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    Sega Saturn FAQ by WReiser

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/07/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                  SEGA SATURN FAQ
                            (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS)
                                    Version 1.0
                                  The Saturn  FAQ
                                   Wesley Reiser
                    This file is Copyright (c) 1995/96, Wesley Reiser.
                                All Rights Reserved.
                      Free distribution of this file is permitted,
                         provided it isn't modified in any way
           and credit is given to ALL the people who contribute to this FAQ.
                    Meaning, kept the entire Credits section intact!
                        Sale of this FAQ is strictly forbidden
                        without written consent of the author.
            Use of this FAQ in commercial publication is strictly forbidden
                        without written consent of the author.
    Last-modified on April 7'th 1996
    Please send additions, questions, comments, and corrections to
    Wesley Reiser at wesley.reiser@ulbbs.com
    The newest version of this FAQ can be obtained via me, or FTP to...
    ftp.netcom.com pub/vi/vidgames/faq
    0. Contents
        1. About the Author
        2. Sega Saturn Intro
        3. Hardware specifications
        4. Compared to the 32X
        5. Compared to the Sony Playstation
        6. A sound experience
        7. Saturn Developing
        8. Infinite Possibilities
        9. Saturn's Peripherals
       10. About the Saturn's creators
       11. Let The Games Begin
       12. List of games available at release
       13. Release date
       14. Other Sources of Saturn Information
       15. Where do I send fan mail?
       16. Where to get new releases
       17. Misc Info
       18. Whats new?
       19. Acknowledgements (credits)
       20. Revision List
    (1) About the Author
    Name:		Wesley Reiser
    Age:		19
    Systems:	Super Nintendo
    		Sega Genesis
    		Sega CD
    		Nintendo Gameboy
    		486SX Tandy PC
    Current FAQ's:	Sega Saturn FAQ
    		Slide   (Windows EXE FAQ on the hit   )
    			(FOX television show "Sliders")
    Interests:	Astronomy
    		Space Travel
    		Science Fiction
    		Computer Programming
    		Music (Alanis Morissette!) :)
    Enough about me...
    (2) Sega Saturn Intro
      Ending months of speculation, the most powerful, technologically advanced
    video game system created HAS arrived! The powerhouse Sega Saturn delivers
    state-of-the-art 3-D-modeled graphics, dynamic perspective with constantly
    changing points of view, true 3-D Audio, and phenomenal game-play speed
    surpassing that of an ordinary multimedia PC and challenging even a high-end
    work station. With the much-anticipated arrival of Sega Saturn in the United
    States comes a completely new definition of video gaming, transporting
    players into a previously unrealized realm of interactive entertainment.
    						-Sega Visions, May 1995
    But is it enough to satisfy Hard-Core gamers?
    Is what Sega says true?
    You decide...
    (3) Hardware Specifications
                                 EIGHT PROCESSORS
             * 2 Hitachi 28.6MHz, 50-MIPS SH2 32-bit
               RISC processors
             * Hitachi SH1 32-bit RISC processor
             * VDP 1 32-bit video display processor
             * VDP 2 32-bit video display provessor
             * Saturn Control Unit (SCU)
             * Motorola 68EC000 sound processor
             * Yamaha FH1 DSP sound processor
             * 2MB (16 Megabits) RAM
             * 1.54MB (12 Megabits) video RAM
             * 540KB (4 Megabits) audio RAM
             * 540KB (4 Megabits) CD-ROM cache
             * 32KB nonvolatile RAM (battery backup)
             * 22.6MHz Yamaha FH1 24-bit digital
               signal processor
             * 11.3MHz Motorola 68EC000 sound processor
             * 32 PCM (pulse-code modulation) channels
             * 8 FM channels
             * 44.1KHz sampling rate
             * VDP 1 32-bit vidoe display processor
             * Sprite, polygon, and geometry engine
             * Dual 256KB frame buffers for rotation
               and scaling effects
             * Texture Mapping
             * Goraud shading
             * 512KB cache for textures
             * VDP 2 32-bit background and scroll plane
               video display processor
             * Background engine
             * Five simultaneous scrolling backgrounds
             * Two simultaneous rotating playfields
             * 200,000 texture-mapped polygons per second
             * 500,000 flat-shaded polygons per second
             * 60 frames of animation per second
             * 24-bit true-color graphics
             * 16.7 million colors
             * 320 by 224, 640 by 224, 720 by 576 resolution
             * Double-Speed CD-ROM
             * 320KB per second transfer speed
             * Audio CD compatible
             * CD+G compatible
             * CD+EG compatible
             * CD single (8cm CD) compatible
             * Video CD, Photo CD, Electronic Books, digital
               karaoke (optional)
             * 512KB memory cartridges for game save (optional)
             * High-speed serial communications port
             * Internal 32-bit expansion port
             * Internal multi-AV port for video CD
               (MPEG) adaptor
             * Composite video/stereo (standard)
             * NTSC RF (optional)
             * S-Video compatible (optional)
             * RGB compatible (optional)
             * HDTV compatible (optional)
             * Analog control pad
    (4) Compared to 32X
      The first difference you would notice between the 32X and the Saturn
    is the speed.  While the 32X is a nice system and more powerful then the
    16-Bit systems, it does not add up to the Saturn, or even close.
      The power that the Saturn puts out is much greater then the 32X.
    One way to explain the difference is that if Sega were to try to create
    Virtua Fighter 2 for the 32X, it would run like DOOM runs on a 386 (probably
    even slower then that).  Actually, I heard that the 32X couldn't even handle
    the extreme polygons at any speed but I am not really sure.
      Here are some things you have to think about before purchasing between
    the 32X and the Saturn...
    Price.    The Saturn is running for about $350 without a game (Sampler CD)
              while the 32X runs for about $150.  However with the 32X you MUST
              have a Sega Genesis system to connect it to since the 32X is not a
              single running system, it simply improves the Genesis (and CD).
    Support.  Although Sega has said they are going to continue to support
              the 32X, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, and Sega Saturn
              from what the public has seen, they are trying to push the Saturn
              a lot (which is understandable), however the other systems are
              getting slightly left behind which really is not fair to the
              consumer.  Before you run out and buy something, make sure the
              manufacturer is backing that product up HEAVILY or chances are
              its going to be another Sega CD (which IMHO has the capability to
              be a good system if Sega would make some games for it).
    Power.    Although both systems are 32-bit, the Saturn has a LOT more power
              and capabilities then the 32X.  Games that use full 32-bit power
              such as Virtua Fighter 2 will not be able to be converted for use
              on the 32X.
    32X System Specifications.
    			     MAIN PROCESSOR
    		Twin Hitachi (SH2) 32 bit RISC processors
    		 - clock speed of 23 MHZ
    		 - 40 MIPS
    		 - Genesis 68000, Z80, Genesis 32X VDP
    		 - Video processor
    		 - 50,000 texture-mapped polygons/sec
    		 - texture mapping
    		 - hardware scaling and rotation
    		 - 32,768 simultaneous colours on screen
    		 - Genesis resolution
    		 - Overlaying over existing Genesis/SegaCD video
    		 - 512k (4 MBit) additional RAM to Genesis/SegaCD memory
    		 - Stereo PCM chip
    		 - audio mixing with Genesis sound
    		 - additional 2 channels (therefore 14 all together?)
    		 - I/O: Same as Genesis
    		 - 32X upgradable; can upgrade the 32X
    		 - CD-ROM if you have a SegaCD
    		 - speed same as SegaCD
    		 - compatible with audio CD, CD&G, SegaCD, Cartridge
    		 - compatible with Genesis
    		 - can store save game/score information (as with many
    		   Genesis games)
    (5) Compared to the Sony Playstation
      During the release of the Saturn in June 1995, sales for the system were
    not very good although they were not very bad either.  In September, the
    Sony Playstation was released and by Christmas the sales matched that of
    the Saturn with about 500,000.  Most people believe that this boost of sales
    for the Playstation was because of the release of Mortal Kombet 3 with the
    system which was supposed to be the best platform to own since it was a high
    end 32 bit system and Sega didn't have rights to release MK3 until April I
    think, and at the time, Mortal Kombat 3 is what people wanted.
       Once the fade of MK3 died down and people realised that the SNES version
    was just as good, the sales of the Playstation dropped dramatically while
    the Saturn maintained its sales scoring (in rumor) 2.5 Million sales at the
    time of this writing.  Whether the system has actually sold 2.5 million units
    (worldwide) or not is not known to me, however I also heard that the
    Playstation sales are at about 1 million making the Saturn the best system
    available right now (Until N64 is released?).
    Compare the systems yourself.
    Playstation Specifications...
       *    R3000A from MIPS(SGI) and LSI Logic Technologies
       *    32 bit RISC processor
       *    Clock 33.8688MHz
       *    Operating performance 30 MIPS
       *	Instruction Cache 4 KB
       *    Data Cache 1 KB
       *    BUS 132 MB/sec.
       *    3D Geometry Engine (High speed matrix calculator)
       *    Clearing capacity: 66 MIPS
       *    1.5 million flat-shaded polygons/sec
       *    500,000 texture-mapped and light-sourced polygons/sec
       *    Motion JPEG Hardware Decompression Engine
       *   Operating performance 80 MIPS (Clearing Capacity)
       *    Directly connected to CPU bus
       *    Compatible with MPEG1, H.261 files (both via additional har2 Kilobytes (4Mbits)
       *    RAM cards       -       128 Kilobytes (1Mbit) flash-memory cards
       *    Rendered in hardware - Upto 360K polygon/sec.
       *    Texture mapping
       *    Flat or Gouraud shading
       *    ADPCM audio source
       *    24 Channels
       *    44.1KHz sample rate
       *    Digital effects include:
    		- Pitch Modulation
    		- Envelope
    		- Looping
    		- Digital Reverb
       *    Load up to 512K of sampled waveforms
    		- Supports MIDI Instruments
       *    16.7 million colours
       *    Adjustable frame buffer
       *    No line restriction
       *    5 Simultaneous backgrounds
       *    NTSC Display Resolution
    	|  Mode | Resolution (H x V) |       Scan        |
    	|   0   |     256 x 240      |                   |
    	|   1   |     320 x 240      |   Non-Interlaced  |
    	|   2   |     512 x 240      |                   |
    	|   3   |     640 x 240      |                   |
    	|   4   |     256 x 480      |                   |
    	|   5   |     320 x 480      |    Interlaced     |
    	|   6   |     512 x 480      |                   |
    	|   7   |     640 x 480      |                   |
       *    Colour Depth
    	|  Mode |    Colours   |
    	|   4   |      16      |
    	|   8   |     256      |
    	|  15   |    32,768    |
    	|  24   |  16,777,216  |
       *    All calculations are performed to 24 bit accuracy
       *    Texture mapping colour mode
    	- 4 bit CLUT (Colour Look-Up Table) (16 colours)
    	- 8 bit CLUT (256 colours)
    	- 15 bit direct (32768 colours)
       *    2D Graphical Capability
    (6) A sound experience
      Sound plays an enormous role in an interactive experience. So when it came
    to designing and building Sega Saturns sound processor, Sega turned to the
    most respected experts in the field; Yamaha (electronic keyboards, pianos,
    stereo equipment, synthesizers--yeah, that Yamaha). This potent system not
    only reads the CD-ROM but also creates and manipulates sound data by using
    16 channels combined with a digital mixer. It also has the
    capability for 3-D audio resulting in very realistic sound.
    With QSound(tm) the sound literally comes at you from 360 degrees
    (imagine a Mig 29 roaring right over you in your next flight sim game).
    Sega Saturn's sound specs include two CPU interfaces, 32 voices, built-in
    sound effects, and FM and PCM synthesis. It uses a motorola 16-bit 68EC000
    processor and Yamaha digital signal processor. Incidentally, the 16-bit
    68EC000 processor is a close relative of the Genesis's main processor, only
    in the Sega Saturn its used exclusively for sound. To put this in
    perspective, the least powerful chip in the Sega Saturn's sound system is
    more powerful than the chip that runs the entire Genesis.
    But if you think about it, is the Genesis really very powerful?  :)
      Sega Saturn also boasts built-in DMA for file transfer, the 16-channel
    mixer previously mentioned, and a 128-step digital signal processor
    (or programmable DSP) Additionally, Sega Saturn supports the musical
    instrument digital interface (MIDI) To the sound creators, MIDI means its
    possible to hook up a keyboard during sound development to experiment in
    real time while creating music sequences or sound effects.
    (7) Saturn Developing
      What Sega Saturn's processing capabilities mean to game developers is yet
    another story. Often, game companies tout their hardware systems'
    capablilties--which are important in understanding the potential quality of
    the game experience--but equally importand are the advantages that the
    hardware architecture offers the game creators. Sega Saturn gives developers
    unlimited reign. Take the VDP 2 chip for example.  This specialized chip
    enables programmers to generate up to five simultaneous backgrounds and
    rotate two playfields at the same time. The chip also makes Sega Saturn the
    only machine that supports 16.7 million colors on active video displays.
    These photorealistic graphical allowances give developers the tools needed
    to construct more realism in each and every frame, however I am unaware of
    the Playstations power in this field, it may match the Saturn here.
      Actually, word has it that the complex layout of the board in the Saturn
    makes the system very complicated in the programmers aspect.
    What this means is that although the system is very powerful, its hard for
    companies to make games that take advantage of all its advanced technology
    because it was made too quick.  This may be a drawback to the system as if
    companies can progrm another system easier, they will most likely want to
    stick with the easier one because time is money.
    (8) Infinite Possibilities
      Besides its superior game-play features, Sega Saturn has an architecture
    that allows for expansion. Possible additions include multimedia extras like
    a Video CD via an optional MPEG adaptor, PhotoCD, Electronic books, audio
    CD, and digital karaoke. There is also at least five ports, which give
    Sega's product-development people access to the bus signals, should they
    have any super expansion ideas in the future. Maybe something network
    related--who knows? Lets just say that they've been known to have some
    awesome tricks up their sleeves.
    (9) Saturn's Peripherals
      These are some of the peripherals that should be available where you
    buy Sega Saturn systems, games, etc...
             * ARCADE RACER <joystick>
               If you like vehicle-sim games, you'll
               love the Arcade Racer. Its the controller
               that puts you behind the wheel. And it
               gives you the most realistic control
               because its analog. Whereas digital
               controllers rely on values assigned to
               on/off switches (like light switches, they
               react in steps), analog controllers respond
               in a smoother arc (like dimmer switches).
               You're in the drivers seat with super,
               oh-so-sensitive control. Its perfect for
               Time Warner Interactive's V.R. Virtua Racing
               or Sega's Daytona USA.
             * 6PLAYER <controller adaptor>
               Have friends? Want more? 6Player, the ultimate
               multiplayer adaptor, allows up to six buddies
               or rivals (12 buddies/rivals if you use two
               adaptors) to play in the same game. Team up in
               NHL All-Star Hockey and a 6Player--you'll have
               friends galore (or rivals galore)!
             * BACKUP <Backup cartridge>
               Sega Saturn backs up sports fans on this one.
               Backup's a RAM cart with a whooping 512
               kilobytes of storage! Thats enough to handle
               everything from your best scores on Pebble
               Beach Golf Links to your stats on Grand Slam
               Baseball. By the way, you dont have to be a
               sports fan to take advantage of backup--just
               think how many Sim City 2000 games you can
               keep. You could save the world!
             * CONTROL PAD <uhhhh, I forgot what this is>
               All gamers have a favorite control pad. This
               one is likely to be yours. Sega Saturn's control
               pad puts you in charge with 8 buttons--thats 6
               action buttons and 2 shift (left and right)
               buttons. Plus its ergonomically correct: You get
               the advantage at your fingertips with easy eight
               button play for all your killer combo moves.
    (10) About the Saturn's creators
      What Sega-select team of people worked for an entire two years exclusively
    to make certain Sega Saturn was launched with the some of the worlds best
    hardware and software? Of course it would be Sega's Away Team.
      The 27-member Away Team comprises Sega employees from every aspect of
    hardware engineering, product development, and marketing. They devoted
    countless hours, resources, and brain cells into launching Sega Saturn.
    Their sole mission was to ensure that Sega Saturn's hardware and design met
    the precise needs of both the U.S. and Japanese markets, in some ways it did
    and in other ways it didn't.
      In conjunction with developing titles for the launch in the States, the
    Away Team was responsible for bringing the first wave of premimum games from
    Japanese third-party developers. Thanks to the global efforts of the Away
    Team, killer titles like Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, NHL All-Star Hockey,
    and Panzer Dragoon were all primed and ready to show off Sega Saturn's
    awesome power when it was released.
    (11) Let The Games Begin
      More than 100 third-party publishers and developers are creating software
    for the Sega Saturn.
    More than 20 titles were available at launch with an additional library of
    about 100 games by Christmas 1996 from both Sega and third-party developers.
    Here is a small list of some of the publishers developing for the
    Sega Saturn at release time...
    American Laser Games
    American Softworks
    Crystal Dynamics
    Data East
    Digital Pictures
    Electronic Arts
    GT Interactive
    Rocket Science
    Sierra On-Line
    Stragetic Simulations
    Time Warner Interactive
    Ubi Soft
    Universal Interactive Studios
    U.S. Gold
    Virgin Interactive
    (12) List of games available at release
      The following is an updated list of games that are currently available or
    will be coming out very soon for the Sega Saturn system... Some updates of
    these games were taken from the Saturn/32X FAQ (pred@zikzak.apana.org.au)
    which I cant find a newer version then 2.10 (12/22/94) so I dont know if
    any of these games will be coming out for sure in the United States, but
    you can bet that they probably are. Some entries were taken from GamePro
    magazine volume 7, #7, June 1995. And some entries were taken from
    Sega Visions magazine May 1995.
    If you know of any additions that are not on this list, please E-Mail me.
       3D Baseball             | C. Dynamics  | !3D! Baseball
       4D Boxing               | Victor Ent.  | Boxing
       Armoured Troops Race 2  | Nihon        | Action
       Astal                   | Sega         | Adventure
       A.IV                    | Artdink      | Simulation
       Battle Monsters         | Sega         | Action
       Basketball '95          | ???          | Basketball
       Bermuda Triangle        | Ask Kodansha | Role Playing
       Blue Seed               | Sega         | ???
       BUG!                    | Sega         | Action/Adventure
       Chinese Detective       | Sega         | Adventure/interactive
       Clockwork Knight        | Sega         | Action/Adventure
       Clockwork Knight 2      | Sega         | Action/Adventure
       Congo                   | ???          | 3D Action/Adventure
       College Jam             | Acclaim      | Basketball
       Cotton 2                | Success      | Action/shooter
       CyberRace               | Sega         | Driving
       Dark Legends            | Data East    | Fighting
       Daytona USA             | Sega         | Driving
       Deadlus                 | Sega         | Action/shooter
       Defcon 0                | Data East    | Action/Strategy
       Derby Stallion          | Ascii        | Simulation
       D-Game                  | Media Ent.   | Adventure/interactive
       Doom 2                  | Sega         | 3D Action/shooter
       Dragons O T Square Table| C. Dynamics  | Graphical Adventure
       Dynamic Fantasy         | Sega         | Action
       Ecco the Dolphin        | Sega         | Action
       Fantasy Earth           | Sega         | Role Playing
       Fantasy Gallery         | Media Ent.   | Adventure/interactive
       Fantasy Labyrinth       | Sun Elctrncs | Adventure/interactive
       Fire Pro Wrestling      | Human        | Wrestling
       Fist of the North Star  | Banpresto    | Action
       Freerunner              | Sega         | ???
       Gail Racer              | Sega         | Driving
       Gamemaster              | Sunsoft      | ???
       Ghen War                | ???          | 3D Action
       Goal Racer              | Sega         | ???
       Gotha                   | Sega         | ???
       Grandslam Baseball      | Sega Sports  | Baseball
       Greatest 9              | Sega         | Golf
       Great Wall of China     | Sunsoft      | ???
       Guile Racer             | Sega         | Driving
       Hard Core               | Virgin Games | Simulation
       Hyperderby              | CRI          | Simulation
       Ice Hockey              | Sega         | Ice Hockey
       Keio Karate Squad 2     | Victor Ent.  | Fighting
       League Road             | Sega         | ???
       Magic Night, RayEarth   | Sega         | Role Playing
       Mahjong Goku            | Shanor       | Majong
       Masters                 | Sega         | Golf
       Mortal Kombat 3         | Midway       | Arcade Fighting
       Musashi                 | Bell         | Action/shooter
       Myst                    | Sunsoft      | Adventure/interactive
       NBA Basketball          | Sega         | Basketball
       NHL All-Star Hockey     | Sega Sports  | Hockey
       Off-Road Interceptor    | C. Dynamics  | sci-fi vehicle sim.
       Okushimitama Blue Seed  | Sega         | Role Playing
       Overdrive               | Zoom         | Action
       Panzer Dragoon          | Sega         | Action/shooter
       Pebble Beach Golf       | Sega         | Golf
       Pinball Arena           | ???          | Pinball
       Quo Vadis               | Gramus       | ???
       Race Drivin'            | Time Warner  | Driving
       Rampo                   | Sega         | Adventure/interactive
       Real Yumemi             | Sega         | Action/Adventure
       Rigroad Saga            | Sega         | Role Playing
       Sankokushi TV           | Koei         | Simulation
       Saturn Basketball       | Sega         | Basketball
       Sega Rally              | Sega         | Racing
       Shinobi EX              | Sega         | Action/shooter
       Side Pocket             | Sega         | 8 ball
       SimCity 2000            | Sega         | Strategy
       Soccer                  | EA Victor    | Soccer
       Solar Eclipse           | ???          | 3D Shooter
       Sonic 4                 | Sega         | Action
       Suiji Martial Arts      | Data East    | Fighting
       Super 301 SQ            | Nihon Bussan | Simulation
       Super Street Fighter 2  | Capcom       | Arcade conversion
       Tama                    | Time Warner  | ???
       The 11th Hour           | Virgin       | Adventure
       The Legend Of Kain      | ???          | ???/Action?
       The New Dream Mansion   | Sega         | Adventure/interactive
       Tomcat Alley            | Sega         | Action/shooter
       US Drag Champ           | Nihon Bussan | Driving
       Van Battle              | Sega         | Fighting
       Victory Goal            | Sega         | Soccer
       Virtua Cop              | Sega         | 3D Arcade Shooter
       Virtua Fighter          | Sega         | 3D Arcade Fighting
       Virtua Fighter Remix    | Sega         | 3D Arcade Fighting
       Virtua Fighter 2        | Sega         | 3D Arcade Fighting
       Virtua GP               | Atlas        | Driving
       Virtua Hangon           | Sega         | Motorcycle racing
       Virtua Racing           | Sega         | Arcade conversion
       Virtua Tennis           | Sega         | Tennis
       Virtual Hydlide         | Sega?        | Role Playing
       V.R. Virtua Racing      | Time Warner  | Racing
       Wanchai Connection      | Sega         | ???
       War Baddies             | Grams        | Simulation
       Waves of Pebble Beach   | Sega         | Golf
       World Striker           | Sega         | Soccer
       Worldwide Soccer        | Sega Sports  | Soccer
       Yumemi Mansion ][       | Sega         | Adventure
       Zero Four Champ Special | Media Ring   | Boxing
    (13) Release date
      As you all know, the release date for the Saturn was supposed to be in
    September, but Sega decided that they wanted to get the jump on the Market
    and release it early. If you have been keeping track of the Saturn, you
    probably already know that it is already out in stores right now. But if
    you haven't, well, now you know. Go check your local listings, and call all
    the local electronic, software, video game stores possible, because...
    "Its out there"
    You can get more information such as where copies are available by visiting
    Sega's Saturn home page on the World Wide Web at URL "http://www/segaoa.com"
    (14) Other Sources of Saturn Information
      There are many ways to get Sega Saturn information, here are the
      few ways I know. This will be updated each release version...
      If you have any information to add, please send it to...
      If I use it, you will get full credit...
    ~World Wide Web~
      http://www.segaoa.com/ (currently down?)
      ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/
    ~Mailing Lists~
      E-Mail vidlist@aol.com with the word SUBSCRIBE as subject...
    ~Commercial Networks~
      America OnLine - keyword VIDEOGAMES
      CompuServe - GO VIDGAM
      Delphi - GO ELE WOR
    (15) Where do I send fan mail?
    If you are a fan of this FAQ, send mail to me at...
    Send mail to Sega at...
    Thats currently all I know of. Please send additions if you know of any to..
    (16) Where to get new releases
      You can get new releases in the following ways or simply request them from
    me via my internet address...
    send mail to wesley.reiser@ulbbs.com and ask for newest version...
      ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/
      I am currently trying to get into contact with Sega
      to request a spot on their site for my FAQ.
      I am still waiting ANY responce whatsoever...
      http://www.segaoa.com     is that site...
      If you would like my FAQ on your page E-Mail me.
      Dozens of people have offered to post this FAQ to
      Internet Newsgroups. So I guess you can find it
      at the following Newsgroups plus many more...
    ~Bulletin Board Systems~
      I will upload the newest FAQ to the following BBS's
      about 10 minutes after being finished... :)
         Rainmans Sporadic = 609-794-8883
           Bigfoot Express = 609-327-6672
         Mystic Realms BBS = 609-691-3105
            Crossroads BBS = 609-794-2220
    ~Commercial Networks~
      America OnLine - keyword VIDEOGAMES
      CompuServe - GO VIDGAM
      Delphi - GO ELE WOR
      MSN - Unknown
    (17) Misc Info
      Thanks go out to JUSTIFIER@eebbs.com for this Misc Info on the
      Sega Saturn...
     1)Packaging-White and Silver box (slightly larger and heaverier then
     2)Whats inside-Saturn, 1 controller, a.v. cable, power cord, lithium
       battery (in machine), Virtua Fighter CD, Choice cuts CD, warranty card,
       and saturn stickers.
       Newer systems come with Sampler CD only.
     3)System specs:
         C.P.U:  2 Main SH2 (28.6 Mhz, 25MIPS)
                 1 Sound 68EC000 (11.3 MHz)
         MEMORY:  Work RAM 16 Mbit
                  Video RAM 12 Mbit
                  Sound RAM 4 Mbit
                  CD Buffer RAM 4 Mbit
                  IPL ROM 4 Mbit
                  Backup RAM 256 Kbit
        GRAPHICS: Resolution 320*224,etc.(640*448 but not in manual.)
                  Colors 2048/1024(16,770,000 simultaneous transmission)
                  Sprite enlargement,reduction,rotation,transformation
                 SCROLL:  5 screen maximum
                          XY Scroll 4
                          Rotation 2
                          Enlargement/reduction 2
                          Window 2
                          Special features
                            Vertical cell scroll
                            Lateral line scroll
        CG FUCTIONS: Polygons specialized hardware
                          Special features
                             Wire frame
                             Flat shading
                             Gouraud shading
        SOUND: PCM & FM sound sources
                          32 channels
                          16 bit sampling
                          Sampling rate 44.1 KHz max.
                          Audio DSP
        CD-ROM: Intelligent double-speed CD drive
        MODEL NUMBER:MK-80000
        POWER SOURCE:AC 120V;60Hz
        OPERATING CONDITIONS: Temperature 41'F TO 95'F
                              Humidity 10% to 80% RH
        DIMENSIONS:Width 260mm (10.2 inches)
                   Lenght 230mm (9.0 inches)
                   Height 83mm (3.2 inches)
                   Weight Manual does not list but is pretty heavy
        4)Usable Software: *Sega Saturn game CD's
                           *CD+G (audio and graphics) discs
                           *8-centimeter audio CD singles
                           *Music CD's or audio CD;s
                           *CD+EG (audio with extended graphics) discs
          Note: You CANNOT use Genesis,Sega CD or Genesis 32x games on Saturn.
     5)Whats on the saturn console:
               TOP:CD Door(flip),Cartidge Slot,Reset Button,
                   Access Light,Power Light,Power Button
               FRONT:Controllers 1&2
               BACK:A/V Output Jack,Power Jack,Communications
               Jack,Battery Cover.
     6)Control Pad:
           * Directional Pad(extremely good diagianals as opposed to 3DO)
           * Start Button
           * 6 Buttons on front A,B,C on bottom, smaller X,Y,Z buttons
             on top of A,B,C buttons.
           * Right and left shift on top of contoller
           * Total 9 buttons and directional pad
     7)Internal Ram:
           512K Bytes-There is a Memory Manager Screen to Initialize,
                      Delete,and copy memory.
     8)Beginning Screens:
        A) SET CLOCK SCREEN:Used to enter time and date(m\d\y).
        B) MEMORY MANAGER SCREEN:Used to copy,delete,init. mem
        C) LANGUAGE SCREEN:Used to set 6 different languages.
        D) OTHER SETTING SCREEN:Used to disable or enable 3
                settings.They are Button labels(enable or disable),
                Audio output(Stereo or Mono),and Sound Effects(enable
                or disable).
                    Button Labels:To display or not the buttons for
                                   Audio CD Control Screen.
                     Audio Output:To choose stereo or mono when playing
                                  CD's,CD+G,andCD+EG disc's.
                    Sound Effects:To have sound effects on or off in
                                            Audio Control Screen.
        E) SYSTEM SETTING SCREEN:Used to choose from the four
                                above screens.
        F) AUDIO CONTROL SCREENS:The central panal for audio CD's
                                and CD+G discs.It handles both
                                basic and advanced conrols.
        G) BASIC CONTROLS SCREEN:9 Button Icons to choose from:
                 1)Multi-Button:To sets machine for Saturn CD's,
                   CD+G discs,and CD+G discs.
                 2)System settings button:To gets into System
                   setting screen.
                 3)Hide control buttons:To hides Audio CD control
                   screen.When you use CD+G discs the graphics
                   are displayed.
                 4)Play/pause button:To play or pause music.
                 5)Stop button:To stop music.
                 6)Skip forward button:To skip a track or to
                   search forward through tracks.
                 7)Skip backward button:To jump back a track or
                   to scan backwards through tracks.
                 8)Repeat Button:To repeat one track or all the
                 9)Change controls button:To switch from basic
                   to advanced controls.
        H) ADVANCED CONROLS SCREEN:Another 9 button Icon menu to
                                  choose from.
                 1)Program sequence:To program a playlist.
                 2)Shuffle tracks:To play random tracks.
                 3)Repeat A-B:To repeat a section of track.
                 4)Scan Intros:To hear first 10 seconds of each track.
                 5)Adjust surround:To increase or decrease 3D
                   Surround sound.
                 6)Adjust pitch:To adjust the pitch or mute the vocals
                   of the music(karayokee effect!).The adjust pitch
                   cannot be used with adjust surround.
                 7)Clear all settings:To clear all option settings.
                 8)Change screen:To choose from 4 time display formats.
                           a)Track time elapsed
                           b)Total time elapsed
                           c)Track time remaining
                           d)Total time remaining
                 9)Change control button:To switch back to basic
                   control screen.
             The arcade favoriate with some less polygons but
             extremely well done.Good instruction manual.
             Just packed in cd case,no box.
            Game footage of 12 games.They are:
                   *Black Fire
                   *Clockwork Knight
                   *Daytona USA
                   *NHL all-star hockey
                   *Panzer Dragoon
                   *Pebble Beach Golf Links
                   *V.R. Virtua Racing
                   *Virtua Fighter
                   *Worldwide Soccer
                   *Solar Eclipse
           Since Sega discided not to include R.F connecter
           inside Saturn(For $400 you should get everything
           including a svhs cable),you must buy it seperatly.
           It should be available where you buy system for $25.
    (18) Whats new?
    There are no new sections in this version, however the FAQ has been geared
    more toward comparing the system to other ones instead of me bragging
    about the system too much (hey, I wanted it REALLY bad  :>).
    I have however, updated just about all of the sections and added the compare
    sections which I spoke about above.
    MORE Games added to games list. Actually, there are about 101 games listed
    now. *MOST* of them have the manufacturer and Type of game next to it so you
    know at least what type of game it is. As always, this will pretty much be
    updated by the next version also. By release date of the Saturn expect this
    game section to be the major attraction to the list.  Please note that not
    all of the games on this list will be coming to the United States.
    (19) Acknowledgements (credits)
      The following people deserve some credit for whatever they did to
    help me in creating this FAQ...
    * GOD
      <no address that I know of>
    * Sega
    * Nintendo
    * Sony
    * Myself (for spending all this time writing this FAQ)
    * Salvatore Salpietro
    * Author of Saturn/32X FAQ (For some Games info and 32X specs)
    * James Dunford, author of PS FAQ for PS Specifications
    * Everyone at alt.sega.genesis for their Saturn info input...
    * Sega Visions magazine May 1995
    * GamePro magazine June/July 1995
    (20) Revision list
    0.5 June 1'st 1995
        Official beta release, minimal coverage on games, Pretty good info for
        first FAQ version.
    0.6 June 13'th 1995
        Second beta release of the FAQ. Spelling errors corrected.
        Games list *MAJORLY* updated.
        Revision List added
        Whats New Added
    0.7 September 7'th 1995
        Minor changes, never released.
    1.0 April 8'th 1996
        First Official release of the Unofficial Saturn FAQ.  :)
        Total FAQ revision with comparision to other top 32-bit systems.
        Just about everything was changed around for this release form the BETA.
    Thats all there is so far...
    Thanks you for reading/browsing through my FAQ. I have spent a LOT of time
    writing this FAQ, maybe just to calm myself down since I cant afford a
    Saturn system, but, the main point is, this is NOT the first release!
    This is the first OFFICIAL version I have released and it is long overdue.
    It would have been out earlier but I have a very tight schedule and dont
    exactly have as much time as I would like to have to work on this FAQ, nor
    do I have the resources to add the new information that comes out since
    Sega has not replied to my E-Mail, I suppose that means they do not want to
    contribute any information to this FAQ.  :)
    They did however write to me snail mail thanking me, but I need more info.
    Once again, thanks for reading, comments/suggestions/flames welcome...
    -END FAQ-

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