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    Started in Microsoft (R) Notepad on the X/11/2005
    This is a general help guide for Wizard's Harmony on the Saturn. This 
    guide may or may not apply to other versions of the game, eg. Windows 
    '95 or Playstation. The guide does not detail Wizards Harmony 2 (which 
    I have never played) nor any other game in the series other than 
    Wizards Harmony.
    After searching what boils down to the whole internet for information 
    on this game, I turned to GAMEFAQS and was stunned to discover that 
    there was nothing about Wizard's Harmony for the Saturn. Absolutely 
    nothing about this stunning game. Granted, it doesn't exactly pull you 
    in from the start, but give it a chance (and ignore the fact that it 
    has absolutely no gameplay whatsoever) and you have a rampantly 
    engrossing experience on your hands. Here we go.
    You play RUFUS, and having started the WIZARDS HARMONY club, you must 
    enrol five from a possible fifteen students, each with different 
    scholastic talents and weaknesses, to join your club. Once in the club,
     you must do your best to make sure they are happy during their first 
    year. This is done buy talking to them, but y'see that's only half the 
    struggle. The other is giving them subjects to learn.
    i. Starting is as follows.
    The title screen displays the following information in English (the 
    rest of the game being in Japanese, well it is an import):
    If you can't figure out what that means, then I suggest looking 
    elsewhere for your help, as it's not in a FAQ that you'll need it.
    ii. Once this is accomplished, you'll have the option of starting a new
     game or going to the OPTIONS screen. From here, two things are 
    self-explanatory: One can either SAVE or LOAD the current game. 
    Accessing the options screen in the main game, you'll notice that this
     screen is the same, which explains to some extent the SAVE option in 
    the main options screen from here (how can you save the game if you've 
    not even started, nor loaded one yet?  Incidentally, the game requires 
    65 free blocks of Saturn backup RAM and you can store up to three 
    saves; so theoretically you'll be needing 65-195 blocks of available 
    memory in order to save your games.) Ignoring these two options; a 
    third is presented in japanese. Its function is just the same as that 
    on the title screen: NEW GAME, and it's from here that you'll be 
    accessing a fresh game every time you'll play. Alternatively you can 
    just start one from the title screen; it really makes no difference 
    So where were we... Ah yes. After pressing A, B or C a lot one is 
    presented with a map of the school area and its surrounding 
    environments. The game starts on the twenty-second of something (big 
    help, huh?). To start your search for a likely new candidate, one must 
    place the cursor over a building (triggering the display of that 
    building's name, in japanese) and press the C button. Gee, this gets 
    just SO exciting, eh? Betcha can't wait to see what happens next.
    You have six days to find and convince members to join your club. Each 
    day is composed of a morning and an evening. Thus, you have a grand 
    total of twelve attempts with which to find the perfect scholars which 
    is easier said than done, considering that the game is almost entirely 
    in Japanese. Never mind, with my CAT (pussy) we should make light work 
    of the business.
    To make someone join, you must
    a) find them and
    b) convince them.
    Finding them is made easy with the CAT (pussy), but convincing them to
     join is another matter. Fortunately, supplied with my EXTREMELY useful
     CAT (or pussy for short- heh, heh) one will find a list or ANSWER 
    TABLE (AT) (Heh, I came up with CATAT) giving details of which answer 
    to give to each character if you want them to join.
    Some days, certain buildings hold no-one.
    For example, press C on the center building. We'll call this one 
    building C. In it you will find Rachelle- Phew, now you know what she 
    looks like. Hit C a lot to skip the dialogue. Now, eventually you will 
    be presented with three posible options. These depict what to say, and 
    all but one will land you in trouble. However... Once you have 
    consulted AT this should pose no problem to you.
    After selecting your answer, press C. More dialogue will ensue, and if 
    yours was the correct answer, you'll hear a jingle (there are two). 
    Actually, there are two jingles; one for if it was the wrong answer. 
    But, with the help of my pussy you'll now know which is positive and 
    which is negative.
    After doing this twice, you'll be presented with Rufus' WAKE-UP screen.
     This presents you with two options, respectively
    -Continue searching for students
    -Check to see who's on your team.
    Obviously, the cycle continues once the first option is selected.
    This continues until after the evening of the twenty-seventh. After 
    this point, if you have five characters on your team, the game proper 
    will start. If you don't, then a number of students equal to five minus
     the number you managed to convince to join will join you 
    automatically. So, it doesn't matter if you fail to convince anyone to 
    join. However, after playing a few games, you will find that the same 
    characters keep joining. If you find this improves the game's 
    longevity, then fine, keep playing, but you may feel you want to see 
    the other characters that you've missed. If this is so, you'll need to
     consult the CAT (but I wouldn't recommend doing this, as the game's 
    lifespan is exhausted very quickly, particularly if you choose only 
    your favourite characters).
    Note: If you have the manual you can find a list of all characters in 
    the game, albeit in Japanese.
    The guy you play. Has grey hair, is tall and (obviously) handsome. Has 
    a plaster on his left cheek.
    ARICIA (sic)
    Tall, blonde woman who is exceptionally beautiful. (don't laugh)
    Dark-haired, oriental-looking, she never looks at you directly- which
     is bizarre as everyone else in the game finds you incredibly attractive.
    Looks like a cat with green hair. A girl. NOOOOOOO. When are girls 
    called Cynthia, for Christ's sake...
    Blonde bloke with red toward the end of his hair. Honestly, isn't there
     ANYONE with normal-looking hair in this game? And we've yet to see 
    DAIL's hair yet...
    Pink hair with an "interesting" line in headbands. Provided, of course,
     a "line" can be used to describe "one".
    A sinister-looking guy with grey hair, wrapped round by a headband. 
    He's VERY tall and terrible at schoolwork. Not like...
    REJIE (sicker- heh, couldn't resist a bit o' that)
    Pink-haired bloke. Do you think about CAPTAIN STAR (English cartoon for
     kids- CITV- that took off in about 1996 and ended about a month 
    later)? I Thought so. WONDERFUL at homework, he tends not to get on 
    with the others in the class. But for this, dear readers, shall he be 
    forgived. Er, forgiven (sheesh, this "good english" thing is really 
    BUGGING me...)
    Large, oriental-looking guy w dark hair. Having never played through 
    the game with him on my team, I really don't know much about him.
    Maxx is of the hairy type. He only hangs out at night, making for a 
    deep, interesting character.
    Shy, blue-haired sort. (Lots of it.)
    Blue plaits & glasses. This is just so you can recognise any of the 
    characters at a glance.
    Tall woman w long, brown hair.
    Wears a brown hat. What colour was it again? At least I think it was 
    brown. Never mind, she's brown-haired and chestnut (ich) eyes. Oo, I'm
     going all gooey again. This is pathetic.
    A large bloke. Look, do I really need to be going on about this?
    One of the characters.
    I don't know if he's your teacher type or what, but all I do know is 
    that if you fail to get your team decent enough grades, he expels you. 
    Anyway... Cool, funky and always in a very good mood, Dail is 
    nonetheless marred by his exceptionally funky sunglasses- they hide 
    beautiful and thoughtful eyes which have seen too much and frightened 
    too many.
    The game proper is divided into two sections:
    1) Weekly routine (schoolwork, grades, evening chat)
    2) Weekend activities
    These exclude End of Term Gradings and School Holidays. You will see 
    for yourself what these entail.
    Every week, each member of the WIZARD'S HARMONY team must be given a 
    revision schedule for six school days, and you can choose what to 
    revise (hence "all choice!") Now this is the part of the game that 
    baffled me right from the start, now thankfully it's second nature. I 
    do remember thinking that I'd never really understand how to play the 
    game, but now the only thing that escapes me is the dialogue. Finishing
     the game is simplicity itself, and it shouldn't take more than a 
    couple of hours...
    There are 7.
    Bird (it looks that way on the icon)
    Scroll (it looks like one)
    There is also an eighth option, REST, meaning that character does 
    nothing on that day.
    To select a character's action, look at the top left of the screen and
     you will see a "7X2" grid. The icons are numbered as follows, as they
     appear on the table:
    				1   3   5   7   9   11  13
    				2   4   6   8   10  12  14
    Icons 1 to 8 represent what a character will do on that day. Pressing C
     on icon 11 lists a table showing a lot of three-figure numbers with 
    the six game characters displayed along the top and the eight 
    activities in a column on the left. Match the activity (column choice) 
    with the character (row choice) and you have the current level of 
    expertise for that character in that particular subject, or, in the 
    case of REST, how much energy that character has left for schoolwork. 
    Pressing the D-Pad left or right highlights a different character, and 
    pressing C again takes you to a more detailed description of that 
    character. Here you can find the character's measurements and much 
    more, as yet untranslateable.
    Pressing B twice will take you back to the first screen where work 
    schedule is determined.
    Press C on icon 1. The characters' names are listed down the left and 
    the dates on top underneath the icons. Match up RUFUS with the first 
    day, and press C on that square. For now, Rufus will learn only FIRE on
     day 1 of week 1. But to see what each character needs to learn, we 
    strongly recommend taking a look at the CURRENT FORM screen which is 
    accessed by pressing C on icon 11.
    Here is the table of three-digit numbers we previously saw. Any numbers
     printed in WHITE indicate a sufficient degree of skill in that area,
     but if in RED then the character needs to do some learning in that 
    Ironically enough, the list of numbers starting at the top and working
     their way down the screen aren't listed in the same order of 
    appearance as they are on the "7X2" icon table. REST should be eighth, 
    but isn't. It appears first on the form table- second down is FIRE, 
    followed by WATER, EARTH, WIND, BOOK, BIRD and SCROLL.
    This guide is so Darn detailed that you can probably work the rest out
     for yourself (Hell, I did).
    But just to help you, here's a CAT (pussy) location table for each 
    character on every date:
              22nd    23rd    24th    25th    26th    27th
              Mo/Ev   Mo/Ev   Mo/Ev   Mo/Ev   Mo/Ev   Mo/Ev
    1       !  -    !  -    ! Re    ! Mk    ! Mk    ! Re    !	
            !    So !    -  !    Ma !    Ma !    -  !    -  !
    2       !  -    ! Me    ! Mu    !  -    !  -    ! Me    !
            !    Mu !    So !    -  !    -  !    So !    -  !
    3       ! Ce    ! Si    !  -    ! Si    ! Me    ! So    !
            !    Me !    Ch !    So !    Ce !    -  !    Ch !
    4       ! Al    !  -    ! Al    ! Mu    ! Ce    !  -    !
            !    -  !    Ce !    Si !    -  !    Mu !    Si !
    5       ! Ra    ! Ja    ! Cy    ! Al    !  -    !  -    !
            !    Ch !    Cy !    -  !    Ja !    Ch !    Ra !
    6       ! Mk    ! Ma    ! Ra    ! Ge    !  -    !  -    !
            !    -  !    So !    -  !    Mk !    Ma !    Ge !
    7       ! Ge    ! Re    !  -    !  -    !  Re   !  -    !
            !    Ja !     - !    Ge !    Cy !    Ja !    Cy !
    Heh. Hope you learned more through this guide than I did...

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