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Review by LiquidSnake

"An incredible gaming experience not to be missed" word that defines a great gaming experience..Created by none other than Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear fame, Snatcher has one of the best storylines in the gaming world...Read on and find out why this Sega CD version turned out to be the best version of Snatcher made....

The story starts off like so...June 6 1996...An explosion in a nuclear research facility releases a deadly toxin into the air..It spreads throughout Europe and Eurasia, killing 0% of its population...

Fast forward....Dec. 2047...Neo-Kobe, Japan....You are Gillian Seed, the newest recruit to the Junker agency, a special police force designed to combat the Snatcher menace. Snatchers are bioroids that started appearing a few years ago. They kill people and take their place in society. Its up to you to find out who or what they are and what their motives truly are..........

This version was released only outside of Japan on the Sega CD and Mega CD (but not the Mega CD in Japan). Oddly enough, this went on to be the best version of the game made and read on to find out why...

Graphics - 9/10 - The graphics, are incredibly well done. The programmers found a way to squeeze out more colors than the Genesis is usually capable of in the game and the difference shows. Everything from the locations, to the people, to all the little effects are incredibly done. Even to this day, the game still looks impressive.

Music and SFX - 9/10 - Great all around. The soundtrack is exact to the PC-Engine version except on here it sounds so much clearer and more ''CD-quality'' sounding. Another great accomplishment is the voice acting. One of the first, and still to date, best voice overs done in a game. Sound FX are also very well done in the game. An aurally pleasing game...

Gameplay - 8/10 - Very intuitive control and easy to use interface. You just select the command you want, and thats all. Simple and effective.

Story - 9/10 - Just like all the other versions, the storyline is the same and its great! It also makes life easier, and the game more enjoyable, being in English!

Control - 8/10 - Simple and easy to use control scheme. Easy to choose commands that you want. Aiming and shooting in the shooting sequences is very effective and easy...and, only in this version, you also can use the Konami Justifier light gun for the shooting sequences, which make it even more fun....

Version differences - Ok, heres the good part. Let me finally lay to rest all the stupid rumors and false info. on the internet saying that this game is so censored from the Japanese version. Let me tell you now.....ITS NOT VERY CENSORED!!! *cough* ok then...seriously though, this game got away with a lot for only a teen rating. The only differences between this and the PC-Engine version are some intestines twitching and a porn movie in a antique shop (you really dont see it in the PC-Engine version either, you just hear it). Because there are so many extra things in this version, I will list them below:

1) The graphics all around are the best in this version

2) The anime you read in the instruction was made into a small anime opening to the game. This is a fantastic opening and was exclusive to the Sega CD version.

3) The 3rd Act had more shooting sequences than the previous version.

4) This version also fleshed out the story even more at the end, making it the most complete ending.

5) A nice close up of Gillians apartment is also an exclusive to this version

6) The close up of Gibsons body is actually more graphic than any other version..hear that? MORE GORE!! LOL..The game DOES contain a lot of blood, but in a realistic sense...

7) Use of the Konami Justifier light gun. This, oddly enough, was the ONLY version with support for a light gun. This did make the shooting sequences more challenging, yet more fun.

Buy or Rent? - All in all, this version of Snatcher is the best version. From the great gritty gory graphics, to being virtually uncensored, to lightgun support, to great voice goes on and on...Definitely buy the game. If you have a choice from all the versions, definitely go for this version first.....two words...awesomely engrossing...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/01, Updated 11/29/01

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