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    FAQ/Move List by Shinnokxz

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                     ..o$o$"$"$"$"$o$o..                      _Mortal Kombat II_
                  $o$$$o$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$$o.               _Complete FAQ / Moves List_
               $o$$$$""      ""      """$$$oo              _for the Sega 32X only_
             o$$$$"        $oo o o       ""$$$o
           o$$$"       oo$$$$$$$$$$o        "$$$o
          o$$$     o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$oo       "$$$
         $$$"   "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$o$$$"        $$$
        $$$    o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o o   o  "$$
       $$$"    o$$$$$$$$$"$$$$$$"" "$$$$$$"$$$$$  $$$
      .$$"    o$$$$$$$$$$o""$$$""""ooo"$$$$$$$$"   $$$
      $$$"    o$$$$$$$$$$            ""oo"$"$o""   $$$$          Author Information:
      $$$     o$$$$$$$$$$                """""$    o$$$      Shinnokxz (Cory Hansen)
      $$$    o$$$$$$$$$$$$o                   "o "oo$$$        shinnokxz@charter.net
      $$$ 'oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ooooooo$$$$$oo    $"$ "$$$ http://corysplace.silius.net
      $$$"  ""  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o    " $$$$
      "$$$       "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o    o$$$"
       $$$o       "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S$D$P$r$O$$$$o   $$$"
        $$$o       $$""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o  $$$"
         "$$o    "$""  "$""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$oo$$$"
          "$$$o        "     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o$$"
            "$$$o         oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
    =------------>M O R T A L  K O M B A T  I I<------------+
    |Introduction / Copyright Information|----------------------------------------->
    This Guide is for Mortal Kombat II for the Sega 32X and ONLY Sega 32X. It
    contains rap sheets on all characters, backgrounds, stories, combos, and other
    such things that have to do with the game Mortal Kombat II.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only. It is prohibited to use
    this FAQ on your commercial web page, magazine or game guide without advising
    me.  You are also not allowed to rip off any segment of my FAQ without advising
    me by e-mail. I worked hard for this and I don't want to see someone says that
    he has done the whole FAQ.  But, you can put this FAQ on your home page, the
    only condition for this is to e-mail me and TELL me that you are putting this
    FAQ on your home page and you need to GIVE me the URL. Thank you for you
    Currently, this FAQ/Guide can ONLY be found on http://Gamefaqs.com. If you see
    this guide on any other site, contact the author immediately.
    |Table of Contents|------------------------------------------------------------>
    I.---->Updates and Revisions
    II.--->Mortal Kombat II Premise
    III.-->Mortal Kombat II Ports Comparison
    IV.--->Options and Controls
    V.---->General Moves
    VI.--->Juggle Combos
    VII.-->Stage Fatalities
    IX.--->Fighters And Moves Lists
    ---------Liu Kang
    ---------Kung Loa
    ---------Johnny Cage
    ---------Shang Tsung
    X.---->Secret Fighters
    XII.-->Cheats, Tips, and Codes
    XIII.->Glitches and Bugs
    XIV.-->Mortal Kombat II Arcade History
    XV.--->Mortal Kombat Franchise History
    XVI.-->Mortal Kombat Websites
    XVII.->Authors Information
    XVIII.>Closing Comments
    XIX.-->Mortal Kombat II Hidden Messages
    |Updates and Revisions|-------------------------------------------------------->
    When: January 11, 2004
    Version: Final
    What: I completed the moves list, thus finishing this guide. Have fun!
    When: August 4, 2002
    Version: 1.6
    What: I spell checked this big guy, and I also came by to tell you that the FAQ
    is now on GameFAQs.com. The Moves List is coming along smoothly.
    When: August 1, 2002
    Version: 1.4
    What: I have pretty much all the sections completed, except the moves list,
    which I'll be focusing on for the next week.
    When: July 30, 2002
    Version: 1.2
    What: I got all the section I-VIII completed (not spell or grammar checked,
    mind you), and I'll get started on the Character guides very soon.
    When: July 27, 2002
    Version: 1.0
    What: The basic skeleton of the FAQ has been created, the ToC are up and the
    main starting has been finished. Now it's on to the hard stuff =\
    |Mortal Kombat II Premise|----------------------------------------------------->
    500 years ago, Shang Tsung was banished to the Earth Realm.  With the
    aid of Goro he, was to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a
    chaotic existence.
    By seizing control of the Shaolin Tournament he tried to tip the scales
    of order towards chaos.  Only seven warriors survived the battles and
    Shang Tsung's scheme would come to a violent end at the hands of Liu
    Facing execution for his failure and the apparent death of Goro, Tsung
    convinces Shao Kahn to grant him a second chance.
    Shang Tsung's new plan is to lure his enemies to compete in the Outworld
    where they will meet certain death by Shao Kahn himself.
    Now the Kombat Kontinues...
    |Mortal Kombat II Ports Comparison|-------------------------------------------->
    This small section will list the advantages and disadvantages of each port of
    Mortal Kombat II. Although this is strictly opinionated, I think most people
    will agree with this, but if you happen to disagree, send your (readable AND
    sensible) argument to shinnokxz@charter.net
    Mortal Kombat II for Arcade:
      Cleaner Graphics
      Better Sound Quality
      Tighter Controls (For people who are comfortable with the Joysticks)
      Fun meeting new people to challenge and defeat
      Elite Kombat Players (People who will cream you to hell and back)
      It takes Money
    Overall: This is the port to go with, if you can. The overall atmosphere is
    what added to the fun of what MK really is.
    Rating: 9/10
    Mortal Kombat II for Sega Genesis
      Tighter Controls
      No need to input a Blood Code this time
      Fun 2-player matches
      Sound has taken a step down, quality wise
      You MUST buy a 6-button controller
      Blood and Gore aren't has detailed
    Overall: I'd only spring for the Genesis port if you don't have a SNES, Sega
    32X, or Saturn port in reach. That doesn't stop it from being a fun game, but
    technically, this is the bottom of the ladder.
    Rating: 2/5
    Mortal Kombat II for Super Nintendo
      Crisper Graphics and Colors
      More Detailed Sound
      Better Feel
      Fun 2-player Matches
      Character Design and Animation is choppy (worse than the Genesis port)
      Controller isn't up to snuff with the action
      Pretty expensive for an old used game
      Can be GLITCHY when provoked =\
    Overall:  This is definitely the one to get if you don't want to bother hunting
    down and paying extra for the Saturn and PSX version. The controls aren't as
    good as I would have liked, but it's a predicament that you can easily get used
    Rating: 4/5
    Mortal Kombat II for Sega Saturn
      Technically, this port is the closest to the Arcade version
      Clean graphics, nice character size, backgrounds are identical to arcade
      Fun two player
      Missing sound effects.
    Overall:  Could've been unbeatable had it not been for horrible programming.
    MKII for the Saturn has THE WORST loading times of any fighting game I've seen.
    Rating: 1/5
    Mortal Kombat II for Playstation
      Crisper Graphics and Colors
      More Detailed Sound
      Better Feel
      Fun 2-player Matches
      You need to MOD your PSX, which can be tough on your wallet and on your system
      You must Import it (which can be VERY costly)
      Completely hard to find
    Overall: This is a version I don't really recommend unless you already have a
    chipped PSX and you get MK2 as a present.
    Rating: 2/5
    Mortal Kombat II for Sega 32X
      Crisper Graphics and Colors
      More Detailed Sound
      More Sound Effects
      Fun 2-player Matches
      You NEED a 6-button controller
      Hard to find
      Can get expensive
    Overall: I'd dodge for the Sega 32X version over the Genesis and the SNES
    version any day. The graphics aren't perfect, but they are of higher quality
    than the SNES and Genesis versions. The sound isn't perfect, but at least it
    wasn't butchered like it was in the Genesis port.
    Rating: 4/5
    |Options and Controls|--------------------------------------------------------->
    This small section will discuss the Options the game gives you and the Controls
    setup as well. (Note: this FAQ/Guide is intended for use with the 6-button
    controller. Go buy one, you cheapass. They're 5 bucks =\)
     Difficulty (chooses how hard you want the AI to be)
      Very Easy
      Very Hard
     Credits (You choose how many continues you want)
      Gimme 15-30
     Extra Controls (choose whether you have a 6-button controller or a normal one)
      Port 1: Activator/6-Button
      Port 2: Activator/6-Button
     -----------------------------------------        U = Up
    /   |U |                  ---- ---- ----  \       D = Down
    |___|  |___               |HP| |BK| |HK|  |       B = Back
    |B        F               ---- ---- ----  |       F = Forward
    |___    ___               ---- ---- ----  |       HP = High Punch
    |   |  |                  |LP| |BK| |LK|  |       BK = Block
    |   |D |                  ---- ---- ----  |       HK = High Kick
    |            Start                        |       LP = Low Punch
    |            Select                       |       LK = Low Kick
    Here's my ever-so sexy rendition of the Sega Genesis (32X) 6-button controller.
    Placement Guide:
    This is to let you know where to go when the guide tells you to go to "Close,
    sweep, or long" distance when performing a move.
    Standing as close as the opponent as possible
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 | Y = You
    |                 | O = Opponent
    |                 |
    | YO              |
    About 2 steps away from the other fighter
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 | Y = You
    |                 | O = Opponent
    |                 |
    | Y  O            |
    Half Screen:
    A half of a screen away from the opponent
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 | Y = You
    |                 | O = Opponent
    |                 |
    |    Y       O    |
    Full Screen:
    As far from the opponent as possible
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 | Y = You
    |                 | O = Opponent
    |                 |
    | Y            O  |
    Move can be done anywhere on screen
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 | Y = You
    |                 | O = Opponent
    |                 |
    |  Y   O          |
    |General Moves|---------------------------------------------------------------->
    Mortal Kombat II, as with any Mortal Kombat, is packed with basic moves that
    are the same with each character. These moves are pretty basic, but can be
    linked together with more powerful moves to make a Juggle Combo (Which I'll
    discuss later). Here are some basic inputs while fighting in Mortal Kombat II.
    Block (BK) = Get to know how to use block, because if you want to compete with
    the true MK2 pros out there, you'll need to know when, how, and where you need
    to block. Timing is critical when blocking projectiles, uppercuts, roundhouse
    kicks, and even special moves. Just keep on your toes, and you should turn very
    good in no time.
    Upper Cut (D+HP) = If your character is standing right by the opponent, your
    fighter will punch the other fighter in the jaw, sending them in the air.
    Beware, if uppercuts are blocked, or countered correctly, you will be facing
    some hideous juggle combos. Does some damage. It also should be noted that each
    character's Uppercut inflicts different amounts of damage.
    Sweep (B+LK) = Sweep is a move that us quick and usually hard to predict when
    in an up-close fight. Your fighter flips around with their foot out, and trips
    the defender. Not only is it quick, but also it has quick recovery and not much
    dead time after being blocked. This is definitely a move to remember. Doesn't
    do much damage.
    Roundhouse Kick (B+HK) = Your fighter swings his foot in the air and connects
    on the opponents head, which causes them to fly back. This is a quick move, but
    that doesn't really make it unblockable. Though not as affective as the other
    basic moves, it can prove handy in close combat. Another thing to note: you can
    do this move either up-close or at sweep distance. Does a consider amount of
    damage. It also should be noted that each character's Roundhouse Kick inflicts
    different amounts of damage.
    Jump Kick (U+F+LK/HK) = This is one of the most important moves if you want to
    become a great juggle combo master. This move fits in with just about any move.
    Uppercut, follow it by a jump kick. Does your character have a projectile? Use
    it, then hit the dazed opponent with a jump kick. Though it could be a costly
    mistake when blocked, it's still an attack that HAS to be in your move arsenal.
    It also should be noted that each character's Jump Kick inflicts different
    amounts of damage.
    Crouch Kick (D+LK/HK) = Crouch down, and press any of the kick buttons. It's
    not too fun to look at, but it does a good amount of damage. It's also a good
    move to do with close combat when your opponent is block happy.
    Crouch Punch (D+LP/HP) = Another good crouching move that is hard to block and
    links together with other moves really well. But, unlike the Crouch Kick, it
    has a quicker reload, so it's easier do over and over again.
    |Juggle Combos|---------------------------------------------------------------->
    Juggle Combos are various links of moves that are simply linked together. The
    concept is very simple, but it's an idea that is very hard to master. You'll
    have your basic jugglers such as Uppercut+Jump Kick, Crouch Punch+Uppercut, and
    other various methods. The whole idea is to add more damage in one swift set of
    moves that are hard to block. A great Juggler character that I'm particularly
    fond of is Johnny Cage. His move arsenal fits in perfectly with the simple set
    of general moves.
    Juggle combos can range from small 3 move sets to gargantuan 7 hit monsters
    that can literally leave the opponent in awe. It takes perfect timing,
    movement, and smooth move alternations.
    The Moves list will contain juggle combos for each character. Not ALL juggles,
    but some. The beautiful thing about juggler combos is that they are completely
    customizable. It is very easy to make your own combos! So if you have any combo
    ideas, send them into me (my address is at the beginning and end of the FAQ),
    I'll give you full credit.
    |Stage Fatalities|------------------------------------------------------------->
    Like each Mortal Kombat, there are battlegrounds that have an ending move that
    ends your opponent's life. Here are the descriptions of each Stage Fatality
    found in Mortal Kombat II.
    Acid Pit
    What: Your fighter uppercuts the opponent into a huge acid bath off of a long
    platform. The opponent floats to the top of the Acid bath in a green skeleton
    like figure.
    Some Info: In order to do this fatality, hold down LP+LK while upper cutting
    the opponent when the "Finish Him/Her!" screen appears.
    My take: I like this fatality; it has a lot of originality, plus
    the skeleton of the dead warrior looks wicked. My rating of coolness: 4/5
    Kombat Tomb
    What: Your fighter upper cuts the opponent into a bed of spikes-on the ceiling!
    Sort of like The Pit in MK1, only your opponent goes UP instead of DOWN.
    Some Info: A neat trick: When the opponent flies into the spikes, press and
    hold D+BK on both controller to make the body slide-off and have MK Sound
    Designer yell out "Awwa!" Each fighter has his or her own combination for this
    My Take: This is my favorite pit death in the franchise of MK. It adds a nice
    original twist to the already profound Pit stage in MK1, and it will for sure
    tickle any gamer's violence bone. My rating of coolness: 5/5
    The Pit II
    What: Your fighter uppercuts the opponent into a HUGE Pit (Much larger than The
    Pit 1). As your opponent hits the ground, the camera switches to a top-down
    view, which shows the fighter landing in a bone-smashing SPLAT. Blood is
    littered everywhere.
    Some Info: The two guys in the background is Liu-Kang and a popular MK guy
    named Torch (who actually never really participated in any of the MKs). Each
    fighter has his or her own combination for this fatality.
    My Take: Another good one, but my least favorite of the three. I like the
    Top-Down camera switch, but landing on just plain concrete is unsatisfying.
    Where are the spikes?!
    Like in MK1, MK2 has its own distinct battlegrounds that the fighters battle
    in. You get 11 in MK2.
    Stage 1 = Acid Pool
    What:      A small room with chains draping down over the kombatants. You are
               surrounded with acid good and (looks like) stucco walls. A quick
               fighting pace theme graces your TV Speakers.
    Where:     On a stucco platform for one wall to the other.
    More Info: Is a stage Fatality (see "Stage Fatalities" part of this guide to
               look up what you do and stuff).
    My Take:   A very distinct stage in its own nature, we haven't see anything
               like. A classic, and it's nice that it's getting a makeover in the
               next Mortal Kombat game (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance).
    Stage 2 = Kombat Tomb
    What:      A small area that has birds flying in the background, and brown
               structures and holsters. A very distinct theme comes with this
               background. It sets the mood, but I'm not sure I like it.
    Where:     On a concrete floor, below lots of spikes =D
    More Info: Each character has their own combination to performing the stage
               fatality. There is a huge YinYang etched in the background
    My Take:   I like the stage fatality, but the overall environment and
               atmosphere doesn't make it feel, nor look, like a tomb. Maybe
               calling it "Kombat Deck" would have been a bit wiser?
    Stage 3 = Wasteland
    What:      A Dry, desolate field like location with purple backgrounds and
               mountains in the distance. A quick, but moody song plays.
    Where:     In the Outworld.
    More Info: In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Motaro grazed here. It is a land of plenty
               of lost souls and graves. This land is where Baraka's fellow Mutants
    My Take:   I like this stage. It is very atmospheric, and the colors melded in
               with the story of the battleground adds perfect depth in the game.
    Stage 4 = Sky Portal
    What:      A floating room (apparently, with the rushing clouds in the window)
               that has floating monks all over it. The same theme plays here that
               is in the Kombat Tomb.
    Where:     A platform with red carpeting.
    More Info: None.
    My Take:   This stage is mediocre, it has lots of animation, but there's really
               nothing special to it.
    Stage 5 = Living Forest
    What:      A Dense forest covered with vines, branched, dirt-and howling trees.
               A perfect theme fits in here, it really makes you think you're
               fighting for your life (=P) in a forest like atmospheric theme.
    Where:     On a dirt incline
    More Info: In the background, you'll notice a few secret characters (Human Smoke
               and Jade) popping out from the trees. There is also a dead mangled
               corpse of Raiden on the far left side (well, it looks like Raiden).
    My Take:   I like the music, and the great use of animations (for the trees),
               this battleground is one of MY MK favorites.
    Stage 6 = Armory
    What:      A room with welding tools in the background (with some nifty
               animation as well). It also has numerous weapons scattered about. The
               main feature of this stage is the music. A soft, stern low tone is
    Where:     On some tile.
    More Info: This stage is prone to really weird glitches (see 'Glitches and
               Bugs' part of guide). There is a huge Dragon symbol on the floor and
               in the background.
    My Take:   I like this stage for its gloomy atmosphere and dark colors. The
               theme is also one that is worth a listen to.
    Stage 7 = The Pit II
    What:      A huge platform in the middle of nowhere (it seems).
    Where:     On a thin platform with neat designs going along the sides of it. In
               the background, you can see another bridge.
    More Info: The two fighters in the background are Liu Kang and Torch. This is a
               stage fatality where you can knock the opponent off and have them
               fall miles down, onto the concrete below.
    My Take:   A neat background and theme, but the stage fatality is sort of ho-
               hum. I like the patterns along the side, and the atmosphere adds nice
    Stage 8 = Portal
    What:      A red portal heavily guarded by Shang Tsung's ghostly floating monks.
    Where:     On a brick floor, in front of a red swirling portal
    More Info: A few variations were made from this level (mostly just changing
    My Take:   This stage is very cool, as it actually takes place in the Earth
               Realm itself. To add to the coolness and fiction factor, a nice music
               theme plays in the background.
    Stage 9 = Kahn's Arena
    What:      A huge arena surrounded by Kahn's army. Filled with a song that makes
               you nervous just listening to it (haha).
    Where:     On a concrete platform in front of Shao Khan on his manly throne, and
               his two prisoners tied in chains: Kano and Sonya.
    More Info: This is the battleground you face Kintaro and Shao Khan in. It was
               slightly altered in Mortal Kombat Trilogy so that Kano and Sonya
               weren't in chains (because they were both playable in that game).
    My Take:   I liked the fact that they put Sonya and Kano in chains, that was a
               cool nostalgic effect that made you remember the story of MK1.
    *Secret Stage* Stage 10 = Secret Portal
    What:      The same thing as the Portal battleground.
    Where:     On a brick floor, but with the portal being BLUE instead of red.
    More Info: The only way to fight in the stage is to fight the secret Character
               Noob Saibot. This stage is ONLY in the Genesis/32X versions!
    My Take:   Same as Portal
    *Secret Stage* Stage 11 = Goro's Lair
    What:      A pit where Shang Tsung tortured his humans. Sadly, it doesn't have
               the same music as the original Goro's Lair one in MK1.
    Where:     Filled with bricks and skeletons with glowing eyes in the background.
               Blood is also sprayed on one of the pillars (very cool).
    More Info: You only get to fight in the battleground if you fight the secret
               characters Jade and Human Smoke.
    My Take:   A great version of the old classic =D
    It has finally come. The section for the Fighters and all their moves, combos,
    and fatalities is now underway. Expect to detailed lists for just about
    everything about the fighter... their Story, ending, or whatever. Please Note:
    The endings are classified as spoilers; so if you want to find out how the
    character ends up by beating the game yourself, skip the ending part.
    Note: In order to perform Babalities or Friendships, you have to win BOTH round
    without using the punch buttons!
    -=Liu Kang=-
    Moves: Forearm Smack = HP (Close)
           Liu Kang smacks his opponent two times with his elbow.
           High Fireball = F, F, HP (Anywhere)
           A burst of fire shoots for Liu Kang's hands. Can be done in air.
           Crouching Fireball = F, F, LP (Anywhere)
           Same has High Fireball, only Liu Kang crouches on the ground to do the
           Flying Kick = F, F, HK (Anywhere)
           Liu Kang propels himself across the screen in a flash with his foot out.
           Bicycle Kick = Hold LK for 5 Seconds (Anywhere)
           Liu Kang, as if on a bicycles, flies across the screen; legs pumping.
    Fatalities: Dragon Chomp = D, F, B, B+HK (Close-Sweep)
                Liu Kang lays down the authori-tah and turns himself into a dragon
                and chomps down onto the hapless foe. Leaving a victorious
                warrior and a torso-missing body.
                Extreme Uppercut = Rotate D-pad 360 degrees to the left (Close)
                Liu Kang flips his opponent into the perfect position and sends
                them soaring with a devastating uppercut.
                Friendship = F, B, B, B+LK (Anywhere)
                Liu Kang takes up dancing lessons and shows you his stuff. Shake it!
                Babality = D, D, F, B+LK (Anywhere)
                Liu Kang, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent into
                a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = B, F, F+LK (Close)
    -=Kung Lao=-
    Moves: Headbutt = HP (Close)
           Kung Lao sends his opponent backwards as he headbutts them with his sharp
           Ground Teleport = D, U (Anywhere)
           Kung Lao transports on the other side of his opponent.
           Aerial Kick = D+HK (Anywhere in Air)
           Kung Lao delivers a blow to the opponent's head. Most powerful move in
           the game.
           Hat Throw = B, F+LP (Anywhere)
           Kung Lao takes his hat off and hucks it at you. Press U or D to guide
           the hat to the head or feet.
           Whirlwind Spin = BK+U, U (keep tapping LK to keep spinning) (Anywhere)
           Kung Lao spins around, using his hat to cut anything in his way.
    Fatalities: Hat Slice = F, F, F+LK (Far Sweep)
                Kung Lao takes his hat off and slices his foe down the middle. The
                opponent turns to the screen and his body falls to the side in
                two pieces. Awesome, easy fatality.
                Hat Throw = Hold LP, B, B, F, Release LP (Far)
                Kung Lao hucks his hat. MAKE SURE YOU AIM THE HAT AT THE OPPONENT'S
                HEAD! Or the fatality will just look like a normal Hat Throw move!
                Friendship = B, B, B, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Lao takes his hat off and makes a new friend by pulling a rabbit out
                Of his hat.
                Babality = D, D, F, B+LK (Anywhere)
                Kung Lao, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent into
                a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = F, F, F+HP (Close)
    -=Johnny Cage=-
    Moves: Stomach Jab = HP (Close)
           Cage sends a hard palm to his opponent's stomach.
           Drop Kick = HK/LK (Close)
           Cage uses his nimbleness to send a kick to the chin of his opponent.
           Low Green Ball = D, B, F+HK (Anywhere)
           A projectile aimed at enemies that are at a close distance or that are
           High Green Ball = F, F, B+KP (Anywhere)
           A projectile aimed at enemies that are at a far distance or that are
           Shadow Uppercut = B, D, B+HP (Close)
           Johnny sends a powerful uppercut that is shadowed.
           Shadow Kick = B, F+LK (Sweep/Close)
           Cage glides across the screen in a red shadow aimed at the opponent.
           Ball Breaker = LP+BK (Close)
           Johnny does the splits and punched the opponent in the pills.
    Fatalities: Torso Rip = D, D, F, F+LP (Close)
                Johnny Cage grabs the opponent's waist, twists, tears, and throws
                the stump on the ground. Easy fatality and one to see.
                Uppercut Decapitation = F, F, D, U (Close)
                In an anger, Cage crouches down and wreaks a final blow onto the
                opponent's chin, sending his opponents skull and flesh flying.
                Hold down LP+BK+LK to have Johnny Knock off more of the opponent!
                Friendship = D, D, D, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Cage writes out an autograph to his greatest fan.
                Babality = B, B, B+HK (Anywhere)
                Cage, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent into
                a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = D, D, D+HK (Close)
    Moves: Acid Spit = F, F+HP (Anywhere)
           Reptile rips his mask off and spews a spray of acid at his opponent.
           Slide = B+LK+HK (Anywhere/Sweep)
           Reptile adapts a move from Subbie and slides across the screen.
           Force Ball = B, B+LP+HP (Anywhere)
           A slow projectile that sends the opponent hurling forward.
           Invisibility = BK+U,U,D+HP (Anywhere)
           Reptile disappears in a small explosion.
    Fatalities: Tongue Eat = B, B, D, LP (Half Screen)
                Reptile rips off is mask, shoots his tongue out and connects with
                the enemy's head. He then tears away and swallows the head whole
                and rubs his tummy in delight.
                Invisible Torso Slice = F, F, D+HK (Anywhere/Must be Invisible)
                Indescribably, Reptile mysteriously finds a way to cut his
                opponent in half while invisible.
                Friendship = B, B, D+LK (Anywhere)
                Reptile gains a few bucks and ads his new plush toy.
                Babality = D, D, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Reptile, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent into
                a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = D, D, F, F+BK (Close)
    Moves: Backhand Punch = HP (Close)
           Subbie bitch slaps his opponent.
           Slide = B+LK+HK (Anywhere/Sweep)
           Reptile adapts a move from Subbie and slides across the screen.
           Freeze = D, F ,LP (Anywhere)
           Sub-Zero sends a slew of ice that freezes his opponent for a few seconds
           Ground Freeze = D, B, LK (Anywhere)
           Sub-Zero shoots ice on the ground, when the opponent steps on it they
           slide out of control.
           Slide = B+LK+HK (Anywhere)
           Subbie slides across the screen and sweeps under his opponent.
    Fatalities: Ice Shatter = F, F, D+HK then F, D, F, F+HP (Close)
                Sub-Zero super-freezes his opponent, causing them to ice over
                with incredible amounts of ice. He then uppercuts the sculpture,
                shattering the opponent.
                Ice Grenade = Hold LP+B, B, D, F then release LP (Full Screen)
                Sub-Zero forms an ice ball in his hand, throwing it at the opponent,
                Causing them to explode. Can anyone say MK the movie?
                Friendship = B, B, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Subbie gains a few bucks and ads his new plush toy.
                Babality = D, B, B+HK (Anywhere)
                Sub-Zero, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent into
                a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = D, F, F+BK (Close)
    -=Shang Tsung=-
    Moves: One Skull Launch = B, B+HP (Anywhere)
           Tsung shoots one flaming skull from his hand.
           Two Skull Launch = B, B, F+HP (Anywhere)
           Tsung shoots two flaming skulls from his hand.
           Three Skull Launch = B, B, F, F+HP (Anywhere)
           Tsung shoots three flaming skulls from his hand.
    Fatalities: Explosion = Hold HK for Three Seconds (Sweep)
                Tsung shoots inside of his opponent, causing them to explode.
                Soul Suck You = U, D, U+LK (Close)
                Shang grabs his opponent's chest, lifts them up, and takes their
                soul. The remaining body is left with a green skin.
                Kintaro = Hold LP for 30 Seconds (the whole last match)
                Tsung transforms into Kintaro, punching your body in half.
                Friendship = B, B, D, F+HK (Anywhere)
                Tsung Sprouts a Rainbow.
                Babality = B, F, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Shang Tsung, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = Hold BL, D, D, U, D (Close)
    Moves: Elbow Punch = HP (Close)
           Kitana crack her opponent in the skull.
           Fan Swipe = B+HP (Close)
           Kitana cuts her opponent with her fan.
           Fan Throw = F, F+HP+LP (Anywhere)
           Kitana throws her Fan (can also be done in air)
           Fan Lift = B, B, B+HP (Sweep to Close)
           Kitana blows her enemy into the air.
           Square Wave Punch = F, D, B+HP (Anywhere)
           Kitana does something.
    Fatalities: Fan Swipe = BL, Bl, HK (Close)
                Kitana decapitates her opponent
                Kiss of Death = Hold LK, F, F, D, F release LK (Close)
                Kitana kisses her opponent, causing them to explode.
                Friendship = D, D, D, U+LK (Anywhere)
                Kitana bakes up a cake.
                Babality = D, D, D, LK (Anywhere)
                Kitana, using her bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = F, D, F+HK(Close)
    Moves: Overhead Punch = F+HP (Close)
           Jax takes a huge swipe at the opponent.
           Tremor = Hold LK for Three Seconds (Anywhere)
           Jax punches the ground, causing a huge damaging tremor to the enemy.
           Energy Wave = B, B+HK (Anywhere)
           Jax sends this damaging projectile.
           Gotcha! = F, F, LP keep tapping LP (Close)
           Jax grabs the opponent and smashed them in the face repeatedly.
           Back Breaker = Bl in air (Close)
           Jax breaks the opponents back in air.
           Quad Slam = F+LP, keep tapping HP (Close)
           Jax slams his opponent around the arena.
    Fatalities: Head Crush = Hold LP, F, F, F release LP (Close)
                Jax finally bashes his opponent's head off.
                Arm Rip = Bl, Bl, Bl, BL+LP (Close)
                Jax rips his enemy's arms off.
                Friendship = D, D, U, U+LK (Anywhere)
                Jax messes with origami.
                Babality = D, U, D, U+LK (Anywhere)
                Jax, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = U, U, D, LK(Close)
    Moves: Elbow Crack = HP (Close)
           Kitana mimics her twin sister and elbows the opponent in the head.
           Sais = Hold HP for 2 seconds (Anywhere)
           Mileena throws her Sais.
           Ground Ball = B, B, D+HK (Anywhere)
           Mileena rolls across the ground, tripping her adversary.
           Teleport Kick = F, F+LK (Anywhere)
           Mileena all of a sudden falls from the sky with a kick.
    Fatalities: Murder = F, D, F, LP (Close)
                Mileena shows no mercy by stabbing her opponent multiple times.
                Kiss of Death II = Hold HK for three seconds (Close)
                Mileena kisses her opponent, sucking them in and spitting them out
                in bones.
                Mileena plants a flower for the enemy.
                Babality = D, D, D+HK (Anywhere)
                Mileena, using her bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = F, D, F, LK (Close)
    Moves: Backhand = HP (Close)
           Baraka backhands the opponent.
           Slice = B+HP (Close)
           Baraka takes a cheap swipe at the opponent.
           Double Kick = Jump, HK, HK (Close)
           Baraka double kicks his opponent.
           Blind Fury = B, B, B+LP (Sweep)
           Baraka fends off his opponent by swiping his blades in front of him.
           Projectile = B, B+HP (Anywhere)
           Baraka shoots a spark at his opponent.
    Fatalities: Decapitation = B, B, B, B+HP (Close)
                Baraka finally slices his enemy's head off.
                Stick = B, F, D, F+LP (Close)
                Baraka stabs his opponent, causing them to die on his blades.
                Friendship = U, F, F, HK (Anywhere)
                Baraka gives his friend a present.
                Babality = F, F, F+HK (Anywhere)
                Baraka, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = F, F, D, HK (Close)
    Moves: Spear = B, B+LP (Anywhere)
           Scorpion uses his patented spear to bring the enemy to him.
           Teleport Punch = D, B+HP (Anywhere)
           Scorpion disappears and reappears...  punching his opponent in the face!
           Scissor Takedown = F, D, B+LK (Close)
           Scorpion uses a special tripping move.
           Scorpions throw his adversary out of the air.
    Fatalities: Toasty! = U, U+HP (Half Screen)
                Scorpion burns his opponent.
                LONG Toasty!! = D, D, U, U+HP (Anywhere)
                Scorpion burns his opponent from anywhere.
                Slice = Hold HP, F, D, F, F, F release HP (Close)
                Scorpion uses his spear to slice the opponent in half.
                Friendship = B, B, D, HK (Anywhere)
                Scorpion sales a doll to his opponent.
                Babality = D, B, B+HK (Anywhere)
                Scorpion, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = D, F, F, BL (Close)
    Moves: Spear = B, B+LP (Anywhere)
           Scorpion uses his patented spear to bring the enemy to him.
           Teleport Punch = D, B+HP (Anywhere)
           Scorpion disappears and reappears...  punching his opponent in the face!
           Scissor Takedown = F, D, B+LK (Close)
           Scorpion uses a special tripping move.
           Air Throw = BL (Close)
           Scorpions throw his adversary out of the air.
    Fatalities: Toasty! = U, U+HP (Half Screen)
                Scorpion burns his opponent.
                LONG Toasty!! = D, D, U, U+HP (Anywhere)
                Scorpion burns his opponent from anywhere.
                Slice = Hold HP, F, D, F, F, F release HP (Close)
                Scorpion uses his spear to slice the opponent in half.
                Friendship = B, B, D, HK (Anywhere)
                Scorpion sales a doll to his opponent.
                Babality = D, B, B+HK (Anywhere)
                Scorpion, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = D, F, F, BL (Close)
    Moves: Mini Uppercut = HP (Close)
           Rayden uppercuts the opponent without sending them in the air.
           KAMIKAZAAA Torpedo = B, B, F (Anywhere)
           Scorpion disappears and reappears...  punching his opponent in the face!
           Lightning Toss = D, F, LP (Anywhere)
           Rayden throws lightning as a projectile
           Teleport = D, U (Anywhere)
           Rayden teleports to the other side of his opponent.
           Shock = Hold HP for 3 seconds (Close)
           Rayden makes love to his opponent.
    Fatalities: Execution = Hold LK then keep tapping BL+LK (Close)
                Rayden grabs his opponent and makes them explode.
                Explosive Uppercut = Hold HP for 7 seconds (Close)
                Rayden uppercuts his opponent and they explode.
                Friendship = D, B, F+HK (Anywhere)
                Kidd Thunder !!!
                Babality = D, D, U+HK (Anywhere)
                Rayden, using his bizarre psychic ability, turns the opponent
                into a baby.
                Pit/Spikes = U, U, U+HP (Close)
    |Secret Fighters|-------------------------------------------------------------->
    "Congratulations!  You Have Found The Passage From The Outworld To The
    Earth Realm.  Now You Must Battle With An Undiscovered Warrior From
    Mortal Kombat One.  Prepare Yourself To Return To _________."
    This is the message you'll get when you have stumbled onto a secret fighter.
    Like other Mortal Kombats, Mortal Kombat II has its own amount of secret
    characters. Note: You CANNOT play as any of the fighters, you can only fight
    them in 1-player mode.
    As a female ninja like Mileena and Kitana, Jade sports the same look; except
    she's green. You may have noticed her on the Living Forest stage popping her
    head out from in back of the trees.
    How to get to Jade
    Have you ever noticed that '?' on the battle plan below Shang Tsung? That icon
    is actually a portal to Jade! In order to fight her, you need to get to the
    character fight before that (It's usually Scorpion), and during that fight, you
    must defeat the character ONLY USING THE D-PAD AND THE LOW KICK! No block
    Where and How to Beat Jade
    When you get to jade, you'll be transported to Goro's Lair from MK1. Jade is
    very fast, and she's the most difficult of the three secret characters to beat
    (in my opinion). She has the same moves as Kitana, and she her difficulty is
    set to Very Hard. Plus, she is two times faster than any of the normal fighters
    when it comes to moving around. To beat her, make sure you keep her distance
    and block constantly. Send a few Jump Kicks and projectiles her way, and keep
    on blocking. Don't try to throw her, or uppercut here. In fact, I suggest
    avoiding getting close to her. Jump Kicks, Block, and Projectiles. Upon
    defeating Jade, you won't get anything special. You just get the self-pride in
    the fat that you one of the MK's toughest characters!
    -=Human Smoke=-
    This elusive character has smoke emitting from his body. His story and
    whereabouts are unknown, but he does use the same moves as Scorpion. To get to
    fight him, it's a bit trickier. Start a two-player game. On the Portal Stage,
    do a bunch of Upper cuts in a row. Have you ever noticed that head that pops
    out of the corner and says "Toasty"? Well, when he pops out on this page,
    Where and How to beat Human Smoke
    Like Jade, you'll be transported to Goro's Lair from MK1. Like Jade, he is very
    fast when moving around, so don't be intimidated when first fighting him. My
    advice is to keep out of close confrontations, as he has the Same Takedown move
    as Scorpion. But keep on blocking his Spear. The cruddy thing about staying far
    away from him is the fact that he has his Teleport Punch move that can hit you
    and leave you open to a horrible juggle combo from him. Always keep on the
    move, Block, Jump Kick, Projectile. You know the drill. Upon defeating Human
    Smoke, you won't get anything special. You just get the self-pride in the fat
    that you one of the MK's toughest characters!
    -=Noob Saibot=-
    This secretive fighter is just as reclusive as he his looks. He is pitch black.
    In Fact, if you take the MK's creator's names backwards (Boon, Tobias) you get
    Noob Saibot. To get him, you must win 50 matches in a row. No guff.
    Where and How to beat Noob Saibot
    The same basics apply here as they did on Human Smoke, Noob used Scorpion's
    moves, so you the same strategy. The difference here is that you fight him in a
    different level. The level is a Blue Portal stage, so that makes him HARD TO
    SEE!! Add the fact that he is FASTER than Human Smoke and Jade, you've got
    yourself a challenge.
    Like MK1, MK2 has bosses. But instead of Shang Tsung and Goro, this time around
    we have Shao Khan and Goro.
    Fighting Kintaro:
    Kintaro isn't a happy guy. He is very quick for being so big, and he has a big
    arsenal of moves. Some things to remember: Always be on your toes, his attack
    are quick and can be dodged with a little skill. His attacks are UNBLOCKABLE,
    so you're going to be doing a lot of dodging. Use your character Jump Kicks
    constantly, and sweep when you get close (He's a sucker for that).
    Here's a tip: get him cornered into a corner by doing anything possible.
    Projectiles, jump kicks, roundhouse kicks, whatever. When you get him into a
    corner, CONSISTENTLY punch him with Low Punch! This will drain his life
    drastically and he can't do anything about it! Don't stop though, or he'll
    throw you out of the corner, and he'll be tough to get back in there again.
    Fighting Shao Khan:
    Like Kintaro, Shao Khan is unblockable and he has a wide variety of moves. Only
    with SK, he is quicker. The key with him is to get him while he's taunting you.
    A projectile, upper cut, roundhouse, or anything will do. When he's not
    taunting you, you should stay away from him and provoke his taunting (the
    longer you stay away, the more he'll do it). He's also a sucker for moves that
    puts him in the air or trap him; like Kitana's Fan lift or Baraka's Blade Fury.
    You can also do the "Punch in the corner" trick that you did with Kintaro.
    Congratulations! Shao Khan's reign is over! You are now the supreme Mortal
    Kombat champion!
    <character ending plays>
    |Cheats, Tips, and Codes|------------------------------------------------------>
    The following are codes and tips that you can do in MK2 for Sega 32X. Note:
    Test Modes (the cheat found in the Genny port) is not in the 32X version. =(
    Beat Kintaro/Shao Khan Easily: Get them in a corner and QUICKLY tab Low Punch.
    It will drain their life, and they won't do anything!
    Random Select: Press UP and START at the Choose Your Fighter screen. Be sure to
    have the selection box positioned at its default icon.
    Disable Throws in VS Game: Hold DOWN and HIGH PUNCH on both joysticks after
    selecting your fighters. A message will appear saying throws are disabled.
    Oh Maw: After doing the Dead Pool Stage Fatality (see Basics page), hold DOWN
    on the joystick. You will hear Dan Forden say "Oh maw".
    Drop Opponent off Tomb Spikes: Right after doing the Kombat Tomb Stage
    Fatality, hold DOWN on both joysticks. The body will slowly slip from the
    spikes and fall to the ground.
    Play Pong: Play 250 Battles in a row. The message "You have reached the outer
    limits of the tournament. Now you both must face a challenge from your past..."
    will appear and you will get to play Pong, first player to get seven wins.
    Do you have anymore? Send them to shinnokxz@charter.net
    |Glitches and Bugs|------------------------------------------------------------>
    Bugs are always interesting in any game. And MK2 for 32X is no exception. It
    has plenty of interesting glitches and bugs that are worth the trouble to get
    Most of these glitches are also present in the SNES and Genesis version.
    Fighters:        Anybody vs. Computer
    When:            Right after the computer throws you.
    What:            The computer will walk backwards right after they throw
                     you. Jump at them when they are walking backwards, and
                     don't attack, and keep walking towards them.
    Fighter:         Sub-zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Baraka, or Lui Kang vs.
                     anybody you may, however choose Shang Tsung and morph into a
                     character who it will work with.
    When:            After you win.
    What:            Have the winner throw the victim to win the match. As soon
                     as they get thrown, have the victim hold down and tap any
                     attack button.
    Fighters:        Scorpion or Cage vs. Anybody
    When:            After you win.
    What:            Have victim get in corner. Win. Get real close.
                     Jump at them. Just after you leave the ground, do D-D-U-U if
                     Scorpion, or D-D-F-F if Cage. and time it so that you hit
                     the button part of the fatality as soon as you hit the ground.
    Results:         Scorpion will pull off his mask before he gets pushed out of
                     the corner, and his skull won't get pushed out, resulting
                     in his skull appearing on his shoulder. Cage will reach
                     behind victim and do the fatality from too close.
    Results:         The victim will do the move, then go into their dizzy
                     animation. Then things progress as normal.
                     This is a setup for further glitches.
    Fighters:        Shang Tsung vs. Lui Kang
    When:            After you win.
    What:            Morph into Sub Zero. Deep-freeze opponent. Keep freezing
                     them until morph time. Morph into Jax. Do head pop fatality.
    Results:         Color map will get screwed up. Liu Kang will look extra
                     bloody. This is a very widely known one, but here for
    Fighters:        Kitana vs. Shao Kahn
    When:            Just before winning.
    What:            Win by having the time run out, but with you having more
                     energy. Time it so that he is being lifted when the time
                     runs out.
    Results:         The game will lock up.
    Fighters:        Reptile vs. Anybody
    When:            After you win.
    Where:           The armory stage
    What:            Do his tongue fatality.
    Results:         The floor will move.
    Fighters:        Jax vs. Raiden
    What:            If you do his arm rip-off fatality, Kung Lao's arms will appear
                     instead of Raiden's.
    Fighters:        Jax vs. Jax
    What:            If you do his arm rip-off fatality, the victim's arms won't
    Fighters:        Shang Tsung vs. human or computer
    What:            Morph into Sub-zero. Wait until the last second before you
                     morph back, then freeze the ground. After you morph back into
                     Shang Tsung, immediately do single-flaming skulls really fast
                     (tap back and HP really fast). This causes the ground freeze to
                     disappear and the Flaming skull will turn into Kung Lao for a
                     second, or flaming skull will disappear (among other strange
    Fighters:        Lui Kang vs. Human Anybody (works for me best with Cage)
    What:            Have victim continuously jump straight up. Charge up the
                     bicycle kick. This takes some timing. If you can high-punch
                     them AS they are jumping up, and immediately do a bicycle kick,
                     they will go very very high up and you will see the ceiling.
                     This crashes the game often.
    There are smaller ones, but they aren't really worth going through to see. Of
    course, if you have seen any that aren't listed here send them here:
    shinnokxz@charter.net. You'll get full credit.
    |Mortal Kombat II Arcade History|---------------------------------------------->
    This part of the guide will list all the versions of the MK2 Arcade and their
    VERSION 1.1
    First version released to the public even though unfinished.
    Contained almost all moves but not many fatalities.
    Kintaro and Shao Kahn were very difficult to beat.
    No game ending after beating Shao Kahn.
    Baraka's blade swipe had no sound.
    Shang Tsung had the ceiling walk bug.
    Could beat Kintaro by just punching the entire match.
    VERSION 1.4
    Mileena's ground roll move added.
    Kung Lao's aerial kick added.
    Sub-Zero could do the first part of the freeze-uppercut
       fatality during the match.
    Danger indicator added.
    This version contained many but not all aspects of version
       2.1.  Since version 1.4 was not widely circulated, those
       changes will be listed under version 2.1.
    VERSION 2.1
    First "official" release version.
    Intro text slightly changed.
    Reptile's slide added.
    Ending story and credits added.
    Computer intelligence improved.
    Nearly all fatalities were added.
    Friendships and babalities were added.
    The pit/spike fatality was added.
    Smoke and Jade were added.
    Kintaro and Shao Kahn easier to defeat.
    Could keep Kintaro and Shao Kahn up in the corner by using repeated punches.
    Could crash the game through baby brutalization.
    Doing Shang Tsung's soul stealing fatality against Jax could
       sometimes crash the game.
    VERSION 3.1
    More amounts of blood added.
    Dead Pool fatality added.
    Noob Saibot added.
    Raiden's super uppercut fatality added.
    Kung Lao's friendship added.
    Pictures of the creators added after the credits.
    Revolution X and DCS ads added.
    Comic and CD offer shows picture of CD.
    Computer intelligence increased.
    Computer has ability to do missile weapons in the air.
    Multiple babality problem fixed.
    Repeated punches in the corner against Kintaro fixed.
    Kitana's multiple fan lifts in the corner fixed.
    Sub-Zero freeze - punch - freeze - punch... fixed.
    VERSION 4.2
    This is a pirated ROM and is not an official Midway release.
    It is only in a few arcades across the country.
    Uppercuts are faster.
    Cage does red shadow kick and uppercut every time.
    Cages shadow kick goes twice as far.
    Barakas roundhouse has awesome range.
    Noob Saibot after only six wins.
    Pong after only 20 or so wins.
    Secret characters vulnerable to missile weapons.
    Liu Kang has a red dragon fatality.
    Kung Lao has a bones in his hat fatality.
    **  I would like to stress that all versions above 3.1 are not official
    versions and you will likely never see them.  I haven't seen them
    myself, so I can't confirm anything else that has been said about them.
    |Mortal Kombat Franchise History|---------------------------------------------->
    Here is the rundown of each Mortal Kombat released and what systems it was
    released for.
    Mortal Kombat
    -Super Nintendo
    -Sega Genesis
    -Nintendo Gameboy
    -Sega Game Gear
    -Sega CD
    -Sega Master System
    Mortal Kombat II
    -Sony Playstation
    -Sega Saturn
    -Super Nintendo
    -Sega Genesis
    -Nintendo Gameboy
    -Sega Game Gear
    -Sega 32X
    -Sega Master System
    Mortal Kombat 3
    -Sega Genesis
    -Super Nintendo
    -Sony Playstation
    -Nintendo Gameboy
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    -Sega Saturn
    -Super Nintendo
    -Sega Genesis
    -Super Nintendo
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    -Sony Playstation
    -Nintendo 64
    -Sega Saturn
    Mortal Kombat I & II
    -Nintendo Gameboy
    -PC (Rumored)
    Mortal Kombat Myhtoligies: Sub-Zero
    -Sony Playstation
    -Nintendo 64
    Mortal Kombat 4
    -Sony Playstation
    -Nintendo 64
    -Nintendo Gameboy Color
    Mortal Kombat Gold
    -Sega Dreamcast
    Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
    -Sony Playstation
    -Nintendo 64 (Cancelled)
    Mortal Kombat Advance
    -Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    -Nintendo Gamecube
    -Sony Playstation2
    -Microsoft Xbox
    -Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Am I missing any? Contact me at shinnokxz@charter.net
    |Mortal Kombat Websites|------------------------------------------------------->
    Here are some websites that contain full information for MK2 and other MK games.
    http://trmk.org - The Realm of Mortal Kombat
    http://mk5.org - MK5.Org
    http://welcome.to/sektors - Sektor's Mortal Kombat Page
    news:alt.games.com - Mortal Kombat Newsgroup (Your ISP must have a News Server)
    news:alt.games.mk.mk3 - Mortal Kombat 3 Newsgroup
    |Author Information|----------------------------------------------------------->
    Cory Hansen
    Cory Hansen (Shinnokxz) has been writing reviews and FAQs for GameFAQs for over
    seven years. To view all my other contributions, go here:
    |Closing Comments|------------------------------------------------------------->
    Mortal Kombat II, regardless of system, is a blast to play. It was even more
    fun to write this guide, communicating with fellow MK fans, and wading through
    countless MK websites.
    |Mortal Kombat II Hidden Messages|--------------------------------------------->
    Jade clues:
    I Am Called Jade
    Before The ?
    Ermac Who?
    I Will Meet You In Goro's Lair
    Chun Who?
    I Am One Of Three
    Restrict Yourself
    Alone Is How You Will Find Me
    One Day We Will Fight!
    Bring On Kano And Sonya!
    Smoke clues:
    I Am Called Smoke
    You Can Start Finding Me
    Ermac Who?
    You Can Not Defeat Me
    I Am One Of Three
    I Will Meet You In Goro's Lair
    Mortal Kombat One
    Prove Yourself
    Messages Upon Winning:
    Who Is Smoke?
    Who Is Jade?
    Where is Sonya?
    Where is Kano?
    Where is Goro?
    Ceamr Odse Nto Exits       (Ermac Does Not Exist)
    Emro Batmok Ot Meok        (More Kombat To Kome)
    Sruep Ghih Miptac          (Super High Impact)
    Three Rae On Stniiiaamel   (There Are No Animalities)
    Document Finished. By Cory Hansen. Copyright 2002-2004.

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