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    FAQ/Move List by SegaFan32x

    Version: 0.30 | Updated: 09/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                             M           2MMMMMM
                                             MM     iZMMM;  M@MM   :M
                                              MrWMMMMMM; MMMMMWMM2MM
                                           iSWMM;   0MM      MWMMMi
                                  2S   2MMMMMMMWMM MZ;MMMMMMMMMMM
                                  7MMMMW     7MM;   2MMM@@W  MM@
                              rMMM8  08M  WM  MMMMMMMiMB00MM MMM
                         aMMMMM0   ;aZSWS BBMMMMM@MW  MBW WS  MMM iM
                    @MMMMM    MB0r    rXBM0MZa WM@MMM MMM  W@ MMMMMM
                MMMMS XMM  M; BXi   ;aXr22  MM  MMaMM: MMM     MMMM
             :MMMM  MMMMMMX  M@7S@MMZ B2aBM MMM MM@;MM  MMZ ;Mi MMS
              MMMM     iM@MMM:MMMMMMM@ M0ZM@ MM. MM @MM MMM MMM WMM  i
                 MMM  MM 8 0XMM  MMMMMM  MM@ MMBMrXMM  :MM7XMM7
                 @MMM    2 Z WMM 7MMMMMM  MM7 MMMM8MMM   MM.
                  MMM2    MMM MMM MMM MMMM0MM XMMMMMa     ,Mr
                  :MMM    rMMMMMMZ MMZ  MMMMMM a            07
                   MMMM MM0@MM BMM 8MMS   BMM
                    MMM WMMZMM   MMBMM2     :MM
                    ZMMMrMMBMMM    M          XM0
                     MMMMMM B       Mi          ;M
                    |                                            |
                    |              Moves List Guide              |
                    |        For the Sega 32x Game Console       |
                    |          Version 0.20 (09/20/2004)         |
                    |    By SegaFan32x (Charizard3036@aol.com)   |
                    |                                            |
                    |This file ic Copyright © 2004 Ben Tetreault.|
                    |             All rights reserved            |
    Table Of Contents
    1) - Introduction                   abc
    2) - Legal Disclaimer               def
    3) - Contact Me                     ghi
    4) - Versions                       jkl
    5) - Story & Character Desription   mno
         5a) - The military crew        mno1
         5b) - The renegade crew        mno2
    6) - Moves List                     pqr
    7) - F.A.Q's                        stu
    8) - Special Thanks                 vwx
    9) - Conclusion                     yz0
    01) - Intro  (abc)
    Hi and welcome to my very first guide.
    This moves list is for Cosmic Carnage, a fighting game for the Sega 32x Game
    Console. I created this guide because I boght Cosmic Carnage and wanted to 
    know what the moves were. I looked all over the Internet and could not find 
    one single moves list guide anywere. So I am taking it upon my self to give 
    the Cosmic Carnage fans a moves list.
    To skip to a certin chapter, hit Ctrl F on your keyboard and type the three
    letters corisponding to that chapter in () to skip straight to that chapter.
    Now for those of you who would like to know more about me:
    My name is Ben Tetreault and I live in the United States of America. I was
    born at 11:52 P.M. on March 16,1984. I have grown to be 6'2" and weigh close
    to 330 lbs. I am a very nice guy and am very easy to get along with. Some of
    my interests include video games, board games, music, movies, walking, driving
    hanging out with my friends and family, and learning about the books in the
    I love to listen to all kinds of music, but my favorites are Classical, Rock,
    Metal, Rap, Orchestra, and Alternative. My all time favorite band is Metallica.
    I am a huge Metallica fan and wish to one day meet them.
    My favorite games to play are Role-Playing Games, Strategy, First Person
    Shooters, Action, and Adventure. I don't like Sports so I do not play Sports
    games very often. When I do play Sports games I like to play are BMX,
    Skateboarding, Football, Wrestling, and on accations Raceing.
    Well that's really all there is to know about me... Let's get back to the
    guide shall we :D
    2) - Legal Disclaimer  (def)
    | I N  S H O R T |
    |You know the drill. This document is copyrighted by me and cannot be       |
    |reproduced in anyway without the complete consultant of me. My name        |
    |is Ben Tetreault.                                                          |
    | W E B S I T E S |
    |The ONLY website this document can be hosted at is currently GameFAQs.com. |
    |If you think this FAQ/Walkthrough is really good and you want to post it on|
    |your site then email me. If I tell you you can then go for it. If I tell   |
    |you you can't then you can't. If you see this document anywhere on the Web |
    |besides GameFAQs.com then please tell me. I will be very greatfull!        |
    | U S A G E |
    |This FAQ/Walkthrough is for personal usage ONLY. You must not use          |
    |this FAQ/Walkthrough for profitable purposes either. If you want to        |
    |use parts of this walkthrough, please, contact me before you do for my     |
    |approval.                                                                  |
    | O T H E R |
    |You can't put this guide on your NON-PROFITABLE or NON-COMMERCIAL          |
    |website either. Also, don't alter or change this document in ANY way,      |
    |shape, or form. All I am trying to say is don't use this guide for         |
    |ANYTHING before you contact me. So, please don't plagiarize. Thank You     |
    |everyone for following these guidelines.                                   |
    | M A G A Z I N E S |
    |I also exclude ANY magazine to use this guide and the same rules apply for |
    |them.                                                                      |
    | C O P Y R I G H T  N O T I C E |
    | This file is Copyright © 2003 Ben Tetreault. All rights reserved.         |
    | B E F O R E  Y O U  R E A D |
    | I know that I might be a little harsh but I have seen people "rip off"    |
    | guides before and do not want it to happen to me. With that said I have   |
    | just one more little thing to say:                                        |
    This ends the Legal Disclaimer.
    3) - Contact Me  (ghi)
    To contact me you can e-mail me at Charizard3036@aol.com
    I can also be found on the GameFAQs.com Forums as SegaFan32x
    Rules for contacting me:
    1. To ask a question about Cosmic Carnage.
    2. To ask a question concerning information found in this guide.
    3. To contribute to this guide.
    4. To report any spelling or grammar errors.
    5. No e-mailing me to send me spam.
    6. No e-mailing me to talk about anything not pertaining to Cosmic Carnage.
    7. No e-mailing me to talk about anything not pertaining to this guide.
    8. No e-mailing me saying this guide, GameFAQ's, Sega, or Cosmic Carnage sucks.
    Also I would very much like for you to NOT sign me up for newsletters, prize
    drawings, or anything that might be illegal.
    If you have a simple, short question pertaining this guide, or Cosmic Carnage
    you have my permission to send me an instant message. My aol instant message
    is Charizard3036. I am usually on anywere from 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. EST.
    You may only instant message me if you have a simple short question, and not
    a long winded question. 
    If you bug me about anything not pertaining to things in this guide, I will 
    be forced to Block you and you will have to e-mail me instead. This applies 
    to instant messages and to e-mails.
    If you have a question that has already been answered in this guid I will more
    than likely not reply, unless you do not understand how your question is
    answered and you would like me to explain it more clearly.
    Thank you for following these guidelines :)
    4) - Versions (jkl)
    This chapter is to tell you what version of my guide you are viewing as well
    as past versions.
    version 0.10 - First Draft (not relesed)
    version 0.20 - First public release. Added some moves for Cylic and Zena-Lan.
                   Fixed spelling and grammar errors in the First Draft.
    version 0.30 - Addad some moves for Naruto and Tyr. Added * to Advanced moves.
    You can always find the lasest version of the guide at gamefaqs.com
    5) - Story & Character Desription  (mno)
    Light years away, in an uncharted star system, an incident of epic proportions
    has occurred.
    The banished crew of an intergalactic prison barge enroute to a celestial mine
    has overpowered their captors. During their rebellious assault, most of the
    ship's controls and life support systems were severely damaged.
    For days, the barge drifted aimlessly throught space. The renegade crew
    realized that their only hope was to hijack another ship. The activated a
    distress becon, and managed to lure a military cruiser within their reach.
    The renegades engaged their engines and smashed into the starboard side of the
    military cruiser and then boarded it. What the renegades did not anticipate
    was that the tremendous inpact would destroy all, but one, of the escape pods.
    Now, the four survivors of each ship must fight for their only chance at
    salvation, the last escape pod.
    The Carnage Begins...
    5a) - The military crew  (mno1)
    Cylic - 
    5b) - The renegade crew  (mno2)
    6) - Moves List (pqr)
    This by far is the biggest chapter in this guide.
    I will try to make this as easy to read and understand as I possibly can. I do
    not have the Instruction Booklet taht came with the game so I do not know the 
    real names of the moves, if they are even in the book. Also I do not know any
    of the characters bios as the game has none, again if they are even in the 
    book. For the names of the moves, I will use the names from other games.
    Example: Any move that looks like Ken and Ryu's Hiduken from Street Fighter, I
             will name a Fireball.
             Any move that looks like Ken and Ruy's Dragon Uppercut, I will name
             Flying uppercut.
    I will change the names if I evey find out the real names. So if you have the
    Instruction Booklet please e-mail anything in it I could use help me with this
    guide and you will get credit for your contribution.
    For the top four characters (The military crew) in the character select screen
    have the added option to equip Armor that has several benifits. The most
    noticeable benifit is added moves. On the downside when Armor is equiped some
    moves are removed :( There are many combinations for Armor, but for this guide
    I will note the most common types of Armor.
    The Armor types are as follows:
    No Armor:    This is the armor you have after your Light armor is knocked off 
                 yourbody this usuly means you are near 1-2 hits from death.
    Light Armor: This is the default armor that the military crew has.
    Arm Armor:   This is the armor placed on your characters Arms.
    Chest Armor: This is the armor placed on you characters Chest.
    Leg Armor:   This is the armor placed on your charaters Legs.
    Full Armor:  This is the armor you get when Arm, Chest, and Leg armor is
    Note: In the charts that are next to the characters moves, X means that move
          can be performed with that armor type equiped and O means that move can
          not be performed with that armor type equiped.
    For the bottom four characters (the renedade crew) in the character select
    screen do not have the option to equip armor so they will be identified with
    nothing in there Armor Type.
    Moves Legend:
    Basic moves:
    U  = Up: This makes your character Jump.
    D  = Down: This makes your character duck/crouch.
    B  = Back: This makes your character move back away from your opponent.
    F  = Forward: This makes your character move forward towards your opponent.
    NP = Normal Punch: This is a fast but weak punch.
    FP = Fierce Punch: This is a strong but slow punch.
    NK = Normal Kick: This is a fast but weak kick.
    FK = Fierce Kick: This is a strong but slow kick.
    P1 = Provoke 1: This taunts your opponent.
    P2 = Provoke 2: This taunts your opponent.
    Advanced moves:
    DTF = Down to Forward.
    DTB = Down to Back.
    HCF = Half Circle Forward.
    HCB = Half Circle Back.
    ( ) = Hold
    [ ] = Tap
     ~  = Or
     *  = Move can be performed in the air.
    Examples: (B3),F C~Z means to hold B for 3 second then hit forward and C or Z
              [A~X] means tap A or X repeatedly
              [A~X3] means tap A or X for 3 seconds
    Note: To defend, hold back while your opponent is attacking. (Certain moves
          can bamage you while you are defending, but you will only take 1/4 the
          normal damage) Seconds in a game is One One Thosand. So to count 3
          seconds say: One One Thousand, Two One Thosand, Three One Thosand.
    The games default Controller Configuration for the Sega 6-botton controller
    is as follows:
    Normal Punch: X
    Fierce Punch: A
    Normal Kick:  Y
    Fierce Kick:  B
    Provoke 1:    C
    Provoke 2:    Z
    This is the configuration I will use in this guide. Now onto the moves...
    Cylic:                              Armor Type: |None |Light| Arm |Chest| Leg |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Fireball: D,DTF,F A~X                           |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Diagonal Fireball: D,DTF,F C~Z                  |  O  |  X  |  X  |  O  |  X  |
    Flying Uppercut: F,D,DTF,F A~X                  |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |  O  |
    Ground Shock: [B~Y]                             |  O  |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |
    Dashing Head-butt: (B3),F C~Z                   |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Zena-Lan:                           Armor Type: |None |Light| Arm |Chest| Leg |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Hurricane Punches: [A~X]                        |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Fireball: [A~X3], release                       |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Tornado Punch: HCF A~X                          |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |
    Electric Shock: [A~X]                           |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |  O  |
    Dash: F,F C~Z                                   |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Naruto:                             Armor Type: |None |Light| Arm |Chest| Leg |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Dash Forward*: F,F                              |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |
    Dash Back*: B,B                                 |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |  X  |
    Flying Spin Kick*: D,DTF,F B~Y                  |  O  |  X  |  X  |  X  |  O  |
    Sword Attack: F,D,DTF,F A~X                     |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Double Flying Uppercut: F,D,DTF,F A~X           |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |  O  |
    Thunder Kick: HCF B~Y                           |  O  |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Tyr:                                Armor Type: |None |Light| Arm |Chest| Leg |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    Griund Eruption Forward: F,DTF,D A~X            |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Ground Eruption Back: F,DTF,D B~Y               |  O  |  X  |  O  |  X  |  X  |
    Chest Attack: (B3),F C~Z                        |  O  |  X  |  X  |  O  |  X  |
    Fireball: (B3),F C~Z                            |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |  O  |
    Flip Attack: (B3),F B~Y                         |  O  |  O  |  O  |  O  |  X  |
                                                    |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
    7) F.A.Q's  (stu)
    This is the Frequently Asked Question chapter.
    Q: Why did you wright this guide?
    A: I wrote this guide because I could not find one anywere on the Internet, 
       and I wanted one.
    Q: How do I contact you if I have a question, or want to contribute?
    A: See the Contact Me chapter. (ghi)
    Q: Can you put my question in your F.A.Q's chapter of your guide?
    A: If I think it is a good question, sure.
    Q: I know some moves that are not in your guide, what do I do?
    A: Please e-mail them to me telling me how to do the move and what character
       does the move and I will test it and add it to this guide giveing you full
    Q: Hey buddy, you never gave me credit for contributed, why?
    A: Although wrighting this guides is fun, it is hard to keep track of some 
       things. If I have not given you credit for contributing to this guide,
       send me an e-mail and I will up you in my next update.
    Q: I found some spelling or grammar errors, what do I do?
    A: Simple, e-mail me telling me were the error is and I will fix it in my next
    Q: Do people realy ask you these questions?
    A: Well since this is my first release, no one has had the chance to ask any
       questions, so I have made them up.
    Q: Why do you ask for people to contribute several times in you guide?
    A: Because I realy want and need your help to finnish this guide.
    Thats all the Q's and A's I have for now, so If you have a question that is
    not in this guide, e-mail me and I will answer it, if I can, and then post
    your question in the FAQ chapter in this guide.
    8) - Special Thanks  (vwx)
    This is the chapter dedicated to the people I would like to thank either for
    helping me with this guide or just in general.
    Thanks to God, for without him life would not exist.
    Thanks to my Mom, for buying me my first video game system. (NES)
    Thanks to my Dad, for buying me my computer.
    Thanks to Sega, for making such a great system.
    Thanks to Sega, for making this great but not so well known game.
    Thanks to Andrew Testa for letting me use his Legal Disclamer from one of 
    his guides.
    Thanks to you for reading this guide.
    Thanks to Jeff Veasey for creating gamefaqs.com
    9) - Conclusion  (yz0)
    Than you again for reading this guide. This guide is far from finished but
    for the little bit that is here I hope it helps you. Again if you would like
    to contribute to this guide, you are more than wecome to.
    Thats all for now, see you next update.
            Cosmic Carnage is a trademark of © Sega Enterprises, LTD. 1994.
                                All rights reserved.
                           |                             |
                           |This Document is dedicated to|
                           |                             |
                           |     Patricia Ann Russum     |
                           |          1933-2004          |
                           |                             |
                           |    a devoted Wife Mother    |
                           |       and Grandmother       |
                           |    how loved her children   |
                           |    more than life itself.   |
                                      -END FILE-

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