and situations to us and hide
    yourself and his majesty away in Violent City.
    CARROLL - Duran, please convince Leonora about my plan.
    DURAN - No, no, Carroll.  Leonora is correct in this situation.  Our way to
    Foggy City will be much more dangerous this time around versus the last trip
    there.  You should really stay in Violent City.
    LUCIAN - Looks like everybody does not wish you to accompany him or her.
    CARROLL - Why is it that everyone is so mean all of a sudden!  I am the one who
    fought side by side with all of you.  I should be able to witness firsthand
    what will unfold before us.
    LUCIAN - Carroll, everyone has difficulties that lay before him or her now.  Do
    not say such things!  Each person has a specific role.  I am going to go with
    them for you and see what will happen.  So, you do your job and I will do mine!
    LEONORA - That is correct.  Lucian should be the one to accompany us.  Since he
    wishes to become a knight, this will be quite an opportunity for him to
    showcase his talents not only to us, but the world.
    DURAN - Mmm.  If you can show us your best effort, I am sure this will be an
    excellent chance for you, Lucian.  Carroll, how about that?
    CARROLL - I guess there is no choice.
    DURAN - Titus, you are more than welcome to travel with us.
    TITUS - M . . . Me?  I am a bit  . . .
    LEONORA - Sure.  We need as many good fighters as we can get.
    DURAN - Can you come with us, Titus?
    TITUS - I already have a contract with you so I guess I will be coming along
    after all.
    (After that, Everyone Began to Get Ready for the Road Ahead, But Carroll and
    Lucian Stayed)
    CARROLL - At first, you said you did not wish to go.  Are you OK now?
    LUCIAN - There is no choice, really.
    CARROLL - Lucian, why did you rescue me?
    LUCIAN - I don't know.  But I did promise you once.
    CARROLL - Lucian . . .
    LUCIAN - Well, I guess I will go now.  I have to get ready.
    CARROLL - OK, take care of yourself.
    LUCIAN - Certainly . . .
    CARROLL - You definitely have to come back.
    LUCIAN - I know.  I am going to see what happens.
    LEONORA - Do you like Carroll?
    LUCIAN - I don't know . . . I'm not so sure of it myself.
    LEONORA - Well, take your time and think about it.
    ZAPPA - Heh, heh, heh.  Long time, no see, eh, everybody?
    LUCIAN - Zappa?!
    SMALL - Eh, heh, heh!  Long time, no see!
    ORANGE - Hey, man, how's that sledge working out for ya?
    LUCIAN - What in the world are you guys doing in such a place as this?
    SMALL - It's a long story, Lucian.  After we left you guys, we secretly
    followed ya and protected you from afar.
    LUCIAN - Protected?  What do you mean?
    SMALL - No way?!  You mean you really did not realize that?  We cleared out
    whole swathes of robbers and thieves well before you and your group even
    approached those areas.
    LUCIAN - Is that true, Small?
    ZAPPA - Shut your mouth about such details, Small!
    DURAN - I see.  I really appreciate the help you fighters have given us so far.
     I thank you.
    ZAPPA - No, no.  You do not have to say that.  Right now we are nothing but a
    band of criminals, but we do not like dishonest people or situations.  We feel
    that Vlad's plan for our island is very cruel and destructive and because of
    that we wish to join your group.
    LUCIAN - Duran, is it OK?
    DURAN - Mmm.  I have already seen their skills firsthand.  We always need extra
    members fighting for our cause.  Please, come with us.
    ZAPPA - Thank you very much.
    LEONORA - I will count on you.
    FOGGY CITY                                                                 
    (Save 017)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    Bellebete - Again, Lucian walked the way to Foggy City.  However, who could
    have imagined that Lucian and Duran would be walking together, side by side,
    both with the same objective.
    (Lucian's Thoughts)
    If my sister saw this, I wonder what she would say?  I wonder what I would say
    . . .
    Duran walked silently and Lucian glanced at him on occasion.  During those
    times Lucian became confused because he could not organize his emotions clearly
    in regards to that man.
    Foggy City drawled nearer and nearer.  The humidity that rose from Monaruko
    River soon gave way to a clear, luscious green forest.  Through that green wall
    the travelers went, wet with the cool dew.  On the other side of the forest
    could be seen the heavy water treatment facilities.
    Lucian, full of angry passion, once crossed that same river.  This time,
    however, Lucian experienced an unknown feeling that grabbed at his heart.  Full
    of anxiety, he stared at the ripples flowing across the river.  Could this be a
    Heavy water plant . . . Lucian felt like a fool being tossed about a ship at
    sea.  Once he came across the facility, feelings of doubt soon overtook his
    character.  The plant looked like a huge, menacing destiny that lay before him.
     The entire group would soon face destiny there.  What they would encounter
    there would create far-reaching consequences for them all.
    DURAN - Let us get started.
    Winning Condition: Gain Entrance to the Heavy Water Treatment Facility
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - I think I have been here once before . . .
    (The Camera Points to the Entrance of the Facility)
    We can probably get inside the facility from over there.
    OK, let's go!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 13 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Arrive at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - So, this is the heavy water treatment facility . . .
    ZAPPA - Heavy water treatment facility?
    DURAN - Yes.  Vlad's plan centers around the restarting of this facility using
    a rare metal mined in the Heavy D area.  Once he has accomplished this, he will
    gain control over the long lost energy formerly produced by ancient
    civilizations.  However, once this facility begins operations it will soon
    start spewing toxins, poisoning the surrounding area.  Because the basic
    structure of this facility is not fully understood, no one can be certain if it
    can still withstand the strains of daily use.
    ZAPPA - So, to sum things up, you have no idea what'll happen if the thing
    starts again!
    ORANGE - If the facility does not work safely, what will happen?
    DURAN - It will be exactly what you imagine.
    ORANGE - Considering Foggy City's structure, if the facility goes out of
    control, not only will Foggy City be devastated, but the whole island will
    surely sink back into the sea.
    DURAN - Do you remember the tales of our neighbor island, Twin Island, suddenly
    sinking into the sea?
    ORANGE - No way, is that because . . . !
    DURAN - That is correct.  We must protect Edoald Island from the same tragedy
    that befell Twin Island.  Now, let us be off.
    DURAN - Helder!  What do you intend to do?  Do not begin operations of this
    heavy water treatment facility!
    HELDER - So, it is you, Duran.  You could not operate this facility yourself so
    I will be the one who does.  You should appreciate this since there is no way I
    can be blamed by your lack of actions.  {is it just me or does this guy look
    like a pro-wrestler whenever he walks around?}
    DURAN - Do you plan on sinking this island just like Twin Island!
    HELDER - What in the world are you talking about?!  The reason why Twin Island
    sank was due to the Earth's tectonic plates.  If we had harnessed this energy
    sooner we could have prevented all sorts of earthquakes.
    DURAN - Do not say such asinine things!  The reason why the plates moved in the
    first place was due to the botched extraction of the energy.
    HELDER - What did you say?  You should not say such lies!
    DURAN - Although you are not aware of this simple, basic fact, do you still
    plan to start the facility?
    Winning Condition: Destroy Heavy Water Treatment Facility
    Losing Condition: The Death of Orange, The Death of Lucian
    ORANGE - There is no one but me who can stop this facility from working.
    LUCIAN - How do you plan on doing this?
    There is no bridge leading towards the entrance.
    (Camera Pointing Towards the Switch)
    ORANGE - I would assume that if you press that switch up there a bridge would
    After that, I will climb into the plant and stop the reactors.
    LUCIAN - I understand.  We will take care of that switch!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 25 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Arrival of Orange at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Orange, The Death of Lucian
    (After Orange Enters the Plant)
    ORANGE - OK, this facility is gonna die.
    LUCIAN - We did it!
    HELDER - Looks like we lost.  However, it is too late because this facility has
    already been in operation for a while now.  The plan is proceeding just as Vlad
    said it would.
    DURAN - Stop it!  Do not repeat the same tragedy that befell Twin Island!
    HELDER - You still repeat the same lines, over and over again!
    DURAN - If you investigate my concerns you will surely discover the truth!
    HELDER - Who could believe your words?!
    ORANGE - I cannot do it!  The system is already working at full capacity.
    DURAN - This is not good.  Once started, the system cannot stop until the
    process is completed.  There is no way outside of the total destruction of this
    facility to stop the plant now.  However, doing that would mean the total
    destruction of this entire area we are in now.
    ORANGE - Wait a minute, I think I can find something out inside this structure.
    ZAPPA - Really?
    ORANGE - If I can destroy the plant from here perhaps it will be possible to
    only damage the central area of this facility.  But . . .
    ZAPPA - But, what?!
    ORANGE - The central part and this control room are connected.  Even if we can
    destroy this central part the control room will still be ruined in the process.
     If people are here they will surely die!
    ZAPPA - . . . OK!  I will do it!  You mean that this pipe should be destroyed,
    ORANGE - Boss, no!  You will be caught in the explosion!
    ZAPPA - Never mind about that, let me do it!  At any rate, someone has to do
    this or else everyone here will die!  I have an idea.  Just let me do it.
    Everybody, it looks like Orange discovered a way to only destroy the central
    part.  I am going to do a lot of rough work here soon and it looks like it'll
    be quite dangerous so please, everyone leave.
    (Everyone Exits)
    ZAPPA - You too, Orange.
    ORANGE - Boss!
    ZAPPA - Don't worry.  I'm gonna explode the whole thing quite thoroughly.  I am
    going to prove that this machine cannot possibly protect our families and loved
    ones on this island.
    SMALL - Isn't the heavy water treatment facility exploding?!  Boss?!  Boss . .
    . No, absolutely not!!!  Hey, Orange!  When is the Boss coming back?
    ORANGE - Small . . .
    SMALL - You were the one who was with him at the end!  Where is the Boss!  Tell
    me . . . Where is the Boss . . .
    ORANGE - Shut up, Small!  I want to ask about it too!  Hey, Boss . . . You were
    only suppose to work a little bit roughly.  Don't be kidding me now . . .
    Really . . . You tried to look too good back there . . . What did you mean by
    it not being the machine's job to protect everyone?!  I know that!  Machines
    are not perfect!  After all, it is human beings who control machines.  We have
    machines to help us create things.  You often say that the latest sledges are
    difficult to use and operate.  You always have dissatisfied feelings towards
    them.  I was going to create a lot of things for you that you would have been
    pleased to use.  There is no meaning in any of this if you disappear!  Shit!!!
    (Orange Beat the Ground with his Fist until he had Used Up all of his Strength
    and his Head Fell to the Earth.  Lucian Knew of the Weight Left Upon Orange's
    Shoulders.  Lucian then Quietly Walked Towards Orange and Began to Speak Softly
    to Him.)
    LUCIAN - Orange . . . Cheer up . . . If Zappa would see you now he would feel
    nothing but absolute sadness.  Also, Small . . .
    LEONORA - Certainly.  Zappa was truly a brave man.  He protected you and I and
    the others who live on this island.  I will never forget about his deed done
    here today.
    ORANGE - Thank you . . . Boss, everybody says, "thank you."  Our Boss protected
    this island . . . This is great, eh, Small?
    SMALL - Of course!  He is our Boss!  He is the strongest and kindest and the
    person who I can rely on the most.  But, there is no one left to hand down
    punishment to me anymore.
    ORANGE - Don't worry, I will assume that role from now on.  Be ready.
    SMALL - Mmm.
    DURAN - Again, I created another victim.  I am truly sorry . . . Because of his
    willingness to join me, this tragedy occurred.  If only I would have had more
    knowledge and power . . . His death will not have been in vain!  Once I was
    called a Sword Emperor . . . I will definitely stop Vlad's mad plan even if it
    costs my life!  We are going to travel to Violent City and report what has
    happened here to his royal majesty.  Leonora, you should go back to your city
    and begin preparations for our upcoming battles.  It has become too dangerous
    to be gone from your city for any length of time now.
    LEONORA - I understand, Duran.  Do not bite off more than you can chew.
    IMPERIAL CITY                                                              
    (Save 018)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - At times, truth itself can become a cruel weapon inflicting pain on
    others.  This is common knowledge, of course.  But sometimes, common knowledge
    can be turned inside out so that white is black and black becomes white.  It is
    at times such as these that realities that have remained hidden in the shadows
    now appear in full view of people.  Soon these realities turn into fact. 
    Presently, we are at a loss to understand Helder's feeling as he returns to
    Imperial City.  However, as the people who first witnessed his return can
    attest to, in his eyes could be seen a fiery flame of blue . . .
    Combined with a solemn expression, Helder was indeed terrifying to behold at
    this time.  At times he appeared as a hungry hunting dog, one that had just had
    his dinner fly away from its grasp.  Perhaps Helder was afraid of a fact he
    would soon need to speak and was in a deep state of despair over that very
    GUARDIAN A - Helder, a Sword Emperor's aide, is traveling to the royal palace.
    GUARDIAN B - How unusual.  He is traveling alone without any guard
    (Guardian C Enters)
    GUARDIAN C - I have confirmed that tectonic plate movements have occurred
    recently!  These movements have far exceeded a permissible safe level!  They
    occurred around 3000 to 3500 kilometers from here in the direction of Foggy
    GUARDIAN B - What!  Has something happened to the city?!  Report this at once
    to Mr. Vlad!  Quickly now!  Where is the aide . . . Helder?
    GUARDIAN A - A little while ago he was spotted heading towards the reference
    room of the science and technology building.
    GUARDIAN B - Reference room?
    HELDER - This cannot be the truth . . . Impossible.  I do not believe . . . I
    just cannot believe what that old fool said!
    VLAD - Why have you suddenly returned, Helder?  Large-scale tectonic plate
    movements have been recorded around Foggy City.  Just what has occurred there?
    HELDER - Vlad, I have something I must ask you about . . .
    HELDER - I was born to a poor family on Twin Island.  My father died before my
    mother had given birth to me and she raised me all by herself.  However, my
    mother soon died due to Twin Island's fate.  I have believed my whole life that
    the reason why the island sunk was due to a natural earthquake occurrence.  I
    have also believed that Vlad's research could be used to prevent further
    tragedies such as that one from happening again.
    HELDER - Vlad, were your actions responsible for Twin Island's sinking?
    VLAD - Yes, that is correct.
    HELDER - Why have you hid this from me the whole time?
    VLAD - Because you did not need to know that piece of information.
    HELDER - So you were responsible for my mother's death?
    VLAD - That was an accident.  The technology and information at hand was
    lacking and incomplete at that time.  If only every condition had been more
    precise, that tragedy could have been averted.
    HELDER - That is enough.
    VLAD - Where do you think you are going?  You have a job to do, arrest and
    execute the Sword Emperors.  Kill the King and any who would seek to retard our
    progress.  Very soon from now a new world will be created.  Remember the things
    that are expected from you.
    HELDER - I know what I should do.
    VLAD - Good.
    VIOLENT CITY                                                               
    (Save 019)
    DURAN - Your majesty, we could not capture Helder, however, we were able to
    close the heavy water treatment facility.
    KING WIZAR - I see.  That is fine.  But we still do not know how or where Vlad
    and Helder will counterattack.  We should stop this counterattack before it
    even has a chance to materialize.
    DURAN - Yes, I understand, your majesty.
    KING WIZAR - What are your plans?
    DURAN - Considering Helder's drive and ambition, I think it is prudent that we
    should focus on Leome and Heavy D.  I will travel to Smoke City and pay her a
    CARROLL - I am going too.
    KING WIZAR - Carroll, what are you talking about?  I will not allow you to
    travel to such a dangerous locale.
    CARROLL - I will be fine because this trip is not about combat, it is only
    about confronting Leome.  This situation should be OK.
    LUCIAN - Carroll, why do you make such an unreasonable request?
    CARROLL - No, I said I was going so I shall indeed go.  This time I will not
    give up.
    SMOKE CITY                                                                 
    (Save 020)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Smoke City was an ugly situation.  The lights of bars and amusement
    centers disappeared . . . At the completed destroyed research facilities,
    broken firefly water pipes created faint hints of light.
    Marshal law was soon established and the city soon became absent of people and
    their shadows.  The sounds heard echoing from the steam furnaces were something
    akin to the moans of Hell itself.
    It is here that we meet Lucian again.  He is . . . In his mind . . . Something
    dramatic is taking shape.
    LUCIAN - What in the world has happened here?!  Is this even the same city as
    SLIM - Lucian, Carroll.
    LUCIAN - Slim, Bellebete, and Chemical!  What are you guys doing in such a
    place as this?
    CHEMICAL - Actually, we were performing here in Smoke City when a large group
    of guardians arrived and, within no time at all, the place was completed
    infested with them.  Soon martial law was established and ever since then it
    has become a nightmare to either enter or exit the City. {but I guess Lucian
    does not have a problem either coming or going?!?}
    BELLEBETE - Hi everyone.  Long time, no see. {no shit, you're blind, lady!}
    LUCIAN - Bellebete, you seem OK.
    BELLEBETE - You too.  It appears as though you have been transformed into a
    great knight.
    LUCIAN - No, not just yet.  But after this fight I might just find that out. 
    Because of that particular thought I was summoned here.
    DURAN - You might be enjoying your reunion here, but we must be off soon.  I am
    worried about Leome.
    BELLEBETE - Lucian, take care.  I hope you soon discover your true self.
    LUCIAN - Yes . . . See you.
    DURAN - Leome!
    Who are you people who dare to entrap the Sword Empress?!  If you do not
    release her immediately, we will show you no mercy.
    Winning Condition: The Rescue of Leome
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    ORANGE - Wow, look at that electrically charged cage.  If we would just charge
    directly into that electrical field I have no doubt that we would incinerate
    ourselves instantaneously.
    SMALL - So then, what should we do?
    ORANGE - Look at each of the four corners.
    (Camera Zooms Out to Reveal Four Switches)
    ORANGE - There are four switches there.  I believe that those four switches
    control the electrical field surrounding Leome.  If we turn those four switches
    off the field will be brought down.
    TITUS - OK, if so, we should turn those switches off as soon as possible.
    DURAN - Mmm.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Actions Against the Indicated Points
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    DURAN - Are you OK, Leome?  How did this happen?
    LEOME - Why did Helder . . . I just cannot believe it.
    CARROLL - Calm down and try to explain it, Leome.
    LEOME - Working under Vlad's orders, guardians surrounded and imprisoned me.  I
    just cannot understand why Vlad would attack Smoke City.  Why did Helder not
    tell me anything . . .
    CARROLL - Leome . . .
    LEOME - Why, Helder?  He was always an isolated person, never wanting to open
    his mind to anyone.  When I was younger I had already been called a "genius of
    a  scientist," but in reality I was treated as a heretic.  I was also secluded
    in solitude.  Both of us closed our minds due to our loneliness.  That is why I
    believed that only I could understand the depths of his mind.  I also believed
    that he was the only person who could understand my mind.
    (Troops Enter)
    TITUS - Wh-What . . . That ain't good.  Troops!
    DURAN - Everybody, do not let your guard down yet!
    LEOME - Helder!  What in the world happened?!  Please, tell me!
    HELDER - Leome, take me to the power control room here in Smoke City.
    TITUS - Now just hold on a sec here.  What are you talkin' about?!  I am not
    going to let you do whatever it is you want to do.
    HELDER - Do not talk.  Come to the power control room quickly and quietly.
    TITUS - Bastards!  Do not do such a selfish act!
    DURAN - Just stop it, Titus.  Helder is not the type of person who is careless
    with words.
    (Helder, Leome, and Guards Exit)
    GUARDIAN - Mr. Helder!
    HELDER - Guardian!  Do not hesitate in your attack against the approaching foes.
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 15 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    HELDER - Leome, distribute the power to the Carpet's area.
    LEOME - The Carpet's area?  I thought that place was supposed to be shut down
    at the moment?
    HELDER - Never mind about that, just do as I tell you!
    LEOME - I cannot believe this?  Something is operating there right now.  What
    is in the Carpet's area?
    (Helder Steps Up to the Machine)
    LEOME - Helder, what are you planning on doing here?!  Stop it!
    (Helder Takes a Swipe at the Machine)
    HELDER - Heh, heh.  Now no one will be able to stop the power.
    LEOME - What in the world could you be thinking about?!
    HELDER - Leome, your role in all of this has just ended.  Thank you.
    (Helder Exits While Lucian and His Group Enter)
    ORANGE - Where is he going?  What is he going to do?
    Look!  The emergency door locks are failing one after another!  Helder was
    probably responsible for this.
    DURAN - What are the affected areas?
    ORANGE - I do not know but if it continues the Beta 7 Area will . . .
    LEOME - The 17TH Warehouse!
    LUCIAN - OK, we should follow Helder.
    LEOME - No!!  If you do you will surely find hundreds of guardians.  We will
    not have enough time if it comes to that!  The only way is to go through the
    secret emergency passageway, take the airship and follow . . . If we do this we
    may be able to get the jump on Helder.
    ORANGE - Airship!!!  I can't believe this?!  Does it really exist?!  Steel Air
    Alu-Alafu.  {you got me}
    LEOME - However, the Moribitos, for observation purposes, originally designed
    that airship.  I have no idea if they will allow us to use it or not.
    LUCIAN - So that airship belongs to the Moribitos?!  If so we might have a
    small possibility of using it.  Let's go, Leome.
    LEOME - I see . . . Duran is here as well.  How ironic.  We should be off.  I
    will lead you!
    (Everyone Exits)
    GUARDIAN A - Can't you find those guys yet?!
    GUARDIAN C - We have Mr. Helder's permission to kill them as soon as we find
    (Hiding in the Shadows . . .)
    LUCIAN - This is not good.  There are guardians crawling all over the place.
    SLIM - Lucian, this way!
    LUCIAN - Slim, Chemical, and Bellebete!  What happened to you guys?
    SLIM - This diva insisted that we should rescue you.
    IDOL - Quickly!  If you wish to go inside that tower you should travel through
    this hallway.  It should be clear now!  The old guardians have not realized
    that such a place exists yet.
    DURAN - Here is . . . An underground equipment inspection passageway!  Hmm.  I
    see.  That is a good idea.  I am sorry to be such a bother to you, believe me I
    appreciate your gesture of kindness.
    CHEMICAL - No, no, there is no need for thanks.
    LUCIAN - Thank you, Bellebete, but why?
    BELLEBETE - I wanted to be of help to you.
    LUCIAN - You always help me.
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - The passageway was narrow due to it being a support tunnel for the
    main pipeline.  Pipes twisted in and out of the passageway like so many snakes
    and we climbed on top of the cracks and crevasses along the walls to reach the
    airship's pier tower.  The passageway Idol showed to us was perfect.  After
    that, we . . .
    From that point on we did not run into any more guard units.  Then, finally, we
    reached the airship's hanger.
    LEOME - That is the airship. Steel Air Alu-Alafu . . . The Wings of Admonition.
    TITUS - First, we should clear out those guardians.
    LEOME - OK.  Without killing those guardians it will be impossible for us to
    reach the switch to activate the bridge.
    Winning Condition: Arrive on the Airship
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Slight Rain
    Temperature: 8 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Party's Arrival at the Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - Are you really coming with us?
    BELLEBETE - We should not think about anything right now, we should just be
    off.  In order to fulfill your dream we should search for the answer to it!
    LUCIAN - You guys!
    BLUE OYSTER - We meet again, Lucian.  Beautiful voiced clown . . .
    BELLEBETE - Please, allow us passage on this airship.
    BLUE OYSTER - We have witnessed the destruction that has been occurring around
    you and your group for some time now.  I think I can understand your purpose
    now.  Come here, we will aid you.
    LEOME - You are part of the Moribito's observation group for this island.  You
    are willing to help us despite the way you and your clan have been treated?
    BLUE OYSTER - Of course.  We are the people who have always compensated for the
    lack of action on this island.  We should not let the same tragedy occur again.
     If you are indeed scientists, you should understand that . . . By using warped
    technology to create a world, it is impossible to hear voices of the future. 
    Well, everyone, let us depart!
    TITUS - We are indeed rescued!  Thank you.
    IN SPIRAL - CARPET'S AREA                                                  
    (Save 021)
    (Aboard the Airship)
    BLUE OYSTER - Our present location is above the Carpet's Area, Beta Seven. 
    Somehow we were able to keep up with them.  Is that the seventeenth warehouse,
    LEOME - Yes . . . But what in the world is there?
    LEOME - What is that mechanical sound?!  It sounds like something full of
    anger.  Oh . . . Coming . . . A huge lump of mass . . . No . . . Do not come
    out . . .
    ORANGE - Something is emerging from the seventeenth warehouse!
    HELDER - I guess it is not so bad to lose everything.
    This time we will not leave any seeds to germinate into a troublesome weed.
    Run!  Allow the wheel of time to squeak for all to hear, Steel Machine Runner
    LEOME - How could such a thing . . . Be constructed!  Helder, what have you . .
    ORANGE - Wow . . .
    TITUS - What is he suppose to be?  Helder was one of Vlad's men, right?  Why is
    he now attacking Imperial City?!
    LUCIAN - Has he betrayed Vlad?
    DURAN - Well, Imperial City will surely be in danger if we continue to sit here
    and do nothing!
    ORANGE - The situation is deteriorating.  Imperial City will soon be within
    range of that gun.
    DURAN - Oyster, could you lower the airship?  Please get it as close as you can
    to that train cannon.
    LEOME - I know what you are up to!  You plan on jumping onto the train cannon.
    BLUE OYSTER - I understand.  I will attempt the maneuver.
    SLIM - Are we really going to jump from here?
    IDOL - Jump!  Jump!  We should be OK, Slim.  If you continue to complain, I
    swear I will puku puku you again.
    SLIM - OK, I will do my best then.
    LUCIAN - OK, it is now time!  Everyone, let's go!
    DURAN - Why are you attacking Imperial City?
    HELDER - Duran . . . You were right.  The person who sunk Twin Island was
    indeed Vlad.  He is now my enemy.  There is nothing more for me to believe in. 
    I plan on destroying everything.  Everything is already prepared.
    DURAN -  . . .
    HELDER - Let me tell you something good.  The train cannon is not fully
    completed yet.  Of course, I have not yet had time for a test shooting. 
    However, a little while ago I did a test run without reducing speed . . . and
    the result was what you just witnessed.  After the test, the trajectory was
    thrust out of position and it is now impossible to shoot the second volley.  If
    this train continues moving it will probably begin to be uncontrollable.  Heh,
    heh, heh.  But, this is right . . . Inside the train cannon there is still one
    more volley.  It will surely explode due to the train being out of control.  If
    this happens, everything will be fine . . . This should be able to decimate
    Imperial City.  I am going to crash this train cannon straight into Vlad and
    kill him.  Heh, heh, heh.
    (Helder Turns to Leave)
    LEOME - Stop it!  Please . . . Please . . . Do not close yourself off anymore!
    Winning Condition: Reach First Car, Destroy Helder
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - Somehow we have to stop this train cannon before it arrives at
    Imperial City.
    (Screen Highlights Areas)
    LUCIAN - Anyway, let us get to the first car immediately and stop Helder's mad
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 26 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Everyone Arrive At Indicated Point
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Arriving At the Indicated Point)
    LUCIAN - Helder!  Stop this mad plan of yours!
    Helder - Heh, heh, heh.  Late, it is too late.  No one can stop Valkenhof any
    longer. The super grade equipped-style reactionary fireplace has surpassed its
    critical point and is now officially out of control.  Heh, heh, heh.  I am
    going to stop Vlad's breath with the Steel Running Machine Valkenhof!!!
    LUCIAN - Helder!
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 25 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Death of Boss
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    DURAN - Leome, is it possible to stop this train cannon?  If we do not act now
    this train will surely crash directly into Imperial City.
    LEOME - I will try, however, it will be difficult.  I might not be able to stop
    this train in time.
    ORANGE - I will assist you.
    LEOME - Do you know anything about our situation here?
    ORANGE - Yes.  I can understand the basic structure, but only very vaguely.  A
    long time ago I had the pleasure of riding in a similar train.  I do not know
    since when . . . I can hear . . .
    I really cannot explain it but it would be similar to the "voice" of the
    machine.  I can immediately imagine the entire structure of the mechanism.  But
    this is the only way I will be able to assist you.
    Don't you think so, Boss?
    (A Big Boom)
    HELDER - Lucian, I present you with this sledge.
    LUCIAN - Why me?
    HELDER - Considering your skill, without this sledge you will be powerless
    against Vlad.  Even with the sledge, it might not be enough.  Duran is here,
    Leome is here too.  I ask you to use everyone's ability to his or her fullest
    HELDER - Leome, jump off this train at once.
    LEOME - I can almost stop this train.  Do not move!  Do not move, you are
    (Referring to Leome)
    HELDER - Listen to me!
    (Referring to Orange)
    Hey, you!  When the speed diminishes to around 20 kilometers, hold Leome
    tightly and jump from this train along with everyone else.
    LEOME - Helder!  No, I will do it!
    HELDER - A woman should not do this!
    LEOME - !? . . . Are you saying I am a woman? {Leome is just happy here that
    Helder is recognizing her as something more than just a Sword Empress}
    HELDER - Ugh!
    LEOME - Helder!
    HELDER - I am not going to bow down to anyone anymore!  Someday, again . . . I
    will be back in this place!!  Until then allow my blood to be absorbed into the
    earth!  As well as my unhealed scars!
    LEOME - You are the one called Orange, correct?
    ORANGE - Yes.
    LEOME - Thank you, you are indeed a skilled person.
    IMPERIAL CITY                                                              
    (Save 022)
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - Everything was in a continual state of change . . .
    Many people tried in vain to grasp the aloofness of it all with their minds but
    ended up shivering in the cold without ever fully understanding. {!?!}
    At the present moment, however, those minds have gathered and have become a
    rapid river that has metamorphosed into a tidal wave of change.  To break the
    darkness and obtain something important, the wave made its way to Imperial
    City, King Crimson.
    And . . .
    (The Party Enters)
    LUCIAN - We have finally arrived at Crimson Castle.
    TITUS - Needless to say the guard situation here is pretty elaborate.  It might
    cause us some trouble actually.
    DURAN - Since this is the most central part of Imperial City, coupled with the
    Helder incident as well, there are numerous guard factions about.  In addition,
    Sword Emperor Benoit is guarding this particular gate and he has certainly
    chosen to remain by Vlad's side.
    SMALL - Hey!  More enemy troops are approaching, fast!  What can we do?  We are
    about to become sandwiched between these two forces!
    ORANGE - There is no way other than to separate our party to combat these
    No, wait!  The sound of that sledge vibrating . . . That's a Sword Emperor's
    sledge I hear.  Sword Emperors Leonora and George!  Hmm.  Beautiful.  Such
    harmony in that machine's sound.
    SMALL - Ahh, again?  You are absolutely, positively, a machine nut.  I can't
    believe you understand the language of machines!
    ORANGE - Just shut up, would ya?
    (Leonora and George Enter)
    LEONORA - Looks like we made it after all, Duran.  We will now join in your
    crusade here.  Rear support will consist of George's and my own troops.  We
    have already taken care of some of the more troublesome units.
    GEORGE - That is correct . . . The King's troops are all reorganized and are
    heading this way.  The remaining enemies are just in front of us now.  Benoit! 
    Walter and Vlad are ahead as well!
    TITUS - Hey, all of you!  You are all Sword Emperors, right?  Can't you just
    convince Benoit to allow us to pass through the gate?
    LEONORA - No.  Benoit would not listen to anything we had to say.  He is truly
    the definition of a model soldier.  Benoit has no doubts about serving Vlad to
    the end.  To him we are nothing more than traitors fighting against the present
    ruler ship.
    LUCIAN - Sword Emperor Benoit . . . The person who I should probably be against
    is the Benoit-type.
    DURAN - We should save our praises for later and get ready for battle now!
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Fine
    Temperature: 18 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After the Battle)
    BENOIT - Why . . . Why?  Why are you against our present ruler ship?  The power
    was clearly flowing in Vlad's direction.  If only you had not interrupted the
    flow, everything would have gone so smoothly.
    DURAN - What a miserable end for you, Benoit.  From the beginning you were
    never qualified to become a Sword Emperor.  You have always lacked your own
    will and desire.
    LUCIAN - This is retribution for all your sins.
    (Benoit Perishes)
    LUCIAN - OK, let's get into the palace.
    TITUS - Huh?  Looks like there ain't nobody home.
    LUCIAN - This point might be a dead-end.
    LEONORA - Lucian, I think I have seen that traveling performer before.  That
    diva of the Chemical Brothers is very well known.  But why is she coming along
    with you to this place?
    LUCIAN - Uhh, it's a . . .
    LEONORA - Hmm.  I understand.
    LUCIAN - N-No.
    LEONORA - What is wrong?  You are happy because you have a girl here who has
    risked her life to see you home safe.
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 24 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: Destroy All Enemies
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    WALTER - You people should not get in the way of Mr. Vlad!  Can't you
    understand how wonderful Mr. Vlad's plans are?  Don't you want to explore the
    outside world, away from this tiny island of ours?  Young ones, are you really
    satisfying yourself right now?!  Haven't you ever had an urge to destroy
    everything you have ever been given in life?!  To the new world!  A shining
    beacon on a hill!  To the future!  Surely Mr. Vlad will let you see it. 
    Certainly . . . You guys too . . . I wish to see Mr. Vlad surrounded in the
    glory of his creation!
    LUCIAN - I am going to find it on my own.
    TITUS - Duran has the power to bring people together, however, Vlad has
    something tangible that attracts people.
    DURAN - Hmm.  Probably.  But at long last our next target is Vlad himself!  We
    will soon see for ourselves Vlad's true inner character.
    VLAD - Good, everybody is altogether.  This will reduce the time it will take
    to exterminate you.
    DURAN - Vlad, long time, no see.  We rescued the King and he is under our
    protection now.  Besides, your right hand man, Helder, has been killed. 
    Everyone else has already realized your evil desires.  Your plans are finished.
     You should surrender without causing any more bloodshed, Vlad.
    VLAD - Helder did a foolish act.  Every human being has gotten drunk on
    emotions before and lost the ability for rational judgment.  He was no
    exception.  Even though Helder is dead, this will not affect my overall plans.
    DURAN - What are your plans?  What is your true purpose?  You will bring misery
    and death to so many people.  Why do you continue?
    VLAD - Purpose?  I want to clear the fog that engulfs our island.  I wish to
    lead our people to discover a new world.  I want to create an everlasting
    worldwide peace.  Those are my ideals and desires.  It is not so important an
    honor that foolish people would admire.  I only want to ensure the end result
    of my experiment as a scientist.  For that I cannot help but create a few
    insignificant victims in the process.
    I will not allow anyone to interrupt my experiment.  Even if that person is the
    King, or even God himself.  I am afraid that human beings' life spans are too
    short to fully know the end result of my plans.  I need more time.  There are
    no reasons why I should be limited as a human being.
    Winning Condition: Destroy Vlad
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Death of Boss
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After "Defeating" Vlad)
    VLAD - Hmm.  This is quite a surprise that your hands might actually kill me. 
    I guess I better stop being a human being then.
    Winning Condition: Destroy Vlad
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    LUCIAN - That . . . Is that Vlad?!
    NEO VLAD - I will not allow anyone to interrupt my experiment.  Even if that
    person is the King, or even God himself.  I am afraid that human beings' life
    spans are too short to fully know the end result of my plans.  I need more
    time.  There are no reasons why I should be limited as a human being.
    Present Turn: 1
    Weather: Indoors
    Temperature: 20 Degrees Celsius
    Winning Condition: The Death of Boss
    Losing Condition: The Death of Lucian
    (After Really Defeating Vlad)
    NEO VLAD - I will not . . . I will not forgive!
    VLAD - Foolish people . . . Such impertinence.  I will certainly not kneel in
    front of the likes of you.  When I kneel . . . That will be when the road to
    the new world is opened and my sublime dream is accomplished.  When I do kneel
    will be when I touch my lips to eternity and infinity.  I will always have to
    be above you!
    Can you understand what I mean?  Is it totally impossible for you to comprehend
    this, Duran?
    And, Lucian . . .
    LUCIAN - . . .
    DURAN - I will side them from now on.  To discover the true meaning of
    superiority, you have to first live.  What you discovered was dictatorship,
    Vlad!  Now, experience true pain as a human being!
    VLAD - I must clear this fog as soon as possible or else evolution will pass us
    by as a species.  The evolution of humanity is quite quick and usually
    unexpected.  The "natural" way takes too much time . . . If left unchecked,
    natural evolution could lead to a wrong path.
    I wanted to clear the fog that engulfed our island.  I wished to lead our
    people to the discovery of a new world.  I wanted to create an everlasting
    worldwide peace.  Those were my ideals and desires.
    DURAN - . . . Vlad.
    TITUS - Duran!  Lucian!  It's gettin' a bit too dangerous around here!  Let's
    get outta here!!
    (The Party Exits)
    BLUE OYSTER - . . . This is not the end . . . Our sins have not been washed
    away yet . . . We must continue atonement forever . . .
    TITUS - What?  Where is Bellebete?
    LUCIAN - She and the others are going to perform something or other.  I guess
    she is getting ready.
    TITUS - I see.  Well, that's too bad.  I really wanted to see her before I
    left.  I guess I'll get goin' then.  Mr. Duran gave me plenty of money as
    compensation for all my hard work.  Heh, heh, heh.  This has certainly been the
    most interesting chapter in my life.  Just think, I had direct contact with a
    Sword Emperor.  Well, I got no more reasons to waste time here.  I enjoyed our
    times together, buddy.  See you around sometime.
    LUCIAN - Yep, until then, don't get yourself killed . . . Buddy.
    LUCIAN - I am not going to become a knight of Imperial City.  I have some
    "things" to work out first.  I fully understand what it is that I have to do
    now.  Because of this it is impossible for me to stay here.
    CARROLL - I understand.  I can clearly see as well.  I know what is important
    and what is expected of me now.
    LUCIAN - Someday, definitely, I will return to this place.
    LUCIAN - You came here. {how did she find him, by scent!?  Isn't she blind?!}
    BELLEBETE - Yes.
    LUCIAN - I have returned.  I came here to accomplish my promise made to you.
    (Bellebete's Speech)
    BELLEBETE - This is a story . . . A story concerning a young man whose name is
    not well known to the people of this world.  He is not remembered in history
    books; however, he came along just like a gust of wind and blew away a hateful,
    dark cloud that had engulfed the world . . . Or . . . A daydream story of a boy
    . . .
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    LUCIAN - Goodbye . . .
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