Virtua Fighter 2
The Superior 3D Arcade Fighting game
- Thoroughly enhanced realistic animation for each character, from the extraordinary arcade hit with double the resolution and double the speed!
- Contains over 1,200 radical moves from the arcade hit, unique movies and power plays for each character

Virtua Cop
You're a cop. Putting your life on the line is your job. Staying alive is your challenge.
- First person perspective and constantly changing\zooming 3-D graphics, put you right in the middle of the heart-pounding action!
- It's basically shoot or be shot as dirt bags pop out of virtually everywhere armed with guns, grenades and hostages!

Daytona USA
Explosive 3D racing second to none!
- Realistic stock car control with drafting, controlled braking, 4 wheel drifts and skillful acceleration
- 3 challenging tracks demand total control & intense concentration
- 4 dynamic driving perspectives

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#27 lowest rated SAT miscellaneous game (#229 on SAT, #30877 overall)


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#23 easiest SAT miscellaneous game (#146 on SAT, #25609 overall)


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