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    FAQ by TKunka

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                          NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION FAQ
                                   Revision 2.0
                                  APRIL 26, 1994
               This FAQ is available at ftp.netcom.com in /pub/vi/vidgames/
         IF YOU BEAT ALL 27 TEAMS?
         RUMOR MILL
         STAT SHEETS(Not included in text edition)
    Compiled and Edited by:
    Thomas S. Kunka         (tskunka@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu)
    "Who thanks everybody on the Internet for supplying the info for
    me to compile, and has no association with Midway or the NBA."
    With Special Thanks To:
    Jerry Cattell                   (jcattell@umiami.ir.miami.edu) (Characters)
    Carl Chavez                     (foregone@u.washington.edu) (1.0 stats & more)
    Jeh C.                          (rspain@mac.cc.macalstr.edu) (3.0 Stats)
    Fast Eddie                      For helping with the extended NBA
                                    JAM FAQ's for all versions.
    Randolph S. Vance &
    William G. Henderson            For working on the original FAQ.
                                    Great Job!
    Andy Eddie                      For a great FTP site to store our FAQ's
    This FAQ and others are available at ftp.netcom.com in /pub/vi/vidgames/
    Everyone with their name in the game! Hope to join you someday! :-)
    Bally/Midway                    For creating the game.
    Carl Johnson                    My doubles partner
    (The one I give many great assists to and cover for on D)
    Mike Kokal &                    Players at 'Just Games' in Downer's Grove IL
    Brian Smolik                    Pretty decent compitition ;-)
    Steve Christofferson
    Dan Etter
    Sammy Saltzman
    Lewis Tu
    Eric Ching
    This FAQ assumes that you have played the original NBA JAM and are fairly
    knowledgeable of the numerous Special Characters and Powerups.  If you are
    not well versed in these areas, please read the other NBA JAM FAQ that
    covers both arcade versions as well as the home entertainment systems.
    This FAQ only covers the Tournament Edition (TE) and contains information
    that is confirmed and a section dedicated to speculation and theory.
    The information within has been gathered from other FAQ's and reliable
    sources.  If information is proved to be incorrect, please INFORM me
    (no flames are necessary) Any mistakes are unintentional...I will repost
    promptly with corrections as  necessary.  This edition primarily focuses
    on the 3.0 Chip (The one without he MK Characters, but most of the info is
    valid for both.  Note the version 1.0 has the MK characters and the version
    2.0 does not have the MK characters, but is lacking the major trades that
    occurred recently (These are VERY rare).
                        WHAT'S NEW IN TOURNAMENT EDITION?
    There is much to be said about the Tournament Edition.  Local arcade operators
    have told me that it is "not much of an upgrade and is not profitable" and
    "are NOT planning on carrying it".  I  hate to disagree, but anyone who has
    played it will feel otherwise.
    The above was quoted to be by my local arcade operator, but since then,
    they have gotten two of them in!  Go figure!  Now...to the upgrades!
         Three Characters
              We asked for it, we got it.  Although the game still
              has a maximum of 1 to 4 human players, you can select
              two characters of three selected from each team.  This
              allows greater flexibility in 'matching up' against
              your opponent.  You can also switch players during halftime.
              Note that some teams such as Dallas only have two players.
              The reason for this is that the digitized pictures from the
              old game were kept and one additional players was added.
              Some players were traded or left the NBA and could not be
              included leaving only two.
         Expanded Attributes
              Each player is now rated numerically from 0 to 9 in eight
              SPEED    Overall speed of player
              DUNK     Rates the ability to complete dunks and of what variety
              3-POINT  Rates the ability to hit from downtown
              STEAL    How well the player strips the ball from opponents
              BLOCK    How well the player block shots
              POWER    Resistance to getting knocked down and ability to knock
                        down other players.
              CLUTCH   How well the player hits at crunch time
              PASS     Speed of pass - the faster, the less chance of getting
         If you beat all 27, then you can play as team ??? (I call the
         'JAM TEAM') that is located on the left side near the bottom
         when viewing the team selection screen.  You must beat all 27
         with the computer as your opponent or it will not count!  The
         Jam Team consist of special NBA ALL-STARS found in the game on 3.0
         machines and on 1.0 machines, they are composed of all stars/MK
         characters/special guests.
         (??? Selection at the Team Selection Screen)
         Compiled by  Lewis Tu (72123.146@compuserve.com)
         Malone, Kemp            Harper, Rider
         Robinson, Rodman        Miller, Johnson
         Drexler, Hardaway       Olajuwon, Baker
         Ewing, Anderson         Armstrong, Maxwell
         Coleman, Anderson       Mourning, Rick
         Stockton, Johnson       Hardaway, Jackson
         Gill, Richmond          Pippen, Miner
         Bradley, Webb           Thomas, Webber
         Dumars, Starks          Mashburn, Worthy
         Mutumbo, Wilkins        Mullin, Manning
         After you beat all 27 teams, you will face computer opponents that put
         NBA ALL-STARS and SPECIAL GUESTS with regular players.  You can turn
         this off and face 'normal' teams by turning the 'TOURNAMENT MODE' on.
         The difficulty will also increase as you go and the computer actually
         poses a threat to your precious winning streaks.
         Also of interest...after beating all 27 teams,  ANY opposing team will
         receive 'QUICK HANDS' and 'MAX POWER'.  This really makes things tough!
         This can also be nullified with the 'TOURNAMENT MODE'
    * Computer AI seems to be better.
    * Players follow their skills..ie Stockton lurks around the 3-point line.
    * The court is now the color of the home team.
    * There are new and cool dunks, including more realistic quick power-dunks
      that are hard to block.
    * Speed of game action seems to be quicker than original
    * "FIRE" does not last as long as in the original.
    * When playing a human opponent, there is NO COMPUTER ASSISTANCE
    * There are five internal game speed settings.
    * There are five internal drone intelligence settings.
                                  SPECIAL CHARACTERS
         As in the original, there are special characters that you can get
         by entering a specified initials and birthday.  When you select these
         characters, you do not see their attributes.  By playing them, we will
         get a better idea of their strengths and post our findings.  Note:
         The MK Characters and some of the more morally questionably ones have
         been removed in Version 3.0. The NBA had decided that the league's
         image could not tolerate their use. There are however many of the
         older machines out there and codes that were removed are marked
         with an #.
         This list has been maintained and updated by Jerry Cattell.
         Davis is the new addition to the list.
         However,the code has only been tested on a v3.0.
         If any of you out there can confirm it for a v1.0,
         please email Jerry Cattell..
    NBA Jam Tournament Edition Character Codes:
    (* means does not work on version 3.0) (# means does not work on old version 1.0 or 2.0)
    *Barkley                        BRK     FEB 20
    #Rodman                         ROD     MAY 13
    #Thomas                         ZEK     APR 30
    Brown                           DEE     NOV 29
    Coleman                         DC_     JUN 21
    Ewing                           PAT     AUG 5
    Kemp                            KMP     NOV 26
    Malone                          KRL     JUL 24
    Mourning                        ZO_     FEB 8
    Olajuwan                        HAK     JAN 21
    Pippen                          PIP     SEP 25
    Robinson                        ROB     AUG 6
    Webber                          WEB     MAR 1
    Wilkins                         DOM     APR 16
    Kerri Hoskins(Yes!)             KER     OCT 10
    Lorraine Olivia(Yes!)           LOR     FEB 20
    *Coman(guy w/ gas mask)         TJC     OCT 11
    *Elviscious                     ELV     JAN 8
    *Grim Reaper                    GRM     OCT 31
    *Kongo                          KNG     JAN 16
    *Raiden                         RAD     JUL 9
    *Reptile                        RPT     NOV 11
    *Sub-Zero                       SUB     DEC 5
    Air Morris(Old Code)            WIL     JAN 1
    Barker                          PCB     MAY 9
    Davies(female)                  RJD     SEP 3
    Boon(the one and only)          EJB     FEB 22
    Davis                           WBD     AUG 17
    Divita(Old Code)                SAL     FEB 1
    Dabelstein(cap, glasses)        DOZ     DEC 31
    Dillon                          JPD     JUN 3
    Carleton(Old Code)              JMC     AUG 5
    Forden                          DWF     SEP 28
    Granner                         CG_     DEC 4
    Gay                             RMG     AUG 11
    Heitsch                         WMN     NOV 11
    Petro(Old Code)                 GNP     OCT 8
    Hey(Old Code)                   JWH     SEP 20
    Jarvis                          EPJ     JAN 27
    Kinkead                         DIE     JAN 1
    Lasko                           ANL     AUG 31
    Linda Deal(female)              LTD     APR 30
    Loffredo                        ML_     MAY 25
    Goskie(Old Code)                TWG     DEC 7
    Mednick                         CMM     JUL 2
    Oursler(Old Code)               SNO     JAN 3
    Turmell(Old Code)               MJT     MAR 22
    Newcomer(Old Code)              JRN     JUN 18
    Liptak(Old Code)                SL_     JUN 24
    Penacho                         MDP     JAN 13
    Rivett(Old Code)                RJR     JAN 17
    Roger Sharpe                    ROG     AUG 1
    Simpson                         JMS     FEB 22
    Tobias                          TOB     AUG 24
    Tsui                            JYT     NOV 28
         Just as in the original, there are many 'Powerups' that give
         your player super-human abilities.  These are done with various
         Joystick/Button combos.  If they do not work for you, keep trying
         for you may ne uncoordinated like me.
         BIG HEAD
              Hold Joystick Up and Hold Turbo and Steal
              Gives you a larger head...and makes you a bit taller
         TEAM SWAP
              Hold Joystick Right and Hold Pass - At HALF-TIME
              Allows you to change team at half-time
              May have to hit pass 3 or 4 times.
              Hold Joystick Right and Hold All 3 buttons - At "TONIGHT'S..."
              Turns off all Special Characters and some powerups
              Turns off computer assistance.
              ALT  Spin Joystick Clockwise and Tap All buttons - At "TONIGHT'S..."
              Same as above, but seems to turn on "SHOT % MODE"
              I like this way personally.
              Spin Joystick counterclockwise 3 Times and Press and
              Release the STEAL button at TEAM SELECTION screen! Tap
              STEAL 3 or 4 times and you can probably get it.
              Gives you a choice of an extra player on SOME teams.
              Hold Joystick at DOWN/RIGHT Angle and Tap All 3 buttons
              at once 3 Times.
              Shrinks characters by 30%
         MAX POWER
              Hold Joystick Down and Hold all 3 buttons Down and START
              Seems to Boost the Power Attribute
         POWERUP GT (Goaltending that is!)
              Hit Shoot 24 times!  (Very difficult!)
              Very few goaltending calls
              Hold Joystick at DOWN/RIGHT Angle and Tap Turbo then
              Shoot then Pass 3 times .
              Makes characters really tiny....try it it is pretty wierd.
         QUICK HANDS
              Hold Joystick down and hit Shoot 5 times and hold on 5th
         HUGE HEAD
              Hit Shoot 5 Times, then Hold Joystick Up, hold Turbo and Pass
              This gives you a really big head!
                                       RUMOR MILL
         This section is dedicated to all things not confirmed.
         If anyone wishes to confirm the following information, PLEASE DO!
         Then contact me and I will move it to the confirmed sections.
         If you posted something listed in this section, it is not because
         I do not believe you, but I am just waiting for a secondary
         conformation by our primary contributors.
         When you turn off all codes with the TOURNAMENT MODE, it still allows
         you to have some powerups but the message does not display.  When
         on a 1.0 machine, I got the effects of Max Power even with TOURNAMENT
         MODE on.  Just do the code as normal and try it out in the game.
         Also, BIG HEAD will last through the first half on the 1.0 machines.
         This may be a bug in the older version, but it is a way to get a
         leg up on those people who turn everything off and rub your nose in
         it that they know somthing.that you don't.  Just do the code and beat
         up on them!
         At least on 1.0 machines, there seems to be somthing different about
         player one.  The rumored indestructability code (which may be just
         MAX POWER with TOURNAMENT MODE on) only works for player one.  With
         the above note...The MAX POWER seems to only require All three buttons
         and Joystick Down and not the START button as well, making it different
         from the other players.
         APH             NOV     18      Penny Hardaway
         JVC,GET,SAN,CRL ???
         Indestructibility - This code still hasn't been stated as confirmed:
         This may be the bug that we found for allowing MAX POWER even with
         TOURNAMENT MODE on.
                                  STRATEGY GUIDE
    The purpose of this section is to help people new or not so new to
    the game learn some of the insights and tactics of some of the great
    JAM players of the Internet.  I will try to fill this section with
    subsections written by some of these people as well as myself.  I
    think this is fair since I and everyone else has their own style,
    thinking, and bias.  I think that the addition of this section is
    informative and entertaining.
    Thomas Kunka:
    Thomas Kunka is currently working as Computer Training Coordinator
    at Illinois State University in Bloomington/Normal Illinois as well
    as finishing his Master's in Applied Computer Science and starting on
    his Doctorate in Educational Administration.  When not working, he can
    be found at the local arcade searching for a good game of NBA JAM or
    working on this FAQ!  Here is his butchering of the English language.
    On Strategy (Semi-Random Thoughts that dwell in his mind):
    Picking the proper team is very important.  Countless times I have
    seen people pick a team like Seattle and try to shoot threes the
    entire game with Kemp.  I'm sorry, but it's not going to work well.
    You have to match your team to your strategy.
    In general on TE, I have been using the Washington Bullets.  Laugh
    if you must, but from my perspective, they are a very balanced team.
    You have got Pervis Ellison who is a bit slower that I would like but
    can play some serious defense with a 8 on power and an 9 on block and
    he can power down a few dunks with a rating of 6.  Calbert Cheaney
    who has serious speed, threes, and steals.  He is a good person at
    crunch time and a great person to feed when you get double teamed.
    And I always take Tom Gugliotta :-) because he is a very balanced
    player with no attribute less than a 4.  His strengths lie in his
    three point shooting, speed, dunks, and power.
    With better than average on three point shooting, speed, dunks, and
    power I can meld into my strategy perfectly.  I am generally a
    three point shooter but like the ability to go strong and possibly
    pass out of the dunk to my teammate and I am a firm believer in
    On offense I usually delay a second after inbound and then take it
    up the court.  My computer drone Ellison usually can throw a really
    good screen at the top of the key and I go right around him towards
    the top of the screen.  This gives me a great cushion to launch a
    good three.  This works great against the computer, against humans,
    it works fine as well at times.
    On defense against the computer, I am basically a sieve and just hope
    to contain them at crunch time.  It seems frustrating at times,
    because the computer seems to hold on to the ball and get off shots
    that no human ever would against me.  With timing, there is a
    repetitive knockdown you can get in the backcourt, hit them back
    off and when they get up, bull rush them.  If you don't give them
    space or time the hit right, they will pass out to their teammate
    for an easy score.  What also works good against the computer and
    tougher computer drones is the combo hit and swipe where you knock
    the opponent down and they hold on to the ball and you then get as
    close as possible and hit steal.
    On defense against humans, I consider myself a menace. I recently
    played two against myself and held them to 8 points in the half.
    I really knock them around and at times (especially when playing
    doubles) I think that my sole mission is not to score but just to
    keep the opponent in the stands.  Against humans, this is very
    effective...knocking them repeatedly into the stands is very
    frustrating and makes them worry endlessly, forcing them into
    mental mistakes.
    Also, I like to pick on their computer player more than them when
    playing one-on-one.  If your drone is good on defense and is covering
    the human player, he usually sticks pretty close.  I frustrate my
    doubles partner when we go head to head by leveling his computer
    player just as he releases a pass.  This is very entertaining when
    you are off the screen and the computer drone comes flying into view.
    Against good singles competition, the human player can burn you if you
    are too aggressive with as quick pass to their drone.
    For doubles me and my partner haven't played much TE and are wondering
    what team we should choose.  On the old Jam, we always took Orlando
    with him as Shaq and me putting in Tony Scott for Skiles.  The goal
    was to get him on fire and goaltend.  I was the assist man and three
    point shooter as well as the infractor of scores of knockdowns...I
    only wish that they tracked them back then.  TE presents some new
    challenges for us.  He is now wanting to play the three point shooter
    usually Stockton.  With me as Malone, I can usually slice through the
    defense, go in for the dunk, and dish out to him for the trey.  I gave
    him 14 straight assists for three pointers once.  With results like that
    I won't complain very much.  We have been also contemplating using the
    76ers against newbies who don't know the 'TOURNAMENT MODE'  Take Bradley
    with 'MAX POWER' and sub the ALL-STAR Pippen in place of Weatherspoon
    with 'MAX POWER'.
    I will take this time to note that I have not mastered all of the
    powerups.  I don't have the coordination to get POWERUP G.T. which
    I would like for Bradley to have.  Our premise for this combo is
    speed, power (artificial), me with great overall ability, and him
    with the ability to massively goaltend when on fire.  Basically get
    him on fire and allow me to pound the opponents into a pulp and be
    the assist man again....just like the old days of JAM!
    I generally play on lots of emotion and try to get a chip on my
    shoulder.  I love when people talk trash and really piss me off.
    It makes it all the better when I go up by 15 in the first period.
    I am not a perfect player and many of the games are close down to
    the wire.  One of the problems that I am having is that I play my
    partner and the computer too much and this has led me to not be
    well adapted to various styles of play.  I can seldom get a match
    around here and I am forced to play the computer.  In the days of
    old jam, I had a five deep line waiting to play me, now nobody plays.
    Another note about picking players...It is really cool to hear
    opponents say..."Who the hell is Gugliotta?' and comment all
    through the game, "He's not THAT fast" , "How can HE knock me down?"
    ,"How come he keeps hitting threes?",  "He just dunked on ZO!"
    It is nice to be the jack of all trades!  In Chicago, my bud Mike and
    I were in a good game with a pretty decent team, they beat us the
    first two and then I and Gugs took over and scored about 15 points
    in about a minute...just alternating steal, three, steal, dunk,
    steal, three..etc.  I don't often take over on a doubles game, but
    we put them away from that game on.  Mike kept on yelling at me
    because I would rather get the assist than the score...I can score
    when I have to!
    Also teams like Miami are good for many people with Miner and Rice.
    Great speed and you have Miner with a 9 on dunks and Rice a 9 on threes.
    Not bad at all!  It still amazes me though...my partner and I took
    Seattle with me as Kemp and him as Payton.  This was a 1.0 machine :-(
    so the players are a tad different than 3.0.  I was miffed as Kemp
    clanked about 6 or 8 dunks off the back iron.  We lost some close
    games because I couldn't put down a lousy dunk with a guy who had a 9.
    This made me really ticked.  Dunks are supposed to be a gimmie.
    I can see getting knocked down at he last second or having it blocked
    by another big man, but NO...Clangggggg!!!!  Just give me the three
    and I am fine.  Thats why I like Gug's...he does it all and never
    really screws up.  I remember going for the dunk with him, getting
    hammered by both ZO and Johnson, hold onto the ball, swing my arms
    bodys flying, and dunk the thing.  I like that!
    Carl Chavez:
    Carl Chavez is an English major at the University of Washington (although
    little of his talent was used in his strategy guide...;)  ). He has had an
    addiction to video games since playing Space Invaders when he was 4. He
    occasionally writes computer programs as a hobby and would love to continue
    his NBA Jam conversion for the Amiga if someone would provide him with IFF
    graphics for the face generator he's written (since he can't use NBA
    players' faces).
    The teams I like to use most are:
    Seattle Supersonics - besides being my hometown team, the Supersonics
    have very good balance. All four players can shoot 3-pointers
    (all players have at least a five), three can dunk, three can
    block, all can steal, and they're very fast too. I prefer a
    lineup of Kemp and Schrempf because the CPU Schrempf helps me out
    a lot; I think the high power of Schrempf tells the CPU that it
    should beat up the opponent with injuries and block the hell of the
    opponent. On a two-player game, I prefer Kemp and Gill be cause both
    my teammate and I have two of the best players in NBA Jam TE.
    Dallas Mavericks - Mashburn is hard to stop in the paint. His high
    dunk catapults him over the opponent, and his high power can knock
    blockers down while he's in the air. His 3-point shooting can hurt
    from outside, he can block well, and he's good in the clutch. Jackson
    is a good CPU player because of his steal and power ratings; he can
    cause quite a few turnovers. Jackson also shoots the 3 well, and he's
    good in the clutch too. The best thing about the Mavs - they are the
    fastest team in the game (tied with the Clippers, Heat, and Nets).
    Philadelphia 76ers - I have seen Bradley block a shot without jumping
    (my opponent released the shoot button too early). Bradley is--with
    Mourning and Robinson--the fastest center in the game. His outside
    shooting inside the 3-point arc is excellent since his height makes
    him very difficult for the shorter (6'6" and below?) players to block.
    Bradley's height makes rebounding and "legal goaltending" very easy.
    He can really steal with his long arms (7 steal rating), and he is one
    of the best passing centers. Weatherspoon is a decent recipient of
    those passes, since he can shoot 3's and he can dunk. Philadelphia's
    weakness - the lowest clutch rating in the game. If you're behind near
    the end of the game, you could lose.
    Minnesota Timberwolves - Rider. He's fast, he dunks, he steals, he
    shoots threes; he has good balance, and in my opinion he's better
    than Gill because of his higher speed. Person, "the Rifleman,"
    is a 3-baller and a very good stealer. He always hits his
    last-second 3's because of his high clutch.
    Milwaukee Bucks - I just like using Lohaus because I like the way
    the announcer says his name: "H-LOWWW-HOWUSS." The team itself sucks.
    The most important attribute is power. Power helps with both offense
    and defense, because without power you can't knock people down. The
    ball is harder to steal, dunks are blocked more, the path to the
    basket is more clogged with standing players.
    Second in importance is speed. With extra speed, you can shake off
    defenders, get open for threes, drive for a dunk, and run for good
    rebounding position. You can also conserve turbo.
    Third is dunk. If you haven't noticed, it's possible to dunk from
    close to the 3-pt. line at the top of the screen if your player
    has a high dunk. Dunks are the most accurate shot in the game, are
    harder to block than a normal shot, and help you get on fire
    (since goaltends of shots do not count toward the 3 shots to get
    on fire). The weakness of the dunk is that a person skilled at
    knocking down players can just shove you before you put the ball
    in; but if your power is high your dunk will still be successful
    (it's funny to see a person get knocked in mid-air, but his power
    is high so he floats to the floor throwing his elbows; sometimes
    the player will change dunk direction too).
    Like the Supersonics, I believe a constant pressure defense will
    win a game because of transition points. Steal the ball and put
    it in your own basket. Block the ball and force a shot clock
    Rebounding is very important. You can grab a defensive rebound
    and quickly pass it to your partner for a fast break, or throw your
    elbows to clear a way for you to bring it across halfcourt. After
    an offensive rebound, you can either put it back with a mid-air
    layup or throw your elbows and try another play.
    3-point shooting should only be used in an emergency. I'm sick of
    watching players take 3 after 3, missing at least half of them.
    A better strategy is to dunk or layup until you're on fire, THEN
    take the 3's.
    Related to this '3 after 3' problem: there are many complaints
    about bad players who beat veterans by throwing 3's from backcourt.
    People who lose because of this strategy need to learn the proper
    use of goaltending. If someone throws from fullcourt often, just
    goaltend the ball. Sure, your opponent gets 3 points, but according
    to you he would've anyway. As a bonus, your count to "fire" is not
    reset, so once you get on fire your opponent can't do it anymore.
    If you're against the CPU, there's less than 20 seconds left in the
    period and you have a small lead, DON'T advance past halfcourt right
    away. Just throw your elbows, because the computer will attack you.
    They will fall down, and THEN you can try to score. This is an
    important thing to do, because the CPU gets extremely tough with
    <10 seconds in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters, and with <30 seconds
    left in the 4th quarter.
    First, an important hint:
    When I tell you to "hit the guy," I don't mean hit, hit, hit. I
    mean hit ONCE. Now check if the ball was dropped; if it has, then
    grab it. If the player still has the ball, RETREAT. If you are too
    close to the player when he stands, he will pass. Also, a quick
    retreat lets you recharge some turbo so you can hit more times.
    When the player stands, charge him and hit him again. Repeat
    until stolen.
    If the CPU has Max Power, hit TWICE before retreating. This is
    more risky, but you are more likely to move the CPU player away
    from the ball (sometimes the player falls, but the ball is under
    his body, so you have to "move" him).
    Backcourt pressure:
    Watch the CPU as it inbounds the ball. First, it will pass to its
    partner.  Then it will do one of three things:
    1) It will go toward the top of the screen,
    2) It will go toward the bottom of the screen, or
    3) It will go through the middle.
    What happens:
    1) This is the preferred occurence. The computer will probably fly
       into the stands after one hit, so a steal is easy.
    2) This is OK. The computer will need at least two hits to drop
       the ball, though, unless you have a very high power.
    3) This is rare, which is good, because the CPU will try
       (and sometimes succeed) in going through you and your partner.
    What to do:
    1) Hit the guy into the stands and take the ball.
    2) Hit the guy and take the ball.
    3) Try for a hit. If you miss, back off and try again at halfcourt.
    Halfcourt pressure:
    This is where speed is important. If you can't hit the guy with
    the ball, force the CPU to pass to his partner and hit him instead.
    Get close to the ballhandler and he will pass, so quickly chase
    the ball and hit the receiver as he grabs it.
    Frontcourt pressure:
    If you're ahead by at least 3, the CPU will probably try to shoot
    a three-pointer. The CPU is quite predictable as to when it will
    shoot, so you can try to block the shot. Alternatively, you can
    let the CPU take the shot and goaltend it legally (jump as it
    enters the cylinder and you can grab a rebound or a block: doesn't
    work on swishes). Another alternative is to goaltend it illegally
    and give them the points. A goaltended basket does not cancel out
    your count for fire...
    If you're behind or you have a small lead, then just get in the
    CPU's face so it can't dunk and so its jump shots are less accurate.
    Mix in a couple of swipes. Don't hit the CPU, though, because if you
    miss or he doesn't fall down, he can either run past you and score or
    pass to his teammate. Only hit the CPU if it is dunking or is near
    the stands.
    Jerry Cattell:
    Jerry Cattell is a student at the University of Miami majoring in
    Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics.  In his free
    time(the little that he has), he can be found in computer labs
    reading email and the 'Net, or hanging around the campus arcade.
    On weekends, it's a sure thing you can find him at Grand Prix
    Race-O-Rama taking on unsuspecting victims.
    I have to agree with Thomas Kunka that it is very important to
    choose a team that fits to your needs(I think people everywhere
    must choose Seattle and use Kemp for 3-pointers) :)
    I don't have any particular team that I always use, but all the
    teams have one thing in common, big men. I don't bother with the
    guys who are well-rounded; I go straight for the guys who are
    going to get in your face and block the ball(Robinson, Bradley,
    Ewing, Webber, and even Kemp). My general style of play is just
    to play tenacious D.  I do whatever I have to so that I can get
    on fire.  Then I goaltend away!  While I am under the belief that
    only a certain amount of points can be scored before the fire
    streak ends, I feel that this period should be extended as long as
    possible; for as long as you're on fire and goaltending, the
    opposing team won't be able to score.  So generally I just take
    care of the defense, go up for the dunk, pass it off to my teammate,
    and let him score.  This also helps build the stats.  You get the
    assist if the ball goes in, the rebound if he misses and you get the
    ball, or a steal or block if the computer gets the board.
    It's nice to have a regular doubles partner so that you know exactly
    what to do and when.  However, many of us don't have the luxury,
    so you have to be able to adapt to any style of play.  When playing
    against the computer, try to change styles of play.  For one quarter,
    just keep trying to find the right place to take three pointers.
    For the next, just keep taking it to the hoop.
    Being able to adapt is important in general.  Not only does it make
    it much easier to play with any number of partners, it can really
    throw off your opponent's defensive strategy.  If you continuously
    go to the hoop, your opponents will generally try to compensate for
    it.  That leaves you open for the outside shot more often then not.
    While I generally play around with the powerups when playing the
    computer(always trying to find some new combo :), I don't use
    powerups against people, unless someone is doing a lot of
    trash-talking or I'm in an especially evil mood.
    Thanx for all the hard work and info...keep on Jammin...tk
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